Teen Titans Go! "Opposite Titans!" thread

Waiting for the new episode


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>Beastgirl voiced by Cree Summer
Thank god its not Cipes doing a fem voice

So is this really what the opposite titans look like?

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those are just some of the options on the site. cartoonnetwork.com/teen-titans-go-opposite-titans/#/

So do we have any idea what theyll be looking like? I think this is fucking stupid as they had the bizarro episode years ago.

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Why is Beast Boy Robin?

Starfrost or Frostfire?

Cause it's an option

This is weird, Male Starfire looks like me.


I bet Starfrost but Frostfire sounds like a cooler, contradictory name.


because of opposite of a goofy beast boy is a frowning, serious beast boy and that's the only angry looking one


They look like the OP imange



Human Boy?

as close as I can get to an all star fire team



It's gonna be a massive troll episode. It gonna show the OG titans edited into the episode.

They show them in the last 5 minutes. Beast Girl is the first of them, and OP's pic is them

>OG Titans
>posts weeb shit

qq, grandpa

>OG titans
>posts 1970s shit

Any MEGA link?


Are you retarded or just an average american?

Schedule is off, it airs in 5 minutes

Do you even know what weeb means

Do you?

What timezone yall in? It already aired for me

Central time.

TTG Madame Rouge is fuckable af.

>r643, shapeshifting, snakegirl and vore fetish all in the same scene

Beast Girl is uggggglllyyyy.

Ha! They're mostly female. Kind of predictable.

Beast Girl a cute. I'd fuck her.

that was lame even by TTG standards

I've never seen this show. Worth watching if I like the comics?

Yikes, user. It's just like looking at Beast Boy except with bushier hair.

Aight I'm gonna need a link because this sentence alone sounds insane

Well that was disappointing

DO u?



so on par with the rest of the series?

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>Reairing the Bizarro Episode as a New Episode


Looks like deviantart.

>female Robin wasn't princes Robin

>animal titans
>not Titanimals

You had ONE job.

>we didn't see male Raven uncloaked
>opposite so dude probably has buff as fuck arms and chest secretly hidden under that cloak


Man, they really hyped this episode up big time and it was pretty shit.
Good for the kids who came up with better opposite titans than what was the final thing though.
>those kids who drew a white cyborg
Still makes me laugh

>the kid who drew Raven as an angel
Some were pretty cute ideas

that's what's up!

Where can I see those designs

Man, I feel really bad for Robin

Robin got buried?!

111/10 episode.

cyborg only having a cyborg mouth is pretty funny.

Will they fuck?

I was surprised by the amount of selfcest undertones in this episode

I'm irked that they have a Red X and Deathstroke Robin, but don't have Cyborg's outfit from when he was infiltrating the Hive.

That song that played when Madam Rouge attacked was from Eureka 7...


Indeed. This is my new OTP

The sheer amount of fetish fuel is this show's one saving grace.

hopefully in the rule 34

>...normal size hands

thanks for the link, yo!

Male Starfire looks like he'd be voiced by Jon Heder.

Beast Girl is a lot cuter then she has any right to be.

Robin has nice breasts.

>female bombshell turbo-slut
>male geek with a jewfro
What's the deal with that?

Why he have glasses? Why he got an afro even though she got no afro?

Sorry, He reminds me too much of that Blossom boyfriend.

That's what's attractive to women, user.

Starfire is a dork

>"Let them go, you evil British lady!"

Goddamn. This show.

We need more female characters like BH


>voice by a black girl


Would you?

It's weird how cute her transformations were when they were just Beast Boy's with eyelashes.

Even the T. Rex was cute


But BG was exactly like BB

I like this Robin

Would I with a Madam Rouge? Of course!

Zettai Ryoikibin

Considering that BB is a childish friendly guy, BG should have been a professional ice-cold bitch.

Fool, are you blind! Beast Girl had eyelashes! Completely different, see!



You motherfucker.

>>posts 1970s shit
That's from the 80's, kid. Why does this generation pretends to know eras?

okay I'm really disappointed that Lady Legasus isn't an option for Raven in this(or the League of Legs for the others), indeed the options for Raven and Starfire are pretty disappointing compared to what the other three have

but I think I still did a good lineup

>princes Robin

This is somehow very sexual looking for me.

You mean that wasn't Amythest's VA?

It was?