OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

What did you think of tonight's episodes? I love Mystery Science Fair, and I'm pretty excited for RMS and Brandon next week!

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>pilot K.O had kid gohan/kid gokus voice actress


So is K.O a mazoku now?

the idea is a reference to Evil Ryu, and I can only assume the design is more in reference towards Bowser

I don't see it
considering the nostalgic anime references, it would be a shock if it was a YuYu reference, It isn't obscure in the slightest

>the idea is a reference to Evil Ryu
>also i think he is designed to look like bowser
nigga are you blind?

I actually thought this too lol

mazoku is more defined by white hair and tattoos
KO doesn't get either of that, and it is more of a rage mode like Evil Ryu, he's not drawing power from a demon ancestor.

OK KO doesn't do much of anime references aside from Dragon Ball, and I guess Power Rangers
They mostly stick to video game references. Evil Ryu and Bowser are in that ally

I liked it when I watched it a little while ago

Nice Dexter's lab refrence

Man, the art for this show sure sucks. I wonder how much the production crew is paid? Probably too much for simplistic, I detailed shit like this.


Download Link

Let's watch the Pilot

Download Link Here

Science Mystery Fair 201X

Thanks user.

>What did you think of tonight's episodes?
>links to old shit
Has Cred Forums really gotten that behind on delivering, or is it just the OK KO threads that are this slow on the uptake?

I really liked this episode.

Some off us don't have the luxury of accessing VOD

Not everyone saw it when it was released online. You could even call the TV release the real one.

m8 just fucking stream it from the hundreds of regular-ass websites that are out there

Evil Ryu I agree with but Bowser it definately isn't
>no anime references outside db and power rangers
is right, you ARE blind

or just stupid

I don't stream episodes that haven't aired on television.

>>no anime references outside db and power rangers
i haven't noticed a lot of other anime references

why? have you specifically opted into ratings collection?

the entire show is a shonen anime
Raymond's whole character is just a bishonen archetype
the Lupin III/Cutie Honey sequence with ginger
Magical Girl Elodie
Young Enid's naturo gear, including all of her ripoff manga
Captain Planets Jojo pose (actually confirmed be the artist do it counts)

Hell, even Rad's power poke could be a Yuyu reference to the spirit gun (if that sounds like a stretch, it's as plausable as TKO being a reference to Bowser)
which show are you watching, again?

That scene of TKO torturing Dendy by pressing/playing with her button...

That wasn't just me right?

I'm not that soulless am I?

It's pretty much one big joke aimed at the 80s era, when video games and cartoons were big.

No, they've made TKO give off an awkwardly raw sexual energy.

It was hawt

It's one big joke based on Ian's nostalgia more than anything, regardless of timeframe

Definitely not complaining