Is Okabe one of the top 5 protagonist of all time?

Is Okabe one of the top 5 protagonist of all time?

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Perhaps but he's not in first place.
>pic related

Sadly he is sixth from the top. He falls behind Subaru, Yukiteru, Shirou, Kirito and Shinji.


>complains about subaru
>doesn't care about the rest

Re:zero haters, everoyne.

the scene that is referenced in this picture was purest cringe. I liked his confrontation with this phone addicted girl a lot but othher then that i don't really know what makes his character that special.

He's pretty based

>Flavor of the month protag.

>Literally who?

>Generic self-insert

>Edgy self-insert

Nice taste, Japs.


Holy shit user. That list is so bad that it's good

>he doesn't know which masterpiece yukiteru is the lead character of.
With a powerlevel this low you should really fuck off this board.

Why is Okabe such a wannabe Kiritsugu Emiya on


>reddit:zero fag talking down to someone


They aren't anything alike except in maybe appearance

I used to like Joseph the best until I found out he's a manwhore

SG0 isn't that dark, no?

I wish the VN art would be drawn like the cover art

>>good protags
>no kazami yuuji
>no ushiromiya battler
y'all a bunch of plebs tbqh

>you will never play this

>taking the shitty bait

Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma is top tier.

You're talking about male potagonists, right?

This is such obvious b8 I can't believe these retards replied seriously. Here's your (you).

That's not how you spell Araragi.

Best protagonist right here

I have a feeling this cover was born from a instant of inspiration.


Is this your opinion? Or is this something out of polls? Please tell me it's your opinion so I can easily discard it.

Okabe is what Subaru should aspire to be.

I think he's pretty cool!

He's on the very top, alongside Simon, Gintoki and some others

He's good, but he's not Joe Jabuki

Setting the bar a little high there, but I agree.

Even if it was only out of irony. I haven't enjoyed a protagonist as much as Kazuma in a while.

The full version looks even better

So, what's the deal with SG Zero? Is it good? Bad? Flop?

It sure as hell didn't flop, it sold like 100,000 copies day one in Japan. It's good, although people argue about whether it's better than the original or not. It got a port to PC and an English translation is supposed to be out soon, but other than that who knows.

>Mirai Nikki


I find it better than the original, but not miles better.
There's some little issue that prevents it from being 10/10.

not even the best guy in his own show


It's generally agreed upon as good. Solid footing the same as Steins;Gate. Not the most amazing of works, but still very good.

Boring and stupid

Same age



I thought he was a terrible MC

He didn't have a single likable quality about him and anyone with any sense wouldn't willingly spend more than 5 minutes with him. I can't suspend my belief enough to think that any of the characters other than Daru would put up with his annoying crap.

But it's true though.

He is sort of saviour to Mayuri and Ruka atleast, and has common interests with Kurisu. Faris is probably a even bigger chuuni than him so it wouldn't be strange that the two got along


I found him annoying, honestly.

No, top 5 is:
4.Brandon Heat
5.Emiya Kiritsugu


>Burando Heato...

What's good about him anyway, I legit thought he was a mute until episode 10 or something.

No because steins gate is as bland as he is autistic

>moeshit reaction image

Dont talk to me kid

+ has huge willpower
+ has some other above average mental skills
- broke
- maybe gay (Luka)
- original personality, but originality doesn't make his wannabe eccentric Sprüche not sound stupid
- Electrical Engineering sucks
t. ee dropout

No. Get fucked OP

Saki Watanabe, Oskar Von Reuenthal, Edward Elric, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Jotaro Kujo

fuck off
Don't put shinji into your baitlist



user it's coming out in october or september for NA


Mai is perfection.

He's fine, but not in Top.

Don't worry, you'll understand humour when you grow up.

Yes. Especially with the existence of S;G Zero.

Absolutely not. In fact, not even close.

>Reinhardt von Lohengramm/ Yang Wenli
>Battler Ushiromiya
>Light Yagami
>LeDouche Champerouge
>Yabuki Joe
>Spike Speigel
>Lupin III
>Kenshin/ Battosai

All of these protagonists are way, WAY better than Okabe, from an objective standpoint. Even if you don't like some of their personalities, they all have much better anime behind them that makes them work. Not saying Stein's Gate is bad, but it's not as good as any of these shows (and I don't even like Cowboy Bebop.)

Fuck off Re:Zero fag.


>/Yang Wenli
>Low-key recommends Re:Zero

Well, looks like I'm picking up a new anime today.

>Lupin III
Muh nigga

I also call my Mustang Jigen Daisuke.

Zenkichi was my favorite mc in recent memory.

Also, Medicine Seller.