Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru

New episode soon.

Usami > Moeka > Colette > Mari

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Only 2 more to go.




posting the end cards so far



Time to wake up







>Not best

I wany to fuck with Usami like rabbits.

nico nico nii~


And so are those dubs.

Why does imari's VA take the ultra autist roles every time?
She was bike autist last season

That art club also has some problem.


>implying a Nao Touyama girl isn't always best girl

Man, these are way too cute for me to handle.

Colette > Usami

I can confirm it

Colette >= Usami > Usami's friends > Moeka > Sensei > redhead slut

I want to impregnate Sensei.

One would say legit medical problems


I will take responsibility and marry her, of course.

2 more hours



You shouldnt post spoilers from episode 12 now user

Was Subaru whited in that scene?

Subs when

They just went up, user.

20 min ago

Where did you get them without sponsorshit?


thats a big chuuni



>Can art

Why? That's the most disgusting and tedious shit ever.

[x] Touch flat chest

What did he mean by this?

Best girl is back


not first
user thats incorrect

the last ep will be them hugging

i'm busy drawing waifus, though

Get them to the clubroom, I'll call it in

Wtf, there has been endcards? How have i not seen these!?


A 2D character that have the same name.

Gonna kiss that rabbit.

I literally want to kiss and lick collettes tummy for hours


Bhí sé.


who's that qt? best girl


Hi Tamako

What's going on here, Cred Forums?



The roll call I just filed with Yumeko-sensei lists me, my friends and Buchō here, but only one of you!

First one to talk gets to stay in my art club!


Tell me about Eco-man! Why does she wear the mask?




So I can focus on her silky smooth thighs

best girl

i don't hate usami, but i kind of wish i could witness her lose da uchimaki

it'd be fun


I'm surprised the students all handed in their cans undamaged.
Whenever I drink from a can I like to crush those cans in my hand because it makes me feel like a strong badass who crushes innocent can-people's aluminium bodies with just the hand.

Based Feel.

Nice family


Maybe they were the superior steel can type.

Why are all the teachers so stupid!

>That hair

>hag with boy hair
Haha, no.

I'd be actually mad if Imari ends up with the faggot that can't draw.

Superior MILF!

I'm really sad we don't get to see prez childhood.

Damn, thought this was the last episode with all those scene near the end.

The dude who made this must have flipped his shit when they contacted him about using it on the show

This episode felt so much like a final episode. It would have been really cruel to end with that scene.

How can he be so fucking based?

Whos this sloot?

I am going to miss Kono when it ends. It is nothing super special but its been fun and Usami is super queto.

She'd take anyone between her legs.

>Sorry, i'm totally lost
>What? It's totally fine for me
Ozawa Ari on point with the tsukkomi delivery as always

Does anyone REALLY think Usami stands a chance against Imari and her bromance with Uchimaki?

>Please accept without laughing, this pure white canvas
>My heart's palette says i love you, because that's the only color there
Vocaloid songs bring out the little girl inside of me, i like cute lyrics like these way too much

Is that 8man on the left?

romance and bromance can live alongside one another


He's smiling though, it can't be 8man.

>see this
what do

I'd give her ass a squeeze, the consequences be damned.

Prez stronk



Because cr removes them.

>suddenly kokoro palette
Man, I love this show.

A maiden in love.

not enough mastermind loli this episode

Feel bad and buy her a sandwich.

hmanga when

It's that guy again

>every woman needs to be blonde and long ass hair
spoken like a true 70 IQ nigger!

Who are you quoting?



when will he give in

When the whatshisname consolation price place guy gonna finally join the art club and go hard on drama?

I love my wife.

He has zero desire for 3DPD whores.


more like

subaru x usami x usami's mom doujins when


Magic skirts. How I hate them!

I wanna a sensei.

Hell yeah.

fucking magic skirts

This show is my favorite of the season.

Did cocacola pay them for that episode?


She tried so hard.

The subtitles do not seem to match the video.
Fucking Komm Susser Todd out of nowhere.

Forehead so shiny Japan has to dim it to prevent seizures.

Is this the same channel that did the guy getting blown by a gay pornstar?


Do they really need pliers to pull out the tabs? I can do that faster with my fingers.

And got so far
In the end, it doesn't even matter.


If only.

>that quick draw "Yes I'm a virgin"


Hey go vote for Usamin and all your other favourite players to rep the Cred Forums team in the 2016 Cred Forums Autumn Cup. We all appreciate it.



Cute rabbit.

Cute rabbutt.

That's a cute Tamako.

I love how there are recurrent background characters.

Most comfy anime I've seen for quite some time.

I need more prez

I love how they used Kokoro Palette this episode

Which K-on is this?


I'm so angry we don't get fanservice of her, fuck this show.

And again

Can someone stop this couple already


He should just go for the midget.


>13 year old

you've missed alot then

Looks like she stole sensei titties here.


Wouldn't be surprised if the two end up together for some reason.

Feels like something the author'd do.

Are they a reference? Because they stand out a lot

Usami = Colette > Mari > Moeka;

I don't see the fanservice in that.


Nah he'll make them jump off the school roof instead.

I don't know what I supposed to feel about this
I mean It's still good, but they changing way too much from the manga and add many original content which makes me hard to enjoy it
I know it's a slice of life manga and changing things doesn't really makes a problem but still

Yeah, her introduction was pretty nice.
But nothing after that, which makes me a bit angry.

What did they change

Who are these?


is this a ship???????

>makes me hard
I see absolutely no problem here.


this inst kancolle user

>teachers throw away materials, mistaking them for garbage
>specifically need red and white cans for the sculpture, but buy blue/green/whatever color cans for the sale
>construct it without considering how you're actually going to get it to the display area
This episode was the art club experience in its truest form.

Wait, we haven't seen this qt in the animu before have we? Is she from the manga?

Buuchou is basically teitoku out of uniform.


Prez's owner, she had a small cameo last week too.

Danke danke!


I think they recolor the cans themselves

I'm in love with Usami!


You're like the reoccurring art cuck, you'll never get any.

Delete this


What chapter should I start reading after the anime?

She is 14 years old.

Why not the first?

>never ending monsoon of sexual tension

We must have different definitions of that word.

The anime doesn't adapt sequentially so you're better off starting the manga right from the beginning

I want to fuck sensei

Wanna read the manga but dont want long haired usami in the slightest.

>long haired usami

Fucking where?

Is there a reason why buchou is lazy as fuck

Probably better if you don't watch her show, user.

He was just trying to help, user.

The only acceptable ending will be a S2 announcement.

Not enough of school days between a culture fest and graduation to justify a second season, and a second season without president is unacceptaburu!


Fuck off.

Reminder that next week there'll be no more of this

Time is relative and all that, especially in SoL/comedy - but I have no idea how things look in terms of source material so it might be a problem after all.

True, I haven't read the manga either.

Read the chapter 37.

I like this show. It's just cute.

Blame the dumb chuuni.

Bunny cunny full of white gummy cummies.



This is rape.


Had a classmate in 7th grade that big.

>she wants to GATTAI

I wanna marry Colette.

I can't remember who this girl is.Did they skip an episode?




I'm gonna devastate Usami!

I'm gonna devastate your ass


I wanna know where they got the miles of red and white tape they used.
That shit ain't cheap.

Read thread.
Alternatively, read the manga.

Got it from the human trafficking people for cheap.

Like I'm going to read 400+ comments and read Manga.


I want to like her armpits

Why don't you like them?

What's wrong with them?


Don't open this then.

>defiling 2D beautifies with bodyhair


I'm not supposed to have this boner.
Why do I have this boner?

Not bad.


>Why do I have this boner?

It's the wild animal and savage side of you.

Such images awake the primitive essence of man still hidden deep within the gene pool.

It's amazing, I hope the other guy has the courage to post the full image.

I need the full version so I can masturbate to it properly.

She gave Subaru a love letter earlier in the season.


Flying Witch was more comfy, this anime is rabbit mating season in comparison.

Not that it is a bad thing.





I will now masturbate until my penis is sore.

Why does this rabbit want to breed so badly when it doesn't even have milk to feed its offspring?

I can assure you she does have.

Based Collette-chan.


Usami is a nice girl but Subaru deserves better.

She most likely shaves for the sake of Uchimaki, hair would freak him out.



Her 3rd dimension freaks him out. Hair or no, she's gonna end up taking him by force so there's not much reason to worry about shaving. You'd have to be a huge whore to be trimming the hedges at 14 anyways.

>You'd have to be a huge whore to be trimming the hedges at 14 anyways
Not if it's for the man you love.

I find it kind of difficult to find retard moe characters like Colette cute.

It's hard to find their actions cute when they seem to have actual brain problems.

She's like 12 years old. She's just acting her age.

>Buchou gets superior black hair blushing low twintails waifu
Lucky son of a bitch

Twelve year olds don't act like that.

Why is this loli so smug

Why is this loli so enticing?

Why are all the girls in this show so good?

You can say that again.

I have to admit, that was an S-Class EHHHHHH?!

Another great girl.

>that filename
what the fuck?

Looks like Microsoft .NET?


>not a killer rabbit
You fucked up.

Licking Usami's navel.

Has anyone made a webm of 18:32 to 20:52 yet of the Usami singing montage yet? With subs?


I'm going to FUCK Sensei and cum on her glasses. Then inside her.

I want to touch those chuuni tits.

im the cat

Best girl.
Needed more screentime.

I'm Colette's swimsuit.

What did he mean by this?

Sex in the anus.

Like this

He looks ten years older than his teacher.

I hate crunchyshit for not including them. Fuck you.

Sensei is the cutest and I want to see her looking up at me through her glasses while she sucks my dick!

Pres. is based!

I wasn't able to get the subtitles. You'll have to hope that someone else adds it on or something.






I want her to make this face when I expose myself to show her how excited she makes me!


Sensei has great reaction faces.

I want to see the face she makes when I get my seed all over her face and glasses!

And a nice ass.



Nana elevates sensei from best girl to pure perfection.

>nonoka won't have a VA
they could have animated that chapter about her childhood with president instead of wasting so much time with Imari ;_;


What chapter is this? I want to read about her.

I don't remember this girl? Does she appear later again?

She's the one who confessed her feelings to Subaru.

What the fuck, I thought the President had a name? Why don't they reveal it yet?

A lot of the original content is really good though and I read the manga myself. The original content with Kaori and the other girls is nice because you don't get much chapters for her in the actual manga. They introduce Usami's friends but there's never any chapters dedicated to them so, I like how the anime gave time to them when they deserved it. The anime also expanded on the girl who gave the love letter to Ushimaki. You get to see a bit of her pov and how her little sister gets involved with Uchimaki too.

I also liked the original content where Kaori was having a sleepover at Usami and got her to tell her past with Uchimaki which was a great transition to the past. A lot of great original content and they really don't change up the chapters that much but add.


The preview from last episode was too good. I was actually a little disappointed when Colette asked Sensei if she was poor but didn't go through the entire thing.

Colette's perfect loli belly always gets me. Want to gattai with her.

Isn't that the ayashii guy from last episode?

I find it hard to enjoy anime that's too faithful, since it's usually just worse than the manga.


^easier access to the stash

~100 fresh

~50 fresh

She's the one that got rejected. Poor girl.

Her sister was cuter

I wanna see a show about her sister and Moeka. And Moeka's mom.

how do we fix usami?

we don't. she's perfect.

Sensei is not for lewd.

Give her the D.

What if we made tin can art together?

But I have so many lewd thoughts about her and have already jerked off to her a bunch.

You'd suck at it. I don't to work with you.

I challenge you to see who can create something Cred Forums related out of cans before the season ends.

I'll create your mom out of cans before the season ends. She'll be a better mom than your real one too.

Here's my project. What do I win?


>you will never play the shadow game with Moeka
Why live?

I want to spoil and pamper her.

I'm Collette's chunky belly

Hey, oji-san, I've got some candy over here. You can have some if you want, just follow me.

Is that guy Voldo?

are you trying to trick me?

Sounds legit.


Sure thing! I love candy.

I got something for you too.

Would I lie to you? Come on, I'll show you some of my sketches when we get there.

Do you have Wolfmother CDs?

Do you have some rock CDs?

I shouldn't take candy from strangers.

The next forgettable comedy anime will replace it just like every other season.

o-okay... I'll go

What about ice cream? I love ice cream the most!

Wheres the prog rock?

Yeah there was a girl in my middle school classes that developed early. Looked like a 17-18 year old at age 14. It's not that unlikely.

Ah! The old "come up and see my etchings" ploy!

A-all right...

No, stay here

I'm not old enough to be called oji-san. I'm only 26

>still no fanrt of dick cumming on her forehead



Tell her about sleep drugs.

Helllooooooo nurse! Where the fuck was this qtp2t all fucking season?

>my weakness for labcoat senseis
I wanna visit her office and have her take care of my swelling problem.

>anime skirt physics
Not even once.

>Swelling huh? Stabbing it with a needle should let that drain out.

She doesn't even wear glasses though. Glasses > Lab coat

>P-Please, spare me needles, I have PTSD with them

Amputation it is then.

I've always thought that was a Science teacher or something like that. They go well together.

That's a good thing, user. Can you even imagine that perfect sensei design, wearing glasses? It would be way too dangerous.

But this show already has a perfect sensei design wearing glasses.

I want to marry and impregnate Yumeko-sensei!

I'm bored. Give me some transparency requests.

I want to become Collette

Is this cameos from that esper manga?

So, this pose is becoming a thing now?

I want to fuck you after you become Collette.


You mean the loli right?

I want to make Usami-san an onee-chan!

Why is sensei so FAT?

So she can burn some weight with her future husband.

Just do every Colette you see

Who is she? Is she a relative of sensei or someone who's in love with sensei? Is sensei actually having sexual relationships with students?

I just watched the episode, it was so full of happy and comfy things that now i feel depressed.

>Colette's clothes are too large and her apron is about to fall
>she's also perfectly flat
How can a person be so lewd?

Presidents girlfriend

The girl on the left there looks like she's probably a real tomboy cutie. I bet she plays some sport, like she's probably on the volleyball team, and she's probably mildly genki and gives her best every time. I'd meet her in the locker room after the match.

I also forgot about this girl and it is strange because she's cute

Cole-chan is not for lewds. Cole-chan is for hugging and cuddling!
If you want lewds then go for the chuuni cow or the horny rabbit.

Is this legal?

Fight me motherfucker

This show good?

Favorite one

Are all the endcards made by the same guy? They are al chibi styled

Do you like to masturbate?





So fertile

I fcking hate Usami. She is annoying and screams the whole episode. I just can't stand her! She is a slut that just want to sit on the poor MC's dick. She doesn't understand that she is 3DPD and the poor Johnny just wants to live a sweet and innocent and pure life filled with perfect 2D girl. He deserves a better life, a life without shitty Usami. Usami a shit. Fuck Usami. Fuck her with hate. Fuck her with rage. Ragefuck her. Hatefuck her. Fuck her right in the pooper. Fuck her doggystyle and cover her with hot milk. Usami a slut. I want her out of my 2D anime. And I want her out of my life and the poor Johnny's life. If she doesn't disappear from this show by the next episode, I'm gonna explode with rage and hate. I don't want to see her slutty frames ever again. Delete Usami. Delete her enormous cancerous boobs. Delete her pussy. Delete her big fat ass. Delete her personality. She is a bad person.
Usami a shit.

Her sluttiness truly knows no bounds.


going by the dialogue in the next episode preview, it'll probably be chapters 33b and 38. there were some other chapters in between there i wanted to see animated though.

So, is the teacher going to fuck that girl?

Also, I want exhibitionist doujins of Usami-chan.

I want to be friend with imari i also want to do lewd things to imari

What kind of lewd things?

>The girl who makes Kono Bijutsubu great is third.
Not buying it OP.

headpat, hug and holding hand

Please take your abysmal hot garbage opinions elsewhere.

>all the people now wanting to fug not-Eno sensei
>a lot disliked her in the beginning
I bet some of you niggers were going along and shitting in her at the start. I liked her since the very beginning.



>tfw you transition from onii-san to oji-san
>dating a schoolgirl becomes less appropriate with each passing year


>dating a schoolgirl becomes less appropriate with each passing year
i think about this every day, fuck i'm 21 i can still do something about this, i just have to go out right?

Why are you doing this to me?

I want my own loli Hitler.


She came to the drink sale because she heard they were selling cheap jews.

>both of them were drinking apple juice while the apple girl watched
What did they mean by this?

what happened to the top part?

>tfw you will never get to cum in usami

Lost in the great can war.


user. The dude's a 3rd year

They dismantled it because it was too big to pass through the door.

Well Cred Forums?

She's only good for her sex appeal. That's pretty sad if you ask me.

No season 2 confirmed?

Not really, each session takes an hour or 2 and my balls end up hurting after

Just buy yourself a tenga dude, you can't suck that much at fapping

Well done.

Please don't troll Colette.
I know you hate small girls but that ain't reason to try making people hate her, she hardly appears on screen to begin with.


all of those. use downthemall.

I'll upload them as well.
reach me at [email protected]

That's not how you spell 'perfect'.

That's quite the request. I'll work on them in a while but if the thread 404s before then, I'll just dump it the next thread I see or on the final episode's thread.

am i the only one who likes these two

No, I like them too.

Not at all. Best girls.

Left reminds me of that faggot MC in Working!.


13 yr olds would be that hairy. If she had natural bushy eyebrows then maybe.

Vanilla doujins when?




Kaori is the best girl.
God I want to rape her.

Cole-chan's forehead is for _______.


rubbing your penis on

I don't know what term you can use for "couple where the girl is really forward and the guy complains but doesn't stop it" but it sounds like my kind of shit

She better have some classic rock in that van

You know how you really want to fuck a forehead because they're so beautiful, but then you realize there's no way to actually physically fuck it, but then you realize that the rock hard purity of a forehad is what makes them so special? It's a strange feeling.

Boys can't be best girls and the one in the middle is ugly as fuck and her ribbon is stupid (not to mention that she's annoying).

I wanted to like Akikan, I really did but it was just so bad. Especially once the Yuuki Aoi loli showed up with her terrible voice, I dropped it on episode 6 if I remember right.




>ywn be a pineapple headed cute kouhai

her back on the bed better

I want Usami-san to rape me and tell me that I'm a worthless human being for not being able to satisfy her even a little bit.


>I'm a worthless human being for not being able to satisfy her even a little bit
I wish that a girl knew you were not a worthless guy
But ・・・
Does someone know his name?


If liking this cute thing means I'm gay then I'll gladly be the biggest faggot in the world.

Next season, over 60 animes per a week
if you are a gay girl
it's a cute thing

This series has too much flat chests.



I'm gonna miss this show when it's over, sure there's still the manga but it's quite slow and you can't hear sensei and Usami's voice.

Not that difficult. You just need to watch 8 episodes a day which should only take 3 hours. Add another hour on the weekends and you're fine.

Goddammit stop misusing this word.

I want to smell Usami's vagina.

Every non action show is comfy for these people nowadays

Before or after the bath?

This is your cool beauty for the afternoon.

Before. The stinkier the better.

A few decades ago 5-10 year gap was the norm in marriages

>skipping OPs and EDs
>not taking screenshots
An episode of anything (good) usually takes half an hour, more if you keep repeating certain scenes, so you can only watch 6 episodes in 3 hours

Pretty sure it's still normal today, unless the girl is younger than 18 years old.


This is your dumb cat for the night.


Let's be realistic here.
>watch one episode
>spend two hours on Cred Forums
>watch another one
>jerk off
>two hours on Cred Forums

I was joking, better only do the ones where she's at least kinda half-body.

These ones like pic-related would be too obnoxious i suppose right?

I'll watch out for konobi threads then, you're doing gods work user

I want to do embarassing chuuni things with imari in my room

You mean
>watch half episode
>spend two hours on Cred Forums
>jerk off
>finish episode
>two hours on Cred Forums
>jerk off

ADHD is a frightening disease.

Even action and plot heavy shows get called "comfy". Morons seems to think it's a word to use when you like the setting, regardless of actual content

Because comfy doesn't describe the show, it describes the feeling that a particular individual has while watching the show. You can curl up under a blanket to watch elfen lied and call it "comfy" if that's your jam. It's meaningless.

It's especially meaningless when they phrase it as though the show itself is comfy, which doesn't even make sense. It's just a bad meme from Cred Forums that's become shorthand for indirectly blogging about the manner in which you enjoy your media.

But shows like Aria and Hidamari Sketch are objectively comfy.

This is slapstick than comfy


too real man

My rabbit.


My daughter and not your rabbit.


Which one keeps me in the anime world?

A bullet.

>mfw 2 seasons behind


Usami is ruining the show.

I just wish she would get gangbanged by a group of faceless dicks already so she can stop perverting the show.

Greatly underestimated my schedule. Can only get this one out for now. Expect more around 14 hours from now.

Starting off ambitious with , an almost full-body shot with the chuuni slightly blocking Colette. Think it came out great.

I don't really mind the size. As long as it'll look good as a transparency, I'll do it.

Here's it with a clean forehead for those interested.

I wish you could transparent Cole-chan's clothes so I could see her underwear.

Cole-chan is not for sexual.

I wish I could shake off this meme, Just because I prefer girls with cow tits doesn't mean I can't enjoy DFC characters.

Just an itty bitty peek, user.

>ywn hold Collette and feel her plump little butt against your arms

never though they'll use this song


she's probably wearing some panties with a pic of her face on it, so people to know are from her

So next week is gonna be the Usami-san and umbrella chapters then?

Guess we're no seeing Pres' girl in action this season. Shame.


Whats the chance for season 2?

zero, it will sold like shit compared to new game