After we die, consciousness must go somewhere, right?

After we die, consciousness must go somewhere, right?

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This. At death, the body is simply the vessel the consciousness was housed in. It's very possible our real selves are hundreds or thousands of light years away from Earth or in another dimension.

There is literally no evidence life ends after death. None.

Yes, to that little place called "oblivion."

We’ll find out. Lol

Perhaps. But there's no evidence that it doesn't either.

But maybe the body itself is what was responsible for creating and maintaining the consciousness. When the body dies maybe the consciousness dies too

On the contrary, there's literally no evidence our minds go on after death. Everything points towards death being the end, nothing towards life going on after death.

We do not have enough information.
Saying we do and that we just "die" is lazy science.

This, also, how do people just keep dying and being reborn? It's a cycle. Where do the souls come from when a new baby is born?

What about newborns?

Do you remember anything from the time before you were born?
That's where you will go.

there's absolutely no way for us to know and any time spent dwelling upon is is time taken away from the present moment. We come from nothing and as far as we know we fade into nothing.

Consciousness isn't a separate existent thing. It's an emergent property of your meat brain.

Where does your consciousness go when you sleep without dreams?

Nothing could be everything though. Look at the universe. It is both.

anons, are you ready to lay down your Vehicles?

It's maintenance like defragging your hard drives.

I remember that bit being funnier when Bill Burr told it.

Not necessarily, but I hope so

Most certainly and science proves it

I'm always amazed at people who somehow think humans are 'special' and will continue on after death. We're as common as dirt.

This is probably the best answer - whether the reality is "nothing" or something else (consciousness exists on some other plane, whatever), it is probably the same as/similar to whatever your state was before birth.

Over the years your body decomposes and the atoms go all over the place And a new consciousness may be created out of your shit but it ain’t you. It’s like scrapping a broken car for parts and building a motorcycle and a helicopter out of those parts. Still those have nothing to do with the original car

no we aren't frogposter
we are unique beings
no other being on this planet has our gifts
you frogposters are self hating
and want to watch the world burn
we don't

I think we can all agree it's pretty complicated and we're all gonna find out in person before we can figure it out on this taiwanese knitting board

We're stuck on the cash sphere penitentiary. this is all that matters.

actually it doesn't. there's no "soul". body warmth may go somewhere, "the energy of the body". and that's that.
death is a painful topic, but to not face it and say "i'm going to end" is cowardice.

you could re-use elements of the same brain to power the new vehicle though

Conciousnesss isn't real never was you've been listening to the mass utilize undefinable nebulous conjecture. When you die your organs of perception shut down and your body returns to raw ingredients for the soil and that's it.


Video games reinforce the concept that there could be other levels above this one.

see my posts in
lucid consciousness definitely continues on. it isn't "stored" in our brains; the brain is merely the receiver of it.
mounting evidence supports this and that long term memory is also not stored locally but rather accessed from somewhere else. I forget where the article is that I was reading that had a lot of supportive literature regarding this, I'll to find it but some good google terms are
memory not stored locally
consciousness not in the brain

After-life is what the ruling class tell the poor classes to prevent them from realizing that they are getting the shit-end of the stick in life.

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That is depressing

nope. brain dies, it dies.

switch turns off, and there's no turning it back on.

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Actually yes it does, "energy is neither created of destroyed". Your life energy, bound by the laws of science has to go somewhere and cannot just disappear, it's likely that either reincarnation may be a thing or you're going somewhere else but nobody knows since no conscious unbound by a physical body can tell you about it.

Thank you God!

that's how null hypotheses work jack. Nothing lazy about it

Why? Consciousness is a meme. Lower animals act purely on instinct. Yell at a cat, it'll cower or run away or fight, depending on its "personality," or characteristics, but whatever it does, it'll be a 100% honest, natural reaction. Humans can suppress their reactions. We can think, but not act. This is a great development, lets us plan, lets us develop complex relationships, doing shit like pretending to pay attention and listen to your wife. It lets us imagine. It lets us hold onto memories and enjoy them. It lets us see life as a narrative, infused with purpose and meaning. All this, because we can think instead of just doing.

Your consciousness dies every day when you go to sleep. It's like hopping in the transporter, having your atoms scattered and reconstructed thousands of miles away. You die every night, and a new you wakes up the next morning. If you think your consciousness isn't just a moderately helpfully byproduct of your brain, then get a little brain damage and see how it changes and suffers.

Hahahahaha! We're using our superior gifts to totally destroy the planet. What unique beings we truly are, eh?

Nope. Your conscience just ceases to exist, and you don't need to die to get there.

I do not believe in an after life, but I do think that something cannot merely end.

Yeah that’d be awesome if you were on a team of science and you made a Frankenstein thing like that. But it wouldn’t occur naturally. By the time the matter of your brain is part of another form of life, it would’ve already been broken down completely and it would be unlikely for it to be rearranged the same way. It wouldn’t be “you”

Occams razor

>must go somewhere
Why on earth would it have to go somewhere? If you switch off a light, does the light "go somewhere"?

>consciousness must go somewhere
How do you demonstrate this? When you went to sleep, did your consciousness go somewhere or did it simply stop?

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Your carbon will return to the planet to be re-used. Thats about as close to "not ending" we will get

What was the switch though?

"life energy" isn't a thing

It's always there. There is no place to go.
Body and Mind are Anode and Cathode, Consciousness is the current.
Charge is everywhere. In your body, in the atmosphere.

When you enter your room and it's dark you switch on the light, the light does not go away or come back. It's either on or off.
It's the same in everything.

Lack of information !=something doesn't exist.
All the available information says there is more than what we know here.

I don’t think a light has anything to do with the human consciousness.

Yes it is. It exists in all living things. It can be measured.

>we are unique beings
While true in the very elementary sense that there are no other sentient, self aware creatures without mental capabilities on the planet; this is no way implies divine creation or any kind of afterlife.

Who the fuck is being "reborn"?
Niggas dies, others fuck and have kids. And with the human population always growing, where are these extra souls coming from? Souls performing mitosis or some shit when people die?

with our

it goes back to source where it's analyzed for anything of value learned in your experience


This is the best answer.

Yes, light continues outward from the source forever until it hits something. We still see the light from exploded stars even tho they've gone out long ago

Cats and dogs are learning from us how to access their own consciousness user. They have been influenced by us for thousands of years.

>how do people just keep dying and being reborn
fucking excuse me?

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I did. You're making the assumption that since we haven't found evidence of consciousness that it doesn't exist. Occam's Razor "explains" why god doesn't "exist," too.
It is a selfish human concept.

it transfers into a loli's body

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Then what is a soul/ your consciousness? user get into deep meditation or experience ego death and you will learn that there's things in this existence that are far beyond human understanding..this realm this dimension there is much more to this and you and I. Get really good at meditation/get closer to opening your third eye and you'll learn that you can detect lifeforms and other unworldly things, although animals are much better with this than humans, same reason why babies and dogs can see "ghosts"

and then my penis slowly gets diamonds

This there is more to what that meets the eye

Retake your science classes.


Occam's Razor is much like an Archbishop saying Christ is the only answer.
It is lazy stupid self-fullfilling prophecy that drowns creative thinking.

this is true

Consciousness is nothing but electrical signals flowing through the brain.
The soul lives in the brain.

First, define consciousness.

My science classes tell me the Big Bang is a real thing. An event that contradicts human scientific theory.

there is no proof that it does
>there is no proof that it doesnt.
thus we have faith......because if there was proof. it would be calledlogical conclusions.

Nope, earth is a jail and you will be here forever

History has been rewritten a million times

We could go to other planets if dumbfucks in our world governments weren't so hell-bent on blowing each other up in wars and hogging all the resources for the super-rich.

>history has been rewritten
Not the real history. Not scientific history.
It's just been corrected.

And the idea of a finite universe was corrected decades ago.

When you turn off a light, the light has to go somewhere right?

Sorry my dude but what you call consciousness is just a bunch of electric stimulation in your brain

Now I doubt you ever took them. Go to your science classes

There is literally no evidence of this.


>what is electromagnetism
Ego Death all fine and good but some people just don't get it.
As if getting rid of Ego was first of all possible and second of all beneficial in any shape or form.
Every human being acquires personality, some form of coating that is useful to the growth of essence, growth of understanding.
It is like the eggwhite and the yolk. Any seed surrounds itself with material it feeds off. And that ought to be personality in man.
But in many people personality just takes charge. And some realize this, thus talk about ego death - believing - that the ego must be killed or some shenanigans. Which is really stupid. Usually notions of acid burnouts in the making.

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When you zero out a hard drive, where does the information go? In theory, when you die, you simply cease to exist.

But there's no fucking way, as far as I know, for us to be sure about whether or not something comes after.

Science doesn't agree with you, fatalist.

Souls don't exist.

We are created by environmental circumstances,(rich/poor), our physiology(genes, etc), and if you are a natural born fighter or quitter(suicidal people).


There is litteraly a ton, try the website called

Who says death is akin to "zeroing out a hard drive?"

How do you know what is real history and what is false? You don't even know how many fingers or toes an average human being has


No it can't

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>look it up
so nothing but your word

There is literally no evidence that conscienceless is the end result of chemicals and electric stimulation. Stop being a faggot and assuming everyone is dumb enough to believe your shit boomer

you sound like a trumper

Yes it can
through heartbeat

dead bodies don't have these things

I am guessing the average is somewhere between 8 and 12.

I'm afraid of dying, I wanna live forever, I don't want to just cease to exist and forget about everrything I lived.

I'm not interested in politics

Well, when we fuck with people's brains, their consciousness gets correspondingly fucked with, so that suggests a relationship.

Great thread, stay awake Cred Forums.

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True but the consciousness is shaped by the vessel and without it, it falls apart.

Then you're a realistic person!
Don't forget the decimals

It's like saying gasoline is the car
you are lazy faggot


You're entire "ego" doesnt die but you certainly become more awoken in a sense if done correctly, every man to an extent has pride of some shape or form, when I personally say "ego death " I refer to the realization that a person gains once they realize that there are things bigger than themselves and that all this bullshit, that themselves arent the biggest fish