Midi-chlorians are a microcopic lifeform that reside within all living cells and communicates with the Force

>Midi-chlorians are a microcopic lifeform that reside within all living cells and communicates with the Force

Why did people freak out about this again?

Because you don't need to explain space magic with horrible bullshit like this when it has no relevance to the story.

I wish they somewhat retconned this and some character how crazy Qui Gonna was with his midichlorians theory

manchildren take their spaceshit very seriously

what does that make you?

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It doesn’t affect anything though, it literally just means all living creatures and being are connected to the force. So unless you were a fan of skippy the Jedi droid I don’t see the issue

i really don't think they did, at least not at the time. most of the criticism surrounding the film upon release focused on jar jar and the killing of darth maul. if anything, that scene spared them a bunch of religious backlash they would have gotten otherwise. it was a solid move to make in 1990s america.

because it changes the force from something mystical to something scientific
you're not special in the latter like you are in the former

The phantom menance is already a film that's heavily criticized for being kind of aimless, if it doesn't actually effect anything why even have it in the movie at all?

The way the scene is written ("even master yoda doesn't have a mediclorian count ~that~ high") also implies a lot of extremely stupid shit about the force being dragon ball z

The Force was always scientific, it literally got inherited through genes

It takes away from the fantasy element for no reason at all.
Spiritual space magic > dumb parasitic organisms

I actually like that from the prequels.

I like that just not any random neckbeard can start meditating and studying Jedi history and become a Jedi.

You either have it or you don't. Like Chads and sports.

Fat overweight neckbeards were insulted by this notion and hate this aspect of the prequels. Because in their minds they can't just study it like a religion and become one of them.

but its fantasy in space, why shouldnt they have microscopes?

you didn't know that until the prequels though
yes it was strong in Luke's family, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was for genetic reasons

if anything it means that anyone is more likely to become a jedi
since it's in space, and force sensitivity is only tied to how many magic microbes are living in your body, there's no reason someone couldn't inject more magic microbes into their body

what happens if I get a blood transfusion from someone infected with midichlorians?

The religion aspect how somebody wants it to be is the most retarded thing ever.
I was happy people got BTFO.

Also I think all the EU is garbage. And anything that discredits the EU I'm happy with.

Except Obi Wan says the reason Luke and Leia had to be hidden is because the emperor knew they’d be powerful enough to be a threat to him

>what happens if I get a blood transfusion from someone infected with midichlorians?

You can move shit with your mind but then your dick bleeds.

Nothing, they actually tried that with Grievous

Nah, the midichlorians won’t communicate with your cells if they’re transplanted. They tried that with grievous.

Why did Luke even go see Yoda to train then? Why didn't Obi Wan just shoot him up full of force juice and send him to wreck his dad? Same for those kids in the prequels.

I need muh mystery about da force

-old gen x fags

Doesn’t work

Because RLM made them think that midi-chlorians ARE the Force when that was obviously never the case.

>dragon ball z

I don't see how that is a problem, DBZ is sick.

Because it turned space magic into Dragonball power levels. Star Wars is science fantasy, and Lucas destroyed the fantasy part of Star Wars in one line. Truly remarkable.

So you want it to be just another stupid religion that grants powers?


It turned a magical and spiritual/religious story into something scientific and atheistic. The "Force" is no longer something intangible; it comes from midichlorioans.

>force is a mystical force that binds all life
>force is microbes and anakin's power level is over 9000
they're indicative of entirely different mentalities, which makes sense considering that the sw "saga" is a patchwork monster made by a man who is less a visionary storyteller than a master of jewish sorcery who found it was easier to sell toys than tell a compelling story with some degree of artistry.

I want The Force to be something mystical. Not explained, and in such a stupid fashion. Just one of many things that wouldn't have happened had there been a creative director to veto Lucas' dumb ideas.

So are all the midichlorian haters just EU fags?

It's not always inherited. Skywalker are space Jesus and his lineage though.

Because if everyone is a samurai wizard, then no one is a samurai wizard.

>the force is female and females are not susceptible to the dark side
>oh yeah and it automatically balances itself
Midi-chlorians will always be better than the lore-rape of the sequels.

Autism and scientific ignorance. You need a biological explanation for how people can sense and harness the Force, not the Force itself. That's where everyone got it wrong.

>the Force is strong in my family
>my father has it
>I have it
>and my twin sister has it too
>not genetic

It might work on a force-sensitive person but a midichlorian-rich blood transfusion won't magically give you Force powers. Probably because your white blood cells see the midichlorians as a foreign invader and kill them.

A manish boy

The EU is garbage upon garbage.

Midichlorians is retardation levels not before believed possible.

It's both dumbass. The force is a mystical energy field binding all living things that happens to be sensed through microscopic organisms in the bloodstreams of all sentient life.

The Force is toxoplasmosis.

I feel like people shitting on midichlorians for it being “spiritual” enough seem to forget that Star Wars is a Sci-if fantasy

That’s science fiction AND fantasy

Why on earth does organic life having midichlorians that allow you to communicate with the force any less spiritual than giving Jedi knights laser swords for some reason?

The sequel lore makes some sense, but even then it's just Zen Buddhist in it's application.

It just means that light and dark will always be fighting each other. For eternity and over simplifies the conflicts of light side and dark side.

>it comes from midichlorians

Nigga, you don’t even understand the phantom menace

Jinn said the midichlorians communicate with the force, not that they create it

Obi Wan explained the force in the first movie

And his explanation was some mystical force that binds us. Basically "It's something that's there and can't be explained"

I don't think people would be upset about the power level thing that inherently comes with something like Midichlorians if they were explained differently.

>They're bacteria attracted to the light of the Force.

Just a simple rewording like that keeps the mysticism in tact, calls back to how Yoda described us as luminous beings, and introduces the powerscaling aspect that comes with Midichlorians. I imagine that's what Lucas wanted; something to suggest that Anakin is a BIG DEAL in irrefutable, quantifiable terms.

>Basically "It's something that's there and can't be explained"

No, that is incorrect.

It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us together. He specifically called it an energy field. It's life. The life force of all things being woven between all things to connect all things. It's not just "something that's there, get over it". They tell us what it is in two different movies prior to Episode 1's release.

Then that makes them completely superfluous to the force. Just microscopic moths.

Because it basically told all the kids watching it that they can't be jedi because they probably don't have midichlorians

They just gather on people with more force; they aren’t the explanation behind the force

So the Jedi can tell who’s innately force-sensitive. I think if you started training you could gain force sensitivity though

I remember an interview where George said he liked the idea of midichlorians because it meant something mystical about a religion (the Force) had actual scientific evidence (the midicholrians), "just like in real life with real religions" (not his literal words but that was basically the idea of what he said).
What did he mean? What real scientific evidence do real religions have? I wish I could find that interview.

Sounds like you imagined it desu

The whole prequel trilogy shows how dumb Midichlorians are. That's the point. They were a clinical way of measuring potential. But they somehow missed Palpatine's potential. Yoda had the 2nd highest and was BTFO'd by Palpatine. Anakin had the highest and was BTFO'd by Obi Wan. Midichlorians are another piece of the Old Republic that failed.

>Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion, which uses modern scientific analysis and measuring tools to identify special bacteria that can help their host manipulate the seemingly flimsy fabric of reality has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the rebels' hidden fort-...

So midichlorians aren't that bad and the prequels themselves prove it.
>prequel haters btfo eternally