Shingeki No Kyojin

BRA a cute.

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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out


The cutest.

Erwin was a lucky man. He deserved to be saved and Armin should have been thrown off the walls.

You could have posted any Erwin picture to begin the thread and you taint his image already with that horrid one.

That picture sums up my point perfectly though.

It makes him look like a molester and his face is ugly in it.

If that's how you want to look at it, then that's your fault.
I actually think he suits porcelain features.

His mouth looks huge for a start, plus he looks as if he has a receding hairline. Also, he appears to be on the verge of molesting little Historia.

Looks more like a tall forehead than a receding hairline to me, but that's all down to how one interprets the shading.
And he's only holding her ankle. Stop being so melodramatic.

not a single f heartless bastards

Doesn't Bertholt have a crush on Annie?


i want to hold mikasa in my arms and tell her how important she is to me

Would you high five her?

Don't spaghetti when you confess to her.

F for this cutie

Manga Eren has grey eyes. Where does the golden eyes version come from?

EH marriage when? They could save the walls.

Erwong is kill, genius.

Never. He's dead.

Can Titans into lewd?

Why don't you just kidnap someone and dress them up as Historia instead of shitting up the place with your cringe faggotry.
Hissy is pure and angelic, far beyond us all.

I don't agree with the sentiment posted below, but that picture has just boosted my appreciation for Erwin even more so than it was before.

That's always an option. Lucy is only 15 or 16.
Historia is a pretty great liar so she's not pure or angelic. That was Krista, who was a fiction.

You have shit taste friend.

Historia is her honest true self and Krista was the liar.

Like I said, she's an option. Not my first choice.

That's what I said.
Krista was a fiction who was kind and angelic.
Historia had to lie for years at a time in order to conceal her identity. Neither is pure or angelic, but the falsehood at least appeared so outwardly.

Ocean when?

EH is canon.


Manga Eren has grey eyes. Where do the golden eyes version come from?

Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.
Time for Teletubbies.

Don't know. Must be because of eren looking Carla..

Fuck off.

Looks like a trap.

i donĀ“t like her jewish nose

name of the cosplayer?

You must hate Hange and Bertolt then.

so what?

I think it looks good on her.

BRA is pathetic.Only Reiner is interesting.

>what is reverse search

Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.

I think it's perfect on her.

>what is a lazy ass


You have shit taste.

Annie and Reiner are both interesting. Bertolt a shit.

Better -


Fuck off. Annie is piece of garbage.

Don't be gross and creepy about real children

I'm sorry you feel that way.

>You have shit taste.
a shitty taste fits a shitty person

I am sorry you have shit taste.

I don't get how people think this is scary?

I'm sorry you feel that way.


I guess they look goldish in the double color spread in chapter one, either because of the sunset or because it wasn't colored by Isayama.
New color pages when?

The Morbegs aren't scary

I'd gladly have shit taste if that's what it means to like Annie.

You're a shit. Annie is best girl.

Those are retarded and so are you.

Annie is best girl.


anyone got the Shingeki No Kyojin version

>Annie is best girl
Absolutely right.

Think of who you're talking too and then ask yourself if this surprises you. The dudes a fucking freak.

You're the fucking worst.

wow very cute. wtf I love cosplay and Krista now.

That's an odd way of spelling Mina

It doesn't surprise me but that doesn't make it any less creepy.

When will Ymir come back?

Stop trying so hard to be the next whofag.

Kill yourself.

Since when was there a Minafag?

When she needs to kissu the Hisu.

Fuck off, whoposter.

The moment someone decided to be an attention whore.

There isn't.

A profound statement.

They're rather sweet actually.

It's just a little bit of fun.

So soon?

This. It's disgusting.

>being this mean to best girl
She'll forgive you though, Mina's nice like that. Kinda like Jesus, died for Eren's sins and shit.

Post lewd AM please.

Yes. This is the arc where best characters Annie and Ymir are gonna be returning.

Anniefags gonna Anniefag

I'm just glad for the passionate promotion of a favoured Shingeki! People will say horrid things but ignore it for the love of Mina. Welcome, Minafriend!

Whoposters should be banned on sight.

Thanks senpai.

Stop giving it attention then.

Out of all the redshirts that get whoposted, Mina is objectively the most shit. She's cute, but completely shit.

I think it comes from a deep insecurity bedded in the knowledge that their waifu will always be inferior to Mina.


She was friends with Annie. That makes her pretty damn good to me.

The more the merrier

Mina isn't whopost, Mina is thepost.

I like Mina but there's no denying that she has done nothing for the plot other than be cute and then die. She's like the Marco to Annie's Jean.

Actually, anyone that is friends with Annie would be safe by default. Hitch, for example, would be safe.

You're very welcome! My favourite Mina moment was in the anime, seeing her shaking as she attempted to hold in the laughter as Keith told Sasha off. A priceless expression!

Absolutely, Hitchfriend!

>sorry your head got bitten off m8
>just bant

Pretty much this. At least Mina was cute though, Marco looks like some inbred tard and actually is retarded.

Who the fuck cares about mina
She's worse than sasha

Better something romantic.

Annie played no part in this though. I don't think she even attracted the titans during Trost.

Also, those eyes are eyes genuinely filled with remorse.

I love mina


>safe by default
Safe from what?



I've repeated myself multiple times, I won't be doing it again.
Regardless of that fact, there's nothing that shows there was a friendship between Annie and Mina.

There is no AM unfortunately the decision to have Mina be Armin's LI was scrapped.

Holy shit

Rape? Murder? Both?


There is MM lewd because I found it on pixiv one on accident.

If Annie friends were safe, Marlo wouldn't get fucked.

Mina is Annie's friend.

Safe from being fiddled by CWLanon.

By all means try and prove that Mina was her friend.

It is so important Mina is safe from that person.

>Mina is Annie's friend

By all means try and prove that Hitch was Annie's friend. After all they only had like one canon conversation.

Wait they actually talked in canon? The fuck.

Fucken head shaped like a dick

Can I team up with you to protect Annie?

Actually my bad. I don't think they even had one if Lost Girls isn't canon.

Maybe that's what they titan wanted to put it in his mouth.

And shared a room together. I consider the EU content as canon, because there's no reason not to.

I would much rather you didn't. I don't get along well with others. But I admire your desire to protect her.

And Mina spent 3 years training with Annie, sat with her during dinner, Annie apologising to her after her death. If you consider Hitch Annie's friend, there's absolutely no reason not to think that Mina was her friend as well.

Can't they all be friends?

That's alright, we can just continue doing that separately. She is safe enough in her crystalline abode right now anyway.

Armin can fuck off desu

What I don't get is why you retard like one character while wanting to molest the rest.

Mina also spent years of training with the rest of the 104th. Being acquainted with someone doesn't make you there friend.
She ate dinner with her, in a room with a seating arrangement that was constantly in flux, this means nothing.
Annie was apologising to the populace inside the walls at large, Mina being on the page means nothing.
Hitch is Annie's friend based on how they spend time together. In LG, Hitch buys/gives Annie a ribbon specifically to make her dating life better. And they cover for each other.
This is evidence that is not-biased and not subjective.

I hope she gets out safely.

My interests and reasons are my own, you don't need to "get it"

Annie 'apologising' pissed me off so much. What did she expect to happen?

Yeah right. You're using that and those pics just to attentionwhore.

Annie is worst girl.

You'll note that I never brought this up in the first place. You can blame "Mrs Smith" for that.

I posted that picture for the benefit of the second poster that I replied to in my last post. Is this more your thing?

shut the fuck up and kiss Annie's ass like a good little shit.

No, get lost pedo.


She was trying to use the power of friendship to give mina a new head.

I'm not a paedophile.

That's unironically what the whoposters seem to be doing.

>wants to molest lolis
>I-I'm not a pedo gaiz

Seriously though - "I'm sorry I let the titans in and one bit your head off. They do that sometimes"

You do what you please user. Mrs. Smith shows no consideration in her posting and neither should you.

>But if she was a shifter it'd make sense why she'd be reviled
But then outside the walls you've got shifters being used pretty liberally. I share the same belief that she may have been a shifter before, but I don't think her being one was why she was hated.
Something to take in mind is that we don't know just how many people hated her. She believed that her "dying" made a lot of people happy, but who else had that same mindset? Historia, and the only person to show her true hatred was her mother. The bowing titan shows that Ymir wasn't universally hated, and that she likely is someone important (or closely related to an important person) outside the walls.


Indeed, yes, hopefully!!

>wants to molest and abuse kids
>not a paedo

If I were nip I'd actually love to send in a question about this. I wouldn't put it past Mina to at least make an attempt towards socializing with Annie, and I'm curious if Annie ever spoke to anyone outside of Eren and BR for mission purposes during her trainee days.

She didn't 'expect' anything, it was an impulsive guilt-induced reaction.

This a 420thousand times.

Not this the same amount times.

She was apologizing because she had just been mind broken because of Reiners death. That was the first time someone she knew had died- and Mina was a sweet girl, Annie was crushed then. It was to show that she cares despite the fact she acts like a bitch.

And it isn't confirmed that Annie led the titans if. If that was true, Reiner wouldn't need Annie to kill a human so she could prove herself.

I am here to stand up and to protect the baby Shingekis that horrid people want to hurt and abuse. Blame me all you like but I stand for the protection of the good and the innocent.

I don't want to "molest lolis"
I'm not looking for sexual gratification.

I just want to do my thing, talk with anons and discuss the manga and anime.

Did you actually make a script for that? Autistic as fuck if you ask me.

If the quality of a Syfy channel original movie is your thing, maybe. If not, no.

>reiner death
I meant marcos death

i watched this kid break his nose today it was pretty funny

Your first Mikasa post says otherwise

Sexual abuse isn't for Sexual gratification.

translate pls

To be specific, in this case sexual abuse isn't for sexual gratification.

I wish you'd keep your blathering to yourself just like your Erwin delusions.

Lets stop posting about abusing comic book characters.

Have a catgirl Annie and go away.


>M: Annie! I'll do your hair for you!
>A: Ah... thanks....

>R: Your hair looks mighty cute today

>A: Just you wait
>M: Sorry Annie, sorry
>M: You looked so cute, though...!!

And start posting about the best character -Mina.

Rip glasses Nifa

she lasted a few episodes, has no personality and is useless
annie posting is better than that fucking garbage

Are you autistic?

2nd best girl. Gone too soon.


I did have a chuckle.

No. I must share the love.

A lovely sentiment, well done.

He's on Cred Forums

It still makes you a pedo. Fuck off by the way.

Best girl is dead.

But she isn't Sasha.

She looks beautiful. I love her outfit.


But she isn't Mina

>mfw she was replacement best girl

Bullshit, you just want to hatefuck the girl that bullied you and you're such a beta that you want to molest a young queen for the power fantasy.


Even in death, she's still beautiful


That's not true or funny.

Can we just post Annie for a bit now?

Thanks for the Erwin, Ian.

Is Rico Polish?


Would you have tea with Erwin?

Allahfag gets it for once.

LM soon.

Mikasa will be executed like she deserves.


Thanks for proving my point.

>uses mainstream pics to have an excuse to shitpost

Did Zeke fuck up Reiner or just squeeze his face with his big strong monkey hands?

he's a comic book character, fake and dead.

By Levi's dick?

That is not a nice thing to say. I was going to invite you to have tea with us. I don't drink tea but I like other drinks.
You are not invited to baby Shingeki seaside adventures either.

It looks more like he got fucked up. If his face was squeezed the armour on both sides would have probably been broken. It looks more like he took a monkey punch.

I want to marry Eren and raise a family with him.

wasn't he already fucked up though

We posting cute?

nobody will live to see the sea
screencap this

Slutty, no matter how much you wish it, men can't make babies

lets not

I thought he turned up and they fought over whether or not to go back for Annie, then they had coffee and Zeke threatened him again?

Yes! Cuteness all the way.



Reminder based annie btfo'd this shit

Thank you Annie

Did the mangaka draw the op image?

Did the chickenscratcher draw the op image?



delet this

Erwin is a nerd!

>Ear ring
>Loose straps



Booby Annie a best

Annie a ugly jew

I prefer to think of her as she was meant to be.

Quiet you.

An ugly titanic shit.

This. How can she even compete with a proud and noble anglo-saxon like Mina?

Petra > Mina

>I prefer to think of her as she was meant to be.

Petra peed herself. She's worst girl.

She wasn't born a titan.

A teenage girl without an overtly sexualised design.

But she is very cute user

What's with all those bongies lately?

Eren will birth our child with the power of love.

The ugliness of her titan resembles the ugliness of her soul.

>A teenage girl without an overtly sexualised design.
Official art disagrees. Go back to jerking off to lolis

How will the birth process work out there?

>better than mina
top kek


Her Titan wasn't very ugly until Eren disfigured her.

I don't see how that disagrees with what I said. She is literally just relaxing.

How different would snk be if all the shingekis were slavic?

Same as it is but poorer.

It will be painful but it will be worth it and I'll be there for him all the way through.

Lots more squatting.

That's how childbirth works, certainly, but how does it work for a male? Where does the child exit the body?

The stork brings the baby, of course. The painful part is the wait.

A great response! At least you will have plenty of time to prepare.

>implying people even know who that pigshit that you keep posting is

Wedding first, though, I'm old fashioned in that regard.

Are we all looking forward to Christmas?
Halloween a shit.

stay mad tree hugger

Absolutely. The old fashioned way is definitely better. It gives you time to prepare for each wonderful milestone. It's lovely to see that you are so caring towards your beloved.


Says the bitch that got killed by the first titan that gave her a mean look

>who fighting who
Somehow I'm okay with this compared to the obnoxious Ricoshit poster who wrote walls of useless shit.

What do you want for Christmas?

Thank you, we have to everything for those we love!

I am alone in this world.

A ruby necklace to match a ring I own, candles, a bonsai tree, a few books, jumpers, Erwin merch... That's everything for now. My birthday is close to Christmas too so I have to ask for everything at once.

Absolutely! Your positive nature is a lovely thing. Do you think your little one will favour yourself or Eren?

You have your anons, for better or worse.

What Erwin merch?

Who's that cutie on the left.

Nothing wrong with that.

I still like Armin. I hope he doesn't crumble under the guilt and pressure of being chosen over Erwin.

Hopefully Eren because I want him to have all the love in the world!

He will be fine eventually but also will suffer. He will need help.

Probably the Nedoroid or other figures. I haven't really looked around just yet, I just know that it'll go on my list!

How sweet you are! The little one will have those huge bright eyes!

i literally have the same nose and i'm not a jew

And chubby, pinchable cheeks!

Don't piss yourself Petra, it was only banter.

This entire thread is shit.


I like that cat.

You had to post that.

Yeah with that shit picture. Cancer.

>Erwong and CWLanon.jpg




>I abuse lolis n shit

By the way, we should add this to the status chart.

No we shouldn't, cancer.

Fatty tripfags and landwhales virgin fantasasing shit without even have tried dick before. Truly sad and cringey. They must be really ugly in real life

Levi is pretty. Levi is handsome. Levi is cute. Levi does not look like the abomination that creature conjured.

No, we shouldn't.

Mina to return when

>what is fun
The chart is boring anyways.

Absolutely not you tumor, chart pictures are fine the way they are.

Continue to be buttblasted because no one thinks your idea was good.

The chart isn't for wanking shitposters, faggot. You can make your own shit chart and see how many people care.

Yes, he is quite handsome.

>getting this triggered

It was a joke by any means yet Jean made it

You don't fuck with tradition.

Those charts stopped being made because everyone hated them.

Well, someone must like it now.


I'm really curious why there are so many brit whoposters and autists posting lately. Are we being raided or something? How did you come across snk and snk threads?

RA reunion when?

Maybe the brexit lead them to depression and shitposting.

top kek

Brexit is not a cause for depression! Celebration my friend.

How did you come across snk and why are you whoposting exactly?


Don't play stupid we all know whoposting doesn't apply to the best girl.




How did you come across snk then?

Yes. Good.

Can't remember 2bh, was a while ago famalam.

They're just a new attentionwhore trying too hard to fit in. Stop giving them attention.

There's been Mina shitposting before. He probably left and came back.

He might have been the stupid faggot who complained about us 'spoiling' Erwin's death.

People are very negative here.

>a while ago
A week ago you mean.

I'm trying to figure out where they're raiding from, they clearly aren't here for anything other than idiotic shitposting.

>A week ago you mean.
It's begining to add up. You have Alzheimer's. Poor wee lamb.

This happens after spoiler week.

Put on a trip, please. I can't stand your cringy retardation anymore.

You'll probably forget about it soon enough anyway. Not worth the effort desu.

You guys should be rangebanned for good.

Just call me Mrs Tomato Smith considering how red I am now after looking at this picture.
Oh wowzers.

They're disgusting looking, obviously. They can't attention whore in social media because how they look, they'd most likly be made fun of, so thy come here to be complete retards. I wish brexit isolated from here as well.

For 5 minutes until you forget

receding hairlines are hot, what are you talking about?

That's your opinion.
Erwin's hair is perfect and is not receding.

I'm feeling personally attacked right now desu.


Plot discussion? Plot discussion anyone?
No? Just shipfags?
Alright then.

Wonder who could be behind this post

Means that it's true.

Not even being a cunt right now, but do you have aspergers? You kind of exhibit a lot of the traits


I am unsure though my parents suspect that there's something wrong, let's say. They never attempted to take me somewhere to be diagnosed as a child which I do resent them for in a way.

What sort of traits do I exhibit? I'm curious.

But Mrs Smith in England we don't celebrate christmas because sharia law!

Let me tell you right now, chum, with absolute confidence, that we will be celebrating Christmas this year! Remember the lyrics to Jerusalem and the spirit it invokes. You can celebrate with me and all the Shingekis!

Man, it's hard to explain but the way you post here all day (no offence) kinda shows you have some sort of an obsession with aot?

Keith Shadis detected

Can't believe you retard are seriously posting here.

Oh there's no denying that. I do think about it a lot and have been prone to getting obsessed with things in the past. This is probably the most serious obsession I've had though.

>all of england is london
top chuckle

fuck man, did you get betrayed by a lot of your friends throughout childhood? A lot of spergs tend to go through that

Does she looks like a person who has friends?


Where US represents Mina and Uk represents any other female.

I didn't get betrayed by them. Rather I didn't have many, but it didn't bother me at all. I had the mentality that if it didn't interest me, or I felt I was too smart for someone or for an activity, I wouldn't do it. People disliked me at school because I was blunt and valued my own education over assisting others with their own.

I also had terrible anger issues. Still do in a way but am able to contain it. I once bit a girl on the cheek because she told me that I couldn't find Bart Simpson funny because he was a boy. I was three but still.

I have a number of friends, thank you. I am seeing them this weekend.

>literally getting attached to a redshirt with no more than two lines
Somebody nuke that cuntry asap

>american getting rid of the o but keeping the u

>every reply is from the same purzon

I could be a different Mina poster for all you know

No, your retardation smells from far.

rude desu

I was just thinking about her
>tfw your waifu got eaten early

>I-I have a number of f-friends
You'll be here this weekend like always, unfortunaly. Stop fantasising cow.

>Everyone is shocked but Mikasa is smiling
why does she hate Levi so much?

Eren was the only one who disapproved.
Probably because the manlet keeps bashing his teeth from his skull.

Yeah, but when it actually happened everyone else was extremely shocked. Mikasa only joined them in their horror once manlet smiled. cruel yet funny

She seems to find it funny when the two midgets interact with each other. It looks like she's smiling in this scene too.

She enjoys manlet's suffering.

post the one where she smacks levis shit

>ywn be a member of the 104 training corps
>ywn go through years of brutal training
>ywn forge strong bonds of friendship with your comrades
>ywn die 5 minutes into your first battle

I would like to see Historia notice how depressed he is and punch him again in an effort to make him smile. It would be a funny recurring gag if she kept smacking him like that.


Has Levi ever let his guard down in front of anybody that wasn't Erwin and Mike?

Is Keith really this much taller than Erwin and Pixis?

Mikasa is cute

Such a handsome smile. Lovely.

Armin please.

Stop memeing about Armin the Mary Sue. 85% pf these memes ended up breaking reality and it's already bad as it is.



Fuck off dumblr.


me too, user

>Entire thread dedicated to Who? posting
>Best Who? not even posted

Has she somehow graduated from being a Who? by virtue of not being dead?

Anyways, official Who? rankings

1. Rico
2. Nifa
3. Hitch
4. Petra
5. Banana
6. Anka
7. Mina
8. Isabel
9. Traute
10. Hannah

Bort. ;__;

New OVA? Trailer soon, I think.

Is that a dildo on a support beam?

I hope so! There are a few OVAs I'd like to see.

It's announcing the airing of the anime again.

Like what?

>More Levi underground adventures.
>Some sort of Kenny OVA.
>Erwin and Nile training days. Perhaps Mike is there too, a couple of years older.
>Garrison/SC/MP cases/daily dealings - can have direct plot relevance or be something a little more 'daily life'.
>Lost Girls adaptations - Mikasa OVA and Annie OVA
>Bert/Reiner/Annie flashbacks but this might be covered in the main series.


EMA deserve death.

(Though it's a shame that Eren is there. Could have been someone like Nile).

Eren always looks out of place when he's placed with the vets. It would've looked better if it were Hanji hanging out with the boys in this poster.

It's odd when you think about it. Even though he's the main character he's hanging around in these images with men who are around twenty years his senior, as well as his military superiors. I agree about Hanji too. She'd have made a much better addition to the picture.

See pic related too. It's a great image, I think, but it's so odd that Eren is there. The reason why I imagine that Nile is there is because he's of a similar age to Erwin, Levi and Mike.

Hitch should be first but otherwise pretty accurate. A male Who list is needed too.

Boris, Thomas, the males from Hanji's squad (not even sure of the names), Ian, Mitabi, Hannes...

>forgetting the best male Who of all.

Flocke too!
I forgot Bartenderkun, Molesterkun, any more?

Does Marlo count?

He certainly does! If Hitch count as a female who Marlo counts as a male one. Farlan should be added too if Isabel is on the list.

when will this meme die

post more smartest cutest boi



>walk in
>see this
What do


fuk off

Petra is best girl and not a who

Are you a bong too?

what is a bong?

Mrs Smith and other whoposters.

Ask where Mina is

>best girl
oh am i laffen

>literally a corpse without brains

>implying that was mina and not a body double
>implying mina didn't retire to live on a farm
top kek petrafag

Why is Petrafag arguing with Minafag, can't we all get along?

The more correct question would be why the hell do they even exist

I'm not arguing with anyone, Minafag just can't keep his inferiorty complex to himself.

i fucking hats british people
i myself am dutch

I think we all know who best Who is anyway


Do you want to tiptoe through the tulips with young Armin?

Can't wait to see her crack down in tears after she hears that Marlow kicked the bucket.

How tall are you?

Please don't be mean user

stay mad whoposter

>still mad we took the cape

It's pretty bad because she will always ask herself if he had stayed with the MP and not die horribly if only she had told him how she felt instead of going her usual maximum bitch mode.


1,80 meter, im almost a small titan the fuck

i wanna burn armin with the fucking tulips

let's say the other more advanced "humanity" is just another walled kingdom but with greater understanding of technology (photography, weapons, cars, nuclear power, science) they are actually able to better kill and capture the titans. the king however could be just like the SnK King a government puppet keeping his people in line so nobody tries to go outside the walls
this is what i personally think of the chapter85 reveal

What was the point of Marco
I feel like he got a grand total of 5 lines over 30 seconds of screen time, yet they specifically linger on his death


>What was the point of Marco
To blow FT's cover, sob material, fujobait, etc.

Shock value I guess, the training bit kind of lightened the mood, so seeing all these soldiers who are basically still kids like Marco, Thomas, Mina and whatnot getting wiped out in their first battle reset the tone that the first couple of episodes had.

You could have used a nicer picture..

>Thomas, Mina

>Traute in the same group as those useless fodders
Shame on you, at least she had a meaningful conversation and was hot.

We wreck now?

Why do the higher-ups wear bolo ties when they're supposed to be in Not-Germany

Pedos out.

Don't compare me to that piece of shit.

>maximum bitch mode
She looked like she was in tears user

Aren't the the same piece of shit? You have shit taste btw.

No thank you, user.

Rico is mid 20s at least

No, I'm the pos that likes wrecked Ricos.

Just a bit?


Not even a bit, please.
Just leave me alone please.

When will you stop samefagging you pathetic retard? Go throw yourself in a zoo lion's cage and then bathe in lemon juice.

Ricofag posts wrecked Ricos then tells himself off?

Hey now, if you leave me to my posting then ricofag leaves

Anyone with half a brain can see that.

for what end?

Just clinical retardation at its pure form.

Can we not just talk nicely about our favourite Shingekis? Please?
I want to see Rico again. I'm curious to see what is in the letter from Ymir and I can't wait to catch up with Historia.

This. Don't see why everyone is so threatened by Mina 2bh.

Can't we all be nice to each other? ;_;

found this for ian

Mina is cute!

I try and be nice to everyone..
I didn't make this.

Best girl soon.


Annie is the best

user, Rico is very beautiful.

Rico a shit.

who's Ian?

i agree

Oniichan! Give me your jizz so I can gargle it while being cream-pied by otouto-san!

>these scrubs get to live whilst mina was torn away from us when she still had so much life left to live

>dickhair gets removed
There is a god.

Rico is a well liked and respectable soldier. She isn't a scrub.

Kill yourself.

That's just rude.

Kill yourself.


A cruel one

Yes. I wonder what she is going to do knowing most of the SL including the commander is dead. I think from here on out the remaining soldiers will combine with the garrison and MP.

EH is canon.


>mina died for this

Eren goes in for table scraps?




>mina gave her life for this

>Nips don't draw YH anymore
>Yet more EHfags pop up on Twitter each time I check
I win.

But that's not Annie.


>having more fanart means it more likely to be canon!
Celebrate that small victory I guess.

>tfw we will never see wall high school animated

I'm so happy.

Kek. Figures.

Going by that logic EL is canon, who are also the ones who draw EH.

Eren is obsessed with sucking Armin's dick.

Yes for some reason, tumblr managed to get it through their heads that YH is cute and canon.

Eren and Levi hardly have a positive relationship. I can understand ErwL, JE, and EAr but the popularity of EL is retarded.

I think that just proves how delusional you are then.


I think nips even like the abusive part about EL.

>says the EHfag thinking the amount of fanart matters
Coming from you, it's hilarious.

>Minas life was ended for this

Your ship is dead.

What does she have to do with YH?


Is there a translation?

Most likely not. Nips seem to not give a shit about these anymore.


I'm so glad bert died in that horrible way. Fucker deserved it

Him dying this early actually surprised me, always thought he would be the last one out of BRA. Makes me wonder if Historia will also die a sudden unexpected death, because she is also someone I don't expect to die this early in the story.

I think while it was surprising that Bert died first from BRA, it was always kind of inevitable that one of the shifters would get killed anyways.

I can't imagine Eren interacting with Levi outside of missions or SL tasks at all.

>implying RBA isn't fighting for a greater cause and that filthy walled lives matter in the grand scheme of things

But he did nothing wrong.

So what you're saying is HE DINDU NUFFIN, HE A GOOD BOI

The SL didn't either.
They eliminated a dangerous enemy and acquired more strength.

>The SL didn't either.
They did. They let Erwin die and let the coconut live.

If I went crazy then
Would you still call me Superman?
If I'm alive and well
Would you be there, holding my hand?
I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might

>SL didn't either.
>Literally killed their own leader.

I feel like Reiner has no reason to remain without Bert. I miss BR.

>I feel like Reiner has no reason to remain without Bert
He finishes his mission and returns home.

But without Bert it's not the same you know.

That's manlet's and Eren's fault. Hanji would have picked Erwin.


He lost Berik too so it's not that difficult.

Do you really think he can brush it off like that? He was disturbed too when Marcel died.

He got over it and continued with the mission.