Akari is a very nice girl. Soft, kind, pure, sweet, and innocent

Akari is a very nice girl. Soft, kind, pure, sweet, and innocent.

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Who? All I see are a bag and a juice box

and hot.

I want to sniff Akari's butt


Akari is not for sexual.

Chinatsu is the lewd one.


She's a gay tho.

Akari is the closest to being straight, out of all the girls in the show.



This Akari is the most soft, kind, pure, sweet, innocent and perfect Akari.

I want to take Akari's innocence

You can't though.

Akari is without sin, she is angelic perfection within a mortal body. her innocence and purity are beyond that of other little girls and further.

defiling her would be futile. not to mention the consequences of even attempting such a thing.
your dick would turn to dust before her eyes could even see it's basic shape.
just being in the same room as her and thinking impure thoughts would be enough to end your life.

you're in way over your head buddy

and she will give born to a female messiah not unlike Mary. Soon, the world will be purged of male and humanity continues by iPS technology.

Akari doesn't even have a vagina or anus. Everything she eats turns to magical smiles and happiness.

I'm gay, can't we just have all women go away and have hot guys left?

>implying women aren't disgusting creatures created from the depths of hell
wew lad

how about what's she drinks?


Then how did Chinatsu get away with it?

These are just alternatives to natural reproduction for gay couples and infertile people. Why do people want this to be the end of one gender or another?

Chinatsu is not male, her thoughts were relatively non lewd, and she was a friend of Akari.

under any other circumstance she would have vaporized

China is like antimatter to Akarin. Their interactions no matter subtle or significant do interfere the balance of universe and challenge the logical stability. The every instances of interactions are compensate with dying or vanishing of galaxy material to maintain the entropy gained.

> Akari is a very nice girl. Soft, kind, pure, sweet, and innocent.




haha lil guy, move out of the way


She has a mouth, armpits and thighs, tho.

>close to straight

She dreams of having a yuri harem. She may not be aware of it, but she's a full-blown dyke for sure

Akari is for taking out to dinner and the movies and going to a love hotel after.

She doesn't want a sex harem. she wants to be noticed by everyone and be the center of attention.

out of all the characters Akari and Yui show the least interest in being romantic with girls, at times akari outright rejects it while yui tolerates it.
Yui is more tomboyish so it might make sense that in the future she would want someone feminine to protect and love like Chinatsu.

She poops.

Chinatsu is the best girl, because she is the only one who loves Akari.

Akari is best daughteru!

Sounds like fun.

And budding breasts, though they're mostly flat.

Everyone loves Akari though.
They just don't love her romantically.

even then, look at her sister. also chinatsu's older sister likes Akari

i remember seeing this and all the self loathing male feminists and their man-hating girlfriends jumping for joy

She doesn't want a sex harem because she doesn't know what sex is

She's not totally opposed to physical intimacy though, she's just not ready to go that far with Chinatsu


Look at this uncensored hand-holding


It doesn't really work without text

But Akari has no presence



I want to sexually bully Akari.

the best kind bullying





rolling for Akarin~

>Akari will never be your cute little sister who climbs into bed with you and snuggles into your arms because she wants a hugs

Akari is definitely best Saiyan.

God I really gotta finish YuruYuri....


wtf I hate Akari now

Rollin' for dubs

welcome to eb games

what do Akari's armpits taste like

Unripe strawberries



She is already in relationship
Go away predators



Aiming for that 6

Oh boy.

Come on

Akari is a miracle of the universe.






This body pillow is criminal. And I've committed a crime.

I would actually jam it in her ass.

no you don't

can you fuckers go back to joking about my daughteru being invisible? thanks

Do you own it?


I try to use it every night.



I want to savagely FUCK Akari in the ass!

Akari is a soft girl

For you

Yep, just for me. The rest of you do not have permission to cuddle Akari like I do.

Too much drinking, eh

Please do not bully or sexualize Akari

what the fuck
That shot was never in the show
What ep?

Yui and Akari best girls

my cock is ready


I just want to be a cute girl surrounded by other cute girls
Is that so much to ask for

>Akari is the closest to being straight

>Akari is a very nice girl. Soft, kind, pure, sweet, and innocent.

and hitman Akari will you in a heartbeat.


>this one time in band camp

S03E01 and yeah it's edited.

h-here i go


>akri~n is my daughteru
>this made me erect as hell
I'm a awful person.


Thank you, user-chan.

I hate you but I thank you at the same time.

It's not wrong if she is your daughteru AND waifu, so just marry her.

I rather marry her sister and have Akri~n as my imouto with benefits.


My point still stands.

Compared to all the lickitungs running around in this show, she's the closest one to being straight.

This. She's just going along with the flow but wants a older man to snuggle with at night.
And that older man is going to be me!


Akari also has no actual love interest.
all the other girls have a love interest specifically pointed out for them.

if you don't count the twins of course.

She can have her pick of Chitose and Chizuru

I think you have the wrong thread here bub.

>not owning this

>body pillow of a middle school girl
As much as I love to, I don't want anyone finding it.

It's a sleepover daki.
She brought her pajamas. You're just having a sleepover with her.

I'm pretty sure Jared said the same thing.

It's a cartoon.

can we see some closeups? specifically towards the lower end of the pillow. I would like to see the water damage

user, there is no water damage. I do not lewd the Akari.

>It's a cartoon.
And? I don't want my room mate to think I weirder than I already am.

Keep it on the pajama side, everyone loves dogs.

Why not? what's he gonna do?

You can't just go through life compromising things away like that. live for yourself a little. get a room mate that's weirder than you

I sort of want an Akari daki to hug. I want her in her normal PJs on one side, then her in the cute pink dress from the OP gif on the other side.

To hug!

>get a room mate that's weirder than you
He kind of already is. I'm pretty sure Hello Kitty is his waifu. Not even joking.

>this was actually fixed in the BDs
TYO ain't so bad after all.


What is that face is trying to convey?

I came.

What was wrong before?

Dubs plz

I saw

how do i get numbers

please respond


I conquered

Compare it with this.

Ah nice, I should get the BDs for archive purposes

Threadly reminder that Chitose is best yuru.

Newfag here. How do i post blank pictures like op?

Thanks mods


i dont want to finish the last season of yuruyui becuase ill have nothing left after that

What the.

I used to think like that for a lot of shows. I learned it was better to finish it. You can always revisit it, and not finishing it means that you haven't seen all of it.

I haven't watched season 3 because I watched 1 episode and it was too gay for me

>She's pink

What the fuck

I'm quite sure the result of dubs override the result of singles, no matter what they are.

Get out.

Nothing is too gay when it comes to little girls, faggot.

post Akari peeing on a cold morning

For what purpose?

masturbatory purposes

I want Akari~n to pee in my mouth~


same honestly

does it

Post Akari peeing herself.

I fucking need it on my face



Rolling for 5.


Burn this.



Akari is pure



Forever in Kyoko's shadow.


Akari and Chinatsu are in love

Akari is pure sexy

Nobody loves Akari except her creepy onee-chan

I've legit never seen the picture get a get.

If Secret Flowers is canon then this should be too

Because Ayano a cute.

bed time is at 8pm folks

If this thread reach 500, it proves that Akarin is the true saviour.

If this thread reach 500, it proves that Akarin is the true saviour.

How can she be so sexy guys?

Akari please



Akarin is so pure she doesn't know anything about lewd, adult things like sexuality or love beyond hand-holding, hugging, and kissing (on the hand, because that's what princes do for princesses!). If you whipped your erect adult penis out right in front of her, pretending to be in pain and that licking and sucking it will make it better, she'd do it without thinking anything bad was happening to her.

>anything bad was happening to her
>a bad thing

Not that I would, but I will.

microflora exchange can be detrimental

>deepthroating young, innocent 14-year old middle school students in a public bathroom isn't a bad thing
Also, if Akarin were your wife, she'd make you breakfast every day.

>deepthroating young, innocent 14-year old middle school students in a public bathroom
Isn't this what happens everyday at high schools, though?

Good thing they're in middle school (forever) and not in high school then, huh? I bet if you were Akarin's classmate, you'd do awful things to her.

Nah, she deserves better. I'd just break her hymen in the most gentle way possible.

What are you talking about? Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Akari are horrible.

I would never suggest removing Akari's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples. Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cum more than her little throat can swallow.

The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal pussy, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke.

I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.

Sweaty girls get me off and this scene got me good.

Those paragraphs got me fully pent bruh

user stop. I might do something I might regret if you make me think impure thoughts of her.

the horror

Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I'm sorry user, but Akarin is too cute.

I want to take that sweaty swimsuit and make an infusion with it in a big barrel that I would conserve in the fridge for the hot days.

Did your best girl change throughout each season?

It was always Toshinou Kyouko for me.

I want to hug Yui!



9, I want to be raped by Chinatsu.


Akari likes dubs



Akari wants you to delete this

I hope you people who have lewd thoughts about Akari intend to take responsibility.



Post the cutest Ayano wallpaper you have or else

One day I'll become better than to roll, but not today.

let's see

Of course. I want to have many children with her~

Kyouko is lewd
I also like Chinatsu

0 get

Rollin because why the fuck not

Hello little girl.


Why would you post blank rolls?

No wallpaper

Holy crap



>No wallpaper
You're trash.


I never really liked Kyouko. I always preferred Akarin, which is why S2 > S1.

I would but I already have a waifu so Akarin's just going to have to be a cute single MILF when she grows up.

>not liking both
Maximum pleb.

>not divorcing you're waifu for akari~n
Akari is true end, no matter what the universe, faggot.

Pure cinnamon roll > 2genki4me

Honestly, Akarin is more daughteru than waifu, and anons who have Akarin for a waifu should be the ones who feel bad for sullying such purity.

Maybe she used to be.

Wow, look at your wrong opinion user! It should be crumpled up and thrown in the trash where it belongs!

Same, kyouko or bust


Oppai kinshi!

>implying akarin, kyouko, the twins and yui aren't in my harem

You hold very doubtful opinions.

What about Ayano?

She's the head of it.

What is it about Hanako that makes me want to rub my cock on her?

I want to violently fuck her armpits while she cries and begs me to stop

I want 4


It's hard to tell, everything about her is perfect.

Monsters. That kind of shit is reserved for Rise.
I want to hear her scream.


I want to tie up all the girls from the show in my basement and fuck them every single day in every hole. slowly starving them to death except for my semen, saving the last one alive to bare my children and be my wife forever

It will be Mari-chan

I'm actually dead inside

I want to violently fuck her armpits while begs for more.

Please die on the outside too.

Chinatsu is too good for a boring girl like Akari so no.

She is not, people just draw her in a sexy way. It's like Clifford the big red dog.


>13 yo girls
>not sexy

This thread got real fuckin' disgusting real fast.

But I just want to hear Rise's cute voice.


So cute.

>expecting different

>her cute cough in that explosion friends episode


I love her VA.


I just found out her VA voiced Setsuna from NEEDLESS. She seems to get the role of best girl when ever she gets a gig.

>no vagina comparing mini-game

Missed opportunity desu senpai

That's a 400$ DLC.

go watch Ichigo Mashimaro, newfags

How about you use proper punctuation, thunder cunt.

I want to sniff this butt!

I don't like Ayano that much, but I definitely think her pantyhose are good. Extra sweaty butt!

That's the spirit. I'd have her mount me and grind her bare pussy on my dick.

>Not wanting her to grind with her pantyhose on
Step up

I would rip a whole in them for skin on skin. They'll still be on, but I want maximum skin contact. Plus I can rub her thighs with my hands.

I want to bite those thighs!


Totally worth it.



left : brat

right : himarawi


>lesbian burrito

Its obviously a lesbian sushi roll

I rather have some middle schooler tacos, if you catch my drift.

I want to tickle their feet while they can't escape.


13 year olds are for cuddles and headpats
14 year olds are for dicking
15 year olds are for cuddles and headpats

Eight (8) year olds are for dicking
Six year olds are for cuddles and headpats

13-15 are for dicking
13 and under are for protecting and headpats.

>13 is for dicking and protecting and headpats
Imagine raping Akarin while holding her tightly and petting her head with your free arm.


As it should be. I would kiss her on the forehead and bully her bean ever once in a while as well.

>watch a movie with Akari
>she's nestling her head against your shoulder while wrapping her dainty little arms around yours
>fingerbang the shit out of her until she passes out, clean up her mess, change her clothes, and put her to bed because it's 9:00 PM

I'd do pic related with her during the movie. She can control how fast she wants it. I don't want her to miss the movie.


RIP kancercolleposter.

I need to study anyway.

I'd kill OP's own mother just for a night with Akari~n.


I want to FUCK Akari chan!


Akari~n is my wife!

I want to hug You!

Can you imagine Akari's reaction if she read this thread?
I remember back when Crunchroll was streaming live feeds from conventions and we had threads set up to invade/troll the people who got on. Some were young teenage girls and we would flood lewd things on the chat and it would be on the screen. I remember them running away in horror. shit was cash.

>Can you imagine Akari's reaction if she read this thread?
Wary confusion because she doesn't know what half the things people want to do to her are talking about, but can tell from the context that it's bad and something a young girl like her shouldn't do.

She would see that lots of people want to pat her head and cuddle her, and just conveniently not see the creepy stuff.

Well it's a good thing I deleted my pic above.

>Can you imagine Akari's reaction if she read this thread?
"What language was this again?"

I would get a vita for this sole purpose.

It's an edit. It's actually for the YRYR, a much more alive system than the Vita.

There would have been a option for all nude fights.