Joukamachi no Dandelion

Alright, finally to release this volume after god who knows how long.

Stay tuned after the volume dump for last month's new chapter.

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Also, if you're a typesetter with nothing better to do, feel free to hit me up. Would be pretty helpful to have someone better than me.

I'm also lazy as fuck, so just a warning.




The King's bastard childs' mother.



Oh shit young mom incoming.


This show deserved a second season.











This chapter wasn't in the anime was it?





someone have the other 2 volumenes?



















>Passing the chance of feeling the ultimate flatness









The monthly Dandelion thread has arrived. Today is a good day.


man i think you miss 045




Kanade is just so goddamn ..UNF




This page always makes me smile.


Karen is the most fuckable character.

I love how he just lays it all out there.


Even though I like how things turned out this page still makes my heart hurts a little.


Kana-nee just needs to find her own prince now.

That's me by the way to step the fuck off.



It's honestly refreshing. No beating about the bush, just straight up admits it and then they're more than happy to date from that point onwards.


Yeah. A more standard manga character would have remained oblivious for ages. But he's a whole different kind of oblivious to where he just feels no embarrassment whatsoever





>That top left panel
Goddammit Shuu


Gee I wonder what other kind of stuff she can create from her dreams

Sowa-chan best girl. Satsuki a shit.


I wish Sowa got more focus in the anime or even the main book. She's still working for King dad







huh the must of heard about the semi fascist somewhat totalitarian regime








At last I can read what happened in this page.

And it is glorious.






Also, loli Misaki a cute. She should have kept the tomboy look.



Fuck this minute delay, I want to sleep.













I really hope whomever does become king institutes stricter safety and labor regulations. This whole city is a death trap.



>It's a kanade wears a sweater chapter









Best girl.

It isn't even incest anyway, she should've win.








And last page of volume 3.

Now onto the new chapter and I can sleep.

Every god damn time Shu you mad man.



God damn she is batting hard for that incest ending







someone have the first and second volumen? thanks

>try to run a serious campaign and talk about the nation's future
>no one listens because they're too busy waifufagging

Being Kanade is suffering.


And done.

There should be another chapter this month, but I wasn't able to get pre-order a copy of the maganize from Amazon JP on time, so I'll have to look around.

And again, if you're a typesetter with nothing to do, let me know.

Thank you so much user.

I am disappointed we couldn't get the Kanada-incest ending, but I can always dream.

Thanks user, get a good night's sleep now.

So with the class president confirmed to not be a lesbian, that brings Haruka's harem up to 4:
1. Misaki
2. Sachiko
3. Ange
4. Ayase

I would have sex with Kanade, if you know what I mean

Thanks user.

I am always surprised to see this manga still continuing after the election. It seem perfect then to end it. Well, I'm not complaining.

Still uploading volume 3 and the new chapter, but when it's done:!FIhm2aDA!L3PMDTLbMYuP0LgYIpFJ7g

And what a good continuation it's been.

>bribing the teacher

Ayase is 10/10. I hope she at least gets to bang him.

Thanks for the work guys, it's much appreciated.

Is that overlapping panel meant to be there? It's in the other version too so I'm not sure.

I have seen this in the show

If you mean the text that has 2 after images, then yeah. Hana probably replayed what Shuu said in her mind a bunch of times.

Loli Akane is cute.

Thanks for the dump, great stuff, instant pick-up

Alrighty, just making sure.

Kanade is such a good sister and a major bro-con and sis-con

Isn't it "prefab"?

After the Onii-sama x Kanade ship sinking, Harem x Haruka is my next ship


S-shit, is there a high def with Kanade?

I-is there really no chance of an incest end?

>I-is there really no chance of an incest end?
They are going to get married and Kanade already gave up

Haruka is boring.

There's no alternative

My goodness, this manga is trying to make me get diabetes

Thanks user, you just made my day.

Thanks so much, I've been waiting for this, it's always super cute.

Helper-cum-guard a cute.
Kanade a best

Dropped this trash when MC went for disgusting blonde midget instead of Kanade. Fucking garbage.

But Akane has Karen and Angelica, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Akane doesn't see Hana nor Kanade that way.

Glasses Akane a cute.

But glasses Aoi-sama is even better.

Kanade is the sexiest

Fuck off, you know who I mean.

You said MC so you could only be referring to Akane, right?

This mangaka carries over the terrifying eroticism of Kasuga Ayumu's designs the best.

Some people just call whoever the prominent boy is the MC, like some anons called Kei the MC in Flying Witch.

But Ayumu is the mangaka.

Oh, so he's not the character designer, he draws the whole thing?
That would explain it.

Nobody seems to know if Ayumu is a boy or girl, but they're also the author. Ayumu seems to know what the people want.

Wish we'll get more chapters of her.

Truly a man of great taste.

Correct. They not only do the art but the story too. It's their first (?) solo project so they can do whatever they wish, which is why there's so many great characters.

The author(s) is a they?

Well as the other user said, nobody knows their gender as far as I'm aware.

This dude(?) seriously needs more solo works. This series is much better than Twintail or that harem-battle shit he's illustrating.
Only one dude(?) working on this although his gender isn't confirmed.

>that episode where akane showed everyone her vagina

Fucking english and its lack of gender neutral pronoun.

Royal pussy for everyone to see
That will get her some votes

Don't be silly, that's only for Karen. They only got pantsu.

"They" is perfectly fine and has been used for ages as a gender neutral pronoun.

I want Akane to be my king.

Haruka is around a lot lately.

I don't hate it.

I'd take any of them.

Sadly this manga is just pure incest bait. They'll probaly introduce some royal chads for Kanade and Misaki soon. Even Shiori will probably have a future fiancee introduced at some point. Akane will be the only one dying alone and a virgin.

Akane will have the first homosexual marriage in the kingdom.

I will vote for Aoi-sama

One fine, straight line.

Karen will discover the pleasure of the D in college by 'accident' and become a promiscuous mother.


Honey cum

>Mom's pink haired
>Dad' matte haired

There's no possible combination that could resulted in blue or blonde haired daughter.

Alien genes

That's were Sowa comes in. Right after marrying Satsuki had to leave the castle for two years due to family circumstances and when she came back there were already three unofficial claimants to the trone. Hikari is a gaijin adopted from a war torn nation.

Whoa buddy I don't like your implication about Shu and Kanade.

Aoi and the sole blonde hair girl is the black sheep of the family.


If going by hair color only then from Satsuki's side only Aoi, Haruka, Misaki and Teru could make sense after looking at her siblings. I don't know if there are color pages of her parents.

I want loli Hikari back.

I want to make a loli with Aoi/Akane.

I want to make lolis with the loli.

Going by breast size, Akane is the bastard.

>Hikari's power could make the older sisters lolis or the older brothers shotas again
>/ss/ with Shuu/Haruka and Aoi/Kanade
>grown up Teru disciplining his 5 nee-sans
Don't even get me started with Misaki's clones with different ages each. The possibilities are endless but like always the world is unfair.

The dearth of doujin for this series is despicable.

Thanks op miss this show ;-;

>/ss/ Kanade & Hana x Shota Shuu

my boner is uncontrollable.

>grown up Teru disciplining his 5 nee-sans
I would love to see a grown up Teru trying his best to make a sex starved Kanade forget Shuu while Aoi waits for him to revert back for her turn.

Shiori will stab dem bitches daring to approach her man.

I want to fuck Shuu while Kanade watches.

There's only 3 that I know of but only one is scanned. I wanna see the HarukaxMisakixAkane threesome.

I meant Hikari and Akane.

Though to be fair, it's going to be pretty hard for any doujin to match the art quality of the original artist.

Same shit happen with Prisma Illya. No doujin end up being as satisfying as the fanservice from the og artist.

I want Aoi-sama to make me obey her commands.

I want to fuck Haruka

I want to envelop Aoi-sama in my support!

>no Kanade/Shuu/Hana threesome doujin

Shuu pls

This fucking image. Every time it gets posted.

I like sibling stories but sometimes the incest baiting is too much. The lack of doujins make the pain even worse.

That's exactly why I post it. It's perfectly SFW yet somehow still the lewdest dandelion image I know of.

Is this translated?


Would they execute you if you raped one of the royalty?

Hikari is disgusting, just look at that filth.

You'd get literally torn apart by the angry mob.


Why is Akane blank-eyed when implying Haruka wants to fuck Ange?

She knows

It's not blank eyes, it's the one they use for teasing and such. Words escape me.

>Both of them looking away

Fuck, that's cute.

Ange has a fat rump.

Not sure if the guy is around but the incomplete chapters should probably get removed from Batoto when you have the chance.

This is a crime.

Which Joukamachi would you Dandelion?

My answer will always be the same.

Scarlet Bloom.

Is that even a question? Kanade of course.

Akane and Hikari make me HoneyCome all the time.

I prefer loli Akane.

"He" is gender neutral when the gender is unknown. It's far more confusing to use the plural to refer to a single person, as seen here.

While that may technically be true, I think that it would be far more natural to use "they". It is somewhat sad that the usage you mentioned has fallen from grace though.

IMS was better when it made shows like twintails, haifuri and dandelion. Now the only shit they animate is trashy softhentai.

As far as I know I think that's outdated, it used to be that way but not anymore. I believe "they" is the recognised gender neutral pronoun now. I may wrong though, I haven't really kept up to date with the whole gender faggotry that started over the past decade or so.

I don't

But Haifuri only ended 2 months ago

Let me help you a bit.

The result of Kanade and Hana's discussion

I'd say Akane is smooth down there. For Karen.

Is confirmed Akane is turbolesbian?

When you have Karen and Angelica both loving you so much it's only natural that would be the result.

I wonder how Karen feels about having competition now?

This guy is pretty awesome. Too bad his Dandelion work is only a bit of sketch

I've fapped to his stuff so many times, his art is so damn good so when I saw his name popup with Dandelion tagged I was ecstatic then I saw it was a single page and was so disappointed. One page is better than nothing, I suppose.

She's pushing Ange towards Haruka. Karen was the one who paid the girl make the store room a little dangerous and lock the door when the two of them were inside.



I want her to geass me.

I just discovered this manga recently and I loved it, is the anime worth checking out?

It's pretty good, skips a lot of the content of the manga though

I tell a lie, it keeps most of the manga's content but has a semi-original ending

Very worth it. For episodes they chose to combine manga chapters with recurring characters that were often even across volumes, so the timeline is very different and a few parts were anime original, but for the most part it's very fun and true to the source.


Chairman is such a yandere

She'll manage his harem in the future.


Thanks user, I have been waiting for this.

There was a chart, you know.

Poor Teru.

>Even the universe acknowledges Hana is plain



They alternate. Their next show will be incredible.

I'm pretty sure it's still correct. It's just fallen out of usage because women like to get offended at you implying they're male or some shit, so the rest of us have to butcher the language to appeal to them.

>Nobody remembers Active Raid even when it's airing

This reminded me that Haifuri has been on my backlog ever since the first episode. Is it worth waiting for someone to do BDs or should I just go ahead with HS or Vivid?


Just go for it.

The BD's have been out.

The first one at least.

It didn't occur to me to search for anything other than just "Haifuri." Thanks.

But are they born with the powers or do the stars assign them later?

Did he ever leave a name/email? I did some typesetting with a group a while back and certainly wouldn't mind pitching in here.

There isn't much to do now that we're caught up but if you're still interested, you can catch me at [email protected].

I guess we still have the anthology, though.

A) Haifuri wasn't good
B) Active Raid is airing right now.

>A) Haifuri wasn't good

You don't like little girls doing torikaji ippai?

I could say that the hamsters ruined it for me, but it wasn't actually the hamsters. It was the fact they tried imitating GuP without understanding what made GuP great. The group dynamics were really subpar.

They will be the ones to repopulate the country once the upcoming war is over.

Will there be a chapter next month? Because this is always going on breaks.

On a semi-related note, Funi apparently dubbed this. Not sure how to feel. I didn't see any promo clips so I can't tell how it would sound. I'm betting Shiori is going to be the comically bad voice.

It's Funi, all the voices will be comically bad. Except the ones that are infuriatingly bad.

Lot of cute grills so far, thats nice every now and then. Picked up.

Yep, I ordered the November issue. We should have the chapter done in a week or two.

I'd assume it's genetic since they all have and use their abilities when they were young. Basically the kings baby batter is blessed with alien mojo.

You are a god.


Kanade. Just.. goddamn.

I love her design. That short hair style really suits her.

Nice. I'll get the new Danchigai volume on wednesday. Maybe someone willing to translate and edit faster than the current group will take interest in it.

and she looks really good in a sweater. I mentioned it earlier but damn can she rock a sweater

and t-shirts


The more I see her with Borscht the more I imagine her being a lonely cat lady in the future because it's too hard to image someone else taking Shuu's place in her heart. Hana you fucking homewrecker.

don't worry. the first family will always remain very close

Aoi needs more exposure. There should be chapter of her and Shuu attending their daughter's recital

Uh what?
Isn't she his sister or what? NBR?

Kanade and Akane's eyes the only ones with the watery effect in this scene, nice touch.

Half of the people in Dandelion threads are delusional. Between thinking the maid birthed half the children, some being adopted, half of them wanting to fuck each other.. you get the idea. You can take such comments with a grain of salt.

Weird things!

How shameless.

Sadly you have to be slightly delusional if you want to hope this will ever get a S2

Well considering the anime covered the vast majority of the manga it'd be silly to expect a S2 any time soon regardless. Maybe in a few years.

Well they released the first before vol3 was out so in the crazy alternate universe where we did get an S2 it could be sooner.

Still waiting for them to release a vol4 as well feels like it's been ages.

There aren't enough chapters out to fill another volume. After the coming one there are still 2 missing.

Extremely slow releases and minimal page count will do that. It takes at least a year to push out a single volume, it sucks but that's what we gotta work with.

Actually with the coming one there's just one left.

That sucks as well, went to check out of curiousity and vol3 was released in August. Some kirara stuff has managed to put out 2 volumes in that time.

October releases are up on the website, should be a few days and then we'll be able to see if it'll be coming in November.

It does, but some stuff gets released so much faster. I don't get the magazines but from the speed of releases it must be a chapter every 2 months.



Like what?

Holding hands

This is your future Kanade-obasan.

That's true though. Christmas cake isn't hip anymore. It's all about that new year soba now.

What's that, 31?
Christmas Cake is something I've never really understood. Sub-30 is still pretty young. Although I can definitely see why you wouldn't want anyone over that age.

I think it just depends on the age of the person for their perspective on the matter. To a younger person a christmas cake would seem "old" or be defined as an "older woman" whereas to someone like myself who is close to 30 my definition of "older woman" is closer to 40. 20-29 is still pretty young in the grand scheme of things.

I suppose so. You don't really start falling apart until a bit later than 25.

Bet the mother in this could still push out a few more kids from the looks of her though. She must be about 36 minimum?

I think she's younger than 40 so she still has plenty of spark left in her. After 9 children though I doubt she wants to pump out much more.

Do I need to start this manga from chapter 1 after watching the anime?

It's short so why not? The anime mostly followed the manga 1:1 though so you could just start off with volume 3, though I'd personally recommend reading it from the start.

You don't need to, but a list of chapters that the anime either skipped or mixed around will just be a huge mess. The chapters are short and you can get through a volume in 10-15 minutes.

I don't know about that. I mean, who wants to have 9 kids? If someone is crazy enough to have that many she probably would go on to have more.




>mfw accidentally ordered two copies
Well, that was a waste of money.

Pretty cheap though at least.

These guys really ought to buy better doors


Thread is quiet today.

Would you like to hear about my beastly thoughts about Akane and Hikari?

I imagine it's something like this?

Well yes but I want to my run my hands over their hips

Akane has a far more erotic body than Hikari. The embaressment she would show because her body resembles a straight line would make it far better than Hikari's current or future body could.

Considering the hips in question I can understand why.

W-what's that?

Yogurt, like the file name says. What else would it be?

so 9 kids with two sets of twins.

Sure hope the kingdom has a good OBGYN cuz baby 10 could probably cartwheel out

>You will never have the two signature straight lines perpendicular to you

Point the barrel at me. Pull the trigger.

Only if you kill me first

Where can I find the other volumes? I'm confused as to why she's reacting like that.

Haruka is a handsome prince and this is the first time she meets him. All translated chapters are on batoto or here:!FIhm2aDA!L3PMDTLbMYuP0LgYIpFJ7g

Can I have a sauce on that?

I wonder if they had the same dream due to Shiori's power somehow


I wonder if she could heal shuu's leg


Highly recommended, it's for first couple of episodes but gets just as good as the manga.
Also thanks based MPT for the subs as Funi was late for most of their episodes (You're stuck with HS/Funi subs for the first two episodes though, but the MPT has subbed the rest)

One for the archive and one for the rips/scans
Not bad if you ask me

>I wonder if she could heal shuu's leg
She probably could if it's just a case of time and knowing the original state. It could be a problem with how long ago it was though and because the leg will have changed since then.

It would be weird to give Shuu his leg back from when he was like 10 years old.

It was a number of images of what I assume to be a preview of a doujin being sold at some point. Naturally it was never scanned and it seems the artist deleted the images off Pixiv.

What if fixing him just makes him 10 years old again? Is Hana willing to become a shotacon?

MPT did the blurays a while back so there's no need to go anywhere else.

Oh shit didn't know about that. MPT is even more based now.

ignore what I said in Go for the blurays according to >147300706

How come the children don't have the same color hair

see Those are the mother's siblings

I assume you meant to link

Without knowing anything about this series who would people think is the mother in this picture?

Satsuki stands out. Her position and her attire are big hints. Kanade could be a contender but she has Shuu in the picture so it rules her out as it makes it obvious they're twins. Aoi looks young and the rest of the kids are, well, kids.

Is there a lot different in the blurays? I like the series a lot, but if it's just standard fixing of some scenes then I think i'll just stay with the original subs

As far as I'm aware it's just a vast quality boost overall but nothing was changed. The BDs look really good.

Yup, sorry about that

Kanade has my vote.

He didn't get to meet Akane ;_;

He is pretty sharp to be oblivious, the only thing he can't read is the atmosphere, which is not always the case.

Just wear a skirt Haru, here you use this tutu.


My little despot can't be this cute!

Shiori will be the next shuu in the house.

Shiori will someday rule the entire kingdom. You have any idea how much dirt she can get on ANYONE.

>Shuu in the picture so it rules her out as it makes it obvious they're twins
You know this isn't exactly the case and honesty I though shu was a year older than kanade at first.

What is Shuu's left hand doing behind Satsuki? Are the king's genes too strong in him?

>yfw Ange is going full /u/
Unless it's Haruka.

Is the new chapter out already?

Yeah, the November issue went on sale today. I won't be getting it for another week or so, though.

I don't watch this anime but I have to say Kanade is best girl

You're not wrong but you should watch the show anyways

> Those socks

Time to masturbate again, and I just finished watching Shoujotachi no sadism

This thread needs some more Aoi-sama

This poster is brainwashed, do not listen to him.

Are you saying Aoi-sama is not best girl?

I'm saying you don't believe that of your own free will.

Misaki is gonna murder Ange

Brainwashing or not, she still the best.

Best girls don't need to brainwash

Not if Shuu gets to her first.


But her power is to make everyone express their deepest desires.

that was so lame

Lies from the crown to lull the people into a false sense of security. They keep us complacent so that we cannot defend against their tyranny.

Honestly that seemed like an asspull. There's plenty of times where Aoi uses her power and the intent is far from being the "true desire hidden in their heart".

Deep down, I'm pretty sure she wanted to lick that finger.

I would too


Yeah like the time she stopped a robbery. I mean I know the goodness deep down in all humans and that jazz but Im pretty sure at least a couple of them where there out of their own volition and greed

I think they wanted to tone down her evilness, its a lighthearted series after all

You cant have your character be Lelouch

Well I think her goodness really shown through more because her power was for all practical applications evil.

It would be better to say something like "we're all thankful you got this power because we know you'll never abuse it " And then make a joke about Kanade being kind of evil and Akane not being all that responsible.

The Lelouch aspect is what made her character interesting and drove her character development.

This. Her whole character was based on a good girl who wanted a normal life being given the power of kings and trying to make things work. The reveal basically made all of her struggles up until that point completely pointless.

I definitely would
Just imagine if she asked for something more indecent

Makes me wonder how the election would have went had she known she wasn't Lelouch. She was #1 throughout the whole thing without campaigning once and instead helped Akane the whole time all because she didn't want to control the people using her geass. If she had known her power wasn't "bad" it may have given her an incentive to actually participate without feeling like shit her whole life knowing she must not use her power.

>thread over 2 days old now
T-the next thread will last long too right?

Dandelion threads typically last longer when kanade is OP

Dandelion threads always have, at least the threads I've participated in have. Every time there's a new chapter dump or something to discuss a thread get made and it will generally last a few days to a week. It's pretty much a given to see a "big" Dandelion thread pop up once a month or so, which is nice.



Akane is a miracle of the universe.

>hfw her younger brother looks at her lewds online

He doesn't just look at them. He saves them and then gets them removed so nobody else can have them.

Thats how brothers should behave

Truly a degenerate. Poor Akane.

Ange could just fix herself afterwards.
Unless it's so bad that she can't. How ruthless is Misaki?



This is true OTP right here. Shiori won't let anybody touch her Teru.

The real OTP is Shiori x Watermelon-kun.

>blazed through all 12 episode in one go

holy fuck, it's fun. I regret i missed the thread when it's airing since i thought it was boring as fuck

not bad..

S2 when

In 3 years. Maybe.



He expired or got eaten already user.

He may be gone but he will not be forgotten. He will forever live on in our hearts.


It's a damn shame I can't find more design that are similar to kanade

We take what we can get.



Thank you for all the work, it's much appreciated.

Im gonna go ahead and ask who this is. Google is just trying to sell me news woman shirts

hibiki nanase

Tenioha. It's hentai.

Thank you

I am cool with that

>those Aoi's legs and underwear
No wonder Shuu succumbed to his instict to procreate.

He probably gets wads of cash from Shuu for the rarests lewds. No wonder his dates with Hana are short, he's too broke to afford anything else.

I just find it cute that the Sakurada daughters apparently colour code their underwear.

Is she crying because Akane severely twisted her left hand unconsciously?

Will this thread reach 500 posts?

It'll be tough with the image limit.

you need to believe

Yeah google's been really shit with reverse searching things now for some reason its either accurate or extremely inaccurate

Fuuuck. Finally done compiling volume 3 into a imgur


>kanade's breasts
Literally godlike.

neat thanks user

You should add the volume jacket and the other page in the volume to make it complete.