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I like the wooden panels.

Which female companion has the biggest or smallest penis

Well, I more thread wouldn't kill anyone. Except me....


but regeneration isn't death
what the fuck moffat

>new thread made seconds before I hit post after typing up a long reply
fuck u I'm reposting it
>75th Anniversary
>Tom, Colin, and Sylvester are dead
>been long enough for Eccelston to give it a shot and come back for 1 episode
>McGann comes back
>Tennant comes back
>Smith comes back after finding out that no Doctor ever gets film work after leaving the show
>Capaldi comes back
>Jodie comes back
>14th Doctor is there
>Peter Davison comes back, but not as Five, as Omega

Now the question is, will Chibnall still be writing it? I can't picture him writing an episode of pure fanservice like that, let alone a multi-doctor story. what if RTD and Moffat co-write?

I'm mostly just making this up as I go along. I have a rough plan, but I have no idea what most of these components are supposed to actually do other than look interesting.

That scanner is supposed to be like the one on the Smith/Capaldi console but as an entire panel. Obviously I can't exactly make it as a model, but it's supposed to be 3D/"bigger on the inside", so the picture has actual depth.

I sincerely doubt chibbers will be showrunning for 20 years

I doubt he'll even make it to six.

did susan have a penis

75th will be in 10 years, but still. Does Moffat at 6 years hold the record? What about for number of episodes written? Classic episodes should only count as half an episode since they're 25 minutes

I love the typewriter embedded in this one. also some of the fancy outlines. pic related is maybe a bit too steampunk, but wood and brass would be amazing

nah but her grandfather has a neat pussy now

>75th will be in 10 years,
the 50th was in 2013
we are in 2018, the 55th year of doctor who
75th is 20 years from now

you should make the lights in the center be 3 cylinders, one red, one green, and one blue. Would be a e s t h e t i c

By every standard, Moffat has won. Possibly "number of words written" might go to Terrance Dicks, but going by televised minutes, discrete stories, or total length of time served.

>By every standard, Moffat has won
Ain't that the truth.

damn i'm a brainlet, yeah everyone except Tennant, Smith, Jodie, and whoever follows her assuming they wont be near-death will be dead by then desu


And to think, all this because he kept getting dragged back to do more despite being ready to quit multiple times.

High priority of every new showrunner from now on should be prepping multiple potential successors.

He sorta did, but I wonder how much was him consciously trying to develop new showrunners and how much was the BBC pushing him to "audition" people.

>Moffat finally was able to retire
>finds out Chibnall doesn't want to do a Christmas 2017 episode
>Moffat has to fucking figure out how to write an episode after already writing Capaldi's regeneration to prevent Doctor Who from losing it's Christmas slot

we didn't deserve him lads

did leela wear pants

I felt like Moffat saw Mathieson as the Moffat to his RTD, so it's a shame Chibnall didn't keep him on when he took over. Do we know who any of the writers for Series 11 are? or how many episodes Chinballs is writing himself? kinda worried lads

all we know in terms of production are two/three directors and producers - Nikki Wilson is the only confirmed returning producer

I think it's fair to assume that Chibnall's writing the premiere and the finale, no idea how many episodes in between

There was also that one Steve, can't remember which, who wrote for Sherlock. I think in his heart of hearts, Moffat wanted it to be Gatiss but knew Gatiss didn't want it or the BBC wouldn't have it. Probably the former.

We know that one new writer is female. That's about it.

>opportunity to show off jodie a lot sooner by making the christmas special her debut
>nah lol
>moffat has to save it

fuck chibbies

>Too Beautiful, Too Pure
Best Doctor.

According to that guy who supposedly had the "BBC pamphlet" but hasn't provided evidence, it's Sophie Petzal.

post your best cutouts

>t. Neo



literally never. The only time he really could've appeared was during either 11 or 12's runs, but Moffat chose to just namedrop him instead



>The only time he really could've appeared was during either 11 or 12's runs
The Master only said "between 12th and final", you can easily twist that to mean any incarnation from Smith onwards.


>I can literally talk about nothing I am working on at the minute, save for original script commissions. So, for fear of accidentally announcing projects that are yet to be announced, I will stick to my second best skill: giving bad advice.

>october 2017

Can it be real?

4 - i'll post the rest later, i'm going to bed
ask for nilso at the front desk, they'll send you my way

This show has sucked dick since David Tennant left. Maybe the first season of Smith was good. How do you people watch this, it's trite.

Welcome to the 14%.

His personality dies, retard.

series 9 was kino. A lot of us here prefer the expanded universe, just like how the new star wars movies are pretty mediocre, but the fans have a fuckton of comics and novels and shit to be into regardless

did you miss the OP you numpty

>A lot of us here prefer the expanded universe
No. That level of elitism is too far, even for /who/.

>her twitter handle
dang. Odds on her becoming /who/'s writerfu?

When was the last time you watched the show, user?

Are you unironically suggesting that the star wars EU has anything of value

Okay, I'm taking this as good as confirmed now.

what's wrong with sucking dick, user?
I like sucking dick


spot the pudding brain

sweet baby jesus

Reminder to anyone who still hasn't answered the /who/ Cred Forums usage polio


>obsessed with a girl from a fan film
>had amental breakdown because he was getting bullied by fucking Judy
>has to take off his trip and samefag because he knows that nobody will defend him besides the tripfags
Is Lymerence the most pathetic trip on /who/


He was also skipping everything in the playlist today.

Doctor Who is dead.

oh he can fuck right off
what the fuck does he think he's doing

>>had amental breakdown because he was getting bullied by fucking Judy
kek I must've missed this, sum it up for me

No way. Dilbertwho is a cool streamchad, I don't want to believe he would do something this gay.

Judy actually wasn't doing any of the bullying, that's just one of the many lies surrounding this situation.


>Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, it's been removed because of the following reason:
>Thread is closed
but what's the reason for closing the thread? That's some shady as fuck modding
not that I want the thread to be seen but what's the point of having "transparent" modding when it uses circular logic like that?

Did any other whoovian sense the impending doom once the black female lesbian cunt first appeared. As soon as the propaganda piece entered I knew the Doctor would soon start making Trump references and then the never-ending reminders of how gay she is in every single damn episode. The show was ruined before the Female "Doctor" ever came on the scene. Too bad this already soulless show has decided to implode. I removed it from my dvr and that means it's finished.

>what's the reason for closing the thread?
What's the reason for leaving it open? So they can sit around listening to the submitter moan at them?

stopped reading here
please geld yourself

Who's thiccer, the genius or Jodie?

You're missing the point, user
"This submission was removed because the thread was closed" - t. the person who closed the thread
Why not say "this thread was closed because [reason]"? As it stands, there is no provided reason for why the thread was removed besides "because I said so", which is shitty modding - it's a non-reason disguised as a reason

>I don't watch the show and I'll never watch again

Someone seriously needs to update the Foreman page on the wiki to include the 3rd Nirvi and the fact the Doctor's swapped genders


tfw he used to be a skinny twink
where the fuck did it go so wrong

Asian twinks are the only good twinks anyway.

Do you support of a twink companion, user?

The wiki article is already about the Genderfluid Genius themself.

No, I meant, the /who/ thread was closed; it was a link to last thread. Thanks for pointing out that could be misunderstood! I've edited the removal reason accordingly.

Entirely possible he was framed

Anyway between this and the cringe that is I might start a chat with the other reddit mods about getting rid of linking to the wiki, since every page is a DBAD violation anyway

>Created today
What's the chances that this is someone else trying to frame dilbertwho?

my fault for not understanding reddit terminology I guess, is thread not a word reddit uses?

what's DBAD?
You should make a rule that you can't make an OP with a link to Cred Forums too

can both of them be companions

Sure, but they have to wait their turn.

Russell Tovey (ears dude who RTD wanted to shag; Alonso) is engaged. Congratulate him

13th isn't the final incarnation, so theoretically speaking the Valeyard could even be an incarnation from a completely different regeneration cycle than the current one