Go to American movie theater

>go to American movie theater
>everyone is eating 2-4 of these
What the hell?

we can fill the theater with freedom farts. also, here is a klingon urinating


I'll let you in on a secret OP, since you've been so good to me all these years.

Those hotdogs, they make a good substitute for when the penis inspectors come round. Just make sure the guard doesn't go al-fresco and you should be ok. Been passing the inspection for years now.

looks good desu

a russian, an american, and a canadian walk into a bar

bartender says: i will give you drinks for free, but only if you answer what's 2+2

russian says: it's clearly 4

canadian says: it's clearly 4

american says: I dont know, I'm retarded brainwashed fucking faggot son of whore white male I wish mom aborted me so there was one less american white male in this world retarded whoreson

bartender pulls out a shotgun and shoots dumb american in face

whats what wrong that?

>those tiny ass cheese sprinkles
>not using cheese slices
Needs cheese slices and more chili beans with a fork desu

>based Americans

Being a bong is a real struggle. Dry popcorn or £100/lb M&Ms are your only options.

i have been on this planet thirty years and lived in america for all of them and i've never seen anyone eat any sort of chili or hot dog in a theater


I'm gonna break character and say that this post was the best thing that's happened to Cred Forums ALL DAY

I'm a 28 year old American, and I've had a hotdog in the theater a couple of times.
Never have seen a full on chili dog though.

hot dogs are definitely a common snack at theaters, even the shit ones I have been to have them. They're just convenient store tier though which isn't surprising.

Mutts BTFO

>Go to European theatre
>Everyone is eating halal


the meat is fine sure, but eating hot dogs nah... they're garbage. sure they are a convenient meal if you have nothing else on hand, but they're really really bad for you and should be avoided. if you're going to eat something like that, eat a sausage made from a good cut of meat, not the leftovers used for hotdogs.

hotdogs and nuggets are garbage, should only be eaten as last resorts.

What do you have against weenies?

People consume junk food at movie theaters. Like giant bags of popcorn. You don't think people regularly eat giant bags of popcorn at home, do you?

>go to eastern european theater

>tfw hungry american and would literally eat 4 of those right now


Every theater I've ever been too has hotdogs. If they're not Nathen's though I won't fuck with it and even then the prices are outrageous. I bought one once because I hadn't eaten breakfast before and it was a long matinee and I payed 5 fucking dollars for a simple fucking hotdog. Never again.

>go to western European theater
>truck drives through building and kills the audience

>chili with beans
>on a fucking chili dog

You deserve to be brought out back and shot

wtf i hate americans now


goddamn that looks fucking delicious rn

lol based


>go to movies in america
>get shot loads

How will we ever recover from being so utterly humiliated?

I literally ate 2 hotdogs during a screening of Black Panther the other day here in Canada.
The real answer is most people don't watch movies in the theatres anymore, and so don't get the chance to eat theatre hot dogs or hot dogs of any kind either. So in the rare chances they actually do watch movies in the theatre they order hotdogs because the only reason to go to the movies is to get the hotdogs.


>go to American movie theater
>everyone is eating 2-4 of these


what are you on about, autist?

>go to American movie theater
>everyone is eating 2-4 of these


Yeah, Sneed's having a hotdog sale at the kinoplex. 2 for $2, a real steal

>go to American movie theater
>everyone is eating 2-4 of these
What the hell?

Bad joke desu.


so bad its good