Well here's a preview of the dub. It's weird hearing Kari and Gatomon with different voices, but Mimi is still intact...

Well here's a preview of the dub. It's weird hearing Kari and Gatomon with different voices, but Mimi is still intact, and that makes me happy.

So far, I'm liking it.


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Yeah, Kari's voice has me fucked up. Mimi and Sora's are spot on. They even sound older in regards to their ages.

Does anybody know when the dub will be released outside of theaters?

Why is the former VA of Kari no longer voicing Kari?

They didn't want her back, or just found a voice actress that they like better.

>Mimi, Sora, Palmon and Biyomon are back and this makes bubble inside
>Kari and Gatomon are different and this makes me anger with rage
Overall, i'm glad at least most of the cast is back.

They had auditions for each voice, she either wasn't called, or she couldn't cut it.

It's not bad, I like it. Mimi and Palmon are still intact but Hikari and Tailmon will take some getting used to. Tailmon sounds a bit too young to me as it is an adult Digimon while the others are child Digimon.

Well Mimi and Sora are the same dub voices from way back then.

Original Japanese music is still in the dub. Even Brave Heart.


Is bassed Butter-fly still left?


Who'd they get to voice Tai?

>Kari's voice

Joshua Seth came out of retirement just to do it
not even kidding

I'm just pissed Edward Elric is doing Matt. I mean why not hire someone similar to his old VA or someone with a deep, intellectual sounding voice?

>implying it won't be an english cover sang by Vic Lasagna.

fuck off

Then go start your own fucking sub thread.

Were you expecting an America-wide Digimon theater release to be subbed. bro?

People that like the Digimon dub are genuinely retarded. It's for fucking babies.

Your mom was retarded for not aborting you.

This is doing really weird things to my inner child.
Sora looks wrong and... I assume the third one was Kari? I guess the voice is similar, and the hair is definitely similar. Otherwise this is all spot on.
It's fucking weird; I haven't engaged with anything in the first two seasons of Digimon in years. It's a bit weirder because of how it ended but I guess they're going to retcon that. They've probably been kicking themselves for closing that door for ages and as much as I respect letting things actually come to an end in a kids' show, I would've liked the series to have more continuity and to build on the depth it was developing. That would've kept me watching up to the present day.
Did I mention this is really fuckin' weird?

>kids' show
>not watching the dub
unless it's One Piece, you're doing it wrong

In other news, Digimon World Next Order is getting localized and its coming to PS4



> The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
why? Such a strange thing to do

Fuck you OP
Where is the sub

Next week movie 3 is out.

Oh fuck I thought it was today
Got it mixed because of dubfags
But it wont appear in torrents for months right

I really want to hear Joe. His new actor is great in general, but it's probably going to be really jarring hearing it compared to the original voice.

What teenage girls talk like this?

Chrunchyroll will stream it like the two previous two movies, so it should be reasonably fast. And there's the itunes version.

Only Mimi.

Are they trying to imply yamato isn't a slut?

>No vita version

Can I still hope for the hong kong vita english version?

meanwhile in the rest of the world we're also getting foreign language dubs, but on the Portuguese case, it's not looking good.

the new ending theme

vs the old


I mean, at least it's still "I wish", but the new voice is a tad grating.

It sounds terrible in comparison to the original voice cast, just like every Digimon dub. I wonder if they will do to Tri what they did to Adventure and fill every moment of suspense our silence with nonstop fucking jokes.

There is not a single voice in the dub that is better than the original and the irony that this movie will no doubt use a cover of Butterfly or ditch it entirely for that awful rap when this is the year Wada Kouji died will be the perfect amount of disrespect you should expect from this dub.

Is Kari still cynical bitch?

Though it's the same VA, Patamon sounds high, while you can tell Biyomon is Plutia from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Sucks that Kari's original VA is busy voicing the nerdy sister on Loud House.

Still seems good enough. And I love that Tai's original VA was a big enough bro to come back in his most iconic role.

Why doesn't this thread say that the movie screening for this in the USA is today, at 7 pm local time?


He forgot?

Same. Though I suppose I will have to get use to it. Joe's will be the same.

Kari's voice actor wasn't busy, they just didn't feel like they needed her.

Please fuck the hell off. There's always one of you motherfuckers in every thread.

Because it's true? The dub is awful in so many ways, why would you want it? It wouldn't even be so bad if it was mediocre to shit voice acting but how they butcher so many scenes with needless dialogue changes/additions or changing the 10/10 soundtrack to cheap garbage Saban didn't have to pay for.

Wada Kouji deserved better than Tri getting bad covers of his songs or some mediocre English cover.

Maybe because many of us grew up on the dub, you fun killing jackass. Even if you hate the dub, why the fuck do you assholes have to show up in every thread spewing this shit in a desperate attempt to convince people that they should accept your point of view? Is the dub, bringing down the quality of your life? Is it paining your ass so much that you have come to a thread where we are clearly talking about the dub, just so you can yell at people who ultimately you aren't going to change?

So this is how redditards react when they can't have their circlejerk in peace.

>Maybe because many of us grew up on the dub
Yeah I know for a fact I did and I'd wager I'm far more autistically in love with Digimon than you are the majority of this thread. That's why I'm willing to criticize what's wrong especially when I want someone to give one of my most beloved series a fair shake. Would I have someone listen to the Digital rather than Butterfly, especially when his contributions to this score were Wada Koujis final work? Would I recommend they watch the retarded western release of Digimon Adventure movie where they inserted nonstop talking into a near silent film then tried to connect it to two unrelated films? Of course I fucking wouldn't.

I want the series to succeed and to grow and majority of people who don't know about the original dub or don't have nostalgia blindness for the bad acting will just see it and think it's much worse than it really is. I want the best impression someone can get from something I love, so I don't want it voice acted by garbage tier actors and with a corny joke filled script.

Tl;dr eat my boogers, kid

>Would I have someone listen to the Digital
To the digirap* even my autocorrect doesn't want to acknowledge that shit

Digiirap was tolerable but not memorable.

I'd prefer they somehow fit both Gordon and Wada's tracks into the movie. That way both of them can be sent off.

Hey Digimon should be forgotten with how it replaced Butterfly in the final episode. That single change is in my opinion the biggest disgrace the dub committed.

Could have been worse. Could be Digirap.

It´s just me or everybody in Tri exept for Mimi and Jyou are either boring or annoying?

There's an airing 30mins away from where I live. Reasonable compared to Kizumonogatari along with it's necessary 4 hour drive.

Is the movie any good tho?

It was a mediocre start.

Any chance we'll get any of the music from the original dub or do they not have the rights anymore?

Why would you want that?

Because I liked it as a kid. The whole point of watching the dub is for the nostalgia of watching Digimon for the first time.

Why not actually just watch it normal because it's good? Believe it or not Adventure doesn't require nostalgia when viewing, it's not only good on its own it's superior to whatever you get from nostalgia.

I can do both.

So you are going to watch Tri two times one subbed and one dubbed? Considering you are asking for the dub music and I doubt you have ever watched any Digimon series subbed, I know you won't.

Yes that is what I'm doing. I don't understand why that's such a hard concept to grasp for you. It's not like I'd go back and watch the whole of Digimon Adventure dubbed. But I'll certainly get some nostalgia from hearing most of the original cast do this movie. Since that is how I first experienced Digimon.

While I'm glad they're keeping in the good songs from the subbed version like Brave Heart in the movie I'd enjoy hearing the dub music from the show in the dub of Tri as well.

Yeah, sure you're gonna

Fuck off and die.

I have never heard Vic voicing a character that wasn't with his Edward Elric voice. Full Metal Matt is going to suck.

Is that a Dare user?

If I were to dare you it would be that I dare you to just watch it subbed

Shit you win user. I can't complete that Dare.
I already bought my ticket

And good for you being autistic, but here's a little suggestion for your blood pressure. If I want to eat my steak well done, then fucking let me eat my steak. I tried it other ways, I like my way the best. Just who the hell are you to not let me eat my steak in peace?

It's my choice. Same shit with Digimon. I grew up with the dub. I've seen the sub. I prefer the dub for nostalgia purposes.

What I choose to watch or discuss with people shouldn't trigger you this badly. If you don't want to discuss it, then perhaps you should fuck off to people who wish to discuss the sub with you. That being said I will continue discussing the dub. If you feel as though you need to continue to derail the discussion, because it's not to your liking, then you sir are childish and short-sighted. Simply make your own thread about the sub.

Different user here, but I will remind you that it was you who couldn't handle how they liked their steak first. Piss off, you filthy hypocrite.

No, I wasn't, I was getting pissed at the fact that Los Shitlords wouldn't let me eat my steak in peace, implying that I was wrong for liking my steak a certain way and continuing to harp about it in every well done steak thread.

>murrikan dub
enjoy your fucking rap, fuckers

>Why do people criticize me for wanting to eat literal shit for no good reason when there is a perfectly fine steak already available?

Jou was terrible in Reunion and for most of Determination.

Your perception of shit and mine are different. I think what you eat is shit, fampai.

koushiro is still best boy, so it's just you.

He's going to get wrecked in the next one isn't he?

And to follow this up, Mimi remains best girl.

But it's not as if she was ever dethroned in the first place.

This is the fucking truth right here. She still gets my dick hard like no other.

Lucky for the dubfags best boy and best girl have their original VAs back.

I hope they don't get their personalities butchered again.

you don't know about izzy's secret?


I thought you meant the "Jeff Nimoy wrote Izzy and Tentomon to be a gay couple" thing.

And now you reminded me of Nimoy you reminded me of this shit from OWG.

Fucking Nimoy.

Yeah, Nimoy was responsible for all the terrible fucking jokes and shipping edits. Thankfully, he has no input into the tri dub writing or directing.


to be fair to nimoy, he wrote data squad, and that managed to be faithful to the japanese script.

Citramon though...

Citramon aside of course.

Anyone else going to see it tonight?

Disney told him it was that or to have the episode cut entirely, since bombing amusement parks was a big no no (can't imagine why).

Still a hilarious way to get around it.

If you're missing the 02 characters other than ken, don't. Just keep wishing for some of it's soundtrack back:


I just remembered that the 02 dub had them in high school. Now they actually are in high school.


>fucking digi-rap
This doesn't even fit. No bassed Wada's last recording? Why must murrica shit on his legacy? I would have even accepted Vic Mignama engish cover to have Butterfly.

If a spoiler I've seen about Confession is true, we're entering a whole new Mimi age.


Mind sharing with the class user? Spoiler it if you must

Mimi has a butler.

I have no idea whatsoever if it's true, but I'm getting excited even by the possibility of it being real.

When is the next set of episodes?

Next week.

Next Friday is movie 3.

Is the dub screening only today?


Just came back from the theatre. Really enjoyed the dub a lot more then I expected.

Is this shit even Brazilian or is it the European Portuguese dub instead?

Did they play with the script at all?

there's gonna be another screening on a national level, don't know when.

I haven't watched the original since it first came out months ago so I can't say with absolute certainty but I didn't notice any obvious changes.

They used a lot of the music from the Japanese version. It was like hearing all the English voices you remembered as a kid but without the butchering of the original material. Honestly it made the film much more enjoyable to me. Just because a lot of Tri is just the digidestined living their lives. Which is boring subbed where I just want to get to the fights but a lot more fun when it's dubbed in those voices that give me a giant nostalgia trip. Also Mimi was god like. Her voice aged like a fine wine.

Poster we were given at the movie

>he got a poster
I'm jealous, I only gained a headache from the weeb cunts who wouldn't shut the fuck up with their lolsorandumXD commentary.

I got it too.

>Canada Flag
>US DigiDestined
My Chinese cartoons are mocking us.

Shit that sucks. Where I live making noises during a movie is a big taboo so I never have problems like that. I thought Americans clapping in movie theaters was just a legend until I saw a movie in the states.

I just accept that we are pretty much just America to everyone else in the world. Even to America.

Got back from it a little while ago.

I thought the dub was pretty good. Voice actors were all pretty much on point and it was a bit of a nostalgia trip.

The sound mixing seemed a bit sub-par though. The volume of the score and dialog seemed to fluxuate a bit and in general a lot of it felt louder than it ought to have been. Naturally, some of this is probably the fault of my local cinema, but I worry it might persist in the eventual Blu-ray.

I think my only real complaint was the the loud, intense Digimon theme song was a pretty poor fit compared to the more mellow version of Butter-fly used in the original. Tai starting his normal everyday life doesn't sync with DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS.

Just got back and I gotta say it was really good. It was great hearing most of the original dub voices, but also hearing brave heart and not any added in jokes. Genuinely excited for movie 2 dubbed and movie 3 subbed.

Anyone know what the deal is with a blu-ray release of the dub/the other movies getting dubbed?

>I thought Americans clapping in movie theaters was just a legend until I saw a movie in the states.
They clapped when Agumon appeared and when Omnimon appeared, too. I've lived here all my life and it is incomprehensible how people can do this shit.

You mean the one coming out December 19th? It supposedly has dual audio with English subtitles.

There is no news about the other movies getting a dub yet.

I chalked the sound issues up to the system at my theater. I'm pretty much never satisfied with the sound of any movie when i see it at theaters. But I guess we'll know for sure when the Blu-ray drops.

Thanks. I hope if they dub the remaining movies they're able to keep the cast that worked on Reunion. They really did a fantastic job in my opinion. Even the VAs that replaced people that didn't return.

>not any added in jokes
I didn't even think about that. That's a good point. The script's got enough humor in it anyway.

I think I was too busy noticing that they didn't dub in all the attack names.

>I think I was too busy noticing that they didn't dub in all the attack names.
All? There was only one in the first movie. Did they add a few more?

If I have a complaint it's not having the digimon announce their attack names. I prefer it over just grunting. But that's a personal preference.

Is there any news about a North American release? Or should I just buy the UK Blu ray?

I didn't mean they left out attack names that were named in the original, I meant I was surprised they didn't add in attack names that weren't in the original script.

So they also showed the first few minutes of Confession.

Meiko is having a fucking mental breakdown over Meicoomon.
TK and Kari go to Ken's apartment but nobody's home.
TK puts his hand on her shoulder to reassure her and Kari blushes while thinking how much he's grown up.
Izzy is going workaholic mode on trying to figure out the virus. He and Mimi fight again when he yells at Meiko for information.

Oddly there hasn't been any news of a NA release. But December is quite the ways off.

I see. Nice of them to keep to the original script.

>TK and Kari go to Ken's apartment but nobody's home.
Daisuke, Miyako and Iori wished they had this much attention.

Wasn't that how they had it in the jap version though?

Yeah. It's not really a big complaint. Just odd not hearing it in the dub. But then again it's odd not to have a dub spit on the original script.


As someone who watched the spanish dub as a kid, after all these years can I just say it feels so fucking good to hear Brave Heart playing again during the digivolutions while the characters talk in a language you understand.

Just got back from the movie. It was fucking fantastic for a dub. Matt even used a tad of foul language. The only jarring thing was the Digi-rap at the beginning, but other than that, it stayed pretty damn true to the sub. They occasionally added jokes if one of the Japanese cultural jokes didn't make sense in English, but it didn't feel out of place or forced.

Mimi's voice actress still has it after all these years, and I loved all of Mimi's lines.

I wasn't as put off by Kari's new voice actress as I thought I would be. She did a pretty good job.

Joe's and TK's voice actors weren't bad either, they didn't feel wrong or anything, just different. Vic Mignogna surprised me as Matt. Yes it wasn't the original Matt, but he didn't do such a ham job as he did as Edward Elric. I'm actually impressed by this dub. I can get behind it.

Yeah Matt Mignogna felt jarring at first but he honestly worked for the role.

Not sure how to feel about JYB TK though, he didn't have that many lines.

>Acknowledging 02
They should just handle it like the abridged version did

Would you have found it more jarring had they done that but used the Japanese names for the attacks?

That fandub is surprisingly good.

I'd probably get a laugh out of it. Especially since you'd have american voice actors saying the japanese names. But it would get old real quick.

Hearing Mimi in english talking about falling in love with her and how sexy she was now, did things to my dick.

It's like she fucking knows that she's the best girl.

Glad I wasn't the only one
>That scene where she teases Izzy

I loved it in the original, but the dub actress played it up perfectly.

I ended up re-watching that abridged version more than the original.

>Brave Heart playing in the background of an ENGLISH DUB

It's something you always believed could never happen, ever.

What's with the Meiko Sue though?

Now if we can just find a way to get Butter-Fly back in place of that opening abomination for Determination on we'll be set.

She's either
>an artificial lifeform created by the shadowy organization to instigate a Digital World reboot
>Ken and Miyako's daughter, who traveled back in time to fix the future
>an unneeded poorly written character for the old group to befriend

The answer will (probably not) be revealed in 2018, when the last movie comes out.

She is shit.


And her digimon too.

-Assbusted Taiorafan.

Is Tri an alternate continuity where "Digimon 02" never happened?

I thought at the end of 02, everyone found out about the digital world and everyone now had a digimon partner of their own. The tri world was nothing like that. And what happened to Yolei, Davis, and um the other kid?

His old VA wanted to do it but no one contacted him, same with Kari

>Is Tri an alternate continuity where "Digimon 02" never happened?
Hikari and Takeru's Digivices disagree.

>I thought at the end of 02, everyone found out about the digital world and everyone now had a digimon partner of their own
By 2027, yes. But Tri takes place 3 years after 02, 2005, so the world isn't quite there yet.

>And what happened to Yolei, Davis, and um the other kid?
Written out. Tri is an Adventure story and is focusing on those characters.

The everyone had a digimon partner of their own took a while to actually happen (the epilogue is 25 years later), while yolei, davis, cody and ken are MIA.

Perhaps tri's plot is over a villain that's trying to prevent 02 for coming to it's eventual conclusion.

No, it's not an alternate timeline. It takes place between 02 and the epilogue. Miyako (Yolei), Daisuke (Davis), Iori (Cody), and Ken were annihilated by something at the beginning at the beginning of Tri. It's yet to be explained as to what happened, where they are, and why the original kids seem to have completely forgot about them.

They didn't even remember Ken until a mysterious stranger resembling him as the Digimon Kaiser (Emperor) shows up in the second movie.

meh. double typed "at the beginning", my bad.

>The answer will (probably not) be revealed in 2018, when the last movie comes out.

Why is it called "Tri" if there are six movies instead of three?

It's the third in the series.

>In part 1, there are things that are foreshadowed and continued in parts 2 and 3, and as it ends in six, things will be clarified about the various meanings of the word “tri.” -director Keitarou Motonaga, September 2015

Also, yeah, Tri is the third Digimon anime series under the "Adventure" subtitle.

I can't wait to see my first waifu next week in all her HD glory.

>dub Blu ray on Dec 19
Source? Not being a dick, I really wanna know if that's true


No other listings elsewhere, but its bound to show up soon for preorders.

Just got back from seeing this with my friend who cant read subs cause of bad eyes. Right after it ends crunchyroll comes on to spoil the ending of the second movie and show the first 15 mins of movie three. We put a blanket over he head so he wouldn't see spoilers

>Poster we were given at the movie
Lucky, I just got back from the movie and I didn't get shit but I still enjoyed the movie though. This was the first time I saw Digimon Tri since I wanted to watch it with english voice actors and it was better than I expected.

>Crunchyroll spoils the entirety of the second film before the preview for movie 3
>everyone in the audience proceeds to groan loudly

>Dumbasses stick around for the advertised sneak peak of part 3
>complain about spoilers

Could have just left at that point

>they kept all the original music except replacing Butter-fly at the beginning with some remix of the original English theme


Otherwise than that, it was a good dub. They actually did a faithful script instead of fucking around like the old days and the voice cast, new and old, did good work.

>my first waifu

Scum like you will never have a real waifu.

Is there anyone here who didn't grow up with Digimon and watched it as an adult? Digimon has its flaws, but overall it's a very solid show. I felt weird watching this in the theater today because everyone else seemed to be jizzing their pants in sheer nostalgic bliss the whole time while I was just enjoying the cool animations and seeing the Digimon fight and taking in the story

Why would I want a 3DPD waifu?

Adventure was definitely a solid show but it kind of shows its age. Hell even as a little kid back when it aired on Fox Kids I noticed whenever they were reusing stock footage over and over and when the animation was just overall lazy.
Tri is cool and all but nostalgia is the biggest reason why audiences in both Japan and the West were hyped for Digimon. There wouldn't be this sort of excitement for just a new Digimon movie/series with new characters.

Sudoku for you.

I love that game.

I'm excited to watch the dub now.

Yes. And is probably still Jesus.

Why do you ask?

Damn Kari voice is DEEP

Nah. That power isn't hers.

>dual audio
I hope this sets a precedent.

It's good for Toei, at least.

>Hikari's power

You'll never have a true waifu, just a seasonal anime slut of the month.

How was Tai in the dub?
I just wanted to know if Joshua Seth still had the same voice for him.

Same voice.

That's fine then.

Tri villain did nothing wrong.

Reminder not to sexualize Takeru and Hikari's friendship.

Wait until next week when Confession is out

>JYB as TK
That's fucking funny.

I hope we get angry TK at some point now.

>Just do better, Digimon English dub. Don't try to please the hardcore Japanese version fans. They already have their version. I need more jokes about Beef Jerky shakes.

That's the conclusion for a review of the dub that I found. He also complained about them playing Brave Heart during digivolving and said the movie wouldn't have been enjoyable without the people shouting jokes at the screen in his theater. Jesus.

I hope someone writes a better article actually praising the dubs merits. I don't want this to be the only feedback the team gets. It's like he's purposely trying to ruin the dub.

Anyone seeing this in theaters? Or already seen it in theaters?

We saw it last night

Where the fuck is this from?

It's main issues come from it being a Toei production and they have been cutting corners for decades, they are the Kings of reusing footage.

Not everyone is in it for nostalgia, it's a lot smaller compared to the eastern fanbase but there's still plenty of fans of the franchise who followed it past dubs and continued to watch all 6 series. I say 6 because I don't consider Young Hunters to be it's own series, that piece of shit.

And just to say, Digimon has always had it's own team in Toei which is why amongst all Toei shows Digimon usually has probably the best and most consistent animation. Digimon Xros might be the single best looking Toei show.

I really don't want to give it pageviews but the site it's from is Den of Geek.

>The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Fuck you too.

>all those disgusting murritards itt
Someone nuke murikka please!

Shut up weeaboo you dont even understnad japanese

I think that site had a review of Determination that was complete nonsense.

Yeah, it did. An excerpt:

>So hey, remember how in the last review I had a section devoted to each of the characters? That isn’t happening here. This film was supposed to be a Mimi and Joe focus film. It was going to be great. The two characters with the least development in the original series would finally get the spotlight. Instead, the film “focuses” on our new character, Mei.

Joe and Mimi getting the least development in Adventure? Really?

Not to mention Jou and Mimi easily got the most development in Determination. Jou in Determination was probably the most emotional moments in either of the two movies so far.

I have no clue where he got Mei being the focus from.

Who the fuck is ready for Tentomon to WARP SHINKA! to HERACLESKABUTERIMON!

What utter bullshit

It's obvious the reviewer had no clue what he was watching.

Mei's contributions to Determination are minor at best.

Look up what she's been up to as of recent and you'd probably understand.

tl;dr Disney is where the dollar is at.

I have to say. The only addition that I liked were those bg music tracks they added. They weren't too much or too jarring and they actually flowed with the mood of the scene.

By contrast Tai's inner monologue lines felt a bit awkward. I liked that they at least tried to fill in those long ass moments of silence bit they could have handled it better.