Drawfag Thread 1861

Drawfag Thread 1861

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Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists: pastebin.com/J0dJ6gtn

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Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1r76FugZ2pZIE74LdSEBMwGJ7HxweawNdoGrNT6hrOfs/edit

Thread 1860

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Requesting Orihime Kurosaki and Kyouko Okita/Okusan doing what you’d expect of a super hot and super cute milf-and-honorary-milf duo!

- Realizing that they're actually long lost relatives!
- Cooking together!
- Shopping together (maybe for hot lingerie to impress Daa-san and Ichigo?)
- Doing stretching exercises together to get their bods in the best shape for lovemaking?
- Orihime encouraging Okusan to have a child of her own and wishing her luck!
- Okusan doting on Kazui like he's her own?

And of course some good old fashioned cheesecake is a lovely idea! Symmetrical docking? Trying on each other's lingerie? Asking "Does this make my butt look big?" Anything's good! I hope you will consider something.

Also, a note! Please use Orihime's milf hairstyle.

Humbly requesting Arturia in her beautiful one piece dress, basking in the sun's warm light while it makes the dress translucent.

Requesting Cornelia li Britannia wearing the outfit on the right.

Just posting as an anchor for the drawfag.

Still a bit messy, also might deliver it tomorrow. Good night

/r/ing a zubat dressed as Zubat. Bonus points if Doublas-chan adopts the Pokemon while yelling "Toku is /m/!"

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

Requesting colors/lines of Shion as a office lady
color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance

Looking forward to it, user. Thanks again for coloring her.

Can someone make a nude pic from Kirino based on the sketch of the voting campaign picture?

Actually already made a cleared version.

Zubat Tokudude dress as Zubat pokemon or vice versa ?

Make those heels open toe.

Fuck off dunkfag

requesting mob showing off his shota boy in this outfit

Requester here.
It's fine if the heels are remaining.

I always looking after Kanzaki's artbooks because he usualy drawn nipples on his sketches and the publishers sometimes forget to censor them.

Don't bring stupid drama here please

Tenkawa Maihime from Qualidea Code dressed as Blacksmith and working on her sword.

It is a scene from her novel so it has to be drawn.

Requesting Dimaria Yesta and Chronos from Fairy Tail stopping time and posing as Dio and The World from JoJo.
Clothes/pose/expression as you wish, but bonus for Dimaria clicking her theet as she unleash Za Kuronosu. Thanks.

everyone can be happy now

Thanks man.

>erased the nipple
The fuck?

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

now i'll be damned

I like where this is going.


Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

I want to fuck kirino while kirinofag is forced to watch.

Requesting Leona Ozaki trying out Alphonse (the mech) for the first time, while Noa Izumi tries out Bonaparte (the tank)

Asking for Ayako from slam Dunk posing like in the reference.

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Kirino is so fucking hot. One of the most sexual anime girls ever.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Requesting Kanata from AKB0048 in JoJo style posing menacingly, with her Kirara as her stand

I'm in the mood for drawing lewd. What should I do with her?

Stiproast by niggers

>wasting lewds on Kirino

If my waifu gets drawn here, it'll be fine as long as I don't request on the WWD this weekend, right?


I sent you guys a different address you can contact me in if you want. It seems that site is temporarily broken, so I hope it reached you.

Toudou Kirin double penetration please.

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu

It'll be an actual waste if it doesn't involve kirino's ass. Her ass is magical.

Kirin lewds instead of Kirino.

Requesting kirino getting 3 dicks shoved in her ass at the same time.

Other than Kongou, Dekomori, Dlanor, and Betelgeuse who are some more characters that shout des a lot? Suiseiseki doesn't count.

Requesting Shinichi from Parasyte wakeboarding, with Migi as the rope and also driving the boat while wearing shades.


Toying both of her holes with big dildos. Have her feet visible if you can.

kirika from symphonogear though in her case its more a pun of dess=death

Which Karen?
>though in her case its more a pun of dess=death
I think its like that for dekomori and dlanor too.


whatever finisht it .



Requesting Jack as a Familiar.

Fucking nice.

Kiniro Mosaic Karen
Reminder: youtu.be/60mLvBWOMb4

Requesting Isonami Kirara fanning herself from the heat or her bending over infront of a desk.

Oh I'm retarded, Thank you.

Restored the aerola what Kanzaki left on the sketch.

is this what you wanted

You actually chopped off the nipple.


Ya but... not terrible

Hey user, did you ever see drawfriends.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=65198 from last weekend?

needs to be a sound webm including migis transformation sound.

Requesting a color of both Nana's hugging

here's the ref for color

Thank you!

Requesting Saiai giving an adorable smile as she gets pumped full of cum like this

You people are weird, but okay.

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

Delete this. Now.

>just want to draw huge tits
>"that's a waifu!"
Just give me something to do.

Xochitl scalping Donald tRump

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

Draw my generalfu
Bigger res - danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1316574

Requesting Teddy Fucking Roosevelt as a Grail War Servant.

Some coloring. For nipple colors I used kanzaki Hiro's other works as reference.

Reference died. Sorry.

post them to the /i/ nsfw thread and link them here

Requesting Crusche fucking Ferris' tight boy pussy with a strap-on.

You have better chances there desu

Are you going to do this every thread? If I tell you I am not going to take your advice this one time, are you going to fuck off?


Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them


This pleases me greatly, thanks ddd.

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss.

Requesting Leroute showing off her body or just some lewds.

Requesting a Natsu Dragneel version of the mario head, like in the right.

alright my bad

Requesting the other way around! If you wouldn't mind. If not, that's fine.

Kill yourself.

I'm here to stay pham.

Requesting Monaca taking it in the butt while making that face at the bottom.

Got your requests ready?

Kill yourself.

Tenkawa Maihime in cute Shrine Maiden outfit.

that's not even good guro, the blood splatter is all wrong

If you follow a loop, have you found eternity or just a cage?

Stand Name: Superbeast

Stand Ability: [Adaptive Power Replication](powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Adaptive_Power_Replication)

Power - B

Speed - D

Range - B

Durability - D

Precision - A

Potential - E

Description: The power to copy another's power and become immune to it. Combination of Power Replication and Power Immunity The user can copy the powers of others and become immune to them.

Can someone please draw this stand with the attribute grid added in please. Would really appreciate it. I want it to look something like kakyoin's stand. Except with the face mask and bug eyes. Here's some reference.

Is there a guide or tutorial for proper guro?

Requesting Patchouli in a pose like this linked below please.


not that I know of but study anatomy and found this

Requesting Yurika painting her toenails black

Requesting Funny Valentine from JJBA and Lusamine from the new Pokemon games complimenting each other's hair styles

no ty

>Those toe creases
My dick.

>tfw none will fulfill your first request on your first drawfriend thread

read the manga

Requesting Kagome being slimed, like on a game show.

>30 mins after the request
the fuck

Requesting Princess Peach covered in mud, getting out of a go-cart.


She is a jellyfish, not your waifu

I honestly do not know how things work in these types of threads. Like I said it's my first time requesting/entering any drawfriend thread.Sorry if I made a mistake.

Lurk more, newfag.

wrong girl

That's not confirmed.

first of all: There are plenty of requests posted before yours. Second; not every request will be drawn. third, even if a drawfriend decide to do yours it won't be done in 30 minutes.

give them time.

Requesting Attila getting her battle hardened delicious tan skin covered white with cum.

Okay. Thank you for actually helping me and not just telling to lurk more btw

Requesting Sylvie, Shima, and Hanako having fun together

Having fun in a furnace?

fucking savage

[x] witch burning party

No, user. It's just a dance party in the furnace

Laura from Infinite Stratos wearing Hijab. Or Laura getting molested by refugees. Or anything I can use at Cred Forums

Yes i did
mods were cunts and deleted it
i'm going to thank the Drawfag on the weekend unless you are the drawfag

Requesting Misaka Mikoto and Cole McGrath in this pose, make Cole wear his shirt and shorts and Misaka these clothes. The pic is censored coz I couldn't find one with clothes.

rules were made to be broken.

Requesting Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko clashing with whatever weapons of your choice.

I kinda missed Laurafag, when can I go back 4 years. ;_;

Yeah, it can take time, you might have to repost a request in each thread for a few days sometimes, and that's if there's anyone here who finds your request interesting.

Although for particularly advanced images you'd be better off commissioning, and if you haven't gotten any response or interest regarding your request for some time, it'll probably not be done by anyone here.

Requesting Waifu-tan somber, with a single tear rolling down here cheek, lifting a glass and paying homage to the fallen waifu/husbandofags from over the years.

Requesting any of these 3 milfs wearing Wicke's outfit and glasses:

1 - Hoshizora Ikuyo
2 - Iori Rinko
3 - Katsuragi Mari

Sylvie has acid burns, so no.

This one would be pretty fucking hard, since drawing animals takes a long time and shit.

Requesting Griffith riding the Raephorse from Berserk. Not sexually. Whatever pose / angle you think would make the best dank meme, doesn't have to be the one in pic.

Requesting more of her in that sexy bikini

That's not true. Look at the wwd.

this. Requesting waifutan surfing.

Not exactly Cred Forums but close enough
>making Touhou armpit porn for anons at 12am
where did my life go wrong


I stand by my statement, I've gone four week stretches without a delivery there.

Yes! Just don't become full NEET with odd nocturnal life. Unless you work third shift.

>now pulling a all nighter to draw porn

Fucking saved.


That doesn't mean you can't get some godly art there for free. You're not using the right bait.

Pretty much just ask for broad fetishes, like hairstyles (ponytails/twintails) or specific outfits (maids and such) and you'll get something.
People who never get anything is either because their request is too specific (and weird) or their waifu design is bland and the request only adds to it rather than making her special or you're waifu is just shit

I'll draw your dick

in his waifu

Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.

Naizuri would be nice.

Or her as a succubi, trying to get Nozaki Umetarou's semen and failing at it

>where did my life go wrong
I asked myself the same shit when I was coloring something at 4am that nobody ask me to and got to go to work at 8am

You don't have to, I was just using myself as an example, those stretches aren't that typical.

Requesting Froppy getting kicked out of the Hillary4America office and wondering what she did wrong

List of the fallen?

Way too many to list.

Requesting Erika with massive fuel tanks and/or wearing sexy "bikini" armour based on her tank, the Tiger II.

Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage some marijuana.

Requesting Takagi as a loli

Oppai is fine too


Requesting Sophia dressed as a lewd school girl using Tanukichi's back as a chair.

Refs: i.imgur.com/zyOGKDX.jpg i.imgur.com/IRVkkdJ.jpg

More like where did it go so right, considering how nice drawing you managed to draw there so far.

That deliscious anatomy. I wanna suck some pits.

If that thing was a futa, how thin would its cock be?

This thread sometimes

Can you lewdfags tone it down a bit? At the rate you are going you will be just as bad as furryfags with how much you feel the need to push your fetish in everyone's faces.

A simple, "Wow, that looks awesome. This is tremendously hot." is completely acceptable.

Also, stop leeching off other people's requests. If you like a girl, and not just here asthetics, make your own damn references and post your own damn request.

It's clear you fags are never going to leave but could you at least make yourselves slightly more tolerable? We all have to share the same sandbox, so please just sit in your corner eating the sand instead of throwing it all over the place.

>This new

Requesting BB-tan bunny girl

I remember when I was this naive.

Seriously, just look at some of the shit in here like

There's a reason the general is containment.

Hew, guess what? You can report that post if you don't like it.

I thought WWD was the containment thread.

Today's progress, tried giving myself a sugar-rush to try and finish more but it'll only do so much, I'll figure out the head/hat eventually
>Just don't become full NEET with odd nocturnal life
Sums up every vacation I've had
I get off to anons getting off my drawings

Requesting Mikado-sensei cosplaying as doctor Sugimoto

It is.

It contains all the deliveries.

WWD is the containment drawthread
Problem is, they can't stay contained in their thread.

who are you?

>I get off to anons getting off my drawings
You'll love when the waifufags storm in and tell you to off yourself then.


They all dry up after friday when the autists go full retard

I mean you can pretend that's the case but the fact is that it still has more deliveries than the general, significantly more at that.

So if the WWD is "dried up" then this place must have never had water to begin with.

>Scaring artists off for drawing "x" character

This is why the WWD is worse than lewds general.

Reporting didn't do anything to it, it seems.

Mods have to look at it first. You can hide it in the mean time.

Request Ojou as a naked catgirl having her nails trimmed.

Her face looks rather unusual for Patchouli. Might be the WIP status tho.

Requesting succubus Saten sitting on your window with a smug grin, as she's holding your box of tissues in one hand and pointing at her mouth with the other. Saten is taunting you, asking you "Where are you going to cum now?"

Draw what you like of Mira, or just draw an older version of her, like cake or MILF.

I thinks it's Ycunt doing his own request.

This exactly. Say all the good shit about the WWD, drawfags actually get shitposted there for literally drawing sometimes.

Ycake has been pretty good since almost a year ago, but it doesn't look like his style.

Stop samefagging.

Either way, say what you want about the wwd - we do get a bunch of drama, no denying that - but at least its possible to actually draw in there. Theres requests for actual shit instead of dicks and jizz everywhere.

The general is an uninhabitable hellzone and the wwd is a warzone, but I'd still take wwd x50 over the general when it comes to places to draw at.

stop acting like drawfags are god's gift to the universe, most drawfags that get shitposted deserves it

It's not the weekend yet.

Into my sock from the day as normal

>thinks drawfags are not gods that requesters worship, maybe performing some miracles (deliveries) in return
I think you need to learn your place, peasant.

Give me a simple or chibi request

draw obake chan

Requesting Risty butt.

People actually draw the lewd requests even if it goes into Prison School/Bleach pacing (Unless you're Rokka no Yuusha guy; someone save that guy alread)

Oh boy falseflagging.

>at least its possible to actually draw in there. Theres requests for actual shit instead of dicks and jizz everywhere.
Not him, but I have 24 requests in my backlog, and they're all SFW and from here in the general. Did you even bother to look?

Requesting Rem from Re:Zero in a concert, headbanging her glowing horn along with the movement of the light sticks around her.

Chibi Pixie?

>It's possible to draw in there
Can't draw Mira with no drama towards the drawfag huh. What about Cosmos? How about ANY boat. Seems like I can't draw husbandos either now huh.

Yeah, because requesters actually provide content for the threads, right?

Requesting Chirico wiping moisture off his helmet like the middle gif.

>I mean, why would you draw for someone who just randomly dropped in?
Because it's a new face instead of the same old tired shit?

boo hoo I want to draw for shitposters but I don't want anyone to be mean to me after :(((((
most husbandos are fine ignore lolyfag being autistic

That same old tired shit is what gets the deliveries while we're here having a discussion about it. Not looking so good.

I happened to check the booru on a whim, and found a lovely new picture of my lovely darling! It's nice to see her keeping warm and comfy when the days are getting colder.
Sorry about the late reply, but thank you so much for taking the time to draw my beloved, pencilanon!

Thanks for the cute sketch!

And in the same sense, I can draw here and not get the shitposting. Go ahead. You CANNOT deny that.

requesting Vert, Noire, and Blanc as honey-bees like this.

You do you then. I'm just giving my own perspective - unless I'm dropping off something for the wwd, I probably won't draw for the general. Unless its a super good idea ofc.

Requesting 'Lancer Tamamo' teasing using her see-through wet shirt, or showing off some nice tanlines
Other beach-like things are good too

Good job cherry picking. Next sentence:
> Even if you do, post it here and redirect them if you're that worried.

What part of you do you don't you people understand.

Most of the deliveries in the WWD are beginners trying to get instant gratification. There's a lot of quick sketches that no one really wants but they know that the requesters are forced to thank them for it. Experienced artists do come by every there now and again, but it's just about the same as the general. The WWD is just overflowed whit shitty drawings.

You got this like two days ago.

Would be nice to see her pulling down and back her wet shirt, pushing her erect nipples against the semi-transparent clothing.

Without the bikini of course.

I wish I could draw detailed armor

oops, hope you still like

Yeah, tugging at the collar.

You can! You just gotta believe you can do it!

And the whole point I was making is that I wouldn't get shitposted here, unlike the WWD.


Yesterday and fuck I didn't check the last half. Thanks. Really fuckin nice picture

Requesting a cute pic of Sotomura with the hairstyle she has in the red circle.

Haha wow, that's great man. Halfheartedly requested but it came out pretty nice.

Tor's expo characters do need some love, there's some hidden gems in there but only mememe gets attention.

Requesting current Bossu in her uniform but with her younger self's haircut.

Requesting Ezekiel wearing a micro bikini and sexy sandals with painted toenails.

>tugging at the collar.
Huh? I meant more like this.

Whoops. Almost drew the request myself.

Requesting Lancer Artoria in a suit and overcoat that's tight around her heavy breasts and thick curves.

Holy shit that's fucking smokin
See I thought of more of an angle looking down at her as she bashfully pulls her collar out so you see more cleavage, lack of anything underneath, but that's really good

I hope they gave you artists.

I know what that's like.

Draw more Tamamo, like that's legit as fuck

I'd love a drawing of Murakami and Kuroha making love outside under a sky full of stars. Alternatively Murakami posing like a boss with his harem (Kuroha, Kana, Kazumi, Kotori)

Are they situations you normally wouldn't admit to liking?

Been looking for people to get some foot stuff of her from.

LED Mirage mecha musume girl please and thank you?

Requesting a tired, slightly hungover Masane on the toilet.

When does this fabled wwd thread start usually?

Some ungodly time in the morning.
Like 5 or so. No later than 7 usually.

6:30 AM EST. It used to be 7 not too long ago but an autistic decided that wasn't good enough and now forces them to be earlier.

7am EST or later.

Cool, thanks.

Mechanic/Engineer Nepgear

>toku is /m/
it really isn't

Does anyone have a link to the discord?

Sorry my bad, I didn't see it! Thank you!

It is /m/
Look this isn't the place for this. Toku is /m/.

Is it okay I made a commission to a person 3 times in a month?

I did 4

It's your money, user.

If one of the people I wanted to wasn't sick or buried under schoolwork I'd do that.

I have a 5 page paper due tomorrow but all I want to do is draw waifus. Please help.

School is for faggots. Draw waifus instead.

Do your paper, I'll draw the waifus for you instead. Hop to it. You have 10 hours, that's plenty of time to bullshit 5 pages.

Suck it up and do the paper now. Then go on a waifu spree

I know that feel, I have a bunch of java assignments to finish to deliver by the end of the month.




nice vagoo

>Look this isn't the place for this.
prolly, but it's still not /m/

How much did that cost to draw?

Not the program, the country dumbass.

A dozen or two minutes of my time.

A picture of Tamamo like this but with even bigger breasts, a large Kimono/emperor robe would be cool, and sarashi + fundoshi and/or her also lying on a bed seductively luring the viewer

>ignoring market forces

Non-programmer here, what's the problem with Java?

No patreon money was involved?

>no C
>falling for a meme language
>assignment in java
>javascript and sql a programming lanuage

it does a lot of stupid shit and treats its developers like they're retards. Its good for companies because most programmers are retarded

I wish

Why is this so important to you?

Its a damn shame that it's Patchy.

Keep that shit in the WWD.

And you wonder why you all are so hated.
Why is this even being discussed right now?

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing this outfit on the left

i mean js is turing complete, not sure why sql is there tho

You mean the script language thing?
Meh. Just ignore it and maybe report if it persists.

Didn't really fell for anything, it was just included in the package with C++ and C# for some reason.

blame Cred Forums. Either way better cut it here before more people complain.

>why sql is there
Because it's a troll pic?

Christ almighty


How about Griffith if he was based on a raven instead of a falcon?
I promise he isn't my waifu.

Ravel wearing a babydoll or a rainbow-striped bikini, or phoenix-inspired armor.


Sugar for energy is alright, even with the crash. Better than caffeine withdrawal. Without caffeine, I'm pretty much a lifeless zombie and dead in the inside. Well it a good feeling off to make people happy. Can't wait to see you finish a lewd armpit drawing.

That is some damn nice sniffable and lickable pussy of Patchouli. I'll let Patchouli enjoy her book with I'll bother her up a bit. Thanks for drawing her.

Hello #1! How have you been?

Give me a schoolgirl. I want to draw a pantyshot.

SQL is there because it is a keyword search so SQL includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL

OG article

Tohka Yatogami.

Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.


My waifu



Requesting the Dark Knight Rises pic (right) with Oshiete! Galko-chan characters.


How Python as a begginer/entry level programming. I'm just self study right now to prepare for taking actual classes.

Requesting a leather-clad dominatrix Tamamo

Personally I think python is great. It's really easy to learn, easy to read other's code, and you can use it in everything from databases to machine learning. I would recommend you learn it especially if you're a beginner

You're not my dad.

Python is great even later on. Perl is the better choice overall for most things, but its a tad harder.

I don't know what to request this weekend.

Requesting Tamamo & Ahri doing S&M
borrowing your ref, sorry for the "!"

I've had it. I have to ask.
What is dunking/dunk?

and jesus lord dat ass.




I think you read the request wrong. Slam Dunk is the manga


Seconding Rem Request with anything Rem. Rem is boss.

Requesting Fin E Ld Si Laffinty from Rinne no Lagrange as a male, and being taken advantage of by Madoka and Muginami.


Thanks for the tip. I'm in a process of learning Hello World in python. Kinda fun to learn actually. I hope someday I could make a simple waifu program or some sort of waifu environment. Soon...

None of my ideas have worked for the past month

God damnit. You're right. I'll never know what the hell dunking means. I'm just not meant to.

>change delay between frames from 0.4 to 0
>gif gets slower

Guess waifu tan did want to go slower.

Programming is really simple once you get the hang of it. I wish you luck user.

OR here, that's super adorable! Thank you drawfriend! And yes, the pokemon dressed as the toku dude.

>waifu program
let us know user!

>I hope someday I could make a simple waifu program or some sort of waifu environment
This is actually something I've wanted to make for a while now. I was thinking of using some conversational and personality analyzing APIs to train a machine learning program and make a simple waifu bot, and then use Live 2D or something to make it pretty. No money yet to make it though. Soon.

>I'm in a process of learning Hello World in python
It's literally just [code]print "Hello, World!"[/code].

Well, I new to programming so I'm just following slow steps to learn things.

Mostly fine, dying slowly from this heat. Are you taking a break from requesting or something?

All I see are Kyouko and Ayano.

Yeah on account of the 6 cakes I got from ch2o a few weeks ago. The whether is shitty here too, hasn't rain in like a month.

who is the knuckle head down voting everything on the booru?

Requesting a version with you're waifu



It was me

Stop it.

maldraw hater

>tfw you wish you could draw you waifu like that

He's down voting more than just that.

Whoever drew that clearly misunderstood the back of that top.

Also, my waifu's cans aren't that big.


The right boob is also bigger than the left.


>is this what you wanted
Yes, precisely, my man.
I hope you had fun. Even though it's very sketchy, it's fucking awesome and amusing nonetheless.
Thanks a lot for this rad piece!

The artist looks like their good at coloring but can't draw for shit.

Wew. This is going to be one hell of a weekend. It's going to be a bloodbath


Gumi driving a flamingo pink Cadillac and wearing aviators
SeeU in the passenger seat could be nice

stay faithful user

Earlier in the week, someone tagged anything (ex) Ruifag's SI appeared in with "whore" and "bitch" too.


Someone was downvoting all of Tamafags stuff too.

Is there more to this series?

it's all preparation for the Lolyfag falseflagging shitposting show

I'll give it a try, just dont expect anything incredible though


A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun also requesting anal

Raphtalia wearing a wedding dress please, or some kind of shrine maiden outfit please?

girls in gags

a gaggle of waifus?

Waifu time?

Not yet, I'm not sure what to request

Give it 6 hours and 21 minutes minimum.

Requesting Akemi Homura using a nerf gun or bow

I need more of Tamamo in her frilly nightgown
If she were sleeply that could be pretty nice too.

>Not pouring one out for her homies

Does 3DCG art count as drawfag?


If you make the model yourself, don't see why not.

In the wwd it does

Ok then



cool shit homie

How much money is it gonna take to draw for me, user?

Requesting two waifus doing really sensual, close contact yoga together.

Thanks, it was my serious attempt at character modeling so there's still lots to improve

Those are some really dumb shirts.

Yo, Drawfags, I'm looking to see if anyone could art me up a real nice Title Card for the Cred Forums Sings Re:Zero. My cancer's gone terminal, and you guys always do a better job than I could.

Do want.

They're fashionable.


Should it involve Rem driving a Subaru?

Pretty cool. If you could pose them it would be superb.

I think you meant sexy shirts.
Imagine them without the sports bras.

>without the sports bras.
And now I think I know what I want to request. I'll be damned if I can find a suitable reference picture though

I have posed them, not done a full rig yet but with Human IK that would take no time at all. Will take time to set up lighting and render out the different poses though.

These the only "posed" ones I have for now, but they are just quick renders.

They're dumb because they don't provide anything that the sports bras aren't providing already. But yea i can see them being extra lewd by themselves.

As long as it involves some form of bandwagon (or something else that represents this boards relationship with the show)

now take a request

What is your request then?

not mine but this one is good

Make Mob and Saitama doing a silly pose

Easy, do something with Waifu-tan.

It's a haremfag's obscure fetish for dunk tanks.

Aoba a cutie. I'd draw her if I wasn't so busy at the moment.

Is Aoba the purple haired one? He already requested her.

May's heaving bosom


It's the month between April and June.



That's Haruka.




Requesting an outfit swap between Haruka (Senran Kagura) and Haruka (Pokemon) and both have MDF sized titties

How did you draw so quickly?

activate it

>Drama Queen time.

You first.


Just treat it like a soap opera, or a Mexican telenovela, and it becomes that much more entertaining.
>Will Maria Angeles Luna ever find out her husband is cheating on her with 17 other women? Find out next weekend on your favorite show, The Art of Love


not so quickly, it took nearly 3h.

That's quicker than it usually takes me.

Great job, draw user.

That almost looks official. Nice work!

Ain't her hands kinda tiny? Other than that good show.


Here we go again.

Requesting John Wayne-kun as a western-themed harem MC.
I need the girls to be getting the true John Wayne experience.

what happened?
why is Clint there??

>clint eastwood-kun

All white people look kinda the same.

ironic, since Clint has the chinkiest eyes

>western-themed harem
das good:
injun QT
irish patty
chinese honey
mulatto sweetie
Murican cowgirl

Whoever did this: Good Job.

>injun QT
>irish patty
>chinese honey
>mulatto sweetie
>Murican cowgirl

Cowgirl must win

Any good holidays this weekend?

The anniversary of your mum and me.


The Keions dressed up like Big Bang.

Mio as G-Dragon
Mugi as T.O.P
Yui as Daesung
Ritsu as Taeyang
Azusa as Seungri

OR thanks you. I love literal deliveries

u have a website Cred Forums?

Requesting Junko shitposting online in only her underwear

/r/ open hair Junko

>open hair
What does this mean?

undo the twintails?



One more minute.


I hope my hime will be chosen.

Are you new or something?


depending on the request it could take anwhere from months to a year. Thats how long I seen 1 user wait for a halloween delivery. Posted everyday

Wow, really nice! Your practice makes perfect!

lottery can be fun.

one guy i know has been on the waiting list for 3 years. he wont even tell me what he commissioned them for.

Another weekend I won't be delivering.
Still gotta get good.

Same same user.

At least I've got a lot of free time coming up, might be able to get 6 hours of practice in every day.

be aware of tenosynovitis. This shit is awful.

Do it user. If you can really put in the time, you'll be doing the WWT in a week.

Holy hell, gone from the drawthreads for a bit and I ended up missing this amazing piece of artwork. Cute Po and rad plane, this delivery really brightened my day up when I saw it. OR here, thank you drawfriend, sorry for being so late to reply.

I take precautions to avoid injuries at the moment (I practice for four hours on weekdays), I've been fine so far but I'm not sure if six would be pushing it.
That's the idea!

I don't have.

Requesting a short comic (or even just a portrait of a select moment) about The Waifu Your Waifu Could Be Like, starring Waifu-tan.

That guy who said he'd draw girls orgasming, was he real?

>I take precautions to avoid injuries at the moment
Good. I got this once and it hurt so bad I wasn't even able to use the gamepad any more.

He gave me the impression that he's genuine, and I certainly hope so.

>Wake up
>See this
Excellent! Looks pretty cute! Thank you and saved!

user told me to ask here!

I nominate this for next OP

Requesting Seaport-hime as a thick milkmaid.


Oh hey, it's the 16th of September, so requesting Tamamo wearing a traditional mexican dress. Like these:
Bonus points for tequila bottle in hand

Some traditional mexican music to listen to while working on this

Or maybe something a bit more in tune with anime

he cannot delete a post this old

Delivery. Good night



Thank you!

That's about as far as I'll go with this, face is really fucked but I'll have that figured out eventually.
Drop me some waifu requests, I'll look through the ones from this thread too
No blog for now, but will hopefully ~new year if I can get a more stable/free schedule
Who is this Ycunt/Ycake? He's not on the Drawfriends booru

Have you ever played CCC? I can't help but wonder how many Tamamofriends actually have.

i don't even know what i was expecting

Waifu requests are here .
Ycake is one of the many shitposter. He occationally draws, but mostly just avatarfags and requests Patchouli and his fat fetish. He's the person you drew for just now.

No, I haven't.

He's not even a secondary. Tamamo is just a poor girl he afflicts his attention on.

Well, main reason I ask is I am doing a playthrough with Gilgamesh right now and I was considering just jotting down what I'm reading in English when I run through the game next. I've been trying to gauge if it's worth the effort.

Isn't that what secondaries are?

Secondaries are faggots who get into a series only after it gets an adaptation.
Since acuck hasn't played/read anything fate, he's not even that.

Asoc hasn't even played extra.

Pretty sure only Elizabeth and BBfag have actually read CCC given their waifu

Ah, well I can't help you with that. Sorry.

Someone already wrote down a good chunk of Gilgamesh's route in English

I have and I'm not either one of them. I played the entire game.

Just an observation based on obvious cases on my end. It being untranslated leaves a big divide.

Can u link me to his examples of of shitposting.

Well, that's depressing.

I don't need help, just wondering if people will read it. Otherwise I'm just gonna say fuck it and just play it.

Yeah, that was what gave me the idea.

Thanks you for drawing Patchouli. Those wide hips and large tiddies is what I like, and you made sure of that.

Ok, gotcha.

This is Zeno-sama, king of all!

Please draw him getting kicked like american football.

Don't bully zen-chan

Gave me a giggle.

what about them

Requesting some crossover of I-58(left) and Haruka(right) with Sukumizu please.

Something like I-58 is happy and hug Haruka because she though Haruka is a new submarine girl/kanmusu.

Now I want my waifu wearing an "I love you" School swimsuit.

Requesting Kongoubutt.

Requesting mitsudomoes


new bread when?


New thread

She looks oh so radiant. You've got a real knack for coloring, I can tell. Thank you so much for drawing her and have a great week!

I plan to play it once I am proficient enough Japanese, Extra was fun, I often hear CCC is much better, and its widely thought of as one of Nasu's best works.