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I want to fug nene froggy style.


Why is Nenecchi so perfect?

>Froggy Demon King
>Froggy Power
jesus christ Kek knows no bounds he's infecting everything

So we all pretty much agree that Nenecchi improved this anime, right?

only by insuring best delicious brown gets more airtime



pol please

What I want to know is why the last episode was titled "Someone leaked early screens online" and then they just mentioned it in passing. It seemed really weird, I thought it was going to be more of a major plot point.

I bet if you deepthroated Nene enough times It'd do something about her annoying voice.



Since when and why was Pepe renamed kek?

no fuck off

hifumeme's screentime was STOLEN

Kill yourself.

Cred Forums shitposting, pay no attention to it.

It's a good thing


This thread started so well that I don't want to bump it. Thankfully there's a feature that only intelligent people can see to aid me.

But the autismo has the best character design.

Well the episode about salary wasn't entirely about a workers revolution either.

I'm not sure how you haven't noticed the pattern. Maybe you should go back and refresh yourself on the other episode titles.

Ok, Cred Forums, let's play a game.
Somehow you make your way as a visitor in Eagle Jump's office, but you only have 20 minutes to stay there. You need to think fast and act wisely
>Wich new game(s) will you talk to?
>How does the conversation go?

Fuck off.

None because they're lesbians who wouldn't want us

>He doesn't want to spend time with his favorite New Game.

Rare Spencer.


I wana cum inside of Nenecchi


I want to be Nene.

I want Nene to cum inside of me.

>Ahagon will never fuck you in the Amazon Position

I want to give Ahagon an ahegao!

Yeah that's true. I guess the salary thing seemed more like an offhand comment and the "leaked pictures" seemed more like an actual development.


Some user discovered that there was an ancient pagan frog god named Kek. Memes did the rest.

Name 1 (one) good thing thing about Nenecchi.
Pro tip: you can't

Her tight tight ass.

Umiko reacting to her.

She produces good results at work and has a positive social impact in her coworkers.

Her womb, full of Umiko's "froggy power"

Her spankable ass and personality.

I want to make it lose like UK in the soccer derby.

She's a freind of kohai of cutest girl who thinks she's fat but is not and its so cute


Stupidly cute.

She's perfect.

What about her farts? Are they perfectly stinky?







Nenecchi a shit.



Some things that Cred Forums will appreciate:

Nenecchi is alright. I will tolerate her.




is this anime Keion with games?
what can i expect if i watch it is there lewd or just girls doing cute games thing
I want to watch a comfy moe today

Its cute slice of life, with a lighthearted view of the Japanese games industry and a small look at basic game development. I enjoyed it, the production value is also pretty damn good.

It's like Kumamiko but all characters suffer bullying.

It is comfy.

Marriage proposal
She accepts it

It's the poor man's Shirobako, rather.


froppy power?

Hifumi is bigger than that.

thanks anons

>Yun starts speaking in her stupid as fuck dialect

>user makes another stupid as fuck shitpost

How do you live with such poor taste?

>Because brown and best
>After some random chitchat:
"Yeah, I agree. Guns are fascinating. Seeing your arsenal here makes me remember my war days. Maybe I shouldn't mention it, but..."
"You... were in a war?"
"If you want to know, yeah. I was a gun for hire. Not proud of it, but a man gotta make a living somehow. Bosnia, 1992. One of the top snipers in the squad. 79 confirmed killings before they finally got me."
"You were..."
"I could show you my scars, but they're pretty ugly. Grenade shrapnel is kinda bad for your skin."
"Oh god."
"Yeah I know, it's..."
"After work."
"I beg your pardon?"
"My place. After work. I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

Daily reminder that Yun is the miracle of the universe.

Hey fellow role-players, what show's threads are we going to ruin next season?

Best girl

She's so fat she could contain the entire universe inside of her wwwwww.

Daily reminder chance of getting second season depends on Nenecchi's screen time.


Neck yourself, weeb

has they been any news of a season 2? If not is there enough manga for more/is it still ongoing? Was it popular enough to warrant a second season.

Nenecchi stop posting

5 volumes and still ongoing.

As for popularity, the nips have memed the fuck out of Aoba and her zoi.

>If not is there enough manga for more/is it still ongoing?
Only five volume
>Was it popular enough to warrant a second season.

>season 2 NEVER EVER
>fairies story 3 for PC NEVER EVER
>gangrape doujinshi with hifumi NEVER EVER

>gangrape doujinshi with hifumi NEVER EVER

Casual Aoba a cute

Literally a child.

>Bosnia, 1992.

Kill yourself.

>>gangrape doujinshi with hifumi NEVER EVER
I want doujins where Hifumi gets raped by Hazuki and other female Eagle Jump employees.

Its actually one of the things i hate as well, i just happened see that recently on my daily Exhentai haul.

Tbh I'd give all porn of this show for a second season of Ange Vierge.

>season 2 NEVER EVER
>fairies story 3 for PC NEVER EVER
>gangrape doujinshi with hifumi NEVER EVER
One of these things is not like the others.

>No guys in anime or manga
>All lewd art and doujinshi have to have guys
This shit is so tiresome.

Yeah, it's stupid to want a fictional game inside a fictional media to become a real game.

I hope we get a cute hifumi x Aoba doujin, i just want some Aoba teasing a cutely dressed up Hifumi with a nice make out session and some finger banging

Just need an inner pillow and i will be all set.


I want Yun to drool on my face.


>no mole

I want Hajime to sit on my face.

Hang out with Nenechi since she is probably debugging ie playing a hot, yet to be released vidya. I wouldn't want to disturb Hifumi, Aoba or the others while they are hard at work

The anime gave a lot of potential for doujin artists, but I won't hold my breath for anything nice.

If no newgame doujin from Dokurosan, we riot.

What would make you more angry.

Faceless rape doujinshi, or doujinshi where the girl is in a healthy relationship with a guy that has a personality? BE HONEST WITH ME.

>doujinshi where the girl is in a healthy relationship with a guy that has a personality?
This by a mile. I could at least fap to the first one.

What website did you use?

I want Hajime to go on a run, get extremely sweaty and then sit on my face.

I want to catch Kou in the office when she's drunk and is taking a shit in the cat's litter box, and then take pictures.

Rin pls

I bet Rin would even eat Kou-chan's shit

I'm not Rin, but I would eat it, too.

I don't know if she'd do it on her own initiative, but she definitely would if Kou asked her to.

>ywn be Hajime's bicycle seat

why is my lovely wife aoba-chan dressed like a slut?

>ywn Hifumi's toilet at home

>yun will never piss on your bare chest

>you will never piss in Yun's ass

>stick dick in yun's butt
>pee in it


>Was it popular enough to warrant a second season.

The manga is Gochiusa level popular, it might actually be more than Gochiusa at this point.

I want to be the office boislut for everyone.

Silly user, so you can use the piss as lube for when you fuck and cum inside her raw shithole!

I want to _____ Nenecchi!


pee on


sniff the butthole of

marry Aoba, friend of

publicly inject an enema into

Shit on

lewdly cuddle and kiss

>those clothes in summer
I bet she smells divine after a day in those without a shower.


I want to impregnate all of the newgames and thereby delay the release of FS3.

I want to cum inside Sophia-chan's hat.


I want to commit suicide with Hifumi.

I want Umiko to shoot me in the face with an AK-47

I want to pet Mozuku.

I want Umiko to shoot me in the face with her semen

She has better taste in guns than that.

Would you suck Ahagon's thick brown Okinawan dick, user?

I would kill a man for the privilege to suck on it while she berates me at gunpoint. Who wouldn't?

Easily fixed with sharpie.


Given how much my dick gets covered with natural lubricant the moment it gets close to an ass like Yun's, I doubt I'd need any lubricant.

>mole washes off over time

Just FUCK already

Oh Lawd.

>Hu hu hu

I didn't realize the author is the one that did こもれびの国.

Sigh, what sells vs what's great....


Sorry, we're out. I only have a surplus of Nenes.


When Rin and Kou get married will Kou wear a tux or will Rin force her into the longest, frilliest, girliest wedding dress she can find?

I'd give Nenecchi such a spanking



Those leggings are just not fair, I wouldn't be able to resist shoving my node in between her buttcheeks.

Early on the threads were full of praise for every girl but it seems that now, only a few days before the last episode, all that's left is Nene shitposting and people crying "HIFUMI" from the rooftops.

There's been a criminal lack of screentime for the vampire and the tomboy.

Everyone loves all girls.

More Rin please

Pretty sure no one loves Shizuku.


I want to pinch her cheeks.


why even call the other girls good when Hifumin is the objective best?

Rin would probably be the best gf of all the new games if she weren't such a raging lesbian


The memefaces in this show are only surpassed by Amanchu's memefaces.

I'm going to miss it once it's gone, I wish we got to see Aoba's beargirl character design.

Raging lesbians can be a girlfriend too, user.

honestly the body humor doesn't work when the girl's bodies are broadly identical.

all I see is two friends on the beach, I think I'll need more conclusive evidence before I can determine the level of their relationship.

Paradoxically, her blatant homosexuality only makes her more attractive

I want top lay with Rin's fluffy lgbt hair.

how even with that ass?

Because she's actually perfect.
Colour her hair black and I would marry her yesterday

Damn, this show really reminded me of GJ-bu, which I just realized is almost 4 years old.

Cred Forums still goes on about 20 year old anime. That's new shit.

I know, but it feels like it was just yesterday I watched it airing.

I remember watching Lucky Star while it was airing, but GJ-bu feels like it was really recent, unlike LS.

Lucky Star still felt recent to me until I recently looked at the old video files I had downloaded when it was airing.

It's literally been "Nenecchi and some game dev company" for the past 6 episodes, that's why.

Other main characters(yun and hifumi) haven't even had an episode dedicated to them, and have seen their screentime dwindle to make way for "the nenecchi show, ft some other girls"

Fuck yes mad, she ruined this show, fucking little runt.

Are you frustrated, user?

I loved it, even though I agree they fucked up the source material by just adding Nenecchi everywhere

I'd post a smug Nene here but I'm not at home so I don't have my new game folder.

It was sort of weird how she only existed in Aoba's phone for the first 4 or 5 episodes then suddenly was on screen 95% of the time.

I got you senpai

I'm annoyed that the others have gotten shafted, but Nenechan is fun too so it's not too bad.

You'd still hatefuck her though, right?

Obviously it's the last one; unlike the other two the gangrape doujinshi is gonna happen


I wish I were fucking that little runt.

The product of a girl's homoerotic fantasy is now seducing faceless men


Hifumi you can't keep her to yourself, she's a consenting adult.

Reminder that Aoba is two-faced.

She acts all innocent but in reality she is a little devil.

Do not, I repeat, do not let yourself be lured by her act and fall into her trap. She will treat you like nothing but a slave.

And this is why Yun is the superior girl.

>She will treat you like nothing but a slave.

>No Yun
Delete this

Yun is only good for impregnating and mothering your children. Who the hell wants that?

Why do people think Hazuki is gay?

Cakes exist, you know.

Is this a serious question?

Girls don't fart, silly.

1. She's very cute
2. Very soft
3. Has a cute voice
4. Makes cute noises
5. Has great tits
6. Her body was built for breeding
7. She's also extremely cute

>Colour her hair black
This fag.

What is the sexual orientation of this woman?


Her voice sounds weird. But still like it

If I kill her it will make Aoba sad, and I don't want that.

Can there be friendship between bears and hedgehogs?

bears bully hedgehogs

What are they saying? Is it cute?

I read that in Aoba's voice in my mind and now I have a raging diamonds boner.



>4. Makes cute noises

I enjoy your frustration, fag.

Nenecchi a best..

I fucking love that dog.

That hedgehog gonna get kuma shock'd

It's because of Cred Forums's nature. One day, people suddenly started hating on Nene, so people who love her started being more vocal about their love. This caused anons who were neutral to pay more attention to her cuteness, which led to them falling in love with her as well, so now we have plenty of people who want to ____ Nenecchi.
Most people still agree that every girl is best girl though, so the only reason we don't have as many posts about anons who want to ____ Hajime or Yun is because Nene has become very popular, but I can assure you that anyone who posts a cute image of Kou saying "I want to ____ Kou" will get plenty of replies too.


Any chance for an "anime within an anime" BD/DVD feature?

>anime comes with a fs3 game

>you actually gets to watch the cutscene where Sophia dies horribly, getting hacked to pieces by orcs.

All of my want

Apparently the real Tokyo Games Show is this weekend.
Anyone going to play the demo of FS3?

I want to find Hifumi and molest her in the corner.

Overrated post

Filthy fucking secondaries don't know that Nene's been there the entire Fairies arc. If there was a s2 there'd be significantly less because she hasn't been an active character since the game release.

I hope they adapt the spinoff instead so you'll really get the Nene-chan and friends show

I want her to look at my wiener

Go to bed, Rin

Any good doujins of this yet?

I want her teach me to draw cute girls so I can then draw them having sex (with each other).

But that's gay:3

>tfw I'm only now remembering that Rin voiced one of my other favorite dykes
I wish I'd realized this sooner.

That outfit was great, it would have looked less childish if she ditched the shorts for jeans.

It's mostly just random faceless dudes or an old man fucking aoba.


This is lewd.

Reminds me of a certain Egyptian frog god.

>LITERALLY worked 16 hours today
>After working 12 hours yesterday
>and 10 hours on Sunday
>and 14 hours on Saturday

New Game is my only way of dealing with it.
Why am I still working on this shitty-ass industry?

We need faceless women fucking Hifumi in cosplay.

>I'll never ever be a wageslave
Feels so good earning autismbux.

It's better than being a NEET

After all this crunch I don't really think so.

What do you work on, dude?

Mobile gamedev. But my workplace isn't full of cute girls like in New Game so I can't really ganbatte.

It's a tough world.

That's a lot of hours to work for something so worthless.

Indeed. Its easy to give it your all when you're surrounded by girls like Aoba.
Hey, it pays the bills and figurines.

May Aoba be by your side dear user.

Still nobody has explained why are they all so damn gay

Only Rin is, the rest are straight.


Shizuku only hires the gayest girls to work for her

New Game is the anti-Cred Forums, that's why the office is full of women, who are all homosexuals, and actually make good games.

This combination is impossible in real life.

Women can make games just as good as men, they just can't join the industry because of all the systematic misogyny.

Anita pls.
How much you wanna bet that bitch has a rape fetish.

What comes with the collector's edition of Fairies Story 3?

Hajime's sweaty pantsu

>4 more days until New Game is over
Time to kill myself

Code to unlock alternate Sophia costume (white and blue color scheme and light purple hair)

Now which cute anime girl would carry on as the symbol of weebs worldwide trying to learn moon?

Hajime probably wears boy briefs.

New Game might be over but Aoba will never be forgotten.

>S2 is New Game+

Should I?

Nah, the spin off is a pretty typical school girls sol, the main manga is way better.

Looks like shit.

PSP was a pretty good handheld but I don't know if I'd want to fuck it. Although I did jerk off to porn on it while camping once.

Do you HAVE to complain in every damn thread?
Either get a new job or shut up.

What do her feet smell like?

6/10 version of Shirobako. Unlikely to go beyond 1 cour.

>comparing new game to shirobako
Why do retards do this?
They're completely different things, comparing them is on par with comparing action shows with romance shows, its retarded and useless

Are you buying the official New Game onahole?

It's called Sounyuu Game.

Looks more cheaply made than a tenga.

>They're completely different things
How so?
Shirobako had a more serious tone but it's very similar.

why is her mouth so fucked up and where is her nose?

Hifumi's cock is too thick for that onahole.

I want to take Hifumi to a dermatologist and get her mole removed.

>Hifumi is depicted as one of the core characters
>Nene and Ahagon get more screen time

She doesn't say shit, who wants to see some dumb autist stutter something awkward for 5 minutes?

>Hifumi is depicted as one of the core characters

This is where i buy all my dakis, Postage to Australia takes around 2 weeks or more but at no more then 40 aud per case its worth it t b h.

In the opening

come to think of it Yun doesn't get all that mich screen time either


She was grouped with the other three because they share the same cube, silly.

Probably baby powder or the most childlish soap you can find on the market.

Athlete's foot

The adult shampoo stings her sensitive eyes

Jesus, they don't even bother trying to make them look like a vagina anymore, they just slap a hole in a psp and call it a day.
At this rate Hifumis onhale will look like Soujiro

She uses baby shampoo and one of those silly shower hats to wash her hair.

Are the nips meme magic masters or what?


If it isn't I'm going to be genuinely upset that they missed the opportunity.

Why the heck would you want to fuck your ps vita?

Nene takes baths with a rubber ducky.

So you can fuck Sony back after they fucked you over.

>onahole looks like a psp
top kek


Don't worry, there won't be a season 2.

Rubber ducky, you're the one


I bet she spends more time playing with it and making duck noises than actually cleaning herself.

What's going on here?

Eliminate the competition.

Those jerks at Square Enix had it coming

>someone's job is to design rubber vaginas

I want to scream but I can't.

I wonder if they're unionized.

>And then I noticed how bad my feet smell. It was funny and embarassing at the same ti-

What's Nennecchi's real name?

Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III


This show sure has lot of doujins already. Some are pretty high quality even.

Anime about cute girls designing rubber vaginas when?
Everything is pretty calm and normal until they hire not-Nenecchi, who suddenly shouts in the middle of a meeting "A PSP SHAPED VAGINA!"


Can't believe I fell for this bitchy brown cunt

I saw a documentary about sex toy manufacturing and selling a while ago and it was actually pretty interesting to watch.

Im gonna go ahead and ask for context and or source before anyone else does


The context is literally in the picture, source is on google.


google just shows "line art" I thin you really need to stop overestimating how well google image searching actually works


You are not searching correctly then, I got the manga name on the first fucking result.


Someone make a webm of this scene. The way she raises her imaginary gun is so cute.

>make a psp onahole
>not calling it uni's hole

Top nep

I will miss Nenecchi


as always

>[Doki] New Game! - 07 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [618A37E1].mkv_snapshot_08.49_[2016.09.10_23.30.03].jpg

Better yet, something about manufacturing of sex products in general.
The purest and cutest girls are assigned to the production of dildos.


>umiko lifts up her invisible dick.webm

>Girls that haver never seen a dick have to design a dildo.

Well, Shirobako did it, and since New Game is basically Shirobako I bet it could happen.

This girl looks familiar.

Shirobako made anime, New Game made a game.


How come you taste so good?

Hajime doujin

Fucking disgusting

>Draw a boy with tits
>Call it a girl

What is a girl with short hair?

I want to protect her smile!

I want to fuck Nenecchi and accidentally be arrested by the police for thinking I was a pedo.

I want to make her smile that way.

You can't.

Where are the yuri rape doujins?

Yun needs to take out her anger on Hajime's oppai

Kou is cute when she cleans up.

Look at this gremlin!

New game is a slice of life cgdct.
Shirobako is about depicting the inside of anime industry ( with a few artistic freedoms taken).
Not that guy but you're retarded if you think theyre any similar.

They're both SOL and both depict the inside of a company at different degree of accuracy.

You are a retard if you think otherwise.

Shirobako is not a propaganda like NG. NG is not a love letter to the industry like Shirobako. Thematically, they couldn't be more different.

How do you know the skeleton is a gremlin skeleton?

When will you fags shut up?

S-season 2 is confirmed, r-right?

And uncle works at anime and said it was.

You could use to look if your favorite anime is getting a continuation or not.

Oh, Yun has a crystall ball. She really is a magical vampire girl, isn't she?

What kind of vampire has a crystal ball?

god damn it Japan

I'm talking about the fat goblin-looking thing that speaks weirdly.

Castlevania ones

One that is also a magical girl, of course.

Didn't work for me?

The ones that want to see the future I guess.

What game will Aoba make next?

YrYr Pajama Fighters V: Turbo Dykes.

Shirobako focuses on (maybe) accurately portraying the kind of things that happen in the production of anime, New Game focuses on the relations of a few girls who happen to be working on a game (and only on part of it).
They do have one theme in common but they're completely different from each other.

Fuck right.

Murder left.

a Sophia spin off

>You can't.

>That face
Oh god

Moe Ed Gein Simulator

the umiko nene ship
more nene = more umiko
i like umiko

Ones that need to know when season 2 is.

Just fuck off frogposter.

Monster Hunter 5

Why is this boy so cute?

Cred Forums was here...

be covered in the bodily fluids of

>It says ganbaruzoi on the screen
Holy shit, my sides


Nenecchi spends 100% of her screentime being a petulant little shit.

Why won't Ahagon spank her regularly or something?

have you ever heard of cultural marxism you fucking retard

Because she actually does her job.

Yes but I don't fucking care about your shit.

>Why won't Ahagon spank her regularly or something?
She does, but Nene likes it so she keeps being a shit.

I bet spanking Nenecchi feels super good.

She's annoying, actively disrupts other people's work process, runs around the company half the time instead of working, and throws tantrums a lot.

act like a kid get treated like one imo

Yet she still managed to pick out more bugs than any other part timers.


Her bugs are mostly just game criticism

I imagine her pussy stretching every time my hand lands in her ass and moaning every time with her childish voice, more and more close to cry as her ass become red and swollen until she just submits, spreading her shaking legs and uncontrollably sobering.

>every time my hand lands in her ass
that's not really how spanking works, you're describing fisting, please stop

With Nenecchi, anal fisting is the natural next step after spanking.


Stop being so sexual.

Nenecchi, marry me!

I'm not sexualizing you, I think you should be spanked twice daily.


Can't wait for C91 you semen demon.

I just hope there's plenty of straight rape doujins, not all yuri shit.

No. Consensual only.

Newgeimus are for gentle loving, not your sick rape fantasies


If I cut off Zoiko's pigtails would she die?

Who is the straightest/least gay newgame?


>straightest/least gay newgame

At least for the last episode the preview is on time.

Yun. She probably fucks like crazy.

Who is this moeblob

>preview is on time

>it's not even a preview at all


In order of most to least gay:

>not all yuri shit
Have you even looked at the New Game doujins available? Fuck off.

Did they finally make EO anniemay?

>Least gay

I mean they're all still really gay

So we all know a second season is pretty much guaranteed, but what about a 3rd season? I want to see these two animated!

Semen Demons!

There's only one semen demon in New Game.
He will show up in season 2.

I hope New Game continues as long as Hidamari Sketch.

You piece of shit! I'm tired of you people insulting Kristine!

I'd say it's probably Kirara Carat's most popular serialization after Hidamari, beating out even KMB ;_;

I like these new penis machinists

I really really really like Yun.

My sentiments exactly. Unsurprisingly, notice how our fellow Cred Forumsnons gobble up excrement.
Then they proceed to complain about the nips having pleb tastes.

How do you even know that you like her that much, you barely know her. She's gotten like 10 minutes of total screentime across 3 months of New Game. You've barely just met her.

Thats not gay, thats how she fantasizes about her prince, and kou happened to act like that

Do your arms hurt after all that reaching?

And this is how Hifumi fantasizes about her "prince" right?

Sometimes you just know. I agree, she needs more screentime though.

Of course, you're quite right.

Why is her nipple off center?

Boob job

Why is the text on her shirt perfectly flat even though the fabric folds?

Because natural tits aren't typically symmetrical or perfectly-shaped.

In fact, one tit is most often bigger than the other.

She's standing in front of a projector

>the sexy hair-flippy thing she does during the intro that makes everyone's heart go dokidoki is all tiny
you only had one job...

Man, I want to play with the cat.

Tit fuck.

>get 3 hotdogs
fuckin white people..

Zimbabwean, pls. Go starve somewhere else.

It would be very painful.

But she would be a cute boy.

I'd still hit it

Hajime is least gay

Boys need love too

I'd ravage her boypussy regardless

I think so, too. I can easily see her getting a boyfriend if some guy asked her out. Even moreso than if the same happened with Yun.

But I still prefer them all to be queer as 3 dollar bills.

I bet the one on the left does mean blowjobs.


I was thinking the same thing. She probably likes them sloppy and forceful.

Well, that, and the fact that ears are in wrong place.

>this will never be on sadpanda

Hajime's aggressive tomboyishness is simply too alpha for a gamer otaku to handle. But you can bet a box of donuts that if some fit alpha at the gym swaggered up beside her and asked for a deitoh then it wouldn't be too long at all before they'd be getting sweaty together giving the mattress a good old fashioned workout.

/fit/ pls go. Hajime is for skinnyfat nerds ONLY.

>Hajime will never ram your boipucci from behind with her futa cock while pressing her huge tits against your back
Why even live?

Is that a statue of a monkey playing sax in the background?

Don't make fun of Charlie Parker like that, user.


Who is canonically the most oppaiest New Game?




I want to give a flat girl oil massage and feel her nipples harden under my palms.

>Aoba reluctantly tries airsoft
>has fun with it
>continues to be a bitch to ahagon when she starts talking about airsoft
Fucking bitch


Even more then Hifumi?

play vidya with

marry Aoba, who is a friend of

No, that's what Aoba is for, especially if you're a thrillseeker and/or suicidal.

And sit her on your lap?

Then again she appears like she has the sexual knowledge of a child.

>Then again she appears like she has the sexual knowledge of a child.

Yes. But I am not a pedo so I wouldn't pop a boner.

Nenecchi is imouto tier, not for sexing

I want to humiliate her by forcing her to attempt to give me paizuri.

>tfw she ends up forcing you to give her futacock paizuri instead.

I want to lick up and down Yuns adorable flat chest!

Don't bully Yun

>Yes. But I am not a pedo so I wouldn't pop a boner.
>this guy
I think you might be gay.

Nene is literally made for sex

No wonder their game sucks and they're all overworked with not enough staff.
They blew the entire budget on the OP movie.

Was there an update for episode 11?

fatty fatty 2 x four
can't fit through the kitchen door

I'd fit my two-by-four through Yun's fatty kitchen door

I would spend days eating her out and having her grind on my dick. I wouldn't penetrate her until she starts begging for my cock.

I would really love to have a tea party with her at work.

I want to put my dick next to her arm as a contrast and bully her for being a fatty fat.

She report you to the granny, where you'd get pegged in her office.

I'd rather give that granny a rimjob while she's railing Nene.

I'd rather rim Nene while Ahagon rails me.

I'd rather just snuggle with Hazuki under a blanket while holding hands on a winter evening.

Small frame allows her to fit in most municipal trash cans.


I want to do that with Umigon.