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Is Freyja kill?

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>Makina recuperates enough to walk and comes along to rescue Mikumo
>takes a shot in her other kidney for Mikumo







>Makina having to gobble deathflags for her
We can only hope.

what is this, a middle aged dying hag for ants?


OP here, sorry about that.

>liking a leper


Really? Despite it being cruel I think it would be a beautifull thing to do to give her life in a way to safe the galaxy. It's actually the kind of thing I'd find fitting her personallity

Either she has long life or she has cancer on her hair. You can't really get around this without an ending where Mikumo rewires Windemere people at the genetic level. And if the writers go with that, then the future of the Macross setting would end up in a really weird place where crossbreeding into transhumanism (or Mikumohumanism) is the best ending for Protoculture.

That'd make Freyja out to be some sort of messiah which I find unfitting for a simple country girl like her. Especially with Mikumo already being the goddess here. Besides, we haven't had a lolhappy ending since the Frontier TV show and that was shitty. Last ending we got was Frontier 2 movie, and that was depressing. I wouldn't mind a happy bittersweet ending done right.

>Frontier 2 movie, and that was depressing
>it's almost 2017
>people still didn't get the Frontier movie's ending

Why do you say that? I really don't think why people even think this when Heinz used a lot more of his singing power and he's still fucking alive. So, why would the last two episodes all of a sudden kill Freyja?

>Freyja becomes Windemere Jesus
>the surviving knights become her prophets, spreading the Gospel of Gori Gori throughout the galaxy

He's probably a ranka fag

> unfitting for a simple country girl like her.
jeanne says hi

Speak for yourself, I've wanted her to have a full long human life span since episode 17. Shiwa shiwa obasan and ojiisan tease. Can't back out now. Shouldn't have teased it if it wasn't gonna happen

>people still complaining about Frontier endings

I got what I wanted.

>People even caring about Frontier

You have a oldfag and a fucking genki with a shitty voice that's not fitting to her design.

>Gospel of Gori Gori

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Freyja Wion?

If she does get a lifespan fix and ends up with Hayate, I wonder if they'd go the 7 route and have the two appear in a new show but separated like Max and Milia. Macross loves parallels.

>the surviving knights become her prophets, spreading the Gospel of Gori Gori throughout the galaxy
>spreading the Gospel of Gori Gori throughout the galaxy
>Gospel of Gori Gori

I want Freyja to at least get full on song cancer while powering through to Mikumo before getting cured.

>Hayate became Tom Cruise
>Freyja constantly makes angry dere songs about him

Max and Milia didn't work out because genius couples don't work. Too headstrong.

Freyja and Hayate are about unmei and maximum understanding and attunement to each other.

I sure hope so

> Freyja is half way through her life
> Macross Delta
> Triangle
> Love triangle
> Three sides
> Robot that tranforms into 3 modes
HOLY. SHIT. Is it confirmed?


>Their kid becomes new worst girl/boy

Top-down shooter flash game when?


Walkure in these outfits

could anything have saved macross delta

which would u fug first

>Freyja gets a silly apron cloth

Took me a while to realize where you're getting at. Don't you dare fucking day it.

Messer's bracelet

Valve cares too much about those esports bux anyways.

TV Frontier ending makes perfect sense.

>Max and Milia didn't work out because genius couples don't work
Max and Mila didn't work out because marriage either ends with divorce or frustrated partners hating each other.

How would that make him a Rankafag? Maybe he just wanted something better than Alto getting launched into the next galaxy.

What the hell are you talking ab-

If NUNS fleet appears in the end, I hope we see some Zentradi mechs fighting alongside valks.

Japanese Wiki says that the evil NUNS guy has been defeated in the 15 episode.

That couldn't possibly be the entire fleet as a whole.

What do you expect? Max and Milia married a day after they met.

>Freyja gets a silly apron cloth

It's because she's Hayate's waifu

I rewatched that part again and I don't see Valak dying anywhere, so I will assume for now he's still alive.

There's that too.


It's hilarious how useless she was. Even her prophecy was wrong.

At least she got the D.

Jeanne was a fucking failure at everything she tried to do and at the end she bailed out of her prophecy crap after succumbing to the power of the D.


Himiko should've gone with the monkey.

She just didn't expect to get cucked in future lives as well.


What do you think will change in a Delta movie?

Freyja will get to be the Star Singer this time.

Nobunaga only ended up that way because Kawamori thought it would be cool if he let the tarot dictate where the story went.
All of his ideas flop because there is a reason why people don't do them.

great fanwank

>replacing Mikumo
If anything, Hayate should develop a relationship with Mikumo instead.

Messer lives.

Is Kawamori the Romero of anime? A legendary idea guy who goes off the rails if nobody is there to tell him to calm down.

I thought the tarot thing was pretty neat. The problem with ZA FOORU is the bloated cast.

she has literally zero character and has only interacted with him once in the entire series

That's what a movie can fix, macross movies are known to fix (to a degree) awfully shit characters and relationships.

I think an alteration a proposed movie would do is to make Hayate already a pilot, waiting for a singer to be assigned to, which would be Freyja of course. Mirage could start off as a close friend to Hayate if the triangle MUST stay, kind of like how Ranka started off as already friends with Alto in the Frontier movies.

>Delta movie
>implying a movie is going to happen.

I'll admit that I fucking love those jeannes.


No Hayate, no Freyja, no Mirage.

They can keep Hayate, just give him Messer's somewhat jaded personality and better piloting skills and a healthy dose of windernuke-related PTSD.

Messer gets wounded. Kaname feeds him while he's on his hospital bed.

María la del Barrio is a Mexican telenovela produced by Kawamori

No Hayate, no Freyja, no Mirage means no movie.

You have to go back

You are a rapist


Nothing, they just watch Macross 7 OVA on laserdisc

She should have listened to the mayor and got married at a reasonable age, who's going to want her now she's so far past the 'best before' date she's already going moldy?

You already got your reply in /m/.

She's still fine as a onahole.


Has he directed something that wasn't awful?

Probably more concerts with proper animation.
Hopefully more dancing VFs.
No catplanet.

Hayate wants her. Freyja is Hayate's special Hoina and he would give his life for her. Literally.

Would anyone give delta a second chance in the movies?
Everyone hates it in Japan.

>Everyone hates it in Japan.
Yeah, this is why it's selling well and popular in magazines, right?

>selling well and popular in magazines
Underperforming and newtype polls mean nothing.

We live in a new age where every arsehole has a platform to shout their hot opinions from so no matter what, everything that ever comes out is going to get shat all over and anything you say will be met with more shit-slinging.

As long as it has cute girls, cool planes and is part of a popular franchise it will do just fine in Japan no matter what.

Evol sold pretty well but literally no one gives a shit about it, not even Japan.

>When you see me dance, your rune is gonna pika so hard!

Asspull incoming.

Evol was supposed to get the movie treatment also but the discs weren't good enough for the higher ups to give the go sign.
The online response on 2ch, glaring disinterest on twitter, noticeable decline in sales for the second single, current preorder ranking on amazon for the second album (despite being released in less than two weeks, and sudden announcement of an event ticket raffle being bundled with the 3rd volume make me think that everyone involved is in a panic.

That's what happens when best girl loses.

But Freyja will win.

>Evol was supposed to get the movie treatment also but the discs weren't good enough for the higher ups to give the go sign.
Damn. Evol needed a fix so much.

I mean Evol. Not sure what to say about Delta but as far as I know it seems to be selling well. Might get a movie. Just not two like Frontier.

Freyja a shit

vol 01 9,638
vol 02 7,830
vol 03 6,571
vol 04 6,439
vol 05 5,734
vol 06 5,220
vol 07 5,337
vol 08 4,933
vol 09 5,509

vol 01 13,116 (13,031 stalker points)
vol 02 9,059 (10,510 stalker points)
vol 03 ??? (9/27 release with 10,159 stalker points currently)

Yeah, maybe it could get a movie, but I don't think one movie is enough to fix all of its problems.

Japan just needs a two hour idol movie. Straight up idol concerts, no Windermere plot bullshit or even plane action. The series reducing the idol acts to awkward and often botched battle augments in cour 2 was awful, nevermind the depression arc.

>Straight up idol concerts, no Windermere plot bullshit or even plane action.
Kill me now and end this suffering.

Did you want to watch Windermere knights shit on everyone effortlessly in three fight sequences lasting 20-25 min? That would literally be the first half of the movie.

Can Hayate HEAL him?

>yfw he cucks Roid

What problems? Its biggest problem is pacing and that can easily be fixed in a movie.

Make Delta competent for the movie, problem solved. Windermere still wins during the first scenes but people die (we can kill two Deltas and the twins and Cassim or Bogue) so there's an actual sense of danger for once.

The pacing can be fixed, but if the writer can't even juggle his characters around properly in a full 2 cour show, how is he going to do that in less than 2 hours?

It's not like movies are made for expanding upon characters as well as a show. Could you honestly say DYRL Misa is just as cool as SDF Misa? TV Michael as well done as Movie Michael? This won't ve a problem in a Delta movie. Hell it's not even that bad in the show to begin with.

Delta is strong on merchandising, but that's really it.

>Walkure is basically a successful version of the Jamming Birds from Macross 7


Not like that merchandise is going to sell much if the anime is mediocre

We should have gotten a scene like this episodes ago. At this point it's all or nothing Hayate and Freyja will end up together in the end or else those episodes of suffering and exposition were a complete waste of our time.



But it's actually decent.

Find some good things to say about the 2nd cour please that would make it qualify as being called decent.



What went wrong?

Moments like this. Last 3 episodes were good too.

Mecha is dying.

Simply because bad mecha keeps being produced. When was the last time we had an actually good mecha anime? Cross ange? Even that went to absolute shit during the end.

This guy

cross ange was absolute dogshit from the beginning

Active Raid is pretty good.

The entire God Bless You scene was so fucking heartwarming. Truly the most heartboner-inducing thing all series.

Is it just me or was the art a lot better than usual this episode? It felt like characters were on model the entire time which hasn't been true for almost the whole show. It looked really nice.

Last 5 or 6 episodes were actually planned. At least that's what I believe.

There will be a movie,

but it won't fix anything.

Because it will be a sequel.

>yfw sequel movie makes Mirage the winner

I think you mean moment as in the singular.

Hayate and Freyja had more sweet moments together after episode 16 though.


So the director was think about make a third force but end up not really happening.
And he very pride about he did a great job of Mirage's development.

Wait wat.

So he's very proud to made Mirage being a dick craving chick for almost entire of second cour?

Feels like they seriously think they did a lot for her(and other characters), but audiences never able to get the messages due to shitty writing.

Is this Kawamori or Yasuda


So they honestly believe Mirage was well written. That means she still has a chance at winning the Hayatebowl. She could win and they wouldn't think it was an asspull. Wait, did the writers think Ranka was well written as well?

Not sure, but i remember Kawamori said something like "Ranka is so cute, why people don't like her?"

Ranka was well writer user, she actually has personality but not a likable one.

>Ranka is so cute, why people don't like her?

My sides

Ranka is cute even she has an annoying mopey side in TV but Sheryl is much better.

I almost want to purchase a box of onaholes so I can leave it in front of Kawamori's office.

Don't blame him user, he even planned to make Mirage an ace but the other rejected his idea. Leave it in front of Yasuda's office instead.

> At this point it's all or nothing Hayate and Freyja will end up together in the end or else those episodes of suffering and exposition were a complete waste of our time
Are you getting Frontier PTSD?

Vol.3 has an event ticket for the 2nd concert of Walkure (january 2017) so it will sell like Vol.1.

Not that's user but Sheryl was suffering too wasn't she?


Walkure concert:


>"You both are my wings!"
>"we don't know who of us will win the Altobowl, but we both will be keep trying and will be friends no matter who wins"
>but that's another story because the one we were telling (the Vajra wars) has ended
That's not an unresolved ending, that's an ending on itself

This has always been the Macross franchise in a nutshell

Just a reminder.

Newtype poll
4th place: Hayate Immelmann

7th place: Freyja Wion
9th place: Mikumo Guynemer

3rd place: Macross Delta

We haven't seen bridge bunnies since what episode?

How was Ranka not well written? She was never meant to be a serious love interest but a little sister figure. Aside of forced triangle shit to get audience watch the movies Ranka went from kid who relied on everyone to act, specially Alto, to someone who broke free and acted on her own will, breaking off Alto.

Grace took advantage, but she was ultimately right. While Sheryl and Alto acted as willing pawns to Leon for a while.

It's just another Sheryl case.

Healing and extended lifespan end con-fucking-firmed.

Wait, isn't Epsilon a third force? Isn't NUNS a fourth one?

>And he very pride about he did a great job of Mirage's development.

I picked up newtype to confirm this but also your translation is wrong
Initially in the planning phase, they only had some vague ideas about there being a third force, and it certainly wasn't as elaborate as it is now with Epsilon and its space muslim.
Also Yasuda wasn't really saying he was proud but that he thinks they did carefully portray how her encounter with Hayate and Freyja changed her

>Also Yasuda wasn't really saying he was proud but that he thinks they did carefully portray how her encounter with Hayate and Freyja changed her
That sounds better, If this is indeed the case. Because let's be clear, they shit on Mirage in the second part. She had no story relevance and character development aside her dere and blushing moments.

Hayate and Freyja changing her slowly is in the story although not executed very well till we reach episode 20.

Because for a lot of people not liking a character equals them not being well written. Personally I thought Ranka had a good character arc and she grew up a lot by the end. The Ranka from the first eps would never have gone to search for the Vajra knowing Alto was against it.

Also, the bit about Sheryl and Alto reminds me a lot of how certain Windies are acting. Heinz sings like Sheryl (and Ranka) did because he's been told by everyone it's the right thing to do to protect his planet, even though he has doubts; and Bogue and Alto are not that different in their hate for the ones they think are the culprits behind the death of their loved ones or the destruction of their home.

This makes more sense. Thanks, user.

Thanks user.

She is big weeb.


Alto/Sheryl = Bogue/Heinz

I never noticed this. They are very much alike. Odd that it isn't Keith who is like Alto but still.

I can almost imagine Delta being told from Mirage's perspective as she deals with constant rejection from the pilot she has feelings for. It would be very reminiscent of SDF and its theme of unrequited love. Mirage is our new Hikaru.

Keith isn't hothead and impulsive like Alto. Bogue is, though.

Heinz is also like Ranka a lot. They both have doubts, but of course Ranka is older and thanks to her connection with the Vajra she realized by now that helping kill them was wrong. Sheryl was a pawn, but she didn't have any information regarding the Vajra and, anyways, her desire to protect Frontier was genuine.

Who is her Misa?


No one.

>Mirage is our new Hikaru.
Mirage is not that bad

>Mirage is our new Hikaru.

Sounds accurate.

Hikaru was hungry for Minmay's fortune cookie and Mirage is hungry for Hayate's dick. And both aren't even serious love prospects from their love interests pov.

Mirage's Misa will be Bogue after they have a knife fight

Nah, it will be Keith

Thanks user, though
>he thinks they did carefully portray how her encounter with Hayate and Freyja changed her

What to try to done isn't wrong, but seems they done it pretty poorly.

>Mirage is our new Hikaru.
Staff seems also failed it, if that's what they trying to tell us.

How many...seconds Mirage ever encounter with Freyja after 24 episodes? like 60?

im going to assume the writers and staff count Mirage's growth "thanks to Hayate and Freyja" as Mirage always looking at them from the sidelines, while gasping and crying.

So can we assume they actually have decent idea about Mirage's development, but the writers end up botched this idea?


But she is a pilot on an idols show so she is secondary character at best

I think it's more like someone here said, that Nemoto has a clear idea of what to do with her character but the other writers don't.

I think another 'problem' is that Mirage is a quiet and instrospective character, unlike Freyja and Hayate who are loud and extroverted. This means that in certain scenes she appears mopey and silent, even though you can tell she's thinking about things. But this trait also makes for a good contrast with the other two, since she manages to be calm and collected when HayaFre are not.

Maybe they created a character that required higher writing skill but they don't have that person.

Vapid genki who gets all the love and attention because they're loud while the quieter introvert who might actually be cool if you talked to them is a pretty relatable theme for us autists

Freyja is friendly and care about everyone, she even work for Ragnyannyan instead of ded fish onee-san. That's the reason why everyone love her.

Same user. Anyways, example of this trait of Mirage include the talk she gave Hayate in ep 6, the talk she gives the both of them in ep 20, or most recently ep 23 when she tries to argue with the Knights that maybe they don't know the real truth (without giving any proof for this belief of her, which is pretty fail on her part, but better than shouting 'YOU ARE ALL WRONG BECAUSE MY RUNE SAYS SO' or saying flipantly that you don't believe your father did such a thing).

Mirage had lot of potential, shame it got axed

I think that one of the main problems is that Mirage got labeled as a "Main Character" when her personality isn't really suited for such a role. And then take into account that the other MCs are Hayate and Freyja whom are greatly extroverted and radiant in comparison.

Mirage would've done better if she was promoted as a supporting character and wasn't made to compete for MC spotlight against Hayate and Freyja.

>when her personality isn't really suited for such a role.
>a pilot in a mecha show isn't a main character

Wrong, they refused to promote flying and planes that is natural to a Macross show for more idol music and irrelevant antagonist drama.

The fact that Hayate never improved and has relied on song buffs for 20+ episodes is a testament to all of this. You'd think they would buff them and repurpose their views about killing after Messer's death? Kek no.

This is anime, in their heads they always have decent ideas waiting to be ruined by incompetent writing. Because having ideas is easy, pulling out the execution is hard.

Ranka shares some traits with Mirage, like being mostly introverted and mulling things over a lot, but since she was the most essential character to the plot she didn't get axed. I've seen and read plenty of stories with characters of this type as the protagonist, but they usually show them thinking and having internal monologues because they are told from their POV and can do so.

At least Ranka has someone who she can actually show her trueself while being with like Ozma and Brera. Mirage totally being introvert with everyone.

Then I guess it amounts to Mirage not getting the screentime that would allow us, the audience, to actually understand what she's thinking.

Because we can argue back and forth that Mirage thinks this and Mirage thinks that, but if we get 0 scenes of focus on her and her character growth, when she actually does something like in episode 20 where she was all "I'll protect you both" it comes off like a total asspull.

Viewers aren't going to go ahead and analyze every single little detail of her 30 seconds of screentime in every episode. They're going to base off on what they say and what's shoved in their faces.

Good character concept that was never allowed to do anything important so she just sort of became dead weight. It would only take one or two good scenes for her to be fine, but so much of the show got sucked into the gravity well of Freya and Hayate's relationship and song buffs that a lot of the other characters became cardboard cutouts for lack of screentime. Mirage is far from the only character to get this treatment, but it seems like much worse of a betrayal for her because of how many implicit promises were made given her focus and setup.

Time to ride the wind lads

>had a dream I was at a Basara live

Didn't understand the hype of VR until this very moment.

How did they end up from frontier sales to this?

Forgot my pic


By been terrible

Tha'ts not enough to sell so little, given how popular the franchise is.

You also have to take into account that Frontier came out 8 years ago. Back then people still actually bought shit instead of just downloading it like now. And Frontier also came out when MUH IDORU anime wasn't all over the fucking place. Not much competition.


You're right, but they're both from macross franchise, which has been out for ages and is super famous in Japan.

Frontier was a lightning strike, it hit all the popular marks at that time. It was very unlikely that Delta would be able to replicate that kind of success anyways, no matter the name. And 10K is really not bad at all especially with the CD sales it has.

Legacy doesn't really mean much when the audience changes and there's cheaper/free ways to get your hands on the episodes with good quality.

>listening to AXIA at work

might as well let Kaname end my workforce slave suffering

Recording wasn't as common place as it is now. Also it had pretty strong appeal to women who liked soap operas and I think they were the real target audience then.
The way Delta floundered in the second half though makes me think they didn't have a target audience in mind. I mean we can say idolshit yeah but the idol focus was p weak too especially with how they treated the new songs.

I wa expecting Hayate to do the carried-by-the-wind trick he did in one of the first few episodes.

>You'd think they would buff them and repurpose their views about killing after Messer's death? Kek no.

Well why does this have to be a repeat of previous shows? I'm not so sure about Mirage, but there's a reason Hayate refuses to kill and that's because he doesn't want to taint Freyja's songs with blood like he said last episode. It's new compared to someone like Alto who was all for using Aimo to massacre some bugs without even having to use his flight skills. It also shows how devoted he is to her compared to previous MCs, which is really nice.

It's called character development.

So he pretty much admitted that he would rather have Freyja killed than actually protect her?

Pilots like him who actively refuse to kill are a cancer killing the genre, he should be shonen MC.

Lack of innovation

The Macross franchise needs to get someone that does what Lee Iacocca did for Chrysler

Then what the fuck is doing on a PMC?

>So he pretty much admitted that he would rather have Freyja killed than actually protect her?

Well Idk about that. He tends to get pretty aggressive when Freyja is in danger so if push came to shove and Freyja was hurt (like an actual wound, something that would require medical attention), I think you can expect Hayate to lose his shit and start killing people left and right.

We don't really know how he'll react to Freyja getting the flakes. That might be the trigger that could make him go apeshit in the battlefield if he sees her life burning away right before his eyes.

wanted to dance in robots, ended up addicted to songs.

Chaos isn't a PMC.

Frontier's second half was carried by the soap opera melodrama. After ep 18 Alto/Sheryl fanart exploded in popularity, and both girls got lots of art from the female audience. With Delta the most popular pairing is MessaKana, but Messer is dead, and HayaFre doesn't have the same kind of adult appeal.

Who cares about the shitty anime? When is Walkure Trap coming out?

I'm here for music.


>So he pretty much admitted that he would rather have Freyja killed than actually protect her?

He has managed to protect her for the entire show without killing the one who was after her. He gas a choice. He's always had a choice. Guy has to respect his waifu's wishes. It's not like this is new anyways. Max was busy obliterating Zentradi with Milia watching in the backseat. Milia tells him to spare him and that's exactly was Max does. Now the same is happening with Hayate and Freyja.
He said he hated the military.

>his waifu

Delta's romantic plot is fucking slow. No kiss or sex scene from both girls because Yasuda literally throwing drama shit and angst on them.

Freyja never asked Hayate to not kill Windermemes, try again.

He saves her thanks to writer asspul upon asspull and drags the quality of the show. No one is asking him to become an edgelord but going out of his way not to kill while in a WAR and in a WARZONE is pretty much writing garbage.

At least give an argument instead of greentexting, (lolfag.


Two mistakes sorry about that.

At least post facts instead of headcanons. Freyja is literally sister-zoned.

>Freyja is literally sister-zoned.

trying this hard

You're writing garbage

He touched her clit.

What's the point of war when nobody is killing on another?

Why introduce a war when the writers don't want characters to kill?

Stop fighting, anons.
It's time to relax and have a Kumo.

Freyja didn't have to. She may be in Milia's position but in the end she isn't Milia. She has made it perfectly clear she wishes for her songs to promote peace and happiness. Hayate OBVIOUSLY understands this and doesn't want these songbuffs for killing her people just so the two can separate like how Alto and Ranka did. He's a hippy, like Basara. Except he's not afraid to use his cannons.

>What's the point of war when nobody is killing on another?

muh feel good war

No, Kumo got ruined like everything else, there's nothing to do but fight


>feel good triangle & war
>no one actually feel good

I don't really mind how they are handling the main triangle. Compared to Frontier's melodrama it's almost refreshing. But it's not as marketable as F's adult love story where Alto and Sheryl grew because of each other and Ranka had to give up her first love in order to mature. Well, to tell you the truth I think I prefer Delta's main trio when they are platonic with each other.

Kumo's gone, user! Kumo's gone.....taken by a pedophile.

Yeah, nah. Fuck off

No, you fuck off you fake doll

Ranka also wanted peace and happiness.

But didn't Hayate and Freya grow because of each other? Only difference is there's no sex or any physical contact really. Probably saving that for the end. Hopefully...

That's just writing garbage.


No! Your words make Kumo cry!
That filthy Roid will pay with his blood!

>Messer died, he won't get justice
>Makina gets shot, she won't get justice
>they're still shoving Windermere as good people

I feel bad for saying this but a crying Mikumo looks so beautiful.

The Xaos as the Macross equivalent of Google was done so the characters wouldn't have to be in active warfare. I think Kawamori noticed that Yasuda didn't feel comfortable about portraying wartime tension so he came up with the Xaos idea.
But then again this would go back to being Yasuda's fault because he was the one who convinced Kawamori that they needed an enemy to get their proposal passed.

Exactly. But Alto didn't. This time, both singer and pilot want peace so they can dance beautifully together again.

Zents glassed Earth and didn't get punished. Cry more.

Has this even happened since

Zents lost entire fleets and a fuckton of pilots, try again.

>Decades later their entire race is disgraced by Mirage's birth
>implying this wasn't their punishment

Everyone looked exceptionally beautiful and detailed this episode.

Well, at least we got rune touching and eye fuck.

That's exactly what's going to happen to the windies. Those creepy ruins they keep summoning can't bring something good. That butthole that appeared his week looks like it will unleash an eldritch abomination or something.

>Messer died, he won't get justice
Neither did Roy, Kakizaki, or Michael.
>Makina gets shot, she won't get justice
Neither did the thousands that died in each of the Macross fleets we followed.
>they're still shoving Windermere as good people
Are they? Even Freyja was totally against their actions and she's the one we're supposed to believe in. If anything they're making us think both factions are wrong.

It also happened in episode 5 but that was the last time because war happened.

How dare you refer to the artifact summoned by Kumo with such ungraceful term?

>Chaos who is liberating a mind controlled galaxy are wrong

Nice try Windfaggot

nigga we got
>teamwork and resonance
>feeding/indirect kiss
>hug from behind
>eye fucking
>rune touching
I don't know why people are so pressed for a kiss scene, all those little moments they shared will make their their final scene even more sweeter.

>all those little moments they shared will make their their final scene even more sweeter
It's just dragging and the final moment will feel like the wait wasn't worth it, assuming they're even going there at all

Because we didn't got snow sex in episode 16.

Same user, I meant NUNS not Chaos.

NUNS have been irrelevant for 10 episodes, keep blame shifting Windfaggot

They're at war retard. Hayate has killed a windie too but he's still a good guy.

Maybe to you. I'm personally pretty satisfied with the direction and pace of HayaFre. Their development has been filled with the sort of vanilla goodness that makes my heartboner dokidoki.

I'm even okay with one/both of them dying, and/or dying without a kiss/explicit confession. The implications are enough for me.

I want to cum in Mikumo

HayaFreyfag here. I don't think the "hug from behind" counts because that was spirit Freyja's doing, not the actual thing. As sweet as I find these little moments to be, Freyja should have full on hugged Hayate after recieving his gift. There's literally no reason she shouldn't have. If they do end up doing something next episode or the final episode, I still believe the wait was worth it. If not, they've wasted our time.

I don't know if i want to spoil myself the final song once Walküre Trap inevitably leaks in a few days.

If the hidden song is used in episode 25 instead of the final than it wouldn't be a problem.
>I glanced somewhere in Baidu said there are source implying the hidden song is titled , but I think it's probably just someone bullshitting.

>I glanced somewhere in Baidu said there are source implying the hidden song is titled , but I think it's probably just someone bullshitting.

That'd be cute. BUT im not trusting either.

I've learnt my lesson with anons.

>My Love

Cross your fingers, Freyjafags. The time to rejoice is near.

>using kaname to escape life
Clever, my dude.

Doesn't matter, they started this shit in the first place. That giant crater isn't going away, user.


roid stahp

The only wind coming out of Delta are Kawamori's smelly farts.

The theory about NUNS, Epsilon and maybe even Lady M being in cahoots with each other and wanting Roid to activate the ruins in order to obliterate themselves so NUNS can step in and get full control of the ruins and the fold quartz looking like the good guys is very interesting and would make, for example, NUNS's lack of activity even make sense, but we will see. I like this theory so much that at the same time I don't want to get too invested in it so I don't get disappointed when it doesn't happen.

I like this theory. Though even though I like Delta I don't expect the writers to come up with something like this. At this point I'm just expecting some good battles and more HayaFre moments. And that final song which I hope to god is DYRL. Can you believe we've gone through almost this entire show without a single song from the original Macross?

>Though even though

I'm retarded today


Or maybe they are not in cahoots but each of them is after Windermere's fold quartz and taking control of the ruins. Reminder that Xaos right now is being founded by mining companies.

I meant funded. I'm like today.

So if they decide to show previews today, what if they're nothing but screenshots of Mirage and Bogue?

We are going to get salty people

If it's Mirage and Bogue having a knife fight then i'm ok with it.

Why not a sword fight? Windies seem more drawn to that than knife fights.

Bogue will use a sword. Mirage will use her knife ears.

ouch, that waaaaay worse than Symphogear live

She will turn into dust in front of Hayate and be carried on the wind after she tells him she loved him for a while. Skip a few years and we see a mind broken Hayate becoming a terrorist and blaming walkures, Chaos, Lady M, and windies for her death, trying to destroy them and all of those that had anything to do with her death. The next thing to follow will be a movie titled ,,Macross Delta: Revenge of The Bird Man'', where by some stroke of destiny finds an ancient protoculture weapon and causes havoc beginning with genociding windies. After a long fight and some self righteous talk he sees the error of his ways and a newtype ghost of freya singing ''let it go'' after which he goes on an exile into the universe and no one sees him again. The End.

That green hair girl should be a main character instead of Mirage.
She looks cute with Hayate.

>Symphogear shilling in a macross thread

senpai, i love both Macross and Symphogear (not that I care about proving it to you) just telling the truth.

It was their first (major) LIVE. Minoringo is a complete novice, JUNNA is too young and inexperienced too.
Walkure as a group is still pretty new and thus not that famous for a super big show and huge concert hall.
Music and voices are slightly off, but it could be just badly recorded. Usually it's a completely different experience inside.

But I want to note that their costumes are ugly as sin. Holy shit who the fuck was the designer? Does anyone think those outfits cute, sexy or at least nice?

Singing live isn't easy, it's pretty disorienting cause you can't hear shit. Video starts out kinda off but their voices normalize after a while. And yes, no one bothers giving them proper costumes, not even for the MVs

Wonder why they couldn't just replicate the costumes their respective Delta characters wear.

Welcome to Japanese idol fashion.

That's cheating.

It costs money. Instead they can use rejected costumes for some fashion show from 2006.

I got these results in google images when searching "japanese idol fashion". It looks nice in general.

By the way when I tried to search just "japanese idols" the whole feed was filled with gravures. Guys, do you get the same shit or does google know something about me and gives me more "personalized" results?

Mine was only half filled with idols in swimsuits.

Because they'd look ridiculous.

They don't have the bodytype to wear it well. Plus the costumes are pretty lewd when you put them on real people.

Ridiculous? They look neat. Especially the ones from episode 4.

My Android phone started notifying me about new Delta episodes since ep4 even though I never did anything special for it. Google knows a lot. One day he will probably start recommending me new doujinshis uploaded to sadpanda.

BBs are destined to be single until the day they die.

I was talking about the ones they usually wear.

Imagine this on JUNNA.
It really wouldn't work.

Its Jarring to think that Walkure's first live concert received positive feedbacks from the Japs.

Being there live is much more exciting than watching a recording. And no one really expected them to be good at live singing since they're newbies. Lives are all about the experience of being there.

Nothing weird there, idolfags are the lowest life form.


I wish they had the BBs as pilots instead of actual bridge bunnies.

Freyja doll? Kind of like the Minmay doll.

>That'd make Freyja out to be some sort of messiah which I find unfitting for a simple country girl like her
>he said while worshiping a criminal carpenter

>not whorshiping the lolifag

The only poll that matters

This is really fucked. The girls are on stage in those heavy clothes, uncomfortable shoes, under extreme hot light, and they are singing, while dancing. They didn't even provide heavy fans to blow on them and cool them down.

Also Minori wasn't that bad, you can tell she is tired though. JUNNA is the only one who is actually decent live though.

Lower than cutegirls fags?

Winner on the right. Was this on purpose?

They also both got space cancer.


She's going to die

Their hair is also multicolored.

People thought sheryl was going to die too.

Is Macross kill?

Shut up loser. fuck off

Fuck me, has it been that long?
I'm getting old.

It was in 2008. Same season as Code Geass R2.

2007 is part of copyright notice and it basically shows when Frontier was created.


>using a different poster for Delta

Try again Freyjafag

That's the Delta poster, buddypai.

>Macross Delta: Revenge of The Bird Man

I don't dislike Mirage, but I had to.


Hayate taking his helmet off scene was pretty kekful.

Sure thing Freyjafag.

Am I the only one who still likes Delta?

I still like it. I'll be sad when Delta ends. Going through the work week without the precious Hoina to look forward to is going to suck.

This gave me Var.

Maybe we could stick around to see changes and alterations from the novels. Chapter 1 alone is hilarious. Not only that but if a movie is brought up, we have that to look forward to.

Oh yeah. I'm definitely sticking around for the novel translations. Those are going to be amazing if chapter 1 is anything to go by.

>I'm definitely sticking around for the novel translations.
See you in 4 years.

The strawberry seed only shows its face three time

Bandai was right

I still really like Delta.

It's probably my third favorite Macross

Previews when!?

Really badass shot of MiraMira.

You're at least 8 hours too early. Jesus.

I like Delta too. It's my 7th favorite Macross.

I still like it. I think some anons are overreacting to the slow pace of the 2nd cour. A few slow episodes and all of a sudden the entire anime is garbage. They forgot all the good episodes and only seem to care about the bad. It's like a child throwing a tantrum halfway eating french fries because thee or four fries are a little burnt.

6 to 7 episodes really.
The analogy is closer to having a great appetizer and then a weak main dish.

Where do they VFs keep their big assault rifles?

I only really consider episode 14, 19, 20, and 21 to be weak.

14 had no plot. 19 was literally a power point presentation. 20 was a bit meh but it was kind of plot relevant. 21 was just flashbacks and while it was "fun" it wasn't exactly plot worthy.

6-7? Don't be ridiculous. 14,19, 20, and 21 were the only episodes that felt truly unecessary. The others actually had things happen, action focused or not.

The underside in fighter mode.

It doesn't help that three of those episodes are next to each other.

>that price
that better fucking light up and play AXIA at that price

Exactly. Consistent shit for 3 weeks can do a lot to an audience. At least we got 3 good episodes after that. These threads aren't so dead anymore either.

>Fun fact
It all sold out on the first day.

That's one of those 1/72 kits right? Is cement glue required or can you build the plane without it?

MessaKanafags. They're relentless.

MesaKana is like the most obvious ship bait I've seen in a long time.
>2 episodes focused on Messer's Kanamefaggotry and then he dies

It is the 1/72 kit and no glue required. You can build it just from snapping parts together.

I love Delta, but I think that's more it hitting my personal preferences than it actually doing what it's supposed to.

Minoringo looks really cute here.

>No VF-22 available

This ruins Shinpi

Is this a recent photo? She cut and dyed her hair, looks good on her.

Yes. It's from today I believe.

>guy on the right is a "loser"
>he still raped the bitch
He still wins in my heart. He truly was best boy.

He looks like happy Freyja when he takes off his helmet.

Plot relevant =/ weak
15 was plot relevant but it was needlessly drawn out. Maybe better direction could have helped.
17 was mostly filler and it was clear the only things the writers wanted to do was show that resonance is bad and drop the Immeldad was the Immelbomber reveal.
23 was important in plot, but was it well done for an episode that was supposed to make us see things from the Windermere perspective? I was expecting a little more than infiltration shenanigans which had already been done twice before.

>dat Yuuma
Yeah, there's event to day. I'm kinda glad that Seto finally have time for Delta.

>15 was plot relevant but it was needlessly drawn out.
Most common complaint I hear for this is that NUNS got their asses kicked. I personally don't give a damn about one fighter taking on numerous others when it takes place in the same universe where Max Jenius exists.
>17 was mostly filler
Well like some say, this is idolshit and if there aren't any mech battles, concerts with catchy songs are acceptable. It wasn't only there to tell us about Immeldad. It was there to give us another HayaFre moment, which has become romantic now. When does being filler automatically make it bad anyways?
>I was expecting a little more than infiltration shenanigans which had already been done twice before.
Do you honestly believe the windies forcing Freyja to look at a giant crater was nothing but "shenanigans"? Give me a break.

Please just say it already, I have been wondering what you were getting at for hours my head is burning.

>When someone's rune loses its light, the person dies.

Then what would happen if you cut the rune from a living person? Would he die? Would her life-spawn before that of a normal human?

Freyja will die in 7 years.

half life 3

It would be immensely excruciating


Like cutting their dick? Since it's a sensitive place.

Their physique is grand.

From your subjective perspective

As long as I get my sukatto ending, I'll continue to buy all volumes.

>mikumo kidnapped
>freyja put in a trial and nearly killed
>makina down for protecting freyja
>freyja diseased and sick

Messer died and Delta Squad went to shit. They can't even protect five singers.

All Mirage's fault. She was promoted to a leader role, and she's more occupied with Hayate than doing her job protecting Walkure.


Was Makina taking the shot for Freyja even necessary? It didn't look like it was going to be anywhere near fatal but no, the stupid dyke has to get herself shot in the fucking kidney.

the sniper was aiming right at her heart

Then it's decided. HayaFre child will be named after Makina, not Mirage.

>messer-makina immelman

Unless something changes and takes the dibs to Mikumo, it's not entirely unlikely

>Mirage Makina Mikumo Messer Immelmann
There's too many M names in Macross.

Where do I place my order for a Freyja night light

>yfw rei rei amd boogie save the day

Preview is up

Episode director is the guy who did 8 and 15
Storyboards by the AKB0048 director

So a 100% talking episode?

>The priestess "The Star singer" that's been passed down from the ancient protoculture has awakened, and there is imminent danger that the whole galaxy will be conquered by Windermere. If Windermere reaches the star temple that appeared on Ragna it is said that all of mankind will be swallowed by a huge living network through the song of the stars.

Yes. No Kawamori on the storyboards means no battles.

>thinking a Minmei would win a Macrossb Owl

You are so fucking retarded.

>and there is imminent danger that the whole galaxy will be conquered by Windermere

It only took them 10 episodes to remember they declared war to the galaxy?

This danger wasn't real before they got a hold of mikumo. Heinz isn't capable enough

>implying instrumentality is a bad thing


I thought they would be traveling all over the galaxy when I heard about what they promised, but in the end they never left the cluster.

I rewatched ep 21 C-part and this is what Roid and Berger were talking about. I still wonder what Epsilon's role in this conflict is, because I don't trust them all.

Either this or it's one of these times where they take screenshots from the first 5 minutes because the rest is HAPPENING and spoileriffic as fuck.

Frontier penultimate episode was all build up

Gendo pls

The penultimate episode had Alto's VF-171 blowing up as a cliffhanger. I cheered when it happened.

>I cheered when it happened.
Me too.

But in ep 24 of Frontier we knew who were behind the Vajra conflict, while in Delta we still don't know who was behind the bomb, what was NUNS's failed operation, why did Xaos steal that object from the ruins, etc. A ton of stuff.

Place your bets, who will "die" at the end of episode 25?
I'm guessing it'll be Freyja.

>Macross MC
>cash cow


"dying" user.
She'll burn out her rune in the cliffhanger and get saved by Mikumo next episode.

Screenshot of Kumo but not Hayate and Freyja, damn. I honestly don't mind if we don't get fights this episode, but I was hoping it would be the first half of a battle like Frontier.

All shall submit under our true queen!

Oh crap, sorry. I didn't see that. I just woke up so I'm even more stupid than usual.

They think themselves righteous? And righteous their skulls shall be.

I bet this is when Roid presents his protoculturefu to the knights.
>bogue's fw WALKURE REEE is siding with Windermere

It looks like they are inside the sanctum, and they don't seem too happy about it. They must have not expect this sort of development at all.

Just doing some speculation.

This is from ep 13, when NUNS bombed the ruins. Maybe they brought the DE to Windermere, if it was really them, because they wanted to try the same there: make it explode somewhere and see if some ruins would appear. Obviously there were no ruins where it exploded.

Bogue doesn't look nearly mad enough.

Keith's face is cut off. He might be the one most likely to defect.

>Lady M
>Mining corporations
>Windermere is rich in fold quartz

The four of them look confused.

Mirage is relevant

could be the throne room, where they're surprised to see Heinz

Delta started out really good but it went to shit.

Oh well. I still love the soundtrack at least.

defect for what? Heinz won't die since that chick is taking his place, and with the globular cluster under their control, Windermere' sky is safe too.

Whoever the winner is fine.

Not that I care anyway :)

But what if it backfires on the population? Keith's not gonna want that.

They might not want to accept that a Roid is using a non-Windermerian to win the war and that she's superior to Heinz, a full blooded royal Windermerian wind singer.

That would be too childish. I can see the younger knights thinking that but not Keith.

It's not like they have another plan. They refused all peace negotiations and were relying on the protoculture ruins from the first episode.

According to ep 24 Mikumo comes from Windermere, therefore she's Windermerean, sort of. The royals descend from the Star Singer.

Kumo confirmed to cry again. Those bastards.

I liked her better when she was shinpi.

KumoKumo is torn between her role as the Star Singer, something her body remembers, and her being a Walkure member. To be honest she's getting screwed by everyone here. First by Lady M, now by Roid.

That's a reused shot from last episode. It's probably a flashback to episode 24

I'd screw Mikumo too



Will she ever sing again?


Because she wasn't killed outright, she's 100% safe. She won't die off screen. If she was gonna die, she'd have died there.

One kidney is enough to sing.

That wasn't my question.

Is this the interview we talked about?

will they force her to recover enough to sing for the finale? Probably?

From the Baidu source who last time spoiled the true information of WALKURE's cloths are designed by Makina,
She might not be able to recover that quickly to attend the final battle concert, but personally I doubt that since it would be wired for someone be absent? I don't know, I kinda regret seeing this possible spoiler, it's ruining the fun...

I can see her appearing for the finale song for a short period. It would be mean to her to not let her wear the final outfit with everyone else.

That's exactly why I doubt the source is just joking, those outfits are awesome!
Can't wait to see those outfit in action.

Macross F's final battle starts in second half of episode 24, i personally doubt the final battle of Macross Delta will starts in second half of episode 25.

Yeah, nothing new.


>hey guys, look at me, I'm an EOP!
Nice blog.

Ok, thanks user.

This looks like Febri?

Calm your manboobs, buddy

But sad to say that the final battle will just be about singing through and forth and not singers juxtapose with valkyries like Frontier and 7

I don't know which magazine it is. I saw the names of Yasuda and Kawamori so I assumed it's the interview we talked about.

Is the VF-1S derived from the Grumman F-14 Tom Cat? The skull emblem that both planes possess intrigues me

Did you just wake up from a coma?

Breaking news, the USSR is no more

The final battle will be Hayate breakdancing in a Valkyrie to the musical sound of Gori Gori, completely subduing the Protoculture Giant Robot Final Boss.

Is MesaKana the most popular Delta ship?
I'm looking through pixiv and I seem to find more about them than any of the triangle pairings.
Does it just connect really well with all the pixiv and twitter fanartists or what?

I wonder how Kawamori feels about a secondary sunken ship being more popular than his triangle.

Don't know about Kawamori, but the sponsors must be happy.
All merchandise relating to Messer and Kaname are selling like Black Friday.

Women love tragic stuff, Kaname is also relatable to them too, I guess.

>Is MesaKana the most popular Delta ship?
I'm kinda surprised that Nips sees Messer as a good boyfriend material than Hayate. Even I shipped HayaFre I still prefer Messer over Hayate, Messer best boi. MesaFre OTP

Yes, it is. It's being called the Delta OTP here.

I don't think Kawamori cares. The merch gives them money so as long as something sells they don't care if it is from the main or secondary cast.

Kawamori is probably busy with his new series so he doesn't have time to dwell on his failings in Delta.
He really should though.

This. Buy 10 million in merchandise of Ranka fucking her brother and he will make it canon just for you. Also, it's pretty clear that Messer and Kaname should have had drunk angry confused sex and make babies.

I don't know what I'm going to latch unto after Delta ends. It's pretty rare for me to get invested in an anime. What are you fuckers going to be watching next?

If we get movies I guess there'll be an 80% chance of Messer surviving.

If you are glued to Delta of all things, finding a replacement should be easy for you

Basically akin to Alto's Kabuki dance in a Valkyrie with the background playing Valkyria~?

Haikyuu and Euphonium are returning and there are a few more series I'm interested in that are starting next season so I think I'll be fine.

No, there shall be no battling because Hayate hates fighting. They will launch a thousand missiles and he will just break dance through it. Then they will be like wow this is the power of the true Protoculture and lay down their arms to take up dancing.

Not really. I got invested in Delta because of Freyja. She has that special something that just drew me in, if it weren't for her I'd have walked out ages ago.

I might give Haikyuu a shot then.

I am waiting for Haikyuu!! S3, Gundam IBO S2 and Natsume S5. Gonna try some other stuff too like Izetta and Yuri on Ice.

If you're gonna watch a sports show at least watch the figure skating one, it's the patrician fujobait sports anime of the season.

You gonna have to stick with Delta and other Macross series like what Frontierfags does before Delta airing until new Macross come.

Yes, it's Delta OTP

I am so totally watching Yuri on Ice. My fujo senses have been tingling since I saw the PV

Alto did not even fight when he is riding the wind in the movies.

I want doujins of the blonde Russian fairy.

What is he doing now? And he should dwell on his failings because this shit will infect his other shows.

Trying to scam chinks for getting money for his pretentious new project

>Natsume season 5

Bruh. I didn't know about this. It's been ages. Holy shit. Thank you based Jesus.

So no second Windermere bombing guys?

we told u bruh we told u

>Macross Zero ending with Walkure fucking off into nothingness to save the Brisingr cluster from birdhuman destruction
>Makina is the only one who survives because she was out of action

will she be like her grandfather and tune the siegfrieds for delta team?

She'll cheer on the Delta pilots to go save their 3 year old woman!

Are they still singing the robots to death?

Hayate will drop a bomb in Hoina's Hoina, the bomb is his sperm (Messer Mirage Immelmann-Wion)

The rides never end.

>Messer Mirage
But will it be a boy or a girl?

No robot has been sung to death in Delta ever

I thought it was Messer Makina Immelmann Wion.

That other user hasn't kept up

Would hybrid Windies still have runes? Or would they just be fold sensitive and slightly stronger humans?

Guess that's the research topic Hayate and Freyja are going to work on.

I got a little tired of it when there was a good three episodes of fuck all but I'm back into it. I may start watching every other Macross this weekend if I have enough free time.

There wasn't enough Mikumo bullying.

Windermere was found 40 years ago. Lots of girls should have been knocked up by strong smart beautiful healthy representatives of superior Human race.

New thread guys