Did you honestly think Bleach was over? know your place human

did you honestly think Bleach was over? know your place human.

why do you think i allowed ichigo to get to the royal palace?

do you think i would let myself be constrained to a chair? do you truly believe it was ywach that visited me?

the real story has just begun!

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You can't do this to me anymore I am finally free

This is a black sun and his white moon.

Only if Bambi Chan is back to life

Stab Hinamori again please.

aizen is so handsome, but so annoying


Does this mean their child is an eclipse?

Nope, just a tiny black sun.

byakuya finally realizing that something is up between them

>Kubo throwing hints through twitter


>Renji offering his meat for her
>Her eyes still on Ichigo
I'm just gonna say that if Rukia did have romantic feelings for Ichigo, she'd rather back down for Orihime's sake - and so that she wouldn't "disturb" Ichigo's human life any more. He would grow old and die relatively soon too.

It would've made a far better, bittersweet romance story than IchiHime though. muh contrast

What is Nii-sama's expression trying to convey?

>>Renji offering his meat for her
>>Her eyes still on Ichigo
What kind of fucking headcanon?

Getsuga Tenshou is manly as fuck. If you hate Getsugas you're literally a fag.

The only one he has, constipation.

Nothing. However, he doesn't want Renji getting too forward with his little sister.

>Her eyes still on Ichigo
Go get your eyes checked asap.

the reason renji was jobber after soul society arc was because byakuya broke his bankai.
I used to think he was just shit, but now I really get it. It's really sad.

What kind of arcane bullshit will Aizen get up to next?


so basically aizen didn't have a bankai, because he never needed one aye?

this guy is the manliest and he didn't have any powers

i miss bleach

>ywn see Yachiru ride on Kenpachi's shoulder again

she wasn't a person.
Kenpachi is just like stark, his soul split and gave him a loli

It's weird, when Kubo gave Kenpachi actual powers he seemed to become weaker.

>ywn be with your inner loli
why even live?

Im so happy I'm finally off this god awful ride

I think Bleach might be the worst thing I've ever read to completion

>>Her eyes still on Ichigo
hey man whatever helps u cope bruh

I can't be the only one that actually liked this form???

post the ride

I liked Fullbring until SS showed up.
Even then I still liked it a little.

Kenpachi can't be beaten with brute strength, so it wasn't fair the way he lost in the quincy arc. ''Ywach'' just beat him up.

Oh please, Bleach had 4 good arcs and 2 bad arcs in the series.

Naruto on the other hand relied WAY too much on it's part 2 to a point of it's own detriment.

Isn't Ichigo in the foreground there? I forget

>I think Bleach might be the worst thing I've ever read to completion
You must not read a lot then.

i liked it too and im listening to this right now as im studying youtube.com/watch?v=6kxR1us1GbI

Aizen is the most handsome character in Bleach.

I like that the musical agrees with this, they always cast the most handsome actors to play him.

If you think Bleach is better than Naruto at this point you are a lost cause.

the final was bad, but the ride itself was funny enough

>we wont have more "kubooo"

its a little sad, honestly


Cos if it's disapproval, Renji would have been disposed of in no time.

I generally don't stick to terrible works under a false belief that it'll all be worth it in the end. Kubo rused me pretty hard.

How did they put Aizen back in the chair?

Bleach had six arcs? Substitute Shinigami, Soul Society, Aizen arc, Fullbring, Blood War, and...?

He is.

>Renji visits 11th division barracks, brings Ichika
>Kenpachi puts her on his shoulder

>>Renji visits 11th division barracks, brings Ichika
>>Kenpachi puts her on his shoulder

Ichika would definitely get along with Kenpachi and Ikkaku. She seems like a spunky kid.

I honestly feel like Kubo is the only manga artist (from the top of my head) that really made me respect them as an artist rather than a storyteller. Kubo's character designs are the best in WSJ, there I said it

>kenpachi meeting kazui for the first time and wanting to fight him literally never

Inspired by Ichigo, Aizen's heart grew three sizes that day and he willingly sat like a good boy for the rest of eternity.

She would bully Toshiro.

the aizen arc is splitted in 2, mexico and fake karakura

but didn't it shrink 6 times right after when he saw what happened to the last chapter?

>Kubo's character designs are the best in WSJ
Bleach and Shokugeki have the best art in JUMP.

I remember for at least 10 straight years, I suffered from Naruto's bullshit.

it started in 2005 with the Tenchi Bridge and how pointless it was.

Then after the actually decent Immortal arc, Uchiha Arc onwards just sucked. Then Pain arc was a middle finger, Gokage arc was a headache, Tailed Beasts arc was boring and the Final arc was a disaster on all accounts.

AND THEN AFTER THAT WAS THE GAIDEN, LAST MOVIE AND BORUTO MOVIE! And that was just awful since it was required to read and watch those in order to understand the ending itself.

Pre-Reaper (1-8)
Soul Society (9-20)
Hueco Mundo (21-32)
Fake Karakura Town (33-48)
Fullbring (49-54)
Blood War (55-74)

I'm still pissed they didn't anime the last arc.
Anime is so hype

can u believe it

They will. I think after Naruto, they will have to go after Bleach next. Would make sense since Naruto's cash cow is ending.

holy shit of course

pierriot so shit that they are desperate for money


>she knows who and what her brother is/does
>she doesn't bother getting any powers and doing something or at least kill hallows

I mean come on. Ichigo was thinking this shit in the fullbringer arc

>them shiba genes


Karin had very impressive development.

Hang on, don't give up hope yet. Naruto is ending in a little. Pierrot needs something new to milk.

If you pronounce Pierrot like "perry-awt" I will smack you

Think about it:

>Naruto ending in 3 episodes
>Boruto is WAY too new to animate
>Bleach's final arc (20 volumes) is lying around
>could milk that baby for what it's worth
>even add in filler fights that aren't in the manga (like Kirio Hikifune vs. Pernida or something like that)
>Bleach is still one of the big 3 internationally.

See? Would make sense. Studio Perridot owns both of these.

>she doesn't bother getting any powers and doing something or at least kill hallows
she just wanted to help protect her family during the fb arc, but thats really it. she didnt have any desire to protect a mountain of people like ichigo.

she wanted to help and didn't do anything. How low can you get?
From my perspective, someone who just watches something bad happen when they can do something about it is a trashcan, even that loli urahara keeps in his shop could fight arrancars

>>Boruto is WAY too new to animate
an anime special was already announced though.

I could have waited another year before starting to get into bleach, but I did it two months ago and binged all the episodes and now I'm blue balled till the anime gets here and I've read the manga but it doesn't feel hype

i just got the feeling that kubo forgot that he wrote that or decided to drop it for whatever reason.

she's even half quincy. She can ask uryu to teach her quincy shit. As usual isshin keeps everything from his kids

That's how I felt about it. Just something else that was potentially interesting that ended up getting Kubo'd.

yeah I'm going to miss that shit

At least Kazui knows where he comes from.

>At least Kazui knows where he comes from.
Thank god. I'm so glad that he's not left in the dark like Ichigo was.

isshin is a scumbag
>protect your kids by telling them nothing
I hate parents like that.

I still kind of don't understand what we were trying to convey with this phrase. I mean most of the time people posted it when the writing was real bad or when a tremendous asspull happened. But I have the strong feeling there were also people who posted this non ironically and thought something like "wow, Kubo delivered some real good plot twist right there, I really didn't saw that comming!"

How broken would a dangai Kazui going all out be?

Obata and Murata wants a word.

At least he got rukia as a consolation prize.

How would you have made the most of the final 5 chapters, what would you have done differently?
You cannot change the pairings and the offspring
You can only change minor details in the final 5 chapters. No complete rewrites.

I would've had Aizen transported to the king's realm and had him and Ichigo fight Yhwach there with all other fighters either incapacitated, become spectators to the final fight, or made irrelevant by the massive power gap.
Instead of going to SS Yhwach attacks the remaining captains in the king's realm. Ichigo recovers and follows after him and arrives just as Yhwach accidentally releases Aizen. The fight plays out as it did in the actual ending (it was actually pretty good imo) with the exception that Aizen's dragons wreak havoc, rise into the sky and crash down on Yhwach and continue downwards. Part of the platform breaks off and falls on SS destroying large parts of it, but not complete the destruction in the actual ending. After Yhwach is slain the power he took from Ichigo returns to its rightful owner. We get occasional shots of the defeated, or paralyzed shinigami observing throughout the fight. This way Urahara's survival is confirmed (we also see Shuhei lying in a pool of his own blood with the kanji for bankai written in his own blood on the floor, for comedic effect).

Kubo has no single good parent figure. He even absolves Ryuuken's abandonment of Uryuu by saying "it's for a good cause!" and have Uryuu be okay with it. So not paying attention to your kid, cutting up his mom's corpse and not explaining shit was to find her cause of death and forge revenge material from it? Yeah, fuck that, a small child's trauma carries on forever.

post-Death note obata is garbage compared to kubo lol

>dude sorry I broke your sword
>here, take my sister
It was Renji's plan all along

>Bleach had 4 good arcs
Try 2.

I would've given a limb for a chapter centered around Uryu and the relationship with his mom.

ukitake looks so happy and healthy and alive ;_;

>Bleach is still one of the big 3 internationally
I don't think the last chapter even got advertised anywhere outside of Japan.

>How would you have made the most of the final 5 chapters, what would you have done differently?
>You cannot change the pairings and the offspring
>You can only change minor details in the final 5 chapters. No complete rewrites.

The only way to save it is a complete rewrite. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

Uryu's character would've been dominated by his lust for vengeance if he had known about Yhwach from the onset and he would've hated his quincy heritage like his father does. Uryu picked up sowing and other house chores from her. Uryu and Ryuken both really loved Masaki, but Ryuken was never any good at showing affection.

>Kubo has no single good parent figure

Katagiri was probably a good mom too.

No, because people enjoyed the 48 volumes out of the 74. That is 4 arcs out of the 6. Even I who enjoyed the first 32 volumes and the last 20 volumes still hold that outlook about 4 arcs good and 2 arcs bad.

No, a bunch of websites including Anime News Network and Cruchyroll even posted stuff about the final chapter.

Probably true for Ryuken. But I meant Katagiri.

>Uryu and Ryuken both really loved Masaki

it's used for both
kubooo (not this shit, please)
kubooo (clever bastard)

It's not about saving Bleach, it's about making the most of Bleach from the time the ending was announced.

Why did they bring grimmjow back for literally one scene with no further exposition.

What happened with harribel


What kind of sketches do you guys want to be included this final volume?

-isshin reuniting + drinking with toshiro/rangiku or the shiba clan.
-uryu and his dad visiting katagiris grave
-something pairing related. the day ichihime got married or the day kazui was born + something for renruki. i would love to see a pregnant, glowing rukia.
-a kazui/ichika sketch. more interactions please. hes definitely a sweet little angel while shes all spunky and bossy.

>Why did they bring grimmjow back for literally one scene with no further exposition.
>What happened with harribel
Nel literally did nothing lmao

Yes. Kubo RTd a pic with Ichigo and Orihime cupcakes on Valentine's Day. I wish I had the screencap.

Instead of leaving characters like that "barely alive" so they can come back later, kubo should have killed them off. Instead he brought them back to watch the shit this manga has become, at least Ulqiorra escaped that and got a beautiful death.

>isshin is a scumbag
Yes. He also made jokes about he 12 year old daughters not wearing panties. What was Kubo thinking with that one?

>isshin reuniting + drinking with toshiro/rangiku

If only. If only.


>kubooo (clever bastard)
When has this happened like ever?

Isshin is old fashioned, sue him.
Go be offended somewhere else.

He needs to bring Karin along.

Why is bullying Ichigo so satisfying?

>Isshin is old fashioned
joking about your young daughter not wearing panties is old-fashioned?

what is this pose all about? i see it everywhere.

I'd eat Orihime.

Ichigo broke his heart.

My father used to joke about my sister stealing my mom's panties to smell like a woman, so yes.

I'd eat The Heart

How would a ordinary person get powers?
>To be fullbringer you need a pregnant mother to survive hallow attacks
that's rare, so you can't count on yourself being one
>to be a quincy you need quincy parents
Nothing you can control
>to be shinigami you need to be dead or steal shinigami powers from someone
This is possible but someone needs to give them to you if you're alive, and if you die then you need to train and all
>to be an arrancar you need to be dead and angry and then eat other hallows till you become great otherwise you're just a weak loser
Not easy

Being a fullbringer who dies and becomes a hallow and dies again and becomes a shinigami would be 3 lives so that's pretty interesting.

>tfw no shinji bankai
>no yoruichi bankai
>no hisagi bankai
>no vizards never not jobbing
>no more uryu paneltime despite it being his arc.
>no getsuga
>no harribel/grimmjow/nel doing something relevant
>no ryuuken/isshin joining the fight

Poor Aizen.
>tfw Ichigo and Orihime threesome never

Not even that guy but your father sounds like one hell of a twisted maniac

I think that's weird, not old fashioned.


confident and/or relaxed tomboy pose?

>Ywach says they can always get more arrancars if they want
>harribel is shown in the rape dungeon as he says it

Were they raping her and making her pregnant and having her give birth to new arrancars or what?

>no yoruichi bankai
Yeah this never ever was a thing to begin with. She obviously was never meant to have a shikai/bankai.

Other than that you're right of course though those aren't even 10% of the things the madman forgot or just didn't care to show us.


No truly pure souls aside from the untainted quincies exist. Potential for fullbring is probably so widespread that everyone has a "hidden power" of some sort. It's not the power origin that matters in this context, but the raw spirit power of the individual. If you are capable of aquiring spirit power somehow it may be possible. Shinigami also seems to be the net where all dead potential power users eventually end up.

she specifically stated herself that kenpachi was the only captain to become captain without a bankai

It's silly she wouldn't have one after we learned she was a captain.

Uh... are those some weird foreign habbits I don't understand? I mean I'm german so I know my fair share of fucked up stuff but this sounds just wrong

Here's Shiniji's Bankai, courtesy of Kubo himself!
>doesn't just reverse directions...reverses the perception of directions being reversed
>his bankai is literally nothing

Quincies become shinigami when they die right? They go to soul society don't they?

>Muh canon cupcakes!
Kubo shipped the fuck out of it.

She discarded it. Crazy as that may sound, she transcended her limits as a shinigami and became capable of invoking her powers without a zanpaktou. Her brother is really no different in that regard.

That's not old fashioned. That's just weird.

God, they look so good together.
Doujins never ;_;

They might have, but it's not like there are any quincies in the afterlife. Remember Mayuri and Soul Society's efforts to wipe out the quincy race to prevent Yhwach from returning.

Shinji was so cool before karakura town arc. His revenge was going to be so sweet. Vizards were so tragic and angry, I was waiting for something good to happen. Then they slapped us in the face. At least stark, shunsui, kaname and komamura and gin were nice to watch.

>things the madman forgot or just didn't care to show us

I sincerely hope somebody was smart enough to go and release Halibel when the dickery with the moustache fag was fover.

Why is Cred Forums the only place that appreciates this threesome?

>she specifically stated herself that kenpachi was the only captain to become captain without a bankai
Dude we're talking about Kubo, remember? This is not like One Piece were every inch of the story is planned out in detail. Kubo obviously hasn't planned for her to be a captain that time. But if you want some asspull explanation then how about "she meant everyone who owns a sword needs bankai to be captain and Kenpachi was the only one who didn't fit this criteria." I mean she obviously doesn't even have a sword so that might even be what she really meant to say that time.

What the FUCK happened?


Well she has her three fangirls hasn't she? I mean sure the last thing I remember is that they were lying around dead/unconciously but they also survived a burn from the old man himself so I guess they were alive...?

No idea. He clearly wanted to fuck both of them. Probably at the same time.

So will we get a databook? We are bound to get a databook aren't we? I mean fuck we don't even know if Uraharas party survived since Kubo didn't even bother to mention them in the final chapter

unpopular opinion, but i really liked katagiri and nanaos mom even though we only got a few panels of them.

Yeah, they would probably go find her once the quincies got cleaned up. They saved her last time too.

>He clearly wanted to fuck both of them.
Since when were you under the impression that he didn't fuck them?

We still have the volume sketches.

I hope we get a databook though. I want Kubo to tell us what Orihime is already, if she's a fullbringer then he should just make it canon already.

Doujins never ;_;


ive been re-reading and gin fucking sucks.

-plotting revenge against aizen that rangiku didnt even ask for
-plays that cruel joke on rukia that makes her break down
-manipulates the fuck out of kira

rest in fucking pieces u dickbag

Me too. Very unpopular opinion, I like the subtle way Kubo writes romantic love.

>I like the subtle way Kubo writes romantic love.
Honestly me too.

Took him a hundred years but aizen shielded by plot armour. At least he could have been like father from FMA which meant that he's spending other peoples souls to stay alive and survive but NOOOO

was it Aizen who raped Rangiku?

i dont think he would do something like that. since rangiku's past was suppose to be important this arc, im guessing it had to do with that.

we'll literally never know.

Aizens pawns stole a part of her soul for his hogyoku

honestly if bleach's pacing was better it would probably still have sold int he top 3 for much longer

I usually interpreted it as "cheeky bastard"

would kazui beat kenpachi in a fight?

In this chapter? Ah, I thought it was rape or something like that. I'm not the stupidest reader, was that actually explained anywhere?

But it was more like one of those things you do out of pity, right? Like if a mentally handicaped person manages to tie his shoes for the first time in like two weeks. You clap, congratulate and say he has done a great job but deep down you just pity the poor bastard because you know he'll never produce something of value ever.

>Like if a mentally handicaped person manages to tie his shoes for the first time in like two weeks. You clap, congratulate and say he has done a great job but deep down you just pity the poor bastard because you know he'll never produce something of value ever.
this is so ugly

Well I imagine his fight with Kenpachi to play down pretty similar to Ichigos with only one exception. In his inner world he won't be given power by some quincy hobo but a totally twisted hollow quincy shinigami fullbring abomination and after that he'd probably tear Kenpachi a second anus

I don't think he has the skill for that at the moment. He's already frighteningly powerful, though.

2nd Kenpachi was a mistake

And yet it relates to Kubo A LOT, right? I only realised how damn fitting it is when I finished writing it

>I don't think he has the skill for that at the moment.
He literally destroyed left-over Yhwach though and he's like what, 6 at most?

Imagine when he's 15/16.

Except you don't pity a hack, you just resent them.

But we don't know anything about what the hell happened there do we? I doubt it was something power related I mean a child can't be THAT strong. Yhwach probably tried to materialise or some shit and Kazui cockblocked him accidentally.


But you know that he'll never manage to produce anything of value anyway so why resenting him? Pity is much more fitting in my opinion

c u t e

There's a lot of deliberate laziness involved in not managing to produce something of value.

im so happy for them ;_;

part 1

Please let this turd die already.

part 2

part 3

>click arrow
>hide thread
wew it's like Bleach died

part 4

>kaein: marries a kind and beautiful woman
>isshin: marries a kind and beautiful woman
>ichigo: marries a kind and beautiful woman

>isshin cucks ryuken
>ichigo cucks uryu

literally pottery

Her fucking face

What's going on here? Translations, or at least a summary please.


Would you?

I honestly thought Renji was an older Ichika until I saw Byakuya on the left.

im sure the fans will just write and draw some continuation fanfic that is better than the real thing was op

That fanart is probably older.

Yhwach sought out a new host and found Kazui. He did not go to the real world to get fucking murdered, or just to escape.

Still no shipping wars yet,its over r-right?

Who is the one on the left?

Youruichi+Soifon kid.

The new Nemu.

you're favorite ship is shit.

New Nemu (see chapter685) it looks like. That was also a rushed kill-off.

no desu

Reminds me, I never really shipped anything here except perhaps Yoruichi-Soifon, but incidentally today I looked and noticed there are some cute vanilla doujins of Hitsugaya fucking with Rangiku.

Rude. My favorite ship only exists in anime filler, but that's no reason to insult it.

>no Bleach sequel manga that starts off with everything out of whack and gone to shit that gradually reveals that the entire ending had been Aizen'd
Hell, I'd be ok if everything after HM was retconned out of existence.

She is the cutest

She got nice body 10 years after, who knows what would happen if he showed his adult mode.

the last arc started in 2012 and has been going on for four years before abruptly ending

It's time to accept that Kubo didn't give a fuck and got bored

Ikakku hiding his bankai was stupid.

mah nigga

The premise of this fight seems silly to be honest. Ichigo is literally the WORST possible opponent for Renji in a bankai to bankai fight.

Byakuya was faster and stronger than Renji in his incomplete bankai form, and Ichigo is stronger and faster than Byakuya on all levels; even when at his weakest. That said, does look cool.

Ichogo going to soul society to retrieve his dead at birth son's soul and saving it from living in rukongai.

Like half or more of things in Bleach. It's the shounen genre at its best/worst.

Side note: why the hell does everyone looks so good just by going trans?

To be fair, who wouldn't count as a bad opponent for Renji? Maybe Chad.

Hitsu looks worse.

I'd Shunsui hard.

Did Ichigo ever get to walk Orihime home gently? I mean, literally walk her home gently. We already know he did the other thing.

I'd Ginko and Zarako at least. Koyrako too and ever Aizen looks hot, FFS. And yeah, Hitsugaya should have been some delicate loli. He's cute as he is, though.

Hah, even Grimjow stops being annoying sight with some cute.

Rukia didn't even want to be saved even after Ichigo rescue her. It was Renji who convinced her to live.

She never had anything for him. She wasn't even going to return his powers until Orihime whined and cried about it (as the novel reveals).

And he still fought, unlike Ichigo who bitched and moaned and got depressed when his blade shattered. Renji had balls Ichigo lacked; Ichigo only had plot armor.

I'm pretty sure that was a hypothetical scenario.

Honestly I'd have to go back and read this stuff though, because people make up so much shit in their effort to push their ship that I dunno what to believe anymore.

Either way it's obvious that Orihime won. Ichigo is a decent looking guy and actually kind of matters. Renji is an ugly fuck that does nothing but job. Don't even know what Rukia sees in him.

Kubo once retweeted this.

Will Uryuu's son be free of the curse?

Haha, no, who are we kidding. He's probably going to fall in love with a girl only to find her and Kazui banging in a broom closet somewhere.

Rukia's problem in SS isn't that she was going to be executed (yes, that was part of it), but it ran deeper something Ichirukifags don't acknowledge because they:
1) Misunderstood Rukia as some kind of self-sacrificial selfless angel who was saving her true love in exchange for her life.
2) Want to diminish Renji's actions.

Rukia's problem was she was suicidal, cynical and consumed by guilt after Kaien's death, thinking nobody cared about her. Nobody SHE gave a fuck about anyway. Ichigo rescuing her was important but she still kept her emo depressive bullshit about throwing her life away as if was trash until Renji refused to let her die, because she was worth to him. After that she wanted to live. It wasn't that she was a noble angel in love, it was that she was a depressed girl who was self-destructive.

She needed to know her brother valued her and that Renji wouldn't let her go again. Ichigo caused this to happen but he was a catalyst more than the person who gave her happiness, if that makes sense. Just like in Ichigo's life, she was a catalyst, too.

Is this the tweet about renruki?

>She needed to know her brother valued her and that Renji wouldn't let her go again. Ichigo caused this to happen but he was a catalyst more than the person who gave her happiness, if that makes sense. Just like in Ichigo's life, she was a catalyst, too.
Yes to everything you wrote, especially this part. Ichiruki fans really need to go back and re-read the manga without their ridiculous shipping bias.

>all these deep analysis over shipping


I dunno about all of that. I was just wondering why she even likes Renji to begin with since he's really ugly and useless. She should have went for an incest ending.

how beautiful would an ichihime daughter be?

Probably better looking than Orihime since Ichigo's grumpy face genes would balance out Orihime's kawaii uguu genes.

>kubo reveals in one of the volume sketches that uryu is happily engaged to some cute nurse

how angry would ishihime shippers be?

Surely they'd just have a friendly game of soccer.

they only interacted in the anime and he obviously has feelings for momo

tatsuki a cute


Especially given how the author just throws random ideas, logical leaps and asspull motivations or sudden expositions to explain or serve whatever purpose occured to him at the moment.

It's pointless to analyze any given detail and try to draw people's character or feelings from it. Because everything could change multiple times and get competition from several contradictory elements.

Like Rukia power level. Originally weak shinigami, then it is revealed she is just sheltered, has rare shikai and then bankai and at the end they make her captain.

Playing sports are a good way to work up a sweat. You know what else is a good way to work up a sweat? Running on a treadmill. Also, fucking.

Too bad Hinamori still wants Aizen's dick.

Kubo was consistent with Orihime and her feelings though.

Not him but yeah, I mean that was kind of the entire point of her character really.

Yes, it's about the translator of the official Italian release saying happy birthday to Renji and hoping he'll marry Rukia in the future.

>ichiruki-ists still thought they had a chance after byakuya tells renji his fang reached him

I think she gave up on him after the second stabbing. The arrow of Momo and Ice Shota was mutual.

It's kind of unfair that fucking Momo lands the most sought after dick. Iceshotabowl is better than any bowl.

It's a sweet pairing though. Toshiro is usually grumpy, but when he's around her he becomes more tender.

Y'know if you kinda used the same logic Ichiruki use to justify Ichigo and Rukia being endgame, you can kinda ship him just about anyone lol

>implying he's too good for the Tittybowl
Too bad Rangiku will never get over Gin.

>Too bad Rangiku will never get over Gin.
Can you blame her? They were obviously in love with each other, but his dumbass screwed everything up for revenge she didn't even want.

do you think he ever titfucked her

of course

>Can you blame her?
Actually that's why I can blame her. She could have pretty much anyone she wanted and yet refuses to move on. Gin was kind of a dick anyway.


still can't believe how flustered he got just from being asked about her outfit. the only other time hes that flustered is when he sees yoruichi naked.

I've a hard time imagining either of them doing much. Ichigo seems vanilla as fuck and Orihime seems like she'd be really boring.

>Orihime seems like she'd be really boring.
I don't know about that. Back in the FB arc, her vision Ichigo was wearing a suit and loosing his tie.

How happy when isshin when ichigo brought orihime to the house as his girlfriend?

There was also that one time Rangiku started undoing her top to convince him to let them stay there. Hell he even looked at them.

I think the main point for Ichihime is simply that Ichigo really likes breasts, and Orihime would be easy as fuck for him since she slobbers over his cock 24/7.

>When you love the titties so much, they bring you back to life

>I think the main point for Ichihime is simply that Ichigo really likes breasts, and Orihime would be easy as fuck for him since she slobbers over his cock 24/7.

>renruki set in stone when byakuya tells renji his fang reached him
>ichihime set in stone back in the second chapter when her feelings are introduced

Hey we have evidence that Ichigo likes breasts. And it's not like Orihime has anything else going for her.

>Orihime was imagining Ichigo ravaging her during the bread date

Who tainted our pure princess?

Ichihime and Ichiruki are pretty boring desu, At least Renruki has some personality put into them

>And it's not like Orihime has anything else going for her.


Ichigo. By accident.

I'd wager he's been shipped with just about everybody in Bleach at least once.


Now that's something I wanna see honestly, Yoruichi's sexy and her quips are funny,Orihime is just sweet and has a body most girls would only dream of,Rukia is cute but Tatsuki showing her soft side to Ichigo is something someone should write about

>but Tatsuki showing her soft side to Ichigo is something someone should write about
[spoilers]with keigo[/spoilers]

Keigo can be the third wheel

more like a composite 3. 1+0.5+0.5

actually why isn't there more shipping Hitsugaya with Yuzu?

didn't Kubo even admit that he couldn't decide on whether to make Gin a hero or villain until pretty much the last second? He flip flopped between the two right up until Gin stabbed Aizen.

Yuzu is pure

I don't think they could even get to her. She was in the basement of Silbern back when it was still in the shadow realm thing. If she wasn't left there it would mean she was still in Silbern, which replaced the Royal Palace, which we were told (but also sorta half lied to) could only be reached by key holders and their bones and only through a few limited modes of transit. (both facts of which were proven wrong in the course of the plot) Plus I don't think anyone that actually knew where she was held was anywhere near enough to help her. Grimmjow and Nel maybe, but Grimmjow was also KO'd in the Askin fight. So Nel is basically the only candidate.

Yuzu isn't interested in anyone who isn't Ichi-nii or her nephew.

yeah that was the point, adult Hitsugaya turned out to be perfectly identical to Ichigo

Yuzu is a degenerate.

Where is RE:Bleach?

He doesn't have orange hair. That's not gonna work for Yuzu.


Friendly reminder that Byakuya was the real winner in the final chapter.

Me too.

>Who tainted our pure princess?

Ichirukists never speak about that.

Aizen bankai was an illusion.

They wrang Yhwach's mantle.

I honestly believe that more was lost than gained in the process. Mid Karin was best Karin.


they cherrypicked everything and repeated ad nauseum on EVERY.FUCKING.FORUM

pic somewhat related

>My father used to joke about my sister stealing my mom's panties to smell like a woman
That would make a great LN title.

>Those squats
Is Renji actually a slav?

>all that projecting

Except for the fact that the guy who makes the damn swords himself said that no one has ever succeeded in doing that. Even Aizens fused with him if I remember correctly.

Can't wait to see IchiHimefags reaction when they get BTFO

Ichirukist were being deceived by kubo from the very start
pic related

The time of IchiHimefags getting BTFO....................has changed

Let's wind the clocks back a year. These renrukifags and ichihimefags wouldn't dare cross any of you... I mean, what happened? Did your balls drop off? Hmm?

Look, listen—I know why you choose to have your little, ahem, "group therapy" sessions in some private forums. I know why you're afraid to go around on the internet. Tite Kubo. See, Tite Kubo has shown the world your true colors, unfortunately. Kishimoto? He's just the beginning. And as for the, uh, tumblr's "plan"—Tite Kubo has no jurisdiction. He'll find him, and make him squeal. I know the squealers when I see them, and…

Vhut do you propose?

It is in those moments that you can't dismiss Kubo as being utterly talentless.

It's simple, we kill Tite Kubo.

*laughs in japanese*

If its so simple

why havent you done it already?

Why is Aizen so handsome

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

How much u vant?

They thought it was irrelevant.
>haha kubo is throwing ichihime a bone
Boy, were they wrong.

IchiNel should have been endgame desu

Best OP


I don't think he's all that powerful right now, just that he has a very good grasp on his powers and capabilities. He's definitely far more skilled and powerful than Ichigo was at his age, but only time will tell if he becomes more powerful than his father. If he absorbed Yhwach, that's a definite yes.

Uryu can use the his power to reverse the situation.

This. Neliel was like a hotter, more fun and more interesting version of Orihime that can actually fight. She was too good for this sinful manga.

Shippers can GTFO. I only watched and read bleach for the sad backstories, inner world, edge and mayuri's spewing gems.

But can she dab?

She can massage her "throat dick" and healing saliva starts flowing.

>captcha: waterfalls


Best outcomes are in that order :

1 - IchiTatsu
2 - IchiNel
3 - IchiRiru
0 - IchiTatsuNelRiru

Who cares who ichigo fucks?
He's been a blank slate since aizen took off his glasses.
Everyone has more character and goals than him.

>we're still alive
i miss anything good?

Rukia's pregnancy.

we all missed that in the excellently timed and completely logical 10 year timeskip

IchiTatsu sounds naisuuu



Momo is fucking cute so it's fine.

Do people still post on Deathberry?

We were never meant to have a proper ending

No, he said no one has been capable of becoming a shinigami without his swords. Yoruichi was already a shinigami from birth and likely still is one now. People who invoke their powers without using their swords exist, you know.

>tfw you take shipping so seriously u created a forum for it


IchigoxStasisCrystal was the ideal end

And then he recruits the following characters;


Fate (Negima &Uq Holder)

Madara Uchiha

Virgil (DMC)

Alex Mercer (Proto type)

Black Goku (Dragon Ball S)

Naraku (Inyuasha)

Akuma (Tekken)

Coriphyuis (however you spell the fuck his name from dragon age 3)

Masterchief John 117 (because why the hell not)

Rikku (Kingdom Hearts)

Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

Magneto (X-Men)

M.Bison (Street fighter)

Scorpion (Mortal Combat)

The Rail chaser (Baccano)

Ganondor (Legend of Zelda)

And who else?

I always thought Aizen and Momo would of been a good pair.

Uryu and Orihime.

Ichigo and that pink hair chick from that one season.

Ichigo and Yuzu because why the hell not.

>not liking sweet, loving vanilla sex.

IchigoxAizen is infinitely better.

ichigo is too prude for that shit

>Misunderstood Rukia as some kind of self-sacrificial selfless angel
I never saw her as simple as that. Stop projecting your own perceptions as facts

Also, you're forgetting that Renji mentioned Ichigo too, how they'll both help her shoulder the burdens.

You're just a pedo.

Ichigo got over his prudeness and made a cutie OP kid with delicious Milfhime.

>ugly jobber

This meme needs to stop.

Yeah, there's no way those two didn't fuck all day and night after they stopped spilling their spaghetti around each other.

>tfw their ship doesn't happen

why does his imouto care about him?
He's ugly and fat and doesn't give her any attention

TG:re is my new bleach. Ishida has been moving with Kubo pace and so many nonsensical fodder literally who characters that drag on and on and on.

I never doubted you.

>mfw my ship doesnt happen

jk its non canon


I wonder how long it took for them to get over their awkwardness.

Too cute!

Okay, fine, he's a decent-looking jobber.


Will Kazui be bullied in the future, or will he be the one doing the bullying?

neither. bleach has no future

>wanting this qtπ to be a bully/bullied.

I want Momo to see Hitsugaya's Bankai form and gain weird, confusing feelings for him.

even though she didn't see his new bankai look, kubo showed us that she was able to sense that something was up.


>not wanting to see Kazui bullied by an obsessive Riruka

I miss Ulquiorra. ;_;

>not wanting to see Kazui be doted on by a parade of affectionate oba-sans

I dont see why we cant have both. Toss in some aunt-nephew bathing after Karin teaches Kazui how to play soccer with Yuzu jealously peering in.

I'm still mad he died to a deus ex machina.

I don't think Fullbrings have a weapon spirit in their inner world, but after what happened with Zangetsu, I don't know what to believe anymore.

The greatest crime kubo did wasn't making bleach bad but making it bad long enough that people stopped making doujins

This isn't the true ending.
Ichika will sacrifice herself to reset the timeline in Bleach 2.

There was one doujin that involved Bleach at C90 that I know of, and all it has are 3 pages of Harribel. Of all the things Kubo has done, this is the one I despise the most.

But Senna's hairstyle was based on Renji.

>playing soccer with aunt Karin
And that's how Kazui got his first erection.

Between his mom and his aunt, I think Kazui is going to grow up to be very confused over busty women.

>not five fives

So close yet so far

It's going to be a while before a post gets five fives again.

Free qt Hime


Orihime froze up whenever she interacted with Ichigo, how could she ever handle Ichigo asking her on a date, nevermind shit like the first kiss/sex/etc...

He needed to die or Ichigo was going to die a virgin. He was pretty upset because Orihime was more upset about emoboy than anything else.

>Orihime froze up whenever she interacted with Ichigo
That was in the beginning. She was pretty confident during the Quincy Arc except that one scene with her clothes.

>one scene vs one scene
ichiruki is better

>one scene vs one scene
Why lie?

>he didn't pay attention to her development

It's always better when there's no romance.

no wonder ichihime won

There is too much left to be explained!!!! Who was the third person with Aizen when he was experimenting with Hollows in the Turn back the pendulum arc?? Urahara ?

Who? Wasn't it Gin?

Orihime is shy meme needs to end.
It's not even development. She never had any trouble talking to Ichigo. Even in the first arc, she boldly confronts him about Rukia and tells him to go save her.

Sure. IRs are as bad as fujos shipping two straight guys who have no sexual interest in each other together.


She's pretty much the same character from start to end, just like Ichigo.

No, too tall to be Gin.

Ichigo was completely different. He wasn't a bland little bitch at first.

It was Don Kanonji

Fuck you, you'll get another season of Osomatsu and you will like it.

I'm okay with this, desu. Osomatsu was funny and I enjoyed most of it.

Invalid argument.

>orihime refers to their bedroom as "ichigo's room"
>yuzu stutters over ichigo always being in her room
>renji is a background character
>rukia and ichigo are having an impassioned fight
>imblying ichigo doesnt cuck renji and orihime with his sister and rukia

Ichigo has been to his inner world tons of times to develop his character and grow as a character.
But where have we seen any evidence of character development? NOWHERE AT ALL. He still acts like a bitch the same way he used to in episode 1. Did Kubo intend this? Looking back I'm starting to understand why I never saw ichigo as a person, because he LITERALLY ISN'T. He's an empty shell for us to project into and the only things he really got from the inner world were powerups

>imblying ichigo doesnt cuck renji and orihime with his sister and rukia

Ichirukifag, you lost. Get over it and move on already.

>orihime refers to their bedroom as "ichigo's room"
She was talking about Ichigo's old room, the one Yuzu is using now, retard.

>orihime refers to their bedroom as "ichigo's room"
That's Yuzu.

>>imblying ichigo doesnt cuck renji and orihime with his sister and rukia
First of all about his sister, you read niggastream translation that's wrong.

Karin says that Yuzu let's shota into the room because he looks like Ichigo.

In Niggastream she says that Yuzu let's shota into the room "just like Ichigo"

The rest is your delusion

>all this samefagging at the same time

>everyone who calls me out is a samefag
Kill yourself

>Karin says that Yuzu let's shota into the room because he looks like Ichigo.
>In Niggastream she says that Yuzu let's shota into the room "just like Ichigo"

Imagine living with a big brother complex for 23 years. Why is Yuzu's existence suffering?

People used to troll by pretending to be Orihimefags. Now they do it by pretending to be Ichirukifags. How the world has changed.

they don't have the same hair color though? in the manga, orihime's hair is darker while ichigo's is lighter

Willing to bet many of these Ichihimefags are also shitposters who don't really care about the shipping.

>>rukia and ichigo are having an impassioned fight

So arguing over parenting skills is passion these days huh? You Ichiruki fans are so embarrassing.

I think there's like 3 genuine ichihime fans on here and I'm one of them.

i dont think he means impassioned as romantic, but impassioned as they are both heated in the argument.

Not really arguing for them as a pairing, but let's just be honest; Ichigo and Rukia arguably had better chemistry than Ichigo and Orihime. The reason for that is probably because they have a non-romantic relationship. The main guy usually does have better chemistry with the secondary girl.


The people who wrote this are retarded user.

>Ichigo and Rukia arguably had better chemistry than Ichigo and Orihime.
Don't agree to be honest. The IR relationship got real boring real fast, I'm just not into the whole yelling/hitting/bickering thing especially since Ichigo bickers with 98% of the cast. He was different with Orihime, more soft/treated her like an actual girl.

Ichigo's hair color is supposed to be orange.
Orihime's hair color is supposed to be caramel.
Anime made it more orange, and then by the later volumes Kubo himself seem to be influenced by that.

They didn't always bicker, and otherwise had more variety of interactions. Compare to Ichigo and Orihime where he's just nice to her all of the time because she couldn't handle anything else, being your typical nice sweet girl. Can't imagine any sort of banter when it comes to a girl like that.

>The main guy usually does have better chemistry with the secondary guy.

Ichigo and Rukia is the yaoi pairing of Bleach

Fujo plz go

>Can't imagine any sort of banter when it comes to a girl like that.
I mean there was the scene when he teases her about the throwaway bread not being good and she straight-up tells him something along the lines of "and people who call it throwaway bread, wont have any". He's capable of joking around with her since it was shown in the manga-even if it was just one scene.

As for I/R, they bicker 95% of the time. They yell, she hits him, and then gives him some mentor-like speech and that's it. Kubo didn't bother to develop their relationship into anything more than that since he obviously likes it that way.

If you want to exaggerate like that then I should just as well say that 95% of I/H is him being gentle with her or trying to protect her while she's pining over him. Either way, nah I/R do more than just fight. Granted they stop interacting all that much after a while anyway since Orihime takes the role of main girl but still.

>Leave Bleach threads shortly after Bleach ends because of the threads descending into mindless shit posting and actively tracking down shit tumblrites post as if they're not insane every day of the year
>Check back to see that nothing has changed.

Is there really any need for these threads? Bleach threads used to be a weekly 2-4 threads near release and nothing inbetween and now they're a daily shit fest on the level of the old Naruto threads.

If Naruto fags can keep their shit controlled why can't you guys? There's nothing to talk about and no new content.

The Grand BTFO of Ichiruki fans:
-Ichigo doesn’t even know that rukia even achieved bankai. So much for the whole ~blackmoonwhitesun~ bond. Those titles were only used on the databook anyways.
-Kubo has rukia run straight to orihime instead of ichigo. Doesn’t even let them interact. She does nothing to help him out of his despair.
-Literally recycles the rukia giving ichigo back his powers FB scene, but with fucking tsukishima. He took one of the most beloved IR scenes and did that to it.
-No tagteam.
-The MOTS scan where orihime got love and friendship and rukia shared a page with renji(despite the fact that renji got his own scan a few months back) thats titled irreplaceable nakama.
-Has them interact twice this final arc. The hospital scene and the last chapter.
-Uraharas last words. The chapter is 666. Kubo was playing the devil himself when he baited the fuck out of IR fans.
-Last chapter is another nail on the coffin since they’re shown arguing over their parenting skills. ichigo/orihime are more protective(faeries follow kazui around, ichigo yelling at rukia to find her daughter) while rukia/renji are obviously more lax.
-Names the last chapter “death and strawberry” which is the most popular IR ship name. A chapter where ichigo and rukia are living in different worlds, happily married to other people, and started a family with their respective spouses.
-Gives the “death and strawberry” title to the renruki/ichihime kids.
-Ichiruki fans convinced themselves that Japanese fans would be raging and burning their merch, but instead they were pretty comfy with it and all the complaining had to do with the missing characters.
-A whole article dedicated to Japanese fans mocking the Western fanbase for their tantrum. Calling them Ichiruk-ists.

All we need is the final volume to sell well(which it will) and for Kubo to take a shot at them in a future interview.

>I/R do more than just fight
Yes I know, but most of the time it is bickering/not seeing eye to eye until Rukia hits him. You can't deny it, because their bickering/rukia putting him in his place is one of the main reasons the ship is so popular.

Ichigo is kind to her because he's a kind person and he knows what Orihime has had to deal with, not because he thinks she "couldn't handle anything else, being your typical nice sweet girl". Orihime from the start is the weirdo nice sweet girl.

Well what I meant wasn't so much that he's a mean guy that is only nice to her because he's walking on eggshells. Rather, it's because she's your usual nice sweet girl that he's always nothing but nice around her, because that's what her archetype forces.

Exactly. Their is very little difference in the way Ichigo treats Rukia, Chad, Ishida, his father, Renji, etc. And by the end of the manga even Chad is slapping Ichigo around to get him out of a funk. IR's need to shut up about their "chemistry." Whatever the fuck that means.

IH isn't terribly original either. The sheer number of stories where a brooding young man with a rough attitude softens up around his sweet, beautiful love interest could probably fill a whole library or two.

That being said, I like Ichigo and Orihime's relationship in spite of it treading ground that's been stepped on before. I might just be a sucker for that kind of thing.

Don't forget making the RenRuki kid look like Senna, which IchiRuki fans claimed was their kid from the future.

Bleach had pretty consistent daily threads that spiked in popularity on chapter releases for the majority of the final arc.

And the only thing left to discuss is the shipping since that's the only thing Kubo decided to give any sort of conclusion to and shipping is always cancer in every series.

>because he's walking on eggshells.
At the beginning, but then they get closer over the course of the manga and by the last arc, he has no problem teasing her and she sasses him right back.

Ichigo teases Orihime in the manga. He's nice to her because he views her as being sweet, wholesome and attractive. He is responding to her femininity.
Rukia is another bro.

>IH isn't terribly original either.
Never said it was. Like you said the whole tough guy softening for the sweet girl has been done so many times(not only in manga, but films/novels etc) but I love the trope, especially when its done right.

Only reason I have an issue with their relationship is simply because, as you said, it's been done a thousand times before. I always look at this kind of stuff and wonder why a character like Tatsuki or Rangiku or something can't be the main girl/love interest? For some reason Japan seems to have the idea that women like that aren't desirable or aren't capable of relationships or something.

No, it's not. I just like that Ichigo and Orihime are actually nice to each other and hold each other in high regards. They never throw out insults or feel the need to slap each other around. I apologize for thinking that's more substantial and a better indicator of a longterm romance than arguing over parenting styles.

They're also claiming that shota Ywhach is an "IchiRuki son".

Childhood friend is not terribly original, neither is falling for a tomboy. I don't know what an "original" romance would be. There's a reason why people are cynical about that genre, it's very cliched.

The thing is, Senna has always been designed as "female Renji".

>“When I read the script, Senna reminded me of Renji when she was interacting with Ichigo. So when I was drawing Senna I visualized a female version of Renji. One example of this influence is that I positioned the ribbon high on her head (laughs).”

>Tatsuki or Rangiku
Tatsuki sadly became irrelevant really quick. I'm still bitter that Kubo didn't show us the Tatsuki/Orihime reunion at the end of the HM arc.
-Rangiku has the whole past with Gin. Obviously in love with each other, but shit hit the fan.

If you're talking about the tropes themselves(tatsuki the tomboy/rangiku, carefree beauty) then I'm not sure. In japan, it's either the sweet girl or tsundere who seems to win most of the time.

You're moaning about the crap people are posting on twitter and tumblr, as if these people don't post inane shit all the fucking time.

Coming back to these threads was a mistake.

Oh childhood friend is TERRIBLY unoriginal, particularly in video games. Tomboys are definitely less common.

I was just talking about the tropes themselves, right. It is exactly as you say, always either the sweet girl or tsundere. I'm not big on either so seeing them always be the main girl gets old. Maybe that's just me though, I dunno.

The whole JUMP sticker thing is still so funny. It comes off as some consolation prize.

The editors obviously knew the endgame pairings, especially since they were the ones that titled Orihimes scan with "love and friendship".

>Maybe that's just me though, I dunno.
I love the sweet girl trope, but I hate tsunderes. I wouldn't mind more tomboys/carefree beauties winning though.

I can't think of a single time a carefree beauty has won honestly.

I don't mind the sweet girl trope that much, though I do find it kind of generic. I just wish they weren't practically guaranteed a 'victory'. Tsunderes are usually awful though, even moreso than yanderes since at least people tend to recognize that there's something wrong with being a yandere.

Yeah I can't either. I think Japan figures they are too flighty and not cutesy enough. Shame because Rangiku, as an example, seems like top tier waifu material.

I love the carefree beauty trope. She's usually super confident, loud, love to drink and just a blast all around. The one's that come to mind are Rangiku and Tsunade-both who never got over their first loves.

Tsunderes are just awful like you said. I cannot stand it when the girl hits/demeans the guy just because SHE can't deal with her growing feelings towards him. It's the most annoying trope to me.

Carefree beauties are too carefree, so they are generally okay about not winning bowls. This translates to them losing because many authors don't have the balls to break the fragile sweet girl's heart.

In j-doramas, the main guy would break the strong girl's heart because though he likes her better, he doesn't want to break the fragile sweet girl's heart. And then he became miserable and the sweet girl caught on to this and lets him go, showing she's stronger than he thought she is. Years later, he and the strong girl reunite, usually at a train station or a railroad crossing.

Rangiku won. It's just that she chose a shitty bowl.

She also looks too old to be a shonen protag's love interest.

>She also looks too old to be a shonen protag's love interest.
Her and Orihime are a bit alike. There's a reason why the two beauties get on so well in the manga.

Thinking about it, they often tend to have had a first love that either died or went with another girl who they didn't ever get over. They are just good at not showing it. Also makes me feel a bit worse for them since they are so much more likely to just be left to deal with it alone.

My first exposure to Bleach was through fanart, and I thought Rangiku was Orihime's older sister or otherwise related to her.

They're only alike in boobs, but Rangiku is a woman and Orihime is still a girl. Heck, her 28-year old self still looks like a girl.

Back during the HM arc, they had a nice relationship. Rangiku listened to her insecurities and literally jumped out of the tub to comfort Orihime. She was also the only person to try her cooking despite the fact that it turn's most people off just by appearance. I wish we saw them interact more after that. Rangiku must've felt so proud the day she found out Ichigo and Orihime were officially a thing.

Ichigo isn't so considered with anyone. That he was with Orihime proves he liked her. He didn't want to give a bad impression, user.

>They are just good at not showing it. Also makes me feel a bit worse for them since they are so much more likely to just be left to deal with it alone.
Yup. Their loud and confident attitude is just an act to hide their grief/sorrow over the first love they never got over. It's actually really sad.

>I always look at this kind of stuff and wonder why a character like Tatsuki or Rangiku or something can't be the main girl/love interest
Sheryl and Alto in Macross Frontier. Sheryl is sexy, flirt and a tease who uses her sex appeal.

Of course they're alike in personality, but I was talking about the physical when saying she looks too old to be a shonen protag's love interest.


Ah, I forgot. Sheryl is indeed the sexy, carefree girl who actually won.

>Ichigo isn't so considered with anyone.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Uryu and Orihime are the only characters he uses honorifics with.

-Uryu because of the whole "frenemy" thing going on-act like they dislike each other but love each other a lot just won't admit it to each other.
-Orihime, because she's one of the few people he actually treats with respect.

Pretty sure Ichigo didn't bother to use honorifics with Yamamoto, even though he was the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.

Yes. The tsundere one was Alto.

You can infer that Ichigo saw Orihime as an actual girl. One that he could be interested in and, therefore, he treated her more kindly. He innately responds to her like that.

Ichigo calls Uryuu "Ishida" and calls Orihime "Inoue". No honorifics, it shows a classmate-but-not-particularly-close relationship that he had with them at the start of Bleach. Somehow he maintains that over the two years where he got closer to them, yet calls shinigami that he's not actually friends with by their first names (Byakuya and Toushirou).

There's also a number of carefree beauties that are main heroines in game franchises which will get animated. For example Fate franchise with Nero.

Thanks for clearing that up. I/Rs would always use that fact that he still called orihime by her last name as proof that they aren't close/he doesn't really care for her, but going by their logical he should be close to byakuya and toshiro since he calls them by their first name.

hitsugaya could chill everything around him since a child but even he used a sword

If anyone could use that power without a sword is yamamoto but even he uses ryuujin jaka

There is pretty much no reasonable explanation for yoruichi not use a zanpaktou unless her power is literal chaos and if she channels it controlling it inversely becomes harder.

Cute and in character.

Ichigo def tittyfucks. His reaction in that scene is priceless.

>His reaction in that scene is priceless.
what was going through his mind

This picture makes it so clear that Kubo does not care for small, flatchested women. He's like 'keep it covered up.'

Two things.

>An Inoue/Yoruichi lesbian love scene is happening.
>What it would feel like to put my dick there?

raising Kazui is probably the first time Orihime got upfront with Ichigo

"This is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. Nobody must know I thought that."

I wonder what careers they both have. She's probably a housewife, but I could easily see her being a nurse at the clinic while Ichigo's the main doctor.

You mean Ichigo masquerades as the head doctor while Orihime distracts everyone in a nurse outfit and nobody thinks twice when they walk out miraculously healed of all ailments.

>Orihime distracts everyone in a nurse outfit and nobody thinks twice when they walk out miraculously healed of all ailments.
Do it Kubo.

And their daughter slowly takes over the duty of distracting the patients as Orihime grows too old for that trick.

It was Isshin's idea. Ichigo and Orihime needed a lot of convincing first.

Just found this:

I'm not aware Naver allows fancomics on their webtoon challenge. Or they just haven't catch up to it yet?

That said, the 1000 years flashback story of the shinigami-quincy war is actually starting out interesting.

My favorite part about this fancomic is Kirio's Shikai taking the form of two massive chopsticks.

>"Your best friend should never be your girlfriend"

I want to protect this smile, but he could probably protect it himself.


>Akuma (Tekken)



Damn, the art was fucking cool.

You should read Hammered Down, you'll like him then.


Rukia's and Ichigo's *romantic* feelings were never addressed in the manga. They could have been or eventually fallen in loved with basically anyone.


I love this too user, it's too bad some panels look literally like Kubo panels if you squint, while others look full retarded with the face proportions.


Thanks user

>fan fiction
probably better than kubo

Nah, Yhwach shows up in person. Either that or Kazui is capable of overwhelming him and forces him into shikai/bankai.

who is juha bach?

just a black ant

It is because he is/was still a brat that can socialize with fellow boys but is unsure with girls. The girls he met like shinigami he probably views differently.

he calls everyone by their first names in the dub though.
So dub>sub

is the quincy equivalent to bankai the volstandich?

Vollständig is the name.

I am.


>So Nel is basically the only candidate.
Sounds good to me. They can have catfights weapon chosen: mound of Venus over who is the real No.3. Or 1 now that there are no other higher ranks left.

Some embarassingly-shounen faggot. See Aizen.

making a next generation sequel to bleach is hard, almost impossible.

not just because of how bleach's popularity is not that high anymore, but because of the very nature of how bleach is set up.

see, if you're setting up a "next generation" of characters ala their kids replacing the original characters as the focus, you will run into problems for bleach because of how the shinigami(or other soul beings in particular) hardly age.

compared to the other shounens that did it, like naruto, shaman king(and dragonball kinda until they brought back goku), you have ways to keep the focus on said kids compared to the original characters through their age. they get older, no longer as strong, retire from their jobs, etc. so that the kids have their time to shine and keep the older characters from taking it back.

bleach cant do that, maybe to ichigo and friends, but the rest of the shinigami you really cant make them sit out.

if shit hits the fan, there's no way that the kids should be dealing/solving it themselves. ichigo and friends could be kept away either due to their real life responsibilities or some BS where their powers faded/weakened as they lived normally, but rukia and renji are still going to be involved, along with the other captains, VC, vizards, espadas, urahara's group... they would still be fit for fighting as well as having said responsibility of protecting the living world.

how about we restart bleach lmao

>there's no way
Shounen manga like Bleach seldom makes sense like that. If something is nonsensical, some pretext or stupid excuse is made up.

sounds like a lot more effort than trying to continue bleach for someone like kubo.

I mean, a DIRECT sequel would still be possible, but a "next generation" kind doesnt work for it since majority of the characters in bleach would still be quite active and well. others like shaman king and naruto can be too old to be involved, or they can still be involved but weaker to give space for kids to show off.

Next generation SoL.

Maybe someone would do a short one shot thats more comfy and is more mystery orientated and spoopy

like me

only way it can be done well, however, it is doubtful that it will be stretchable as well as being something shounen jump would put.

best we can hope is kubo doing a short gaiden like kishi did.

That being said, is there a horror anime/manga to draw inspiration from?

how are you gonna do that in bleach, when you've got ghosts who can level buildings in a swipe?