Watamote chapter 103

watamote chapter 103

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REMEMBER say thank you to guys at world 3 for doing.

>that doesn't go in there
Double penetration confirmed.


Thanks faggots.

I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Honest.

Onee-chan I'm gonna make you feel good.

W-what's the falcon for?

Doujin of Kii pimping Tomoko out like the filthy whore that she is when?
Afterall, it was already halfway there in the story.

He's there to watch.

Oh man, that's actually a pretty nice hawk. More Kii-chan's always good too.

Surely Tomoko can't make Kii-chan's opinion of her even worse than it already is, right?

That was it?

It a hawk it Tomoko hawk for one of my thread back in may.

>Kii-chan letting her hair grown

I missed the two last chapters, does anyone have a link for them please ?

Don't tell me kii-Chan did something to Tomoko when she was sleeping.

>Tomoko suddenly getting fat
>"Why do I suddenly have more of an appetite than usual? And what is this huge syringe I found underneath my bed filled with white pudding that belonged to Kii-chan?"

You miss chapter 101 and 102 .


Thanks mate !

What was the hawk for?


It Tomoko hawk he attacks sao fanboy and there eyes.

Why so short chapter? And why do nips have christmas/new year chapters in the middle of summer.


Where can I download whole manga in cbr?

artist is really good in this chapter. I wish I could draw like that.

This chapter really funny.

>Kii watches her sleep
She really came out of their mutual experiences the worst.

Look like it .

doujins when

We have ask someone make it.

I wonder if she got taller. I want to see Tomoko reacting with insecurities when her cousin become bigger than her (there are no boobs visible so far).

It should be more people in this thread right now

For anyone wondering about the meaning of all this weird imaginery, the Japanese have a belief that your first dream after new year's will be an omen of how lucky you'll be.

Your luck is gauged by how many of a list of objects appear in your dream. The most common is eggplants, followed by a forest, mt fuji and, less common, a hawk.


Is Tomoko getting a boyfriend?

Great joke.

So she'll be incredibly lucky, but it'll be a nightmare for her.
>Tomoko becomes popular
>hates it, tries desperately to become unpopular again
>can't escape from all her new friends
She's literally going to be raped by good fortune.


>followed by suicide


>She's literally going to be raped by good fortune.
But things were going so well for her.

>it's the start of a kii-chan arc

3 chapter long last time.

Good see kii-Chan is back.

>five pages
More Kii-chan can't be a bad thing, though.

It good thing.

People asking for this .


I want to lick Mokocchi's eyeball


Is Tomoko gonna get a boyfriend now ?

What happens when Tomoko graduates from high school?
Will the series end? It's not that far off, is it?

Times have change buddy. It's no longer Tomo who is spilling the spaghetti but those around her now.

Tomoko will finally have her revenge.

>only 4 pages
A nightmare indeed. At least a new Kii-chan arc is going to start.

> What happens when Tomoko graduates from high school Will the series end

No it will end it will go pass high school that if people keep buying the manga.

I really want to see Tomoko in her 20th

I want to see a Watamote sequel where Tomoko is an adult Christmas cake.

>Kii-chan treats Tomoko like a little kid
>it backfires
But how?

Did I skip or forget a chapter or something? Since when is Tomoko scared of Kii-chan? I thought she keeps trying (and failing miserably) to look cool in front of her.

That not a good idea if a sequel manga because of yen press I think Nico Tanigawa know this .

Because last time. REMEMBER kii-Chan try make Tomoko her new dog plus
kii-Chan scared Tomoko so much Tomoko piss herself.

Reminder of what happened last time they hung out.



She has had long hair since her second arc



I've always hated Kii-chan.

>not fearing Kii-chan


Kii-chan is very kowai. Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see her riding you while staring at you with that vapid, wide-eyed smile of hers.




did that creepy bitch just stand there and watch her sleep
is it a japanese thing

I use to like kii-Chan after chapter 60 I don't like kii-Chan anymore.



>is it a japanese thing
Creeps and stalkers do that everywhere I think.


> did that creepy bitch just stand there and watch her sleep


> is it a japanese thing



She cares deeply for her pet dog. Kii-chan enjoys staring at Tomoko.



Tomoko theater falcon canon.

Oh no what is kii-Chan gonna do to sheep-Chan this monster have be stop.

No one say anything about one look a girl and look like boy.

Oh man, Kii-chan's going to have LOTS of fun with Tomoko this year.

I hope Tomoko gonna be ok in chapter 104.

>Tomoko dreamed she got raped by her cute but psycho cousin.

What's the point of doujins if the author is going to do wierd fucked up sex stuff for us.

Tomoko has successfully mindbroken every female in the cast except for Nemochan and Yuri

She's going to realize Tomoko has friends now and it will be okay.




But why this thread?

GET out .


Maybe he just want to bump Tomoko thread but too shy!

Stupid Umaruposter!

man I really don't know how to feel about Kii-chan



GET out






Look like watamote villain is kii-Chan.

I feel bad for Tomoko

Only one chapter this month.

I want to fuck watamom and raise tomoko as my daughter and fuck her too, and kii. everyone get my fuck.


i will give you my fuck too
we will go to ufo playground and i will visit uranus and get my moon rocks off

No just try piss us off .

>despite having several friends/relatives supporting Tomoko out of their own kindness she remains a spiteful kissless virgin
Wonder if the author is making a point with this.

Watadad protects Tomoko's smile forever!

Only see Tomoko dad face in the anime .

Kii-Chan be in highschool soon.

I want protects Tomoko from people like that.

Someone should photoshop thing.

Why no one post on chapter thread ?

Everyone be on soon.



Chapter 104 the nightmare beginn.

I don't get it?

Don't sexualize Kii-chan!
She is pure girl

>5 page chapter where nothing happened and had a small joke which wasnt very good so the only thing left to do is waifupost
You want to talk about dreams we had last night instead?

> You want to talk about dreams we had last night instead?


> nothing happened

Kii-Chan is back that big .

Fucking Kii-Chan you won't get away with this this time.

I'm need do something I'll be back.

You see what I'm doing.


Kii a shit

Tomoko know this now.

Will Tomoko mind break Kii-Chan next chapter?

Vol 10 come out on 10/22.

I don't have dream .

I'll keep this thread alive for people don't see this chapter.

I should add more.


Why is it chapters about Christmas/New Years in September?

Time Skip .

Isn't Japan in the southern hemisphere?
Or at least half of Japan?

Christmas chapter is in vol 9.


This Christmas chapter this right before chapter 102.



Our Tomoko is really getting older.


she also stops spilling her spaghetti at every corner



What with Christmas is some thing post happen on Year 3 Christmas like Tomoko getting a boyfriend?

Yuu-chan is the Goddess for Mokocchi

Southern hemisphere still has Christmas/New Years in December

I want to X Y's Z.

>you will never have a friend call you up to invite you to a Christmas party
>you will never have a friend

Will we ever see that Christmas party chapter maybe Tomoko got a boyfriend now we don't know about .

Damn. I forgot how awkward she gets around her cousin.

>One day, Tomoko get a boyfriend.
>It's the final chapter

Why does it have end when Tomoko get a boyfriend manga should go pass that.

They're going to the cinema, of course

>you will never have a friend

I know that feel all too well

Tomoko is in Aokigahara or some people call it the Suicide Forest.


That creepy.

>Traditional KFC dinner

Sasuga, Colonel-san.

I'll be back with some this.

Tomoko voice Izumi Kitta

Which one?

I really miss Izumi Kitta voicing Tomoko.

Izumi Kitta she really nice person.

I thought I was the only one.


yeah me too

This chapter was brutal.


Izumi Kitta so cute.


Have you looked at a map before?


It's Tomoko's fault for destroying her purity along with her sanity

Still, it would be kind of fun to see Kii get knocked down a peg or two.

By sheelp-Chan.

I like see that.

Isn't she too cute to be Tomoko VA? Immersion ruined.

thought that was pretty clear from context from the tv broadcast


is that how eggplants work? I thought you had to look at the calyx

once she moves out, if she ever does, Tomoko is going to become one of those delightfully lazy modern women who never bothers wearing clothes because fuck laundry and she never leaves the house anyway

This is a dream, so it's how Tomoko thinks they work.

It's obviously a dildo and a buttplug.

You're welcome

She's a Milky (specifically the batshit insane one AKA 2nd best), so it's fine.

Oh man, I just realized she sniffed it out like a dog would.

Fucking Kii-Chan you pay for this.

Kii-chan gave that hairpin to Tomoko. Hopefully she still has it or hasn't destroyed it, because Kii-chan's going to be pissed and do even worse things to Tomoko.

>manga/anime about loner
>ends up with a fuckton of friends
Every single time.

I feel really bad for Tomoko next chapter gonna be nuts.

I wouldn't call a good number of her "friends" friends. Acquaintances, maybe.

Tomoko's really grown, huh?

Have you grown alongside her, Cred Forums?

I wish I had that display




Did this ever get translated?

I have been alone for a year and a half already with college. I believe, that I just started to change about a month ago when I starting following Watamote, I will make it. Try at least, now I talk with a single guy at least.


Fucking kill yourself cebruz


Has tomoko made any progress? Haven't kept up with the series due to frustration at tomoko not growing at all and remaining a horrible person.

> Has tomoko made any progress


Has Cred Forums made any progress? I haven't kept up with the board due to frustration at its users not growing at all and remaining horrible posters.


How can one person miss the point this badly?

She has a circle of acquaintances, found out that Nemoto-san's a closet weeb with better taste in anime than her, Tomoki has two girls lusting after his dick now, she gets beat up by a delinquent everyday now, she eats lunch with two of her classmates now, made a girl think she's planning on raping her, has a bit of a reputation for being weird (but Tomoko herself doesn't actually know that), and Yuu-chan broke up with her boyfriend (she's also not a virgin anymore).

Tomoko not a horrible person have you read manga at all .

I am sorry?

she has made progress, but not really in a way most would expect. Just go ahead and read it, when you notice a schooltrip being mentioned you will know it's when things start changing

that image

funnily enough just today i saw some girls, one of them wasn't any older than eleven, who were wearing hotpants. Sure it was hot today where i lived, but damn, an eleven year old with hotpants, that should be illegal

>yfw tomboy Christmas cake teacher helped after all

The school trip is around Chapter 70 or so.

>she at least had one close friend since childhood
>I now have less internet friends then I did when this series started

I see toddlers like that when I visit the capital.

I told you guys about her.
You were just whining that she is a bully, but she was the one who actually helped her. It's called tough love

Chapter 71.

She's made a lot of progress.

I'm not shitting you.

After the whole school trip things started to change for the best and the Manga has been on this pacing since then.

I'm happy for Tomoko, I truly am. I'm glad she's living a much better life right now than she was.

>better taste



an autistic fag from Cred Forums

>Nemoto-san's a closet weeb
That doesnt mean what you think it does

Also known as "ESL-kun" on Cred Forums

Japanese person can't be a weeb.

That not me

Post a "pick" of yourself then.
You just got a new phone, did you not?

Why I don't show my face on the internet.

If season get made I'll my face.



I'm like artist and writer I don't like Show
My face.

Last thread just hit 500 post.


I really really like this image


what is she eating?


That really funny.

>Keeps calling everyone he doesn't likes a random e-celeb from Cred Forums
I think you are the Cred Forumsermin that should go back, they talk about those all the time.

I'm not though, just posted the pic to let the other user know who that guy was.

I'm not going show my face.


I just looked this shit up.
So does anyone think that Tomoko would be into drugs?
I mean, she can barely light a cigarette.

No .

She'd probably think she would, but would pussy out If she ever got near them, like that chapter where she goes to Shinjuku.

Tomoko is high on life

>likes Nozaki-kun
Great fucking taste there


But would she associate with anyone who uses drugs?

Based on her hate for otaku even though she watches anime, probably not.

While everyone should be impressed they managed to put bestiality,yandere,loli,vegetable insertion and rape in a single image, I'm actually more impressed the artist can draw falcons so well.

>What's fucking wrong with me ?

She hang out with Bully-chan for a bit, so yeah. Bully-chan probably does hard drugs like Flintstones Vitamin Tablets and when she's feeling really dangerous, Vitamin Gummy Bears. You know, whenever she's not busy being amazed at cool looking buildings and spending money at the arcade to win a really cute teddy bear.

Tomoko like anime.

>The destroyer of worlds is back.

The fact that you know about these drugs lets me know you're a degenerate.
Thanks for making it easy to distinguish you from the rest of us.

>The destroyer of worlds is back with friends.

Learn proper english please

So did she shove the eggplants or the hawk up Tomoko's butt in her dream?

Did she make Tomoko go butt to cloaca with the hawk and swap eggs back and forth like a nasty shit?

Watch your ass around Kii chan

What if I want her to shove an eggplant up my ass?

2 eggplants one in ass and one go in the pussy.

>Doesn't use any punctuation
>Tries to lecture others about proper english
Get the fuck out.

This reminded me of that Nuruto Hawk page in the manga.

Good times.

Suck my dick.

How's that for proper punctuation?

4/10, an exclamation mark would've been more appropriate at the end of the first sentence.

Here we go again.
What makes Tomoko better than Umaru is that she's simply way more realist and human than the hamster.

They're both bound to fuck their own brother though.

I hope ESL is taking some notes here.

Red for the pussy and blue for the ass.

Yes I know I'm a pervert

Too bad Kagerou Days stopped being translated.
Apparently Roselia Scan prefers to waste their time to translate old hentai rather.

I'm right here.

I can see this shit being drawn.
I am both aroused and disgusted.

And funny.

So what did everybody do this summer?
We only have a week left of it.

I am glad I am not the only one.
We just need to remember that they are actual manga artists, they just rush everything out and they are only two, hell, Tomoko design is based around her being rushed, altough now a days you could say that about any kind of manga.


Shitpost, visited friends and family, summer classes, shitpost.

What do you think

Work and be a failure.

Take a guess.

I went to the beach.

A lot.

Really a lot. I'm going to miss this summer. I don't want it to end.

Worked extra hard, because normalfags needed their pizza delivered to their parties more often.

I hate it when there's too much to read, it bores me too fast


Sorry about your ADD.

manga is a visual medium, don't write too much.

My point is that it's not even that much. Panel 3 takes 6 seconds, tops.

Nowhere unless you download it all and pack it in a cbr container yourself. Many are just in zips.

300 post in one day.

This Manga became a lot better when Tomoko stopped being depressive.

Do you think will be a season 2.

Dude, just be yourself.

One can only hope.

I'd love to see the delinquent animated. I wonder who'd voice her.

I really anime get a second chance.

ESL-kun what is Mexico like?

I'm from Japan.



Good to see her wearing jeans again, if only in a dream sequence.
Her cute butt just deserves the denim treatment.

Her arms... that quality... ughhh


I want to sniff Tomocchi's cute little butt from behind.

like a dog that what Tomoko gonna do with her boyfriend.

i wana suck on those


We need get season 2 made and this help boost the sell of the manga.

104 better be 40 fucking pages if this is all we're getting this month.

Chapter 104 It not gonna that long .



What the fuck is her problem?

I understand that she was extremely disappointed after her first encounter with highschool Tomoko, but how the hell did it turn into this?

How many Tomoko pics do you have?

Tomoko has a record of breaking people

209 right now.





That one Kii-Chan came for a hentai.


kii is a scary creature

>Kii is back
fuck no Tomoko was doing so good

This is the 3th time that bitch Show up .

Is it a meme to talk like an ESL in Watamote threads or is it really just one guy? I really can't tell.

The artist is one did this hentai.

There's only one thing that can save us.

We need bath assaulter to hang out with Tomoko in front of Kii-chan so she sees her cousingbeing succesful

Had 300 last week, after upgrading my computer went straigth up to 700 now, going to get to 1k soon.

After her card game with the little kids, Kii-chan started to feel sorry for Tomoko and made it her mission to help her "improve".

One guy.


Being yourself is a meme.



I don't think so. This doujin includes scat and hyper dicks, and considering that up until everyone sent her dick pics she had never seen a penis before, I doubt she would draw this.

Yes .



I don't know about that.

Thank you based OP.

Yes Nico Tanigawa would do something like this.

You want fuck up shit I'll give you most fuck thing you will ever seen

>you will never suck tomokos futa dick

Does Nico Tanigawa watch south park?


Tomoko fuck her mom .

post Futamote

She didn't draw it but they did reference it

bullshit, prove it


That was good one.

people who put futa into yuri need to be fucking systematically executed


You guys did right thing by saving this manga.
We only need do this with the anime now.

>Tomoko has three friends at least
I can't relate to this...

I can.

She got them after she started to change in over a year. You just need to change like Tomoko did user!
Take note she lives in a first world country though.

Manga and anime so much good in the world.

I once did, now then they got married and left me.

Extended exposure to Tomoko is hazardous to your sanity.

But winter is about to end.


>finds out that Tomoko is a lying poser
>instead of hating her, Kii tries her hardest to make Tomoko's life better
She is the hero Tomoko deserves.

>living in the wrong hemisphere
I seriously hope you blokes don't do this.

but not the one she needs right now.

Kii is a lot like the teacher; she can see that Tomoko needs to change for a better life, but she isn't making that change easy on tomoko, it's tough love.


>YFW Kii and the teacher team up

no tough love would be if tomoko's teacher told her mom EVERYTHING including the time she was looking at dick pics during class or the shit she wrote on that wish paper.

>the teacher
somehow I get the feeling she was a tomoko growing up and thats why she pushes her.

She didn't learn something about following instructions from the internet on how to dream, did she?

Out Jobin

Kii is the last thing Tomoko needs right now.

I want animated Yankee-chan so badly

That damn cat.

I want her naked

actually she didn't change at all
what did happen was that she gave up trying to force friendship/popularity and instead was forced through social situations to interact with other people.
If we assume all of us are adults, then that means you can't hope for that forced social situation anymore, thus you would have to force yourself to get in more social situations.

Let's face it, the moment high school is over, other than yuu no one would bother hanging out with Tomoko anymore. They wouldn't mind if she were to call them, but that would obviously never happen.

We will only see her naked if she is around a nervous Tomoko.

This is a total business Win/Win situation.

There is still college for Tomoko.
Well, how different is Japanese college from the american one?

>There are people in Cred Forums right now that wouldn't fuck this girl

Wrongo Times reporting

She used to be, until she stopped becoming a virgin and Tomoko started to socialize


>Tomoko: Idiot
>Yoshida: Idiot

It's like you're asking for a clinging lover or a future stalker.








This is my fetish.






What are Tomoko's views on politics anyway?
She never talks about it so I assume she doesn't give a shit.


Who will win the Tomokibowl?


>that scene when Yuu-chan admits to being alone in summer vacation
>feels sad when her two friends got along very well and wanted to catch bugs when she couldt get into it

Small things like these make this manga really stand out. Shame how we will never get season 2.

Will Yuu-chan become a loner and or worry about losing tomoko as a friend one day?

The pause then "Yeah, I know." without breaking her smile always kills me.

>Tomoko voice Izumi Kitta


Next chapter when?


>went home to see the senpai
>got kicked off to ft knox for a month
>mfw met a Cred Forumsack at camp

Everything is gonna be diejobu


What happen if Kii-Chan fuck up everything for Tomoko next chapter.

I imagine it like this
>Government is mere a puppet of secret organisation that holds true power over the world and stays in shadows where normal people can't see it. Thus those who care about politics are nothing but guildible sheep. However those with dark heart see what lurks in the shadows, because your eyes are used to darkness. Then the question is simple: You either join them or fight them to take the power for yourself.

This gonna be good chapter 104 I hope people are buying the manga .


I hope we get a season 2 one day this just not right .

>exclamation mark would've been more appropriate
What if he was saying it in a monotonous way?

Nah mate Delinquent needs a cameo and scare the shit out of Kii.

Yup, one guy. He's also the same guy that keeps telling you to buy the manga whenever you mention season 2.

3 week it not that long chapter 104 nightmare known as Kii-Chan is back.

VOL 10 go on sell 10/22 if have amazon jp account go pick it up and help support this great manga.

This chapter is extremely painful to read

Why you didn't get ass ripe by Kii-chan.


I wish to court the delinquent


>Noticed Rainbow Dash reference

It joke in the manga about that.


i want to dress her up tomoko and give her my fuck in UFO house

But Izumi Kitta IS Japanese Rainbow Dash.

Izumi Kitta is voice of Cred Forums.

When are we going to get the S2 announcement? Yuu lost he boyfriend and ruined herself ages ago.

>tfw she has more "friends" than I do
>tfw out of those "friends" she has more true friends than I do

Maybe nico tanigawa look for a anime studio would do season 2.

I wish ESL had a name or trip

If I become rich I would fund season 2 myself. yes I would work with nico tanigawa .

Why do want know my name?


I would.

i do your dick in ufo please ;)


is hatefuck
make u bleed ur boipussy



So that we can filter you, cebruz


Tomoko piss herself because of kii-chan.


We are all most at 500 post.

It little sad to see this thread go.



Full on bully chapter when?

then all of Tomoko's friends bully her bullies away

I do wish that overall chapters would be a bit better drawn though. These aren't 20 page chapters and they don't come out weekly.

Dicky chan's friend

No that her friend's .

Sayaka NTRing Dicky-chan doujins when?


If we had a season 2 it would be a lot more hentai.






Is there any porn of Kii-chan out there?

I really don't know.



Very unlikely there isn't

there is porn of everything, you pedo

False, there's porn of everything so long as it isn't too obscure.

Also, wow my mind kind of forgot how old Kii-chan was and just went straight to "I want to see some yandere action".

Still want to see it, I'll check out pixiv or niji later.


3 week to chapter 104.

This to hot

I want to **** with Tomoko

hold hands

>that stream between her legs
thats just sweat right?

>tfw just reached 6000 yesterday

No. That is ....Tomoko juice

can I get that in a can?

i want to drink that until she is dry.

Tomoko is mai waifu and nobody else's

I ....want do that to really bad.

Raise a child


Meme killer .


>mfw based mods deleted umaru insult

About fucking time .

You guy gonna like this I'll be back.

umaru threads are such garbage they get deleted, while Tomoko threads hit the bump limit

memerat gets what she deserves

Fucking retards. It got deleted because it was an insult to Umaru. Mods are protecting our nugget queen like Yotsuba.

we did it ESL-kun


>mods deleting umaru hate threads



Get out .

You're jelly becuase mods would never delete Tomoko haters

Try make a new thread watch what happiness.

Umarufags are the only people who hate Tomoko.

Many Umaru threads died while this thread active.
Nobody can refuse this truth.

Yes, I can't refuse the truth that Cred Forums have shit taste

Your meme ratass will die over and over again. HAHA.

If loving Mokocchi make me shit taste, I will accept it gladly

No, don't

Get out



That go for $120.


Let's try get this thread up to 600 post.


Won't happen, it has hit bumplimit.

LET'S try it anyway

I can't wait next chapter already

Me to. 10/6

See you guys . 2 thread 500 post.