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Pilaf is objectively the best dragon ball villain.

What is their relationship?

Inb4 DBS isn't canon-fags


>I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!


Yes, because without him, there would never have been any Mai

God of Destruction and Kaioshin

Reminder that Toriyama said Saiyans don't really have the concept of "family".

Not even Goku thought Gohan and Chi-chi as family, but instead as friends.

> Interviewer: The Saiyans [as a whole] appear warlike, but what sort of personality does Bardock have?

> AT: Of course, Bardock is a Saiyan, too, so he is warlike, but compared to other Saiyans, who are cold-hearted and of simple thoughts, he also happens to possess calm judgment and a small measure of humanity. Because of his actions of “saving his companions“, which is rare for a Saiyan, he is greatly adored among a portion of the low-class warriors.

> Interviewer: Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?

> AT: Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/episode-bardock-akira-toriyama-super-qa/


Edgy butt-buddies

>Goku might not have a sense of family members
>might not
>No certainty
Well at least you tried.

> that pic

Goku using family terms doesn't mean he actually sees them as family.

He sees them as friends, and Goku doesn't want to see his friends hurt.

If Raditz kidnapped Krillin instead of Gohan, he would've done the same thing.

>Implying Black isn't going to backstab Zumasu, so he can get all of Goku for himself.

Goku's reaction to Kuririn being bitch slapped through a house
>whyyy you...!

DB Kai > DB > DBZ > DBS (so far) >>>> DBGT

Goku's reaction to Raditz trying to get close to Gohan
>if you take one more step, I'll kill you!

Well at least you tried.

If Krillin was kidnapped, Goku would've fought Raditz

Actually Goku probably would've fought Raditz regardless of any kidnapping

Kaioshin and God of Destruction, calling it now

See and

I just want Hit back

Why is he so perfect?

> Arguing whether what the actual author said is canon or not

What's objectively wrong about Zamasu's viewpoint?

See Pretty sure Goku doesn't fuck Bulma or his other friends.


>Matt is an extremely powerful Super Saiyan. When he fought and defeated Zeel, it was found that in 20 years, he would become the next Super Saiyan 5!

>Matt only lived to be 29 because he died when he tried to go SSJ3.

>Matt was only 14 when he killed Zeel.

>Matt never got to go SSJ5 or even SSJ4 because he died when he tried to go SSJ3.

>The reason Matt couldn't go SSJ3 is unknown.

>Matt is the desendent of Future Trunks.

Fuck Zeel

Did you just fucking write that

>Turning the Super threads into a Dragon Ball general
Delete this garbage

Reminder that the DBS anime is canon, but not necessarily the manga (regardless of which is better).

When the DBS anime was announced, Toriyama only said he worked on the U6 Tourney script at the time. The Re:BoG chapters aren't his. Volume 'F' was a promotional tool for the RoF movie...way before DBS was even announced.

The manga was originally announced as a promotional tie-in manga for the anime (prob still is, although the anime is ahead now).

The DBS anime was also announced way before the manga was. But the manga manga was published two weeks prior to the TV series’ premiere (presumably to produce hype for it).

Also before the DBS manga, Toyataro worked on other promotional tie-in manga. DBS is no exception.

Well if Chi-chi told him not to, he probably wouldn't

t. Cell
t. Superfag

goku fucking bulma because he doesn't understand the concept of cheating would make a great doujin though

>Hey Zamasu are you still distrustful of mortals after getting completely and utterly humiliated by a powerful one?
>Hey Zamasu, why'd you kill that barbaric dude that showed almost no signs of progress or culture after 1000 fucking years
>Hey Zamasu, do you mind if I completely avoid your questions whilst spouting pseudo-philosophical bullshit?

>Zamasu go make some tea

>This tea is shit make more

>More tea mothafucka
>More you tea bitch

>You're my fucking tea bitch brew me more fuckin tea even though you're supposed to be a prodigy in fighting or some shit

>Zamasu, I've noticed that the tea you're brewing is growing more bitter as for some reason the tea leaves we use reflect the brewers heart or some shit. I've also noticed your comments have become openly supportive of genocide. Have you heard of the Super Dragon Balls? They can grant any wish!

>Now go make me more tea
I hope he dies godamnit

We don't need a thread Dragon Ball thread 24/7, especially since there won't be a new episode for another week and a half. Right now this is a just a general with no discussion.


Reminder that both the anime and manga are canon.



>I write an outline of the entire plot, then the script writers break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new bits as need be.

>Even I haven’t checked the final script yet.
>Let’s enjoy this together (laughs)!!


>I had put Dragon Ball behind me, but seeing how much that live-action film ticked me off, and how I revised that script for the anime movie and complained about the quality of the TV anime, I suppose somewhere along the line it’s become a series I like too much to ever leave alone.



>Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.
>Toriyama: That’s right.

>Back when Toriyama-sensei was drawing the manga, the animators would use his manga panels as reference, imitating the composition and things like that. And now it seems that the animators are likewise using Toyotaro-sensei‘s manga as reference.
>Toriyama: Oh, that’s good! That should keep them on track!

I love Vados-chan!

>And now it seems that the animators are likewise using Toyotaro-sensei‘s manga as reference.

Maybe months ago when the Manga was actually fucking ahead

99% Sure she's going to betray Champa at some point. She treats him like utter shit compared to Whis/Beerus and she seems to just hold Champa in contempt.


Do you think this is the face, Job-kun gave Bulma when they made Trunks?

>Bills: Is Zamasu acting weird, lately?

>Gowasu: No lol, I swear

Nah man

what do you want to see in dbs/would make it better
for me it would be
>vegeta going ssj3 while fighting for someone else (maybe bulma or the world)
>gogeta badass
>or vegito badass
other humans get a power (maybe a special/better form of the kaioken) that makes them as strong as a base saiyan

You don't remember Matt? what about Ize?

>His initial appearance is mostly the same as Frieza's third form, but eye and skin color are different, plus his chest and face have red markings. Because he built up a lot of stress during his long thawing period. Ize traveled around the universe looking for powerful foes.

>His body has enlarged and his power and speed have vastly increased. Even Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta wasn't able to scratch him.

>With a perfect body concealing power over 10 times greater than Frieza's, He's without a doubt become a foe stronger than any seen before.

I want some more story about Hit.
I want to hear his backstory, and how he came to have such a big title.

If he has family, and other friends back at home.
Just something more then, muh timeleap

>He thinks of Chi Chi first

Well who else is gonna make him that food?


what the fuck is wrong with you

>reaching this hard
Bulma is rich

He's one of those fags who romanticises words

Beerus---> Beers -----> Birrs -----> Bills

Is Garland the new mangaka?


No because if that were the case. Trunks and Mai would have expressed their feelings a long time ago

it can't be helped when you're stuck with this dumb fat cat and your brother gets to take care of the /fit/ one

So when it comes to social intelligence, Saiyans are like an earlier species of human? Or are they worse because they're monkeys?

this is how i see of him being this strong
you remember majin buu being born the same time the u7 is? he faced u7's version of majin buu perhaps.

Kent Hovind already debunked the theory of evolution.

Isn't universe 7 older then 1000 years?

And wasn't Buu, trapped for millions of years?

no u7 and 6 are twin universes born in the same time.

Goku went SSJ for the first time because of Krillin's death

They could use it as reference for other scenes. They see some fight choreography they like, they use it for a different fight, etc. It's not like they say they're copying it 1:1.

Well then. I accept your theory


>Nappa was resurrected by Vegeta who turned Majin once again but this time he had the power of Super saiyan 28, therefore the name 'Majin 28' on his forehead, which is almost five times stronger than Goku Super Saiyan 5.

>Bobadi , son of Babidi, turned Nappa into a Majin and gave him the power of a SSJ 4. Later , he was taught the technique of spirit bomb as he had a pure evil heart , by collecting all negative and positive energy of the universe.

>Goku SSJ5 and Gohan who had awakened his true power after 100 years, as a SSJ 100000000000 reached there.

>Goku was overthrowed by Nappa, but Gohan injured with one punch badly.Therefore, Bobadi gave Vegeta Majin 28 Uthara ear rings, a more powerful version of potara ear rings (Ten million times as told by Kabitishai ,son of Kibitokai).Vegeta and Nappa fused and they produced a superior warrior,Nageta and killed the Z fighters except Gohan and Goku. With Piccolo gone, Dragon Balls vanished forever. There was no way to revive them. Nageta later absorbed Goku with its tail and became Nagetoku. Gohan SSJ1000000000 throw a ki blast , killing Nagetoku saving the world and universe and the other world and himself and sister and brother who died ..........BYE

But Buu is millions of years old. He's at least several thousand years old.

Not saying he doesn't care about Kuririn, but clearly in that instance he was more protective of Gohan.

Literal retard

you mean Time immemorial age buu is order than the creation of the super dragon balls and old as the universe itself.

It's clear that both she and Whis hate their charges, she's just slightly more open about it.

I think he is as Whis said. A clone of Goku, also he got his earing from Zamasu after killing Gowasu. They both have them in the same ear

Also they traveled together again using the time ring to grant Zamasu the wish of immortality

Don't you have some shitposting to do on /his/?

Just you wait guys. The hero of this arc will be Roshi. He will trap Zumasu, and Black in his rice cooker.

He can't trap someone who isn't evil, and Black and Zamasu are right.

Black literally kills for fun

I get the feeling Whis somewhat likes Beerus. He at least doesn't despise him like Vados despises Champa. He's much friendly in their interactions and I'd say he almost likes him/

>Yeah, I seriously doubt that it was Toriyama's idea to include Gokuu's friends and family calling out his name at the end of the battle with Beers during Kami to Kami. That seems like the sort of thing that is inline with previous Toei adaptions. That Watanabe Yuusuke is still credited for the script makes me think he was still had influence on the script, too.

Jacob you here?

I wish. I hope he does a Trunks and Mai doujin, but Garland has been inactive for quite a long time now. If he's done anything new since then, it hasn't been scanned.

Does anyone feel like black looks a lot younger than Goku?

Facts don't care about your feelings.


The fact that it was mentioned earlier than episode 60, which makes it less possible to be true what whiss said, i mean, where would the hype be then?

how do i make these


It's where all the gotenfag theories come from


Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that she is singlehandedly the worst girl in the entire DB universe? Goku should have married Suno instead.

>tfw no one will go back and remaster the series like this

It's a shame because it makes it look so much better

Look up "niggerwalks template" then git gud at paint


>martial artist/can fight
>good mother
>knows how to cook
>great house wife

Can someone post the Yamcha one

She used to be so cute too ;.; I mean she obviously cares for Goku

whats the font?


She aged badly but she's alright.


it looks much better with that filter right?It seems that the coloring is what most of "db" fans hate about dbs

Aged bad?
If there ever was a Kamehatsura 2.0, with modern ChiChi, you would think differently

face it user that artist is dead




>was a top tier qt and one of the best martial artists in the world as a teenager
>her genes contributed to the strongest child that has ever lived
>is able to take a punch from a super saiyan and survive
>puts up with all of Goku's bullshit

She's probably the best girl Goku could have found. Anyone else and the world would be doomed or Goku would be divorced.

I bet that's the face when gets a BJ



If Bulma can handle Vegeta she'd probably put up with Goku's shit too

>DB Evolution was so bad it made Toriyama get off his ass and come back to a series he wanted to distance himself from, all solely to right that which is wrong

Jesus fucking Christ.

So DB Evolution wasn't all bad then.

Maybe, but then Trunks and Gohan wouldn't have been born. Without Gohan, Raditz would have killed Goku and Piccolo.

Evolution, and the original, terrible script of Battle of Gods

>Beerus was a virus that infected Saiyans with evil
>Super Saiyan God gives it a cape

Blame Toei for turning her into a raging cunt again after she mellowed out during the Buu saga. Also, she's technically still the strongest human woman on Earth. So I think she's a good match for Goku, any other women except maybe Bulma would have left him by now.

my father can beat up goku

Zamasu goes back in time and corrupts young Gowasu into hating filthy ningen. Gowasu gains kai status and then the two go fuck up future earth.

It's her hairstyle

God I can't wait for the manga to get here.

Imagine if TOEI didn't use Yamamuro's redesigns.

Those movies would've looked incredible.

Why did Cell even unleash the kamehameha in the first place? Gohan was dead-tired, demoralized, and had a broken arm. Cell was rejuvenated, can regenerate well beyond what he thought he was capable of, and just as strong as Gohan. He could've gotten into a melee and just wore Gohan down and beat him in a battle of attrition.

For such a perfect being, Cell's not very smart.

She got fucked over by Toyiota because he hated her

Snow is good too, but who are we to say

>mfw when that husband swap the Chi Chi wanted comes true


I know that scene was dub only, but it was pretty fun to listen to Chi Chi lust for the Prince of Jobbers dick. Also seeing Yamcha hide his pain with laughter was great too.

shit nigga whats the sauce

>Vegeta in the background looking smug as fuck


>implying Goku hasn't already wrecked Bulma's pussy

It was about the pride man, Cell wanted to straight up crushed Gohan

Chichi would probably very quickly grow to hate Vegeta. She doesn't even mind the training but at least Goku's decent, Vegeta's just a straight up cunt. Bulma's probably pretty sub for Vege whereas Chichi is certainly more of a dom

I wish we got to see Chi Chi and Vegeta interact. I think they've directly interacted with each other for the entire series once, and that was in Super. She seems nice to anyone that isn't her family.


She's nice to her family too, just she wants her kids to have a legitimate role model and education. Goku's the strongest person on Earth but he has had almost no education and it's surprising he can even read and write.

as a side note, why are people associating Vegeta with jobbing recently? I mean he got smacked the fuck down by Black but so did Goku.


nigga he slim as fucc he's probably a fucking mantlet

>Chi Chi lust for the Prince of Jobbers dick

Reminds me of her commentary in BT3 where she's getting wet over Super Vegeta's muscles. I think dub Chi Chi wants to legit fuck Vegeta.


Fuck yeah it does

Do you know if there's a way for me to get all the episodes put through that filter? It makes them look so much better

>associating Vegeta with jobbing recently
It's been a thing for years, but I'll admit there has been a recent spike in how often it's mentioned.
Probably some youtube faggot said it so now all the kids are parroting it everywhere.

I mean yeah Vegeta jobbed all of maybe one time against Semi-Perfect Cell but that was in-character for him.

Beating him to a bloody pulp while his friends watched in horror would've been much more satisfying than just kinda vaporizing him.

I think that kind of mentality is probably where you could place the blame on the Vegeta genetics. It was a pretty Vegeta thing to do to boast about how strong you are.

Reminder that Bulma wanted dat Goku dicc when they met for the first time when he was an adult



He did this for BoG Videl

links broken

BoG Videl is easily the cutest girl in the entire DB franchise


>Hitler is hanging in a cuckoon in hell getting tortured by tiny jews


The same pictures are in the dragonball thread on /h/

Sorry Frieza, It appears you didn't make the cut.

> Jaco
> DB
> DBS (Toyataro)

> DB
> DB Kai
> Yo Son Goku Returns
> BoG (Movie)
> RoF (Movie)
> DBS (Toei) Episodes 28+

Would it really? Cell has Saiyan genes. He craves a good fight. He'd probably get bored pretty quickly if he just wailed on him. Also, I doubt the others would just sit by and watch.


Frieza is a trash villain

Do you think Goku goes super when he releases in her?

Is this a thing you can buy? I need one.

What's the style. I've seen it since BoG. The fighter gets a focused shot before he fluidly flies towards the other fighter, and then both fighter get a shot, and so on. It makes it more hype, but I just wanna know.

Honestly... You're not that wrong.

DB > DBS > DBGT > DBZ > early DBS

*Zamasu and Zamasu

I agree with DB being the best

Me too can't wait for the Trunks's final flash manga version

NINGENS ARE FOR _______________

watching over

> DB Kai > DB > DBZ > DBS (so far) >>>> DBGT

After watching Kai, DBZ became unwatchable for me.

I sat through one of those blu-ray remasters, and holy shit you can watch 10 episodes and NOTHING would happen

DB > DBZ Abridged > DBZ Kai > DBZ > DBS > DBGT

If I wanted to watch 10 minutes of screaming, I'd call my gf


kai is superior, no 15 minute """tension building"""


They were good before they fucking sold out (I know that's cliche as fuck but it's true in this case).

They still put out quality episodes its just they take too fucking long.



Killing slowly, person by person, until my dream utopia is achieved


Let's talk about time travel.

>implying you have a gf
>implying you could pleasure a woman
>implying just so many things that you can't possibly live up to



Cell explicitly said he was done with Earth and everyone on it, and just wanted to zip off and fuck up the whole universe. It wasn't so much a pride thing as a "nothing left for me here" combined with just being a spiteful prick.


>sold out





Looks like you dropped the ball.

They make a living doing stupid stuff no one cares about because they can't profit off DBZA without getting shut down.

Idiots are mad about that.

Check out this thread about a super cancerous american VA of kid Goku.

>Reminder that Bulma wanted dat Goku dicc when they met for the first time when he was an adult

It's completely in character, because Future Bulma was the same way and seemingly went out of her way to get her son to pin all the future's hopes on Goku, even before even entertaining the prospect of getting to know his father.

I'd really like to see Future Bulma meet Goku and Vegeta from the current time-line for the banter alone.

Zoe Slusar was the voice actress for Kid Goku in the dubs of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT done by Blue Water Studios which aired in Canada and the UK

So a literal nobody then. Also she isn't American and has nothing to do with the Burger dub.

>I'd really like to see Future Bulma meet Goku and Vegeta from the current time-line for the banter alone.
She's dead, user.

It's a potentially viral video about someone related to the franchise. I thought Cred Forums might marginally give half a shit.

>She's dead, user.

Not if the Super Dragon Balls have anything to say about it.

Why not just use Namek's dragonballs?

were not even sure the namekins are even alive in that timeline.

>Not if the Super Dragon Balls have anything to say about it.

Considering we've already seen them used to resurrect Universe 6's Earth after apparently wiping out their civilization with war, it's possible that this is how Future Trunks' world will end up.

Or Toei/Toriyama can go the opposite directly and have Black/Zamasu finish wiping out what's left of the people on Earth and the All-kun'll wipe out that timeline altogether, leaving Future Trunks, Future Mai, Future Yajirobe and those two named kids with the Kaioshin of Time, assuming they decide to go the 'Time Patrol Trunks' route with DBS.

Black was wiping out planets before arriving earth, there's a slight chance that Namek is kill too

>Why not just use Namek's dragonballs?

Black probably wiped out the Nameks, form his earlier monologues it sounds like he's been raping quite a few mortal worlds before fucking up Future Trunks' already fucked planet.

Even ignoring that possibility it's the matter of finding New Namek.

>Black was wiping out planets before arriving earth, there's a slight chance that Namek is kill too

I'd like to believe the chance is rather high since Zamasu has already abused the Super Dragon Balls. There's no way he'd leave Namek around when they could just wish away all the planet-raping Black has been doing.

The never got the coordinates to New Namek in the Future

My money is on the Super Dragon Balls or Zeno doing something. There are only a handful of people left on the entire planet. Small enough that they can all fit in a train station or whatever that place was.

Would you guys like to see full length movies of Piccolo Jr, The Saiyans, Frieza, Cell, and Buu in the style that RoF's directors cut does briefly for Goku vs. Frieza?

>black chasing and killing every single human
why not just blow up whole planet? it would be 5 min at most and he would be done

If they did that, I wouldn't complain...but I'd rather have new stories

have you watched g gundam? master asia is doing the same thing Black is doing destroying humans and leaving the planets alone curing them from mortal disease.

I'd love it honestly, but only if it doesn't create a hindrance for Super itself, maybe in its own time or something. It'd be really nice to see all those updated with animation and what they could do with them based on RoF.

black isnt curing anything, he want to eradicate all humanity, hes just retarded goku

Zamasu doesn't want to destroy the planet though. He just wants to wipe out the Ningen to create his "Utopia". But yes, it is a little ridiculous that Black hasn't killed everyone yet given how strong he is. Two episodes ago when Mai and the resistance were standing behind a barricade and shooting at Black, he could have just killed all of them with one ki blast.

Goku shouldn't have 4 spikes on the right, only 3.

>Vegeta just standing in the background imagining going balls deep in Kakarot's wife

I wonder what sort of child they would produce?

He's had 4 since BoG for some reason.

People are pissed about TFS Gaming paying the bills for everything. They accuse it of taking time away from the main show, despite the fact that the only one in the LPs consistently that has anything to do with DBZA is Lani who is also most likely the first one to finish his lines.

That and the Patreon, which unlike most other Patreons, actually buys stuff for the show.


is this shit for real? what ep was that?

in tern goku's hair spikes is always inconstant.

It's one of the last episodes of Z. I think it's called "He's Always Late" or something like that. And the husband swap thing is Funi dub only. In the original they just talk about each other's attractiveness. The whole episode is filler regardless.

Earth is sick.

Humans are a disease, and Black is the vaccine.


masturbate with me Cred Forums

>tfw dragonteam is dead
>tfw no good subs anymore

fucking cancer

less talking and more of hand on your dick jerking it like a steam engine or if you like my hand on your dick and vise versa


How would Zamasu know of Namek?

Actually very fitting, if Black is actually Future Goku. Vaccines originate from dead organisms and train an immune system to recognize such pests ahead of time.


>tfw the Heart Virus was an alien weapon that didn't actually kill you but slowly turned your crazy
>tfw all aliens but where he contacted it from are a disease and you believe yourself to be one of them
>yfw Goku knew this and fucked off to parts unknown after he 'died'
>yfw he's back now

he goes does a research about the dragon balls before asking the wish of inmortality. I bet he knew about the namek db and earth db

I mean that wasn't shown. He only knows about the Super Dragon Balls and the Dragon God.

>implying Black isn't a body morphing god of destruction
>implying killing Zamasu won't kill Black because muh link
>implying they won't wish away Zamasu's immortality when he's at his most smug and thus most vulnerable

Just use Batman.

Super Buu caused a human extinction in a minute. Black is slacking.

Buu could also sense ki.

Uhhhh user...

what was posted user must've of been hot as fuck

He probably doesn't know about the namekian dragon balls

I mean if they bring Whis that's not going to be an issue

He wants to purge the planet of mortals and spare the earth itself

He's getting rid of the retards who live on earth

So can Black

Meh I would rather Toei reanimate the Champa arc and Future Trunks arc in movie format.

Why don't they just bring Hit, pay him to ZA WARUDO the fuck outta Black Goku then gangbang Zamasu or some shit

Oh fuck off this scene wasn't as bad as you people make it out to be.

literally you

Batman's alright

It looked pretty good aside from the Dragon suddenly growing to be larger than several dozen galaxies

I don't mind they did that just have it be a little bit slower.

Clearly he posted in the wrong thread, something about 10km climbs and vultures, I don't know.
>So can Black

It took him a year just to track down Trunks and it seems like there are still so many humans left that he can't quite pinpoint exactly where they are since they interfere with each other. Buu could just pinpoint everybody with ease. Even then he still missed people who obviously had a power level more than 5-20.

Super needs to finish before I can give it a proper evaluation.

To be fair, a God transformation giving a new outfit doesn't seem that odd. It'd help it stand out more from being just a recolored SSJ too.

It should have turned into energy form while doing that. It'd be cheap to draw and would look much better.

Instead they went with keeping Goku's eyes normal and dilating the pupils, which looks terrible in my opinion.

In the manga Hit's time skip only works if his opponent is close or lower to his own strength.

Since Bracku Goku Supah Saiyajin Roseh is stronger, the time skip won't work on him.


>doesn't want a downgrade but wants to downgrade to vegeta





2xmai + 2xtrunks = ?

The worst thing about DBS even more so than the shoddy animation is the influx of shipping and waifu faggots it has brought to the threads.

Mei is so hot.I'm watching super cause of her

They look like a family in that pic.

goddammit wanna see kid trunks see future mai now

There's nothing to discuss Gohanfag. There won't be another episode for a little over a week, so no knew content. That's why you don't make "generals" and keep them running 24/7.

Could Black or Zamasu beat Bills?

You can either bring up something else for us to discuss or you can just fuck off.

it's no general without the written and unwritten thread rules, tripfags, and namefags

this is just shitpost central


I think Future Mai will never leave the future, though.

>It's not a general! This thread is for real active discussion!
>this is just shitpost central
You know you're free to contribute to the thread. If you don't like what's being posted or discussed just introduce something else. If we had something new to talk about we would, like maybe when the new episode airs in nine days. Until then I wouldn't keep a 24/7 Dragon Ball thread up.

Imagine being such a pleb you have to go and harass VAs about a dub.

>If we had something new to talk about we would, like maybe when the new episode airs in nine days.
This reminds me that there will be a new manga chapter next week.

leave goku alone! he is on vacation...

The dub is shit so who cares.

Yes probably sucks though

fuck yes really?

Yeah i just find it funny that these are probably the people who were saying Super should be canceled and now they're harassing VAs for a dub.

Is he our guy?

you know every little dragon ball thread just becomes a general with enough replies


Who cares? Literally years behind the anime.

It's already on episode 50 and covered several plot points the anime just covered.

People with good taste.

Yes, the new V Jump comes out on the 21st.

DBS on the 21st and Berserk two days later.

Gay hair goku and some fag.

Bamco livestream featuring XV2 stuff.

The Japanese get so hyped over the littlest things

>That SSJ3 cosplay

majin vegeta>black

I don't know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.

Can we stop with the Super faggotry for a single second and admire the creativity of the androids?

My favorite arc in the entire series. The slight cyberpunk feel you got with 17, 18, and 16. Then the monstrous Cell who was the culmination of the potential evil in Bio-engineering.

Kidnapping two adolescents, brutally experimenting on them and replacing their inferior body parts with machinery, and then planning to have a monstrous being devour them to become complete, Dr. Gero was a sick fuck.

Bulma was rich af and can handle a neet husband who fights all day.Chichi's case is different.

Hey, do we have a good site to stream DBZ Kai from? I'm not finding anything thats got them.


I'm pretty curious if faggots like you are actually honest. I can't see how DBS is better than anything.

Green doctor & his Saiyan anal slave. Said slave will soon get his daily dose.

>Universe 10 has rings for Universe 7.
>Black appeared way before Goku met Zumasu, their meeting motivated Zumasu to go full edgelord. Which means a future version of Zumasu met a future version of Goku and FTrunks.
>In that future U10 FZumasu killed FGomasu, then wished for immortality, and ended in ANOTHER Future U7 timeline.
>Still that future version of FTrunks ended in the present because of a future version of Black, but this Future Zumasu is in another timeline.
Toriyama is lost with his le cool arc.

Garland is back user, but he's currently making some DBS Videl doujin.

Android 17 and 18: the acrobats
Android 16: the strongman
Android 19: the clown
Android 20/Dr.Gero: the ringleader
Cell: The freak


When does GT gets good?

When you watch Super

what doujin?
those were just pencil drawings stapled together and shaded with crayon, was he even selling that?

Super is way worst though.

>Everyone I don't like in a Gohanfag.

I don't see the point of Super, even when I don't like GT at least I could enjoy a better characterization of Goku and Vegeta's family.

Hello, I'm going to upload my vlogs on kami tube. I'll be right back but can someone watch these time rings for me when I'm gone. Thanks.

>I don't know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.

No. I'm sure Black Goku is undefeated against Vegeta, Goku and Trunks.

Why do people assume that the additional time rings in u10 were created by somehing that happened in u7? (trunks and cell time travelling).

That doesn't make any sense and was never hinted at, at all.

Any Good mai Doujin ??

Yeah, those are sketches of his. His compilations have some too. It's not enough to say he definitely working on something, but he's keeping up with the series and still drawing so there's hope for something new.

Super saiyan was a mistake

Yeah, Black joined Vegeta and Cell in the undefeated against Goku club.

> dbgt>dbs
He's right you know...

Vegeta is the better husband, father, friend, etc. Goku can't even beat him in a fight.

So if Gohan never stopped training, would he wreck Black Goku and Zamasu?

Will Goku ever stop jobbing to Vegeta?

what does this reference?
I've lurked enough to infer it's meaning, but what is it from?

Yes. Gohan was always the one with the biggest initial power-level potential save for people like Brolly/Vegeta who were born with ridiculous PL compared to others of their race.

Trunks, please.

I wondered that myself teh first time i heard it


is the origin I think

I thought goku and gohan were both born with 5.

Yeah, but Gohan had limitless potential.

Gohan only showed his true power when he was pissed though

erase the second n and put a r

He always beats Goku. Probably a better lover too.




if you don't like toriyama's art, neck yourself

>is that why they're together?
why who is together? vegeta and bulma?

I haven't watched DBS. Can Goku take on Beerus yet? What about Whis?

Vegeta and goku obviously

but that's so obvious. that green fuck is retarded

Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta could have trained for their entire lives, and they'd be absolute trash compared to Super tiers if Whis didn't show up to train them at some point. They'd all have been killed when Frieza resurrected.

Who doesn't?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 16 revealed, leaks are coming soon.


Purple hair is good

The pink haired saiyan still bugs me.

well you could record an episode using such a filter or smth but i don't think you can view them like that anywhere on the internet unfortunately :c


The coloring is mostly what bugs me. I've gotten used to it and its not bad, but everything is just so shiny. I do miss the old 80-90s coloring of a lot of anime.


The absolute madman..

What's bigger, the Super Dragon Balls or Master Roshi's balls?

So you think Piccolo is ever going to be relevant again?

I want Android 18 to piss in my mouth so bad.


Did Trunks master SS2, similar to how Goku and Gohan mastered SS1 in the Cell Saga?

It would explain why SS2 Trunks = SS3 Goku

No and no

Would not mind a Xenoverse spin off.
Protagonists are a group of young Time Patrollers of all races. Mentored by Kai of Time and Xeno Trunks. Going throughout Dragonball history and stopping Mira and Towa from screwing history up.

Goku died earlier in that timeline, so Black younger appearance has to be because of that. It must be connected somehow.


the body he is using is the goku before android saga , black is a kai , either one of the u10 kais or a new one that is going to be introduced in ep 60

But why is he so tan, user?

Unlike Toei, Toyotaro might actually make it look as powerfull as it should be same with SSR Black's Kamehameha.


>Universe 10 has rings for Universe 7.
Time =/= Space
>Which means a future version of Zumasu met a future version of Goku and FTrunks.
>>In that future U10 FZumasu killed FGomasu, then wished for immortality, and ended in ANOTHER Future U7 timeline.
Timelines are not bound to a specific universe. Goku went to the future with the time machine, and if you can remember, if the time machine has their coordinates fixed trunks would come back to the same timeline. But if he changes that then he would create a new timeline.


I just watched the newest episode. Why did they bring Kaio-shin with them? My guess is Zamasu will kill him in the next episode, leading to Beerus' death.

can goku shoot energy out of his penis?

Beerus is linked with the Old Geezer Kaioshin

They brought him for instant transportation to Universe 10

Super is so shit that it actually made me have some respect for GT.

They're both garbage but atleast GT isn't flash shit.

Why else would that old geezer be in a crystal ball locked up?

Old Geezer Kaioshin promoted the younger Shin to Kaioshin.

The older one retired...(also got trapped in the Z-Sword for centuries)

Therefore Beerus is linked to Shin

He molested the wives of some of the strongest beings in the universe. I'd say his "dragonballs" are pretty big. The only one he hasn't successfully coped a feel on is Videl, though he did try.

Man, my memory is slipping holy shit... Thanks for correcting me I guess


I've seen other flash shit that are still better than GT

The problem with GT isn't the animation. It's everything else.


>replying to bait

>I wonder what sort of child they would produce?

A fucked up one given how badly their personalities would clash. Sure Bulma can be a bitch too, but she doesn't hate fighting like Chi Chi does. Makes me wonder how a Goku and Bulma offspring would end up like?

stay asshurt

>the only one with eyes that look normal is beerus
this is sad

I don't like Goku's body proportions in the anime.

maybe Gohan except he doesn't slack on training

That is why nobody likes Super.
Everyone's proportions are off.

>mfw normie says Funi DBZ is better than Funi Kai

How the fuck can these retards be so stupid?

This looks like garbage. The fuck is wrong with you?


>that episode where Goku goes to see Zen-chan and gets the button
I swear Kaioshin got shorter every time he was on screen. He was damn near Pan-sized by the end of the episode.

But he's right though.
Kai is awful.

>removed all the cool filler
>everything feels rushed
>Gohan sounds annoying (fuck Colleen)
>re-done frames with ms paint
>no good music
>a shitty jap intro

Kai's target audience are japfags/subfags, aka the "Goku should sound like a woman" crowd.

I don't think you can just lump different animators' proportions into one descriptor.

Like any show, things vary from scene to scene.

inb4 butthurt subfags jealous at the superior Funi dub that made DBZ so popular

AKA people who actually like Dragon Ball and not MUH DEEBEEZEE MONSTA TRUCKS edition.

How do you have such awful taste?

He's right you tard. Kai actually got me to watch DBZ subbed.

Not like people here are any different.
Case in point Wow thanks, that is better.


>made dbz so popular
>implying dbz wasn't famous internationally years before it ever made its way to your burger shores

You're funny.

spot the shit taste subfags.

>asians screaming sounds like a dying cat
>archaic 60's godzilla soundtrack that doesn't fit the show

Reminder that the manga is all that really matters.

Piccolo stopped being relevant in the Buu Saga (besides teaching fusion to Gotenks)

I mean he and Krillin were turned to stone as a lazy way to write them off the story...

The last major battle he had before Frost and the Freeza Force was Imperfect Cell

If you're going to post bad GT animation, at least pick actual bad animation, and not post gifs that don't show the full animation.

I know the actual beam follows after that.

>pretending my japanese show isn't japanese

Okay m8

This is a troll right? How can you possibly like Funi Z with its atrocious music, acting, and dialouge over Funi Kai

>removed all the cool filler
>everything feels rushed
>Gohan sounds annoying (fuck Colleen)
>re-done frames with ms paint
>no good music
>a shitty intro

That's why.

Most of these are bad opinions by monster truck nostalgia fags.

A few MS Paint frames sure don't invalidate all the good stuff.

i think you are the troll here.

how can you like gohan's voice in kai or the shitty music?

Good taste.

The ultimate DBZ release would have:
>Dragon Box quality
>Faulconer music
>Funimation dub

Because Gohan is a kid and shouldn't sound like a chain-smoker.

Because Dragon Ball is a martial arts show with a few sci-fi elements and not fucking Power Rangers.


Gohan sounds perfect by Nadolny, you idiot!

I don't know where you live but plenty of kids sound like that in eastern Europe, Asia or Latin countries.

Colleen's Gohan sounds like an annoying girl. I couldn't stand it.

It's okay, m8. You're allowed to admit you're wrong and have shitty opinions.

>Faulconer music
Only if it's used properly this time, and not just blaring constantly throughout the entire show.

I agree. You have shit taste and want everyone in DBZ to sound like a feminine gay.

That's your opinion, but everyone here is laughing at you.

Some Faulconer tracks aren't bad, but I wouldn't want a full replacement. Piccolo's theme by Kikuchi blows Faulconer's out of the water.

>Vegeta next to Gohan

>Japanese soundtrack
[random godzilla noise in the background]
[beeps and boops]

>English soundtrack
Music that enhances the scene and emotions, you really feel the action and drama. You feel what characters are going through.

DBZ is about muscled super warriors who fire nukes from their hands, not an opera.

Your special snowflake japshit has little views on youtube, while the Faulconer track gets millions of views because that's what DBZ is all about.

Vegeta will always care for Gohan


>Kai has shitty music
Uncultured faggots

Super Dragon Soul

Ginyu Tokusentai

Only A Chilling Elegy

News of The Cell Games

The Lone Warrior

Saiyan Blood

One Hit To Victory

Courage Fills The Heart

A Battle of Rivalry

Battle Dance

Tears Of Grief

To Those Who Meet Their End

The Ebb And The Flow

A Grim Fate

The Fierce Battle

Symphonic Transformation

Piano Suite Waking Up

Frantic Cover

Heroic Face Off

Creature Of Marvel

>people actually think like this


>people actually think Goku should sound like an old woman

I'm just as perplexed as you are, subfags are weird.

Stop replying to the asshurt sub fags.

Nobody cares about them, they are just a vocal minority with shit taste.

look every other dub in whatever language is way better than the american one
they all sound like cigarette addicts
dragon ball is about adventure


You flaming faggot


> No (or at least much less) filler
> Better visual quality
> Better acting
> Better writing/scripts
> More true to the original
> Better pacing

> bad acting (dub)
> cheesy lines (dub)
> fillers
> prolonged stalling/staring/yelling/powering up
> watch 10 episodes and nothing will fucking happen

How the fuck can anyone prefer the Z to Kai?? Turn down your nostalgiafag faggotry

its still funny seeing him bitch and moan when the funi dub is clearly superior to his special snowflake mongolian version

dragon ball is

dragon ball z is not

>Better visual quality

DB >>>>>>>> SHIT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DBZ

The Japanese OST had better placement

The English one was CONSTANTLY playing. And sometimes it would be too loud to hear the characters.

They're one long series, you fuckwit. They literally flew to another planet and other realms! How is that NOT adventure? Jesus, you monster truck fags are awful.

I watched Dragon Ball in the excellent 2002 Funi dub and the Japanese score worked with it.

But when Z rolls around, the music doesn't fit anymore because the mood changes, which is why the Faulconer tracks work much better in Z.

> le bait meme

thank god im not the only one he does look younger

>DBZ is not about fighting or action
>They travelled to Namek this ONE time therefore the entire show is about adventure

Put more effort into your bait next time.

DBZ > DB > DBGT >>>>> DBS

Anyone who says otherwise is either a troll or has extremely shit taste.

Are you brain damaged or just this fucking dumb?

The series is action through and through, but it's also a martial arts adventure. Whether Goku goes up to God's realm, Kaio's planet, Namek, the Kaioshin realm, and now Beerus' realm, another universe, another timeline -- it's all adventure.

Pay more attention, Monster Truck-chan.

The japanese Kai Broadcast was cropped, but the English dub we see in Toonami isn't

Your taste are as shit as your life.

> DBZ is better than DB
Eh, ok I guess

> Thinking GT is better than anything

You have no right to call out anyone for "shit taste"

You might be brain damaged since you want testosterone-filled men to sound like women.

Here's your last (You)

>disregarding point to shit post about dubs again

I'll call it a victory. Thanks, user.

subfags, mangafags and superfags BTFO

Anime, Dub and Z wins again

It's not a Saiyan, they're just Humans with Saiyan ancestry.

In terms of Funi dubs...

Kai > DB >>>>> Literal shit >>> Z >>>>> GT


Why is Goku so fucking tall here? Don't Yamcha and Tien have a couple of inches on him?

>what is perspective

He's standing in front of them.

he's standing in front of them

It's you again. For the last time, Super isn't animated in Flash.

Do you even know what Flash is?

90's crisp and clean anime > soulless digital blob anime where everyone is covered in vaseline

DBZ does the same shit too. Ever notice that Krillin doesn't look his height until Gohan steps out of the time chamber? It's because his height was always linked up with him, making Krillin look as tiny as Chiaotzu sometimes.

Don't bother, Superfags have shit taste and nothing will change their mind.

>They're both garbage but atleast GT isn't flash shit

You mean like the Super 17 fight? At around 4:25 the fight turned into a fucking slideshow.


It's fucking true though. Funi's DB dub was great, and going from DB's faithful dub to Funi's Z dub is jarring. The show goes from a mystical fantasy martial arts show to Power Rangers tier crap with cheesy dialogue and horrid synthetic buttrock, Goku suddenly being literally Superman fucking sucks too.

This is where Funi really outdid themselves with the Kai dub, it's so much better than their original Z dub and much more in line with the proper true tone of the series.

Ever considered because the show really DOES change from mystical fantasy to pure action?

And Goku is not "literally Superman", he dies constantly and gets his ass kicked numerous times. He spends half a season healing.

Kai dub has alot of problems. The dialogue might be better but it's inferior in every other area as pointed out before.

She only sounds good as Kid Goku, who is between the ages of 12 and 15. You think that sounds good for a 4-9 (10 If you include the RoSaT) softspoken kid Gohan?

Fuck off.

>Better visual quality

Nadolny IS Gohan.
Schemmel IS Goku.
Sabat IS Vegeta.


>manga goes from adventure gag action comic to action adventure gag comic


please stop

So Frieza should sound like a old woman?

Hey fuck off faggot, I vastly prefer traditional animation. I'm just tired of calling it Flash. I find it hard to out Super on the same level as fucking Johnny Test.

He looks like one.

The whole gag with Frieza and his henchmen are that they look like transvestites and gays.

Why was she stretched out in Kai?

Because Kai is shit, just like the Orange Bricks.

>it's inferior in every other area as pointed out before.

Every single point Ztards make is something to do with music despite Faulcner music being the utter antihesis of what Dragonball should sound like.

Kai is much more faithfull to the original manga and the spirit of series. The voice actors also have much more experience and better director to work with.

With Kai they didn't resort to dumbing down the dialogue and adding childish jokes into quiet moments because they were scared that kids will get bored and stop watching like they did with the old dub, they stuck as close to the original Japanese dialogue as they could because they respect the source material. Funi's Z dub has some undeniably, dumbed down lines of dialogue, most of which either add nothing to the story and/or that make the ones saying them sound completely out of character; basically anything that a 4Kids dub is universally hated for.

> but it's inferior in every other area as pointed out before.

Inferior in that it came out after, so you cannot nostalgia-jerk to it

>Every single point Ztards make is something to do with music
ms paint edits is not music.

Gohan's annoying voice actress is not music.

removing great filler that added character development and bonding was removed, and as a consequence Kai feels rushed and unnatural

>Faulcner music being the utter antihesis of what Dragonball should sound like.
But it plays in DBZ, not in DB.
You seem to confuse the two.

Jap OST worked in DB, I had no problem with it.
But in Z the mood/atmosphere is entirely different and the Jap score feels archaic and out of place, Faulconer does a much better job.


Thanks user, you summoned the retarded nostalgia faggots that are now shitting up the thread.

These balls...I want to caress them

> Kai is more true to the manga
> "Kai feels rushed and unnatural"

I guess you felt the manga felt "rushed and unnatural" as well?

The only reason why it might feel "rushed" is because you're used to the original's constant stalling

Literally this. Fucking nostalgiafags.

How Japanese scream

How real men scream





subfags BTFO

If we kill him, we'll be just like him.

I feel incredible! YES! YES! YES!! YES!! I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!

he just did it out of selfishness

My shiden akira senses tell me that this scenario ends with me being raped and humiliated.

Motivational Piccolo is best Piccolo. He got me through some hard times.


Here is the Kai version for comparison.


The only effeminate person in his group was probably Zarbon. And how does Frieza look like a woman? Is it because he's pink when you first see him?

Japanese ``music´´

Faulconer music










Remember when anybody says Jap shit is better, they are baiting.

> "Piccolo was the first to TRY and the first to DIE"
> Then Vegeta...Yamcha, Tien...

If SS Vegeta, or even Piccolo died...of course Krillin would as well??

Why did they make it seem so shocking that Krillin died if fucking SS Vegeta died before him??

Dodoria looks gay.
Zarbon looks gay.
Frieza looks gay.

>only one link for Japanese

What about Vegeta's screams? Out of the main male cast, only Goku (and his kin) and Krillin are voiced by women.

>Goku (and his kin)

Literally everyone but Raditz. Even Bardock and Turles.

>only one link for Japanese
Because all Japanese music sounds the same.

no, that's the actual attack lmao

probably because he's pink and looks like he's wearing lipstick

gohan´s anger always gives me the chills

On another note, I liked the opening intro music to the dub version of that movie, along with Bardock. It had a nice techno and rap beat to it, and it somewhat fit into the darker tone of the specials.

That being said, I still prefer the original soundtrack they had when Z was airing in Japan.

I said and his kin out of the main cast. Raditz isn't a main character, neither are Bardock or Turles.

lol turtle has a power level of 0,001

If he kills all the Ningen he'd have to confront the bitter reality that he is the biggest asshole in existence and no-one wants to drink his sour tea.

They're still voiced by her

No one watches the mongolian version of DBZ so who cares.

Ok,let me see ya draw an episode in a week

So it looks like Goku is going to have a little skirmish with Present Zamasu next week. Is Zamasu really that fucking arrogant now after learning about Goku from that fat guy? Especially with Beerus right there? I hope the spoilers are true and Beerus puts the little faggot in his place.

Cause Krillin got there before in dbz already.

I want beerus to be my husbando

I'm so hyped for tomorrow.

What would Dragon Ball be if Radditz turned out nice. I always wished we'd get to see more Radditz.

Because this retard took a shitty pic.


No episode tomorrow user.

>After finding proof that the present day Zamasu has murdered Gowasu, the God of Destruction Beerus destroys Zamasu. With present Zamasu destroyed, the future should be safe, but future Trunks still feels uneasy, and goes to the future to check things out.

The spoilers are usually legit, if so I can't wait.

>No episode tomorrow user.

next week brah

Super Vegito is canonically the strongest.

SSJ4 Gogeta if we count GT.


>With present Zamasu destroyed, the future should be safe

That part doesn't make any sense. Present Zamasu being destroyed would't affect the Future timeline. Unless they mean that the future of the current timeline would be safe? But why would he feel uneasy when he knows that his timeline won't change? Didn't Trunks even say something along those lines during the Android saga?

If Gowasu and Zamasu dies then doesn't that mean the Universe 10 God of Destruction is dead?

Probably yes.

tfw we never got to see him

I'd imagine the U10 God would die as soon as Gowasu does. Zamasu is still an apprentice. Maybe that's what Beerus intends? In the preview he's just casually watching Zamasu poison Gowasu.


They think that the Zamasu in the future is actually present Zamasu that eventually would go there with a time ring, not actually Zamasu from Future Trunks' timeline.

Yeah I think that's the gist of it

>Evil Cell
??? Why not just say Cell

He's saying that vegeta is only with bulma because she can handle having a saiyan child. "Only a strong willed woman can handle our saiyan blood".


So would SSJ1 Trunks = SSJ2 Goku?


Maybe there's a Good Cell out there somewhere.

Why can't Toei give her a new hairstyle like Bulma? I get that she's not relevant but she looks like she's balding.



Because DBS isn´t canon and everyone you see in your vaseline/flash animation is not real.

Everybody knows it's Kulilin

No. SS3 is simply a Goku exclusive thing. Only reason Gotenks had something similar is because they were imitating Goku.

In truth you don't have to unleash new transformation to gain power. Just look at the difference between Goku vs Raditz and Goku vs Captain Ginyu.

Hell, even Gohan in his normal state (after the Kai power up) was stronger than SS3 Goku.

Yeah his name is Hit

Nice headcanon.

anything after first martial arts tournament of dragonball isnt canon

Everything after DBZ is not canon.

Pic related was the final episode.

Goku actually died when Bulma shot him, everything after that is his dying dream.


>I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!

Keep dreaming.

Bulma used to be a lot cuter

Saiyans are non-canon. Kek.

i'm sorry but i've never heard the words "kudakero, Kyoka Suigetsu

Probably because she was younger? She's an old hag now and everyone comments on that. People age, user.

he actually cares what a senile old man that forgets his own characters thinks

You guys ever realize that the famous crater could have easily been Tien or Krillin?

It's weird to think that they were all really close in power back then, except for Chiaotzu.

Yeah, Yamcha was also cheated on. He thought Saiba was dead until he snuck up on him.

Yamcha didn't deserve the hate.

I miss the days when the women were somewhat thick. Her legs...

isn't it partially because Yamcha was already known for jobbing constantly before DBZ?

Fuck off, the story ends when Goku leaves to live with Roshi, Yamcha and Bulma get together, and Oolong and Puar patch things up.

I'm joking, but Toriyama really did want to end it there.


I personally think she was at her best during the 233rd tournament.

Pretty much. He did technically get some wins though (the first fight against Hungry Goku, Invisible Man with some help, though what Z-Fighter didn't get help at one point?), and his best fight was one that he lost in.

Seriously, the Tien vs Yamcha fight was great.

Vegeta pls go

Yamcha had a good scene in Yo! Goku and his friends return when he saved Bulma

why dbs why :c

It was a good scene, it showed the original cast all together. That includes later on when Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin were all together.

Turtle Hermit School forever.

She had black eyes in the manga, I'm not surprised her eyes were changed. I guess blue eyes Asians are extinct in their world now.

Yamcha is my favorite human.


Vegeta (Great Ape): 100,000
Goku (Kaioken x3): 24,000
Vegeta: 18,000
Goku (Kaioken): 16,000
Gohan (Great Ape): 13,200
Goku (after training): 8,000
Nappa: 6,000
Piccolo (after training): 3,500
King Kai: 3,500
King Yemma: 2,000
Tien (after training): 1,830
Krillin (after training): 1,770
Raditz: 1,500
Yamcha (after training): 1,480
Gohan (after training): 1,320
Saibamen: 1,200
Yajirobe (after training): 970
Chiaotzu (after training): 610
Goku: 416
Piccolo: 408
Kami: 320
Mr. Popo: 300
Tien: 250
Krillin: 206
Korin: 190
Master Roshi (buffed): 180
Yamcha: 177
Yajirobe: 168
Chiaotzu: 152
Master Roshi: 139
Chi-Chi: 130
Farmer with shotgun: 5

>that slightly-off-the-shoulder dress

yes indeed

Toriyama wanted to end it after every issue.

Yamcha was better than Krillin for ages, just got a bad rep after some poor matchmaking.

Krillin was stronger than him though.