World Trigger 158 Spoiler Thread

Enf of the match with a surprise for Yuma.

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Ikoma isn't supposed to have hound, no ?

Chika in a shootout

Parting gift from Ouji?

You are supposed to fire back, chika.

T-2 will only tie at the most right?

Oh, look who's gonna be the center of next chapter.

Does Yuma score another point before being taken out?

About time.

Yeah, 3 points in total.

>3 panels of Hyuse standing around in Tamakoma uniform
>Still hasn't done anything
Stop teasing

Yes, according to the spoiler.

Yuma takes a big wound from that on his foot, and Chika is worried.

Final score according to spoiler :
TamaKoma: score 4
Ikoma: Score 1+ survival point 2
Ouji : score 3

T 2 find a way to eliminate Oki, but Yuma is cut by Ikoma and Chika bail out.

>Chika just bails so T-2 wins

Was Chika ever killed?


Yes in the match with Suwa and Arafune. Shot by Arafune.

Oh cool, they still managed to win.

fucking FINALLY
Murakami did not count because it wasnt an official match.

And Nino didnt count because it was weird.

He is there to chew trion and fuck bitches.

Emphasis on "fuck bitches". Canadians seem to have something special about them.

No, not baggy pants Yuma. NOT LIKE THIS.

The amount of B-Rank salt there'll be when Hyuse gets into T-2 will be amazing. I wonder how Ikoma will react to having his squad's gimmick being taken. And how much more salt Katori can produce.

Wait, what gimmick?

Noice. Looking forward to Hyuse's mini arc.

>There were people who doubted based Ikoma

I think that Nino counts, Yuma was baited very hard.

Only because Ouji, really.


We all knew this was coming

At least they still won

Way to sneak a Kochikame reference

And Oji only got killed because Ikoma got his foot

I'm glad it's over

Will Chika ever stop being useless?

A four man squad.

A while ago. Lead bullet sniping is incredibly useful

But I'm pretty sure that there're other 4 man squads.

You're missing the joke here where Ikoma states his reasons for having a 4 person squad was to impress girls.

But they don't care about anyone other than Oki.

What's up with Ikoma's face anyway, something looks different compared to other characters.

Yeah, yet instead of incapacitating people she could actually be getting points.

They only care about Oki in a 3 person formation

Kazama and Arashiyama stated that support members don't have to get points but assist in getting points.

Arashiyama is anorexic.

Wasn't he more muscular in the pool episode? I know Satori was.

Yup, hence the joke about him being anorexic.

Satori was just creepy weird though, it looked so off to see that.

Does this change up the rankings at all for now?

>Osamu tied for third in kills
Based Osamu

Osamu is the perfect mix of cuteness and hotness.

It's possible.

I can't remember if there was only one point between T2 and Ikoma team, or if they were tied.

It looks like Yuma needs to push himself. Oji had led Yuma into a trap with his hound but was ultimately disrupted by Ikoma destroying the buildings and his foot.

Ikoma out read Yuma's grasshopper dodge.

Err, in fact, this is the point ranking :

Nino - 34
Kage - 31
Ikoma - 27
T-2 - 26
Oji - 25
Azuma - 25

So Ikoma and T2 are tied, and only 1 point away from Kageura team for now.
The other top match is between Nino, Kage, Azuma and Suzunari.
I would guess there won't be that much points for each team with godzuma.

Kage is guaranteed 2-3 points in the match

I would think Nino would get 4 points again.

So is Yuma the weakest ace in Upper B?

He's more useful in actual combat than in these practices, he has a lot of mental strength.

>Weakest ace
>Able to tie with some of the top attackers

Yea no.

>weakest anything
With Border Triggers he's easily in the top 10 of attackers, not even counting his ridiculous BT capacities.

Well let's see
>beaten by Ninomiya
>beaten regularly by Murakami
>Kage is stronger than Murakami
>Azuma is Azuma
>beaten by Ikoma
>would've lost to Oji if Ikoma didn't cripple him and mess up his trap zone

And don't even get me started on Mid B
>Performs wire slash worse than a depressed girl who didn't have two limbs at the time
>Gets his torso blown out by a guy with self esteem issues INSIDE THE WIREZONE


>Beaten by Nino
Borders #1 beats someone. Big shame on him, especially since he was already damaged.
>Beaten by Murakami
Murakami is kind of a cheat though. And one of the Top Border attackers so a scrub with Border triggers better lose out to him.
>Kage is stronger than Murakami
Your point is? He would beat Yuma? Most likely but we'll never know.
>Azuma is Azuma
A sniper, and very good support. Again your point is?
>beaten by Ikoma
After being crippled and tied up in a fight with another ace.
>Woul've lost to Oji if Ikoma didn't cripple him and mess up his trap zone
We don't know that though.

How again is Yuma the weakest ace, when only the best of Border is giving him trouble?

Ikoma didn't win because of Yuma's injuries. Yuma made a predictable grasshopper dodge like he did against Suwa only Osamu wasn't there to save him.

My point is Yuma is the weakest upper B ace.

I hope we do see a camera shot for his Yuma kill here

Yuma is perhaps weaker than Ninomiya, but about even with the rest of the upper B aces. Azuma has the most overall points in all of border after Tamakoma first captain, but not due to pure fighting performance (although still amazing).

And the thing about Yuma is that nearly all his fights have going solo against many threats at the same time, on 1 v 1 matchups he has won or stalled sucessfuly so far and with osamu's assistance he simply doesn't get a single scratch on him.

The real question isn't at what level is Yuma (we all know he's great), it's at what level will Hyuse be.

If he's around nino level, the other teams are so toasted.

Let's hope he's not to OP or else it'll get a bit ridicoulus.

pastabin update when?

I thought the max people in battle is 3?

Just this battle, Ikoma had four.

The in-universe reasoning is that more people makes it harder on the Operator, and adding more people to a team haphazardly can fuck up teamwork and end up being free points to other teams

There was a 4 person squad just this match.

Yuma won't beat Kage without an assist. He couldn't beat Murakami without one after all.

If Chika could just use the cloak and hide while Ikoma slice everywhere in fury, she could deny him 2 survival points just for the lulz

Yuma's being handicapped by not being allowed to use his own trigger while all the other "aces" are using what they would normally use in a fight.

Except everyone is stronger using a black trigger. Besides Yuma used blades before he was mortally wounded

They probably didn't want to risk it. T-2 is playing conservatively until Hyuse joins.

Inb4 Hyuse will fuck up the team play so much that they will end up weaker

Yuma must be so happy that Hyuse is going to join. Carrying these two deadweights must be frustrating. Yuma's a nice kid so he'd never say this in character but a throw-away line expressing his relief that there's someone to finally help him win would be amusing.

Hyuse seems like a pretty smart guy. While he probably won't be in complete sync like the rest of the the team, I doubt he'll actively fuck things up.

Good luck with that. Yuma thinks of Osamu as God Almighty though.

Osamu scored better than pretty much every other support. Chika has the most assists out of any of the supports. Calling them deadweight is laughable when Yuma lost here because he uses the same fucking dodge everytime

He actually has a nose. And his eyes aren't slits so his face looks more imposing.

Yet ironically he is one of the least imposing characters personality wise.

Wow user with these kind of opinion still exist.

Right now.

It's only dialogue though.

What are you talking about? Everyone's eyes are the same and they all have proper noses.

As stated by user and the databook, Yuma think the world of Osamu though.
You can check his relationship graph.

Yumafags are angry that Yuma fucked up his 2v1 advantage.

Because Osamu is a good captain and his captaining won them the match

How can any of T2's losses be considered Yuma's fault when he was two teammates, one of who is in-universe considered a free point and the other who is legitimately unwilling to score despite multiple opportunities? Yuma does what he can with the shitty cards he's dealt.

Well T-2's actual only loss wasn't his fault, but Yuma is the ace it is his job to score the most points. Every team has an ace for the same reason. Osamu's job is to create the wirezone and lead his team with support on the side. He accomplished all his goals. Chika's job is support debuff and protect the wire one she did her job. Yuma's job is to score points especially taking care of the wirezone.

It is especially important for the job of the ace to handle other aces. You can't expect a non ace to be able to handle an ace under normal conditions. Osamu died but he managed to finish wiping out Oji's support and kept Chika safe which minimized their losses. This sacrificed allowed Chika to support Yuma the remainder of the match. Pretty much every non ace sniper ends up just crippling their opponents which Chika does easily with black lightning. You can't criticize her that hard when Oki just ended up crippling their opponents.

After Oki died, Yuma had the advantage since it was ace + support v ace, but he made a bad dodge. And you can't expect a non ace sniper under normal conditions to try and last against an ace so Chika bailing out was a good move.

So all in all, Chika and Osamu weren't bad at all when you compare them to the opposing non aces. However Yuma's dodging is in fact what cost them 3 points.

Is completely ignoring things and sprouting out shit reasoning fun?

The sniper thing is kind of shockingly true. There have only been 4 sniper kills of another person in the series.

>Touma shooting Tokieda in the Black Trigger Retrieval
>Arafune shooting Chika
>Azuma killing Osamu
>Azuma killing Tsuji

Everything else is a cripple shot. Which is why Black Lightning is OP since it does the main job of every sniper without the need to worry about blocking.

On that note, how many gunner kills have there been? Seems like gunners are more or less the fodder of the series, shooters seem much more threatening.

Scans when

One was a Mikumo down.

>Tsutsumi killing Hanzaki in round 2
>Kuruma Killing Nasu in round 3
>Yuiga killed Osamu 152 times
That's it

Does Nasu count? While Kuruma dealt the final bit of damage she received, her actual cause of bail-out was trion loss iirc.

Trion loss due to the bullet wounds Kuruma dealt.

>shooters seem much more threatening.

Unless you have shit tons of trion or crazy viper skills you are basically a glorified gunner. Mizukami and Kurachi didn't do much

Gunners seem more suited for area control than outright killing. With Shooters they can at least lay cubes on the floor and delay shots.

Didn't Teruya use delayed hound with her assault rifle?

I wonder it Chika getting killed and forced to bail out more often would help her overcome her fear of shooting people.

Probably not. Black Lightning probably helps since she is actually shooting at people.

Yuma is my favorite character. Not the strongest ace in the B ranks from what we are observing because he still has to get use to the triggers. Yuma learns very quickly and always has new tactics no one ever launched debris before using grasshopper so I was excited when I saw that. I actually though he was going to use the pinball (multiple grasshoppers) to launch a ton of debris at the end of this chapter but apparently not. Maybe in the near future. I still need chika to improve she hasn't done anything to exciting yet osamu is definitely improving. Thanks to yuma for keeping them in the game and top 3. I wonder what hyuse will be hopefully a shooter. What his magnet trigger a distance weapon? it looked distance, supportive and defensive to me

Let's do this.


I think in the future, for the pastebin, I'm just going to write out the dialogue and not do the rest. Saves time.

Fuck this guy. Why is he still so smug?


Welp I wanted to go to bed.

>Oji's shit eating grin
Calm down dude. It was just some hound


Is kinda hard to snipe someone when their radar can tell the trajectory of the bullet




Yuma MVP



>looking at the camera

How can one man be so based?


Come on, now he is doing it on purporse.

All these shit eating grin bail outs.



How does he even know where to look at?

That's the only way to compete with Oki


For people like that sniper is a special place reserved in hell.
How dare he destroy that thigh.




A 6th sense or magic.

Big thanks again user!


Link will be up soonish. As to when, I don't know.

It´s his side effect.

Thanks mate


I feel bad for the other teams.

Thanks. Satisfying chapter.


Oji looks like he has the biggest tactics boner

It's his side effect, obviously.

I spot the Kochikame easter egg

Other teams wouldn't have a chance or (Nino) if Yuma and Hyuse could use their own triggers.

I'm really excited to see Yuba's unit and yuba herself.
I wonder about her personality

Of course. Yuma uses a Black Trigger and Hyuse uses a Horn Trigger. Those are OP a fuck.

Yuba is a guy I'm pretty sure with the name Takuma. Yukari is a girl though

Whats that technique? I thought you needed to always touch the scorpion

Gunners are typically supporters and their chance of scoring points is fairly low unless they're on the level of an Ace. So they aren't quite as flashy but they're pretty valuable relative to the low amount of training required to field them.

Also, unless you're Ace tier good with bullet making, Shooters are just slower but more versatile Gunners that take more experience and training to get to a competent level.

I assume he just makes the blades and lets go of them like a lance. It's probably not used often because it's still brittle enough to swat away

How in the world do you use viper handguns when it is already established you can't change the preset settings of the bullets of the guns?

The viper bullets trajectory is only going to be surprising once.

So if my count is right now T2 and Ikoma are tied in third place with 30 points and Ouji is in fourth place with 29 points

>i thought you needed to always touch the scorpion

Nah. Remember Kage threw them as well.
You shouldn't be able to manipulate them anymore as soon as you lose contact though.

Who says you need to use them more than once to get a decisive hit? It's all about timing, he could only use it once per match, and change which pattern, opponents won't know which pattern of viper could come up. Then again, this could also be part why they were stuck in lower-mid B-rank for most of the season.

Yeah in a handgun viper is nothing more than a fancy hound

Sometimes a few patterns are all you need.

Oji is /fa/ as fuck

Where was it stated that gunners can't manipulate Viper on the fly?

You don't need for them to be surprising. If you're skilled enough you can just use them as regular bullet shots. It also lets you flank more easily and set up big plays with your team. Just because they know how your bullets are going to curve doesn't mean they can completely ignore them, especially if they're being suppressed by gunfire at all sides. This means they have to spend more trion on shields, spread it out over a wider area, have to be conscious of multiple vectors of attack, etc. It also lets you control chokes more easily, since your frontline can go in without having you worry about lining up good shots or finding the right angles.


I think this is the first time Chika's trion body is visibly shown taking damage.

scorpion is a sword like any other, you can throw swords. Scorpion's weakness is just that it's more fragile.

Already one bitch staring at the sexy canadian.

>that double high five

Can't wait to see Hyuse partake in one

Shooters can't change the trajectory of the bullets on the fly either. If you're really good, like nasu or izumi, you can preset any trajectory you want at will. The rest has to do with a set of presets, so I would assume it works the same way for gunners, in other words you could say they have two or three types of bullets each one with a different trajectory, and they can choose which one to fire at any point.

WT has 250 k volume sold around ten days on for the 16 volume.

I'm not sure about gunners in general, but we've been told that not just anyone can do Viper manipulation successfully.

I used to think it wasn't a skill that could be learned, but according to the 303 Q&A anyone could pull it off eventually with enough spatial awareness and imagination.

Ikoma needs to go on the expedition. I need him to look at the camera after defeating a neighbor.

Volume 16 actually had a better second week than Volume 15. So it isn't all gloom and doom with manga sales.

Kek from the thumbnail on this one I actually thought that he was already looking back, instead of remembering Yuma's moves. Glad to see that he still posed immediately after

Wow this actually means he turned around while his opponent blows up every time the camera shows that. Ikoma is actually a sentai ranger.

From this it's kinda feeling like Yuumas experience is kinda a disadvantage, because he's used to enemies seeing his moves only once, so he can spam them more often in a real fight and on a real battlefield than he can in Border.

If you actually reverse your screen you can see that it's a "Tch" kind of face, which goes with what Zoe comments about how close he was to taking him out

Not everyone takes a loss as poorly as Katori does

Hound can't turn as abruptly as Viper can though, so it could be good for shooting people in the back by aiming over their shoulder or something.

Okay, so where does Round 6 rank for everyone?

Hype for Hyuse.

Sort of boring, honestly. Within the bottom 3 somewhere.

Go go Power Ikoma/10

Really? It would definitely be in the top three for me.

Whoops. Accidentally left out two lines.

Round 5 was better but I'm glad this match wasn't as long as Round 5.

Only good things out of this match was seeing Salamander in action and Ikoma's Senku.

Felt definitely like a filler battle so we could get to the hyuse without him joining "instantly".
It didn't really make a strong case for why they need hyuse either, as they still won, even if their current strategy is one that's "easy" to break, it's not as if this is as good as T-2 could get, either.
Basically, it felt semi-pointless.

Rate my taste familia


Ikoma would definitely be in my Top 3 T2 opponents

So I was thinking, World Trigger is digital right?

That's pretty close to mine


That's a fair point, but we did see that Chika is thinking more strategically and she can take care of herself.


>poses for camera


I am just now realizing that for Ikoma to get fast enough to create his own ultra fast version of Senku he must have trained it for weeks, maybe months in total added time of his lifetime. This guy literally drawed a sword hundreds, thousands of times while imaginating himself in cool angles, using that visualization as part of his mental training

>He's still looking even if the angle is different

What kind of sorcery is this?

I think Round 6 did Round 5's job better of showing how T-2 has grown

This guy

Goddamn they better get Ikoma's VA right

pls respond

Drawn digitally? Yes. Or at least, Ashihara says he does effects and finishes on computer. It's obvious when you read the Viz chapters and see details that scans can flush out. Character lineart might be scanned though as far as I know.

It was pretty standard match. It highlighted both the strength and weakness of everyone in the team.

Ikoma was pretty fantastic though and would love to see him in a rematch. Also hinted that most team gonna gun Tamakoma early on since they're so dangerous late game if all their players still alive.

I want Yoshimasa Hosoya. He can do a good Osaka-ben and he can sound equally cool and goofy.

Why do Yuma and Hyuse get to use a black uniform in C rank?

I see, I just never really thought about it but now I realized the art is very clean.
>Also hinted that most team gonna gun Tamakoma early on since they're so dangerous late game if all their players still alive.
The problem is that with Hyuse they will have a lot of trouble doing so, that's why they said Yuma by himself can't protect Osamu and Chika, but if Yuma protects 1 and Hyuse the other then it'll get better, eventually Osamu will be able to protect himself though and so will Chika.

>Guys are pissed off
>Chicks are curious and smiling

Black was old C-rank uniform and is still partly used in the Tamakoma-system.
Or in Yumas case he got recognized as his dad.
Hence the black uniform.

Which makes sense since Old Border was more open to neighbor relations.

Neighbors are coming in to steal your jobs, women, and livelihood.

Time to get Fujin


It's not so much learning the skill so much as mastering it to the point that you can do it in a split second while taking fire in combat. I think of it as being like solving a complex math problem: most people could do it with time, but not many could do it all in their head while they're also trying to stop a plane from crashing. It's more reasonable to memorize the answers to a few select problems (i.e. bullet paths) and just work with those.

First week was only 3 days, so that have to count.

How many empty trigger slots does Yuma have? It feels like he could easily equip additional triggers if he wanted to.

It should be 1.
>2 scorpions
>2 shields
>2 grasshoper
>1 bagworm

This match does a good job of showing Yuma's weakness of falling into predictable movement patterns. We don't get a lot of that.

Huh, I didn't think Yuma had 2 grasshoppers

I still can't find a reasonable explaination as to why people don't fill up on triggers.

It makes sense though if you look at his style.
Always be able to fully utilize what you have.
Also we have seen him use it on both hands.

Some people keep a few slots open for flexibility. Some people just don't give a shit about using anything else.

4 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 2 > 1 for me

Ashihara won't admit it but he probably draft by hand and the line work is done digitally.

You can see it by how clear the art is

A lot of them are probably still working just to master the triggers they already have. For the same reason, most all-rounders tend to pick triggers that resemble real-world weapons like kogetsu and gunner triggers, which would be more intuitive than strange weapons like scorpion or shooter cubes.

Think about shield: everyone uses it, but only a handful so far have the wherewithal to manipulate its shape beyond a basic hexagon. Xeno tech ain't so simple.

>Ikoma would definitely be in my Top 3 T2 opponents

They definitely made my top 3:
Ikoma = Katori > Ninomiya

>>looking at the camera

The author is having some fun with that char then since several chapters ago, all those action shots of him defeating people were with him staring at the camera.

Chika's Lightening is faster than Oki's even with lead bullet.

Regular lightning must move at the speed of light

The only thing Yuba is good for at this point is introducing another cute female agent.

Chika should main Lightning once she gets over her fear of shooting people. No one will be able to react fast enough to dodge that if she catches them by surprise

I guess it's further justification why she "needs" that mental block.

Regular lightning for Chika is probably instantaneous. Press trigger, target is already hit.

Even better
>Bullet moves so fast it travels back in time

>Target filled with holes before Chika fires the trigger

noooo he was chill

I wonder if there's anyone who rates T2's very first match as anything other than their least favorite

Round 1 was literally a "look how fast low B Rank jobs" match. I don't even want to rank it.

Ouji unit looking classy

Friendly reminder that hyuse will be a gunner/scorpion user.

He's going to dual wield Raygust and Scorpion while also using Viper

>suddenly the room gets wet

By the way, this implies Hyuse role will be covering either Chika or Osamu. Cool af.

He's going to take the main tanking role from Osamu so that he can focus more heavily on support

Does Touma know about Hyuse? He seems to act like he knows that T-2 is going to be getting a new member.

That's the shittest combination I've heard yet.

Dagger and shield will be the goat combination. Just you wait

Raygust plus Scorpion its an amazing combination if you have enough trion and skill to pull it off.

There is an A-Class guy from Katagiri unit who dual wields modified raygusts. Im sure he is just going to turbo wreck everything with thruster like a meteor. Thats the same unit who has the Spotter girl so im guessing she just points enemies with her flashlight and the guy drops over them.

It would only be shitty if Hyuse tried to wield those three melee weapons at once

That would be interesting because you probably could do that. You just have to switch between the active status of the two on the same side between hits.


>You just have to switch between the active status of the two on the same side between hits.
Man, if it weren't for the BBF and all that other supplementary material I'd still be perpetually confused trying to figure out how those Main and Sub trigger rules work. They seem simple enough until you start over thinking things when they throw stuff like exclusive optional triggers, Shield mode, and Miwa having three or four triggers out at once.

Looking back at that match, the squad that tried to hide out that house might have lasted a minute longer if they had the Bagworm equipped. Forget the skill gap, those scrubs didn't know jack about the Rank Wars meta

what if Chika used Meteora + Ibis = Total Destruction?

They might have been new, so it makes sense that they don't have the hang of anything yet.

You need to be so-so to use the bagworm properly


Reminder that Hyuse will use Kogetsu to embrace the Nihonjin

Wait what? Can someone post it?

What exactly does it say?


They're not just friends. They're best aibous with each other

Cute. Just one line but it's enough.

What's aibou?

Besides, for it to reach to that stage Osamu needs to stop calling him Kuga.

>What's aibou
wew lad

Japanese term for gay?

I don't think you can combine Meteor and Ibis, but Chika using meteors could probably level a city block in a single shot.

All he really needs to do is tell that dense megane "hey just call me Yuma" and they'll be good to go

Her ability to make parking lots might give Amo a run for his money.

You can set delayed Meteora charges and trigger them from afar but you can't add special bullets to sniper triggers.

Shooters can partition trion spread in their bullets as they like, but did it ever specify how that works with composites?

The idea of Chika shooting asteroid + meteor from snipe ranges makes me laugh.

No way, Amo its a true artisan of the battlefield.

Weird, you can't call Chika weak and have her 1v1 a top B sniper in the same chapter.

I would have made Yuma distract Oki's attention so Chika gets an opening, everything else the same.

She's weak because she can't score on her own even if victory depended on it.

Chika's not a weak sniper, but snipers in general are vulnerable unless they have a really good way to protect themselves against attackers and gunner/shooters(EX Arafune being a high-skill kogetsu user.) She has her new Hound defense, but not shooting angrybullets at people, and lead bullet being blockable, limits her quite a bit(and wouldn't be as useful against gunner/shooters or madmen with distance attacks like Ikoma.)

Add that to her slow mobility and she's still pretty vulnerable. Her chief defense, in fact, is still being a model sniper and being so meticulous about hiding her presence after shots.

Weak in that if alone, she can't score.

Hyuse is a year older than Osamu and Yuma right? Whose older between them?

Osamu, by a couple of months.

What kind of monster form has the power to leave the terrain so even and without any debris at all?

A power with a truly inhuman appearance.

Void or disintegration.

The kind of monster that finally achieved enough dakka.

He probably has a monster form that throws nukes if needed.

Yeah i also support this theory.

I agree Amo has the same type of trigger as this, which changes appearance.

But that one theory that Amo=this thing is dumb

When did this manga become so fucking boring

>Amo never shown fighting, just shown end results of fighting to emphasize his scariness
>Amo one of few remaining characters of special notice kept far away from Kuga by author so far
>Amo black trigger said to change his appearance to something inhuman
>Only other trigger in series that does something like the above is the unknown assassin
>Amo's general attitude very removed from norms(could be side-effect though since weak = ugly colors.)
>Amo not hinted anywhere to have any relation or other doings on earth - school, family, friends, anything outside of border, or even social connections inside of border other than possibly Jin. Seems to be kept in containment until needed.

It may not be true, or just a red herring, but it's far from a dumb theory.

It doesn't fit. Looks to me like another dumb theorist attempt at matching mysterious characters with others without recognizing the possibility that one might just be a new character after all! I see this all the time.

Amo's an aloof and destructive orphan who has that aura of mystery strong characters tend to have until they get a good fight for the powers reveal.

That thing was an assassin enlisted from a strange country. Amo's description far differs from the precision and efficiency the work of assassins have. His aoe trigger damage type doesn't even match the type of damage dealt on Yuma.

The only thing these two have in common is having a black trigger that makes their trion body look inhuman.

I doubt amo is a neighbour or was in the Neighbourhood 4 years ago.

On the other hand i can see Border getting their hands on a BT that is somewhat similar to that thing in that time period.

Well if that particular BT had been taken from it's owner and found its way to Border then it could work.

It's possible that it was the same Black Trigger, but not actually Amou. That is, after murdering Yuuma, at some point the user went up against Border and lost, and got his black trigger taken.

Or someone else killed him and the BT ended up on the Black Market

>Mogami died to take him down

Yea, i can see that coming.
Or Amo's BT isn't related to that thing at all.

What if the thing Amo becomes is able to spam huge Meteoras ? It's that simple. Imagine someone with Chika's trion using Meteoras.

Yuma used daggers before.

Everyone is stronger with OP: The Triggers

Yumafags are obnoxious, he lost.

It's funny because he lost using a bouncepad which is in his normal BT moveset as well.


Except Kage didn't get lured into a hound trap


>implying that trap would work on Kage

Actually, I wonder if tripwire traps could surprise him if there's no one was around to give their position away

I just want to see a Kage vs Chika where he misreads her thoughts so hard he jumps into one of her shoots and gets killed.

>Chika gets cornered by Kage
>Scared as fuck because big bad Kage and starts crying
>Kage gets sniped by Yuzuru

I wonder how Konami would fare against Nino or Kage

>Osamu didn't level up to the so-so tier until Round 5

She's probably stronger than Kage. When Yuma mentioned he was defeated she only ever acknowledged Kazama or Tachikawa

Huh, I just realised he is in the Rank C booth.

Idiot trio exterminated next week.

Partner. Think Yugi and Yami and Yu and Yosuke

They may be bad guys, but no one deserves to get ass whooped by a alien in more than one ocassion.

They aren't even bad guys. They are just dumb asses.

And sadly they are stronger than Osamu or at least they were before his training with the guy that isn´t a sword, I don´t remember his name.

Damn, Yuma is just chillin' and killin' niggas.

It helps to have trion

Got a good laugh

>Hikari cheers at Yuzuru's big show of romance

Having decent trion only takes you so far. So they've got some skill. Still, unless they change their strategy of only going after people with fewer points than them, on the assumption those people will be weak, they'll never get good or rise in rank.

I picture them as Osamu's first underlings once he rises ranks in Border.

They can probably make B-Rank, but the problems will start to hit when they join the Rank Wars.

I hope they forget to pack their Bagworms.

so many good gurls

Fuck yeah, Hyuse Hype. Thanks for the chapter m8. It was a very satisfying chapter.

But who would want to be their operator?

What ever girl accepts the paycheck

Cute girls that get rejected by the new Canadian.

Oh so that's how you spell it.

She either takes no damage during the fight, or the screen cuts away right before she gets OHKO'd. Heck, I don't think she suffered any injures during the Large Scale Invasion either.

>only a handful so far have the wherewithal to manipulate its shape beyond a basic hexagon

How many times have we seen anyone try this? All I can think of is Suzunari's combo shield and Inukai's funky curved shield. And Osamu's shield-mode cage, if you count Raygust

She got cubed during the invasion.

Considering the "other teams" are probably going to be Nino and Kage teams, you really don't have to be.

Perhaps, but getting turned into liquid butter doesn't have the same impact as having chunks of your body blown out

She's a growing girl. She will get more and more mutilated as the series goes on. Kitora got gored and she is only 15.

He'd make a great addition to Osamu's rival/mentor harem

He is probably more interested in Yuma and Chika since they alluded his hunt


I don't think those two were the ones that triggered his tactics boner

Is that the newest pic from that anime magazine?

Yes, I think.

It's probably T-2 in general, but we will see more in depth when he goes on the expedition.

>but we will see more in depth when he goes on the expedition.

Nah, reminder that they always get together after a match.

Well Yuma at least, Osamu and Chika don't seem to interact that much with their rivals.

A-ranks in general seem to be privy to much more information about what's going on with the top brass, so he might have an idea of what's going on. Or he might know everything, since Kido would likely enlist some trusted A-ranks to monitor a guy like Hyuse.

It's more like most people hang out at the solo booths. Chika has her own friends and Osamu needs to go study, train, and receive constructive criticism from 5 different people.

Yeah, that's pretty much what they do.

Yuma is bored so he goes around fighting other people in the booths.

Osamu either overworks himself thinking about plans, trains with Yuiga or has someone else lecture him.

And Chika hangs with her sniper buddies or Reiji.

Luckily everyone should be heading to the booths since Hyuse is there.

Touma is no stranger to watching Canadians get recruited to Tamakoma.

The 4person wirezone formation will dominate the meta super hard. We have:

>The Creator
>The Enforcer
>The Reaper
And now
>The Vanguard

I hope it could withstand the force of 6-9 people making a mad dash for the weaker components of that formation

It all depends on Hyuse's tanking now

He could just retransform since I'm pretty sure Rank Wars dosen't actually expend real trion.

Question: If Hyuse is defeated in a Rank War match and his trion body is destroyed, will he lose the body without the horns once he's sent to the debriefing room? Since once the match ended this chapter, we got to see everyone in their civilian clothes. Is Hyuse going just walk around in a hoodie after a match or what?


My bad, reposted because of a typo that bothered me. I guess that makes sense, started sperging for no reason.

Chika with Lightning is like using a hitscan weapon in real life. No delay whatsoever. If you don't already have a shield up at that point you're taking a hit guaranteed.

Now I kinda wish we could get an invading T-2 from a Mirror Universe. Evil Chika lightning spamming everything in sight, evil Yuma just gutting everyone, evil Osamu making.. uh... hm..

>He could just retransform since I'm pretty sure Rank Wars dosen't actually expend real trion.
It's weird that everyone who bails out reappears in their normal clothes while the survivors come back in their Trion body with all their holes and lost limbs restored.

>Yuma challenges Hyuse to a solo battle
>If Yuma wins, Hyuse has to call Osamu "Captain"
I'm excited

Evil leadership decisions

Every A-Unit except for Kazama seems pretty chill when watching Tamakoma-2 battle, like if it is good but just not good enough to be a problem. We can assume Tachikawa Unit can blasterbusterchuunicut the shit out of the web and that Fuyushima Unit is a master troll teleport quickscope sort of unit, but i dont know how the rest would fare.

Oh wait, Miwa Unit has two snipers.


He'd just stand there being intimidating, smug, and obnoxious

The entire thing sounds like prime Toei filler material

Hyuse is not a bitch. He has proven to be reliable and down to earth unless Jin is trolling him. I think he will be very critical of Osamu but wont dissobey him or act like a fuck.

We already had this with Midorikawa.

>I'll only call you "captain" if you beat me yourself, Osamu
>I don't care, just get out there and get me some points

Gotta make sure they have enough good looking guys to keep marketing fujo bait toys

I can sort of see them introducing a new character here to be Hyuse's fellow trainee friend, like how Izuho was for Chika.

>Hyuse is not a bitch.

We have yet to see. Once CHIKA is on his Master's soil, Hyuse could be ordered to bring Chika in to become the next super trion power battery. After all, she is already there. Just a short distance to sacrifice her. So I bet there will be some drama coming up.

We already know that Border may try to "handle" Hyuse before they get there

Oh well, i meant while he is doing Rank Wars in Miden. On Neightbor Worlds its going to be a different deal and everyone knows it even if they dont talk about it.

It's a long trip to get there. Plenty of time for FRIENDSHIP to develop.

What strategy is that? It sounds like psychological manipulation

>psychological manipulation
Sounds like Osamu's field of expertise

Keep in mind that what Hyuse probably wants to save even more than Aftokrator its his Master. Being like that makes it easier for him and Tamakoma to join forces.

That would be interesting, but would it have any consequence in the long run? There's no meaning in building up camaraderie with the C-ranks if Hyuse is going back to Aftokrator. Unless something drastic happens, I doubt he'd be back at Border any time soon.

What are they attempting to do here? Sports?


The unit looks so great.

Two dudes and the little kids they take care of.

>Toei incorporated Hyuse into their team
>Anime only reached the start of the Galo invasion

Damn this image for giving me hope of a new season

>All of that handholding


Luckily for him, he has all the trainee friends he'll need in the form of Osamu and Chika.

Osamu looks like the father, while Hyuse looks like the angsty teenager

Hyuse is the mopey older brother that's finally easing out of his rebellious phase, while Yuuma and Chika are the obedient younger siblings (although Yuuma has his own streak of mischief).
Osamu gets a "#1 Dad" mug every now and then.

>No horns
They are really ahead of the game

What's with that watermark? I see it alot

They should take that mug, cross off the word "Dad", scribble the word "Captain" over it, and present it to him on his birthday

He can take it to the captain meetings

>captain meetings
I really hope that they have one before they go on their 100 page expedition into the Neighborhood. Can't wait to see Katori there with her "I really wish I weren't here right now" pin.

I'm surprised that they're this up to date with the story

>Kage getting sniped
At least act like you read the series and know that sniping won't work on him.

Osamu's the salaryman father, Shiori is the office lady mother, Chika's the shy daughter, Yuma's the energetic younger son, and Hyuse is the rebellious, angsty teenager older son.


Wait what is Yuma standing on?

It's a cavalry battle, so on their linked hands.

On which linked hands? Because he clearly isn't standing on Osamus + the other hands and Hyuse's and Chika's other hand rest on Osamu's shoulders.

>Because he clearly isn't standing on Osamus
He is, bad persepctive, you can slightly see a tniy beet of his shoe on the left/right one.

Katori is a giant salzfass though.
Chika is just a little blob of thighs.

Sniping won't work because there's intend behind it.
I can see Yuzuru sniping him in that situation with no intend behind it just because being confused.
And Kage not expecting it at all that he gets shot from his friend.

I can't help but think that there is a potentially abusable loophole to Kageura's side effect.

Meteora + Meteora = Hiroshima

IMO she could try sniping Mr. Muh Camera Shots with lead and then run away

Ohohohoh type

They REALLY need someone who basiclaly treats them like slaves.

Imagine if they ever had the cliche choice of who is the real Osamu!
I bet they would shot the one without sweatdrop

Hyuse seems like he is now receiving the RAYGUST from Osamu

>you'll never RAYGUST Hyuse into submission

I can see his master dying or something similar, in which case there would be nothing there for him to stay, in comparison to Yotaro and the others.

That's what i suspect as well to be honest.

The scenario you gave implies that yuzuru had every intent to be aiming at him. And even if he's a friend I doubt he would turn it off for him during a match

>run away
With one leg?

That's exactly the purpose of this picture.

He'd be a good matchup for Galo's optical illusion girl then

Did any of the commentators during the rank wars ever mentioned that Kuga is very good in copying other agents moves?

Tokieda mentioned that T-2 had a strong desire to constantly acquire new moves and strategies.

This is pretty cool. Seems like they are planning a Season 2 in the long future.

AHHHHHHHHHHH- my virign eyes

The only problem they will have is that they skipped over Galo's preplanning and Katori's introduction

She could've easily hopped away if her Lead Hounds scored a direct hit. I don't think she could've gotten away with a single Lead Bullet.

She would be in ample senku range if she tried to use lead hound

Katori can be introduced when the invasion is over. They could get away with Galo's pre-game huddle in the form of a flashback

Its not like flashbacks happen in anime. And Katori being introduced is not that important.

Well they need to at least mention her being declined by Kako when they do their actual introduction before the match

Is there any trion attack even capable of scratching Chika's shields?

Why were Osamu and Yuma even shielding for Chika in this fight anyway? Her own shields would have been impenetrable.

I don't think it is as impenetrable as people think it is. Ikoma's Senku would probably beat it.

dont mind me, im just posting best ship

You know how Toei likes their recaps right? They'll just add what they missed in episode 1, which will likely be a big recap episode.

>Slow slideshow of the Galo crew's faces with no movement
They know they want to do it again like they did with the Border execs early on

That ain't OsamuxChika, or OsamuxYuma, or OsamuxAnybody

Right, my bad.

Make that 3 recap episodes at the start.


Only KitoraxOsamu and YuzuruxChika is allowed

OsamuxChika is a really shit pairing, though. I even prefer OsamuxHyuse

On an unrelated note, i sort of want Osamu to become a Trapper.

Why Hyusei looks so gay there

Because fujo-bait.

He'll be ready for the next set of keychains

because he's canadian. here's some real men playing sports.

Lame that they don't have any of the character that are actually cofirmed to play basketball

I think she would need some custom shield or use fullguard for it to be able to use all that trion.

Oi c'mon mates, you know that the only ship Osamu can get is OsamuxSuffering-tan

Yeah but that's an older scan and zaki's profile is pretty new.

It must have been before the BBF because Fuyushima was confirmed to be pretty out of shape

Im pretty sure Fuyushima is not a sporty sort of guy.

I know this is Cred Forums and it's good you remember details but it's just a simple spread for fun.

>Kazama playing basketball

I thought Senku was just a huge range boost, not a power booster like Thruster.

It's still pressured A level damage which would probably break through her shield. Not to mention she couldn't use shield while using lead bullet

>that shorty playing basketball

Senku's power supposedly increases with its range.

I don't think it's the range as much as it is the expenditure of extra trion that increases the power along with the length

Please don't bully.

hey guys post some Chika thighs pls


Find your own Chika pics Yuzuru.

How dare you dream about Chika's thighs.

Someone should ban Yuzuru from using the internet.

But my love for her is pure and delicate as her thighs..

Height shouldn't matter when you're in a trion body

T2 should take the time to do some pressure testing on Chika's super 30+ Trion shield. Just have her put one up and throw random attacks just to see what it would take to break that thing.

Man I want them to go to war just to see their custom triggers.

They might not have access to A-rank custom triggers in time for the expedition, so they'll just have to steal some off some random Canadian goons on their way there instead

>Godzuma tricking Canadians into giving their Triggers to him
>He also allows them to worship him

He's such a good mate, eh mateys?

It'd be silly to let their top agents go without the best equipment available, there should still be some time after the rank wars are finished and not letting their two best-worst teams get better triggers for an expedition is just retarded and counter-productive.

I bet that Kido already ordered the development of Arachne trigger because "Jin said so" and because he begins his road to being Osamu fangirl

The R&D of custom triggers for them might take too long

Kido already said they won't truly become A rank before the expedition.
Even if they have the ranking, they need to pass the trial to become A rank, and they don't have time for that.
So no custom trigger this time.

Well the Canadian engineer could maybe make something special for them

Then, it would be useless for rank wars once they are back.
It needs to follow the proper regulation, unlike T 1 trigger made by the canadian.
We need to be realistic for custom trigger.
It probably won't happen bvefore they are back from this expedition and truly A rank.

They would still need time to get used to the new triggers, so this isn't a good idea

I just want the anime to continue so that they can add Katori and Ikoma to Smash Borders

>I just want the anime to continue

If they tone town the Toeiness just a bit i totally agree.

If they continue at the quality of post-filler to the end then I think that would be pretty acceptable.

Was the author involved in the anime filler?

If not, they should get him to write some side stories so at least it adds something to the lore.

I could do with less awkward still shots and better pacing. As terrible as the filler arc was, it was actually paced out very well and less stretchy than the stuff they adapted before that.

I think they based it off his trigger keeper one shot, but I'm pretty sure Ashihara didn't write it.

>tfw Kitora will never step on your balls with that scorpion leg

Also they need a better music director. The ost was good but I felt like a lot of tracks were underused when they shouldn't have been.

The only thing the filler and Trigger keeper have in common is that a mysterious girl is hidden by the protagonists from some mysterious guy who is trying to hunt her down for reasons.

I kind of wish the Trion bodies the user could feel the pain of having one of their limbs taken or head shots but that might mess with the person.

I'm pretty sure there are some limits on the shields available to Border. For one thing, I don't think they can constantly power a shield to keep it intact, only make a shield of a given strength and move it around. Chika could max out Border's shield trigger and make the strongest possible shield available to it, but it'd still break after taking a certain amount of damage and require replacement. I suspect such a breaking point would be lower than most people think. Border's shields are just too limited, hence the development of the Raygust and it's shield mode.

To put my thoughts more generally, Chika can max out Border's triggers, but Border's triggers can't fully make use of Chika's potential. You'd need to do something like give her Reiji's trigger and turn on Full Arms to even come close.

They can though?
Kinda depends on if the person wants to or not.

>Chika can max out Border's triggers, but Border's triggers can't fully make use of Chika's potential
I think this can just apply to Chika in general. Her Trion is just off the charts but that can mean Border can help test wepons and other stuff out.

Unless she has her fully defeated, I don't even think a major trion leak compared to other characters would make bail out in the same amount of time.

They do feel pain. That's why Oki has that uncomfortable look on his face when he gets slashed.

>I don't even think a major trion leak compared to other characters would make bail out in the same amount of time.

Maybe. It probably depends on whether how fast you bail out from a trion leak is a function of how much trion the user has, or if it's a function of how good Border's trion bodies are.

I'd really like more knowledge on the shield trigger. I'm curious if you just send out a certain amount of trion that just dissipates once you stop using the shield. It isn't connected to the body so it would have no way of returning.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tamakoma already started developing unique triggers for Osamu and Chika

I kind of doubt this. It seems reaction to damage and rate of trion leak until bail out are the same for everyone regardless to how much trion they have.

Remember trion bodies are created to cater to the set amount of trion they have and it actually takes much more out of high trion users. As Ashihara stated, after forced bail out, it takes Chika much longer to restore her trion body than Osamu.

I can get behind this, although I don't know if the expedition force would let them take those along with them

One of these days each mentor should let their student take their own custom trigger for a test run

Osamu would only be able to use Geist for like 2 seconds and Chika wouldn't be able to wield full arms with her small stature.

Also Yuma's style dosen't mesh with physical form weapons

They should install training wheels on the Fullarms so she could ride it around like a Segway

I think you can buy more Geist time in exchange for reduced output.

Why did they make all Trion bodies have the same durability? You'd think a user with more Trion would have a body that's harder to destroy

I actually like the filler, if they do one again next time I wonder how they'll make Osamu shirtless again.

I would argue the main problem is that Osamu simply doesn't have the skill to use geist. Even if he could max his speed or power, he still wouldn't be able to use that to get a kill with his raygust or astroid alone. Besides, the longer he's on the field the more of an advantage he gives his unit, so a trigger that when used limits that time isn't terribly desirable. Even if he somehow made it out alive in whatever situation he'd have to use it for, that would be the end of his usefulness.


Probably a limitation of their current level of trigger technology. Remember, Border is still developing their tech, and they really started R&D just a few years ago, and probably started with some fairly basic combat triggers. Once they developed bailout, improved body durability was probably lower on their list of priorities than improved weapons and shields. A combat body is supposed to be disposable after all.

I'd say that what Osamu needs is something more like Konami's connector trigger. Only instead of using two weapon triggers to make one bigger weapon, he'd use two shooting triggers to automatically make fusion bullets. Bypass the need to learn how to fusion bullets, and skip directly to learning how to put fusion bullets to use.

That's pretty much what composite gunner weapons do though they can't use the bullets separate after they are fused.

The problem is composites are going to consume too much trion for him

>Fuck it, let's have them visit a beach planet

What I want to know is what's so hard about mashing two energy cubes together. Will it explode in your face if you do it a second too soon or something?

I imagine the bullets just wouldn't fuse and would split back apart if you did it improperly

How about he gets sweaty af and Kitora walks in?

You're not mashing two cubes together. You are mixing trion qualities of prebuilt bullets or at least that is what I speculate the are doing.

To make Salamander or Tomahawk you have to take the movement qualities of these bullets and manually attach it to a meteor bullet.

What someone else said. I think Ashihara answered in one of the Q&A's that agents can set the pain thresholds in their trion bodies.

I would imagine most would set it to zero or just above zero, though.

This actually makes for interesting food for thought. It can be a little difficult to tell if a border agent has turned off their pain receptors or not just from just watching them battle. If they look like they're making a painful expression from getting their trion body injured, is it due to mental frustration, are they actually feeling the pain, or maybe it's a little of both? If agents look calm and composed, did they turn their receptors off, or are they just used to that pain? Who are the border agents daring or masochistic enough to set it at normal levels?

>Who are the border agents daring or masochistic enough to set it at normal levels?
This's been bugging me ever since Ashihara confirmed adjustable pain settings. I also want to know who's masochistic enough to set it above normal levels, and what the maximum limit it can be set at is.

Having it at zero is probably a terrible idea since you wouldn't be able to tell when you are hit.

Though it seems to be that decaps or any head injuries don't register. I guess the pain sensor stops working when the head goes

Can someone get a clean version of this? It's amazing.

Also Chika a cute.

>Why were Osamu and Yuma even shielding for Chika in this fight anyway?

It's literally said that Chika doesn't care about herself so they're trying to make her realize that she's an actual person.

There is a beach planet actually, well not beach but ocean so there should be a beach.

>Having it at zero is probably a terrible idea since you wouldn't be able to tell when you are hit.

It probably is a terrible idea. Katori learned that lesson the hard way at the end of round 5.

I think it might be more of a psychological factor, though. Most people wouldn't want to feel the sensation of a limb being cut off, even if it was at a fraction of the real pain.

I don't think it would be lasting pain, it would just be a short flash.

Also I think Katori might have had pain on, but spider might not actually deal damage to the trion body

>but spider might not actually deal damage to the trion body

That's an interesting theory, considering the fact that it makes the trion walls they latch onto look like they've been rammed with an icepick

The island in the foreground looks like a comfy little beach town.

Even if it's not lasting pain, the sensation of having your body sliced apart is probably not a good one to keep in your memories.

You have to remember that many of these border agents are still kids. Very mature kids, but kids nevertheless.

That's what C-Rank is for. There kids applied knowing what they were in for. If the don't like it then they can become operators or engineers.

Sounds like something Hyuse might say to Chika

That's not how it works you fucking retard, why do you think IRL soldiers are often fucked in the head after war?

He is going to shit on her so hard for not shooting people that even Nino will feel bad about it.

It probably has an energy phase and a solid phase like Lead Bullet, the difference being that Spider turns solid a second or two after being deployed.

He's tsundere, no bullying for the little girl.