Black Panther Antagonist made no sense

>Grows up in the hood without a dad
>Goes to MIT and graduates with a 4.0 GPA
>Joins the military and ends up being a SEAL
>Multiple tours with loads of conf. kills
>Still talks like a ghetto hood rat
>Still wants to kill whitey and gets me dat

The entire film was suprisingly good but god damn this guys character was just fucking retarded. An MIT graduate / Navy SEAL wouldn't be saying "Ayo bruh fuck ya tradishunz and shiet"

Also, if he served in the military, especially SF then i'm sure he'd have plenty of white men who he'd consider his brothers, so why the fuck does he want to kill all white people?

Also his cringe line before he dies "bury me in da ocean with my ancestors who jumped off the slave ships"

Uhhh no.

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Also why the fuck do the Wakandans act like blacks in america need their help the most when there's literal slavery and child fought wars going on in their own backyard? What the fuck

??????? respond faggots

shh people dont want to see flaws in their perfect movie

how new are you

There are plenty of mentally ill people in the military.


This is the most disturbing aspect, to me.


That’s a really good point. Wakanda. Do Something.

if the movie was based and redpilled instead of cucked and retarded, he would have been the good guy. the hotep people may be kind of weird but they have the right ideas

You’re not meant to assume that they’ll only be helping Americans. That would be dumb.

Americans only care about America, so obviously they're going to show Wakadans helping in harlem and not some world vision shithole.

He was talking about jews, he just didn't know they disguise themselves as white

Black people, even in intel or spec ops, will always talk like ghetto trash unless they're gay. At least in my experience

>Still talks like a ghetto hood rat
That's just how people talk. He wasn't doing ghetto speak

>Still wants to kill whitey and gets me dat
Because his life doesn't make up for all the blacks who suffered. Radicalized people put their cause first

>Also, if he served in the military, especially SF then i'm sure he'd have plenty of white men who he'd consider his brothers
Other than that being all assumptions, he was never sincere with his military work. He only wanted to train to take back wakanda

I think the point was that his fathers death and his revenge were the entire motivation to achieve all those things. He viewed them as only stepping stones to the one goal of stealing the throne. As to why none of those experiences shook him free of that one thing he was clutching to the entire time, its not that unrealistic. Shit traumatizes people in childhood and defines them their entire lives all the time.

>Become king
>Ensure none of your heirs will ever become the black panther by burning the plant that your ancestors have protected for centuries

Even College grads who have CIA training? No.

Killmonger did nothing wrong. Destroy the mutt and anglo empires

>not knowing any blacks at all

Neets stop posting, please

He wanted everyone under wakanda rule.

He’d wage war with the ruskies, chinks and poo in loos too.

Have you ever been in the military? Fuck man even officers up to ltcol talk this shit when other black people are around. From e9s to o5s, if two black people are around each other they talk like this from my experience

Education overrides urban patois.

Uhhh no sweetie. You're not black so you wouldn't understand that line.

Nah man he makes a lot of sense, take everything his father told him combined with the sudden loss of his father and mix that with being raised in the system and you end up with a sociopath who feels entitled to everything and lashes out violently at anyone that says no
People like that don't develop normal relationships and they demonstrated this by him shooting his girlfriend with little hesitation so he likely wouldn't develop real friendships with people he served in the military with either
Killmonger is the best recent villain in a capeshit movie

this is the most innocent burn i've ever seen

Why should we care about anyone else? You sure as hell don't care about us.

people have the accent they grow up around unless they go out of their way to change it and of course killing shit loads of people is going to give him a more violent ideology

no serious well-reasoned posts plz. post more pepes.

>An MIT graduate / Navy SEAL wouldn't be saying "Ayo bruh fuck ya tradishunz and shiet"

you're right 2bh
this guy kind of adopted a "look" on purpose but you can tell hes just an autist by the way he talks soft spoken and normally

t. has never seen two black people together

Did they actually say "4.0 from MIT"?

I ask, because MIT has a 5.0 GPA scale, so a 4.0 isn't impressive.

Is it overriding your ignorance? Doesn't seem to be.

>still talking even though you have no experience with blacks

Just give up. This is an anonymous board. No one will laugh at you for fucking off like the moron you are

He’s the director’s self-insert. He’s an immature, street-cred-seeking wannabe. Sadly, he adopts the very same ghetto culture form of expression that a positive role model would be seeking to distinguish himself from.

It’s not bad is it? That still sounds pretty good.

its pretty impressive to me
i wish i wasnt a failure

I'm black and work with other black people in IT, but OK.

Wakanda needs to do better.

>Because his life doesn't make up for all the blacks who suffered.

Wahhhh, nothing will ever make up for anything, wahhhhh.

Yes, and I'm the Pope

It's an affectation. I'm second gen asian and other second gens will sprinkle gook into their english to self identify.
It's retarded, just speak one or the other.

Please stop disrupting the narrative.

Why do you think they can’t help multiple places at once?

>that bio
This is what passes for an intellectual in the bay area. I need to get the fuck out of here.

Yeah well I’m Puerto Rican and have a lot of black friends that graduated from a top university with degrees in engineering, business, and medicine and they talk like that.

Cool, what does a Pope hat feel like to wear?

Bags of sandy coinmilk

>Goes to MIT and graduates with a 4.0 GPA

Sounds like they added a power fantasy wank element that doesn't actually fit the character. Does it ever come up?

I bet Stan Lee did this.

>I thought I was oppressed having to be a child soldier in Congo...but then I saw how bad blacks in America had it

Oh vey! Goy, stop asking so many questions!!!

Pol sounds salty

Have you ever heard Ryan Coogler speak? The guy went to film school and is clearly intelligent and very talented even if you ignore Black Panther.

And he still talks like that. "Ayo bruh "

Nakia was in Nigeria rescuing girls in the beginning of the film

Marvel and DC do this with all their characters. Alfred is ex-special forces FFS.

only white trash think that black people use black slang because they're stupid
it's how brits think they're smarter than us because of their shitty accents and specific way to say certain words

Horse shit. Black people all regress into super ghetto pavement apes under the influence of enough other blacks. Many have different thresholds, but if you remove a black from being surrounded by non blacks and out a few other blacks around him, even highly educated ones, they were revert to pure niggerdom.

Is he capable of making a film not about Blackness though? hmmmmmm. That's the true problem with a lot of black talent like him, Tyler Perry and the others. They cannot seem to move away from their black comfort zones. All the shit they make will revolve around blackness and urban culture. Which is fine every once in a while but done and over and over and over it becomes stagnant and that's why so many young black talent falls off.

you mean he's not making movies for whites and that pisses you off

white people should direct their own movies, black directors are for black folk only

Did you even watch the movie?

(a) Only killmongers dad cared about that. Its why T'Chaka went all the way to the US to school his ass
(b) They DO fight slavery snd child trafficking, if T'Challa's first mission in the movie was anything to go by
(c) Wakanda is isolationist. They give no fucks
(d) Killmonger was using "BLM" as a ploy - his real desire was to start a Wakandan empire
(e) T'Challa's decision to open Wakanda to the world has less to do with African-Americans and more with the need to prevent another Killmonger. That he chose a place on Harlem is more to honour the deaths of Killmonger & dad, especially the latter who died wrongfully

Not me. I think it’s an endorsement of thug culture, the very thing guys like Coogler should be seeking to either change or leave behind completely.

In a dental school with lowered standards for diverse applicants and they all talk like this whenever there are more than two in a single place.

Don't ever go see a dentist who isn't white or asian, btw. We didn't have the bar universally lowered for us to get in and to graduate.

MIT has pretty bad grade inflation, though not as bad as Harvard's. In the class I TA'd, half the students got A's. Averaging a B isn't very good.

I'm not white lel. But no. Asians, Hispanics, Whites have all shown themselves to be capable of looking outside the box, and giving us art is very diverse forms. Shit just look at how many stories from Japan are about people from all around the globe. Hell even their games draws influence from a handful of non-asian countries and their mythology. It's what makes their anime/games so rich. It is usually only with black writers and directors who cannot move past their color and ascend!

I didn't think Black Panther was about urbanness. There was a facet of it with Mbj's motivations but the film was bigger than that. It wouldn't be blowing up in Asia right now if it had been about "life in the ghetto." It just doesn't appeal to non Americans and that's why most black films bomb overseas. Maybe black directors should step up their game and stop making boring "the struggle" movies and give us some epics that just so happen to have black actors in them.

-t. A black guy

> wakanda itself made no sense

Linguistically ebonics eliminates a lot of words and eliminates a lot of words used to describe time so it actually is a dumbed down version of english.

It's interesting to note that many african languages have insanely small word counts, some as low as 10,000 estimated words (English has >500,000, for comparison). For an example, one language uses the same word for hot, angry, and spicy. I don't think it's an accident that Blacks automatically form a simplified version of a language when it's imposed on them from the outside (like Hatian creole, a dumbed down version of French with simpler grammar and a limited vocabulary).

>Shit just look at how many stories from Japan are about people from all around the globe.
nigger you are fucking ridiculous
japan's stories are almost exclusively about the japanese lmao
and black directors direct non-black movies too, like steve mcqueen who made shame and hunger, or felix gary gray who directed the last fast and furious movie.

> wytebois are this mad

Probably false. Japan adopts heavily from European and Western culture in general. Often, it synergizes back and forth from generation to generation.

Shhh, stop making reasonable posts. it's going to kill the shitpost from Cred Forums

"bury me in da ocean with my ancestors who jumped off the slave ships"
or he gets sold to white people again for air jordans

Post yfw you will never be black.

The guys is literally named after a pair of basketball shoes.

that's like the the third time you've posted the same shit in this thread, nigger.

He wants to help other black people. A well-educated black man who wants to help other blacks, that's reasonable. His father probably taught him about the hardships black people endure, and he had Wakandan books to inspire him. Also, you can imagine that him being from Wakanda means that his IQ is considerably high.

Also, he never stated he wanted to kill all whites, this is your headcanon.

How did they jump off the ships in chains?

Uh no they're not. In fact more than half of their fiction aren't even based in Japan or consist of Asian characters. Full Metal Alchemist: Set in Germany, mostly white mothe fuckers in it. Attack on Titan, same location mostly non-asian characters. Then there are those like Ghost in the shell based on a myriad of locations. Fast and Furious is urban btw lol.

Literally my first post in this thread. Stop seething, retard

>Also, he never stated he wanted to kill all whites, this is your headcanon.

Doesn't he want a war based on race to start? Why is that ok when white supremacists want the same thing?

>/tvpol/ so far up their ass they believe all black people talk like they come from the hood

imagine being this retarded
jordans are named after michael jordan, the basketball player. that's a real family name

That's not it at all though, they don't think all black people talk like that, there's ample evidence to that. They just think that people that talk like that are a fucking joke, and rightfully so.

I'm black myself. When I'm around non-blacks I talk "normally". When I'm around blacks I mostly speak in Ebonics, switching to proper English when I need to verbalize an idea too complex to express clearly in Ebonics. It's called code switching, every non-autstic successful black person I know does it.

Nuh-uh. This thread is rife with posts like "Put two black together, and they talk in ebonics".

>he's not named after basketball shoes!
>he's named after a basketball player!

If i were to name my kid Chuck Taylor, he'd probably be associated with the shoe more often than the player.

>Why is that ok when white supremacists want the same thing?

You do realize Killmonger is the villain, right? He has not expressed the desire to exterminate all whites. He stated he wanted to give opressed black people weapons to fight back and so world starts to respect black people for their strength. He never said anything about a White Holocaust.

he's named after his father who was named jordan too, because jordan is a common family name
> inbred whites in charge of putting two and two together

>Inbred thinking a superstar like Michael Jordan is not more recognizable than his shoes
>Who only sell due to his name

>samefagging this hard

Were you named after your dad too, or do you not know your dad's name?

You’re not getting it at all. We’re saying it’s an affectation, one that through its use is an endorsement of ghetto culture. “I’ma talk skreet so you know I *from* da skreet, no’wha’msayin?”

It’s embracing a form of expression unconsciously designed to serve as a cultural handshake and exclude “outsiders,” like Cockney slang in a way. Unfortunately, the culture it’s endorsing is synonymous with everything that plagues the black community - anti-intellectualism, substance abuse, violence, gang culture. Fascinatingly, it’s actually an outgrowth of a Northern British subculture called “Cracker culture,” and it came to America courtesy of America’s British penal colony down in “the dirty South” - Georgia.

>ancestors commit suicide
>be born

>Still wants to kill whitey
That's not what he wants at all. He just wants to create a world goverment that makes it so that the people of his roots won't be oppressed.

jesus christ he sounds exactly like a white man

He said "blacks on top", he wanted a black version of white power.

He was still not advocating for white genocide. If anything, what he wanted to do with whites was kinda vague

See? This is what we’re talking about. Try to imagine your doctor coming in to pre-op and saying, “Aight, so check’is out. We finta break off a piece o’ yo ... hol’ up. Wuzzat thang called again? Oh yeeeahyehyeh ... yo COLON, *heh*. An’en we goan snap ya package off like a paypah towel, an’en we be takin dat chunk o’ COLON ... an shovin it up ya DICKHOLE. An notcha real one, we sayin the hole where ya dick usedta be no’msayin?”

How fucking fast would you run out if that hospital?

But most whites that want a race ware don't want a black holocaust either they want blacks out of the US (I guess I'm focusing on americans right now). It doesn't make it any more right. Race war for whatever reason is not something to be lauded as "well, he's the villian so he has a right to" and have people kinda agree with him, that's bullshit.

You can tell a racist by whether or not they agree with Killmonger.

God you americoons are fucking insane.

>implying proper criticism of The Most Shilled Movie of All Times is allowed here
You're on the wrong website.

Cred Forums is a marketing website.

not if you are black

Fly these advanced weapons to some black people.
>the plan

Unsuccessfully and got keelhauled? Or the whole daisy chain was dragged behind.

>lives with auntie and uncle in Bel Air
>grows up to be fighter pilot
>non absent black father
>saves the planet from ayy lmaos
niggers, amiright?

That was just proof he didn't really care about helping people long term, he was angry and lashing out at whoever he felt wronged him.

every time i see this pic i get mad. Why mundane matt?

lol this, the plan was to just drop a bunch of vibranium spears and some pulse cannons to a bunch of niggers in Harlem? No power play would happen only mass looting if we're being honest

Niggers gonna nig?

>those poor black americans have to live in low income apartments
>if only I could give them something good, like my house of scrap metal sheets that get stolen by militia

Nakia was in Nigeria liberating girls...

>ruins your whole family's lives
>"but hey, how about you can earn your way to MIT?"
Oh yeah, go whitey.


yes but that was mentioned for about 5 minutes, and then the film shifted the focus of "MUH OPPRESSION" to black people in america

>nignog making sense

What were you expecting?