Young Justice Thread

What do you want from the new season of YJ?
I want Wally to stay dead. Sorry but I want a show where death has meaning. I hope Greg does cave in to the demands of shitty fans.

Fuck me.

I'm excited to see the new characters, and the return of static

What are the odds of it flopping, since it will be restricted to the DC streaming service?

I also hope it retains some of the multilayered plotting and keikakus of the second season

It would be nice for the show to actually be interesting for once.

Aqualad is the non straight member, as confirmed by Greg.
Sorry Birdflash shipper, but neither of member of your ship is homo.

I want Arsenal not to have a stick up his butt

Most of this board thinks Dick is some kinda of slut. Being bi would just confirm it.
This is the real shitstorm. It would be Korrasami 2.0 for this board.

Hey, Dick is for Kori...or Babs...or Bette...or Pigeon...or Agent 37...or Midnighter...or Bertenelli...or anyone he shares extended screen time, flirting, or sexual tension with.

The show itself can't flop given the medium, but the streaming service could.

Speaking of which, are there any new details about it? Price? What's included? Launch date?

No more fucking ese, please Weisman.

>Traci 13 looks like an ape
Fuck whoever allowed this to happen.

I hope Steph gets BLACKED

>Korrasami 2.0
Impossible, as the writing and plot have already made it clear that Impulse is a pure homo, (or at the very least has no sexual attraction to women whatsoever, making him immune to Queen Bee), while the lesbianism in LoK was a complete asspull.

Fucking this. If they absolutely have to shoehorn some spanish into the show just have Jamie have some short and sweet texmex convos with his family or something instead of sprinkling chicano buzzwords into everything.

Red Hood (they already set the table and everything)
Wally returning, sorry OP
Artemis in any form, and her senpai
Hoping they don't just drop that Darkseid story they left off with
More original recipe Roy and that qt jap chick
Some Bluepulse but nothing real blatant, just hinting.
Aqualad's eeyore ass
Zatanna being there for more than a coffee and an eclair this time around
AND tons of sex because pretty sure they have reign now on that streaming device

Bring back Secret
Bring in Empress

Have Static hang ou with Gear

You do realize cable networks don't get censored by the FCC, it's just for advertisers and keep soccer moms off their asses.

>AND tons of sex because pretty sure they have reign now on that streaming device
Like Devilman Crybaby?
Cred Forums didn't give a fuck about this happening in their animez but Cred Forums will throw a shitstorm over this.

Why would you assume I didn't? I just know from what they've said they can be more adult with the content now that they're on this streaming service.

Crybaby also wasn't aimed at children like most anime adaptions.

Haven't seen it. Guessing it should stay that way? Butt play huh

I know m8.
>most anime
Confirmed for not watching anime.
Most anime isn't actually for children.
As a shotacon this pains me deeply.

>Some Bluepulse but nothing real blatant, just hinting.
>AND tons of sex because pretty sure they have reign now on that streaming device
Why not just go all the way with it and see who's the top and who's the bottom?

You type like a hipster fucking jackass. Grow the fuck up and get off your fucking phone.

>implying whites can be tops in the current environment
Bart will take the brown dick in his pasty ass and you will like it.

I hope Greg doesn't fuck you either.

Thanks user. I'm not into older men.

Bart and Jaime are both bottoms, the scarab makes a double dildo for them

The fuck is with all their necks?

No one here cares about the Japanese audiences. Just like Japs don't care about the American audiences.

Sorry m8, pls don't h8 on me.

I'm expecting Kon to keep taking it on the chin.

Wonder if they'll branch out the Superfamily any more

It'll probably get another season, since I doubt they went through the trouble of bringing it back just for a single season.

You ever wonder if people tune in to this show, see people talking (psychically) without their lips moving and think that the animation is bad because they forgot the lip flaps.

high, bit too little too late here, but a DC streaming service might have a leg to stand on if they have all the JL/JLU DCAU shows as well as all the direct to video movies.

I doubt too many people will like the Teen Titans Live action series on top of this. Then again, TTG is a thing so maybe.

I wish Tim curry was healthy enough to reprise GGG

>Most anime isn't actually for children.

Super Sons from the future episode. Give Impulse a taste of his own medicine.

Fuck you, nigga. Wally's dead was so tacked on undoing it would be a blessing.