Ask an internet Nazi girl anything

Ask an internet Nazi girl anything

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Why a nazi

Why so fat?

do u like BBCs up ur ass?

My bf is Italian so basically

mutt's law

How does it feel to be so braindead that you larp as a nazi woman?

ILY bae

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Can I suck your dick

Can you explain to me the definition of “Nazi” and what it means to you exactly?

I'm Konrad heiden

are you only a Nazi on the internet or what?

Gotcha. So you ain't shit but an edgy bitch

although I think you're garbage, I respect you for having the balls to admit you're garbage. nothing is more pathetic than republicans pretending they don't want poors and darkies dead.

a ginger nazi,no thanks.hitler wouldnt be proud

show us your pussy

Why haven't you killed yourself yet for following a failed ideology?

I'm obviously mixed

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Will you marry me?

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Did this person really take a naval flag and hang it up in their hotel room and take a picture of their untermensch slam piggy

>failed ideology

6 million dead jews says differently you stupid liberal cuck

it's true. nazis failed in the exact same way socialism does: the USA stamps it out with military intervention before it can achieve any lasting results.

So you’re just playin then? Internet trollin cuz your Dad’s sister is his wife and your mom.

14 million live ones tho

Tits and timestamp or fuck off. All you fucking newfags encouraging this middle aged dudes bullshit fantasies should fuck off

Wanna play horny American GI and Nazi SS girl prisoner interrogation?

>USA stamps out Nazi Germany

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How did it feel when you realize you were fucked by a nigger? Not once BUT TWICE and once in the booty hole.

Timestamp niggerjew

timestamp bitch. sage.

>although you're garabge, I respect the fact you can admit itnritnuw
get outta here reddit kike

How many jewish lolis have you killed? did you enjoy their screams?

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