Adult Kirino

>Adult Kirino.

Would you?

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>literally nothing changed
Still no.

>Doesn't look any more mature, is just now wearing a sweater dress.

warn her about the restraining order

Looks like she finally fixed her retarded teeth.

Gimme adult Kuroneko

Only if she was my sister.

Oh you did not just go there

>Adult Kirino who's probably been used by her brother hundreds of times
>Adult Kuroneko who's still a virgin
Easy choice

>>Adult Kuroneko who's still a virgin

Kirino is a goddess.

Which one is the adult?
There is literally no difference

How tall is she by now?

She were 165 with 14y

Both are pictures of older Kirino, moron.

>filthy brocon

good for a one night stand and nothing more, you will always be second to onii-chan's forbidden dick

patrician opinion

Silly user. They don't get taller.

Ruri can't make male friends, she's weird and nervous around guys. She'd be a virgin at 20 unless Kirino let Kyousuke take it when they were all drunk

Such a shitty design.. How does she looked aged in this at all? They literally just gave her slightly bigger breasts and wavier hair. That's it.

She still has the face of a fucking toddler.

hey Cred Forums tell me how many times is kirino better than ruritrash.
Minimum is 150x


Wasn't she 15 in oreimo? I'm pretty sure this is just supposed to be 18 year old Kirino so it isn't like she's going to have wrinkles and crow's feet

1/3 of Japanese women aged 30-35 are virgins

I would guess 70%+ of 20 year old Japanese women are virgins

I don't think Kirino is that much of a bro. She'd probably bully Kuroneko over it

Kuroneko is a slut though.

Well she's a poorfag so she has no choice but to sell her body

Got anything to back that up?

I would congratulate her for having such a loving relationship with her onii-chan

Fucking hate it when aged anime characters are just their same stupid 15 year old face copy and pasted over a taller body. Say what you will about Monogatari as a series, you have to admit that Shinobu's different ages at least feel distinctive.

sorry but in case you don't know girl's puberty is around 11-13 years old, if she looks similiar at 18 to what she looked at 15 it's very normal.

Also she was said to look old for her age at 14-15, and all that would change between then and 18-20 is her filling out her body.

It looks like they just pur her tiny child head on an adult body. No way.

I wonder how they feel remembering those incestuous feelings from their youth

>tfw childlike because round face

You must know very little people. Faces keep changing until the mid twenties, loosing baby fat and getting stronger features.

>Adult Kirino.
Go back to your Cred Forums containment board

she still dye her hair

What? Are you stupid.

>implying they don't fuck every day for the rest of their lifes

At least 172cm

>boobs bigger

Just the best

My wife

But nothing changed?

looks weird

i don't want a brotherfucker
i prefer the catgirl

It's a pretty girl and we're all virgins here so fuck yeah.

Will we really need to wait for Tokyo 2020 for someone to get a hold of it?

>wider hips
>notably taller
>bigger chest
>legendary ultimate hairstyle
Just in case, pic related is 16 yo Kirino.

>still has a baby face

>"Healthy" relationship with a nice girl
>break it up cus sister gets mad and wants to get dicked by her own brother

what where they thinking?

How do you know she is 16 there?

At least we know that OP pic is 18y

What's up with Kirino's height?

Do we have any data of it?

We don't, no idea why that came up so often the last few threads . is the only canon data.

>unhealthy relationship with an autistic chuuni fujo girl.
>break up because his qt tsundere imouto wants it

I can't saee the problem here, sorry

Because read the LN? Kirino change her hairstyle before the wedding, the anime didn't change it because I have no fucking clue. I don't know how they forgot about it for the BD extra too.

Does she still got that sweet kirinobutt?

Of course and Kyousuke is tapping it every single day

Most likely 170, maybe a little more. What we do know is that Kyouske got a lot more taller than Kirino to the point that he mentions the notable difference in height at the end of the series, so he should be 180, maybe a little more. Privileged genes i'm telling you.

Why not both?



I would, but I'm not the Kyousuke.

Somehow MAL listed her at 168 and the Oreimo wikia said the same not too long ago.

>giving a shit about MAL or some retarded fan wiki
Especially the wiki is stupid as fuck.

It looks like someone took her head and photoshopped it to a different body. If you're going to have a character grow up, you need to add a few subtle alterations to the face or else it just looks laughable.


When the series started, she just turned 14.

At the end she is graduating from middle school so she were 15 back then.

In OP's pic she is 18y, she might me taller than 170 because 165cm for a 14y japanese girl is fucking crazy.

>doujin series of adult Kirino who seduce her brother which married Manami
>will never be translated because author is chinese


Yes but we don't know so saying any number is just stupid. The only thing we've actually learned about her since the series ended is her birthday. I am still annoyed how it was released, just to make some quick bucks from idiots like me.

>Her boobs got bigger


Wikia was stated to be wrong as fuck since 2011, so who fucking cares.

Nothing user! N-Nothing!

She can't be 16 before entering the first year of high school.

One usually finish middle school with 14->15y.

Kirino probably hit puberty early, so she's done growing.

The typical japanese person hits their full adult height by age 15, so she's probably finished growing at 14. Being an early bloomer also explains why she seems to be so athletic. She's not, she just developed faster than her peers.


Who would not?

>1/3 of Japanese women aged 30-35 are virgins
Fucking really? Unbelievable.

I'm fairly certain it's complete bullshit, just like pretty much everything else people say about real life stuff.

>Put a sweater
>You're an adult now

Where is this even from and why should we care

Well but you have to agree she looks hot that way.

If the male ones are virgin, the female doesn't have any mates for the mating season.

Well that seems about right, but it's kind of hard to tell it's Kirino. Is it just because of the art style of the artist?


It's a shame we don't have any doujin featuring Kirino with this design.


There's plenty of doujins of her with much larger breasts

Any new epilogue info further implying that he's dicking his sister?


The artstyle


What? The wedding happens at the end of March on the year that Kirino turns 16. Series start with 14 years old Kirino before their first christmas together, Kirino birthday is somewhere at the middle of the year, so if she isn't 16 already on the wedding, she's about to turn 16. Is not hard to understand.

Hit with a shovel? Yeah, I'd hit her with a shovel just like the li'l version.

I thought the series was done?

Is this an extension like Boruto?

how roughly does Kyousuke fuck her?

I'd be surprised if she had any sphincter control or gag reflex left


Kirino is basically an ambassador of Japan by now.

What about the Chados having 70 percent of the sex?


There's an unhealthy amount of Kirino in this thread. Let me add to it.

>that Armin


>tfw so starved for new content I've started reading Oreimo fanfics
I think I have a problem

I just reread it once a year and I'm ok.

I bet both her pussy and ass have prolapsed by this point.


Pick one.

When you have a cock as gigantic as Kyousuke, rough fucking is pretty much required.

If she teased him for a few days without putting out he'd eventually just explode and ruin her

Got sauce on dat, fampie

best girl and miracle of the universe. perfect choice for youth voters

Yes, but i prefer her improved version though


>she's about to turn 16
So she's 15 then

My acquaintance of african american descent


Is this the imouto thread or just the Kirino thread?


Imouto threads usually start with the OP talking about imoutos/incest in general. Pic can be any imouto or imouto related image though.

Yet they all eventually turn into Kirino threads every time.

Every single time.

She looks too much like a certain Boston Red Sox fan....

Kirino is the best girl after all


Would I strangle her? Yes, I would.


>adult kirino art
>she's not naked and isn't either full of Kyousuke's dick or wearing his cum
not buying it

Can't argue with that. But I do think it would be nice to have an imouto thread every once and a while, without Kirino completely over taking it .


It is one now.

This thread is dedicated only for the one true best girl

Self-conscious and jealous imoutos in their puberties are superior to innocent pee-pee wee-wee lolis

She could have been both 15 or 16 at that time. She was definitely 16 on the epilogue(not the after story).

She got fat

The sad panda ain't giving me results

In all the right parts.

I can't believe there is still someone on Cred Forums who hasn't read that doujin.

How many imoutos have said this?

I don't get to hangout on Cred Forums 24/7

I don't have imoutos but my grandparents had 6 kids so I have a ton of cousins. Being the oldest I've been proposed to a lot by cousins between the age of 7 and 12. It's just a thing girls go through.

Many but only the best stick with it.

Only the chosen few have gone all the way beyond those childish and sweet words

tried google imgae search and still can't pinpoint which doujin

oddly enough I found another 50 or so fappable Kirino doujins in the process.


Well good luck on your search. I can at least tell you that it's the oldest Oreimo doujin from the artist.

Trust me, you don't want the sauce to


>Tfw kirino is taller than me

Can you at least post a sadpanda? That's enough of a newfag filter. I tried searching myself using tags like full_color and character:kirino, sole_male, etc.

Even dirtied my history and searched piss and urine.

Never. I have good taste and not shit.

Found it


Thanks user

Have a loli Kirino

>Ruri can't make male friends, she's weird and nervous around guys. She'd be a virgin at 20
Not in the manga.
She won. and has kids.

>she won
>has kids

OH SHIT I've read this before. Now I remember. They write stories about eachother where worse and worse things happen.

Dark Horse
Oreimo: Kuroneko
Hell, she's pregnant in the final chapter, and married to Kyousuke. Best Endo.

Manga you fucking retard. It's as canon as the PSP games.




It's true, fuck off



Yes, spot on observational comedy user.
Good job, keep it up.


What is it that makes sibling love the purest form of love there is?


and /thread.

Although I do agree that Kirino is a miracle of a universe, was there any chance for a harem end? I'd really love me some Ayase.

I'm content with magical Ayase.

Imouto end was the only possible end

Even incest end was possible so shouldn't harem end also be possible? Life would be fun.

My one, but she grew out of it


I want to sexually assault Kirino

I want to protect her smile.

Only Kyousuke gets to do that

This is just late teens/early 20s Kirino. I want 35-42 Kirino. Post this plz.


She's like 38 in that image at least.
Get wrecked brown hairfags.

The fang is still there

So she hasn't aged at all since 14 years old and just wears different clothes?

Truly a miracle of the universe.

Kirino is old and busted.
Pic related is the new hotness.


How old is she?


Bullshit. I read in my sociology book, years ago, that Japanese girls "surpisingly" precocious. They start fucking "older" guys at 15, and view as nothing but a healthy, biological function (they take pills, condoms etc).

It seems to me that discrepancy is that Jap women probably fuck the same circle of "older" guys, and that many men are simply pushed aside.

Did you guys ever read Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru?

One of the final challenges to their relationship is discovering a problem with their conception and birth and finding out that they might not be siblings at all. Then they discover that their fears were wrong, and they are in fact twins as they thought.

Phew, we almost weren't committing incest for the last couple of years. Crisis averted.

Kinda puts into perspective what's most important to them.


It's literally her head copy pasted on a grown woman's body

tfw no imouto

How do the siblings celebrate their birthdays?
All day life counseling?

You still have a mother I hope. Try making some imoutos with her.

A fun filled day with their friends of course.

They just slip away to fuck whenever they can find a few minutes of privacy.

>I read in my sociology book, years ago, that Japanese girls "surpisingly" precocious.

Sociology is a pretty terrible field. It's not taken even taken seriously inside academic circles.

>They start fucking "older" guys at 15, and view as nothing but a healthy, biological function (they take pills, condoms etc).

BC pills were outlawed until 1999, raw dogging is the norm, and abortion is the go to method of birth control. Japanese girls fuck more compared to Korean and Chinese/Taiwanese girls, but are not nearly as sexually liberal as their American and European counterparts.

It's shit.

Especially if they are in their early 20's and they are kinda short and flat.

Kirino is tall and have lots of meat in there, probably i'd be a siscon if my imouto looked like that.


Thanks, downloading ATM

She were always thicc


Episode 24
>Subs are out: [Hitoku] Kuromukuro 24 – English subs for Leopard raws



Not with that ugly orange mop.


ruri broke wiyh kyou dumbass


The reality of it all is that if they sleep together it's probably like pic related.

They have already overcome their insecurities and have loving, steamy and passionate sex every night

That is not the face of an adult.

They are only half blood-related, though

>being kirino's mom
>wake up at midnight to drink some water
>hear some moanings
>enter kyosuke room
>your older son is fucking her little sister like rabbits in mating season.

Wat do?

Join the fun

Her appeal is her youth, baka.

Her appeal is her relationship with her onii-chan and her cuteness and endearing personality

Kyousuke is a slut.

He has been corrected by the purest possible form of love

more Titty monster Kirino.


>tfw no big "little" sister who gets too clingy to you in public and easily resists your attempts to escape.

Why couldn't Kirino be like a foot or two taller?

>tfw 167cm
>14y Kirino is just 2cm shorter than me
>She might be taller than me at 18y like OP pic

>her little sister

How can one girl be so perfect, Cred Forums?


At that point she'd be tall enough to have a dick. Just like Saori.

Good thread.