Ray, your mother made fun of my cooking again

Ray, your mother made fun of my cooking again.

Debra, I'm gonna fuck your ass tonight.

Debra, I want a divorce


Why was she such a cunt?

Being married to a whiny man-child takes its toll after a while.

Oh my god Debra, shut your fucking mouth. I have to keep this family out of the red on a fucking sports writers salary.

she was an angel tho

marie was the cunt

Any good nudes?

>Ray, how come Frank and Roberts cocks are so much larger than yours?

*moans nasally* This again? To be fair to my mom... your cooking is... not good.

*audience laughter*

How did their marriage last? All they ever did on that show was argue.

Scratch that, slap her in the face immediately and pound her ass right there over the kitchen sink. That's pretty much all she needed.

Oh Raymond, I don't think it's a good idea to have this thread again.

debra get on your knees, you know the rules. Bitch about my mother and get your face fucked.

Anyone else notice how deeply laced with biblical allegory this show is, or just me?


>Frank has a garage sale
>has a random thermos

Marie loved her family

Hey Ray! Stefania just let me give her ass-to-mou- oh, ....hi Deborah

loved herself more and manipulated her family into doing what she commands

Had me a chuckle. Stefania was fucking hot.

>whiny manchild
>works full-time to earn enough money to feed a family of five while she doesn't even have a job

t. Postmodern (((feminist))) whore

wow r u speaking from personnel experience ther buddy? becos it shure seams like it

>comfy 90s sitcoms will never come back
>you will never be a kid again
im ready to end it all

>Typing in an office by the hot water heater is hard work
That faggot couldn't do some household chores once in a while? It's funny because he always complained about Debra not fucking him, and she always used the excuse that she was too tired. It seems to me he would've taken away that excuse by doing something around the house. It must suck being lazy AND stupid.


would this be grounds for divorce?

Ok, Ray, I'll make you a deal: I'll you can cum on my face *once* and then you never again ask me for an accounting of how I spend my days.

See a therapist

yes m8 I have a 10/10 wife and a mom who cooks for me

Fuck that's awesome. I'm gonna take out my dick and masturbate right now. Deeeeal with it

It's implied that they actually do fuck at the end of that episode right? I seem to remember him chasing her up stairs and saying 'leave it on' and her giggling n shit.

you can't do that user, fucking stop

>family values still existed
Frank and Marie argued probably 1000 times as much as Ray and Debra and they still stuck it out.

A different time.

Short-hair Debra was best Debra.

user, you're not going to masturbate right here in the kitchen, someone could walk in at any time.

Come on, we'll go down to the laundry room, but you had better be quick.

He provides for the entire family and kids by giving them an income to live on and putting bread on the table.

It's her duty and obligation as the wife to have sex with him and to do the household chores. It's the very least she's obligated to do.

If a husband is dutiful and fulfills his requirements as breadwinner and man of the house, the wife has the obligation to give him sex, that's a basic fact in every historical society and family structure, I don't care what anyone says.

It's only modern uptight lazy trash American women that argue otherwise.

Does that feel as good as it looks, user?

This. Based Catholics. Pretty much my family in a nutshell. Will argue to hell and back over the most basic things but still love each other and extremely loyal.

Now cum in this, user, I don't want you making a mess.

>muh f-famili values in babbys first #based sitcom
holy shit, how can anybody actually be this dumb
so you're telling me the sitcoms (((they))) brainwash the unwashed amerilard masses with got VALUES?
or maybe back then they portrayed disgusting pasty bitch wives who'd rag on their husbands so bitches who unironically buy into that catch a divorce because real-life isn't a sitcom?

She married a beta with an obnoxious mother who constantly belittles everything you do.

i want more of these posts.

t. kissless virgin

It’s a very conservative show.

I cannot believe you're actually enjoying this, user. I should squeeze your balls for doing this in front of me.

t. slutty promiscuous whore who wouldn't know a homely family if it hit her in the face


Wait, you're telling me that you do this at home every day and you think of me?
Aww, user, I didn't know you had a little crush on me...

i jerked off mid episode so many times because this fucking cunt is so hot for some reason

Everybody loves Raymond was not leftist propaganda it was conservative dummy

especially this episode I think i actually recorded it onto VHS twice when i was younger, just for fap material.

Would....would it help you finish if I gave it a few kisses?
You know that if I do, you can't tell your mother, right, user?


You want to put it in 'there'??
IIIII don't know, user

don't reply to such terrible bait.

Getting a divorce is way better than being stuck in a marriage you hate.

kill yourself

I c... can't help it Mrs Barone, my hips! They're moving on their own.

[to self] I can only imagine Ray's reaction if he found out I let this kid do *that*

Ok, it's your lucky day.
But GO EASY, or you're not allowed over to play anymore

>It's her duty and obligation as the wife to have sex with him and to do the household chores. It's the very least she's obligated to do.
You know I always wondered, what happens if both people work? I don't think anyone is obligated to sex, but if someone doesn't want to have sex with you ever it might mean they don't love you and should leave them. I can't imagine how a woman could withhold sex for so long if they love their husband, but same as I can't imagine wanting to force someone to do it if they don't want to. I guess I will never be married. I know I would want to make the money and clean, but my ideal married life is pampering my husband.


okay... i gtg and find some deepfakes now

Definitely couples counseling. That's just a "what the hell bitch" thing to do.

My grandma saw him open somewhere in Vegas
Said he was hilarious and was so good that they left the main show because in comparison he was so much funnier that they were bored

My wife and I both work. We fuck whenever we're in the mood. If shes in the mood and Im tired or whatever she either just plays with herself or I use a vibrator or something on her to make it more fun. If Im in the mood and she isnt she'll talk dirty and play with my balls or something while I jack off. Or we just do whatever privately. Not too complicated.

As far as chores I cook most of the time (because I enjoy it) and she does the laundry. We take turns doing random stuff like the floors. Pretty comfy

mfw people aren't gerardposting yet

The very last shot of the show is a Last Supper reference, brainlets. I wouldn't be surprised if it had more.

But that’s wrong

Whoa, it's late. I'd better clean myself off back there before Ray gets back. Run home, kid.

>Ma I don't know what's dryer, Debra's lemon chicken or her vagina

are you a hole or a homo?

Then good luck with that.

>stop that you're really annoying

Ray btfo

>you don't fuck me enough...
>I'm tired from the kids, can you help?
>I'm at the office
>well between that and your mom's bitching I'm beat

>starts working at home
>still barely helps, namely mediocre babysitting that his daughter does for him later
>mom and dad get super popular so they show up even more
>now he doesn't help and she doesn't have privacy, even thinking his brother and her are having an affair
>why isn't she a slut for me weeeah

It was a good show but fuck man; clean a bathroom regularly and cook a meal once a week. He writes about stuff he loves at home, he could get some dishes in between articles if every 3rd episode is wah I have needs

She choose to be a stay at home mom, she had a college degree and could of worked too if she wanted. But she choose to stay at home and be a homemaker and Raymond had to put up w/her shit because he knew if she got a job then he would have to help out more.

seconded, and trips confirm

user, they're fictional characters. They didn't stay together because of family values, they stuck together because they were acting for money

It's freaky watching this now and letting it sink in how 2/3rds of the cast are dead.

>same number
>dub / trip follow up


funnier than the actual show

Why was Marie such a sociopath?

She was Italian

Makes sense.

>That episode where she fucks up Robert's FBI interview

Robert and Raymond, the original Pepe and Wojack.

Why did all the children have blond hair?

>Barones had black hair
>Kids had blonde

What did they mean by this?

They were modeled off Ray Romano's real kids who have blonde hair irl...