first of all, im so sorry for lack of format, this is my very first time posting on Cred Forums so plz bare with me!!
im a young broke teenage girl looking for people who'd like to buy my used underwear/socks. but i don't know how to start or find people who'd be interested in buying from me...so that's why i came here!! any tips would be helpful, thank uu!!

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find a cam site
acquire tokens


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Fuck off thot, this here's incel territory

Post tits and face with timestamp, provided you look atleast mildly attractive, you'll be the new queen of Cred Forums.

That's /r9k/ retard

i was thinking of maybe a website already made for buying used underwear.. one of my biggest issues right now is just finding people interested.

Ebay nigga

Meh, I'm a vocel either way

I remember I found a site for that when I was young because yknow... young teens are fucking weird lol. I doubt selling exclusively to one of those sites would yield much revenue though since those sites probably don't get as much traffic as say a cam site or twitter etc

You people say that, but i think that's just you having accepted your fate and pretending you're fine with it

No problem with that. Being a virgin by choice has a far different context on my eyes than being an incel

Where you selling?

I'm waiting till marriage boi

i think it's way more exciting and erotic if my identity is anonymous, don't you think!!?

Yeah 10 bucks (((she's))) faking it

If you look attractive and got pics to prove, you'll definitely get some immediate sales.

I mean yeah identity absolutely. But telling you rn I doubt someone will buy your shit exclusively from you if they don't know for sure you have a vagina

i don't think camming would be a good idea...i am/look way too young and kind of have a social status that i'd like to keep... thanks anyways though!!

i dont want to take pics, maybe something else?

So you'd like to be a whore without all the consequences of being a whore

yeah, but maybe if i use a mask nobody would know its me