This almost makes Nitta even more pathetic.

>The only person that at least able to stand up to Hitomi on even grounds

I think he's great, usually, he just went all out here to beat a young girl (and it was only 1/10).

>cries and bitches all the time
>starts hating a highschooler just because he got wrecked


I forgot about HInamatsuri when the scans slowed down and jumped to the latest chapter just to see what was up.

Jesus Christ do I need to catch up.

Is Hina gonna start calling her "mom" or something? That's all she Hitomi needs to become a highschool "woman" all against her will.

I could see her doing it as a joke. She gets that kind of humor now.

You guys greatly underestimate how much of a beast Hotomi became after the time-skip. Why do you think she was blushing in this page because literally no adult could match up to her.

So... are we shipping this or not?

This can only be the result of a broken childhood.

The hell is this shit

This fucking cunt.


A yakuza vice-boss with a high schooler wife. Doesn't sound that bad.

>handling ten other jobs at the same time
Hitomi is just that terrifying.

Hitomi's curse is that she's far, far too hyper-competent to maintain healthy childish delusions.

Wait, is that Nitta's sister in the dress there? Is she fucking the crazy guy now?

I think it is because, in her experience, nowadays adults are mostly worthless idiots who can barely do any work, so she was clearly impressed by Nitta when he performed better than her, despite her handicap.

No, just a random woman.

It couldn't be.

Good for you Hitomi you actually found a grown-up worth some respect.

I don't think you understand, he beat THE Hitomi, no one can do that.

The funny part it that he just barely did.

Fuck no. Nitta is just her new father

>Nitta is just her new father
Is that a hidden yes?

I hope by the end she gets to live a normal life.

The greatest secret manga ever made. Not many know of it but those who do...their lives are changed forever.

Also its call Hinamatsuri

Hopefully she can retire when she's in her 20s.

But she should have known he was worth respecting.He has been taking care of Hina for years now.

No, nitta is just going to displace hina with a new, shinier daughteru.

>Anzu just sitting in the corner and wondering what the hell is wrong with these people

>Nitta has a consulting agency
Since when? I don't remember that

>are we shipping this or not?
>Nitta is just her new father
>nitta is just going to displace hina with a new, shinier daughteru.
Is that another hidden yes?

You have been on the internet far too long

It's a yakuza thing.

>Nitta silently judging her shitty underling for forcing her to work
It's great!

I would say I have been on Cred Forums far too long

They pretty much explained it in the chapter.

>Hitomi started off as a barely named background character but got this popular

I loved how one of the chapters even had "40 PAGES PACKED WITH HITOMI" as a subtitle.

Just a hostess I think.

>Nitta and his bartender waifu terrorized by high school freshman girl

this fucking manga

It mainly comes from the fact that Hitomi learned long ago the "adult" is not a thing that exists. But now she has seen one and her sense of wonder has returned.

Reminder that Hitomi is only 16 and she already owns her own company. She'll be retired by 26.

if she doesn't die from stress first

>tfw you're like 14 and you're the only responsible adult in the entire goddamn manga

Anzu started as a rowdy rival and became a girl loved by everyone. Utako started as a mature and alluring woman and now she licks shoes.

She's past that point by now.

> owns her own company.

Bitch that isn't even the only one.

Now we wait for Hina to find out Hitomi has a crush on her dad.
The relationships in this manga are beyond fucked.

And all of this while playing it fair and square.

I don't think this is a manga to go that route.

Oh shit. This is a flag. This is obviously a flag. I've rarely seen blush in Hinamatsuri. Maybe some line blushing, but never full-fucking-gaussian blur blushing.

To think, she started with schoolgirl prostitution

By 30 she'll control half the world economy.

For a second I thought you meant death flag.


Are we really reading the same manga then?
Hina will obviously catch wind of this sooner or later.

Despite how retarded he acted Nitta remains one of the most responsible adults in the manga.

>rub her boobs
>get extorted

>I will tear holes in your heart through my disregard of profit, you bitch!
>I have fangs of gold!

He's petty and arrogant, but he's also competitive and competent. He can get emotional while still keeping the big picture in mind, and he is consequently also very patient in the face of all the shit he has to deal with.

He's precisely the guy you want to see in your lower upper middle management.

One day Hitomi will be PM.

I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a manga, simply amazing

Well Nitta is a fair player, nobody said that hiring consultants was playing dirty. His drive just pushed him further than Hitomi, which is what she recognized.

On a side note it is never not funny watching Utako drink her sorrows away

Nitta is already too powerful without Hitomi, it's just not fair.


Just how far will Utako fall?

>I was just making pots...

You might have use of this

>upscaled phone screenshot
Not really.

I think he's petty, but not arrogant. Despite rising to the top tiers of his syndicate from what's essentially a string of coincidences, he hasn't let it get to his head, and he remains humble. He never tries to do anything he thinks he can't. And he never overestimates himself.


He spent money user, that's why he said he would even disregard profit in order to beat Hitomi.

I didn't think Hinamatsuri would be a series this long.

Anime when?
Is this popular in Japan?


>The prophecy has been fulfilled.

Maybe they'll unite in thier mutual defeat at the hands of Hitomi.

Ahh did you not see the chapter were she tried to lick Hitomi"s shoes clean in an effort to get her to stay.

>tried to
reread it

don't underestimate utako

Post your favorite Hitomi.

>Hitomi left with tears in her eyes and clean shoes.

Fucking Savage man



What chapter was this again?

That's because he actually is the most responsible. It's been mentioned several times that even prior to him lucking his way through shit with Hina's superpower, the yakuza folks consider him very reliable in handling and managing the businesses.

I don't have an image but my favorite Hitomi is when she is around Anzu.

Hinamatsuri thread? I started this yesterday and i love Hina, in a fatherly sort of way.

The other two girls are ok too.

Anzu's reaction is great.

This fuckface is not getting Hina, right?

Isn't that Naitou's kid?
He already suffered enough.

Not yet.
Not while i can still laught, Only then i can only feel bad

>too many halfwits in this syndicate

Jesus, I don't think Hitomi's aware how she's on the verge of also turning into a criminal boss, possibly even become a kingpin herself.

Best thing about Hitomi is that in a manga with people with superpowers, she's probably the most terrifying existence on the planet.

I want to be her Husband.

I wouldn't be able to live in humiliation, always in her shadow, always being know as hitomi husband. It would be a miserable life but oh well is not like your actual life is better than this

I fail to see something wrong with it.

He is going to pound her raw, user.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

I love how much Hina wants to be an actress and how much she sucks at it.

Chapter 58 is currently in TS.
Thought I'd post a couple of teaser pics to help the thread along, though.

And that's all for now.
Just started, but hopefully will finish tonight as well.


>yfw she loses everything and goes back to work as a bartender

Been wanting more Mao chapters, her late introduction hasn't really helped her find a place in the cast.

No problem.

Out of curiosity, would ya'll like me to just post the pages as they are finished? Or wait a couple hours at least for them all at once?

So, what are the chances of Hitomi being Hina's new mom?

Same of you getting a girlfriend

I would prefer you do it all at once. Probably at a different thread with the manga title in the OP for easy browsing.

Again, thanks for working on Hinamatsuri.

100% then

Sounds good. Maybe I'll even be able to make it before this thread dies.


I actually kinda like the idea, alright I can get behind this. Fuck bartender girl, she was shit anyway. And I don't think hina would honestly care

But it's against the Law user.

The former's it would keep the thread up at least.

kek, you're talking about a yakuza and a high school girl running a business here.

goddamn this manga

True. I guess I'll see how the thread goes.

It it slows down, I might dump what I've done in the meanwhile.

Wait, wasn't the death collar/starvation chapter already translated?

All of the chapters currently out (up to 59, I think) have been translated by another user.

I'm just working with him to edit the series, and am still a couple of chapters behind.

Ah, gotcha.

Help me anons, my sides have died.

Since things are starting to slow down, gonna dump another 9 pages that we have done!

We'll stop afterwards and probably do the same every now and again to keep things going.

And by "we", I mean me.

Good work! I can't wait.

Can you link your posts together or put a trip on?


Plan on linking posts.

Too lazy for a trip, though.

Fuck me, now I didn't link because I'm a god damn idiot.

Too late for this shit.

I think you should make a new thread, linking all the pages there, to spare people from searching. Link the new thread here to, of course.

Corrections or criticisms welcome.

For the next dump, I will. No reason to make a new thread at this point when only 1/4 of the chapter is done.

I forgot the idiot didn't put Hinamatsuri anywhere in the OP.




And that's it for my horrible dump.

See ya'll in a couple hours.

thanks for the blue balls, holmes.

I wonder if his dad has figured it out yet

He hasn't.

I thought that bar owner girl died after the time skip.

Have they mentioned it after the timeskip? I can't remember

The feeling of dynamic characters is probably one of the reasons why I like this so much. While not bad at first, there's only so much you can do with this premise in comedy. The result is that rather than retread the same joke based on the premise, you have the characters grow in a lived-in feeling world where their absurdities organically lead to new events.

Saiki Kusuo is an example where the joke is basically the same all the time, though I do like Saiki. Here the jokes are usually about the minor successes or failures of the different characters in different settings which allows for a lot of variety in the stories. These events then alter the way the characters behave slowly until we have the current state like utako being a bum and Nitta turning into a responsible but flawed father.

And the latest chapter makes Nitta, who previously seemed to lose any sense of fire, much more passionate but also much more petty than we've ever seen him. And now it seems the story might play with Hitomi's emotions as well.

How do I become like Hitomi? I'm still young and preppy.

Oh shit, I just realized that the two normal people in the previous chapter were these two kids. I guessed they had to be her earlier friends, but I completely forgot who they were or even who that girl is.

>the pupper came back
Based author

Hina broke her collar? I don't remember.

>it's against the law
Not if he waits user.

>I'll stop calling her a third wheel
Even the author knows that he's not done much with mao.

Name one ongoing manga better than Hinamatsuri. You fucking can't.

Yeah, I believe one chapter briefly mentions it.

At this very moment in another thread, maguya. But which one is better is a matter of taste


Mahoutsukai no Yome
Prison School before it turned to shit
I can't think of much else.

>Mahoutsukai no Yome
Shitty reverse harem shoujo manga in disguise that uses Gaelic gibberish to make it seem deep.
>Prison School
I haven't seen so much photoshop and watersports fetishes since art school.

Like 2000 that aren't being scanlated actively/at all bruh.

Stop. Don't start that shit.

Grand Blue.

16 is legal is most of Japan. I'm not sure about Tokyo though.

>Hetare protagonists
2005 is thataway

>he hasn't read the raws
He's earned big sis's approval and almost sealed the marriage deal if not for his imouto getting in the way.

Triumph of the human spirit.

>human spirit.
Isn't that what got us into two world wars?

We got some real good video games, books, and movies out of those world wars.

Don't forget anime and manga.

That was so mean.

Yeah, before Hina he was just the guy who was good at making money.

I'm ultimate.

I'd forgotten how much Utako had changed until it was mentioned in this thread. To think that Nitta used to aim for her.

put that ship back in the dry dock at once!

>Shitty reverse harem shoujo manga in disguise that uses Gaelic gibberish to make it seem deep.
its pretty drawings tho

Killer chicken San....

Well, that's what he said too.

You seriously dumped it man?

Atta boy.

Meant for

Oh you know she's just gonna get disillusioned with Nitta in the most depressingly hilarious way.

It could be a subversion and everything Nitta does from now on just attracts her more

>Anzu's gonna die
>So i have to make a move

What an incredible chapter. I read all of nitta's lines in Sugita's voice and it just added to the fun

I'm rereading Hinamatsuri now and damn, in addition to excellent comedy it has some really dark undertones. I never noticed this when I was first reading it back when I had a career of sorts and money, but now that I'm in debts and stuck in a low paying, dead-end shit, some things in this manga really hit the feels, like Hitomi overworking herself or Anzu making every single dollar count or Utako slowly sliding down into the very bottom. I've gained a lot of respect for the author with how well he mixes in these elements and still manages to end up with a great comedy. It's not serious enough to make the whole thing a drama but visible enough to actually resonate with you if you were ever in a similar spot.

Yeah, Anzu was homeless for a while early on. It was pretty sad.

She unstoppable. Hitomi is going to run the government if this keeps going on

No, that's not going to happen. The reason why she's gotten so far is because she has lost faith in adults. Now that she finally met an adult that she actually respects, she's going to take a step back and slowly goes back to becoming a high school girl again.

>Now that she finally met an adult that she actually respects, she's going to take a step back and slowly goes back to becoming a high school girl again.

Or she will actually want to be more "passionate" in her work which will result in a Demon Queen level existence

Or become best mom/wife ever if the ship is real.

Or both

Is it wrong that when you said Demon Queen level, I had imagined a scenario where Hitomi confesses and Nitta rejects her because she's a high school student, which causes Hitomi to reject that rejection and starts a milti-million dollar campaign to woo him, including helicopter rides to pick him up from work, sending billions of flowers to him everyday and getting princess carried by her at one point?

That's too silly for a normal Hitomi and too conventional for a comedy lovestruck Hitomi.

Well, it's better than the usual 'I will proceed to use a business proposal and. 30 minute PowerPoint presentation to convince you to date me' cliché.

Yeah, she should just wait a few years while bribing Hina in the process instead. I wonder what would happen if Nitta's mom and sister meet Hitomi.


How can I get myself a HItomi?

Are you a Nitta?

Then how can I be a NItta?

it will be like this

No passion, no work

What kind of pathetic man would feel good beating a little girl

>college student
Dude should be dipping his wick until dawn. Have a mmf threesome with that oneesan character or something.
Student drinking - the sex = just some shitty liver disease and nothing else.

I'm eager to see the "yakuza boyfriend" stereotype exploited.

That little girl has the highest powerlevel of all human characters in the manga.

It's almost like the author is able to create interesting and complex characters without relying on bland stereotypes!

And that he gloated like a ten year old.

Well, who else can say they beat Hitomi? Not those 10 other consulting companies, that's for sure.

Hinamatsuri is isekai

>That little girl has the highest powerlevel of all human characters in the manga.

she could probably destroy all of the powered alien characters if she put her mind to it. She's basically Batman Batgod tier.


seriously though, anzu is the best girl hands down

I would say he's arrogant. He thinks he has his feet planted more firmly on the ground than anyone else, and he thinks that makes him better than them. Not that he's completely mistaken about that, and it's not an altogether negative trait. Like when they made that documentary about him, some guy messed up and he was cool about it, because he doesn't expect stupid people to not mess up. He can overlook those kinds of things because he knows he's better than people like that.

There's a sense of superiority you can get from being the most levelheaded person in the situation room.

>He thinks he has his feet planted more firmly on the ground than anyone else
He does
>makes him better than them
It does

Anyways, that's not arrogance. Arrogance is acting/thinking you're above your station. He's acting below his station. He's made out to be some kind of ruthless genius criminal mastermind by his peers. But he knows he's not and doesn't try to act like he is either.

Damn, he really wants to protect Anzu's smile.

His relationship with Anzu is pretty good too.

The author manages his cast very well. I can't think of something he didn't do.

She is too pure for this world.

>That homeless arc

Am i the only one who cannot possibly imagine Hina with blue hair? I just picture brown hair all the time.

Maybe if an anime comes out ill be able.

i dont like this timeskip and i like hina even less now

I imagine her with brownish red hair

I've always pictured reddish-brown. Blue hair seems kind of off in such a mundane setting.

>and i like hina even less now

Why would anyone dislike Hina, seriously.

I thought it was red

My sides

I want a heartwarming chapter about her and Nitta's relationship, to me it's always felt a little awkward since It's cute how she was just casually protecting him during that recent chapter though.

My fetish

The one where Hina and Nitta try to bond over pots was pretty heartwarming until the police broke in.

> Utako just kills herself

I was just making pots...


hit me so hard and made me think about my future because I kinda have the same problem

I don't remember this

Different manga.

then why is nitta giving her papers

Same universe?


Are you so successful?

Okay, so something really bugs me.
In all that fucking time they've spent together, it hasn't given a single indication that Nitta has asked a single fucking question about her life before.
Is just genuinely uninterested in things he won't experience himself or what?

I think it was in one of the earlier chapters where Hina mentions that her past was really shitty and Nitta decides not to press any further.

>Okay, so something really bugs me.
>In all that fucking time they've spent together, it hasn't given a single indication that Nitta has asked a single fucking question about her life before.
>Is just genuinely uninterested in things he won't experience himself or what?
Isn't she basically a child soldier?
Normal people don't want to hear that shit.

But we don't know if they're aliens or some kind of dimensional travelers or what.
I mean just the basics about the society would do.

Nitta is a simple man of simple wishes, just do good at yakuza job, craft china vases, maybe fuck the bartender, he just wants a quiet life. Something like "secret organisation using children with paranormal abilities" is not something he wants to deal with.

I thought they were time travelers. Hence the terminator poses

Read the subtext. Niita is a sleeper agent sent from the future several years prior to become their handler. Dumbass.

Oh, I actually like this a lot. The chapter where pic is from is a little sad.

I've never seen a gender bender where the MC actually wanted to fuck girls (and not fall into the "mind-of-a-female" trap), so this was the closest I could get.

>this dick persuaded her to eat her lifelong unicorn companion
>she went along with it

He reminded me of Toyohisa Shimazu
Who isn't strong or anything.
So basically just the part about him being a Nippon dickhole.

This looks a lot like the art from Take me on

My TS relegated the chapter 58 dump job to me so enjoy the rest of the chapter.





Also, Hinamatsuri starves little girls for fun

Anyone alive here?

Nitta is a good guy


Still here

Keep posting

Is someone eating


Yeah, didn't realize there was another chapter being dumped, thanks.





Hina has acquired 'guilt'

Holy shit, he snaped completely, Hitomi really is a goddess




this fucking woman


>Pregnant again
How often does she shag


This is going to end with something silly, right? Like their collars were broken years ago or that there was a very simple way to disable them



Based Nitta.

I love how they understand Hina so much that when he got hit by the chair they just looked at each other and ran from the classroom


I want to fuck Mao.



Mao is CUTE
Anzu > Mao > Hina

They're going to go out for food, and Hina and Ikaruga won't be able to eat because they're full.

It's hard for me not love/hate Nitta.
he can be such an arrogant ass sometimes, but he's such a damn good guy too.

Oh god the guilt

Wut will she do?

>Nitta will never be your dad

Mao is pretty hot

But of course.

And that marks the end of volume 11. I still have to TL 56.5 and 59's in TS/QC.

Also 40.5 is on TS/QC. Might dump later

Good work.
Carry on.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot man.

Yes finally the titan has fallen, Hitomi has finally felt the bitter taste of defeat.
Finally Nitta has done it, he defeated a highschool girl ... who wasnt even using 10% of her true power.

Really is Hitomi actually an alien or some secret super human experiment?
Maybe because she is so powerful, they didnt even dare to sent people to retrieve her...

Anzu not willing to let them eat? She finally hit the limit of good girl-ness. Starvation cracked the Anzu.

even the nicest person can turn into the worst asshole if they are in severe pain/suffering.

Did we already have the 'My father becomes a employee at the company I am working in' chapter?

Yep, hence why he deserves a good woman to be his wife. Like say, a highly successful businesswoman who's in the prime of her life and can support him for the rest of his life.

Yep a long time ago

Ah okay, now I get why didnt found in the newest Raws, was far earlier.

What does Hina's shirts translate to from romanji in each of the panels?

Really Bad.

Why does Hina look Japanese?

Nitta's thing seems to be that he ends up doing all the right things, but has twisted motivations for them. It doesn't seem to be happening here, but examples are scatttered around the manga. So a lot of the time while bad things are happening to him, he is only partially sympathetic. That probably makes him more likeable than your normal hard-luck main character, though.

きまずい means 恥ずかし

A little late, but man, what an amazing chapter. So many good one-liners that made me split my sides
> Hunt in a pack
> Fangs of gold
> The last 3 pages
> Mao cheers, Anzu shocked
Seriously one of the best manga chapters in a while

Hitomi is a master of faking her age and Nitta is a yakuza underboss.


Would you please repeat that again.
I can assure you that Miss Hitomi is definitively a adult, she helped our company many times already. Not only that she also has connections to many persons of great inlfuence.
Her being a highschool girl can be nothing more then a bad joke.
To dirty the image of such a great person, surely you know what that means.
This is just a warning but even our company cant control the actions of the Yakuza, for your own safety we request that you immediately stop spreading lies. We wouldnt want to see such a young person with such a bright future, having so soon an tragic end,

Shindoi is weary.
Kimazui is awkward

>Baby in her belly
>Another one


NITTA!! Damn, he ain't even hungry yet.

It was really weird that he was so animated. I thought the end of chapter joke was that he was eating in secret, too.

After all those chapters your trust in Nitta is so low?
He is basically very honest or in another words very stupid, he wouldnt get the idea to actually cheat.

Look again at who gets all the attention. He's upset his daughterfu Anzu is in trouble.

It'd be different if his old and busted salmon roe girl had to go the distance

I don't get it, what did she lose?

Her humanity and conscience

Her virginity she had penetrative sex with Ikaruga

Scumbag Hina is best Hina

It's already too late.

why is Nitta such a manlet

He is a nip.

a nice smile

she feels she ruined the impact the moment could have had by faking it

Niita getter harem.

Just think of it like that time that Master Roshi disguised himself as Jackie Chan to beat Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament, even though Goku was just a kid. If Hitomi just won effortlessly all the time, she would stop giving a shit and burn out.

>Nobody ever remembers Frieza for his economic achievements

Nitta deserves the two better daughters.

Nitta would never cheat Anzu. He's learned before that she's the real utopia and she should be treated as best as he could.

>le Sabo face

Well destroying worlds truly does cure all economic problems

He really didn't destroy them all, just the ones with people who pissed him off.
He actually sold those countries, so he did have some impressive economic achievements.

I mean planets.

Hina is ugly

>Chapter title is "The bonds between the three"
More like the three were Nitta, Anzu, and Mao.

oh wow, thanks user I'm sure no one would have figured it out without your great insight.


>Nitta literally treats other kids as a father more often than he does for hina

That's pretty normal though, decent parents always want to look great when their kids have company.


nice attempt at identifying sarcasm


I love Hina's reaction shirts.

Thinking about it, it's pretty amazing that Hina's as responsible as she is right now.

Irresponsible as that is.

I don't get what Frieza needed money for? His armaments were like flecks of dust compared to his powerlevel and he'd never met someone that could match him, hence, there's no reason to use money diplomatically or anything.

Maybe he wanted to use for space whores and exhuberant space parties.

I finally have a reason to post it.

I'm going to marry Anzu!

The one where Nita breaks into the store Hina is working at, and calls her his daughter. Then his boss pays for Hina to call him papa in front of everybody.

Please, Frieza a fine piece of ass. Can get bitches by himself

She's literally the heroine of a NTR/rape eroge.

where can i find a girl like anzu in real life

Rural Japan or more even more rural China (to be safe). Women know their duties there.


man I like Nitta, sometimes he's arrogant and coward but at the same time very dependable and a really good guy

What did she want to do?


also, i posted a thread by mistake because i didnt expect this to still be on
i thought hinamatsuri threads with over 100 replies werent a thing

Rereading it.

Anzu is so fucking adorable holy fuck. Every cute Anzu just hits me out of nowhere and puts a smile on my face for a week.

Ah yes this page. This is the one that got me into this series.

Poor Mao.

That shit is Tokyo Godfathers level of heartwarming.

Frieza was clearly too lazy to go around oppressing and exploiting everyone in his empire. You need armies and fleets for that.

Well, scientifically speaking; all he needs is a good astronomer and a galactic phone. Just point his finger beam thing in the right direction and with the right calculations, they're fucked.

ah damm that was the best.

And then it was retconned to Anzu, Mao and Hina hanging out together in the past. Or was it only Mao who had delusions about them being friends, even back in whatever facility or dimension they were kept in?

Probably just Mao. Hina barely remembered her. And she did remember the rocksion guys so it wasnt her being a dick

Oh fuck, I'm already here.
I'd best save this for, don't know if I can handle it

you gonna get soiled

Put those goggles on, because it's going to get dusty.

Just because they hanged together doesn't necessarily mean that they were friends.

It's probably only Mao who considered themselves as friends.

>You will never adopt a time traveling esper and have a fun life

Even if it was Hina?