Saki tanoshii - Leaks for Chapter 165


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I like this pic, it has some Aiura vibes...
and the mad woman did it again.

Vanguard match is over? Well they were in the South round already, and Ritz can wrap up the remaining hands in this chapter. Also all players had some nice scenes already.

and according to the pic the final points probably were
Toki / Senriyama 120800
Subara / Shindouji 100800
Suzu / Himematsu 94600
Naruka / Usuzan 83800


note to self: add the pic next time

Senriyama talking

Last pic for now with some nice legs of Nodoka and Yuuki.

Next chapter October 7 without delay, yay!

And do I see an untoned Kana on the previous page?

Next Stop: Page 10.

I know ;_;
Well, I will dump the raw or chinese scan when it appears, but I don't have time now to keep this thread alive. See you in the next one.


>Suzu going minus
That poor forehead.

Jesus Christ, ritz isn't trying anymore

>I'm looking forward to Saki live action. If I knew this would happend maybe I should have drawn more normal clothes.
>Kobayashi Ritz

I think Ryuuka just surpassed Nodotits here.

There's one thing to have tits bigger than your head, but another to have tits bigger than your entire upper body.

> If I knew this would happend
does she mean recently or at the start of the series?

page 10 already?

LA announcement was like a carpet bombing on the already dying village of tanoshii. I can only hope some of us escaped to some bunker safe from Ritz-tyranny.

I can't believe there was something worse than the tragedy of Triple Release Day.
September 2nd will forever be known as the day that the tanoshii died.

Is she saying she does not want girls in skimpy clothes playing mahjong?

Ritz know that 3D trying to emulate 2D fashion is just pure horror.

The opposite is fine though.

We will have ping pong tanoshii next month. Can it be the spiritual successor of Saki?

(I did never read the manga but it was mentioned a few times in Saki thread in the past).

October the third can't come soon enough, it seems. Oh wait, wrong series.

by MS

Another Saki chapter without Saki probably.
How many more chapters until setting the record? I think it was 7 in a row.

>If I knew this would happend maybe I should have drawn more normal clothes.
Oh God, I hope this doesn't mean the fashion is going to take a hit from now on, that's like one of the best things about Saki.

Oh baby.

I see Kana (right) and Mihoko (left) ghost images in this pic.

>loser coke


Inoue Jun's birthday = 9/14

Kakura Kurumi = 9/15

I wanna fuck him.

Glad Ritz hasn't forgotten how to draw sexy legs with all of the upgraded tits.

>vertical lines behind complex kanji
Thanks for breaking Google TL, Ritz.

>実写化 すばらです!!
>Live action is Subara!!

"The vanguard match is over!"
Next up: 5th place sergeants

Remember this Nodoka fig from Summer Comiket?


should be a reply to


So she's going to get a job at a Bunny cafe?

it's possible

Too far, Ritz.

>live action is subara
And here we see Ritz using the still warm corpse of the saki series as a disgusting puppet for their evil ambitions

3DPD - fixed


save us Kyouka

My bet is on 1 page. But I don't know, maybe sergeant matches actually last longer without Mako.

The year of Kyouka turned out to be nothing but pain.
She was a false prophet

Being proclaimed a false prophet by people who have blindly followed tbe Ritz for more than 10 years should almost be an honour.

Nishida's going to miss it!

She better hurry. It's a 3.5+ hour drive from Lake Goldfish to the tournament hall.

Didn't she take the Shinkansen?

I think the nearest Shinkansen stop is Ueda, and according to google it still takes 100 minutes to get there from the camp. Road system in Nagano is sort of all directed towards the capital regions so traveling within the prefecture can be more cumbersome than you think.



Maho looks strangely frightened as she walks in.

What are her senpais doing?

alternate top

Subara is also looking towards the camera, indicating there's some sort of crawling creepy uncle type taking the picture from a lower angle.


It's just Ritz being Ritz.

So they're making upgraded Nodotits figure now.


Looks pretty good, but it would've been better if they used an outfit she actually wore in the series.

Muro actually looks cute there.


live futaba:

Midget a cute.

Art is wonderful.


>about Saki
I'm actually really surprised they haven't made a Toki figure yet.

I just want a Ryuuka or Toki figure

>mfw all the sakis get a fig

How much dough would Ritz being drowning in?

I better start saving just in case.

They need to be a matching set, with handholding or lap pillowing.

I always thought there were more Saki-figs, but turns out some of them are amateur made.

That reminds me.
You many only post in Saki threads if you own the Teru Nendo. I seriously hope nobody here is disobeying this rule.

This will be the least relevant match in the history of irrelevant matches.


>super ace of second strongest team
>cheat ability future sign
>awaken new power
>only +20000

Toki is such a joke.


Fuck you Ritz.


Someone please marry this farmer girl already.

I'm sure this is crossing some line somewhere. Damn it Ritz.

You do remember she was in the hospital only a few hours before this match, right? It's retarded to expect a top performance from her right now.

You forgot that Toki helped Naruka and Subara to win some hands because she wanted to stop Himematsu.

Toki can only see the future, she still needs to complete her hand normally, and if she's too slow, the end will always be YOU LOSE.

Then don't play.

Not only does she disrespect her opponent for not playing at her full strength, she is also stealing the opportunity for more competent Senriyama player to play, like her senior.

tl;dr: toki a shit

That's some retarded logic.

Dishonorable scum.

She's still better than anyone on the table.

>Toki is such a joke.
It's only a hanchan. If you compare it to two hanchans in the previous rounds, she would get around +41,600, Kirama around +1600, Suzu around -10,800 and Naruka around -32,400.


Why? None of them even have powers because they're too minor for Ritz to create ones for.
Is Ritz really going to waste paper showing which team's literally who can choke the least?


30 yen battle will be without any powers as well.

>scale 1:4
it's fucking huge

>17 inches tall
>25k yen
That's practically a statue.

Wow Ritz, this is just ridiculous now.

No one.
None want this.

Ritz wants it, and you know whatever Ritz wants, Ritz gets.

next chapter: Saki wakes up, gets ready, enters the common room: Hiroe and Sara are playing.

You foolish souls, how little you know of what awaits us
>The year is 2018
>The age of 'punished' tanoshii continues and so does Ritz's anger
>We eagerly await the 3rd live action season of Saki, where we finally find out whether Saki will get back together with her boyfriend Kyoutarou
>a Toki live action series has been announced
>there exists no more hope for a new anime
>Leaks have just surfaced of the 20th chapter of the 5th place Sergeant match, there is no end in sight
This is the glossy future.

>there exists no more hope
This is good news though. But honestly though the segeant will not be long, not enough tits to draw for Ritz will make it painful for both parties.

No, you love it.

next birthday:
Kataoka Yuuki = 9/16

>Subara upgrade


We must eliminate Ritz before she ruin Saki/Shizuno.

Shizu was born ruined.

Fuck you. At least she is not dying.

I'm looking forward to seeing the 9th place match.

We'll see beach mahjong with Miyamori and Eisui probably.


Lewding Subara feels so wrong, even more wrong when we likely won't be seeing any more after vanguard ends.

Ritz will waste everybody's time with Nodoka/Tacos MS flashback.

Ritz has no talent in writing

I think she probably has some decent ideas but is often lacking in how to transfer it to readers. Meaning that hardcore fans will swallow it, because we always fill in the gaps and make the best possible interpretation, but as stand alone fiction it could probably be more carefully made.

Explain Shinohayu then.

Igarashi only draws.

I don't have a problem with Ritz's writing like some do but I can explain the difference in quality.
Consider that Shinohayu was written after Ritz had 7 years of experience with Saki and Achiga. She also finally had the chance to write a story with a fresh premise divorced somewhat from the current story.

The biggest regret I had with this series is knowing that Achiga is rushed as shit.

To be fair I got in the damn franchise with Achiga. Shit if Ritz want to stall, she should've reboot Achiga instead of making loser-hen/live adaptation.

As I am a blind follower of Ritz I hope that some parts about Achiga is deliberately cut out from the spin off, because they'll be included in the final as flashbacks. With that said, yeah the manga is rushed as shit. With anime pacing it wasn't as bad, but it's still a different tone from the main series.

Achiga's rushed if you consider it to be an independent work.

don't toki, thread

Subaru will probably hang out with Tacos during the individual tournament.

Fuck you, Ritz.


There are figuratively thousands of way to delays things out instead of a live action.

Why does Ritz hurt us so?

This is another example, release the Teru nendo already Ritz.

Fuck this bitch though.

I don't even want to think of the upgrade monstrosities each character will have by the time of individuals.

It will be a field of boobs as far as the eye can see.

>Jindai and Kasumi, what lolis, even Hatsumi is bigger than them.

More like a mountain range of boobs, only then will Ritz be happy.
Soon it will be Hiroe's turn

Only to pay for the IPS implantation.

Never say "live" in a Saki thread.

You better have your taco ingredients ready for tomorrow, anons.

Not sure if I want to see another one of those birthday altar dinner pictures.


Please god no. Like, please no hell no. The 5 girls + legend are the most boring, uninteresting main cast ever.

If anything I want a Shiraitodai spinoff.

The counterargument would be that the rushed nature of the series makes it difficult to properly the Achiga girls, no?

>If anything I want a Shiraitodai spinoff.

That'll never happen till the secret is revealed.

tbf they did make the original Saki series this far without really mentioning the reveal. The issue though would be it would be risk being too similar to Saki if it's just about Teru being the new girl who absolutely wrecks everybody.

sasuga futaba


even yaraon has noticed it

Doesn't have to be about Teru's past. Just her rookie and second year at shirai.


chinese scans are out

In the last chapter, South 2 started with Subara as dealer.

Toki 124100
Suzu 95700
Subara 92700
Naruka 87500

3 hands remain

nice starting hand with 2 dora and without high tiles (which means that Suzu is still attracting them).

explosion coming...

Tenpai with possible suuankou yakuman. Suzu doesn't declare riichi, waiting one round.

Subara discards a dora

My Toki folder just keeps on growing.

after waiting one round, Suzu declares riichi but is ronned by Subara (as a dealer, she would lose too many points, so this yakuman hand was stopped).

Toki 124100
Subara 98500
Suzu 89900
Naruka 87500

Subara subara!

I wonder if this was deliberated or if it was because of the incoming deadline.

You know what is coming next, right?

yay, rough lineart and untoned page!

I think that Toki couldn't stop Suzu.

South 2 1 honba, Subara still dealer.

I suspect the first panel is just the same one from two pages before but the unfinished version.

fast forwarding through the remaining hands...

We could've had another spinoff right around now about Awaii's past.

Maybe set up some motive for Awaii to perform in the final, making us sympathize and root for her.

Instead we got loser-hen/live action.

and Toki rons Suzu in the last hand.

the points in are correct

Toki / Senriyama 120800
Subara / Shindouji 100800
Suzu / Himematsu 94600
Naruka / Usuzan 83800

Suzu didn't loose too many points, but is 26,200 points behind Senriyama. Yay for Subara with positive points. And perhaps the 83800 are also a (positive) record for Naruka (need to check this).

another unfinished page

That's not Ryuka.

What do the lower numbers mean?

Look more carefully.

and the last page.

Next chapter in October 7.

Ahh I see what you mean, expect a sumimasen soon.

they are the difference of points achieved by the player (since they started with 100,000 points it's easy to calculate). Three values are wrong, that's why the cn translation has a TN with the correct values at the top.

Ah, I see. Ritz could not leave her darling Nodoka suffer the rough sketchy fate.

+ Cute Subara
+ Cute Toki
+ Cool looking bomb Suzu
+ Vanguard match finally over
+ No delay

- Tumor tits on Ryuuka
- Insufficient toning

All in all good chapter.

- Nodoka knees on that last page

Yeah, and one way to avoid that would be to make Teru's story about dealing with things, not having some total secret.

Would still need to show mom, or make a point of not showing her.

I believe that show is on the CW now. Awai came from outer space, only to find her younger cousin is now older than her, and a big time hero, so she has to fit in the only way she knows how.

Weird knee gets taken out by nice Toki thigh .


Literally four lines that she had to draw. A little squiggly, but still just lines.


Maho can't unsee that!

toki thread
toki fanbase
toki saki
fuck ritz


Farewell Toki, see you soon enough.

no toki no

Not even leaks could save tanoshii

>fuck ritz


But would you impregnate her?


Himeko kawaii!

Himeko a lewd. Something about sharing wifi passcodes here.


It still bothers me how she's bigger than Mairu.

Finals never

Of course not, she should be the one to impregnate me.

The real question is why are her sleeves too long?

Can you live without real life mahjong?

For a few months, easily.

I haven't played it in years. Fucking rigged shit.

Virtual mahjong is just as good, right?

I'm so happy we're getting these Nodoka silhouettes back. There was an era when they were distinctly lacking.



The dragon can't fly anymore like she used to.




>ryuuka then
>ryuuka now - bigger than Kasumi
What went wrong



Made for Paizuri

I wish I saved the "Toyone, you're a freak" back when someone posted it every thread. I never see it anymore.

>Achiga days
What a time to be alive.

She always was special in that she was probably the only Aguri character to ever be drawn with cowtits, meaning Ritz really really though Ryuuka-tits were uncompromisable.

Do we still hate Achiga or can I finally come out from under my rock?

Toki Ryuka's chest.
Welcome Ryuka's udder.

Only good thing about Achiga was Shindoji and Senriyama. Everything else was shit.

We have always loved Achiga.

Still shit.

Tanoshii is too Toki to be divided by Achiga like/hate at this point anyway.

This. Those schools were the only thing preventing it from being an unmitigated disaster.

Man, those boobs really looks unnatural.
Igarashi don't know what's tits are.

>rewatching Achiga-hen
>enjoy it much more than before

Just felt the same thing when I rewatched it last week. Maybe it's because you already know the characters so the introduction doesn't feel so rushed, or that you sort of have more sympathy for Harue after reading Shinohayu.


She is a Great Old One not kryptonian.

* Shiraitodai's Teru, Sumire, and Awai
* Kouko and Sukoyan as commentators
* Wakannee and Eiri as commentators
* Kentani was also fun - tea ceremony club that started playing mahjong

from futaba



owari da

I still hate Achiga.

But t/a/noshii is so dead that we can't even have any shitstorms anymore.

Can this forgotten hero save t/a/noshii from Toki?

What is that?

I definitely recognize this, but don't remember at all why it became a thing.

It was used to calm people when they were fighting over Achiga-hen.

I don't remember what that is but I'm sure daxing dan has something to do with it.


It was featured in a cat biyori chapter. I wonder how many Ikedas died while trying that thing.

"Don't bump. Don't bump. Just observe."

See? OP did great, he didn't bump the thread.

Really sad to see even denkipan becoming a symbol of toki.

Happy Taco Day

also 9/16 = Mexican Independence Day

¡Vivan las chicas sin pantsu!
¡Viva Yuuki! ¡Viva Saki! ¡Viva Shino! ¡Viva Toki!
¡Viva Ritz!
¡Viva t/a/noshii! ¡Viva t/a/noshii! ¡Viva t/a/noshii!

This looks great and I will buy the hell out of it but I'm legitimately worried about it being too top heavy.

+50000 Teru
+20000 Satoha
-30000 djey
-40000 kuro

Achiga the spinoff is okay.

Achiga the team? not so fast.

Kuro is one of the nicest girl in the Sakiverse.

And she has a hidden tragic past as delinquent.

She could be an interesting/tragic character had Ritz take it slow.

Can't wait to see her again.

Poor Kuro.

You will need to bolt it down.

Just watch. Ritz will end the finals in East 1 of the vanguard match, Super Yuuki will spread her Taco for everyone to see and all will be well.

Awai is not old user!


Reminder: You will never (be) impregnate(d by) any of the Sakis, Tokis, -hayus or Ritz's.

The only one Yuuki spreads her taco for is Kyou-chan.

That wouldn't make much sense, seeing how he was the one that made them tacos in the first place.

You weren't thinking of something lewd, were you? Filthy pervert.

>grade 100
>not old

Her concept of time is not the same as ours.

Neither is her concept of breasts.


Not sure if this is how non-Euclidean geometry works, Ritz.

Is Ritz giving Yuuki her glamorous beach body as birthday gift?

That was a metaphor user, you know, the thing that comes after a metathree.

Why are you ruining taco day, Toki?




>2.32 MB

Kill .gif already.


Good night, tanoshii. See you next thread.

Toki's not dead, she's just sleeping, like the Goldfishes

>maybe I should have drawn more normal clothes.

Yay, Halime always in proper normal clothes!



fucking autocorrect with a fresh installed system.


Why else do you think it's going to be a late night TV series?

That's definitely not a man right user?

>smaller rings wrong thickness


>Amiami selling Nodoka for 19k
I will take the shipping up the butt for Ritz though.

That's not all you're getting up the butt.

Vanguard finals dream scenario: Yukki takes the chuuren pooto yakuman hit from Teru, but then makes a comeback in avatar mode. Yuuki is dressed in a matador outfit with red cape, and Teru is the charging bull. Yuuki is throwing picos into Teru with every pon & chi, as wild Mexican music plays in the background. Finally, she hits Teru with a yakuman as the matador sword flashes.

The birthday streak continues:
Yoshitome Miharu = 9/17

>5k yen lower than in
How did THAT happen.

Miharun! Congratulations!

and Ritz, leave them alone, they don't need improvements.

Don't give Ritz ideas! Her editors said the Toki spinoff was a bad idea, and look what happened!

>Her editors said the Toki spinoff was a bad idea
Is this legit?


>and look what happened!
怜-Toki is a masterpiece