It's time

It's time.

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It's happy day for us my friends
Stay strong Juzoboys


I'm still reeling. They actually fucking confirmed it.

>Amazon uploaded Battery ep.10 without subs

So no subs this week?



>Suwabe: Yuri on Ice barely passed the censorship law.
What did he mean by this?

I have to assume he means extremely erotic shots like that one of Russian Fairy lifting his leg up.

Hardcore bullying

Season 3 never

I'm fucking mad
They finally reveal that he's canonically gay, only to confirm afterwards that he let the world be destroyed because he didn't want out of the warm closet
And I'm not even beginning to mention how his carelessness leads him to kill a nigger in Future and not care shit for it, and he kept throwing and kicking everyone just because his even more stupid bf wills it
my nonexistent vagina is overflowing and there's no calming it, FUCK

Daryl looks awfully cute in his frilly outfit.

Why didn't you tell me Black Clover was this gay?

Juzo did nothing wrong.

>everyone has the hots for the plain japanese boy
I hate this trope.

>manga started publishing 13 years ago
>~6 months have passed in universe
>hiatus while mangaka pops out another sprog


You won't be saying that when he puts his hair up, takes his glasses off and gets into that skin tight costume.

>manga started publishing 13 years ago
>~6 months have passed in universe
Pfft, we've been waiting for Akagi to finish his match with Washizu for what, 10 years now? I think it went slower than one chapter per in-universe minute.

Next year. Believe it.

So he's the most beautiful on the ice? Who would've thought?

I believe

But plain Japanese boys are cute.


Plain Japanese boys are cute as fuck, faggot.

The QUALITY in this episode, god damn it Shuka.

They have nipples.

Season 3 SOON

You've gone and got my hopes up now, stop that.

>picked up several shows this season because cute boys
>haven't watched more than 3 episodes of any of them
>dropped 1 of them and will probably drop the rest if I try watching another episode

What's happening to me? I used to be able to handle 10 shows a season and keep up on all of them, now I can't even keep up with a single show.

You're getting old and losing interest.

B-but I only just turned 18 and started shitposting legally.

I basically posted the same thing a few threads back. I think it's the lack of truly groundbreaking and engrossing shows + you're now picking out a bunch of shows purely because you're afraid of missing out on some cute boys. There are cute boys everywhere, there's no need to force yourself to watch generic trash unless they're voiced by your favorite seiyuu or something.

>picked up several shows this season because cute boys
I picked up some for this very reason and dropped like 3.

Good for you, user, some shows are just not worth it.

>unless they're voiced by your favorite seiyuu
I fell for this trap but I have no regrets so far.

I'll pick up just about any show for my top 3 seiyuu if they're voicing any of the main characters. It won't prevent me from dropping the show afterwards but I'll certainly give it a chance unless it's a 3rd rate harem romcom or something.

You gained a level in faggotry and maybe it's time to move on from boys to men.

I'm trying to do the same although I'm more interested in neutral or introverted roles. I would pay for a narrated version of wikipedia in that voice tone.


>Arstile 60 still doing SoA doujin
Woah. But she still doing the worst pairing.



Reminder that that one doujin you really want to read will never get scanned. ;=;

God bless her. I love those who are dedicated to one character or pairing for years.

My only regret is that a lot of her doujins are basically AU, they could just as well be generic BL oneshots (with amazing art)

Which one?

The one you really want to read.

Not cool, man.

That one where Kise is bullied into wearing a schoolboy's sports uniform by the little Kuroko he's babysitting.

If you're talking about the MRM one, that's at least a few years old. She's been doing Gundam IBO doujins lately.

But I already bought the ones I really wanted to read.

>Denka doujin still not scanned

How much did it cost? And are you a kind enough soul to scan it (unless it's already been scanned)?

I think Saruya Hachi has been drawing One Piece for almost 15 years. If only she didn't like the worst pairing so much.

That one fucking Dorohedoro doujin user promised and never delivered.

>tfw I eventually end up owning all the doujinshi I've wanted
If there's one you really want just get it. At this point it's probably cheap and forwarding fees aren't that high.

The mad men.


>implying the pairing I want to see even has doujin
I came to this world just to suffer

I can't stop thinking about him

Is it that hard to become a drawfag and turn your wildest fantasies into reality?

Is Dangdingleronpers a good show?

Which one? That might be me

>tfw anons said two months ago that "with a cover like that, it's bound to get scanned"
>tfw its been two months later and still not scanned

I want to fuck that blonde.

A bit. Most of it is non-R18 shit no one cares about. The lewd ones are already being scanned by others.

It's a good video game series.

White slut got his way.

It's basically for people who read the novels, and not really.

No. Juzo is good though. I'm really surprised how much I ended up liking him.

>it's probably cheap
The good ones or those by special artists cost at least the triple once they sell out.

>Most of it is non-R18 shit no one cares about.
I'm glad I'm not the only pathetic faggot who buys non-R18 stuff.

Kodaka should write P6, maybe then we'll get some dicksucking.

I liked how the writers basically played the straight love triangle straight in Despar to make you think he was in love with Chisa while hinting about homolust in the Future. Kodaka definitely knew what was doing.

Every episode just gets gayer.

Nothing wrong with going out with the love of your life.

Also, no need for context.

For a moment I thought I had seen this on sadpanda but it was actually your posts in these threads.
I wish someone would scan it too, steamy lewd kissing is the best

Wake up scene mind

Don't know if hard but at least it seems like a lot of work to get to a decent enough level to draw my chinese cartoon porn. Or at least that's how it looks to me having just started the courses and books they rec at /ic/. Dunno if it's a good way to learn but I couldn't really think of other place to look for guides and I guess it's better than just resign myself to no art of my favs/blog

A brother of refined patrician tastes, that you definitely aren't. Most of my collection is non-R18 sappy or depressing stuff that only adds to the suffering of the original material. Because you can never suffer enough.

Out of all the ones I've bought the only that are expensive right now are those that didn't get mail orders. Everything else I've wanted, I've been able to find it for less or maybe a little bit more than the original price. Not sure what you mean by good, but they all had nice art at least.

I guess super popular artists are an exception, but you should be able to find most of what you want. The most expensive I've seen were prices close to 2k, that's not too bad for a one time thing.

I like muh feelings shit more than anything else. Makes up about 90% of my collection.

With a few exceptions mine went for at least 1k each regardless of online orders but I'm very picky about the art. I paid an embarrassing price for some event ones before and they were shit. Don't ever buy event exclusives for any price other than the event price. It's a blessing when they're sold through mail-order provided the pre-orders don't close before the link finishes loading.

Yep, same here. Guess it makes sense that the series with lots of suffering would attract more people who want that sort of non-R18 stuff. Of course I love the lewd stuff too. It's all good.

it isn't as good as oofuri

I was looking forward to Battery the most this season but you know it kind of fucking sucks.

Only thing that sucks is your taste bro. I bet you're only watching it with your dick.

All they do is fight. All anyone in this show does is fight. Theres more fighting in this than most battle shounen.

Is Harada even good at baseball? I can't tell. They lose every game they play, and its always the battery's fault too.

It's rushed as hell and the animation is shit.

I hope someone pick ups the manga, it looks great.

They really dropped the ball with that one. The building up and pacing is all sorts of weird and amateurish, everything feels disconnected. Pun unintended.

Well no shit they fight and mess up the battery, Harada is a moody teenager with a huge ego.
It's a drama and you're getting drama, I don't know what you expected.

Who's in it?

It sucks. Dropped 3 eps in.

If you want me to care about their relationship's ups and downs, you need to actually make me invested in a first.

Dropped it at the 5th episode. It's too boring to continue.

Not him, first 1-5 episodes were good, it's the last one that sucked hard.

>dropping it in the rape episode
I'd understand 4th and 6th but why 5th?

Local jealous faggot ruins everything.

Dude, it gets good during the second half when the new team and the bitchy guy who has a crush on his teammate who has crush on MC is introduced. You watched the boring and awkwardly paced episodes and dropped it when the good stuff began. Great job mate.

Speaking of Battery, is Amazon aware they accidentally the subs?

>Dude, it gets good during the second half when the new team and the bitchy guy who has a crush on his teammate who has crush on MC is introduced. You watched the boring and awkwardly paced episodes and dropped it when the good stuff began. Great job mate.

The first part had much better execution.

The second felt more rushed and oddly paced.

The second part came out of nowhere and the bitchy boy is terrible. There was a 1 year timeskip and we were barely aware of it.

I think the OST is great.

>hating the only character who gives retarded MC and his retarded fat boyfriend the shit they deserve

>There was a 1 year timeskip
Uh, there was?

Guchiguchi is best boy.

Why are blondies so best?

It's true, I can confirm

No, fatty.

Sure got obese in here.

Glasses stopped training with them so there was a timeskip for sure.

>but the cast is enough
>underage appreciating veteran cast
We're safe.

That wasn't a time skip, time just went by normally. He's been a 3rd year since episode one so he was going to stop eventually.

Phish Food!

But shouldn't he stop only when he graduated? That would be exactly 1 year later.

No, 3rd years stop doing club activities before they graduate in order to prep for exams.
This happens in anime all the time user.

>being this retarded

Have you guys read the oneshot of this? The group that did it did a pretty good job except for trying a little too hard to make it English-related.

Since the homo threads are technically acme's roots, I feel some weird duty to drop things off here first. Here's the second chapter.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Digimons this month.

Waiting for the full ED song.

Thanks for the chapter! Pretty interesting story.

He's been gaining weight.

How do we get rid of tumblrfags invading Mob threads?

Tell them to fuck off as usual.

Too much ramen,

It's too late now, Mob threads are a disgrace.
A shame, I still like the show but I don't go to the threads anymore. Singlehandedly kinda lowered my motivation to keep watching.

I like the show but I'm glad I not a Mobfag.

You can't. What started as a supposed "deterrent against shitposters" just made the threads more inviting for other less-than-desirable posters.

I know no one cares about Pedal anymore, but season 3 was confirmed for January. That Spare Bike shit looked interesting too. There weren't any subs though, were there?

He's comfy.

Why does this keep happening.

So the others have left permanently?

Are these guys second or third years now?

Senpais graduated already, but they'll be making cameos since they still keep in contact with Onoda.
Onoda, Naruko, and Imaizumi are in 2nd year.
T2 are in 3rd year, Teshima is the captain now.

>Shuka is animating Natsume next season

What's going on?

I don't recall T2 doing much of anything to be honest.

So they'll be adding new members I presume?

>that filename
Them fighting words. Square up.

Personally, I like shorter, messier hair Aoyagi more.Makes him look more like a cute shut-in.

Is it bad that I actually enjoy them?

I'm just mad they didn't get to go on the ferris wheel.

Sorry, he reminds me too much of Kitaro.

Yeah, on both teams.
Too bad, I recall the author saying he was the most like Teshima. Why couldn't Teshima be the MC instead goddamn.

I like the revamped design for Aoyagi, looks pretty hot.

At least he managed to show his affection.

It'll be okay.
Same staff.
They won't mess up.
I'm sure.

34 seconds in, perhaps. Fit male pelvis is offensive to japs.

The choppy frames are not good in this, it's ice skating for god's sake.

Well now he has more focus.

He's slowly growing another eye.

Oh god. Gegege No Kitaro. Legit only know this because of this fucking game I bought off ebay.

This game was fucked and hard. Fun game to co op while drunk.

I still care about Yowapedal ;_;

Waiting warmly to see who voices Komari

Is this Yuri


I hope we still get regular bath scenes and other fanservice.

I completely forgot about this serial molester.

What the fuck did they do to Teshima's hair?

Are you saying that a good thing's happened or that a bad thing's happened

Are you that one guy that loved his original seaweedy hair?

Will best boy be in season 3?

Can't wait to see this animated.


Wow that is weird.

Does Onada and all have shirtless scenes that have a chance of being animated in S3?

They have to put him in if they want to keep making money.

I have this poster of the Hakogaku boys plus Maki sitting in a famires and it always reminds me how much it hurt to see them split.

Also, Watanabe's gotten better but he's still not good. Do your best, Wataru-kun. You're still up there on the list of the most moe mangaka of all time, at least to me.

The flat black texture sexhair was cute as hell, thank you very much.


Wait he's gay? For real? Nice.

Yep, explicitly confirmed to be in love with Munakata. A historic day for Juzoboys the world over.

wtf I love Dangan Ronpa now


Just 'cause.

I cannot wait for season 3. Any word on how many eps it will be?

I'm on chapter 43 of Dorohedoro. You were right, it doesn't have much in the way of homolust unless you go really rotten (like I'm becoming with Risu), or enjoy okamas like Chota (which I don't).
However, I love Noi & Shin and Fujita. Ebisu is the cutest retard I've ever seen.

10 episodes.

How do you guys like the new Ash?

Eternal youth is one hell of a drug.

>downs pikachu

You are.

It's bad. Probably not even worth watching if not for Guzma not that I've even really watch pokemon since gen 4 since fansubbing is dead.

>tfw generations is literally going to be 18 episodes 4 minutes long
>4 minutes
Man and I thought that 13 episode/25 minute animes were ridiculously short. Hope ORAS Maxie appears.

I'm watching Bungou S2 this fall (well I'm already up to date with the manga so there's not much point in watching except to see the battles animated) and IBO s2 which a disappointment last season but hopefully it steps up some.

Not anymore since they twisted all character's personalities for the moeblob Mary Sue.

10 episodes, all 5 sets of the final match, new OP and new ED.

Looks better in motion but I agree it is pretty bad. They made him more shota looking and even more kiddie in nature which is kind of odd.

They didn't make him more shota looking, literally every frame looks bad.

No one can fap to this.

He looks younger than before that doesn't mean he is more fappable and like I said it is bad but who cares since it was meant to be a kids show not for someone who just wants to masturbate.

Well at least we know where one episode's budget went

If what I've learnt from this thread it's true, there were people who fapped to the Tribe Cool Crew MC. So that Ash seems in the real of possibility

Chapter 2 finally out.

People can masturbate to anything really if you set your mind to it.

>not masturbate to a kids show
You know kids who will watch this probably develop their inner faggotry, just like us fapping to Ash, Kai, Goku, etc.

>fapped to Joey Wheelah as a kid
>didn't realize how gay this was for the longest time

How did you fap to him?
I do recall him ever taking his shirt off?

They will develop it regardless but most kids shows usually don't make it a priority.

They advertised Ash in a swimsuit the most during one of the movies, and he topped a list of hottest Pokemon guys at another movie screening.

But does he have those poképits though?

Who was yours, user?

>fapping to Ash, Kai, Goku
For some reason I was never able to fap to these kind of characters even as a kid. My first must have been to Gravitation or FMA.

Eh, should be. The preview didn't show anything though.

If this time he sleeps in just boxers you're be lucky.

This was nice.

Another Animate Girls Festival planned for Show By Rock!! on November 5th.
The theme is thieves and police.
Perhaps they're going to sell an official doujin for that evennt again.

>official doujin
Those words don't mean what you think they mean.

Reporting in brother. Juuzo deserves a good husbando who will take care of him and make him happy. Preferably not Munakata. Seriously what has that retard ever done for him, I'm mad.

I want to get excited, but last season killed all my enthousiasm towards the show. I hope it gets better.

I do hope they do thighs well at least. Feet is probably out of the question, but here's hoping.

I can't believe they actually did it. That was good shit.

At least your first gay anime fap wasn't to a white-haired half-dog demon with a hotter older brother, a bitchy ex, and who's bound to a time-traveling Japanese schoolgirl.

It could be worse.

This ending made me diamonds.

I didn't even know this pairing was supposed to be a thing until this episode. White was extra gay this week.

To be honest, I would have fapped to Inuyasha if I picked it up around that time.

Really? White's not only been flirting with black before, but he has a shrine of him in his room which even includes a daki. He's been thirsty as hell from the start.
There's still one in particular I'd like to physically own that I haven't hunted down yet. It's listed on otakurepublic and they insist that you can ask for a restock, but their pricing for doujins is retarded so I'm just going to check back on Suruga-ya and Mandarake until it pops up one day.

Oh shit. That's the most effort I think I've ever seen an actual show put into detailing an armpit. Fuck, I couldn't be more hard.

You clearly haven't been paying attention

You're missing out on the armpit slut of 2016.

>but he has a shrine of him in his room which even includes a daki.
What? When does this happen?

The blonde angel got some armpit shots too in his ending. It might be idolshit but this show is delivering in more ways I would have expected.

I believe episode 8 was when they showed it

Holy shit. I think I skipped an episode. I would definitely remember this.

Oh. No I am not. You're right user, Haru has the most delicious armpits in anime, by far. Those sweat-laced, pheromone-drenched crevices are insurmountable and are made for my tongue.

To be honest, Haru made me so diamonds I must have just removed him from the graph entirely. He's an outlier.

Noted, friend.


I will never forget the glorious armpit harvest of 2016. What a fucking time to be alive.

Ash will be barefoot now and then and the pic had thighs.

Shame he hasn't been shirtless yet.
Imagine that with these armpits.

Collarbone exposure is lewd combined with armpits.

Why no good shirtless scenes though?
B project has them in every episode.

I know user. The beach episode is the furthest they went and they didn't put too much detail into it. I still prefer these boys to the ones in B Project though.

He has already been, in this same scene. But yeah, the fanservice could have been a lot better.

>unless you go really rotten
Just keep going.

Oh shit, it's armpit day again. I love these days.

I skipped the last season but I'll probably watch this one for Teshima's autism moe ex.

So I do and yes they were all shirtless in that episode but the detail was so bad.

Shame a shame and waste of these great boys, how old is he though? The game says 19 but I don't think that the case with the anime.

I believe they said he was a first grader in the anime? Indeed, it's a waste. If this was B Project they would have given Arata a ridiculous super six pack in that screenshot.

The show is still cute though.

So they changed him to a high schooler?

Yeah, everyone in B Pro has abs. But cute guys are better.

B Project wishes they had boys as delicious as this.

BC is homo as it gets

He even made a joke about it.

>armpits and collarbones

>That pic
Hijikatagumi a best. This artist has lots of great comics but I mostly wish her Horikawa wasn't so shota like and Kane-san some typical BL rapist.

Nice stream watermarks.

Yeah, I like her works because I really love that artstyle, but you indeed have a point. I guess you just can't win 'em all most of the time.


Oh look, it's a new OTP

He's not gay. He just in love with Munakata.

Sadly that's the jam for tons of BL artists, still stuck in their tropes.

Good thing Kanehori/Horikane is relatively popular so there's tons of artwork, I like Horikawa more as a top but I simply end up saving all kinds of stuff because of the artwork too.

I hope they show up in Hanamaru.

Next time I feel like it I think I'm gonna go through the Horikane tag on pixiv to see if any artists there catch my eye in particular. In any case, I'm glad that this franchise still seems to be going strong, cause having this much material is always nice.

Anyone else thinks that the shota has a great outfit?

Shotas with toned bodies are a miracle. Are there any more pics?

I have to get the booklet this time.

Nice. Speaking of, I hope you all got your Crow UR+. He looks older in this card.

But it's the most blatant one.

Not the cutest one though.

Yeah there's one more but here's another shota while I get that.


>tfw your favorite author's manga will never get an anime adaption

Why live?

Last one.

BL anime is dead anyway.

>never to be translated

Considering the quality of adaptations nowadays, you'd rather not have it adapted.

>listen to Trichron's new game song in 3 years
>Daisuke Kasuya is really dead
I didn't like the song.

Careful with what you wish for.

It's a strategic business move, Miyano sells better. Trichronika didn't appear that much in S1 but you get koebuta going for the Trichronika event for him.

Wasn't Aarin on it?

a long time ago

Osaka always looks so dead inside.

Because he voices that faggot Kai.

What exactly is this? It looks incredibly lewd.

Guess who got a stage play in development.

It's an arcade/pachinkoslot game called Quiz Magic Academy.

Recent games had added this element where the loser has his/her clothes end up disappearing like this.

As far as I know there's only 2 shotas.

The characters are surprisingly recognizable.

I've just caught up and holy shit this is good.

Which one is this?

An upcoming SB69 anime live stream is going to feature the lead singer of DOS. What does it mean? It's probably nothing right?
tfw no gay bugs

And someone else no one remembers.

If the time travelling ninjas are going to appear they should allow the gay bugs too because of fanbase popularity.

will they finally translate the anime?

Who is "they"?

Ichi Ni no San! by Okuyama Puku
it's pretty cute


He reminds me of a fabulous Kim Jong Un.

He has other characters more worthy of memory.

I've been thinking about this for 24 hours.

Thanks user, you're the cute one.

One day, he'll have an unfortunate accident with that red tomahawk of his and become an even shorter hoglet.

No problem, always glad to spread Puku love. Senobi no Housoku's another great one by her, one of my favorites, would highly recommend.

Why was all the really gay stuff either cut out during production phase or dumped in side novels?

Last post from Aarin concerning Patalliro was in March. They don't have a translator. There was some talk about opening a Patreon to pay for a translation, but nothing really happened.

>Start airing in about 1.5 days
>Still no simulcast announcement
I wonder if I should give up hoping there will be subs for this.

Hoping the raws at least will be uploaded. Although, no one uploaded the TV raws for Tribe Cool Crew and Brave Beats which were aired in same time slot. At least these two were simulcasted.

This looks like a gijinka of Spongebob


In what fucking way does this remind you of that?

Are you interested in this for the shota?

When will homos on ice start?


The Battle Lovers gangbanging them is the only way to fix the twins' sick minds.



It's screening 1 week early to hype it up.

It's airing right now user

I want to bathe in the Russian fairy tears.

I know I should have googled it myself but still.

I think it's because it's such a basic design that people would default to if they were drawing Spongebob, it doesn't help that he has a red tie and shorts

Just finished it, it was adorable. Thanks.

What's the appeal of this?
Even for yaoi standards the MC is too much of a pussy to be readable.

I hope they leave the gay on full blast.

When are we going to make a best boy of the season poll?


Fuck off with your generals garbage.




So about those Persona 5 spoilers I hope you all like yandere shit because that's the only thing that were gonna get


Not even that, he's straight for the titty policewoman.

Yuki seems to be the one with the most homolust potential, even Jun 2.0. seems straight. JUN 2.0.

His character looks like shit anyway, not a great loss.

Have they confirmed whether or not MC's clothes from his mini games can be used in dungeons?

We still don't know if he loves her or not, no one has made it pass early september and spoilers for the love of god

February can't come soon enough
But still, I fucking hate Cred Forumstards that came here specifically to post that one pic

>it pass early september and spoilers for the love of god
You wouldn't know who I am talking about without opening the spoiler anyway.

Also no blushing sprites for any of the dudes.

I just want enough Yuusuke.
That spoiler was kinda predictable anyway.

>draw a Jun
>call it a straight
Why is this allowed?

I know, we need Kaneko and Tadashi to save Atlus from these straight degenerates.

atlus's telling you gays were a mistake

This is shaping up to be another P4, isn't it?

I just want NotJun to be the best boy, at least that.

Modern Persona was a mistake.

Wasn't Kaneko working with BL novels?

>Wasn't Kaneko working with BL novels?
Kaneko is a man who has the balls to draw giant penis monsters, do you think he would gave fuck about anything?

Don't worry he is.

Is this any homo? Excuse the shitty scan.

>Is Uniform is 1:1 the Joker outfit

Fuck you Hashino, you blueballing master.

Not really. But it's still one of my favorite shows this year.

More penis bones please

Which magazine is this from?

And is he wearing a speedo or briefs?


>tfw thought it's going to be a 2nd SamFlam
Oh well

>Hosogai Kei
>Aoki Tsunemori
>Patalliro is the guy from that ZKai commercial

Praise the fucking gods dude

>King of Prism got a VR game
>you are a cameraman who must take good photos of Over The Rainbow + Shin and sell more than Schwartz Rose's photo book

The future is now

Yandere boy was best boy

He'll come back to us one day.

>bl novels
Explain yourself.

When will Kaneko come back from the flower fields? At least for just creature/demon design, I've found most of the newer ones kinda underwhelming. Not enough dick monsters

There was this rumor on /vg/ he worked on a novel with dudes flirting with each other but I don't recall the name to show you the cover.

FATLUS don't deserve him anyway.

Do they get naked like in the movie?

Nah, Kazuki best boy.

But since you like him, here you go.

He's doing the art for it. Well, it was some years ago.

I'm not sure if it was a BL novel or something like N.6, tho'.

But I love it.

He worked on SMTIV and Apocalypse

I also love it the problem is that it's usually handle it like shit.

I really love brown, but spiky hair is always a loss to me.
Thanks tho

My game arrives in a couple of days but I've been actively looking at streams and 2ch and honestly I kinda don't see why everyone's spazzing out.
Maybe EOPs just believe literally everything they read.
He definitely has something up his sleeve, but comparing him to Adachi so soon and shitting on the game already without knowing anything at all is stupid.
I guess I should've seen this coming since it was a super awaited and overhyped game.

It's KingPri, they will.
Game comes to PS VR in spring 2017 and a smartphone version in winter 2016.

Dunno about Apocalypse yet but all of his designs in IV seemed to be from the old games and all the new one drawn by new artists, the Kamen Rider like demons and the overdetailed stuff like Medusa and all that. Guess if he made anything new I missed it, but if he's still working on that stuff then that's cool



Vishnuflynn looked fine to me.

Now it looks like a fuming head.

I don't mean as an artist he wrote the general script for both games, he's one of the upper producers at Atlus so they can't make anything without his approval

Is this love?

He is c-cute

The only love that exists in rape is the love for yourself.

The only thing I remember was this atrocity of a title.

Did some more research, he did illustrations for Kadono Kouhei's novels. Maybe those had like, slight homo elements or something. I've never read Boogiepop, I wouldn't know his style.

That was cute as fuck.

Let us know your thoughts, will you?

Good High Speed sub when? All I've found has been a huge 10gb raw and a separate fansub, and it doesn't feel like the type of movie I should sacrifice 10 gigs for. When will someone put out a more reasonably sized raw or engsubbed version?

When is the next update?

>male futanari
How the fuck is this a thing

>and shitting on the game already without knowing anything at all is stupid.
It's not stupid because it's Persona.

Can't wait for this.

I guess I'll check out the smartphone version.

Your welcome user.

>and it doesn't feel like the type of movie I should sacrifice 10 gigs for

Because it sells.

When you encode it for us. If you want to watch it that badly you'll do it.

It doesn't even have best boy Rei, user, and I've heard mixed things about it.

how does u do that with the black box


Give up, no one gives a shit about this franchise anymore so no good release.

How does that even work? A dude with boobs? A hermaphrodite? Stealing the butt vagina idea from A/B/O?

only fujos who love yandere rape shit will be happy

they could have had potential but adachi 2.0 is boring

Just watch it and then delete it

That dude has vagina but he doesn't have boobs though.

I'll do it when my game arrives or if streamers get far enough into the endgame to see how things unfold.
As of right now, it's kinda like people believed too much into their own headcanons/ideals and when what they wanted to happen doesn't happen they just feel disappointed. Understandable but when it comes to Goro you never knew anything about his character to begin with.
I honestly don't dislike the game nor the "twist", maybe I just have shit taste and low standards.

All otaku republic does is relist things from other stores, mostly surugaya and tora. If they have it, someone else has it for half price.
Make an account on surugaya and set a restock notice.

So did I, not sure why. Hell it easily overshadowed the rest of the episode for me. I feel so bad for him.

Tsukiuta characters age. Anime takes place in 2014, the year the anime was announced.
Ages in 2016 setting:
Mutsuki Hajime: 20
Yayoi Haru: 20
Shiwasu Kakeru: 19
Kisaragi Koi: 18
Uzuki Arata: 20
Satsuki Aoi: 20
Fuzuki Kai: 22
Shimotsuki Shun: 21
Hazuki You: 20
Nagatsuki Yoru: 20
Kannazuki Iku: 19
Minnazuki Rui: 19

What persona should I start with?

Rei makes a cameo in one scene helping new red shota.

I can already tell you right now if you want homo from this game you will be disappointed, there's a canon heroine route and all the other male party members are obviously straight. If you just want homolust and pretty boys, I wouldn't get hyped about Persona 5 for those reasons.

I mean 10 GB? That should be pocked change noadays.

3 has the best boys

No need to thank me.

they are all legal yeaaaaash

I thought the girl from the first episode said something about them being high schoolers?

Don't waste your time and HD space on that shit.

It's not really the fact that it occupies space, it's more that my internet is slow as fuck and it'll take a long time to download and take bandwidth from all the other stuff I might be interested in downloading. I would've just preferred to have a smaller version overall.

Obviously with the first one.

Persona 2.

Katsuya is in 3?

Shinji and?

I don't give a shit about homo, I like to play persona because it's a nice game. The Makoto spoiler is fake, you can still romance other girls.
The only thing I care about is how Goro's twist plays out. If it's Adachi 2.0, a crazy lawfag or just a jealous guy because he didn't get enough fame from stealing hearts himself and the PT did.

The first one

Oh, that's cool too. Still hope he'll be lead dick demon designer one of these days too

I started with three. I liked it better than four, partially because

Ah so basically subtract 2 from everyone.


No the anime is set 2 years ago, but technically in Japan all of them are legal. Not the case for the younger guys in other countries.

I see you're a man of culture too, user

Did you read
>Anime takes place in 2014, the year the anime was announced.
Subtract 2 years to the characters.

So no closeted guys and explicit bromance with your buddies?

I don't care for FeMC but she did give us the miracle that is Theo.

That shitty 600mb version has been out for months now. You're just making excuses because you don't actually want to watch the movie.

I said from 3 or 4 because they're the best you can reccomend to someone who has never played and you're right Katsuya a best followed by Shinjiro
Aki, Kaworu 2.0 and also MC himself is a prime cutie


Katsuya is better than every boy in P3 combined.

My sub-Saharan siblings.

Shinji is overrated. Best boy is obviously Junpei


Nope. They're hetero in a way you can't deny. The biggest pairings from the game will likely be hetero ones.
Jun 2.0 is okay but part of the appeal for me with Jun was that he had history with Tatsuya and was a reformed villain, new guy is a bit bland despite having a nice design.

Do I need to play EP to understand this Katsuya boner? Because I haven't played that one yet.

>Americans wake up
>tasteless Persona posting begins
>people start being rude

Every time.

it's 2:30pm
americans have been up way before this began

>>people start being rude
So Cred Forums 24/7?

Don't stick your dick in crazy user
He's just too cute it's not fair ;_; fucking Hashino and his yandere fetish

You must be new.

You're right should we go back to metaposting instead of having a self-decent thread?

Yanderefags will probably defend it but this character would have been way cooler if he wasn't just another batshit insane jrpg villain. Jrpg villains are bland as hell.

I can't believe I actually miss Yosuke.

>>people start being rude
What? I think you've confused Cred Forums with tumblr

He can put his in my hole

>tasteless Persona posting begins
Tell us about your shitty taste

persona 5 is atlus giving the finger to fujos tbqh

Yes. That's the one he's actually relevant in.

>He said LUV U 4 EVER
Damn bro, that's true romance right there

>thread is good for 300 posts
>talk about all sorts of shows and things
>some faggot shows up and makes a complaining metapost
>instant derail of 200 metashit

Every time.

Why is EP such a pain?
All these popping mobs make me want to drop the game

Don't worry guys, Persona 6 will be better and have more homo.

He's one of the MCs there while irrelevant in IS. Obviously.

>it won't come out for another 8 years while Atlus milks a dozen P5 spinoffs

>still no Battery subs 24 hours later

Isn't that amazon service paid?

I'm still pissed we never got EP PSP localized. It certainly doesn't solve all the game's issues but it's a million times more playable.

Sure but first we'll get a P5 dancing all night game and P5 shadow of the dick where MC meets with the other MCs

Even Amazon dropped it.

I started with 4 but now I regret it because the only thing going for it is the gameplay, I ended up liking the prequels more.

Try 3 or 2IS first.

Post cute boys

Getting paid never prevented Funi from fucking up either the audio or video.

Adachi is the only good thing about P4


Ah, I found the best character.

>That one Katsuya/Tatsuya smut I found once but can't find again

Fuck me and I'm inability to save stuff.

Adachi is literally a meme character.

I'm visiting Cred Forums today. Thanks for the heads up that it's the gay thread.

Was it on pixiv? I want the best incest.

I wish you'd saved that too.

I want to fuck Akihiko

There's nothing wrong with being a cute old man


I can't decide who's the most faggot looking boi

So pissed that Kalimeris Porno was a one-shot. I wanted more.

Throw coins at

Does anything actually happen besides more Harada battery and hime hime hime?

flaunt a blank cheque in front of


Yeah, but that doesn't make him any less entertaining.
Now that I think about it P4 Golden was the most homo part of the franchise, considering Adachi got a and a bad end.

Kobayashi better use his Denka voice for him.

I need someone to render a sound dollar so we can make money edits.

F o r c e - f e e d

I agree.

He'll stab you with his horn.

I played P4 because I heard so much about how great Adachi is and he ended up being total shit. Terrible boy.

Post the best seme & uke. I wanna see how shitty your taste in men.


More than zero you mean?

Best seme: Me
Best uke: (You)

Seme/uke shit is for tasteless pleb children.

>seme & uke
You need to be over 18 to post on Cred Forums.

So you can do it both ways


Is this him talking here?

Ok but seriously what happened to Battery

He voiced the Arcareafact CM

Amazon dropped it because it became too boring.

All alt outfits are DLC.

Oh god, this thing is literally everywhere.

Amazon fucked up. They know there's a problem with it but don't give any fixing ETA.

Sounds good, I think.

You pretty much can't. The whole point of the seme/uke dynamic is set roles. By and large JP fujos hate switching things around. Once I saw a twitter poll with thousands of responses where people overwhelmingly said they'd prefer NTRshit over an uke boning a seme.

Sums up P4 in general.

What is it?

Otome shit game.

Mystic messenger.

He is the singer too
That korean otome game

Some shitty overrated otome game.

This looks so fucking shit and cringey, the art style is Deviantart tier. Will still give it a chance for based Takamatsu. Let's hope it isn't as terrible as it seems.


>Gookshit longfaces
How can people like this garbage?

It's fun though. Done playing one route but i might uninstall it soon.

>not only otomeshit but also gookshit
What's the point

One of the guys is a homo

>Director: Shinji Takamatsu
This will be amazing.

There's no point and it's also not Cred Forums related.

>One of the guys is a homo
So? It's neither anime or manga so it doesn't belong here.

Show pic of said character
Ugly boys don't have any right to be homosexual

>Show pic of said character
Nah, fuck off with this gookshit.

But Puri Puri Prisoner was best homo

This guy, he seriously don't give a shit about the female MC.

Not Cred Forums so fuck off.


Fuck off already. You have a thread for that shit in /vg/.

This gookshit game is literally tumblr's new favorite thing. People posting it means that there's literally twitterinas lurking here.
Not even /blog/ likes it.

Don't be so cold Cred Forumsnons

Gookshiteaters are fucking obnoxious.

>This gookshit game is literally tumblr's new favorite thing. People posting it means that there's literally twitterinas lurking here.

That explains the persistent retardation.

Why do you know this?

Jesus fuck you fujos are obnoxious, learn to stop complaining and ignoring it once in awhile instead of menstruating over the thread and wasting posts

I wish they wouldn't come to us on /vg/.
Fuck mobage, and fuck gookshit.

He is clearly one of them

No, cancer needs to fuck off.


Shit like this makes me want to subject them to a psychological torture of their uke of choice fucking seme while staring them straight in the eyes.

Late reply, but thank you!
It has been a while since I've read something good.



Because some artists I used to like started drawing this shit.

>tumblr here full force

Probably nothing more exciting than a technology failure. Just keep waiting and watch the raws.

Or maybe you simply don't post not-Cred Forums in Cred Forums.

I do see it mentioned on /blog/ sometimes but I don't get why. Even as an EOP I don't give a shit about this meme game.

Report the offtopic shit and ignore them.

Cool story Kim Park-Song, let's also post Cred Forums and Cred Forums shit while we're at it.

Okay, let's start with you.
Fuck off already.

Or maybe you ignore and report, hag
let it go and move on

We need less cancer not more

Oh crap this is not enough

Ignoring does nothing. All it does is make them think they're welcome.

You seriously can't date Yusuke?
What a waste.

I feel horny

>says the blogger shitposter

And throwing a shitfit for 100 posts tickles their autistic brains and makes them behave like this: Reporting works. There have been mass deletions in here before. Anything else is sacrificing the thread.

Hence the "report" part, you dumb bitch


New chapter on?

Not yet.

Post your tumblr!

I thought the PV looked alright. There will be egregious QUALITY episodes for sure, but it looks adequate in motion.

Still better than letting them roam free.
Ignoring has never worked and never will. Every group of shitposters we've had has been thrown out because people bitch and moan about it.


Report the posts and wait. Don't reply.

>Literally Jun
What is the point.

Best course of action is report, tell them to fuck off once, then immediately make on-topic posts so the thread can rerail.

Like how we need to talk about Birdmen because that seems to get the translators off their asses every time Cred Forums remembers it exists.

Both of you need to report your own replies and fuck off from this thread.

But he's not.
All those "Yusuke pleases madarame for art supplies" posts are actually kinda true now.

This. Those designs are nope as fuck and it looks like it'll be a QUALITY kind of show, but Takamatsu has saved all kinds of things before so I owe it a chance.

holy shit 91 days

From what I've seen he has very little in common with Jun beyond appearance.

Did something gay happen?

It's a comedy manga, why would you think it's cringey?

Did Avilio finally suck his dick for revenge

Angelo killed Corteo.

Okay. Do you guys like Klance?

Post your fetish!

If I don't watch it, then it won't come true!

By the way, Touken Ranbu OP. In case anyone cares.

How correct you are

He killed Corteo

Silly user, the dick sucking is his infiltration cover story, the mid-sex strangulation is his revenge.

Sounds meh.

Not sure about the holy part, but it sure is shit

>shit op
>shit quality

Somehow I'm less surprised than I thought I'd be.

It only got streamed on the radio, I doubt we'll get anything better until it starts airing.

Nah, his impostor did it.


I heard it at the radio show, pretty cute. New PV tomorrow too.

I expected as much.


>New PV tomorrow
What, source?

I'll care more if Hanamaru makes me like Kashuu or Yamato.
I am looking forward to the show though.

Damn that was incredibly generic.


last rarest 2D Griffith

Somewhere on twitter, they have a booth at that thing there's tomorrow. The touken kouryaku twitter has a summary.

I want to fuck Seigi-kun.

Thanks, found it.

This is so frustrating to look at.

Is Natsume going to be ok? Even having most of the old staff isn't going to help if Shuka has nothing to pay them with.

Natsume got special treatment by getting more than one season by BB. I want to believe Shuka will also treat it special.