Bendis gone

>Bendis gone
>Alonso gone
>Slott's Spider-man ending
>Hickman's SHIELD 5 & 6 finally getting released
>Darkhawk getting pushed
>Marvel Adventures getting a reboot
>Tony Stark returning as Iron Man
>Thor returning as Thor
>Hulk getting revived
>O5 getting sent back to their own time
>most SJW books cancelled
>Conan getting a Marvel revival
>Miles Morales getting a name change so Peter can be the one-true-Spider-man
>Phyla-Vell coming back
>Marvel Mangaverse getting a complete collection

Have you thanked the Grand Shogun Akira Yoshida for saving Marvel? Saving Marvel wasn't worth losing Superman though.

Why are you comic book nerds always crying over the end of your industry?

Thank for what? They have a long way to go to regain a fraction of their fanbase back

If Spider-Man can survive OMD then whatever Benids will do to Superman is nothing

Why are you tumblr faggots crying your SJW characters are finally getting thrown away into the trash like they deserve?

Praise The Grand Shogun Akira Yoshida!

>Thor returning as Thor
wake me up when he stops looking gay

4 posts in and we already have strawman arguments.

>>Miles Morales getting a name change so Peter can be the one-true-Spider-man

That was implied, not a thing. We don't know what kind of "new mman" he going to be.

It’s amazing how Alonso managed to do a worse job than Quesada. Takes real effort to shit the bed so hard.
Despite that, I welcome out new Weebu Overlord.

Thor is always going to be a pretty boy, the Marvel U doesnt call him Goldie Locks for nothing.

If DC has to die so marvel can live then so be it

The shogun is good to us.

Not him, but they could at least give him back the better hair, and ditch the stupid dish washing glove

>Phyla-Vell coming back

Where? Haven picked up a marvel comic in years. What’s the lead up series and when is she returning?

He'll be "Spiderman."

im talking about this

>Hickman's SHIELD 5 & 6 finally getting released

More than reading it I just want to know what weird behind the scenes drama kept two completed issues from being published for over 4 years

He’ll be Spy-D

Infinity Countdown. The Adam Warlock one-shot that acted as Countdown's #0 issue had Kang showing what would happen if Warlock failed to get the soul stone from Magus and it showed Phyla-Vell among the dead.

Her soul is currently trapped in Soul World. Presumably Adam will free her during his fight with Magus.

Alonso is autistic.

>Slott's Spider-man ending
Thank god. Now they just have to put someone good on the book.

waid is being rumored

>>Marvel Adventures getting a reboot
Does this mean best girl will make a comeback?

A new creative team on Spider-Man doesn't automatically mean a return to form.
This user is right, Chat is best girl for Peter

Probably not, no. "Reboot" means it's starting over. It's just a new All-Ages line.

I heard Spencer

It seems obvious that he played a part. Was he holding it fucking hostage or something to get Hickman/Weaver to do some project they didn't want to do?

I'm waiting fro one person from this era of Marvel to just do a big tell all and burn their bridges. Between Fraction's abandoned Inhumans run and Remender all set to take over X-men before ditching the company something screwy was going on with editorial.

you might be right i tend to confuse those faggots

Just be glad you have OG Thor back and quit bitching. He'll go back to his older looks sooner or later. The arm is probably permanent tho, god's haven't been shown being able to grow back body part's otherwise Odin would have both eyes by now.

It's really strange.

I hear the Gaiman/Buckingham Miracleman Finale is also on the way, so maybe it'll come out this year, too.

When's Yuri Yoshida putting Carol and Jess together, though?

Pretty sure the damage has been done at this point.

>Between Fraction's abandoned Inhumans run and Remender all set to take over X-men before ditching the company something screwy was going on with editorial.

We don't know what Fraction wanted to do with Inhumans, only that what he wanted and what Marvel wanted were different.

Remender and X-Men, though, his Uncanny Avengers showed a desire to drop, or at least greatly downplay, the "minority metaphor" aspect, and there was a lot of push-back against that from readers, and from other writers, which may have hurt his chances of getting to be the lead X-Men writer.

A lot of talent just seem to have seen the direction Marvel was going in, and jumped ship around the time of Secret Wars.

>He'll go back to his older looks sooner or later
then they will have my attention
>quit bitching
no fuck you

stop talking about DC's shitty new line, this is a based Marvel thread

Oh wow, I forgot that didn't come out I just assumed it was a dud. That was like Marvel's big press project " new Neil Gaiman comics coming soon"

I got the impression too from Lemire that the X offices are just chaos and awful to work with right now

My only disappointment is over the ending of Gwenpool (which I personally blame on the comics outside of her own portraying her as a stereotypical millenial thot instead of making her the loveable dork she is), but otherwise I'm glad Marvel seems to be coming back full force.
Plus we have the X-Men owned by Disney so no more anti-Mutie sentiments.

remender had Cap stuff that got fucked over too.


Marvel's handling of the Miracleman rerelease in general was a bit of a disaster. They seem to have vastly overestimated the hype for the comic and expected people to treat it like the release of a long-lost Watchmen or something, and what they got where just a couple thousand oldfags who were pissed off about having to buy a comic they'd all torrented and read before in censored floppies with godawful recolorings.

half of this shit is op speculating

>Hickman's SHIELD 5 & 6 finally getting released

small favors, but is Hickman doing anything else for Marvel or is this the last of it?

the only ones to blame are her "fans" for not buying her comics she was selling just as bad as america

He wouldn't be too bad on it if he doesn't try to go all
and just sticks to some small scale stories at first

That is all good news, but it’s still mostly the same “””talent””” working at Marvel so it will still be shit.

He'll be the Dark-Web.

What's so gay about this, gay master?

Marvel is desperate to find their Watchmen, the problem is they never keep shit in print to gain that reputation. Especially not in bookstores

>We don't know what Fraction wanted to do with Inhumans, only that what he wanted and what Marvel wanted were different.
He wanted GoT, Marvel wanted what Soule did with Inhumans.

Spider-Man sales tanked and have yet to recover after OMD

I'm okay with losing Superman
But since captain. Marvel hasn't appeared yet in current DC story I'm a little worried he might get touched

what did Soule even do besides kill all interest in Inhumans until the Black Bolt ongoing

>>Hickman's SHIELD 5 & 6 finally getting released
Yeesh, how long has it been?

>she was selling just as bad as america
Man, what? Gwenpool was selling over twice as high at issue 23 than America was at issue 8.

no, Hickman is too busy getting getting bored with his Image series

Fail to make X-Men 2.0.

SHIELD 5 & 6 have been done and ready for release since ~September 2015. Alonso was holding it hostage for whatever reason, probably to try and get Hickman to come back to Marvel. With Alonso gone, there was no reason to keep two unreleased comics just sitting around.

Is Kamala still doing well? I stopped reading when the events derailed her personal stories, specifically Secret Wars.

And is Jane Foster Thor gonna fucking go away and stop being shilled to Oblivion?

Well that and there might be more legal bullshit, if I remember Gaiman saying so recently.

Is that why East of West isn't over yet? Also The Dying and the Dead.

4 or 5 years

she's still doing ok

Jane Thor is dying soon, supposedly. But Aaron's not leaving Thor so it'll still be shit

Shit the bed hard, but other than that his original pitch was what they wanted. To be fair, Soule shitting the bed with Inhumans was clearly better than Fraction's considering how Fraction's other books have gone.

nothing this is what peak masculinity looks like


#5 was supposed to come out January 2012. It was cancelled at #4 though. Due to fan demand, they decided to allow Weaver and Hickman to finish the last two issues. Weaver said that he had finished and submitted the final art in July 2015 and Hickman said it would be released in September 2015.

It wasn't. So its been done for over 2 years and was supposed to get released over 6 years ago.

As far as I know the legal bullshit was over before Marvel published issue #1. It's why Alan Moore is credited as " original writer" not because he hates Marvel, but he found out the previous publishers of Miracleman didn't legally acquire the rights and the original creator had not received a cent. All his royalties from those reprints went to the family of Mick Anglo

No that's fuckin stupid

Nigga it was even longer. Try 7

What's with the fetish glove?

plus her merchandise is doing well

Can someone list Akira Yoshida's credentials here? I'm still skeptical about what he can do.

Tell me when he stops being a bitch and kicks ass like a man.

it's a magic robot arm, he's had it for a while in silver

He got his hand cut off and replaced it

It feels like you're trying to be facetious, but you're not really doing a good job at it.

wrong it was black uru but now is fabulous gold

Nah, Gaiman said recently (the tweet has been deleted now unfortunately) that there were some more contractual shit going on. Buckingham is still working on Silver Age and Dark Age, at least.

>With Alonso gone, there was no reason to keep two unreleased comics just sitting arou
These comics were always getting released, it has nothing to do with Alonso leaving.

Could they not use the Destroyer arm?
Did they have to make it gold

Because he's a man of special needs.

As someone who stopped reading Marvel after Hickman’s infinity, can someone give me a quick run down of all the important major arcs that happened and what is going on now?

Nah Neil Gaiman posted on his facebook a year or two back that the thing keeping him from actually writing the scripts were ongoing wranglings with Marvel's legal team regarding contractual obligations to actually finish the story. That combined with him and Buckingham being old fucks are the reasons why publication just kinda stopped.

The golden Arm is under the Destroyer Arm.

It's been said that he's a master of the Tei Hanbai Kyanserusurasshu Technique

Yeah, the solid gold looks a bit tacky

Gaiman also got caught up in a bunch of TV and film work

maybe he'll take a crack it when Good Omens wraps.

These comics are from early 2012 and were never released. They precede Infinity.

>Bendis gone
>Alonso gone
>Slott's Spider-man ending
Pray they never return.

>Darkhawk getting pushed
>Marvel Adventures getting a reboot
They won't last past 12 issues

>Tony Stark returning as Iron Man
>Thor returning as Thor
>Hulk getting revived.
All of them are returning as soyboys.

>O5 getting sent back to their own time
>most SJW books cancelled
Not soon enough.

>Conan getting a Marvel revival
And he'll get a gay sidekick.

>Miles Morales getting a name change so Peter can be the one-true-Spider-man
Peter is still a Mephisto tainted whiney Peter Pan

>Phyla-Vell coming back
>Marvel Mangaverse getting a complete collection
No one gives a fuck.

Anyone scrub can play Puyo Puyo Tetris. What else?

I'll take these names
Sun Spider.
arachnid kid
Brown Recluse

she sold 13,931 in december you can check the other months if you want

yes, user, that is literally twice as high as America

Christ, did you run out of wrists to cut after mommy denied you your tendies?

>>Phyla-Vell coming back

fucking gross

Let's see. Civil War II happened. Rhodey and Bruce Banner got killed and Tony Stark went comatose.

Steve Rogers got swapped with an evil counterpart and ran Hydra for awhile. In the end, the Cosmic Cube brought back another Steve from when he was good and Black Widow died. There are two Steves now.

Inhumans...well who the fuck cares, except Black Bolt has a good book. Karnak had a good book but it was only six issues.

X-Men are getting back to prominence. Xavier's back having taken over Fantomex's body. Shadowcat and Colossus are finally getting married.

Spidey's having his shit luck under Slott as usual but that's about to end. Ben Reilly came back evil but Peter David is trying his damndest to redeem him because fuck Slott.

Wolverine came back with an Infinity Gem. More Infinity Gems are coming back too and there's an event coming that ties all this shit in. Wolverine's not in public through all this.

Thanos is still being Thanos. His book is actually quite good.

The Avengers are a weird mess right now, best to avoid them for now.

DC isn't going to die. Just Superman. Batman is still the backbone of the entire comic industry

Go cut your own shit poster.

The way shit seems to be going down between Didio and Johns, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a Bendis Batbook eventually. The shitstorm will be glorious

Somewhere, Bob weeps

He absolutely is going to get a batbook before he leaves.

I think he could do okay with Superman. He'd be so bad on Batman.

still cancellation numbers

>O5 getting sent back to their own time
Is that why they're the stars of a crossover event right now?

You never know. He could croak halfway into his run of Superman before that happens.

>The way shit seems to be going down between Didio and Johns

What's this now?

making it to 25 issues is plenty respectable these days

Reminder Rich has always been full of shit.

>Marvel Adventures getting a reboot
For a split second, I hoped best janet was coming back. And then that hope quickly died when I read what it actually is

It’s just fanfiction started by Rich the Leach.

>Have you thanked the Grand Shogun Akira Yoshida for saving Marvel?
Not until I get pic related

why the fuck is punisher there?

The muscle

he is quite literally the least powerful member of that team

>ghost rider and strange

sick comeback


Never forget Supernatural Punisher.

do you know what jokes are, user, or did you just hear the word one day and think it sounded neat

I wish I could forget angel Punisher

Marvel isn't saved until /ourboy/ returns for real.


the latter, then

that spoiler...

>the average nu/co/ poster identifies with a double cuck

I'm not even surprised any more

also franken castle i suppose

Awwwwwwwwwww fuuuuuuuck

Bendis won't be allowed to run wild at DC like he could at Marvel.
DC actually has editors, and Bendis has no tenure there.

Bendis is actually okay when he has people to reign him in and tell him "No, this is a bad idea, change it".

It's really weird that Remender just up and quit Marvel because you can go all the way back to his Uncanny X-Force run and read through Secret Avengers, and possibly Uncanny Avengers (not really sure on that one since I never read it) and seeing continued plot threads that never got a chance to go anywhere.

As for Fraction, he had his Defenders run where he was going to have Danny and Strange do kung-fu together and he said he had plans for Miracleman in that book as well, but wouldn't say anything else.

Isn't that basically what Damnation is?

>still saying this when Bendis himself has confirmed he's got control of the books
Oh you fool

Just remember that at the same time he was drumming up a lot of controversy with his Uncanny Avengers run, along with his statements towards fans who didn't like it (I recall he told at least one fan to drown in hobo piss). I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of those "We can let you willingly quit and leave the book with some dignity, or we can kick your ass to the curb, your choice" terminations.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I know Remender was also mad about editorial fucking with Axis.

remender uncanny avengers was ok
>ghost rider
also bad art

Considering we've already got Blade and Ghost Rider in the first issue, with confirmation that more mystical characters will appear, I'd say that yeah, Damnation is a new Midnight Sons mini, guest starring Moon Knight and Iron Fist.

beards and muscles are gay now? ffs

is not about having one but what do you tell the world with it in this case thor is announcing his craving for dick

Me thinks thou doth project too much, user.



Nearing full Vincent Price on that Strange, I see.

its all about style and the lack of it, there's two kind of people who spend hours on their beards psychos and gays learning the diference could save your life and your annus


I just hope that the new mutants new book will be good

When did they drop Hellstrom's late 70s punk rocker look?

hoy someone better cover up that female


kale looks way out of place.

Let’s hope if it is him he doesn’t turn ASM into the BLM book.

>someone better cover up that female

They needed a token vagina.

What's Satana up to nowadays?

>Saving Marvel wasn't worth losing Superman though.
It was. Rejoice, for we shall receive a plentiful ocean of salty supefag tears.

that's an old school look for blade
pew that was a close one

something about the armor design I don't like.

Why have Doctor Strange there? He's hands down the most powerful member of the team.


Superman is so heroic he sacrificed himself so that a rival comic company might live.

go on...

Either she's a C-cup at best or that shirt is very loose on her


I think she is a Doctor Strange villain now.

the ultimate sacrifice

You're thinking of Spirits of Vengeance. Damnation is the upcoming Dr. Strange event where Wong puts together a new Midnight Sons composed of:
>Moon Knight
>Iron Fist
>Scarlet Spider
>Ghost Rider
>Elsa Bloodstone
>Doctor Voodoo

yea i fucked up sorry

Kid Arachnid

Solicits say that the team is literally called the Midnight Sons:

• Doctor Strange has tried playing it straight and he’s tried cheating – is the only way to win Mephisto’s game not to play?
• While he tries to check out of the Hotel Inferno, Wong and the Midnight Sons try to break in!
• With the souls of the living and the dead on the line, is the Sorcerer Supreme willing to follow his former assistant’s lead?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

spider lad

Is Donny Cates any good?

Considering he's writing two of Marvel's best books right now and one of the better recent Imag ongoings, I'd say so, yes.

What's he writing other than Strange?

Thanos and God Country

Why not tweet Jim McCann?

based weeb in chief

Which will quickly change when Superman sales start to tank.

I also doubt the editors will allow him to break up Lois and Clark again, after seeing how badly that went last time for book sales.
They also won't let him replace Clark with some Albino Latin-African transexual for more than a few months if at all.

No writer at DC ever has "Full" or "Complete" creative control on big books, no matter how much the writer says otherwise.
That only happens with literally who C-list heroes because DC knows that fucking up "Kite-Man: Unchained" won't affect anything in the grand scheme of things, while there's also a chance that "Kite-Man: Unchained" becomes the definitive Kite-Man and a fan favorite, elevating a C-lister up to a B.

>Marvel Adventures getting a reboot

bendis sell well, lol

will take 4 to 6 months before the bendis effect even starts to rot the sales

Rightclops is the one that fucks your wife, dicklet.