Koe no Katachi


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So many spoilers.

When is it coming out, again? Looking forward to it in any case.

2 days

Saving anime. Even though its just a appetizer and filler for VEG.

Oh wow, it literally said 9/17 in the corner of the video. Thanks anyway.

>that sign language

The way it was animated genuinely made me almost tear up a little. Something about it.

Its not like the date matters since its just cinema broadcasts. At best some sales numbers shitposting threads, but thats it - maybe some spoilers soon about how they changed the story.

Until its on BD it all doesnt matter. We dont need confirmation to know its good.

You know you would bang her.


Can be updated with Hibike S2 soon since artstyle and character design there are slightly different from S1.


Can't wait for the chorus scene

>dat fireworks scene

Ohhh, I need to watch this in theaters for the full effect

>CG fireworks
Trigger remains the top studio in Japan.

They should have done it from her point of view. Then they could have saved a bunch of money on VAs.


S2 still has the same character sheet I think.

those horrible CG fish.

>spoiled the suicide scene in a TV special

Thanks for spoiling everything.
I don't have to see the movie now;





What a qt

They really changed the scene!
Where the fuck are the mons KyoAni???


What did she mean by this?

Been listening to the ost, if it can be called that. They're just a bunch of noises. It does feel like it was made by the same guy who made Ping Pong ost but I don't see how this got greenlit to be sold as a soundtrack, they're basically just complimentary ambient sound effects in rhythm, not actual songs. What was Lantis thinking?

>babby's first ambient album

I understand what they were going for but they're too much of boring piano ambient tracks.

It's very forgettable and repetitive.

I was hoping for something more like this

It might sound good next to the movie's visuals but I don't think the standalone soundtrack is worth it, Japan seems to agree as well.

Wow why don't you just go and put the whole fucking movie in there why don't you

She can still hear some things with the hearing aid

Disc 2 has good tracks

>Kimi no na Wa
>#1 for third consecutive week
>6 billion gross so far and no sign of stopping
>Novelization#1 at the rankings
>OST #1 at the rankings

>Koe no Karachi
>OST is garbage and not even charting
>Novelization won't chart as well
>Movie will be forgotten in a week. Predicted gross not even half a billion.

Should've delayed it to be honest.

That Shoya's dash at the end was very well animated, I could feel the speed. That swift motion from being on the floor to getting up and running at full speed was great.

this is gonna murder me, I cried bitchtears when I first read the manga

For real I'm welling up like a 12 year old girl just from the previews.

I wish I knew who animated that scene.

I'm prepared to feel immense rage at first then later on cry bitch tears.

Yoshiji Kigami,
It's quite obvious from the way he draws the limbs.

>watched video 20 times
Last week I said it wouldn't surpass Tamako Love Story but it really might.

It even has the signature Kigami profile shot.

I suck at recognizing animation styles

>that sweating guy at the end

>tfw all the spoiler watch outs in the thread
Okay, so don't watch this video.

why was he sweating from his eyes?

Why don't they just read the fucking manga?

Must've been really hot in the screening room

Maybe they read the manga but don't want to be spoiled by the movie because it's a reinterpretation.

what a Kawai

That scene was well done in every way. Direction, animation, music, fuck my shit up

>>Movie will be forgotten in a week.
This is where you fucked up.
Being showed in schools all across Japan from elementary to high school will prevent it from being forgotten, it'll shape the future of a few generations and there's nothing you shitposter-kun can do about it.

Don't give it attention.

He's right though

He's saying don't give attention to the guy that compared the two

Manga is already getting a boost.

Weekly Copies - Total Copies
16,454 - * 497,466 Vol 1
15,084 - * 455,608 Vol.2


i read it all in one night a couple days ago and i really havent felt great since

Will there be showings in theaters in the US etc?


Actually, this scene makes more sense continuity wise. Yuzuru takes a photo of Ishida jumping off the bridge and her mother uses it as evidence that he's a trouble maker and should stay away from Shouko, but she was present in the manga and should have known about it anyway. I'm sure once they're out of the river she'll arrive with a "Sho-chan" making Ishida do a double take. Either way, some things will be changed, and likely for the better and to tighten the pacing, let's just accept that it won't be a 1:1 adaption and enjoy the film when the time comes, okay?

Write an email to your local indie theater, it couldn't hurt.

there's already a boost for the manga

You are right about "continuity", but I just want to see the best girls.
Hope KnK leak too.


Thank god this movie exists, my continued faith in Japanese filmmaking is depending on it

Kimi no na Wa is out already and is all around a superior movie.

Feel free to convince me why that is

Better story, better animation, better soundtrack, better designs, better art.

I'm not really convinced about any of those things.

Don't bother replying to trolls, he hasn't seen either film.

So what's the guy's problem? Looked like he had one but I couldn't decipher it from context.

You know I'm right. Koe no Katachi looks like any other KyoAni TV anime. The OST is out already and it's nothing but muffled noise garbage, we already know the plot of both movies since KnK is just an adaptation, and animation-wise, Kimi no na Wa completely shits on anything KyoAni has made, period.

I dunno, I guess I just tend to get more excited over artistic affairs as opposed to more commercially oriented stuff. I hope both do well, lord knows we need more and better feature length animated films, but I just honestly can't get hype for Shinkai.

Shinkai is shit
At least Yamada has a good track record

This is what I first thought as soon as I found out the adaptation was gonna be done by Kyoani. The manga really affected me in a lot of dep ways and I'm sure the movie will in some form just by association.

I liked his shirt films about cats and 5 cm/s, but yeah overall I definitely agree. Yamada is the best director working right now.

First of all, that's not realistic. Second of all, realistic doesn't mean inherently good. "Good composition" is just your opinion and you don't even need to really believe it to put it in that image. Besides, I like the composition of the shots on the right much more. "Amateurish" is just another buzzword you pulled out of your ass to have something bad to say. About the filters, they aren't inherently bad either. You know what Shaftfags always, "it's a stylistic choice", to me it gives it a lot of personality and looks good.

So yeah, you're still yet to say anything about the movie that isn't speculation or opinions. Oh wait, you can't, because the fucking movie isn't even out yet, idiot. Also because you're an idiot.

And besides, Koe no Katachi's backgrounds look WAY more realistic, precisely because of the filters.

>Instagram filters make things look realistic

Woah, I didn't know that, why has no one made instagram glasses?

>everything being crisp and shiny is realistic
Get your delusion checked, idiot. No camera can take a picture that looks like those shots on the left because reality doesn't look like that. Not the shininess, not the crispiness, and not the colors. If you take a picture of the sunset behind a wheat field with houses in the distance, it's probably gonna look close to the shot on the bottom right. Ask anyone in your house right now which one looks more like real life, test it yourself.

It's funny that I always heard this Kyoani using instagram filter meme yet I never see any side-by-side comparison with the real instagram filter.

They don't use Instagram filters. The AE add-ons they use are those of Prima Linea a Montpelier based French animation studio that does in house animation. It's clear on their behind the scenes videos. But kinda wierd to see them source that.

It's pointless trying to force this, because even Shinkai said he loves KnK

Oh yes, your eyes make chromatic aberration and have a blurred vignette, so realistic.

Good thing I talked specifically about cameras, right? And yes, eyes do make blurred vignettes.

KyoAnus lickers are so deluded. They now call chromatic aberration and instagram filters realistic.

Do you play video games?

>tfw K-On face ended with KnK

Nice moving goalposts.

I already asked and they say left looks more real

You: Blown the fuck out

Now that the anime is coming out I can finally fucking talk to people about it. Everyone I know refused to read the manga.

Don't lie on the Internet brother. You asked me and I told you that the right ones looked more realistic than the ones on the left. Also, as your sister I'm ashamed of having a little brother with such a severe case of shit taste, our Mom should've aborted you.

There's way too much information going around behind Shouko's back for that to work, Ishida being the main focus is the only way the viewer would be able to actually get the full story of what's going on.

Shinkai also saw Tamako Love Story like 3 times but Cred Forums thinks that Shinkai hates Kyoani

Not many people will watch the movie either. It's almost confirmed that it will flop.

>My translation made it into an image
Wew. I hope it won't be used as shiposting fuel.

please stop samefag

He's just being respectful. He knows his movie pretty much surpassed anything KyoAni has made or will ever make.

That guy is a total Yamada fanboy

I think it's sweet
Shows he's not an elitist (for some reason I always imagined that as the case)

Every time I try to read this manga I am furious by the end of chapter 1, how can the teachers be so inept?

Nah. The real elitist faggot is Hosoda. A french magazine had an interview with him back when Bakemono no Ko was in cinemas here and he pretty much badmouthed everything Japenese.

I thought the same too, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of educators that just treat it as a job and don't care much for the children. Although I will say the female teacher did try, you can't fault her for not knowing sign language beforehand.

Would you?

Love and protect? Yes.

If she's a bad girl and eats my lunch? Yes.

Wtf with a fag just shouting flop in every Knk thread? Is he an autist?

No he's just telling the truth.

Flop kun please


so like
are they going to change the ending?

Why does she look so scared?

what's the point of her sister and niece anyway? they don't even show at the hospital

Why are they removing the moms? What the fuck KyoAni why?

I can't watch this. I'll ended up sobbing throughout the film.

What part was tears worthy in the manga?

Some part, though I can't call it tearjerker. But I can tell that the movie is a whole different game.

A whole diferent flopping game that is

I don't care.

Not really.

He was a known Yamada fanboy before his movie was successful, idiot.

Either way his movie is better than anything Yamada has made, and more successful than all KyoAni projects combined. Being a fan of her doesn't change that fact.

FauxShinkaifags will damage control either way, best to ignore them.

hopefully he will make something good if he tries to rip off yamada

Anons unironically defending Shinkai now?
Shinkai is a talentless hack. Whoever says otherwise must be a malfag or ledittor.

He said Koe no Katachi was impossible to replicate so I doubt he'll try.

I wonder if there's more to the movie since they spoil everything "we already know" (for manga readers). I hope.

I heard there's an extra scene where Kawai gets hit by a bus and dies

just go to Your name thread they're sucking him hard over there. I swear faggot was blind by pretty background over a hack plot

Yamada is also a talentless hack. The only difference is that Shinkai made one of the most successful movies in Japan.

How does Yamada keep outdoing herself? The suicide scene will probably be the best of 2016.


I feel like there's some unnecessary camera movement and effects in some of these shots, which could've remained simple. Either way, excited for this movie.

>saving a mediocre year with a film and hibike 2
based goddess


> I feel like there's some unnecessary camera movement and effects in some of these shots

That's just how KyoAni rolls. Yamada specially loves her Instagram filters. I specially hate the subtle shaky cam that they've been incorporating in everything.

Why are KyoAni fans so delusional? I've read the manga, watched all PVs and videos, it looks mediocre at best. KyoAni movies also tend to look like TV anime, there's not really a jump in quality from their usual work, they don't seem to put any extra effort.

Shoko is so moe

>KyoAni movies also tend to look like TV anime
I don't get people that say that, that only means KyoAni has movie quality for their TV shows, which is exactly what's it is (a GOOD thing). Their production values are so high they shows rarely look bad.

Don't delude yourself. Yes KyoAni TV anime quality is above average. But I've never seen them put up actual movie quality stuff, I'm talking in the same tier as steamboy, memories, gits, sword of stranger, Akira, cowboy bebop, nerawareta gakuen, any Madhouse, ig, chizu, or Ghibli film, or

Holy fuck that voice.

Did she sound this retarded in the manga too?

Her manga voice was better


>comparing kyoani and their movies to big dedicated movie studios like Ghibli and high budget projects like GitS
erry time

Movie premieres tomorrow.

>Claiming KyoAni has movie quality productions, but damage control when someone compares their works with actual movies.

Erry time.

Monday is going to be a fun day for antikyoani fags

KyoAnihaters are retards with ridiculous standards, more news at 11

Japan is going to be flooded with tears soon.

Do you think they'll cut this out?

Is this from that scene?


>what the fuck did I just waaatch

Some new footage, first half of the video anyway.


Yep. And I hope they cut out the grandma plot because while the 2nd greatest plot point of the manga can't simply be put well in a 2 hour movie.

I wanna run my fingers on her back

Man, the movie looks amazing.

She's got actual talent and vision and uses it to further her art rather than just stagnating. Most of my favourite directors in anime have regressed or plateaued in one way or another, she's the only one I get a sense of progression from. I'm serious when I say she's the future of anime, heck even a frontrunner in modern Japanese filmmaking in general. I hope to God she stays with film.

>Yamada is the best director working right now.
She is not even best KyoAni director.

Best KyoAni is working on their magnum opus VEG atm.

I'm willing to bet she is younger and has a shorter career than your other favorite anime directors. It's easy to progress when you're still hasn't reached your top potential. But she's great nevertheless.
>They skipped the pantyshot

>amagi brillianto parku was 2 years ago

>Ishidate meme
Even Ishihara is better than him. The meme directoral choices in KnK remove him from contention for good anime directors. Also Yamada is the only award winning KyoAni with Keion and Tamako.

Nope, Ishidate has potential but hasn't harnessed it to the fullest yet. VEG might change this though.

I personally slightly dislike KnK artstyle, meaning color scheme and backgrounds since it looks too "Shinkaish". Some scenes in the movies you could switch and not notice difference - unlikes say Hibike, KnK looks too much like Shinkai`s works (characters aside).

In visual contest, Shinkai will win against KyoAni easily since he is imaginative and really talented about perfecting the static imagery and effects.

Meanwhile, KyoAni wins hands down in details and nuances - character animation, emotion, small body language nuances, stuff like wind blowing mail characters hair from behind, poses, expressions, small stuff that makes all their shows real.

>tfw nobody likes Ishihara these days

>she's the only one I get a sense of progression from

Were the other directors older? Yamada is pretty young, her track record and the fact that she's still young give me great hope for her career.

I wanted to comment on how well the music was done in this scene, some people have complained about the OST being so ambient, but you can see here how it works so well.

Who is Ishidate's mentor anyway? All I know is Yamada learned under Ishihara.

>I personally slightly dislike KnK artstyle, meaning color scheme and backgrounds since it looks too "Shinkaish". Some scenes in the movies you could switch and not notice difference
No it doesn't.

Master Kigami himself.



She's much younger and yeah that's definitely allowing her to do more. Seriously though, if below her top potential is trumping every film by a senior director (sans Ghibli) these days, then what does that day about them? Hara just released his best work to date, but it's still not what I'd call great. Katabuchi debuted with a fantastic original fantasy movie, but turned to discount Ghiblies. Hosoda's gone full popcorn flick. Shinkai is very samey (granted I've not seen the new one which I hear is great). Miyazaki and Takahata are literally dead. Who else is there? My faith in anime is in her and Science Saru.

>S2 never
T-that's fine, I'll just hope Gatoh give the LN a good ending.

>learning directing from the man behind Munto
That explains everything about Kyoukai no Kanata.

There's no pantyshot

Damn it it seems they did cut the mother from that scene. She was supposed to tell him he's never going to bring back Shouko's childhood years, with him screaming back that he knows.

I love Ishihara. I always preferred him to Takemoto and recently Ishidate. He knows how to manufacture fun. Compare any comedic scene of any Kyoani work with any comedic scene directed by Ishihara and he'll win hands down.
Him directing the best baseball episodes of all anime twice also makes him special. Also PW>>>>>>ABP.


Kaguya-hime is his best film though.

Not to mention last.

I meant dead as in retired, 2013 Ghibli was A+ work and the best of the 20th century.

I swear to god I remembered wrong. No harm done then.

>Science Saru
Their scenes in Shinchan movie 2015 were pretty bad.
It's like something you would see in western Flash cartoon.
(they're literally animated in Flash)

Mihara's spinoff series is a lot better.

Takemoto is a better comedy director than Ishihara.
>Also PW>>>>>>ABP.
Definitely no.

I liked Amagi as well, but Phantom World was quite enjoyable to watch especially in the second half.

I know the mothers are both in the film, there might be a scene like that, only worked into a later part of the film.

Kigami is greater than Munto though. His experience trumps everyone else working in KyoAni. He's from the Akira crew.

At least he outdid himself for his last work

I disagree, but rather than that I'm just excited that they've got three films on the works, one by big poppa Yuasa himself.

I'm still out as to whether I think that or Only Yesterday is his best film.

Munto was KyoAni's tech demo.
It did its job well.

I'm on the camp of Only Yesterday.
Colorful is his best movie
The greatest anime director working these days. Wolf Children and Bakemono no Ko were on a whole new level technically and were fascinating to watch.

Doesnt explain why they tried it thee! times

>Bakemono no Ko
this was his weakest desu

Bakemono no Ko kinda dropped the ball after the match. The edgy kid and CG whale in the final act was just daft.

I'd think that their senior animator that helped shape the studio would have a creative leeway and he liked to wrap up Munto. He got his way.

Opinions and all that but those are the worst movies from both.

I didn't like the story but technically(editing, pacing, composition, cuts) the movie is the best thing to come up this decade trumping both Takahata and Miyazaki's works.

I wonder how many years does Kigami have left before he's too old for the strenuous life in the anime industry. KyoAni had better groom more ace animators to pick up the slack.

where can I watch this? ;_;

I'd dispute that, but even then, great films transcend their individual parts.

He's only 58

Someone uploaded the full thing on youtube but it's already gone.


oh god no


thank you kind user

Kigami isn't the only teacher at the school. Also none of them have his amount of experience.
Projects like Phantom World where they can do random experimental things will help. Hopefully VEG will be good experience as well.

You are a mongol and shouldn't be posting in Cred Forums.

>I will just be a brain dead contrarian because my social disorder tells me to

>no autistic big butt Shouko to cuddle with

How is that contrarian? No one thinks those are their best. Best Hara is traditionally Adult Empire and best Hosoda is Wolf Children if you're a pleb and Digimon Adventure Movie if you're patrician.

Found the pleb. OP movie 6 is Hosoda's best.

Are they doing some group exercises there

Kyoani looks so comfy

It's merely good and is elevated artificially because One Piece is traditionally bad

So is Digimon

They're lending their energy to Shouko's mom so she can slap Ueno with all her might.

Please be the best animated scene in the movie

It will have yutapon-cubes and smearing and star-sparkle twinkling.

Camrip when?

IF you're in Scotland you can watch the European Premiere

If you're one of the people that do this I hope you fell from a very high place



am I the only one here who think koe no katachi is overrated?

yeah lol

Thinking of crossing the canal for this. Chances are France wouldn't have this in any theater.

>private profile
isn't MAL used for showing others which shows have you watched and stuff like that?

I still like Ishihara, I feel like he gets too much flak considering he helped put them on the map with the Key adaptations and Haruhi. Obviously nowadays he's been surpassed by Yamada, and Kyoani recognizes this too since she's the one that gets the prestige projects like KnK while he's working on Phantom World. But I do like that he's sort of gracefully stepped aside and let Yamada take the spotlight. And honestly, you could do worse if Ishihara is your 3rd or 4th best director.

It is an adaptation. People know the story, read the manga, manga recieved awards and is regocnized. From PVs and all reviews we know that KyoAni delivered and it looks good.

So the only thing that could change the movie being 10/10 is if KyoAni decide to go original story path in some way, which apparently it doesnt.

If something it is underrated. The movie I mean. It's not getting all the credit it deserves because they screwed the timing for the screening, putting it along with a flick which only goal was attracting the masses with a cheesy and overused plot.

Its rightfully rated. Its a good and recognized manga, and whats more - finally a chance for Yamada to adapt proper well written story.

Overrated would be if people didnt know what to expect. In this case its the opposite, since people know exactly what they`ll get and are excited for it.

Yamakan > Ishidate > Takemoto > Yamada > Ishihara > Utsumi

Go away Yamakan

Yamakan's next project should be a Rape of Nanking anime starring himself.

Can't wait for this and Your Name

Chunibyo S2 and Phantom World were a step down. I appreciate him for Hibike but I wish he'd do good solo works again.
Robot Heart Update, maybe? It's another romcom but with an adult protagonist and Christmas setting.

Yamakan`s successful animes of recent:

Agreppio of Blue Steel
Berser 2016
Kill la Kill
Little Witch Academia
Paterna Inverted
Harmonie movie
Wake up Girls!
Yamada-kun and Seven Witches

Your favorit anime person cant compete

Ishihara worked on Hibike, its not just Yamada it was proper tandem.

KyoAni finally got a freelancer after a year of hiring, but they've already worked at KyoAni!
>Atsushi Saito did KA @ Koe no Katachi. Started at KyoAni, at the moment he's the main animator for A-1 stuff like SAO/Haifuri.

Mal removing the not helpful button gave the all special snowflakes the greenlight to spread their retardedness

Looking forward to his appearance on Hansen vs Predator

He is director of S2, without Yamada too (probably since she worked on KnK)

>having to rely on freelancers
Koe no Katachi confirmed for rushed production

Yamada is there. We already know the credits

She's still series director.

Yeah I know. He's also the one who picked Hibike if I'm remembering correctly so he's the reason why it has an anime in the first place.
Yamada is still series director.

Well, it's not a bad manga, but I did not think it is anything but "ok". The theme is interesting, but ends overlapped by melodrama. There is no depth. In the end, what I see is just a story that tries to make the reader cry (let's be honest, a pure and moe girl, deaf, which is hated by everyone is a very cheap move).

With Yamada not keeping him in bounds, does it mean we will see more lewd and fanservice in new Euphonium?

A lot of what makes it good were the formal aspects as well. I like the story, I think it's fine, but if that's all there was then I wouldn't be as fond of it.

If KnK is rushed then I want all rushed productions to look like it.

They've probably been hiring for future big projects like VEG.

it's a story about bully and redemption, it's not deep but it seems like you haven't even caught that

Here's hoping to that.

>when you go from working at GodAni to A1

No wonder he went back

Whoa, I didn't expect Nagatsuka to have such a low voice.

Are you insulting A-1? Quality Code is anime of the season.

Can someone reupload this to a non-shit website?

A1 is alright, atleast they're not A2

camrip when ? Is someone tried to record it by phone ?

Sadly A2 could never pull off something like Soranowoto or Shinsekai Yori.

>Not waiting to see KyoAni's magic in 1080p

I bet you watched Your Name already you little faggot

Delicious nape and hips. As expected of KyoAni

I don't really like the number of cuts it is really jarring.

already getting mad.

>Are they doing some group exercises there
>Kyoani looks so comfy

Who wouldn't?!



Nishiya at his desk?


Best boy


Why do people shit on KnK ost? Its god tier.

Piano room wooden Industrial.

>it's a story about bully and redemption,
Yeah, but my problem is the approach. It is too "fairy tale".

Kawai best girl

Confirmed for not reading the manga.

Literally what

Anime was announced at the last KnK chapter(2014)

Reminds me of Yoko Kanno`s Terror in Tokyo ost.

This just means that there is much more overlap in Yamada's schedule than one may think. If they've been working on KnK since 2014, that means it also overlapped with Hibike S1, and now with S2.

>no shitposting about art and animation

How does she do it?

(i can) say nothing

All of the character sheets have 2016 written on them for me, and I'm looking directly at the very large mpeg 2 transport stream.Also, excuse the pixel geometry.

Not him and also haven't read the manga but if it's a story about bullying they're kind of missing the point since the PVs make it look like a romance. I know you being kyoanus lickers will get defensive but that's how it looks from the perspective of a neutral.

Yeah, there is suffering and blah blah blah, but the resolutions are too simplistic. That's my point. Nishimiya is like a japanese Cinderella. The scene on the bridge, for example, is so obvious and melo.

They better "fix" the ending; manga ending was lackluster.
was there a kiss between deaf-chan and former bully-kun? I don't remember

>Not him and also haven't read the manga but if it's a story about bullying they're kind of missing the point since the PVs make it look like a romance.

bds when

It's not about bullying, idiot. Read well. It's about redemption. The trailers portray that well, it's not KyoAni's fault you don't know Japanese.

>it's a brain damaged kyoanihater episode


Someone upload this shit in a better place. Fucking slow DDL.

They also missed the point of that one.

>They missed the point
>Show Ishida wanting to kill himself

>Not him and also haven't read the manga but if it's a story about bullying they're kind of missing the point since the PVs make it look like a romance. I know you being kyoanus lickers will get defensive but that's how it looks from the perspective of a neutral.
EH Romance sells better than bullying, which makes people rather uncomfortable. Could be simply just marketing. From the early reactions, there are quite a few rather intense bullying scenes not shown in the PV

Stupid kiss obsessed Americans

So they've been working on this for two years but couldn't make the animation not look like their average TV flare?

They did the lewdest thing ever and Cred Forums was still butthurt they weren't lewd enough

Traced shit

>They missed the point
>They show text saying he wants to be redeemed
Like I said, not KyoAni's fault you don't know Japanese.

>70% of the PVs are nothing but romance bits.

Yep. Still missing the point.

Torrent please. Those DDLs are so bad.

There was a confirmation by the guy who actually watched it on Hummingbird and he said no kiss on the end.

What's hummingbird? A website? Or what?

It is too idealized. Get it now? This overshadows the themes. It's like the approach of a fucking shoujo.

Manta was made by a woman and movie is being directed by one. Don't expect any complexity. What you see is what you'll get. Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.

That looks so fucking awesome for a lineup, I'm jelly.

>Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.


I fucking hate KyoAni but anyone who says Shinkai has depth to his films are fucking dumb.

>Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.
While i agree that Yamada is not exactly trying ever to be deep, she is more about surface emotions and simple themes, but implying Shinkai is "deep" is just sad

The deepest show of the decade was Plastic Memories, not for the reasons most think

>Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.

Shinkai is deep shit? Are you fucking serious? His films were all the same shit except this time he injected it with more mainstream stuff.

Just curious, how old are you?

>Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.

Not even trying.

>Yamada working on 3 different things at once and they are all masterpieces

This must be what it means to be a genius.

And yet she doesnt get to direct the one that matters

While Yamada is doing fillers, Ishidate the KyoAni magnum opus, i wonder what Takemoto is busy with?

What's the third thing?

In what? Backgrounds?

Shouko best cute

It's your fault for mistaking friendship with romance.

She even confesses to him in the PV.

How can you watch anime like this?

She was the one who did the extra performance parts in Hibike movie.

>not watching your anime on 514x990


>mfw her VEG episode is the best

>that Sakamoto


>all those deaf grunts
muh heart

Why is Kyoani so goddamn cute

So thats where Aum Shinrikyo followers hidden after terracts in Tokyo subway. Retreated to Kyoto and stayed hidden in province, recruiting new members and cautiously brainwashing public by their media


Charaters' height chart.

Yeah. It's MAL for contrarians.
That's why she looks like she's 40. God damn they overworked her.

>dat Nishimama

muh dick

>Grandma is in
>Chances are her death scene is going to be animated
I can't watch that another time.



Tsuki means moon baka.

Yamada is working on season 2. She's listed on the staff

>God damn they overworked her.
Who is they?



I'm gonna need 6 hours to download this shit. Can someone be a hero and setup a torrent for this?

Fucking finally.


I had doubts about the pacing but the dozens of scenes we've seen are well paced. I wonder if her story will make it in.

The download caps are horrendous. There are three parts for the whole special.


they all look like souless drones

You can wait through the pain like everyone else fuccboi.

Oh don't worry. Someone is bound to spoonfeed me. Too bad.

where's my bro pedro?

>kyoani might have removed pedro
>qt loli is fatherless
Is KyoAni racist?

Their last show had two chocos

Why is that in video games industry the most women are on team, the worse it gets, but in anime industry its the opposite?


She's not doing anything she doesn't want to do though

Except servicing Yamakan`s hyperweapon

Yamakan you're literally not relevant enough to make Yamada bent over for you

>Shinkai loves cloud
>Yamada purposely removes cloud

Fuck off Yamakan.

Anyone saw the spic dubbed trailer?

It looks way better without the cloud.
Sometimes less is more.


You have to go back

Looks more like a difference in opinion over what the weather should be like. Shinkai wanted overcast and windy, Yamada wanted clear skies.

>u- tas-
my god, that was hilarious

>Go watch Shinkai if you want more depth.
Even Kimi no Na Wa has no character depth which was admitted by people who liked it

Neither KnNW nor KnK have character depth because neither have Okada involved

hijo de puta pendejo gonorrhea

>Yamada working on KnK but also still working on Hibike
>casually asks Ishihara if she should keyframe or just draw the entire new scenes
>Ishihara mumbles something
>Yamada goes ahead and adds 2 minutes to every performance
how does she do it


Also god damn I really want to see more footage with Sahara, we've barely seen her in anything.

¿Como debería ser traducido en español?
¿Dejar el "gustas" (suki) y "luna" (tsuki) tal cual?
O poner algo parecido como "u-tas-" "...Justas?"

Dont bother Ishihara, he is busy with more important parts. Like Legs.

Pedro would be too tall for the height chart desu

So they spent just 2 months on the key animation.
It was around 6 months for the Haruhi movie.


>Character depth

>Hibike S1
>storyboarded a phantom world episode
>Koe no Katachi
>worked on the hibike recap movie
>Hibike S2 (episode 1 looks like it was done by ishihara though)
>did interviews
>attended screenings

>even the Kyoani schedule is a cute board game
I wonder what a typical A-1 or Shaft schedule board is supposed to look like

We are witnessing new age of KyoAni. A whole new century - a time, when they finally discovered the meaning of the word marketing and hired some competent people to promote their works.

Why is it shaped like a board game

Hopefully there will be no major overlaps with her next movie. Still looks like a fantastic job though.

Meanwhile Oishi
>did a single 1h40 long movie that's still uncomplete
Best rising director my ass.

Is she human?

She must be exhausted.

He's being held back by Jewish overlords. It's not his fault.

Still better than Umetsu that appears as director once a decade to bankrupt a studio again.

If they truly were next level KnK would open on more than 300 screens instead of the 100 it's opening on currently. The marketing blitz is nowhere near that of any high budget non Otaku movie too. Compare this to Bakemono no Ko or Kimi no wa and you'll see how much lacking this is.
Yeah. The only shame about this movie is that she didn't storyboard it from start to finish like in TLS and Keion.

>Yeah. The only shame about this movie is that she didn't storyboard it from start to finish like in TLS and Keion.
Maybe next time. I wonder what she has in store after Hibike is finished.

Compare it with the past. This time they actually make good trailers (something they failed for all duration of existence), do proper promotion events, are reviewed all around a TV shows, have specials about making the anime etc.

They are doing very good. Though not sure its their initiative, or distributor taking things in hands.

Yamada - Lighthouse anime.
Ishihara - Robot Heart Update.
Takemoto - Coppelia.

Kigami did the rest of the boards, that's hardly a bad thing.


But isn't this film going to be shown in schools? They don't need to risk opening on that many screens if they're guaranteed a captive audience and ministry of education money in the years to come.

Whats Hibike Euphonium? Regardless of origin, it was republished as LN.

>Yamada - Lighthouse anime.
>Takemoto - Coppelia.
These will never get made.

>The only shame about this movie is that she didn't storyboard it from start to finish
Ishihara helped her in K-ON! movie.
And having Kigami's help on Koe no Katachi is the best thing she could get.

Yamamura is an odd choice for the storyboard though.

A novel.

>If they truly were next level KnK would open on more than 300 screens instead of the 100 it's opening on currently.

And supposedly, the film distributor Shochiku really underestimated its turnout

It's never been a LN, only a novels that were also adapted into manga

Btw, what's that special book is about ? Scans when ?

Oh, that guy did Phantom World episode 12, that one was actually good.

The only difference from LN standard in Hibike publishing is that it had no illustrations other than on cover.

It's an extra chapter of the manga
about Nishimoms 33rd birthday I think

>former kyoani staff reminiscing their days at the studio



So she had Shouko when she was 17?


Ishihara and Yamada don't differ in styles. She's more of an extension of his works. Kigami is different from her style and I hope it doesn't end up heterogeneous.

>husband knocked her up at 17 and left her because she had a deaf child

You'll notice granny is still alive and Shouko (the back of her head at least) is the haircut she had as a little girl
This obviously is occurring when she's in middle school

Yes it's being shown in schools and universities but I was talking about marketing to the mainstream audience not kids and teenagers. I was in Japan the weeks leading up to the opening of Bakemono no Ko and holy fuck did you have to be blind to miss it. I hoped to see something like that for Yamada.

And we just have to wait for Kuzu no Honkai anime to see her fucked by many dicks

>Ishihara and Yamada don't differ in styles.
I think they do. Of course the influence is there(camera lens/filters) but the difference in style is noticeable enough.

Ishihara is actual director, while Yamada just supervised.

Yamada did that episode.

It's publishing company has absolutely no relation to anime or manga


It's a novel, just deal with it

Yamada did that episode and you actually reversed the roles. Ishihara was the supervisor.

You have to consider though that despite the overall uplifting message, KnK still broaches uncomfortable topics of bullying and suicide and it's not the type of film to get a ton of marketing and cross promotions. It's like expecting 12 Years a Slave to get the same level of marketing as Avengers.


Will we get subs?

I am not sure my heart can handle this animated and voiced.

Be prepared for bad subs.

I'll probably watch without, I already know the dialogue anyway.

Hacks. It should have been Yamakan that make wind orchestra anime. He wrote a novel about it and wanted to make anime. Instead Yamada and Ishihara stole it from him and just made Taichi sensei based on him


>yamakan is STILL shitposting on Cred Forums

How much do you think these guys get paid? The enviorment looks good and playful.

Neither KyoAni nor Shinkai can live up to Yamakan`s genius


in an interview Yamada stated that Taki sensei's design was based off Q from the Jame's Bond movie.

And if Yamakan wanted to make a wind orchestra anime there's nothing stopping him since he has his own studio now. PA Works still went ahead and greenlighted Haruchika

>he has his own studio now
Not anymore. He just resently resigned Ordet. Stopped being WUG manager too and left the project. Not sure if he holds any position in Ultra Super Pictures atm.

According to his blog and twitter he is sad, angry on world and possibly suicidal.

IIRC, 2-300k yen a month for a newbie according to a company review website.
Nothing special but still higher than average.

I suspect the big names at the studio to earn a lot though, especially the board members like Ishihara and Takemoto.

Damn, that's depressing.
Maybe Kyoani will take him back

He`ll recover, its not the first time. His ambitions will not let him go under.

Oh how the star have fallen.
Remember when everyone thought he's gonna be the next thing when he directed Live Alive?

He did a lot as it is and much to deserve respect. His tendency to scandals however and his ego are his weakness.

Meanwhile, he`ll soon be creating material for next "anime is dead" topic on Cred Forums, since its litterally what he`ll be talking about live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv275180978

Also, while everyone on Cred Forums hypes KnK and Kini no Namae, he hypes this


Download hype

For what?

Your love

So now that it has been confirmed to flop, what's next for kyoani?

He's still a limpdick.


No wonder why it looks so meh animation wise.



>Theaters will not use seats for Inspiration Porn on Sunday. Even Showchiku theater will.

Can anyone upload to nyaa?

I have it now. But my upload speed is shit.

Thanks user. I will wait.

Pedro better be fucking animated

Nah he wasn't there. There was nothing of him in the charts.

I don't think he was offering you anything, chum.

welp ;_;

Japan is currently showing this, right?

Shit taste detected

ded thread
ded movie



Unless it's being shown in the morning I don't think so

It's being shown already


I cant wait to go, just booked my tickets on Monday.




Thank you user.

no qt jp gf to go see KnK with. ;_;

I guess the lone revolutionary road is for me.


I love those Kyoani behind the scenes videos

I don't know why Kyoani keeps using these dumb techniques like forcing chromatic aberration. It looks pretty off putting honestly.


That user edited the Koe no Katachi side because he's a spergy troll.


Is there a more Cred Forums thing than complaining about photography techniques on film?

Hype. Guess I'll keep watch on twitter tag for comments.

It makes sense to complain about chromatic aberration since in real life, it's caused by a failure in the lenses. I see no logic reason to emulate it. depth of field for example has a reason, it helps the viewer focus on the thing he's supposed to focus, but what's the use for chromatic aberration?

Indie kino.

The lens is as much a part of the scene as what's actually depicted; the way it's emulated is as much an artistic choice as the colours or textures of the objects in the scene.

And what's that artistic reasoning behind chromatic aberration? Normally, photographers and cinematographers try to avoid it as much as possible. You as a chromatic aberration apologist should know why they used it.

Not true in the slightest, imperfections to a certain degree are often striven for. Read through some of the Eupho interviews, chromatic aberration aside they were meticulous about things like getting the right amount of dust on the lens. There could be any number of reasons for doing something like this, but an obvious one is to add a feeling of authenticity or realism.

>to add a feeling of authenticity or realism.
Do your eyes create chromatic aberration?

Chromatic abberation lends a certain look to the scene, in anyone's opinion it could give it a certain feel artistically or make the frame look like a mess, the only problem is that you are passing off your own opinion as some sort of matter-of-fact "it is always pointless and looks wrong."

Why are lens flares considered normal in film nowadays? They're a flaw as far as reproducing reality, but in film making they are said to add a certain authenticity to what is being filmed because they appear in home videos of things being filmed in reality. Again, you're using an extremely dumb autistic standard of "I see no artistic purpose personally, therefore it has none."

No, but a lens does and that's the look they are going for.

I don't know what you're getting at.

You said they're striving for realism by adding chromatic aberration.

He clearly doesn't understand anything about art and you're wasting your time. It's like listening to someone say that if an anime doesn't adapt a manga panel for panel it's a flawed adaption.

Yeah, realistically capturing what it's like to use a lens, imperfections and all.

Instagram filers are art. You heard it here first folks.

Why do you always have a spelling mistake in your post?

Except it's not film. It's animation.

KyoAni missuses post effects quite a lot. Chromatic aberration, vignetting and blur is fine when using sparingly and with a purpose but they plaster them everywhere nowadays.

Slick observation, but you know what I mean.

This. KyoAni tries to emulate film so often that they forget they're doing animation. Very rarely do I see them use animation's unique properties.


This is how animation should be done.

Just stop replying, he even ignored my long post to continue the argument by replying to anything he could with the same terse responses. He's a troll.

At least this is an opinion I can respect, even if I disagree.

To say art should be done in any which way is pants on head retarded.

>animation should be done one way

To use an art-form to emulate another is pants on hear retarded as well.

Do you seriously not watch any of their shows? Like, literally watch them, and not just a few either.

Get out of there Yamada, that's for children to play in

It's not, and you have no rationalization for your beliefs.

>movie premiering so the shitposting flares up again
of course

I've watched all of them except their Keyshit.

No, that's my point. It's animation not film. The superfluous techniques don't add much to the animation and only serve to make it unclear.

I hope you know that more than one person can have a disagreeing opinion. You don't have the amazing samefag detection skills you think you have.

Chromatic aberration is a quick and (read: lazy) easy way to add variation of hue and edges to the picture.

Hue and edge variation is a concept used in painting and you can see them in action in the logo of the film itself.

Like lens flares, these day they're used more as visual decoration and compositional element (and to cover up bad CG) than emulating real camera.

I mean yeah they could emulate film all they want and shy away from what makes 2D animation special and unique, but at that point why not make live action?

Shows like Hibike or Koe no Katachi could very well be live action and nothing would be lost. But what about shows like the Monogatari series, or Kill la Kill? it would be a nearly impossible task since SHAFT and Trigger actually use animation's unique essence in their favor to tell stories.

Being live action would be entirely different, I don't understand how anyone could think that art is translatable. One of the biggest issues with modern animation discourse.

The hard way of applying hue and edge variation is to do it like this.

The guy who animated this sequence is an accomplished painter.
Yamada studied painting too but I don't think she does it often anymore.

They don't shy away from 2D animation. Their shows are literally 2D animation.

Probably the best animated scene in the past 10 years. KyoAni will never be able to achieve something like this.

Who cares, it looks pretty.

That emulate live action cinema.

And what's the problem?

This short video alone is better and more impressive than anything KyoAni has ever made. While Shinkai uses animation to tell stories. KyoAni just adds instagram filters.

What the hell are you talking about? Only their postprocessing emulates live cinema. Kyoani's actual 2D animation process is the exact same kind that you get from GONZO and DEEN.

KyoAnus lickers getting blown out ITT.

Like 3 new short shots we haven't seen.

Prior to Your Name, none of Shinkai's works can be said to have good animation. Kyoani's character animation on the other hand is an essential part of their works.


Nothing new

>practicing for their archery anime already

And Your Name shits on anything KyoAni has made animation wise. Shinkai went from 0 to 1000 with just one movie.

>The superfluous techniques don't add much to the animation and only serve to make it unclear.

>already outdid S1's Kumifaces

That is fucking gorgeous.

Theatre goods.

I want the finger puppets