Goblin Slayer

Yesterday thread was fun thanks to japan user, but if what he said is true, then we are going to get some serious shit
>pic related is now relevant as fuck

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We still don't have a full explanation yet, but what are people's thoughts on the guild intentionally having clerks suppressing information about quests? What's their end goal here?

Yes I am still butthurt about this.

What? I missed yesterdays thread, but I always said, jokingly, that the guild girl is evil and she sends young girls kowingly into their bad ends.

>Anons shit on paladin girl and want her to be raped
>According to this pic and japan user; she becomes part of the party
How mad are you?

>that the guild girl is evil
user, you may get your wish...

I don't know if this is good or bad.

According to japan user, pic related is when GG collapses because she was worry for GS and then she raises all the fucking flags right there, at wish GS doesn't know how to respond, so she kisses him...

Fuck, forgot pic.

Then this faggot attacks with his gobs, he is killed by lizard man but before dying he tries to cast a spell on GS but GG intercepts it, the spell turned her into a vessel for the now dead demon lord (who, BTW, is female) to possess, GS and his party goes to search for a cure before is too late.
Finally, GS says GG reminds him of his sister...

She's winning the GS-bowl?
What did you mean her being evil?

Fuck me

She is not winning as GS cannot process love, he sees his sister on her, losing her would mean losing his sister again.

Here is the previous thread so you can see what japan user said

She's just lonely and shy. She's the girl who followed others to feel like she is with them like that other silver guy.

According to jap user, in that scene she comments that she can't understand why girls would wear such ineffective armor, but she admits she would like to use it.

>Started with Gobbo rape
>MC is Dommguy
>Harem end

Sasuga Japan.

How can be harem when is so oneside? GS cannot process love, he sees CG as a friend and GG as an expy of his sister, he wants to keep them safe and happy, but he cannot understand love, jap user said that after GG kissed him, he literally didn't know what to feel of how to respond.

>How can be harem when is so oneside? GS cannot process love, he sees CG as a friend and GG as an expy of his sister, he wants to keep them safe and happy, but he cannot understand love, jap user said that after GG kissed him, he literally didn't know what to feel of how to respond.

My prediction is that GS will gradually learn to feel and regain emotions.

It's only logical.
>GS meets qt Priestess
>Meets qt elf
>Meets qt GG
>Goes on a date with GG
>Goes on a date with tsun pally

Is it not building up to a harem? He's basically another self insert character like the rest of them.

We'll see MC develop from

>emotionless slayer >noble folk hero > caring knight >??? >harem knight

Anywho I'm enjoying it so far even with Jap-user's spoilers. The interactions with other girls is a dead giveaway to the story being another isekai/fantasy self insert harem.

If what jap user said is true, GS will not have time for harem stuff, they have to find the cure and fast, or else will become real.

>GG turns into semen demon succubus

I'm ok with this.

>How can be harem when is so oneside?

Any series with more than 2 girls after mc's cock is a harem.

You guys talk like "harem" is automatically a bad thing.

I think that's bullshit.
They need some sort of set pay so better adventures do these bad end gigs

Pls stop with the isekai meme.

You guys got memed hard.

You better have some fucking evidence.

Your mom's cunt is so large it's isekai.

It's flavor of the decade for animu/manga/LNs.

It's undeniable.

This is not a isekai and will never be because MC is native of the setting's world.

If you paid attention

the original post that triggered your autism says

>...dead giveaway to the story being another isekai/fantasy self insert harem.

The key here is the slash and the post was discussing about what both genres have in common: a harem.

Noone said anything about GS being an isekai work.

Actually the previous post wasn't me.

It's a little stupid, to be honest. The series is still good so far, that's just a weird bit of faulty worldbuilding. There really isn't any advantage for the Adventurer's guild to lose rookies all the time in what amounts to minor routine questing.

Not what happened in that scene at all. GS runs into her in the shop and they ended up talking about how it's not easy for female adventurers to find guys to marry (male adventurers settle down with the girls/princesses they rescue). She wants to buy the armor to bring out her female charms but in the end GS told her to just wear normal clothes. She left telling him that he really isn't a bad person.

People here get super autistic if you even imply something that isn't 100% isekai share's traits or is spiritually similar to the current usual self insert isekai "genre", don't let it bother you.

How did GS manage to converse about something that wasn't killing goblins?

He didn't want her to be potentially weaker when suddenly ambushed by goblins.


Ok user, you seem reliable, can you tell us about the other and



>ywn rape Tsun-pally chanin bikini armor

Why even gobbo?

>That well shaped breastplate

Sexier than any dumb bikini mail.

He should have told her to buy a fucking helmet


Like gasoline bursting into flames?

Where are you getting this? a forum? does that forum has reliable summaries of what happened in the volume? please tell us!

Gasoline produces fumes, fumes burst into flames.

That dress is terrible.

Fuck you, that dress is beautiful




Fucking elves

Please tell me there is more drawings in the volume, this one is the last one that was posted yesterday

This is why all male elves need to be purged.

This kind of racist attitude is what causes young dark elves to turn to crime.

Doing these myself.

Then you have the volume, can you confirm if what japan user said is true?

>proper armor
>big breasts
>long hair



>proper armor
She doesn't have a helmet.

>Wearing a helmet in town area

she's not an autist like GS you know

that would be cute though

You get to finally see what Hero looks like.

He took you guys for a ride.

Who's the loli?


that's priestess

>yuusha is a girl


What did "japan user" say in the first place?

We have know that the hero was a girl since volume 2.

It doesn't matter anymore, let's move on.

Last one.

>childhood friend wins flag

Did she take off GS's helmet?

>now im understand the gobling rape thing

>Haruhi Saber is the hero.

She shows up in volume 1, right after the chapter when GS kills the ogre.

Well...then what is the fucking truth?

>thinkegn of Goblins

Well her web version was Haruhi plus Ajimu.

That sword looks fucking overpowered.

>How can be harem when is so oneside?
Literally every Harem is like that you piece of shit.

>GS cannot process love, he sees CG as a friend and GG as an expy of his sister, he wants to keep them safe and happy, but he cannot understand love, jap user said that after GG kissed him, he literally didn't know what to feel of how to respond.

Then why did the author add a bunch of girls after his dick?


How can you even blame the gobs for becoming crazy rapists when human females in that world look like this?

It's THE holy sword that she randomly found while fighting a demon general. She was already overpowered as fuck before that though.


Calm your tits, everything what jap user said yesterday was a fucking lie, we are back to zero.

Not that user, but sex sells. Pretty damn sure this would sells like shit if it's only about GS and no girls.

>after his dick?
No one can resist the helmet, it's a literal chick magnet.

So, not harem.
You want harem? Watch re:zero.

Re:Zero just have 2 chick searching mcs dick(well, just one).

This is the type of girl going to get dicked by goblins
She doesnt even have a helmet

Looks more like a fully grown hobgob shaman

She is the purest even more that priestness

u wot

So this is like a inverse Gears of Wars?

There is nothing about that face that says goblin. It's a dark elf.

Yea, guess i was focused on the ears and the shading that makes him look green

GG and GS spent some time together in the guild. Some masked hobbit thief (who was previously discredited from his ranking exam after GG called him out on fraud) tries to ambush them (GG thinks he was going for her but GS said the hobbit was sizing him up earlier). GS gets hit by darts and the thief proceeds to stomp on his helmet while he's down. GG thinks GS died but his chain mail protected him. GG cries and basically tells him not to scare her like that. GS thinks the goblins might be up to something too and leaves. GG tells him to do his best.

This is why you wear armor everywhere.

>and the shading that makes him look green


It's grey user. It looks like a dark shade of any color.

The shading looked the same for him and the gobos

Why the fuck didn't you appear yesterday to discredit the other user lies?

Calm down, user. HE isnt your lover or slave. He can be wherever the fucks wants.


Helmets are an essential, a sound blow to the head could easily knock someone out or kill them

>GS universe is a product of Haruhi becoming bored of reality
>Yuki is rolling dice trying to prevent her from raping everything

You do realize this guy is memeing you? This page is talking about the party of beginners at the very beginning of the LN that got slaughtered. Jesus Christ, you guys are easy to fool.

>Can't even trust anonymous translators on the internet anymore

What has the world come to.

Great, now i don't know who believe, that's it, from now i will only follow what happens on the manga and try ti guess stuff out if the LN's drawings pages, but never believe a single SHIT of what user says.

The other user who posted the high-def images was memeing you. He got the images from the Futaba thread.

If anything, I'm more or less inclined to believe the JapAnon because what he said matches pretty well with the Web Novel (aside from a few twists)

>We will never know if Guild Girl is actually the main romance girl
>We will never know if Cow Girl is the main romance girl
>We will never be able to trust translator anons again


Then explain this , if what that suppose jap user said is true, where this scene falls up?

Cow Girl is cleaning his ears like whatever the hell those Japanese couples usually do. It's not that important to even mention.

This, pretty much.

Just same page illustration, like this


Web novel ended at vol.1 buddy.

That's the archbishop though.

Exactly, her story ends in volume 2.

That illustration was in volume 3.
My point stands corrected.

You had no point to begin with.

>this thread

Because truth never matters in these threads.

Let me repeat myself.

>if what that suppose jap user said is true, where this scene falls up?
It was just page illustration. Such is the case of the image post before it.
That, answered this post.

>That's the archbishop though.
Read above.

That's my point.

What jap user said was a lied? Tge "GG becomes the demon lord's vessel" was so interesting...

Well, if I made a new thread and pretend that I'm another japanon and spout shit like "what japanon before said are actually right" will you change your mind again?

Because it seems to me you're a gullible faggot that believes everything that said on this thread.

Ok, sweet fucking christ, you people need some clearing up. I'll try to confirm/disprove some of what JapAnon and the user posting here said. First of all this image:

Is just the page from the LN where the beginner party gets killed. It just proves that the fighter was not a girl.

This is not the fucking hero who killed the maou. It's a high ranking hero who acts like a chuuni who is also absurdly powerful. She is here to kill a demon lord and become famous, not the one who actually killed it.

The other user was right about this just being a bonding moment between Cow Girl and GS with the couple doing the ear-cleaning thing (it hurts like hell btw)

These scenes are from the penultimate battle in the volume.

This scene is Priestess casting Heavenly Light to fight back the shadows from the Dark Elf.

And this scene is the Guild Girl crying for GS. It coincides with the picture I attached when GG and GS go on a "date" and shares her past life about how she ended up in the guild. This is before GG gets BTFO'd by the Dark Elf and nearly killed.

Now I don't know if any of the things about GG getting possessed by the Demon Lord is true at all, but GG did get hit by the Dark Elf by a curse of an unverified nature. Assuming JapAnon is true, that means his source was from other anons posting spoilers about the next volume.

But honestly, you guys are getting meme'd here too by the other user posting the images.

Literally: Female Kirito + Saber Lilly

Top fucking kek.

You're putting in a lot of effort for this.

Who is this?

Then can you tell me what the image even says?

How can we believe you? Do you have any proof? Like a forum or something?

Read and the post you replied.

It's either the girl who killed the original demon lord or some random chunni girl

Not that user, but the other user that puts up an image and tell a lie also putting a lot of effort in his lies.

Wrong thread, you fagget.

This was the thread from last night at Futaba.


Yeah, the other guy is lying just as much.

You don't.
Either you believe it or not, no one rally cares/

You link is a 404.

Oooh, if she's recurring, thats great, this is right up my wife's aesthetic for cosplay.
Elf girl comes close, but this is closer.
Too bad no color.

>all these 女騎士
>beginner party

Come on now, you gotta try harder than that.

Yesterday thread was fun, this one is basically ace attorney: goblin turnabout.
Everyone is trying to disprove everyone without fucking evidence to back them up.

>GS: "I hope this lifts your troubles away for tonight."
>GG: "It's such a beautiful night sky. To watch our memories fly away into the night with you by my side"

Shit it was up last night.

You literally posted the same image with the masculine pronouns. I don't get what you're even trying to prove.

It doesn't help there's another user who just ripped his images from 2chan and is shitposting about it too.

>there isn't any advantage

>only send experienced adventurers on troublesome quests
>adventurers genocide the monsters
>adventurer's guild goes out of business because the only things left to endanger humans are other humans
>send rookies out on difficult quests
>they get completely destroyed
monsters spread like wildfire, business is booming
>more people sign up to become adventurers
>new adventurers have to pay registration fee
>adventurer's guild never has to pay out quest reward

Business 101. Priority one is increasing the bottom line. All other considerations secondary.

>Yesterday's thread was fun with JapAnon
>Today is shitposting general 101

What went wrong?

>finally some good saint hentai
Cant post since nipples.

Yuusha wants to fug goblin slayer?

Hello "fighter is a girl", user.


Anons realized that they can't trust what jap user said without solid proof.

>GS: "I hope this lifts your troubles away for tonight."
>GG: "It's such a beautiful night sky. To watch our memories fly away into the night with you by my side"

How did you get any of that from



Just how?

How many goblins would it take to kill one heavily armored neckbear?


>This thread

Yet they will believed what NOT jap user said here without solid proof.
Ironic isn't it?

>Adventurer's guild has no personnel capable of handling the most common monster requests
>Looks massively incompetent due to constant death of adventurers in rookie level quests
>Low amount of adventurers who survive to be experienced and capable, meaning low supply of elite adventurers for difficult, high paying tasks
>Guild underequipped to take on high level or low level jobs, and must overpay high level adventurers due to lack of capable personnel
>This is a good thing

We actually already have proof the user here is a liar.

I mean it was pretty fucking obvious the moment that posted which was from the first page of the LN.

At least we can prove that the user here is spouting bullshit. The real thing is to see if JapAnon was bullshitting too.

In the books isn't it because there are just way bigger problems going on in the world and goblins despite how bad they seem are a relatively minor problem in comparison? So they figure "eh if you die, whatever"

rape aside, I like this manga because it shows something that most fiction doesn't take into account

when you are a rookie small shit can kill you without problems. Most people even doing PnP RPG doesn't take this into account.

the rape is a nice touch though

Can someone give me a rundown of what JapAnon said last night? I missed the thread and went to sleep halfway through.

All I ended was at Guild Girl kissing GS and saying she loves him.

It actually does the opposite since female knight doesn't show up in the first few pages of LN.


Jesus Christ, you really are pushing your lie aren't you?

And the fighter is a girl rite?
That eyebrow didn't lie rite?
Keep doing it.

Well, you're the one who's going to be really embarrassed when the translation comes out.

IN more than one year you mean?

A little confused there user.

I don't even care what people on a Singaporean message board think of me, but you've been doing nothing but posting images you ripped from Futaba and posting false facts next to them. I honestly think JapAnon was bullshitting too, but you're just as bad

>adventurer's guild personnel consists of receptionists and the guild leader
>adventurers are outsourced
>when the demand for adventurers is high, supply will increase
>human lives are cheap
>professionals are expensive

It's better to have a lot of shitty adventurers than a few good ones. Sure, the Adventurer's Guild could put out a product that's high in quality that will last for years and brings high customer satisfaction. But if people are forced to buy your product because their lives depend on it no matter what, wouldn't it be more profitable if they had to buy a new one every few months because the old one got raped to death? And why spend the time and money developing a good product when a shitty cheap knockoff will sell just as well?


Shit I don't remember, if only there was an archive to read expired threads.

Oh well, sorry bud.

No official reason has been give. As far as the Manga shows some adventurers just loaf around the guild hall so they clearly have free people, just an unwillingness to handle a minor threat that is snowballing.

Can you confirm if GS commentary about hiw GG reminds him his suater is true?

Phone posting fucking sucks.

If your product fails at keeping them alive more often than not, people will end up having to look for alternatives rather than depend on your product. Reputation is everything for a guild of this nature, if your reputation does not inspire confidence, why would people bring you their business? It's a self destructive plan in the medium/long term.
Not only that, but the higher the mortality rate of the job, the less people that will want to do it, meaning the more you have to pay people to do it. So you end up having to overpay people to even give the job a shot, and by logical consequence end up having to overpay people who survive long enough to become veterans.

She got Elf'd.

You know what they say: around Elves....

According to him, she raise all the fucking flags and got hit by some spell that put her in magical coma.

Yeah, she does look and act just like her. GS says she looks and acts exactly like she did when she died. So the only real difference is that GG is around the same age as GS.

So yeah, GG got sister-zoned? I don't know.

More like she's going to become the next main antagonist. The series really needed a main bad guy, as much as I loved it, and making his sister's doppelganged (GG) into the main bad guy makes it interesting.

No you whiny faggot.

-Goblin Slayer went on a date with: Guild Girl, Cow Girl, and Priestess.
-Goblin Slayer sees Guild Girl as an older sister, Guild Girl confesses to him, removes his helmet, and kisses him. Goblin Slayer doesn't know how to react.
-Guild Girl's parents were Adventurers who became kill when they went adventuring, she can apparently see ghosts. Guild Girl is thankful for Goblin Slayer's work, and she has been working for the Guild for some time now.
-Nips hate the shit out of Guild Girl and want Cow Girl (Childhood friend) to win for once.
-Festival is ruined by Dark Elf Wizard who was a servant to the previous Demon Lord, Lizard Priest is fought him.
-Paladin girl is cute and shy.
-Guild Girl has been cursed and could end up as the next vessel for the Demon Lord, and is resting at Cow Girl's house.

I know. Well, so much for High Elf and Priestess saving GS's mind.

How will Demon Lord Guild Girl look like?

Will she act like the kind Guild Girl with a vicious twist? Will she straight up act like a monster?

Will she wear babydoll when in demon mode? With tail and wings?

Btw, link to previous thread plz.

>the higher the mortality rate of the job, the less people that will want to do it

And the higher the mortality rate of the victims, the more people will want to fight to survive. The cheapest recruits are those that want to avenge their loved ones, they'd probably pay you for a chance to get back at the monsters that raped their churches and burned their women.

If there was an alternative to the adventurer's guild they'd already be out of business. But the adventurer's guild has a monopoly so they can do whatever they want. A veteran doesn't get paid by how good they are, they get paid by the set quest reward.

Thank you so much. I actually want to see Guild Girl get turned into the new Demon Lord just to see GS snap.

The only reason they aren't out of business is because the business model is poorly thought out but this is a fantasy ln focusing on goblin killing.

In the end the guild is a quest broker. If the guild is incompetent, neither the people who keep losing loved ones to goblins nor adventurers whose comrades keep dying in basic fucking operations will want to depend on it.

Yeah, this is what he said, now how we can be sure he wasn't bullshitting?

>raped their churches and burned their women.

Havent heard that one in a while

Because he will fuck your girlfriend with his penis. That's how.

Is there a way that Futaba archives threads? Because before may.2chan.net/b/res/433005396.htm got 404'd, it was literally a bunch of Japanese anons talking about exactly what JapAnon was saying.

So unless the entirety of 2chan is lying to bullshit us, I believe JapAnon.

The fact that no higher level adventurers, the ones who can deal with goblins easily, bother with them aside from Goblin Slayer implies that in the grand scheme of things, they really aren't that big of a deal.

Did not find that thread tough.

>OP image of Guild Girl may actually be real Guild Girl Demon Lord

This guy had to have told the fucking mangaka what he was planning. There is no way this is a coincidence.

>tfw you can't read moon
it hurts

How do you fix this?

>Inb4 Rip and Tear.

Use google translate.

Their only reason danger is being in large numbers, their hunters being unprepared, and if they have a hobgoblin. Otherwise goblins are relatively easy to kill. These aren't orcs we're talking about.

>Guy claims to post scene about Paladin Girl
>Actually page from beginner party getting btfo

This is just next level shitposting

I want to believe what japanon said, it sounds to crazy.
An expy of GS's sister becomes the new demon lord, what better source of despair?

So what you're saying is a guy tried to counter a lie with another lie.

If people are dying in droves then you're going to run out of adventurers. It's not like people grow in 3 days, they're not easy to replace. People want to avenge their loved ones? Cool. Now they're dead too. What was the point? Why send masses of people to their death for no fucking reason? It just makes more sense to train people first and, you know, teach them about the fucking monsters.

Unless, there is a sinister reason for this...

This is the main reason why I honestly hate Guild Girl so much. She has the ability to warn them about it but doesn't. Just because "Muh parents died as adventurers I know how it feels" doesn't give her the right to do it. She deserves all the nightmares and dead people she sees every night.

And just telling GS that she feels guilty for her sins doesn't absolve her. I hope she turns into the Demon Lord and GS kills her.

GS said that if GG dies, he would go into a suicide rampage.

>drama CD
>has nakamura but he's not the harem MC this time

What the fuck is an age coming to an end?

>GS isn't voice by sagara sousuke

Given how these LNs are usually written I wouldn't be surprised if the japanese reads something like "her tone changed and became threatening, and something like horns seemed to appear on her head!"

>isn't voiced by Wakamoto


Ehat? Wakamoto doesn't fit GS.

It's a joke mate

I was hoping more of Kamiya

Sakurai Takahiro would've fit him best personally.

He has the soft yet direct tone like a psychopath's lullaby, which is perfect for GS.

Would GG get mad if she discovers that GS can't help but hink on his sister when he sees her?

Japan user
>Sword girl (the one who made fun of him earlier) asked if she could join GS party and said that she doesn't have many friends because her personality is hard to get along with. They go shopping for more armor and she says she doesn't understand why adventurers wear skimpy armor with no protection. She says she wishes she could wear it but doesnt for her own protection.


I just want to see him going full berserker Doomguy to save/kill her

Would you play a GS game styled after the new Doom?

Holy shit I always liked GG the best but I didn't think she stood a chance against cow girl so hearing that she's actually in the game makes me happy

Let's hope that she gets cured and that GS doesn't have to mercy kill her


"I was fine with rape until GS."


How about she gets cured from the possession....but retains the power?

This is Goblin Slayer. Here are some deathflags for Guild Girl:
>Looks and acts exactly like dead GS sister
>Kisses GS and confesses her love to him
>Hit by Dark Elf Faggot beam that turns her into vessel for Demon Lord
>GS needs to find cure
>GS will go insane and on rampage if Guild Girl dies since he loses sister again

This is literally setting up for the tragedy ending.

What are elves for?

Slow wilting as the magic dies.

Love and cuddling.

Which one is GG? I'm lost as fuck. Is she the childhood friend or the guild woman?

We have a real cuty here, I don't know why you have to bring completely unrelated characters into this kind of thread.

And every
>x is for ____
Is cancer, please stop.

My expectations were different

This page has the only front image of GS's sister so far, you can see that she does have GG haircut...

GG is Guild Girl who is the front desk lady who gives missions to GS and has evidently fallen in love with him.

She also looks exactly like GS's dead sister which is why he is so desperate to protect her because if she dies he will fall into a suicidal murder rampage

Wait why does GG love GS? And does he return the affection?

>Wait why does GG love GS?

Probably because unlike most adventurers who just want gold and glory, he's on a quest for vengeance that in the end benefits the little guy, something that makes him more genuinely heroic.

>Wait why does GG love GS?
He's the MC.
>And does he return the affection?
Too much autism.

>tfw you will never be the Goblins who gangbanged her, and filled every orifice with your cum with your buddies.

Didn't JapAnon say they had some shared traumatic pasts?

I never caught but I thought Guild Girl was a side character? I knew GS had a shitty childhood with his sister killed but what happened to Guild Girl?

So do goblins come from female goblins, or the humans they rape?

I would have to think the former because the latter would cause a very limited supply in their ability to reproduce. They just wouldn't have the numbers they do if they had to capture human girls and use them as breeding sows to make more. I think that's purely for fun.

user read: for a summary of what JapAnon said.

I dunno but I assume the hentais I've read are similar setting each female can produce several goblins in 1 cycle of pregnancy and cycles are relatively short

>goblins raid village
>kill all men and kidnap women
>use them to breed
>nobody takes the quest to save these women
>they get used for years and years for breeding

I think the key is here that not many people go after them and succeed in doing so

We have say this several times: female gobs doesn't exist in this setting.

If what jap user said is true, GS literally cannot proccess the situation.

Goburin rape cave when

>I would have to think the former because the latter would cause a very limited supply in their ability to reproduce
They procreate only with other races women and are even stupid enough to kill a lot of the girls they rape.

Why not? GS clearly cares for GG seeing as she looks and acts like his sister. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that he fell in love with her?

Incest isn't normal no matter how hot it is.

If cow girl doesn't win we riot.

Harem end with GG, cowgirl, priestess and paladin or riot

But he loves because who she is or because she is like his sister and his mind is trying to use GG as a replacement for her?

Monogamy end with a Goblin Girl or we riot.

But it isn't incest because she isn't related to GG?

Do you guys honestly think that in the very likely situation GG becomes the new demon lord that GS will be able to kill her?

>But it isn't incest because she isn't related to GG?
But he is placing his affection for his sister on her, because she looks like his sister.

>Goblin Slayer's final mission is to slay his Goblin's wife pussy.
Fucking gold.

Fuck off back to where you came from

>every single thread until you like it

Where are the dongs man?

>literally shilling this garbage THIS hard

Peopke doesn't like to be a replacement, plus is creepy, remember whe Ned flanders got a girlfriend and started to make her use his dead wife clothes? He even cut her hair to be like her when she was asleep!

>Not liking Guild Girl plot twist
Where else do you literally see a plot where the main villain is a girl who fell in love with the MC but also looks like his dead sister?

What will GS do when he meets the final boss?

Everything is set up to be tragedy for him, though.
Cowgirl gets raped, her pa butchered and her little house set ablaze by gobbos. GG is literally the demon lord and he has to slay her while thinking of himself killing his sister. He grows to be close to Priestess and she dies somehow.

How will Guild Girl Demon Lord look like since the previous Demon Lord was a female?

If she's some demon then obviously she could take whatever the fuck appearance she wanted.

>Her pa
Her uncle, actually, and he thinks GS is a dangerous insane man that should go away.

Such is the life of a sith

He's not wrong. GS is literally fucking nuts.

He projects his dead sister onto the Guild Girl and said himself that he will go ballistic and murder everything in sight if she dies.

Honestly, the Demons and the Goblins should avoid even touching a fucking hair on Guild Girl's head if they want to stay alive.

Why priestess, the second most flat girl of the group, is so fucking lewd?

More like Guild Girl becomes new Demon Lord, kills Cow Girl, and wipes out the entire town. Goblin Slayer has a chance to stab her and end her life because Guild Girl is asking for death. GS sees his sister and can't do it.

GS spends rest of the series hunting down Guild Girl across wartorn land where everyone blames him for not killing the Demon Lord when he had the chance.

Well all he has to do then is say "you have no power over me" and GS instantly wins

>Priestess already side character to Guild Girl and Cow Girl


But GS hasn't watched Labyrinth.

How do we know he hasn't read the fairy tale book "The Labyrinth" which is where the goblin world in the movie came from and how she knew what to say?

I still believe no girl is winning as GS cannot proccess love, he sees CG as a dear friend, but just that. He is projecting his dead sister on GG, which means any love he felts for her is just "siblings love", he himself realizes this is fucked up and felts bad for it.

>implying adventure guild is the only force to maintain world peace.

What are armies for? Self-defense local groups? Landlord's personal guards?

Did the villages pay the taxes just because?

Japanese light novels went to shit because highschool dropout hikki trying to write edgy shit (and success for some fucking reason).

I'd rather read chinks shit than japs nowadays. At least they are not afraid of fuckings + harem ends.

Actually I was saying that the armies and stuff ARE dealing with bigger problems, and that's why things like "oh, another goblin nest" is just relegated to mercenary work.

Damn user how do you know my fetishes?

Is GS the result of someone having the emotional part of their brain fucked up and survive just of the logical part?

I just want a harem end desu, how degenerate am i?

Jap user says GG actually sees dead people, if that is true, wheb the manag reach that part she should see fighter and mage.

You have patrician taste


>Guild Girl becomes Demon Lord
>She resurrects the dead adventurers who she watched die

Fuck I really want to see Guild Girl become a Demon Lord

>Guild Girl becomes Demon Lord
>She has Cow Girl/Priestess/High Elf Archer gangraped by Demon Goblins
>She rapes Goblin Slayer after telling him they are no longer pure and worth his time.

She looks really cute in that picture so I'll let it slide. Looking forward to her contributions.

I'm no fag who will claim to read the new book but lurking on those nip boards and nowhere says GG became a vessel for DL.

Elf Fag got rekt on a team work combination and after falling in a last attack when they thought he was dead GG got hit by a magic attack. She got injured by dark magic, she is just under CG observation as she gets better.

GG becoming a vessel was just a very wild speculation that came from a joke based on Chapter 3 of the manga.

Now my moon-fu is is shit so if you don't believe me, it's fine, eventually someone proficient with it and that actually read it will appear and illuminate us.

Ok, but all the previous stuff is true?

Still, getting hit by dark magic shit cannot be so simple...
Is dark magic, that shit corrupts.


I can't actually post on Futaba because of the Netherlands IP but I can read Moon fluently. The GG getting possessed is something that was hinted by the writer as well as leaked by an user who leaked the other shit before.

So there is a good reason to trust the user.

All the stuff up to the Guild Girl getting BTFO'd by the Fag Elf magic spell is confirmed since it's literally in text. The other stuff I leave up to other anons to clarify (i.e. Demon Lord possession)

>this poor use of contractions
I just hope you're better reading than you are writing.

So, is like this?

>GG raising all the fucking flags
>GS doesn't know how react
>GS says GG reminds him his sister and would go full doomguy if she dies
>GG got hit by dark magic shit

>The Nature of the dark spell that hit GG and its possible consequences

I am a self-admitted shit writer. I can read it well enough since the language structure isn't too bad though since I'm a Korean language major. Same problems applies to French unfortunately....

Out of curiosity, where should I have fixed it?

We can't affirm shit regarding the other parts until we get material proof ie scans to back it up.

Bingo. Like I said, we're just basing all of the speculation off of a leaker on Futaba who predicted (or maybe actually knows the writer) and called this stuff to happen.

In any case, the volume officially ends with Guild Girl near dead in a coma and at Cow Girl's place. They're going off on an adventure at that point.

Wait, so the coma thing is real too? They are going in a quest for a remedy, i guess?

Yeah Guild Girl is essentially brain-dead and the Dark Mark is spreading across her body. There is only speculation as to what it actually does, but knowing the author, it's probably not going to just kill her. I mean the Fag Elf literally said he wanted to possess GS to resurrect the Demon Lord. It's not too bizarre to think that his spell was a last ditch effort that ended up hitting GG.

Do you know if the volume mentions something of the gods that plat D&D with the world?

>harem night
I just wanted an edgy monster hunter, can't they just put the character development onto other characters?

Unfortunately no. Aside from the temple, I didn't catch much about the gods. Given, I only really read the Futaba thread so there's that. I mean hell, we still don't know what on earth happens to the girls who are brought back from rape dungeon.

>I just wanted an edgy monster hunter, can't they just put the character development onto other characters?
Otakus will never buyt it

Oh well, and something about her ?

The previous user who said something about her being the hero wasn't entirely wrong but wasn't entirely right either. JapAnon also mentioned that the Hero was a female as well.

She was simply another member of the party that went and killed the Demon Lord, just like the Blind Priestess. She is, however, a super OP as shit swordsman (like literally Guts level). She just kind of appeared and introduced so we don't know much about her, but she came to visit Blind Priestess.

Wait, so she is indeed OP and has a fucking holy sword, but she wasn't the one tgat killed the demon lord?! Then...who was?

It's not insekai you underage faggot piece of shit.

It's fantasy. Fantasy is an actual genre that predates your insekai shit by 10 thousand years.


It was a whole party that killed him. The details of it weren't in the thread so I don't know if there was one singular member that killed him. But I think it's pretty much established she might be the most powerful character in the series by far.

Settle down, sperg.

Archbishop and hero are the only characters of the party that defeated the demon lord that we kbow so far, right?

So far yes. Aside from those two, we have no clue who defeated the Demon Lord. This is just pure guessing on my part but I wouldn't be surprised to see GS starting to get on higher level mob quests. The edgy goblin rape was fun at first (just like in Re:Monster) but he has to move onto greater things. Ultimately, Guild Girl being put into a coma really pushed his ass.

Does anyone else have the complete picture from the LN that shows Guild Girl in her panties and in all her glory? She truly has become best girl, riding with all her death flags in full glory

I dunno about the LN, but heres one from the databook

Japan user says japs hate her cuz she is not big boobed, are they mental?! They are big!

You should've highlighted

Yeah but compared to Cow Girl...

Great translations, user.

Do you know GS specific reaction to GG's situation?

Stop me if you've heard this one.

>Presumably adventurers desire increase in rank as well as money
>Offer "Tutor" positions to Adventurers where, regardless of difficulty for quest you gain advancement at the rate you would one "Tier" above
>The mere presence of experienced adventurers can drop the mortality rate for newbies dramatically

Can it work?

Post her pic, please.

There's a ton of solutions to the newbie death problem that could work, they haven't done anything about it because it serves the story's shock value.

That said that may be a bit of an excessive reward rankwise.

Maybe. It might be better to just have it as you get whatever kind of rank increase you might for your respective level, based on the feedback of your charges rather than kills.

That way people who are better at teaching and can keep newbies alive will benefit the strongest and be more likely to repeat.

It would be really normal for a LN standard.

>Your protagonist has girl fall in love with him
>They both have traumatic past
>Girl who loves protagonist reminds MC of dead sister
>Girl gets hit by deadly spell
>Girl becomes main bad guy after being possessed

Honestly, I can see this just having Guild Girl become Dark Sakura from Fate.

This is Cow Girl

>Guild Girl falls in love with GS
>Talks about mutual fucked up past
>Gets possessed
>May become main villain in story

Has there ever been a side character who literally just btfo the rest of her competition and become the main girl of the story?

Cow Girl is winning though.

No man, i mean the cow girl version of this pic

She only won the sister position

That is guild girl.

I posted all of them back then (without trip), look for the archives next time.

>GS manages to make demonic GG come back to her senses
>This little bitch appears out of the fucking nowhere and oneshots demonic GG
It will happen, quote this.

By tracking down your pic, i found bigger photos of the artbook

Really, I don't see Fundoshi Shaman Dwarf.


He even gave her a ring despite she didn't for one in the WN, hope it got adapted in the novel once it's out.

Cow Girl can get a ring, but GS went on a fucking quest to save GG

Do you think he'll legit kill Hero if she kills Demon Lord GG?

>denying help to a friend
GS isn't a fag you know?

What about suppressing information? This branch of the guild isn't a school or a training camp. They just handle you the quests based on your class, they don't know shit about what the quests will entail specifically It falls down to the adventurers to be able to take care of themselves. The first group that wiped even got an advice of waiting for more party members but they didn't listen and the second ended eating more than they could chew because they hadn't researched(wasn't a porcelain quest in the end).

The guild mistress did nothing wrong.

Yeah but he hasn't shown any real empathy towards anyone at all. I'm just more confused whether or not he has legitimate feelings towards Guild Girl or if he's just guilty that she looks like his sister (which is equally as fucked up)

I'm glad I don't frequent these threads.


Just found out about new volume and apparently Guild Girl became main love interest?


Fuck you! Don't put the doubt in me again!


Nope. Read the thread.

We aren't sure...not even GS himself is sure, he sees his sister on her and he can't process what he is suppose to feel.
He just knows this: if she dies, it would be like losing his sister again.

>This branch of the guild isn't a school or a training camp.
Nobody is saying it is.

>they don't know shit about what the quests will entail
Except they seem pretty well adapted to knowing just how dangerous most jobs are since even the guild clerk knows that porcelains are too low for goblin subjugation.

They also you know, get the quest details from the client. It's not like any of the clients have lied about what they need done yet.

> It falls down to the adventurers to be able to take care of themselves.
Which would make sense if they had anything resembling a chance. If I send a novice welder into a submarine I shouldn't be surprised that he gets himself killed or fucks up the job so badly that other people get killed.

I'm surprised people are still posting this bullshit "the guild isn't a daycare" meme. There is no benefit from not telling people about the risks of the job because even the story acknowledged that people are needlessly dying trying to kill gobbos, and the guild itself has a crisis of not having a large base of middle tier members. Something that could easily be alleviated if they just told newbies to stick to killing rats until they can afford some chainmail and a helmet.

Well let's see what Guild Girl has done:
>According to GS, Guild Girl looks and acts like his dead sister
>Cried when she thought GS had died and told him she would bring him back to life and kill him herself if he scared her again
>Took off GS helmet and kissed him, telling him that she loved him
>Went on date to see lanterns with GS
>Talked about her traumatic past about how her parents died with GS
>Told GS that she admired him because they were similar to each other
>GS tells Guild Girl that she was braver than him because she faced her problems
>Tells GS about all the dead people that died on quests that she sees in her nightmares
>Protects GS by taking a shot from a Dark Elf Mage
>Is in magical coma and may become next Demon Lord if she isn't cured
>GS goes on quest to find cure
>GS says himself that if Guild Girl died, he would go on murderous suicide rampage

This seems like an awful lot for someone who allegedly has no feelings for Guild Girl.

Is not that he doesn't have feelings for her, is that he can't understand what he is feeling, plus the creepy implication that he is projecting his sister on her.

Yes, he doesn't he would that for a friend, are you retarded?

DoomguyGS witnessed his sister get raped to death by goblins. The new girl who looks and acts like his sister, took a hit for him; once again protecting him, and now may die.

>before he was powerless to protect his sister and was protected
>this time he has the power, and wants to save her against all odds
>will go on a suicidal rampage because he will have failed to do something he could have prevented, especially if it's of someone he cares about (not to be confused with has feelings for)

Seems pretty straight forward to me user. Also, the dude has PTSD. Some of the worst kind, that he can keep at bay by basically committing goblin genocide. GG dying would be the straw that breaks the camel's back in this scenario; because he already saved Cow Girl from rape, then death.

>>Tells GS about all the dead people that died on quests that she sees in her nightmares

>Person who looks like and seems to act like your sister, who was brutally raped and murdered, may die
>Not going on a murderous rampage should GG die, effectively losing the person, whose death made him lost his sanity in the first place, once again

Oh, it will be a fucking slaughter if GG dies alright.

So that confirms it, he loves her because she is like the sister he lost, i think japan user said he realizes how fucked up is this and feels veey guilty

So if what would have happened if GS got hit by the dark magic.

Does he become the new potential vessel for the dark lord?

Would he become the final solution against goblins at that point?

Otherwise if we assumed GG becomes dark lord, would she selfishly take GS for herself and wipe out all the goblins for him? What would GS do at that point?

The think is that her body would only be a vessel for the demon spirit, none of her actions would be from her, it would be cool if they managed to stop the spirit from possesing her body...but not the power.

Pretty sure the reason the higher up adventurers never deal with goblins is becuase the people that have to deal with them generally can't afford to pay much, and the adventurers are greedy bastards. But since no one is dealing with them, the goblins are becoming overpopulated

He loves her like family, but not like you would love a woman.

Imagine if she discovers that, while being full of demonic power...
Fate kalied Sakura (yandere lancer) would be baby play compared to her.


>GS becomes sex slave to Guild Girl

Really? Dude didn't push Guild Girl away when she kissed him or when she said she loved him. And he took her on a date so I'm pretty sure he harbors some feelings. I mean what's so wrong with it? She looks and acts like his sister, but I'm pretty sure he can distinguish the two.

Speaking of which I feel bad for Cow Girl. I have no clue where she stands in all of this.

But would he be able to kill Guild Girl as a Demon Lord if she became too much of a threat to the world?

Japan user said GS "didn't know how the fuck respond" with GG movements.


It's a fucking boat!

Doesn't know how to respond? I mean doesn't that obviously indicate he feels guilty that he might have feelings for his sister? After all, his sister was his mother figure and having no real family to live with, he might think of romantic love as what he could give his sister.

Finally, a good post.

I haven't read GS since the first manga chapter, but what the fuck happened? Is the Guild Girl a bad guy now?

GG got hit by dark magic and is in coma, based on dialogue from the dark elf that attacked her, people speculates that she will become a vessel for demon lord Resurrection.

No, why would you think that?
Basically gs is teaching priestess how to not die, while visiting with his childhood friend.
Last chapter ended with elf, lizard, and dwarf arriving in search of gs.

A lot of shit has happened in the LN. I'm too lazy to type it out but Guild Girl has essentially become the main love interest and potential future big bad villain.

>(it hurts like hell btw)
Something tells me you're full of shit.

>muh headcanon is canon!

>This cute girl is going to become the vessel for the Demon Lord
>She looks like GS sister and acts like her
>She loves GS and protected him from attack
>GS mostly likely needs to kill her

Is there no end to Goblin Slayer's suffering?

It literally says in the LN that Guild Girl has feelings for GS and GS is going on some quest for her. If that isn't romantic interest, I don't know what is.

Is his destiny when he choose the path of doomguy.

>Guild Girl in underwear
I don't know why Goblin Slayer hasn't hammered that pussy yet

Yeah, you don't.

Because her pussy isn't a goblin.

Because he sees pic related every day.

>Side ties panties.
Wew lad. Somebody wants the Goblin Slayer dick.

Look a t this piece of shit, with that face that screams "i fucked more girls than you can even dream!"


>Named Cow Girl
>Has huge tits
>Hugs GS naked

>Guild Girl
>Sends adventurers to their deaths without warning them
>Makes profit off of it
>Doesn't even care about adventurers
>Pain in the ass for Goblin Slayer by nearly getting killed
>Small chest

Why Guild Girl is even a major character is beyond me

Because she isn't.

She didn't hug him naked

Read the thread ya dingus

Did you ESL-kun?

I did. Guild Girl falls in love with GS, gets hit by faggot elf, put into coma, and reminds GS of his dead sister.

How isn't she a main character?

>How isn't she a main character?
She's not best girl: priestess

I hace see this doujin posted here several times, source?

Because none of that happened.


Oh really? Then what actually happened?

Which thread is it?


Not seeing anything about guild girl getting hit by elf in this one.

>Shitposters counter shitposting with shitpost

So whose betting the Guild Girl gets turned into the Demon Lord?

Soon fanfiction.net

Man you must be real fun at parties. Shouldn't you be over at Cred Forums or something?

Go back to Hispachan Paco.

Great, everyone is inserting doubts.


Heh. No one has posted anything from futaba or 2ch to actually support their claims. That should tell you something.

>Heh, no one posted anything at 3 AM

God damn I don't know who to choose. Guild Girl is obviously the Christmas Cake type girl who is well-dressed and seems motherly.

Cow Girl is like that girl next door but she has massive fucking knockers.

Goblin Slayer is one lucky motherfucker, yet he refuses to tap any one of those asses. I think he might be sexually attracted to goblins.

let the dude sort out his mental trauma

Really and what has his hesitation brought him?

It got Guild Girl nearly killed by some faggoty elf, it got Cow Girl left to take care of a dangerous vessel for the demon lord, and he's forcing the Elf and Priestess to go on some dangerous ass quest to save Guild Girl.

If he just fucked her and raised as family, none of this shit would have happened

Isn't GG around the same age as GS, which is around early twenties? Last time I checked the earliest age to qualify for Christmas Cake status was 26, so she's not there yet.

The first user referred to it over 12 hours ago.

Do you really think GS would be fine fucking and having a family with a girl who looks like his sister who got raped to death?

Yeah, she's around the same age which I think is 22. So they're the same age about. If anything, I think Priestess is like 15 or 16.

Fucking nips always 130% waifuing.

Let the fucking man tell his story, and stop pricking it with your beta dick, god.

Pretty sure she's fifteen, the translated parts we have of the LN say as much.

link to previous thread?

Go to the archives, ctrl f: what did he mean, it's literally the first GS thread with those words in it.

>none of this shit would have happened

But everything you posted didn't happen :^)

He gets to embark on the royal trip of JapAnon

Can't the author get into major trouble in Japan now due to their laws or something regarding minors? I think a lot of doujin places got hit hard by the Tokyo law

Almost feel sorry for him.

Trust me, his posts are easy as shit to find. Just look for the most broken ass English in the world which is hilarious because the dude didn't give shits about anything

Why would he when he was memeing like a boss?

Only in Tokyo though. Outside of it is fine, but it's problematic because Tokyo tends to be where a lot of this shit is located.

At least it's not Korea where they literally took down a bunch of Pixiv artists. Country that bans porn has the highest rate of watching it kek

Rape and slavery.

>Gobbo rape 15 year old
Here's the solution to Goblin rape: arrest them for statutory

So pay more? We've seen what happens when you fuck up a goblin hunting mission, seems like they should be shelling out some silver+ level cash unless dragons are rampaging regularly or something

>Literally sao aids girl
Author doesn't fuck around

Why would the female demon lord want to be revived in a smelly GS?

Really wasn't her choice. Dark Elf Fag was being a complete moron and thought that GS was killing all his minions with some supernatural force. Dude was just cautious

i think i find the thread but i dont know how to link

>>Low amount of adventurers who survive to be experienced and capable, meaning low supply of elite adventurers for difficult, high paying tasks

Oh gee, I wonder who is in charge of the guild? Is it the weak lowbies, or the highly paid elites soloing raid bosses? Who could possibly benefit from this scheme?

Are you fucking blind?

How do you guys even manage to come up with so many memes?

Guild Girl's aunt and uncle. Guild Girl just goes with it I guess.

This is the internet, more specifically Cred Forums. If we couldn't come up with so many memes with all our free time then all hope for us truly is lost.

Because even if user might sometimes act like he hates memes he's actually a memeaddict and slowly withers and dies if he doesn't meme for a long time. That's why you need to feed him some (You)s if you care about his well being.

but they resist arrest.

Because the more victims, the more interest from higher level adventurers and the more people who want vengeance. They should feel her pain too.

Traditionally dex and magic intensive professions.

>But when they heard about who his lover was, both Calcedonia and Tatsumi put on troubled expressions.
>Unintentionally, Tatsumi gasped like a dunce.
>That was how much shocking Verse’s next words were.
>“My Childhood friend…. Nanau is… She’s actually… T-That… A Goblin.”

Urge to purge rising.

Goblin Slayer gives alot to work with

He can't hesitate when he even couldn't feel anything towards her.
He just see her as a sister and friend.

I bet there is a more darker secret in all this...

Like what

Something like GG's aunt and uncle having a reason for this bullshit.


Probably because them being in charge of the guild is complete bullshit.

Guild girl is 23.

And GS?

Who are you quoting?


>5 year age gap
She really is basically his older sister, isn't she? She dead.

>Expecting GS to be good after the beginning
A common mistake for beginners.

Sister confirmed, if she learns that, she is not gonna be happy.

Nah, she is the demon lord

>Implying it's still not good

The fuck are you talking? This is goid, or are you a rapefag that wants nothing but rape?

What about my generous proposal?
Are you in or are you out?

It's you who's out, Gobby!
Out of your mind!

Someone has the GS version of the "OP makes threads and gets derailed" pic?

gorilla warfare

"I have come here to kick goblin ass and chew jerky... and I'm all out of jerky"

jokes aside, how strong is GS against non-goblin enemies? He is silver rank, he must be good at least.

This one?

All that sitflinging was worth it.

Yep. Older women never win.

Plot Twist: Goblin Slayer kills her when she turns into Demon Lord. Goes crazy and goes Berserk style killing everything

Yes, know we need add some "is user telling the truth?" Messages.

He is as strong as your average soldier, his power comes from guerrilla tatics and, later, teamwork.


He got near killed by a common Oni, so there's that.

A sorcerer Oni, though.

>Hero is Haruhi

>GS is Kyon

>Yuki is ...


He is not your special snowflake MC, that would , except that she is not the MC.

GS is a shitty manga, deal with it you harem faggots.

hey, suck my dick, dude.


So, from what I gather, the female Paladin wants to appeal to the males through her charm to have an intimate relationship, right?

Yes she wants Goblin slayer children

Actually, we have two versions of that story, not one has come out to discuss which is true.


A light novel called "My pet is a holy maiden"

Starring a guy who gets isekai'd by some qt bombshell that happens to be a reincarnation of his pet cockatiel that died

Get out

Scans were posted but people memed it to death.

But that's beside the point. WHAT THE FUCK, A HUMAN MAN MARRYING A FEMALE GOB?


Why i feel this girl is gonna fuck up big time?

Have the LN volumes (At least up to where the Manga is) been translated at all?

No but YP is releasing vol 1 this december i think

>GG becomes the Demon Lord.
>She kills everybody and keeps GS as her sex slave.

GG becoming the demon lord is my favorite GS meme now.


That part is honestly speculatuon based on things the dark elf said.

>dark elves are evil

this is racist!

He didn't say shit about her.

No, he said his main objective was "revive the demon lord" and that spell wasn't install killi nature, instead it spreads though her body like a curse, people is just connecting the dot and speculating.

People talking out of their ass as usual.

We were needing a new meme anyway.

Well user, what is the truth? What actually happened? And show fucking proof.

We know that GG raising all the flags, GS saying she is like his sister and she being put in magical coma is real. Only the demon lord's vessel part is pure speculation so far, but is backed up by loads of things.

GG doesn't even fucking show up after her date with GS.

Proof? Do you have a scan of the volune? Can you read moon?

Poor user.

Well this took me by surprise, just couldn't stop reading the four chs straight. I'm in lads.

Is there anything similar to this out there? You know, to make time, right now it's as if i've discovered a new world.

>Everyone trying to disprove everyone
>Not one can show solid evidence of their claims
Get me out if this ride

Bump for finding the truth.


Yes yes. Now get japanon and other lying cunts to back up their claims or fuck off with your memes.

I am on phone, what is this? The whole volume? Even if i download it, i can't read moon.

Nobody can read moon but Japanon who source his claim

Looks like he got debunked cause the last scene and illustration is this one. Must be one desperate GG fag, they would have included at least one illustration if it really ended with her knocked out.

So you don't even know the truth? Well, at least you gave us the volume, gonna save it for the next thread.

Just get them to post which page they think backs up their ridiculous claims and I will disprove the fuck out of it.

Except his source doesn't support his claims in the slightest.

So all was a lie? Then what happened?

Goblin Slayer started shitposting on the quest board

Was this page next to a text page or was literally the last page?

The rookies dying problem has only happened recently, the system worked fine until the goblins got their god buff.

More like GG started posting fanfiction.

page next to a text page

Wasn't the GG getting put into a coma thing something JapAnon said was in the next volume? Either way, I don't believe anyone right now. I'll just go by the manga

Well, fuck, never gonna believe user again, including myself.

The sad thing about all of this is that the whole meme about Guild Girl becoming the new Demon Lord is infinitely better than what this guy will probably end up writing.

Too bad

That's cliche as Naruto's plot twist tier, thanks good isn't true.

The system failing because it can't adjust to change means that it isn't a good system anymore.

>if it ain't broke don't fix it
>oh shit it's broke
>let's keep using it

They don't know though.

>hmm it looks like the rookie retention rate has fallen to back in my day it was 70%
>these youngsters are getting too soft, they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps

Are you going to continue the translations from where you left off in the previous thread on a new thread?

Bump limit, now let my thread die so i can forget all these lies and act as different user in the next thread.

>pfff adventurers these days
>falling for goblins
>noobs lol
>not worth muh time


The fuck is going on in this thread?

At first GG became the vessel for the evil dark elf mage and now she's apparently the vessel for a demon lord I've never heard of.

On top of that all you guys are saying this is bullshit

Let it go user, let's forget this fucking thread.

Yeah, probably for the best.

These jokers are most likely going to continue this shit next thread because muh memes and shit

It's just a meme. Let it go.