What is this character archetype called?

What is this character archetype called?

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Semen Demon Breeding

Cheerful Sento
PE Sento


Dogfucker Sento
Hooker Sento




Plot device

Best girl.


Fuckable breasts

Tits onee-chan

Big tit bimbo.

Sento's ass is too fat

No such thing.

Also, are they wearing the sheep? That's fucking brutal.

Fap material


Are you Irish by any chance

Semen elemental

Why did I have to be born with Irish genes and why is it that the Irish specifically have NO ass.why.

Shinka and her daughters



I really need to expand my Mai folder


bestgirl that will always lose to terrible maingirl


Can't wait for more Mai next month.

that fucking ass






that webm is my life summed up

Titty monsters done right. Is there nothing Kayani can't do right? N B 4 raise Ed's mom joke

Who's the softest?

They all are.

Do they come from different fathers

PE Sento

Sento has the most meat and bathes very often so her meat is very tender. Don't know about Nibutani. I guess she workes at least some to maintain her figure like that but Mai is a martial artist and is more muscly than the rest and therefore hardest.


>Breast Cancer risk population
>Backache discomfort syndrome
>High risk osteoporosis people

Best doujins

The Shitka

Kyoani Kyonyuu slut

Sento is a Shinka clone.

Mai >*


Sento is upgraded Shinka

*Downgraded Shinka

*Upgraded Shinka


*Downgraded Shinka

*Upgraded Shinka


Keep calm and post Sento or Shinka or Mai

>Mai will never be your mom

*Downgraded Shinka

*Upgraded Shinka


If you could only choose one: you'd choose the right one. Wouldn't you?

*Downgraded Shinka

Did someone say softest?

shitka a shit


how did this come to be? Rias has softer boobs


We will settle this the old way.

The winner of this debate will be how many images of each girl remains at the end of the thread. The girl with the most images wins and the rest will be regarded as clones of that character.

I choose Sento.

I've got a pass and I can literally spam any girl that I want won
It ain't a fair match that way

go for it

I'll go 10 rounds with anybody who wants to say something so daft.

The strong willed tomboy who is also a really sweet girl with great mother instincts.

Each girl has there own pros and con, but one thing we can all agree on is they they have drop dead sexy bodies they we'd all love to violate.

Ive never read, and never will, that harem park shit...
But god that Sento chick makes wonder to my mind and dick.

Please sit on my face Mai

I think it's called 'hella sexy´' or something like that.

Which one is best for facesitting?

What if we combine Shinka, Sento, and Mai into one girl? Bust and other measurements would be stacked together. Imagine the curves.


Although your point is arguable. I believe the concept of "soft" is far more complex than initially assumed. Also marrying your ghostfu.

someone gesture battle me right fucking now

Shinka looks the least legal out of the three.

someone post that "Softest" stitch, ASAP

Shinka- child bearing hips
Sento - thicc legs?
Mai- boucy boobs

What are the three's measurements?


Sento has the biggest tits of the three, Mai has a pretty big ass, a big ass, and Shinka is pretty curvy herself.

*Upgraded Shinka

Bossy bitch

their physical attractions are similar then, let's talk about their best characters to pick out and blend to next Shinka clone.

I'd rather we combine all three to make a super huge tittied, fat assed Sento/Shinka/Mai hybrid.

I know that Mai has a bust size in the range of 90, but the exact number wasn't revealed.


*Downgraded Shinka

Who's the Deko of maisento?

Onee-chan type.

The combined Senmaika would probably have a KK bust or something ridiculous.

*Upgraded Shinka


And be part of the St. Margaretha-series drawn by Mikoshiro.

How big is too big?

overburied your dick

I want triple paizuri from them.

The, "we can't make good shows so hopefully these girls improve our sales."

shinka best fem dom girl.

I need kinky sex in mind blowing positions with Mai


wow i think ur cool now because u hate a popular studio, wanna be my friend?


Y-yes please.



Best girl

What would her milk taste like?

I thought milk only comes during pregnancy


That was such an awesome thread.

Seeds were spilled

Daily proper breast massages can induce lactation without pregnancy.
Also this is 2D and let's just disregard any biological rules we want.

why is there a thing called micro bikini? It is already hideous in 3D and should not spread into the susceptible 2D

>Daily proper breast massages can induce lactation without pregnancy.

I thought this was just one of those 2D things.

Nope. Female breasts are an amazing thing.

big tits isn't an archetype

I don't have any confirmed medical sources but I'm pretty sure if you gently suck a girl's tits enough they'll eventually produce milk.
Trick the boobs into thinking there's a baby

this thread is very bad for me
specifically my neither regions

there must be hormones governing the lactation

Well that is interesting.

It is hormonal, there are even supplements you can use to help induce lactation.

>Without pregnancy, induced lactation, relactation[edit]

>In humans, induced lactation and relactation have been observed frequently in some cultures, and demonstrated with varying success in adoptive mothers. It appears plausible that the possibility of lactation in women (or females of other species) who are not biological mothers does confer an evolutionary advantage, especially in groups with high maternal mortality and tight social bonds.[12][13] The phenomenon has been also observed in most primates, in some lemurs, and in dwarf mongooses.[14][15]

>Lactation can be induced in humans by a combination of physical and psychological stimulation, by drugs, or by a combination of those methods.[16] Some couples may stimulate lactation outside of pregnancy for sexual purposes.


>It appears plausible that the possibility of lactation in women (or females of other species) who are not biological mothers does confer an evolutionary advantage
Girls who can lactate freely are the future of humanity

Will women ever be fully understood?

>Girls who can lactate freely are the future of humanity

Mad Max?

Who cares, let's focus 3D → 2D conversion.

well looks like I have to masturbate later
thanks guys

No. And it's it's one side of their attractiveness.

>all these hi-res scans never

AHH... The mythical three headed slut


while you doing it, try to trick your body into thinking you are breeding, testosterone will perked up and so as muscle mass

I wanted her to possess Mai. An evil Mai would cause everyone's dick to spontaneously implode.

brb imma telling /fit/



Is this canon now?



>faceless man


Breast girl.

realistic, superficial bitch whose realism is toned down enough so that she hangs around and enjoys the company of the bland and loser MC

*Downgraded Shinka

My Kanie Seiya is a good MC.


I would like this a lot.


*Downgraded Shinka



delete this

no rikka raping!

*Upgraded Shinka


if there's one thing kyoanus knows it's semen demons


*Downgraded Shinka

tfw Shinka will never bully you and bust your balls.

*Upgraded Stinka

That's a doujin moron. The manga is still ongoing.

*Downgraded Shinka

You obviously don't live in Ireland so.

Token bimbo, though Shinka have more personality in a finger than the other two combined, and Sento have more personality in a hand than the Limbo Bimbo.

Get rid of that mai me folder and get yuself a you folder.

*Upgraded Shinka

*Downgraded Shinka

*Upgraded proto-Sento


*Downgraded proto-Sento


i see her panty

*Upgraded discount Sento

Shallow Character.

*Downgraded discount Sento


But you admit Shinka is a discount Sento

Those are bloomers you idiot.

Doubt it's a panty

Mai is a poor man's Sento, who is a poor man's Shinka, who is a poor man's Mio, who is a poor man's Mikuru.


*Downgraded Sento

No, she's a clueless flasher

girls are so wishy-washy

*Downgraded Shinka

*Upgraded Shinka

*Downgraded Shinka

Tsundere Titty Cow

And Chidori is the Kyoanus prototype for this character archetype.

Sorry but those two latter belongs in this category

*Downgraded Sento

*Downgraded Shinka

*Dog toy

*Downgraded Mai

>Shinka and Sento
>More personality than Mai

You are baiting, right?

*Downgraded Shinka

Who are exciting moeblobs?

I want Kumin to Kum in so I can Kum in Kumin

Regardless of Mai vs Sento vs Shinka I think we can all agree that Coito a shit.

this pussy

Its called, "Cock goes here" to be technical

Misread this as "Cuck goes here" at first.



You can't go less than 0.

You can with Mai or Sento.

Best girl.

Pump and dump.

That's a great sex doll, she almost seems alive.

>he would dump mai or sento

Literally a fucking nigger faggot

Sento is adorable.

Are you strong enough to princess carry a mai?

If I'd my own Mai I would lift her everyday.

those are "the represed slut" type

Why, that's me on the left

I believe it is 'perfection.'

Why isn't this a shinka?

Because she's a helicopter.

>tfw hit gym for 2 years and still probably can't


Mai must be light. Haruhiko can carry her easily but can barely pull his own weight.

Because she's a likeable character.

These udders alone should weight at least 2kg

>leotard and stockings
Ultimate taste

Japanese girls are surprisingly light. Even the busty athletic ones.

Is he feeling her tit?

It's a swimsuit.

I know I would, Even If i knew a kick to the head was next.



kyoani fots waifus

I mean, Shinka, Sento and Mai have virtually nothing in common other than being kyoani girls. They all have very different personalities.

Sento and Mai both have big tits so that's one thing they have in common I guess.

Sento is my waifu

>What is this character archetype called?


Why must you ruin everything?

Shinka is a dirty lesbian. She must be healed by the penis.

>Not posting the finished version

Mai and Shinka don't belong there, they have side ponytails. It's a subtle difference.

That fucking broke my heart.

Was it autism

>Sento's ass is too fat

Shinka is an archetype within an archetype


Similar hair styles.
Big tits.
Fap bait.

>sento and mai were the main girls while shinka wasn't
It isn't fair bros.

Wheres literal chinese cartoon houki?

>sento and kanye kissed
>pic related
alternate world where shinka won mcbowl when?

I never watched Chuuni the anime, is it worth watching?

The first season was alright, the first couple of episodes were magical.

>Azure Houki
I got better alternatives:
>Houki (male)
>Male Houki
>Genderbender Houki

I liked both seasons.


But those all apply to Protector Houki, too


I miss all the Shinka lewd/slut posting.

I don't.

What are you? Some kind of homo?

asymmetrical docking

I remember making the transparency for that when the show was airing

I wish I had magic powers and could turn three anons into Shinka, Sento, and Mai and then get infinite clothed paizuri.

I wish I were one of your targets!

And they're the most libertarian out of all in the cast

The word is libertine you actual fucking retard, unless you think Shinka had some Ron Paul sympathies that were hinted at



That's such a pretentious way to say 'slutty'

Oh they're huge sluts, but there is no evidence they are for limited government, just unlimited dog dick in Shinka's case

Don't tread on me



Shinka does not fuck dogs.

You've just changed my entire outlook of this show
Now I see it as a free corporation fighting against otherworldly NAP violators

Prove it


You can't prove a negative.
However, I can present evidence that it is unlikely because she is too busy fucking Dess.

Woah, she's into pedophilia too.

Dumb tits

requesting the one where they realize the more they fight the more they love each other

Was that in the OVA?


I want to cuddle her.

A few hours late, but as much as I want to suck the milk out of gigantic, luscious breasts, isn't lactation uncomfortable to females? I've heard that mothers breastfeeding find it painful or uncomfortable, I can't imagine sexual stimulation would somehow magically make it like my doujins, though lord knows I want it too,


The amount of milk produced through stimulation is not nearly as much as the one produced through hormones, as in the case of actual pregnancy.


But then you'd be nothing but a tit-onahole for the rest of your life, 24/7.

>Why didn't anybody tell me my ass was so big?

I dunno about you, but that's my fetish.

But you'd be a slave to dicks and stuff.

But I'd get to learn what it feels like to cum from giving paizuri. That makes it worth it.

>Bust and other measurements would be stacked together.
Wouldn't that be around 270-180-270? She'd have trouble fitting through doors.

Sento is pure! pure!

titfuck material

That makes my dick even harder.
Yeah but your clothing would always be a mess, filled with cum between your cleavage from dozens if not hundreds of different guys.


I legit laughed.

The combined Shinka/Sento/Mai being would have a literal hourglass shape, would that not truly be perfection?

Yes. That's me on the right.

Is Phantom World getting a second season?

>try to trick your body into thinking you are breeding, testosterone will perked up and so as muscle mass

I need a source for that broscience.

Shinka there makes them look like a villain trio.

>ywn be a shinka

Why live?

I'm waiting for a shooting star to wish for this

Well you'll get plenty of chances in November when the regular meteor shower happens.

For those who lament there not being good doujins.

I wish this was translated so bad, 10/10 doujin.

>that cover
>that perfect paizuri window
>no action at all
everyfucking time, thse fucking covers are a fucking lie, i hate nips

>being a cuck

All porn is cuckoldry.

Not just kissed, they nearly went to full breeding mode.

Latifa ruined everything.

Kyoani sluts.

holy MOLEY

Latifa did nothing wrong

> full breeding mode.

They held hands then? How lewd.

one time i went to a concert and im a pretty tall guy so people always ask me to lift them up so they can crowdsurf and one time a chubby girl asked and I tried but couldn't do it we were both embarassed


And Sento also had Kanye leg locked in bed, pulling him in, while wanting procreation and a daughter (she thought about a daughter afterward as well).

when did this happen?

When is Phantom World special getting released?

Latest volume/chapter. A Korean user on here translated it. It was screen capped, I'll see if I can dig around enough to find it.

I'm curious which one would produce the best tasting breast milk. I assume it's Mai since she takes care of her body the most

That would be much appreciated user

Kyoanis' instructions for the combined efforts of biotechnologists and cloning researchers all over the world.

Soon my brothers, soon. The world will be ours for the taking.

Looks like the last picture drama and the much vaunted OVA will be released alongside the last BD volume, whenever that may be
Probably sometime during October?

I volunteer as tribute

Your life would only revolve around semen and pregnancy
Sounds pretty shitty.

For you

Kanie is a good MC. Sento has great taste.

Her tits are big.

Autist Attracter

I'll be the last one then I guess.

Still doesn't look oversized

Best girl



Post the fifth page here

Do you mean the ninth?


>Pirate Sento still hasn't left Japan


It's called the healthy male interest archetype. But The only thing connecting these characters is abundant breast and long hair.
Nobody likes Shinka, Mei is meh, Sento is shy and lovable and Chidori is just short of perfect.

>Nobody likes Shinka

Speak for yourself, faggot.

>Nobody likes Shinka

she can suck my dick tho


>dat tummy


Gotta start slow


Reminder that fucking Sento is bestiality and she literally has a cloaca.

I've never lifted a girl besides when I was a kid, but I probably can rather easily. I worked up to being able to do one arm flex hang at 90° and isometric curl 40+kg for several seconds. In theory princess carrying someone should be much easier due to the more advantageous leverage.

That doesn't make her any less attractive.

>Mei is meh

If you are a pleb, maybe. Mai is the most well rounded of all of them.


Mary Sues are for plebs.

hideous picture

Mai is hardly a Mary Sue. She has her fair number of flaws.

Don't think it works that way for them; like every single nonhuman that kyoani made, they are binaric - either they're in fully human form or they aren't

I mean look at this cat thing, she's a pure moe character so by every damn right they should have her sprout cat ears but didn't happen, same as her sister and same as all those amagi nonhuman things.

So it's not beastiality unless you want her be so

Why must this happen?

More like why does Ishihara let his girls get fucked by animals

mfw I fapped to the carpet version, before this one came out


>There will never be another woman as beautiful as Sento, 2D or 3D

Literally Sento with no emotions.

Can cyborgs produce breast milk

She's human. Apparently still unknown for why she has super strength and no emotions.

I thought the meme was that she's Saber by Kyoani. Too bad her Anime will be a melodrama, I would watch if it was literally anything else.

what is this?

I'm not getting any melodrama out of the CM.
It just looks like low key drama.

That's Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden


The ass that was made to be spanked.

>the city of Ireland

Mai already looks like a gross whore with STDs but the fanart makes it worse.

Shinka is so damn fine

post rarest shinkas


Sorry, user, the government recently confiscated my massive bestiality folder.




Her eyes are so pretty.

Fat face

>facebook frog

Fuck off and kill yourself.


His name is Cred Forums frog


Don't reply to it, just do the other R.


>Almost six hours later.

You will never be the protagonist of a Henkuma story or doujin.


pure love

Noclip a cute



Why does everybody here like Sento so much ? She's nice but she's just the typical big titted romantic interest of the MC, nothing special

There's definitely such a thing as too big

You should see the way he draws dicks. Now those are juicy. Amazing gape-faces, yanderes, and thick thighs are a bonus.

get a load of this guy

>Just read both Ayase doujins
Whoo buddy, thank you for reminding me of this guy. I forgot all about him. Something about his stuff is just sadistic enough yet soft enough to satisfy me like no other. Plus, every knows that the better the artist can pull of kissing, the better the work, and man oh man does Henkuma know how to make people tongue fuck.

The onee-san archetype


oh man the ayase ones are so good.
the second one takes the cake though

It goes way back

Ishihara sucks at female characters

sucks at characters*

at least he knows how to give them big tiddies and fat asses

gay and for fags this doesnt include slick anime swords at all

I want to use my slick anime sword on sento

Anyone mind telling me a short overview of kyoani directors? I've no idea but their names are getting thrown around many times recently

Wow gay

>Ishihara (Hibike, Nichijou, Keyshit, Chunibyo, Phantom World)
The otaku director.
>Takemoto (Hyouka, FMP, Disappearance, Amagi, High Speed)
The gay director.
>Yamada (K-On, Tamako, Koe no Katachi, Hibike series director)
The cute director.
>Ishidate (Kyoukai no Kanata, Nichijou asst director, Violet Evergarden future director)
The intuitive director.

Ishihara = seeks strength
Takemoto = lives for pride
Yamada = can read the tide of battle


>amagi director

Free and Hyouka's hot bath scene is enough to outgay everything, I'm sure

>would rather suck every drop of kanie's cum than fuck sento

I don't get it

i've seen all three of these shows and it took me a few minutes to even remember they were from different shows

Nice meme.

see a doctor probably

if you wouldn't let kanye pound you in the ass you're probably gay

three worst girls from kyoani's three worst anime

>not the first post from this ip

Doesn't make it any less true.

three hot girls from kyoani's three worst anime**

fixed that for you

Oh boy, time to fap to this for the 8th time.

Only Sento is hot

I recommend the Kancolle doujin, I decided to read it slowly and thoroughly instead of a quickie and I gotta say it was probably the best fap I've had all month. Thick yandere femdom impregnation is sort of the holy grail of fetishes for me though

Shame it was translated by CGRascal. His translation stains Henkuma's artwork.

best girl

Trips confirm.

>tfw few god tier musaigen doujins
this is not fair

doujin makeing isn't what it used to be.

Isn't the show lewd enough?


Absolutamente asqueroso



>2/10 would not bang

best girls



>tfw you are a wealthy enough man to afford a waifu like Mikuru
I feel bad for the plebeians, honestly.


Shinka loves to play with puppies

An iomarca thóin

but sento won in the last novel?


I'm surprised this thread hasn't been deleted

Why would it?

No loli, no nudity, no heavy trolling, it's just fine.




When's the last BD going to come out?

where's her bottom?

>thread still alive
So this is what happens when we all get along.

And we love it.

Crudely edited out.

Sluts are bad! BAD!!!

I like it when you berate me.

I'll berate you harder, anons should be pure!

Punish me more.

I'm confused now!

Y-you too

>no one ever goes to the archives for /ghost/ anymore

user who get the 500th will have a good night with pic-related dream

So what's up with the manga for Amagi Brilliant Park? Everywhere I've seen online has only 9 chapters, but the ninth chapter is actually chapter 23 or 24 and there doesn't appear to be scans of all the chapters inbetween online.

Who knows...

"Girls I'd spill lots of seeds over"

Angry tits.

i want LN more than manga though

Yeah I think I would too, it's just normally a lot easier to find scans of a manga than it is to find translations for a LN. Either way, I'd like both formats to be more accessible for readers outside of Japan.


Can't wait for the next colour codes.


Sento > Shinka >>>>>>> Mai

They should've done one for K-ON and LS.