Legend of Korra

Just finished The Last Airbender and now I'm gonna jump onto Korra. What am I in for?




Another shitty thread.

Unbelievable disappointment


Hottest girl ever fathomed in cartoon with the personality of a 10 year old Blieber

A well animated poorly written mess that skirts close to some good ideas but ultimately fails to produce anything meaningful.


A story about some fit girl who is totally incompetent in her job but gets away with it because she is gay.

I knew the opinion on this show wasn't in the high but damn

Bruh post the sauce please my man

>Book 1

Optimism into disappointment.

>Book 2

Extreme disappointment.

>Book 3

Hopefulness into mild disappointment.

>Book 4

End it already.

It's not bad

Yes it is.

shit, korra was mistake.

Literal fanfiction, don't even bother. It has good ideas, and then proceeds to not only take a massive dump on those ideas, but simultaneously drags the original show with it and tries to retroactively ruin it.

wow another thread about Cred Forums hating korra

Prepare for a lot of things you might have liked about the original series to be retconed or changed to fit the story's narrative.

>It's not bad
>Older person with the ability to only bend one element who sits around meditating and dreaming about fusing with Satan manages to just recently fuse with Satan, who has been bound to a tree for 10,000 years and has not grown in power.
>Younger person who has trained for 14 years in fighting and has mastered 3 out of 4 elements and has access to 4 elements plus 10,000 years of fighting experience from past lifetimes and the Holy Spirit who has been living through those past lives.
>Younger person loses despite easily dispatching the older person in their first and second encounter once she allowed herself to use her bending on him.
You are right, it's not bad. It's shit.



My opinion
Way better than the other shlock people consider "good" modern cartoons e.g. Gravity Falls, Rick & Morty, Steven Universe, Star vs., etc
It just can't hold a candle to ATLA

uhhhhh uggghhh

She was defeating him again until he spirit bent Raava. And he was putting up more of a fight because of the environment. I didn't like B2 but I did like the fight scenes.

teen angst and awkward romance problems. The best villain is in season one. Aang was a bad father.

korra lived with a dude for months in season 3 (or season 2, can't remember which) while not being married.

Okay season
Shit season
Great season
Okay season
Shit comics

In that order

It's pretty bad, but I watched all the way through it, mostly out of morbid curiousity out of how much they could screw up everything good about TLA. The show is just such a let down, it starts off with some initial promise and just squanders it all, it tries so hard to deal with more "mature" ideas but it just handles them in such childish and simplistic ways that it just comes off as really unsatisfying, like the whole benders vs non-benders conflict that's the forefront of the first season, but it just ends as soon as the season is over and it's never brought up again.

I think even on its own it isn't very entertaining, the action scenes are neat, but that's about it, they discard a lot of the spiritualism that made bending interesting, the characters have 0 chemistry between each other and the world barely gets explored and instead spends 3/4 quarters in the same location that gets boring real quickly. Maybe it's worth checking out just for morbid curiousity, but it feels almost George Lucasian in terms of how badly it dropped what made the preceding series so great and misinterpreted what people wanted to see, or even how to make an engaging series.

For myself:

>Book 1
Optimism into disappointment

>Book 2
Disappointment continues

>Book 3
Nailed it!

>Book 4
Dropped the ball

No. You will feel the same disappointment as I did for LoK

I recently noticed most other cartoons/manga tend to just turn the limbs into a blur during high speed fights, but Airbender/Korra actually animates every little thing.