What do you think about hippopotamuses?

What do you think about hippopotamuses?

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my mother collects hippo figurines so naturally i despise and hate them.

Amazing creatures


Not as fat as OP.

Scary, ugly, dangerous assholes

pretty based tbh

My wife's favorite animal. she likes when they surface and shake the water out of their ears

I dont like them
Specially whe they shit

ugly and mean

back when I was a teen, I used to get hard to hippos no problem

but now I can only fap to elephants

Does she have a hippo display case?

Not as fat as OPs mom.

The proper plural should be hippopotami.


If I could hang with one I would.

very epic. my childhood obsession

hippos seem pretty cool


i remember that song 'hippos dont lie' by that starlet bitch whatever her name was

Hippos are OP

Theyre dangerous and disgusting fucking creatures. But they look delicious tbo

They're ok with BBQ sauce but I prefer them with honey mustard.