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what about china

But I thought Cred Forums said it would fail in Asia?

But I thought /leftypol/ said Hillary would win?

I was in SK last week.
Jews were literally giving away tickets on the street, overheard two saying something about "rounding up goyim to further black the white women of US and kill the american man through outbreeding".
It was a wild trip.

South Koreans love nigger culture, what else is new?

Because they're the niggers of Asia.

Wait there's already a Black Panther: South Korea?

"and after that thee Asians are next, my fellow chosen one!"

>so buttblasted you're all the way back to "Trump won checkmate leftist boogeyman"
Step away from the keyboard man.

What about China?

South Koreans fetishize black culture so that's not surprising at all, really.

i was there
this is true

It was filmed there and SK has been really liking hip hop for a few years. It's as if Cred Forums knows fuck all about South Korea, and they'd go "Who?" if I mentioned Keith Ape or CL

I saw it here on opening night. The theater was packed with people. It's not surprising that it's popular here. These movies go out of their way to pander to this country. Parts of Age of Ultron were set here and this movie plays to the cheap seats as far as that goes. Koreans were eating up them talking to the old lady and so on.

Finally once and for all proves racism is not real. But nationalism and meritocracy are better than Communism and equality.

USA puppet

>brother hao
Degenerate capitalism BTFO

/leftypol/ speaking about being butthurt.


Cred Forumstards on suicide watch

>leftists are Clinton supporters

what does this even have to do with the subject and I am pretty sure /leftypol/ likes bernie and not hillary


Cred Forums was literally promoting this movie for nationalism and Meritocracy, also in the futile hopes dumb niggers like you would go back to Africa.

>I'm leftypol now because Black Panther is selling tickets in a region pol said it wouldn't and this isn't negated by God Emperor Donald J. Trump being President
Step away from the keyboard man.

>my mutt ass is on fire!!

Love how this post triggered the lefty soy invaders :)


>B--B---Believe me... We... Weren't Hillary supporter... We were just pretending...
It was just a prank, right, faggots?

Love how any time someone mentions trump or lefty Cred Forums you invaders start writhing at your keyboards in a rage. Please keep spamming the board and getting btfo in every thread like Hillary at the election

are there even any other movies out right now

t. redditor invader

it's the biggest fear yellow feverfags have

ever since their women stopped giving a fuck about their virgin white ass and started dating black men, they started being, like every white boi, a yellow feverfag.

You see, according to them, the biggest positive with having an asian gf is that "they never fuck niggers". That's their biggest fear. They know damn well, once asian women start burning the coal. It's all fucking lost to them. No more white women for them, no more asian women for them. And who the fuck wants black women anyway? Not even black guys want that shit.

They fear that.

jesus christ, you fucks just won't stop making these threads, will you? I wouldn't pay for a single of these MCU movies anymore except for Infinity War but why give so much of a shit about these movies being successful? Why care about black people being happy about a fictional movie? let them have some fun while the company rakes in the big bucks. the industry is fucked beyond repair anyway because you fucks never watch proper movies so might as well let the normies enjoy their generic movies
why not make threads about proper movies instead of hating on normies all the time? this has become a goddamn obsession on this board, it's just capeshit all day every day

as someone who has lived in China and who knows what they think about black people, this video gets me every fucking time


These faggots are still mad. Make the same in every thread they open.

Centre right American teenagers are not leftists man. How can I show you this?

Trump won the election sweetie. It's time to move on. Or keep crying in every thread with your discord memes getting btfo. :)

Not those guys but nobody showed up to vote for her. She's a demon.

Tyler a CUTE!

>centre right
youre talking like they care about economic policies


t. mentally ill tranny

Nice lefty pol discord meme. Hillary l o s t. :) President Trump not impeached yet!! Say it with me!

>trump won!

Why the homophobia?


>Nobody voted for her, in fact, I hated her.

The absolute state of /leftypol/.

Yes sweetie. Keep crying. :)

Spot on honestly. The /r9k/, Cred Forums and Cred Forums reactions to this have this as a consistent theme. I don't know why white males feel entitled to decide how asians, in particular asian women, should act.

>South Koreans
>literally the niggers of far east Asians

Why the fuck Cred Forumstards have tranny pictures saved on their computer?

>be a marvel movie, a part of a franchise already megapopular in korea
>film a good portion of your movie in korea
>make sure that fact is featured prominently in ads in korea
>build a "marvel experience" in the same city you shot in
>release the movie during seollal
>hold two to four as many screenings as any other film in the country
>send the main cast back over to promote the movie
>"whoa it did well in korea what a surprise" - Cred Forumstards

how to pretend not to be butthurt, t. Cred Forums


Aside from
>nobody voted for her
Those are not mutually exclusive statements.

Repeat after me: Seven Years More!

Easily the best place to live in Asia desu senpai.

>not posting the version where people don't think of him as a playback fraud
get your shit together

>trailer has 5 seconds of god awful gook city green screen

hahah triggered grumpf supporter

Truly worst Korea.

They also have hard drives full of BLACKED porn for "trolling."

What were you saying, kike?

>seven more years of the american right showing the world how pathetic and cluesless it is
Sign me in

I love this pasta.

>online dating


Lefty pol brain literally never stops thinking about our projecting BLACKED onto its enemies. Like a sexual cancer there is no cure.

Asians love black cock
JAV is full of t

I'm actually surprised how well it's doing in Asia considering Asians are generally more racists than whites. The only thing I can think of is because BP is "popular", and Asians love their popular trends. Anyone know how heavily Disney marketed BP in Asia?

7 more years of who we elected. Your candidate lost. You are powerless. :)

Funny how accurate this is all things considered.

>You see, according to them, the biggest positive with having an asian gf is that "they never fuck niggers".
It really has nothing to do with that, stop projecting. Asian women, on average, are a lot less degenerate and way more educated than white women will ever be. And I'm also speaking from personal experience here.

its not accurate at all tho

I'm not a mutt
Bless God for that

In this thread lefty/pol/ larping as Cred Forumsitizens


Seems really accurate to me.
t. asian male

Korean is literal subhuman

My name is Mr. Schlolo and let me explain to you how mirrors reality.

>t. assmad jap getting phased out

You guys were mad first which is why you replied with something irrelevant ;)

You're not American and you didn't vote for Hillary. awfully convenient for someone who cares this much. Hmmm :)


But the Jews fear the Samurai. JAVs are not handled by the Jews.


>Cred Forums gets absolutely and utterly btfo beyond any point of return
>"muh election"
oh mutts, you slay me

JAV is handled by the Yakuza

Can't you just enjoy the movie, Cred Forums?

Hi lefty pol spammer. Post the cake guy next. Sorry you lost the election but maybe be less upset. :)

Cred Forums here
it's just bantz

i dont get the meme of people that are not racist using the 56% meme


What about China? I heard they banned Hip Hop or some shit.

JAV is full of black cock
Asians love black cock

Lefts don't hold themselves to the standards they impose on others. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Just remind them they lost the election and they freak out and say they're not American or it was a long time ago.

Moot was right about Australians. You ought to be lynched. Every single one of you.

*waddles to keyboard, frothing at the mouth*
*wheezes in pain as lungs struggle to keep pace with the rigorous activity known as typing*
*fatty tears congeal in the corner of eyes, too thick and greasy to roll down cheeks, or perhaps too lazy*
*heart strains to pump blood through obese veins*
*praises Kek as the heart attack hits*

I bet it's name in Asia is Brack Panthel.

Literally Cred Forums promoted. The only asshat against the movie are lefty Cred Forums discord psyop idiots.

Who says I'm not racist? Just because I laugh at Cred Forumsmutts doesn't mean I'm leftist. Even if I wasn't racist, it doesn't make Cred Forums truly white. They're just a bunch of larping mutts.

lol @ this mentally ill tranny trying to meme

best post ITT can Cred Forums or lefty/pol/ ever recover

>hehe, you're not a liberal? you're surely a basement dwellingvirgin then :D
It's always about sex with you liberals. Nobody has a problem with the movie, it's the marketing campaign that is the problem. I don't know about you retard, but I don't like (((people))) telling me what to think.

Cred Forums wrong again, what else is new

>Cred Forums wrong again

They did it because it was becoming too popular way too fast.

They've seen how the hip hop culture overtook the Muttistan so now they're trying to suppress it. It's only banned from the mainstream.

i never said anything about leftwing or right wing or even Cred Forums, who youre clearly triggered with
but its pretty clear that you think the memes is talking about how dumb americans are when it was literally made to call them fucking niggers

An American walks in to a pub, says "I'll have a bud light". The bartender replies "you're American aren't you?" The guy says "how did you know? Was it the beer or the accent?" To which the bartender replies "neither, you're the fattest fuck I've ever seen in my life."


Fucking commies

Oh shit, China music scene to be more based than American by 2060. No mumble rappers for them!

Leftist here
I don't think "racemixing" is bad and Cred Forumstards get so fucking butthurt when you post mutts


>leftys triggered so hard by the election 1 YEAR LATER they pretend to be European

7 more years


>out of 4.436 billion people in Asia, a few million paid to see a movie about chimps like watching a circus show of a rare species from an Asian perspective
>Cred Forums BTFO
You high nigga?

Aren't pubs in the UK though and aren't Brit bongs fat as shit though? LMAO

You implied it. Geez you can't even cop to being wrong about your assumptions. What a mad faggot. The meme is talking about Cred Forums amerimutts pretending they're pure white people and therefore are in a place to judge the lesser races. The fact that it makes you and Cred Forums so upset just shows that it's hitting close to home. Keep replying and proving me right faggot.

>i dont think racemixing is bad
>makes a meme that was made to make racemixing look bad


best historacil accurate movie ever

>meme made on Cred Forums to make fun of americans is talking about Cred Forums
this meme has nothing to do with Cred Forums retard

>imagine actually sitting down and drawing this

it does now faggot

That's the thing
I don't think it's bad
Cred Forumstards do

not it doesnt retardo, keep being a hypocrite tho

>watching capeshit
wew lad

You do realize that the meme (created by Cred Forums no less) is to make fun of racemixing?

>leftypol is so desperate the only "victory" they have left is for some disney corporate flick to make money....
Wow! viva la revolucion!

>get offended by meme targeting you
>b-b-but this meme wasn't even created for this!
lolololol la atrocidad

>why dont you like blacks ou fucking supid non white niggers that look like goblins because you dont have 100% white blood
youre just racist as well

im not american, im not white too, youre just being racist

Brits invented the mutt meme
Cred Forums made it popular

Legit the Amerimutt meme is true. It's usually Amerimutts who glorify uber nordic germanic Europeans and sympathize with Nazi Germany and tell everyone else they're not pure or mongrelized. If they were REAL nordics and not Amerimutts, they'd love black and med dick like the rest of nords.

The kings of bants

>Cred Forums so desperate for a win given their recent shortcomings, they can only talk about a 2 year old election
really magas my pedes

>imagine actually sitting down and making super-nigger hero film

I think the meme is great and that the left is using it is even better. It shifts the overton window and makes being racist much more mainstream

Asians look at the Black Panther movie and think
>we built those advanced skyscrappers while charcoals added the finishing touch with mudhut roofs, just like in our real life contracts in Africa

>leftypol literally crying for an anti white safespace now

So? It's okay to be racist against amerimutts. Good to see their society collapse.

>lefty pol so btfo itt they broke their mantra and started defending why they use the mutt meme

Time for a new thread no? Discord huddle?

The mutt meme was created on Cred Forums. That's one of the originals. The other one "YOU'RE NOT WHITE" was also fairly popular to use on Cred Forums. Only much later did Cred Forums adopt the meme. They didn't really make the meme popular as it was popular already, they just churned out more and more mutts.

Reallly? But I don't think racemixing is bad
I just use the mutt meme because it triggers Cred Forumstards so easily
In fact, "racemixing" is great, it generates some of the most beautiful women on this earth

you know the uglier the face gets the less white in them the person has right
you dont have to be american to be a goblino

Don’t interrupt a sperg while he is melting down

Aye, truly beautiful.

Wrong, see And Cred Forums made it popular

youre a fucking retard sorry

>it triggers Cred Forumstards so easily
it was made on pol by european pol posters to make fun of americans. It makes fun of the fact that USA is nigger nation that had a nigger half mutt at the head of state 8 years running

not all goblinos are american but many americans are goblinos. stop trying to tell me how to meme because you're upset and larping as a SJW

>being so btfo you have to have a group therapy meeting on a reddit chat program

>father bailed at 21 weeks

can someone tell me why he waited so long?

Sorry if I triggered you with a different opinion :')
Cred Forums was never supposed to be a safe space

are you actually this stupid

Brits can't invent the amerimutt meme when they're the biggest mutts in the galaxy.

Wrong, see And Cred Forums made it popular


I agree fellow person definitely not from Cred Forums. The use of internet memes is going to facilitate the expulsion of (((them))) from the media and the creation of a white ethnostate in America. Heil victory and glory to 56% of my race.

The more you post the more obvious it is that you are lefty pol raiding this board because your president did not win the election and you cannot impeach Trump. 7 more years of liberal tears as they say. :)

>Cred Forumstards btfo

what do chinese people think about black people from your experience?

can you stop interrupting and let's continue talking about how btfo Cred Forums and Cred Forums are? thanks sweetie

Yes, Cred Forums is not a safespace for your kind, which is why i posted that pic to balance things out :3

Shut up, you newfag. The meme was already popular on Cred Forums, it just didn't have as many mutts as representations of the average American. The only thing Cred Forums did is churn more and more mutts by taking the originals as a source. The meme's goal was always to make fun of racemixing and some retards here believe it was made to make fun of Cred Forums or whatever.

im not talking about you thinking that racemixing is good
im talking about how you think mixed women are so great while calling them goblins and saying they get uglier the blacker they get

>race mixing is ba-

>being this triggered

Forgot to attach an image to this post lefty pol. This thread has taken its toll on you. Like Trump winning has taken its toll on your party. 7 years remain.

I couldn't hear you over SIT DOWN BE HUMBLE blaring from the local theater. wanna try saying something relevant?

i dont care about capeshit

But I'm not calling them goblins?
I'm calling the americlaps over on Cred Forums goblins

sure you don't DCpajeet

you know that 56% is the non white population of the united states right
you know that when you post the 40% face it means that as the white population goes down the place gets even shittier

Weakest post in the thread yet. Go chug some soy and think about your next raid thread.

Subhumans, same as what everyone else thinks.

I really don't care about all that shit though
I just want to trigger Cred Forumstards

Worst Korea has the highest circumcision of all Asia.

>He thinks the guy with record low approval ratings that can't even build one wall is going to win reelection

>you're making fun of amerimutts, that means you're butthurt about Trump winning
How does that even make sense?

>dont care that im being racist

the more you reply the more correct I am. SAD

Wall is being built right now honey and he also had a 1% chance of winning so just keep trusting media polls and staticians :)

- All Historical and classical literary works emphasize "skin as white as snow/white jade" as the ideal.
- Daoist scriptures on physical and spiritual cleansing refer to physical purification as expulsion of black/dark disgusting matter from the skin, making a negative connotation with such colors on skin.
- Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, refer to South-East Asians with darker skin as monkeys and subhumans.
- Ad related:
- They have a superiority complex over blacks because Africa looks like shit while East Asian countries are modern and advanced.
- They have a superiority complex over having vastly higher IQ stats across the board than blacks.
- They are ethni-centric cultures (which is the only positive point they may find about the Black Panther movie).
So take a guess.

"Trump won stay mad" is the stock poltard response to everything they don't like.

God, they're basically caricatures.

But I'm not
The thing is, everything you said here , it's just delusions from the average Cred Forumstard, it's not reality

The more you reply the more desperate you appear to want to change the majority outlook on this website. 7 years :)

>when the soy meal replacement arrives in the mail

then why are you posting it you stupid retard
>i'm not racist but those guys are literal ugly fucking niggers

Argument? Nope.

It's not released in China until March

Read again


lol now you're just repeating my posts. pathetic

so youre just going to spew racist shit because its not reality
than why are you mad at them

I'm just happy you hate niggers too user

Black people literally created white people

Yeah, I was there too. Fucking kikes.

kek. You racist ass nigga.

Please keep replying. Shows how right I am about what you're trying to accomplish here. Soon you'll need a new strategy with your discord mates :)

>let them have some fun while the company rakes in the big bucks. the industry is fucked beyond repair anyway because you fucks never watch proper movies so might as well let the normies enjoy their generic movies
>why not make threads about proper movies instead of hating on normies all the time? this has become a goddamn obsession on this board, it's just capeshit all day every day

Its the mind of the average white boy user!
They are just bitter school shooters mad at the world so let them rant away in there lonely little rooms and ignore them till the shoot up a school or something

>Swarthy blue-eyed European

>Suddenly turns into a wide nosed black skinned individual

Every time.

>keeps bringing up his reddit chat program
projection at its finest. And I already said the "keep replying to prove me right" thing. Ironically, you're repeating my posts again and proving me right. 4D chess, mutts

Last school shooter was a spic with the last name Cruz sweetie. Try again. :)

Because it triggers them

Nah, not really


>There are people who UNIRONICALLY give a fuck about how a movie does in another country

Jesus fucking christ, why

When you come up with a new discord strategy maybe your posts will have an impact but it still appears to be Cred Forums majority on the board. 7 years :)

Because if it bombs in China it doesn't matter how well it does in the US. That's why they pushed the release in China so far away.

Im just here for the memes

Cred Forumstards are fucking delusional

Cred Forumsbabbies are mad the movie didn't flop so they need a victory in the form of it underperforming in specific markets.


When you come up with a reply as to why you were completely btfo by Black Panther besides "discord" and something about an american election, come on back to Cred Forums.

It probably triggers Americans because that's the future of the US. And your future, most likely (unless you're already one of them).

kinda looks like that repulsive tranny from speedrun events

>one in ten
minority alert

>Cred Forums calls niggers niggers triggering you so you call niggers niggers triggering them
the absolute state of you Cred Forumstards

Sweetie.. 7 more years of Trump. Will your discord chat last that long? You seem pretty desperate and it's only been just over 1 year.

>DNA studies on European humans dating back 20'000 years show pale skin, presence of blond/red hair, and blue eyes

>For some reason this one cunt has black skin

Go do your research on ancient anthropology then you'll realise that the study is bullshit. The Cheddar man like many ancient Europeans had swarthy skin.


Don't know Hombre. The only thing i'm interested in is when Liberals are going to give us power in USA already so we can get rid of all the negro pendejos.

Hillary lost. I am happy. :)

Humans literally descend from Africa
Black people created white people

>typlical Cred Forumstard tactic of feigning happiness with a smug attitude, predicable

>published on Science
>the study is bullshit

He was swarthy. Those (((scientists))) literally got their negro skin out of the fact that he was lactose intolerant. His skin was probably darker than your average Arab, but not nigger-tier.

Not an argument sweetheart

>that one leftypol faggot so triggered in this thread

>Headed for the second highest domestic 4day BO ever
>Disney estimates $240 million

Will Cred Forums ever recover?

Didn't a liberal/leftist create pepe?


Ever noticed alt righties are just SJWs but they think whites are the victims and Jews the oppressors instead of whites oppressing brown people?

Thanks for this pic. I'm off to shitpost on Cred Forums


It was all over Cred Forums when it came out
Godspeed anyways user

Eh? It's not right wing men who fetishize Asian women, once again the racism falls firmly at your door. It's the little beardy latte sippers who love anime that think Asian women are little dolls who will not mind their crippling lack of social skills, disgusting flab, cheetos and soy smell and lack of hygiene.

Holy shit
What a ride this thread is

The argument is that the research is stupid and literally made by liberal cretins (check their twitter). The negro skin is taken straight out of their ass because he was not as pasty as the ideal version of the NatSoc Aryan.
Blacks wouldn't even exist if whites were "oppressing" them.

UM SWEETIE NEWS FLASH IT NEEDED A 500 MILLION OPEMING TO EVEN HAVE A CHANCE AT BREAKING EVEN!!!! It's a flop, a fucking flop and Donald Trump is president so just stop and go back to tumblr and reddit.

How can wh*tes recover?

Have some dignity user

Found the retard who fell for the clickbait. The actual paper says there is no evidence he was any darker than a European.


Cred Forumstards eternally BTFO

and an eternity of being wrong about black panther :))


>caps lock

Having livied in Korea for years, I'm not surprised this did well because it's capeshit, but I am because it has black people. Maybe times are a changin' faster than I thought.


>admitting you don't like to be told to go back there
>admitting you're from there

Uh oh. Someone's gonna get a wrist slap on the lefty pol discord

I wonder how Obama feels knowing Trump pretty much gutted and rolled back every single major work he has ever done


History will look a lot kinder on Obama than Trump. Based Obama will have the last laugh

>bringing up the same stuff in every post

...while you can't quite get crab legs at the theatre in SK, you can get the next best thing

I will be surprised if trump wins a second term

Rap music and hip hop is insanely popular in Asia

Cred Forums weebs live in this fantasy of "muh based asians" hating all the niggers

T. Hong Kong

Obama literally has nothing left in his legacy other than being a half breed mutt president. Trump gutted it like a fish and now Trump will stack the supreme court with white conservatives for the next 8 years or so

Does it bother you when I mention that all the anti pol shit on this board is from a coordinated discord chat effort?

North Korea are subhumans. South is actually civilized

>south koreans
50% of their women worked in the sex industry at one point of their lives

The Supreme Court will always be made of jews.

>What is Obamacare

Lmao Trump and the GOP can't even do the one thing they've been promising for nearly a decade.

They said he wouldn't win the first one so he's guaranteed a second one sweetie.

Osama died under his presidency
That's more than anything trump has done so far, and more than he can ever hope to achieve
Also, Obama saved the economy from bush mediocre terms

pretty much gutted because of the GOP tax bill


>Obama saved the economy
Nope that was Ben Bernanke and EQ1, 2 and 3

>Ben Bernanke and EQ1


That was Obama

good for him
im tired of politics on this board
you Cred Forumsshits are autistic cancer
refugees from r/thedonald that derail threads and post off topic bullshit
i would rather have a thousand anti-Cred Forumsshits talking about capeshit than a few extremely vocal Cred Forumsfags who just talk about off topic bullshit

Still exists. The GOP gutted the individual mandate but they had to agree to bigger subsidies. Trump's legacy will be driving us to fiscal ruin with his tax cuts and spending.

is the BBC the single greatest threat to the white race

>It's not right wing men who fetishize Asian women

anybody got the poster of black panther with the watermelon? need it for an fb triggering

Not that user but wasn't he adopted though?

>>published on Science
stop making us look dumber than even pol

It won't be in China for two more weeks

why even insist on 90s pop science?

But I thought Cred Forums said Trump would lock Hillary up?

>will be driving us to fiscal ruin
That was Obama. The nigger president that added more debt than any president in history


>that compilation
wtf this is far sadder than some 40 right wingers out of millions fucking asian girls

>284 posts
>80 posters
>same shitty images


>During a recession
>Debt increase as a percentage of GDP equal to Reagan
>Trump's budget doubles the deficit during a time of low unemployment and rising revenue

The only post-war GOP president to decrease debt as a percentage of GDP was Nixon. Republicans don't give a shit about the debt.

>tfw spic

it must hurt so bad to be you

>bumps his own thread talking to his own op post with same image

>b-but muh victory!

Out of Africa scientific theory still has more evidence to support it than anything out there :')

watch the n-bombs faggot

>delusional Cred Forumsfag thinks he knows what hes talking about again

>Losing a political election because of intense faggotry.
>Thinking that giving your money to Disney is some kind of political win.

True powerful autism.

>During a recession
Caused by Jew bankers that lied about the ratings of toxic assets like CDS

who is blowing who and why is tv obsessed with blowjobs


Yes you are. Shilling this hard for the mouse on social media changes the world. You should go cure cancer by posting on Facebook and buying diverse funkos you actual faggot.

You're still losing.

it doesnt even make sense to push on this today, it was relevant in the 90s as a creation mythos for mankind.

Now people just think "oh so if the first chinese were black, then blacks never evolved"

>that entire post



K=FC^2 made me laugh

that looks far more interesting than that prequel tier Wakanda or Asgard

Hillary's butthurt was delicious, maybe without paralel because of hubris, but pol's butthurt over this movie is quite exquisite too.

>But I don't think racemixing is bad

>implying that matters
>implying ching chongs care about RDJ or Mark Ruffalo

>deflecting this badly


So, do you think the first Brit was born white? Life began on African and migrated out, of course the first Brit would have dark skin

Actually we were all asians first, then you all degenerated

see A lot of what you receive in pop science is 3rd hand regurgitated creation myths that are self serving to the times that state them (those links above are no different)

How is that pop science? It's almost universally supported.

this isn't african american culture except for killmonger small parts, this is african culture