[HorribleSubs] Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! S2 - 11 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! S2 - 11 [720p].mkv

Where is the god damn thread and what is with everyone being head to head?

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I guess all the SCfags have wanked themselves into a coma.

Only 1 episode left. I was hoping the game-only characters made a cameo on the anime.

We almost did, to be honest.
Their transformations were so good
Except maybe Utena's, his eyes looked weird in it.

But Butler's wink. Man, Butler's wink is to die for.

The wink was a nice touch, but I'm bit bitter they weaseled out of a proper henshin again. I love transformation sequences.

They kinda had to do it, though. The SC are just side characters.

I know I did. I mean, look at dem legs! But I've regained consciousness and I am ready to shitpost now.

Both the nurse and the cafeteria-kun were in the background tho.

I predict that twins are going to fight between themselves over Gora and that's going to be their downfall.

>Art's dick being a sparkle of hope that will fix this broken anime
Manly tears were shed ;_;

>Butler convincing Art to keep his relationship with Green alive
My nigga.

Don't we all, Aki.

Well, now I am.

Art is so pure.

He loves Art so much, he doesn't mind being friendzoned and have Art go after Green.
>He got Utena as his side hoe anyway

Every time I think it can't get gayer, it does.

It's hard to not love Art when he's all like this.
>He's gonna get a threesome with Art and Green one day anyway

That shit was so undeniably gay, I can't say Boueibu isn't really a BL show anymore.

Is Zundar the only heterosexual member of the cast?

Honestly I am hoping for an eleventh hour henshin update in the last ep.

Furries can be so cruel.

>implying Art won't call Blue to the threesome instead
But hey, Butler still got Utena. And if Utena runs after Jew dick, there are plenty of other options. I mean, he could even put on an orange wig and pretend to be Goura for the twins, if he ever gets too desperate.

We don't know why his wife left him tho. Might have been a fault of his gay tendecies or something. Remember his plan of turning the earth gay?

>implying Art would get it up without Green nearby
Buddy, you are letting your imagination run too wild.

No. There was also that guy in season 1, Oyaji Igarao. He got a girlfriend, remember?

what a glorious episode!
Muh Vesta had great moments.

>he transformed because he got jealous over Green defending Blue
always a qt

The animation was terrible all around, which was a shame.

>his little bro is getting all handsy with him

Your reading comprehension skills are low. I meant Art will get in a threesome with Green and Blue, leaving Butler out.

But did Art transform out of jealousy or he got triggered because 'muh A-at-chan is hurt'?

It was "muh Atchan is hurt", user. If it was out of jealousy, do you really think he'd side so easily with the Battle Lovers?

Those faces are going to haunt my dreams.

He tends to be jealous, so I'm going to headcannon the first.

Pink was enjoying the squirrel torture a bit too much.


Yeah, I mean he travelled all the way back to Binan just because Green didn't wrote him back.

>leaving Butler out
This would be an act of madness.
I want them to have a foursome.
Or Blue, being a cuck, can just watch.

what the fuck was this one referencing?
because I know I've seen it or something similar before

>all the postcards in the world
>Green picks the one that has a naked man on it
That is why I chose him as my waifu.

Does it count as being a cuck if you are just too lazy to stick it in?

How do you all feel about Blue slapping the best alien?

>exactly the same as usual
>Gora being seductive

he's not wrong

It does. Blue is probably thankful that he has another man to satisfy Green.

There is naked Gora in the picture and all Art sees is Green.
If this is not love then I don't know what is.

>naked sexy An-chan
All of a sudden I understand Beppus.

haha, I didn't even noticed Green was there.

God bless your soul Art,
what a perfect waifu.

But Blue didn't slap the Shoebill.

>Kurotama Bath and Defense Club in place of Gora's crotch
What does it mean?

>Zundar is a porcupine, not a hedgehog
I feel wronged.

That has to be a misstranslation. He doesn't look like a porcupine at all.

>Sugita is rapping in the song
My life is completely changed.

The twins kink-shaming each other was kind of cute

I'm betting this badass is the one responsible for the Caerula Adamas' new white uniforms.

The Defense Club is literally cockblocking Goura, kek

They got the white uniforms last season though

>Haru is DoS
>Aki is DoM
Why do they need Gora when they have each other?

Where are the SC studying that they're forced to wear those faggy uniforms being 18 years old

I want Shoebill to give them a Henshin update.

Why is Sugitabro and Red's duet always so superior to others?

What is Gora though? Which one will be left unsatisfied?

>Best boy comes back to destroy Beppu brothers.
Best episode out of both seasons.

>some Christian church in the background
I'm guessing someplace in Europe? Also, I like their uniforms. They look straight out of some old manga, think Kaze to Ki no Uta.

The boueibus will be forced to sing too, whoever said the final episode was going to be an idol showdown a couple of weeks ago was right

Maybe they're in England? That would explain the faggy uniforms since they're into that shit

It was temporary, remember? Now it seems to be permanent.

didn't they specifically said France?


I thought they turned white because they stopped being bad

It's almost over.

Damnit, came to thread before watching the episode, got spoiled. Oh, well, this only makes me more excited for the episode.

When? I don't remember, they just said they were going abroad

It crossed the line for good with the christmas episode.

Nope, they returned to their black uniforms in Episode 12 after the More Better Battle Lover powerup was done.

Mark my words, there are gonna be plotty reasons for the uniform change.


I want Aki to achieve happiness.
Haru too, but specially Aki.

>Implying both aren't equally gay

This is literally the argument that all the closeted fags who enjoy gender swap use to justify themselves. Pink confirmed as gay

>Butler looking like a fucking leprechaun
Either they are in Ireland or he's trying to give Green's battle lover outfit designer a run for their money.

They don't deserve it, burn the twins. A difficult childhood doesn't excuse bad behavior, and they crossed the line a long time ago.

A final nail in the coffin. Or should I say 'in the closet'?

Art tried to conquer the world over fucking curry, and he got redeemed.

genderswap vs BL mind

This, I liked them until this episode but they fucking kidnapped Gora and were going to leave Earth with him

Lewd Blue would make everything rise up.

Those uniforms are not gay, they are European.
Oh wait, that's the very same thing, nevermind.

They are somewhat different, but the fact that Pink can tell says a lot.

Had the battle lovers not ignored them for three or four months, they probably wouldn't have gone all psycho.
The twins deserve all the love they can get from Gora.
Both of them.

And Hireashi got a job in the dvd factory. It's hard to tell if there's a chance for a happy ending for twins.

The SC never did anything truly evil, their schemes were silly and ridiculous. The twins on the other hand tried to kill the Boueibus and kidnapped an innocent man. Not the same, user.

He's looking like a leprechaun pimp, user. That's even worse.

Finished watching the episode. Why is this show so fucking best? Seriously, there hasn't been a single episode I've truly disliked and with the SC back the finale is going to be just what everyone hoped it would be.

Butler looked so fucking done. Yet, he did it for Art. If this isn't true love, I don't know what is.

Please, God, let Green and Art have a duet.

Trips confirm!
Let it be the cheesiest love song ever please

He tried to make Art's Gigant Aurum rise up, and he failed miserably, user. Stop lying to yourself.

>Green blushes when he sees Art
It will be, Green/Art is the OTP of the show.


>Green has his phone out in the restroom
>confirmed that he didn't pee earlier
>for some reason he is not holding his phone firmly enough to not have it drop in the toilet
>probably just got message from Art, asking what's up
I'm not saying he was sending Art a dickpic
But he was sending Art a dickpic

I just noticed it was Blue saying it, so it could just be Blue being his bitchy self and calling him a porcupine instead.

Is he pimping out Art and Utena? I'm getting war flashbacks from that game story where Butler was a pimp in geisha's house.

>what's up
>sending Art a dickpic

How lewd

I thought Art's phone battery was going to catch fire, but this is better.

This, and also is it just me or is Blue PMSing so hard in the lastest episodes? I don't remember him being so bitchy in s1, except for the episode 8.

And why do Green and Blue's duets always suck?

>failed miserably
>art is blushing
Yeah, right.

>"what's up"
>"my penis"

Maybe they're pimping out the Battle Lovers. I mean, look at Pink and tell me if he isn't a prime hoe.

>'what's up, At-chan?'
>'I'm up, Kin-chan :)))))'

>Pink only got up when he realized Utena was there
The only ship I care about

See this

Menopause is more likely, given Blue's age.

No love

Is good they didn't forgot about those two.

I need more of these two in my life. They have a great chemistry together.

>Butler has yet to do anything other than transforming since the SC arrived in the VEPP theatre
Stay irrelevant, my child, it's safer that way. Look at what happened to Red and Sugitabro once they tried to be relevant.

Forced lovey-dovey airs. It just doesn't fit their characters, they both are little shits and that's what is beautiful about them.

I thought Butler's whole shtick is being irrelevant. It's what people love about him.

But he made their arrival in the VEPP theatre possible though. I, for one, am extremely grateful to him for that.

>he was the one that told Art to send the message that led to them eventually returning

Why is Green so thirsty?

Don't try to make sense out of Butlerfags.

Blue looks so sad here. I guess he just realised his not Green's alpha hoe anymore.

I love Blue's face here, I don't know why

They don't call it being irrelevant, they call it 'being mysterious'.

I Hate Andromeda - a.pomf.cat/qgobdd.webm
Gora-san Belongs to VEPPer - a.pomf.cat/jmhwdu.webm
Bad Omens - a.pomf.cat/snehju.webm
Send Him an Email - a.pomf.cat/qsptqe.webm
Anchan Going to Space - a.pomf.cat/hgsaoe.webm
Torture Doesn't Work, They Say - a.pomf.cat/iajskn.webm
The Right to Fight for Anchan - a.pomf.cat/twzjci.webm
Forthrightness - a.pomf.cat/wnivxs.webm
He is back! - a.pomf.cat/wuxfhl.webm
Ani Ja - a.pomf.cat/xtsrhr.webm
Time For Big Ratings - a.pomf.cat/ikmcxe.webm
Show Time! - a.pomf.cat/phqffh.webm
Space Vote Attack! - a.pomf.cat/wnkahw.webm
They Are Back! - a.pomf.cat/txfouj.webm
Caerula Adamas Season 2 Transformation - a.pomf.cat/intkam.webm

Pastebin with all the sound webms from this season: pastebin.com/pTcnnA21

Let's get to 500 this and next week! For Love!

thx bro!

I love him because he's a great guy and has the best design.

Finally, scenes with SC separated from the rest of the rather mediocre episode. Thank you, webm user.

This is a face of a tired old man, craving for some rest in the grave.

Oh, fuck.
It means he's gonna be in danger, right?

I like him because of his lewd jokes. Also, he has a great ass.

Nah, being in danger = being relevant, and relevance is not Butler's thing. He's safe.

I don't think anyone is truly in danger in this show, unless for the finale they decide to go all Madoka on us and start showing that all the silly magical boy antics are actually dangerous, they sold their souls to the space animals and now everyone dies. Which I don't think is very likely.

So, basically, you are just thirsty. This is fine.

Is it possible to get a flight from Europe to Japan and get there in less than three/four hours?

Butler doesn't have to be relevant for him to be thirst-inducing.

I think it is but you would have to have your own supersonic yet or something. Considering how loaded the SC are it's not so implausible.

Supersonic Jet*. My bad.

If you have a Butler that is threatening airplane staff with murder if they are not flying fast enough, then yes, it is possible.

A flight from France to Japan takes 12 hours.

I can relate to Dadacha here, because I probably made the same face when I heard Yasumoto doing Zundar voice.
>Yasumoto basically talking to himself in Zundar/Dadacha scenes

Weren't they in America though?

And yet he sounds so different with each character, he's a great seiyuu.

Honestly I can see Defense Club convincing Green to send Art a dickpic. Especially Pink
>'Girls love it, so president will love it too!'

I've just realized why Zundar looks off, he never opened his mouth in season 1

>implying he'd had to be convinced
He was probably eager

I don't think we know. But the uniforms and the stuff they talked about studying sure made it look like they were Cambridge or Oxford.

Also he somehow looks more unkept. Like his spines aren't trimmed.

>Blue's face be like

Yeah, he probably was, but he needed someone to say it to him, so he could justify such actions to himself. He's weird like that.

He's also standing on two legs.
The demotion and divorce have taken a toll on his once well-groomed appearance.

kek great edit user.

From what they've shown, not possible, that's gothic architecture, European as fuck.
Nips also seem to think Europe = roses in gardens,

I was the one that said France before but I can't find it, so, I was hallucinating, but is definitely Europe from the landscape.

>not a single picture of the Hakone parents the album
>in all the pictures Gora has the role of a father
What the FUCK is up with that family

And I thought it was just 'quality' or some other shit.


I think it might be some foreshadowing for I don't even know what. Red having no parents? Gora being his only parent, just like twins only have one parent shown?


Mom just squeezed Red's out and went back to soaking up in onsen?

Maybe one of the parents took the pictures?

I'm pretty stoked for the space action in next episode.

parents actually working at CIDE.

That.... makes sense actually.

>>Love making in space
My body is ready.

I still don't get how the Beppus tying Gora up and forcing him to slap them puts the Earth in jeopardy.

This transformation scene was hella lewd. Season 3 when?

what did he whispered into his ear?

Zundar is trying to revive CIDE with this, so if the Battle Lovers are defeated he could destroy earth in CIDE's one-off revival special.

I once told you guys, that the endgame is Green getting all the dicks and this is yet another proof. The guy on right is Jew.
Rip Jew-kun's innocence.

>implying pictures haven't been taken by Shoebill or space paparazzis

>> Season 3 when?

Sadly, probably never.

There's like a million rats.
Prestigious school my ass.

No sale numbers yet, less negativity and more buying

What kind of job does Mr. Beppu have that gets him transferred to another galaxy?

a space job

They look like tiny wall bears

user, prestigious or not, all buildings have shitloads of rats. There are like 10 rats per human and their population just keeps growing, pest control organizations worldwide are losing the rat war. Look it up.

When will Green embrace twins also?

Those might be aliens, you never know.

It's the combination of the hole and the rats.
If the school has money they should at least give their buildings proper maintenance.

Or maybe they just like to keep their Japanese imports on attics full of rats.

I'm actually more suprised to see that neither Art nor Utena are making fuss about the hole full of rats in their residence.
Character development, man.

Yeah, it isn't uncommon to shove exchange students in the shittiest accommodations possible, since you can charge them through the nose for crap and they have little local knowledge and resources to do anything about it.

Still, considering that Art's well maintained shoelaces broke, maybe it was the bad luck signs that made their otherwise luxurious room like that.

'Twin stars traveling through galaxy' ;_; You know, it's probably not a first time they are moving from one planet to another.

Thanks to Hamatora and these threads, I don't even remember Art's real name

These sound like reading the comments from these threads

Totally, it's the first thing I thought of. They are like lusty imageboard posters, complete with being thirsty over a frozen in time capture of the object of their desire.

>Twins are actually representation of us
Deepest lore.

They are referencing a fucking old ass japanese detergent called 'Blue Diamond (caerula adamas)' here. I love this show and its attention to detail.

Not to mention it's a character from some show they watched obsessively

Main difference being that the Beppus got to taste Gora's balls.

thx user, I love someone pointing those references since as a non-nip I wouldn't be able to ever get them myself.

Makes me wonder how aware Humanity is of the existence of aliens. Back in season 1 the Press Society didn't have any qualms about helping a fish destroy their home planet.

Don't worry, one day they will make Gora's (rice) balls into one of the dishes in the restaurant, and then we will be able to taste Gora's balls too for, like, 500 yen or something.

Not yet.

It's actually pretty amazing that they are actually not touching Gora and just leaving him inside the casket.
More amazing taking into consideration how touchy they are with each other.
That's how much they worship Gora.

I've definitely thought about what it would be like Utena looked at me like a piece of trash and slapped me.

Considering the tone of the show, humanity probably knows aliens exist but doesn't give a shit about them.

>ever going to Japan

This hurts.
I actually want to go to this restaurant.

>aliens have detergents with Student Council images on it and we don't
Staff, you had one job.

>Art wanted to "cleanse" the world of inferior beings
>His mahou shounen team is named after detergent

>implying that the casket is not some kind of machinery that is brainwashing Gora and twins are restraining themselves because they know the best is yet to come

He's adorably autistic.

My sides became twin stars travelling through galaxy.

I was talking about Gora's big, juicy, warm rice balls.
Geez, get your mind out of the gutter, will you?


Hopefully Gora wakes up thinking the twins are their family and the twins finally get all the love they deserve.

If Art could get to Japan in like 10 minutes, then you can in like a year maybe, and then they might actually make Gora's rice balls. Don't give up yet.

Red's tears after losing his An-chan are going to be delicious.

Beppus please

oh user, this made me laugh more than it should have.
I love these threads so much.

thx user, I hope it still exists by the time I can go, if ever.

>Art's drink is called 'Missing you'
I desperately want him to live happily by Green's side one day.

Why is Japan the only country selling character-themed cocktails? Fuck everything.
At least I can do these at home.

One day user, everyone here will be able to go to the boeibu cafe and everyone in the sound the sky threads will visit Cuenca. One day.

I hope Gora beats the hell out of them.

Whoa, Green don't try to pretend that you are not a thirsty hoe just like we are.

And what it would be like? Asking for a friend.


One day even Red's parents return from their onsen trip.

Art is an important part of human culture. No. Go home, Hireashi.

Dubs confirm Art is doomed.

The piece of wood that hit Gora's forehead shattered his skull, causing a massive brain hemorrhage. The casket is an advanced alien healing station that is restoring Gora's HP points.

>Art returning just to get rekt
I would be more salty than Art surfing the Green/Blue side of pixiv.

>tfw you realize that alien's life restoring technology is garbage and Gora is practically a zombie now

The slaps wouldn't hurt that much at first, but after he starts striking the same spot for a while it'll start to sting even when he just rubs it with his soft and well moisturized hands. I like the part where he looks disgusted with me for enjoying being belittled by him, but he doesn't stop.

It's not garbage, the teacher was even actually resurrected in one the S1 beach episodes, but Wombat is way too inconsistent about applying it.

Don't tell me he's going to get a song and then die.

Shhhhh. He's asleep.

>about 20 posters
>over 200 posters
Jesus christ just fuck already

So it's like when you repeatedly keep freezing and thawing a steak?









you have this as okazu

trips confirmed ultimate destiny

Don't be like that, join our circlejerk.

We're a small but passionate fanbase and we only post on episode day, calm your tits down.

Yeah, something like that I think.

don't hate us because we can keep the thread alive unlike Rinne posters

Come join the love making

This was beautiful, user.

This thread is comfy, warm and intimate like a bath house

But there are no wombats in this thread. I want to have a comfy bath with a cute pink wombat.

Stop posting and go save Gora Yumoto.

I had forgotten that was his name. It just feels weird seeing him referred to as anything other than Butler.

No animals in the bath, you little shit, those are house rules.

>Green immediately sees through Blue's bullshit
I know that Art and Green are the ultimate endgame, but I also like what those two are having between eachother.

He probably forgot his name himself, since even Art and Utena are calling him by his surname.
Heck, probably his own mother does that too.

I want to know, what is Wombat's deal actually. He definitely knows more than he tells.

I don't know any character's actual name in this show except for the aliens and Gora. I just call them by their color if they are a boeibu, by the monster they are if they are a monster, Art, Butler or Utena for the earth conquest club, and Sol and Luna for the Beppus.

What I enjoy the most is Blue being "afraid" of Green, since he doesn't give a shit about anyone else.

but Art/Green is my OTP

I dunno, I think his stated motivations as some sort of space greenpeace defending "animal" rights in space tv shows' production is consistent with his actions, though I think he's become comfy in earth and that's why he makes excuses not to leave. He might know more about CIDE's history but that's more him being kinda forgetful and being useful for exposition if they make more seasons, but I don't think he's actively hiding anything nefarious.

He has alien contacts, of course he knows shit.
He's probably the president of CIDE
and Yumoto's father.

S3 soon, right?

At the risk of sounding like a slowpoke, I just noticed that in this part of the ending, Aki writes different words each episode. Do we have a list of what they mean?

Even if a third season is made, it'll be at least a year user.

I like how Green is behaving differently towards Blue and Art; with the former he's all like 'bitch, don't give me any shit' and with the latter he's like walking on eggshells, it's amazing.

That would be taking the incest to a whole different level.

Does someone have this?

That's because he loves Art, just as much as Art loves him.
Pure love.
Their duet is going to be glorious.

As much as I'm going to miss the boys, I don't think they can keep stretching the premise and characters for much longer. Maybe it's for the best to let them rest while they still have dignity.

This is an official timetable of Blue.
Question: what is wrong with him?

>Translating 女体化 to gender-swap
At least be more specific with the translation.

You're kidding right? the best part of the show is the SoL and they are entering college.

I don't care about dignity, I need my weekly dose of dick jokes.

I dunno, i like their banter so much. The series is really a slice of life with fantastical magical boy elements added purely for the sake of comedy, I think it can keep running for a long time without feeling stale as long as they don't make the mistake of focusing too much on the fight as magic aspect and focus on the SoL and banter.

How would you translate it? "Gender-bending" is even more vague and is increasingly used to refer to traps.

The banter is the strongest point of the series IMO, episodes that focused on action instead of that (like the chest hair episode) were kinda shitty to be honest.

"Guy turned into girl"? Pretty damn long, sure, but this term applies only for male-in-female-body, unlike gender-swap.

I haven't truly disliked any episodes but the banter ones really shine above the rest, the Christmas one where they had to banter the monster down instead of fighting it was great.

This is my kink
Vesta just keeps on getting better.

If it's only about noting it's a MtF gender change I think it's pretty obvious from the comparison with BL but yeah, I guess there's a loss of information.

Is there anyone who could beat the binan boys when it comes to bantz?

No and this is why s3 has material, add beppus and SC to the dynamic and you have banter surplus.

I dunno, the main characters of Daily Lives of High School Boys? I haven't watched it but I've seen some scenes and their bantz style seems similar which makes sense as the show has the same writer.

Ep2: persistence, stubbornness
Ep3: curse
Ep4: monster (kaijin)
Ep5: security, guarantee, collateral (as in mortgage)
Ep6: envy
Ep7: ???
Ep9: Grr (really, it's イラ ira = grr)
And that's all I've found.

There are only guys in this universe, there's no other way to interpret it.


I'm trying to make sense of this.

The only one that makes sense is episode 9, because they were super pissed there.

It's either related to the monsters, to them, or at the end you put them all together and they make a story.

Ep5 makes sense too, because mortgage, collateral = money and it's Jew/Pink episode, I guess.

And 6 was a panda one if I recall correctly? And everyone was envious of it.

Blue is a mine of information when it comes to useless trivia, no one could beat him.

Pink/Jew was ep6.

ohh, maybe it has to do with the next one.

ep7 was christmas, song showed "envy" and the monster was envious of people having fun.

Ep6 was the one with the Panda AND the Jew/Pink bickering, I think Ep5 was the volleyball faggots and ep4 the chest hair brothers? Ep7 was Christmas.

Then this theory makes more sense. Still no idea about ep2 or ep3.

He is sublime

I was promised body hair.

>hobbys: chopping wood
>likes: his little brother
Gora is a simple man

>mfw one episode left

Come on guys. I am going to bed, so make sure it is up when I wake up!

If you have nothing to talk about, talk about some Flamenco. Next week I will upload a back up of all the Binan threads (thumbnail only). And I am not sure when I will make a thread about Samurai Flamenco and the over thousand Flamenco threads I have.

I vaguely remember Yumoto saying that Gora has chest hair.

I'll try my best

What is shaving?

I think he just said his brother was hairy.

It's hidden right now.

I don't think I can shitpost anymore
Good thread. Next week is our last.

Green/Art OTP

Is this legal?


No, this is rape. He wouldn't allow you to own a naked daki of him.

Delete this lie

Why instead of flying across half the globe didn't Art just fucking text one of the other guys? Why is he so autistic

It's not like he ever uses it.

Which one looked hotter while dead?

Worst part: they didn't even have a choice in selling their souls. or at least the Battle Lovers didn't.

What's the no homo explanation for Green blushing at Art this episode?

None, his face looked like it was straight out if a doujin

I'm 200% sure those are aliens. Either that, or this a bad omen sign we don't know about. I've heard about ants, but rats?

Same, dude.

"Ah, I heard Tanaka-san is going to Orion, thanks to the Gero-$#@% partnership"
"Is he being well paid?"
"Well, hope so, he really needed a raise"
>tfw the sc's families probably got some shady partnerships with aliens

>implying Butler got a mother
that guy is so mysterious, he was probably born from the power of love or something like that.

College anime are becoming a thing amongst fujos, though.

Absolutely nothing, he's living the good life.

He said his brother is hairy. Could be his beard, could be down there.

He got like a dozen bad omens, I can excuse his paranoia. Besides, why would he want to deal with Blue and his ragtag band of non-Greens?

>College anime are becoming a thing amongst fujos, though
Yeah but they aren't from the same year, it would take three years to get them all to college, if Yumoto doesn't fail of course which is unlikely

Green looks so natural in that position

His body sensed Art and he was preparing to receive him

Timeskips are a thing in shonen anime and could be a thing in here, too.
And actually, just two years. Red is finishing his first year, and the one who's gotten the worst grades is Pink, not him. Red is only bad at stuff like Modern Japanese (maybe languages in general).

I feel like Red is going to say "Love is over, forever" next week ;___;


>No sale numbers yet, less negativity and more buying
They're using the same strategy as last time, including tickets to the events in the DVDs. If it worked once it'll work twice, and probably even better because back then the guys were unknown

Reminder that Tawarayama-sensei was a piece of shit who disinherited his own son because he married an American woman

They'll all say Love is over together, including SC.

When you are as rich as him you don't need to have common sense.
Also, we don't know if he didn't text them. He could or one of his buddies could but it's unlikely they got any answer too.

Holy shit, really? Is that in the second novel? No wonder that Ash kid is suicidal with family like that.

>non erect penis

It's me when seeing SC and Zundar again.

Yes. The bastards is better off dead, Wombat did God's job

Why wouldn't they get an answer? Their phones worked, also when they appear Art said that Blue didn't answer, if they had texted them he'd had brought it up. Now that I think about it it's not only Art who's autistic, the other two are to blame too for getting in a plane with him

This is a game changer. I am only concerned about Ash being sad about his grandpa's passing, but he probably doesn't even know about his existence.

I guess you've meant 'Green'?
Also they were either busy with looking for Gora, bathing or getting their shit pushed in by twins. No time to answer some international messages.

He does know about it, they used to meet every weekend to play, and in fact Ash wanted to kill himself because his grandfather suddenly dissappeared and he was left alone, but the cold blooded bastard still disinherited his family

This is fucked up on so many levels. Did Wombat at least start bringing Tawarayama to play with Ash again in the end? Or cancelled the disinheritance? I am guessing it's not very lovable to not do so.

How tall is Green? You could gauge the size of his hand and use it to find roughly the maximum size of his non-erect under the towel.

He's 180 cm tall. I don't know how this translates to his dick size.

It is usually the other way around with less sells the second time around, but there have been a few examples of getting more sales the second season and late recognition is one of the things that does it. Only love will decide.

It's like when they use land marks in surveillance videos to determine someone's heights, except in reverse.

Yeah that's usually how it goes but I was talking about the influence the tickets are going to have on the sales. They worked great first season and now the actors are better known.

When did this show get so dark? Holy shit.

Worst part if the SC coming back was Kamiya coming back with them

Tickets can do only so much. But maybe I underestimate how much of seiyuufags women are.

Well, Ume-chan got super popular lately and the rest is not so shabby so I would not be surprised.

To be honest if buying a DVD meant seeing Umehara in the flesh I would make the purchase without hesitation.

This bodes well for sales.

Binan doesn't seem to rely solely on DVD/BD sales.
They have the games, concerts, CDs (which seems to be what they go really hard with), the café, merchandise.
They know their audience and cater to that, which is good for new season purposes.
You also need to take into consideration how much money binan makes compared to the studios other shows and to their own IPs
It's not precisely about overall sales, but how profitable it is for the studio.

I remember last season sales were pretty up there, so I don't expect it to flop either.
It also seems to be targeted at semi older women, who understand that if they want more binan, they need to buy binan.

I'm hopeful, I don't think is totally out there to get a 3rd season, but of course, only time will tell.

The franchise has gotten too big in just two years, which means that everything they keep releasing is selling well. I highly doubt the second season will flop, but I think making a third season will be milking the cow too much. They'll probably just let the franchise live through the merch and CDs until it dies out.

>It also seems to be targeted at semi older women, who understand that if they want more binan, they need to buy binan.
I don't see where you got this from.

Either way there is almost nothing that is just anime and anime alone. Even if the rest is successful if the anime is not is very normal to just end. And I can't say how much they cater to their audience, but that is maybe because I a not enough of a woman. Binan seems to be a lot like Milky Holmes where the anime is a character-driven random comedy that does not have necessarily that much to do with the story and character personalities of the VN. Well Binan is probably closer to the original though.

If they make a third VN "season" if the anime is still doing descent it is likely they will make one.

>I don't see where you got this from
It's kind of obvious from the things they release. Maybe some teenagers are into it, but they're definitely doing the same strategy as shows that are aimed to adult dudes but with boys instead.

Middle age is well beyond 40. Just so you know. All said and one I believe the majority of anime consumers are in their 20 to 30s at most, which is still young. Especially when it comes to women it is likely that the average would be lower than men's.

Nobody said middle age, the post said "semi-older women" which to me means women around the age of 25, who are old enough to spend money on whatever they want but young enough to enjoy magical boys

"Semi-older women" is an absolutely non-described term, meaning that there is not a wild spread understanding of its meaning, but whatever. We can only hope for the best.

Talk about perfection now.

holy shit, I'm sorry I triggered you.
I meant 20 to 30.
Old doesn't necessarily means haggard user, geez.

This user got it. I meant women that are old enough to spend shit on what they want.
And also, women that aren't into melodrama and highschool shit (like Free), there's a reason this show is as comfy as it is.

wide spread*

>I triggered you.
Come the fuck on.

Those black costumes were so ugly, I'm glad they updated them. Which I don't understand is if Zundar gave them the powers and then he went away how the fuck were they able to transform

bird-sama, trying to save his human

The rings? Of course they didn't really explain why and how they still have them. The costumes are just fine.

But does magic colour translate into dick length? Or it is maybe the other-way around.

Would you?

What kind of food is it?

Left is onsen manjuu, and right is probably some kind of curry, knowing Green.
Yes, I would. No matter what, but I would anyway.

I don't think they need Zundar for transforming.For making monsters maybe, but not for clothes change.
Also, it would be hilarious if it turned out, that they can transform and do some tricks, and then their powers run out, because Zundar is no longer on their side and pulled the plug. Try to protect your At-chan now, Art.

>Binan is probably set in one of those "A good chunk of the opposite sex died out" universes
>Except instead of focusing on the girls left we see the magic-enhanced daily lives of the boy population

It is an all-boy school and they barely move 100 metres outside of it. What do you expect? Didn't they show some couples during the Christmas episode?

Those are green and blue, don't be fucking rude
Yeah, there were couple but they were all dudes

Don't bully Art, he'll protect Green with the power of his love.

Right looks like curry bread.

Boueibu's director tweeted about this last year:
>In a series of tweets from April 7, 2015, Takamatsu indicated that the production committee's chief criteria for producing more episodes depends primarily on how well the DVDs and Blurays sell.
>due to the economic realities of producing late-night anime, the home video sale would have to net somewhere between 150 and 200 million yen ($ 1.25 million to 1.66 million US) in sales.
>Observers estimate that would involve selling about 6000 copies per volume of the home video release.

>6000 copies per volume
That's bullshit. If it was true the industry would die long ago.

That's the criteria for greenlighting a new season, not for breaking even. You can make a decent profit and still consider it too risky to produce more episodes.
I think s1 sold 7000 on average.


2015 Total Average Sales, TV/ONA
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!
total sales 6,923
dvd sales 4,337
bd sales 2,586

I don't know how reliable this is, but it can't be that off, and we still got a second season.

ok, took me a while, but I actually did it volume by volume, here it goes:

BD/DVD Volume 1: 8,670 
BD/DVD Volume 2: 6,435

for 1st week.
vol 3.
DVD (1st place) 3,703
BD (6th place) 2,372
*update total 6,075

vol 4.
DVD (2nd place) 3,922
BD (7th place) 2,260
*update total 6,182

vol 5.
DVD (3rd place) 4,150
BD (9th place) 2,303
*update total: 6,453

vol 6.
DVD (2nd place) 3,973
BD (4th place)2,285
*Boueibu v6, final volume, sells 2285/3973, total 6,258. Series average: 6,899 and likely to end between 6925 and 6950.

Also, music sales:

OP: 7,757
ED: 5,482
Charasong Album 1: 5,870
Charasong Album 2: 3,686
*new* Charasong Album 3: 3,732

All the info I could find.
Those are the numbers we need for this season as well, I'm guessing.

When the producer came to the USA she said that as soon as they finished the first season they knew they wanted to make another one. Now they have 24 episodes, which is a good number for an anime, and even if they get the money they did in season 1 there's no way to assure they'll do it

>>OP: 7,757
>ED: 5,482
>Charasong Album 1: 5,870
Nice. This might be while they went for idols this time. I wonder if it worked.

It didn't because people dodn't want the twins, we wanted more SC.

But how would you even implement? They are the good guys now. That would 7 against 2? Or do we need 7 opponents too?

SCfags wanted the SC, don't get mistaken

>implying the twins CDs aren't going to sell thousands

They have the best songs.
If this was a real life idol competition the Beppus would mop the floors with the binans

I just assumed he was filming the show to get ratings and have an excuse to stay on earth. I'm surprised the Boueibus went along with it so easily. I at least expected Blue ask why the hell they had to do this again.

>projecting your own characterfaggery onto the actual consumers
C'mon son

I think Blue gave up. Objecting is too much hassle when you can just ignore your opponents and let Red take care of everything.

This argument is kind of invalid, because now we have 8 against 2 and nobody gives a shit. Let's be honest, Art and his buddies got the sack because they either were too stingy to hire seiyuus full time or they didn't want to dwell too much on Art and Green's relationship, because they still want money from Green/Bluefags.

I'm not SCfag, and I didn't miss them, but watching them come back made me realize that I actually did miss them.

Their only good song is Star the Vepper.
The rest can suck on Gora/Red duos, Just going now or even first season ed.

They got sacked, because it is hard to write such a narrative for an episode anime and it is probably even worse for the VN. Honestly for the VN even the repeating the same Boueibu was probably hard to implement. I guess they are learning from UtaPri where they have almost the same characters every new VN, which is weird as shit considering you have endings with them.

>implying dude named 'Piercing Prince' would have a small dick
The nerve of some people.

>it's hard to write narrative when you have 8 characters
>'let's write narrative for 7 characters, one character's brother and also a couple of side characters!'

Let's not forget the fact that the forte is on character interaction.
More characters would give more material, actually.

Narrative doesn't seem to be a priority, as fucking veppers had a drama novel backstory and no one paid attention to it.

Someone pointed out that in episode 1 when Art and Green touch shoulders in bath by accident, Art immediately tenses and blushes.
When they hug or kiss for the first time he's going to cum in his pants instantly, doesn't he?

You sure it would give more material? IMO it dilutes it actually, as there's less time to make interactions more profound, just because you have to give some no-names a backstory.

Holy shit, Art is 100% pure.

I really hope that the next episode is idol showdown and SC and Defense Club are trying to do everything just to get audience's likes even going as far as using blatant fanservice.

They both will, as pointed out, they are both maidens around each other.

I really enjoyed Bue/Pink interacting on episode 8.
We are missing so much never seen interactions, because it's always Yellow/Pink and Blue/Green.
I want that, with all the characters, I want them all to talk with each other and see new facets in them.

My only guess is this.

>reference to the Gundam series where they fight in tournaments to resolve political problems instead of going to war
Fucking brilliant.

No wonder everyone is pushing them towards eachother, this is going to be a sight to behold.

>not listening to Pink's advice, knowing it would bring a disaster
Green is a smart man.

Are they still alive? This season proved that even Blue ships Green/Art.

They are like cockroaches, user. Also, as the new art proves there is still audience for the duo.

This user gets it. I don't want new characters each season, I want old characters in different situation or combinations. When you have 8 of them + Sugitabro, possibilities are endless, like, give me Pink teaching Art ways of romance, Green and Sugitabro exchanging recipes or Utena dragging Blue's ass to spa.

>Blue's tiny hands

I really hope the twins are going to get a power-up in the last episode.

Sun the Festival is pretty nice, too. I like Haruhiko's seiyuu's voice, and the song itself sounds like something I'd listen to in a gay bar. And as it's general knowledge, gay bars got the best songs.

It'll be fanservice with the two love triangle dynamics while Butler and Red are left out of the shipping extravaganza, as usual.

I won't even be surprised if it happens. and I'll be even less surprised if their backup plan is the remaining two outright punching the twins in the face; Red for very obvious reasons, and Butler because they've been kinda owing us that guy punching someone since Season 1.

I'd love if it was the case. Best Gundam series.

Did they cut the opening or is my file corrupted?

We know the people of the Galaxy love Art's faggotry, they're gonna win without singing

They cut it. It both ended at a convenient place and the length of the episode was normal.

They actually cut it. It was unexpected as fuck.

That spoiler fucking killed me

Notice how the cut the OP to fit everything into the episode but they didn't cut the ending, the Beppus win again

Thanks anons.

Fight me, nigga.

I wonder how the VEPPer can be so popular when their lust for An-chan is so strong and blatant. I thought idolfags were all about muh purity.

Male idolfags care about that, women like their idols to be sexual, especially if they are towards another man

There's no such thing in Boueibu's world.

The main character is a woman.

There are new halves. Check your privilege.

Wearing a skirt on Christmas doesn't make you a girl, Utena.

But there are in our world, where the CDs have been released


>only on Christmas
You sure about that.

Almost all of the guys have dressed as women in the game, that means nothing

You don't love your husbando.

Not almost all, only Pink and Utena? Unless I'm missing something. And maybe Jew and Art if you count the edo-style dream.

>third-rate idol group
Those were prophetic words.

>Butler and Red are left out of the shipping extravaganza
Butler can flex those guns in the background and Red can be just cute as usual. That would be a deadly combo.

>they are both maidens around each other
That could be the case, after all Green turns into a lvl 99 wizard as soon as Art is in his line of sight.
What happened thought? He wasn't like that in s1, he could kinda keep his cool then.

If the people of Andromeda are into incest-shit Yumoto can do that.


Why does Yumoto look like he's sucking a dick?

That's easy, Green fell in love with Art between the events of Season 1 and Season 2. Season 1 Green acts like a friend, nothing homo here, Season 2 Green goes doki doki as soon as Art appears.

Because he probably does.
Why everyone but Green has a dark background behind them? Did Green wandered off to the gay beach yet again?

>Green fell in love with Art between the events of Season 1 and Season 2
This warms up my heart.

>Utena looking disgusted
Damn, that's nice.

My heart as well, until I think we're never going to know what happened and then I just want to cry

Looks like a deserted/nighttime onsen set-up, maybe he's got his back to the building instead of the fence/stones. Who's the guy between Butler and Yellow?


New game?

Why do you think there is a new anime?

To make me happy.

To make Jew happy.

So this edit finally happened.
10/10, saved.

Why can't we choose between being a male or a female in romantic VNs? I want to be a blank slate with a dong but they obviously want this to make money from otomefags. Why not just let people choose what they want?

>finally happened
You are more than a year late.

I have been denied this gorgeousness for a whole year? Terrible.

Just imagine you have a rare condition that makes you look like a girl.

I've played some story heavy games that let you choose the gender. You can easily tell what gender the game was written for. If it's an otome game for instance the male characters will treat you like a girl even if you're playing as a boy. It's terrible.

I thought the anime was the "main dish" in this case.

Genderswap vs BL

It's not just Boueibu. A lot of anime are treated as advertisements for a franchise. In this case, the anime is only a fraction of what's available content-wise.

I know, but there is a difference between "we are making an anime to promote our new mobile puzzle game" and "we are making a mobile puzzle game to promote our new anime". I thought Boueibu's case was the latter.

If I remember correctly, Boueibu was created with the intent to become a franchise. Many things are, of course, but they already had tie-ins with establishments and such. I think it was reasonably successful as far as it's niche targeting goes.

I want to be a Newtype too.

Night, lads. I hope to see the thread still alive or beyond the 500 mark when I wake up.


He keeps looking at where the shoulders are touching

He's qt personified.
I hope we get a 3rd season just to watch them be happy together.

This gives hopes for a new season.
Hopefully not a season per year, because it will dry up, but new seasons every two years seems the perfect setup.

Jew is the lewdest of them all

He looks as if somebody inserted a finger up his ass and only his shoulder was touched. He's too pure for Green