Can LOGH save Anime 2017?

Considering the original is a masterpiece that actually still holds up, will the remake make anime great again. Or will it go the way of Clangzerk?

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There's no way they can improve anything upon the original. The remake will be trash.

LoGH was a perfect show that needed no remake. Remake can only ruin everything - everything would be different: music, artstyle, etc.


Shhhh....Reinhard is sleeping.

Kind of true, however a small update regarding tech, and +30 fps would really improve the series in my eyes.
I cant really see how they will beat the OST of the original or the voicework. But seeing how good the BD-release with the remade faces look, some small improvements could go a long away
(Also introducing Reinhardts new uniforms from the get go)


Why is he so perfect Cred Forums ?

Would rewatch it, only for best boy!

Who is your shipwaifu Cred Forums

I pick this zesty redhead

Nope. It's fujoshit now.


This cant be fucking real ... r..right



Crossed the line.

The original series has a lot of holes because it existed before the internet boom, almost all fights are 2d in a 3d space, and was made entirely of OVAs and still looked pretty bad at times
Unless this is a complete overhaul remake, it also wouldn't be able to get very far and would then have no way to keep looking acceptable after episode 5.

The animation in the original is pretty poor.

You're lying to yourself if you think it was ever anything else.

pretty much, you can tell it was made during the 90's

The movies look a ton better though, and im hoping to see the studio make use of a 3d space both in battle and in animation.

With that being said, many of the fights are in 3d with the maneouvers, just not all of them

Its a bromance user, as pure as newfallen snow

It's fujo catnip, is what it is.

But what about oberstein kun ?

Oberstein is pure. He only loves his dog.

That's fine, a redpilled monarchist fujo is the best fujo. I mean, she won't be a SJW or anything after she watches this show.

>you will never have a Mariendorf gf

Life is truly suffering

Fuck, I never wanted to attach a picture.

>not Mariendorf

When is it airing next year?

it is to be noted that all the democratic waifus are redheads though

Hilda is good, but Frederica is also nice

Objectively best ship.

>+30 fps
Are you retarded?

The 95% cgi abortion they're sure to shit out is going to make the LD art look like fucking Turner.
>Noboru Ishiguro died in your lifetime

no, are you, most anime have shit framerate, im hoping they will actually go the way of Fate or the likes and have GOOD framerate

>Not the Rio Grande
user its not even the best ship in its FLEET

I liked her until they made her domestic housewife no.735

Im sure i will get shit from overweight neckbeards for this, but i like the women in this series cause most of them have actual personality. Frederica is kickass when she's not a stay at home wife wearing an apron "learning to cook for her hubby"

It just seems so out of place for something set in the future, i could understand it in the Empire due to the Goldenbaums values, but not in the alliance.
She lost all appeal to me during the waifu arc :

The word you're looking for is sparse.
The animation is not poor. There's a handful of moments that are quite impressive.

I don't count the series penchant for going off model as an issue with the animation. When it happens in LoGH it's not caused by trying to move them.

>why don't capital ships engage each other in giant cacophonous beehives of death and chaos wah 2d 2d 2d
Even the cooridor battles aren't 2d. Listen to the god damn narrator. Look at the dots in the background standing in for ships in our sparse little space opera. They're always in a grid.

My point, i even mentioned it, most fleets are "stationary" in their 3d movement to not bumb into each other or be a casuality of friendly fire.
But in many fights, like in the alliance's last stand, we have the enemy charging from above or ensphering the enemy

I think first user wants to see fucking dogfights with battlecruisers ...
Fucking shonen kids these days i swear to god

What ticks me off is there's an in universe example of a battle that collapsed in on itself making that deathball.
Neither side had the initiative and people just died in the chaos. Who knew?

The character design is so fukin shit, it won't save anything. Stick to the original.

I tought the same this year with Berserk. Now I don't expect a good adaptation :(

There's been no indication that the anime is going to use the manga's designs, if that's what you're referring to.

No, you don't understand. Animation (and not just anime) doesn't go beyond 24 individual frames per second. And no anime is produced entirely like that either.

YJ manga dump happening here

> I mean, she won't be a SJW or anything after she watches this show.
Cool story bro. This show only made me hate monarchism more. Some pretty generic desu boipussy is not enough to make me abandon my ideals. Besides, even that boypussy is far from a 100% monarchist, and hardly anyone of the truly sympathetic characters is, so I guess you're memeing.

>It just seems so out of place for something set in the future
It's written by a 80s Jap, what else would you expect? The fact that it has any noteworthy female characters at all is already remarkable.

I hate this place

Why is that ginger so tacky?
Meanwhile FPA is more like /fa/, amirite?

>WRONG! This man is deceased.jpg

I'm going to watch it right now so later when it airs I can shitpost of how of an awful adaptation is this one I need to watch the 2 movies first or something like that, right?

>pants that look like they're half-spats

yep, that's about what I'd expect from Japan in 2016

Remake? Where have I been living all this time?

>Considering the original is a masterpiece
Very funny. If they remove Julian it could be better but still far away from a masterpiece.

Well, if you watched the trailer you should have known what's to be expected from Berserk (2016). Wait until any sort of trailer or preview or any other information about a studio etc. is out and then you can expect something. And don't fall for hype

Heres your (You)

Then perhaps it is time for a change ?

It would certainly be a selling point ?

It was overrated shit.

Julian is absolute cancer that killed the show

Not wanting such pants yourself

Comon now

Might as well wear these while you're at it.


If you actually paid attention to the show, you'd realize it was mediocre at best.

Barbarossa is A SHIT, A SHIT

Perceval A BEST, A BEST!!!!

And your reasoning for it is ?

Julian was a mistake.

Also, abusing the quote system is against the rules and those rules should be enforced

Then what the actual fuck is a good show then you asshat, this has depth, a morally grey compass, interesting philosophical standpoints, a GOD TIER OST, god tier voicework (sure its old, but there are almost NO reused voices ... in a 110 episode long anime). A GIGANTIC universe full of detail, extensive backstory for fucking everything.

What do you not like, is it too much for your cancerous moe-brain to handle complex dialogue and plot?

>implying that LOGH isn't moe
you dumb fuck

We already established its Fujou/Seinen user ....

A pointless change that would only guarantee a messy and arduous production? I'm sure that's a very appealing prospect to producers.

But that way you're more likely to get more (You)'s

They need to stop making everyone retarded to make others look smart in comparison. A fucking backdoor in Iserlohn fortress for example. I forgot but somehow I think the way he got in the first time was also bullshit.

Moe is just an endearing trait.

What you've stated are merely your opinions. I, myself enjoyed it the show but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.

What does Cred Forums think of Studio IG ?

Surely they are one of the better candidates for makign this good (Stand Alone Complex, Usagi drop etc.)

The studio matters less than the overall artstyle and design. I'm skeptical in any case, I don't know why the fuck do they feel the need to remake the anime when the original LoGH is pretty much timeless.

To make money.

True, but good remakes DO exist (HxH is an example)

And considering how considerate the studio were when making Stand Alone complex regarding tdesign with futuristic themes, im actually a bit optimistic, i know its stupid ... but i am

They are also one of the few studios to handle CGI fairly well, which could improve the massive feeling if used correctly

Non Cred Forums, modern otaku audience - won't care since it's a serious story that doesn't feature highschool harems and shit to sell dakis on. Cred Forums and most of the western audience - majority thinks the original is perfect.

They're only wasting money.

escaping from lasers is hard as is drawing battles that span millions of miles


Gaijins don't mean shit. The nips want to remove Julian.

>removing a central character that reinforces and drives forward the central theme of the story
I hope you're joking.

They obviously think they can make money out of it or else they wouldn't do it. And why bring up the Western fans of LoGH, 100% of them are pirates.

They want the fujobux, user. And unless they fuck up royally they will get them. The novels are gay as hell all on their own so you'd have to try really hard to make an adaptation not appeal to fujos.

>want to remove Julian
Then it's going to be a piece of shit, don't get me wrong, Julian is pretty lame, but there's no way I'm watching it without him.

>Oberstein without kaneto Shiozawa.

Best girl

Is this the legendary fpbp?


Memes aside.
The show is good, and even great but not a masterpiece.
it has arguably the best characters in the medium, but the plot conveniences, 1D cartoony villains, OP protagonists (Yang & Reinhard) and the retarded strategies are too huge for a glitches to turn a blind eye off for a show with a scoop this big.
I mean look at the genius military tactics in pic here

Also the pseudo-elitists like to jerk off it to feel superior and call the other fanbases plebs, when they're actually a fucking cancerous one since they think their SpaceGays cartoon is the best show ever that does everything better than all the other animes and nothing will never surpass it

What mobage is this?

It's a browser game, not a mobage. 銀河英雄伝説タクティクス on DMM.

Pick one.

I pick LoGH.



That's not really by choice. The books didn't start to get a US release until this year and while Sentai did license the anime for a US release, that was pnly last year and they have so far released exactly jack shit.

>It's fujoshit now



>implying you don't want to go to a beach BBQ with Bittenfeld and Poplan

best song

Wasn't it a continuation or something?


you cant though, the visible light is of weak electromagnetic radiation.

Literally all best lads are dead


More like DEAD boy

No cause it won't come out by then anyway and they're just going to fujo pander it up and entirely miss the point AND it'll be way shorter than the original no doubt. No way to do it better honestly.

But you got Rehineards son

>hiding a laser bazooka in your dead CO so you can assassinate Reinhard


It's a new adaptation of the novels, so neither.

Off-topic, but

Why do people give flack to LOGH for having the Empire live in pre-industrial villages(not all of it)? I just saw an episode of Star Trek where they also live in pre-industrial settings and I've hardly seen that brought up.


Neo Cred Forums and it's bullshit are the real Satan

Which ST-episode are you talking about?

This Anime needs a remake like Ghostbusters needed a remake.

Fuck man I figured an LOGH thread on Cred Forums would be about one of the most awful things I'd ever have to witness so I guess this is better than my expectations so far. Maybe like 5 years ago this show could have gotten a decent thread out of this board, big maybe though.

S4 of TNG, where Picard sees his brother on earth. The latter is living the farmers life and makes wine.

Agreed, Julian is really lame until the very end, where everything set up about him since very early in the show is finally given pay off.

He's cringe when he's front and centre be he's so vital to the story and its themes that I cannot fantom LoGH without him.

It's true.

I always got the feeling it was about Aesthetics more then actual necessity. The Empire was super traditionalist. It stands to reason they would try and downplay the presence of High Technology as much as possible. Compared to the Free Planets Alliance which rubbed it in everyone's face excessively.

In the respect, I could see why the Federation homes would be considered much the same way. The United Federation was a pure communist state where all production was automated. Since they did not have to work, they could purse their own intellectual pursuits. Minimalism and Traditional lifestyle would be necessary to emphasize in order to avoid the dangers of Hedonism.

Oh that. That was just him doing that by choice for fun and shit. Earth can afford it, being the center and most important planet of the Federation.
The frontier world where they have to rely on those replicators and get constantly attacked by Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Borg and other aliens of the week is where the harsh living really happens in Star Trek. And they do not abandon hi-tech at all.

Then let's pray for no CG bullshit.
The anime had foodservice too.

>Considering the original is a masterpiece that actually still holds up,
Ha ha ha!


there is nowhere to go but down, user

I've begin this anime 4 days ago, I've stopped today at episode 85, i don't want to watch it anymore.

I'm FUCKING depressed with yang wen-li's death

HAHA See this ? This is one of the reasons why this show is fucking Overrated
>muh feelz
>muh episode 82
meh death

Espeially that it was predictable since this is a war story

I didn't expect him to die in a trashing way.

This anime is not the best but it have great character, wen-li was one of the most well written character I've seen.


>marathoning 85 episodes of LoGH in 4 days
Are you okay?



Fujo don't watch mecha or space opera. Maybe on 80's but not anymore.

I hope you're joking because you could not be more wrong. Especially with regards to mecha, fujoshi are all over mecha. Look at AZ if you want a recent example. And if they're not all over space opera these days it's because there are hardly any modern space operas. Also, even though the series is old and long there's still a significant number of dedicated fujo LoGH fans talking about the series and producing content on a daily basis.

It was always fujo, retard.

user seems to think anyone actually cares about Cred Forumss opinion.

>But seeing how good the BD-release with the remade faces look
Fucking kill yourself.

I wish they omit Julian and completely rewrite the story so that it doesn't require him.

This. Why fujo would be into a genre filled with attractive men and few central female characters. It's the same reason autistic otaku watch CGDCT.

>Why would fujo not

You're not a native speaker, are you? Are you Chinese like Yang? I'm curious in which countries LoGH is popular besides Japan and Murica.

tfw when i have that doujin, i have no regret.

>Left: faggot pretty boy, soft face, moe eyes that scream for Reinhardo's dick
>Right: manly jawline, chizzled features, commanding presence that scream lets fuck up the FPA

/his/ bros love logh

Japan, murica knows nothing about it

>because there are hardly any modern space operas
Exactly. I'm so hungry for gay space opera I'm tempted to write some myself.

Scan it.

France maybe. Golden Wings got a french dub iirc

>murica knows nothing about it
But who makes all these LoGH threads on Cred Forums then? I thought it were Muricans/Canadians.
I am Russia myself, and here it is really funny. LoGHfags got chased from the biggest anime board on our chans because the mod is apparently some extremely salty and autistic millenial who hates all old (read pre-000s) anime. He/she literally deletes screens from such anime and bans people for posting them. So our user has nowhere to discuss LoGH. There are also probably 3,5 middle-aged fujoshis on mainstream forums, and that's it.

>Lotgh fags don't have the faintest understanding of animation.
It's not like it doesn't make sense

>defending LN adaptations

Then what do you call a masterpiece?

LOGH without Julian.

>interesting philosophical standpoints
Such as? I should rewatch it but from my impressions every thing it tried to say was extremely basic.

How can people be so fucking delusional about this series? Do you just parrot the original=best meme because it's usually true for classics?

As long as they don't change the writing itself, all it would take is a fucking modicum of attention being paid to the visuals and it would be an improvement. LoGH has issues with it's art and animation, and the direction is uninspired as fuck. The chances of such a long series getting a big upgrade is pretty unlikely, and I'm sure a more modern look will make it lose some charm, but to say the original can't be improved upon is absurd. It's extremely flawed.

Give to the ones that made Yamato 2199. Now that's how you do a remake.

Its not that the LoGH doesn't have its flaws. Its just that as a work of art, its flaws are a part of its overall execution. The series stands on its own even today, despite the obvious flaws in its animation style and pacing. Its also an insult to the shows original artists.

This is the inherent problem with remakes. It implies there is a need to remake it in the first place. There isn't though. All it is, is taking a beloved story, and trying to squeeze more money out of it rather then taking the risk on an original idea.

The money being spent on a LoGH remake is money that could have been spent on something new instead. But the CEO's and Accountants have decided to put their investment in a sure thing, rather then on a gamble.


Logh is not too common in Cred Forums as far as I've seen. People who make logh thread are the same people who made many other logh thread. The anime has already eneded so there's not much to discuss until the anime come out. It has its own forum online and thats about it. I prefer it stay off radar from Cred Forums to avoid shitpost. /his/ rarely have logh thread, and it is certainly that /his/ make the best logh thread than any board. But dont come to /his/ and talk about it or you'll get derailed.

>The money being spent on a LoGH remake is money that could have been spent on something new instead.
That isn't true.

Yea, the money would be spent on seasonal trash LN/Manga adaptations.

Well, i dunnlo, mostly watching it at morning and at night, even if i'm in college.

You're right, i'm French.

Two most memorable scenes for me were two death scenes. The bullet to the leg, and bleeding out while waiting for a friend. The simplicity of the style, the lack of special effects made those scenes good. Now they will add a lake of blood to make it more action packed.

To be fair it could also be spent on remakes of other series that could benefit from them more.

I'm terribly pessimistic about any adaptation being superior to a 110 episodes OVA series

She died in such a funny way I thought she didn't actually die.

>being superior to a 110 episodes OVA series

That's my only main concern is how to top such a long running a series with a dedicated director, dedicated studio, and dedicated producer.

All of them also produced the prequels/side stories too.

>Remake with no classical music ost.
>With characters genderbend because of muh equality.
>All politically incorrect dialogue thrown out.

It'll be shit.

Who had the bigger cock?


Mashengo obviously.

Of course its true. This is basic economics. All money spent in the economy carries with it opportunity costs. I have 20 dollars to spend. I spend 15 dollars of it on a Pizza, and because of that, I cannot afford the 7 dollar Cheeseburger. I have 5 dollars left over. But I also don't have a cheeseburger.


You could have also spent 20 dollars buying me a gift but obviously you wouldn't do that. Lost opportunities are infinite and largely insignificant if they're not choices you might have made under the same circumstances.

So taken a step further. A Studio has 200 million dollars to spend this year for product development. They need to spend 25 million on wages in order to keep existing talent rather going to the trouble of new hires. Now they have 175 million.

Now, what to do with that money? A brand new project is expensive. You have to buy rights to an existing story, or write your own. Then develop it from scratch. That will cost the rest of your 175 million dollars.

Or you can spend 80 million dollars on manga trash that you already own the rights too, and then spend 50 million dollars to buy an existing franchise like LoGH and then spend 30 million dollars to spruce it up.

Then give the Executives a 15 million dollar bonus from the left overs.

Which option do YOU think a development studio will take? The one that makes a role of the D-20 dice on their entire budget, or the one that will absolutely end in million dollar bonuses for everyone involved?

Karin is best girl with the perfect father genes

Or to put it more clearly, the funders wouldn't have spent the money making a new show because they didn't set out to invest money in some new thing. It's not like deciding which junk food you want to eat, it's deciding between buying a lottery ticket or putting money in a investment account.

And this is the problem. Treating art like Investments is why every single major film of the 70's 80's and 90's is getting a "reboot" in the USA, and Japan is busily "rebooting" their classic animes.

Which means we will get to watch the same shit all over again, with maybe sharper graphics and slightly better voice acting.

Rather then new stories.

Fucking phonies.

Was he a virgin?

Closeted Homosexual. He learned early to suppress his emotions.

I wonder how much pandering the remake will have.

There is no way they will adapt the novel as is, they will bleed money out the asshole.

W-what if he was secretly in love? With Bittenfield?

>they replace half the cast with women like the Space Ship Yamamoto remake

No, Bittenfeld was in love with Oberstein

I don't know man.

I would be quite happy if Julian were a cute girl that won the Schonkopf Jr.bowl at the end.

I watched episodes 30-110 in like a week.

He transcended the need for flesh.

So yes.

That's true, but I still cried like a bitch at this one.

This man died for all our sins.

Reminder that Oberstein is autistic as fuck.

Oberstein confirmed for new Jesus

Autistic cute new Jesus

id love to see logh get remade

im already stoked at how the new berserk is turning out

That's the kind of religion I can get behind.

>There is no way they will adapt the novel as is, they will bleed money out the asshole.

I'm still kind of confused about how the original LOTGH got made in the first place

Was there really a large enough following back in the day to warrant an entire 110 ep OVA run?


Maybe he got laid before, but I imagine him to be asexual by the time the series start.


I already know how this is going to play out.
>oldfags who enjoyed the original are going to hype this remake
>newfags are going to fall for the hype
>anime finally comes out
>anons will complain that it doesn't have (insert something stupid)
>newfags will trash the anime because they fell for the hype
>the anime will be forgotten about in a few months when it finishes airing

It happened to Berserk, it happened to Ushio and Tora and it's gonna happen to LoGH.

dumb tripfag


Reminder that the '90s LOGH OVA series was fujobait too

He probably raped his dog a couple of time

Oberstein is not for lewd user

>but not a masterpiece

>There's no way they can improve anything upon the original.


Bet zerk is SHIT made by a SHIT studio

This will be made by one of the better studios in anime in general, sure, it can fail, but it also ahs insane potential if done right.

They have amazing foundations to build on, as another user said, LOGH is a masterpiece, but it has flaws, flaws that make it whole, but flaws nontheless.
Considering how non fujobait almost all the studios work is, and how well they handle adult themes and relationships (Ghost in the Shell +SC as well as Usagi Drop)
This might just turn out to be spectacular.

Worst scenario for me however, is the anime of my dreams, only to be cancelled by millenials with shit taste not watching it

Fujoarts means shit. All blu-rays, DVDs and mecha toys are bought by robot otaku.

According to what? Your ass? Fujos absolutely buy BDs and DVDs, just look at Free's sales. There's no reason to assume they're not buying that shit for mecha shows and other shit they obviously enjoy too.

Spacebattles is going to cum furiously over the updated spehss battles


He is only for cuddling ... with dogs

Oberstein is pure, how hard is that to get

Killed innocents in droves
Manipulated like a madman
"Muh impartialness"
Shit haircut

Sure user ...

>Shit haircut

What did they mean by his ?

S-surely Bittenfeld is heterosex, r... right guys ?

It's probably going to look like shit going from hand-drawn animation to digital. And that's if they don't do cgi.

Bittenfeld is a manly man who enjoys rough sports and drives a pickup

Everyone in LoGH is gay. No exceptions. Even the straight people are gay.

>Yang is now played by Melissa McCarthy
>Reinhardt is now played by Kristen Wiig
>Kierchies is played by Leslie Jones
>Julian is Chris Hemsworth
How ̶b̶a̶d̶ good is it?

I want to ask what do you actually think a studio does?

It's sad to think we live in an age where there is a 0% chance the ships won't be shitty CGI.

He's the best

I'd watch it. I'd probably kill myself afterwards, but I'd watch it out of curiosity.

I thought they were over the gratuitous shitty CGI.

I dont user, ill think. About it.

don't know*


Aw geez, that Yang popsicle.

Fujobait is strong with this one.

Dusty NTR too.

>Production I.G
>LoGH remake
>FLCL remake
>Netflix anime original
All those big projects.
I don't know what are they trying to do, but as IG fan I'm excited and afraid at the same time.

> And this is the problem. Treating art like Investments
Treating art like investments is literally the reason we can even have a fucking anime industry to begin with. TV anime alone is funded by hundreds of millions of dollars every year, do you seriously think that money would be materializing if it weren't a business?

Whoever replaces Yang Wen-Li's voice actor got some pretty big shoes to fill.

Besides that, the animation can just improve, but I'm afraid modern time and budget constraints will lower the quality of the end product.

I'm algerian and i post about it, i'm a patrician in a plebian coutry.
get rekt user

Makes you feel

maybe a loli yang can help you feel better?

>Not loving brunhilde

Gomen.. Frederica, gomen.. Julian, gomen... minna..


Those words are still etched into my head as if it happened yesterday.

Who will probably fuck everything up because with the church done , and the fpa weak af he won't even live anything dramatic change in his whole life. Sorry but I don't wanna see it.

>using meme as an argument

The fortress conquers were the worst shit ever

Honestly, I'm looking forward to it. Usually I'm not willing to say such a heretical thing, but even if it's shit, it's more LoGH. If it winds up being worse than the original, so what? We still can still rewatch and introduce new people to the original, even if the new one comes out.

The only thing that could possibly make me rage is if they double down on the shounen-ai between Siegfried and Reinhardt, which they probably will because it's a modern-day show.

3/4 of these are taken out of context and i know that's the joke

Idk personally I really liked Sea of Stars. Season 3 was best season, and the song makes me feel like fucking Disney World.

Konigs Tiger reporting, aka Best Ship. Basically, it's the Ulysses (aka: Best Ship 2) but fucking black, super fast, always charging ahead, etc...

I'd sooner just rewatch the classic, and the remake is probably not going to be out in 2017 anyway or maybe isn't even happening anyway cause the industries scheduling is fucked up and most timeslots are taken up by mobage and LN ads for Kadokawa and bullshit music multimedia projects for Lantis and Aniplex for the last several years.

that's not kircheis

Brunhilde is fat

You must be a faggot that likes Ullysses

Yang'd never marry Frederica if Jessica were still alive, you know this to be true.

Now i'm depressed again, thanks user.

How can i accept such a disrespectful death for wen-li?

The most common place to see logh threads are on /his/ and /tg/. Logh on Cred Forums generally turn into shitflinging contests between autists that call it the bestest animuh evah and niggers that just hate it for some reason. On /his/ it's viewed as a historical piece with people discussing the characters actions and motivations and the politics in general. However on /tg/ the anons mainly discuss the ships, combat and technology. I've also had some nice logh discussions in the sweden thread on Cred Forums.