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What's going to happen in the last two episodes? Will the finale have falling action and anticipation for their next challenge in S2, or will it be a cliffhanger?


>the only ones that wear thighs on anime are yoshiko and maru

are they pure or something?

Some training and the love live prelims I guess, I don't see how you can squeeze any more drama into this

They'll fail the prelims, their school will close and they'll all transfer to Otonokizaka in S2.

Are there more prelims? I thought last ep was it, which is why I was unsure what to expect next. I was thinking the tension in the finale might be finding out if they qualified.

Is their school even closing?

Oh I forgot, I guess eh some training and Saint Snow?

That depends on how far would Mari push a prank.

It's planned to be closed, anyway. Chika wants to save it with sukuuru aidoru like µ's did

Nobody seems to give a fuck it's being closed tough?

I'm waiting for Aqours songs with awesome solos like Onaji Hoshi ga Mitai or Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai

Respect the Ruby, or else.

Man, Yoshimaru comic strip from Mezashi is getting lewder and lewder.

Yeah, it hasn't been brought up in a while. Maybe that'll be a part of the last two eps

Ruby is a giant baby.

Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo (Off Vocal) when

>transfer to Otonokizaka in S2
Imagine the fucking outrage

Nico Nico-nii~ Anata no Heart ni Nico Nico-nii, Egao todokeru Yazawa Nico Nico~ Nico-nii te oboeteru Love Nico~! ;v)

>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!


Dem hips


μ's has Umi's blow kiss and nico's niconi pose. So what's the running act in Aqours' PV?

The only one I noticed is Mari's wink. I thought Yoshiko also does her chuuni hand pose but I didn't see it in many of the PVs

Yoshiko has that blowing kiss, while mari is doing the lock on pose. Ganbaruby is the new nico nico nii

Forgot to mention that it's not from the pv

*need to hurry for his work*


I like how they're trolling Dia-fags. In LLSIF they released Mari first, not revealing who will be the card's pair, giving some false hope that it will be Dia. Then Kanan happnes

Everyone knew it would be Kanan because Dia was already released as an SSR in the first half of the set.

Idolshit BTFO

Nice list of the best 10 anime ever

Bullshit. Lolicon shows like Ilya or Gochuumon do trigger people but the shows listed are pretty much mainstream.

Everyone x My D

This is kind of neat

Damn. Sad to hear that all the members of µ's have died

Is this some kind of µ's shrine?

Tombstones so µ's fans can be accompanied with their waifu to their grave.



It's dead, jim.

Unless they were extremely new to the game, no one else would be ignorant enough to assume that. Dia's SSR released with the first half of the set (with Mari), so it would be impossible for her to be the SSR /and/ the other half of the UR pair.

>Ruby's butt pressed against the cold metal book cart

I can't go a waking hour without getting a boner to this show

I'd drink that

This shit makes you lose your manliness

It's the official pairing, Sunrise made it that way they have the moral obligation to stick to it


How is unmanly to protect a cute girl?

I'll respect, alright.

>top 10 non-mainstream anime
how is chuuni get 6 tho
im sure the writer thinks SAO OPM and SnK are the top3 best anime of all time

I seriously want to marry her.


But she's already my cute wife. You can have Ruby.

Glad Nico finally came to accept that there's no reason for her to wear a top

She's so sweet and adorable, I really love her.

Have some more.

>my cute wife
Gochiusa threads were a mistake.

>Sunrise made it that way

Sunrise have written more scenes between Yoshiko and Hanamaru than the latter with Ruby. First year dynamic is pretty much Maru and Yoshiko.

Nozomi looks happy about being groped

You forgot Maru is a Ruby orbiter and they are best friends


Bet that she more happy that her head is on Eli's tits and that she has full access to Nico's tits.

They'll just stay as friends forever, though. It says at the ED pic.

Dia has found your lewd collection!

I wonder how the seiyuu feel about shit like this. Gotta feel weird man.

I want to drown in Kanan's body.

That's fucked up

If it had the actual seiyuu it would be weird, but I'm sure they keep some distance from their characters. Lord knows there's plenty of doujins that make a tombstone look normal by comparison

Just started watching. How did this little shit go from the quiet intelligent type to literally having autism?

Maru's been more of a Yoshiko orbiter, while Ruby orbits Dia in these last few episodes. Most significant thing Ruby and Maru did recently was stand next to each other and drink juice.

The charitable reading would be that she opened up and relaxed once she made friends, but she does run on her gimmick a little heavily. I still like her though

She having fun for the first time in her life.
Why do you hate her for that?

She was having plenty of fun reading.

Sure she was

Yoshiko and Ruby going full idol is rubbing off on her

I have never seen a character get so fucked over by the anime than Maru.

I want to dive with Kanan.


That's a survey of mostly people who don't watch anime and old people aka normies. They just don't want to be associated with otaku, and those are the most popular otaku shows. I'd suspect that the results would be different if you restricted it to a younger population

Last Ep made me really dislike Chika and Riko. I already didn't like them but now I get disgusted when I see them. Anyone else feel this way?

Kanan was a literal who and going for her in the first place. They built Maru up as a good character and then completely shat on it for the next episodes and turned her into an annoying background joke.

The third years, especially Mari, care.

I feel the same, especially Chika. Literally everything has to be about either Chika or ChikaRiko I can't stand when they're on screen. They try so hard to make people like Chika, only to have the opposite effect.

I find her cuter now


I want to dive inside Kanan.

It really made me dislike them. You doesn't deserve this.

>old people aka normies
The fuck are you smoking?

Fucking Tokyo slut.


I'm a Youfag, already liked Chika, started liking Riko a bit more and look forward to the 2nd years' future dynamic. First satisfying character drama in Love Live.

Made me dislike You instead.

Is this what You dreamt about last night? ;_;

That picture mindfucked me for a minute. Let's see how Chika behaves when Riko comes back and see if shes changed

Chika's body looks deformed

I've been keeping my fingers crossed all week that the next episode shows the second years all happy and harmonious

This is the true canonship of the series
Honoka MK.2's harem

I want to practice away a Chika UR for You.

Her bangs look normal here?


I really love Aqours

i would deform her body with my penis, know what i mean?

I do as well. I was really anti-Aqours before the anime too, I didn't think I'd come to like them this much.

>First satisfying character drama in Love Live.
What didnt you saw the original?

teeeeeeeth aaaaaaaaaaaaaacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It was just as bad as the rest really. You are obviously just biased since it included your favorite character.

I wish I had a childhood friend like Yoshiko

Will Aquors be getting their summer album someday? Man, do I really want to listen to those lewd lyrics.


Who is the Azusa of Aqours?

post nico please


Maybe Dia, Yoshiko is really different and original.

The Daughters of Ægir are the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán, a giant and goddess who both represent the sea in Norse mythology. Their names are poetic terms for different characteristics of ocean waves.

>Himinglæva - That through which one can see the heavens (a reference to the transparency of water). (Chika)
>Dúfa - The Pitching One. (You)
>Blóðughadda - Bloody-Hair (Ruby)
>Hefring (or Hevring) - Riser. (Riko)
>Uðr (or Unn) - Frothing Wave. (Yoshiko)
>Hrönn - Welling Wave. (Hanamaru)
>Bylgja - Billow. (Kanan)
>Dröfn - Foam-Fleck (or "Comber" according to Faulkes). (Mari)
>Kólga - Cool Wave (Dia)


Don't know what the point is but thanks I guess.


>Being this uncultured


Kanan x Mari

Mari x my dick while Kanan watches

Kanan x my dick while Mari watches*

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My dick x your dick while both watch

>That vagina bone

So I haven't watched this but it looks like it's more about girls hugging than actual singing? Original anime was not like this at all

Time to stop posting Mari

We still have songs but not much training

It's Mari's bedtime anyway

Only hagu now.

>Yoshiko follows Chika's order

Would that make Yoshiko a Doormat too?

I want to marry Yoshiko

The group is suppose to help control her Chuuni

Yoshiko is just Chika's enforcer.

Does anyone know where to watch the normal Japanese version of Love Live Sunshine without subs? Lookin to download it

Just turn the subs off retard.

>Want raw version
>Can't into torrent
Are you Japanese?

Who is the Aqours straight man? non-chuuni Yoshiko or non-idolfag Dia?

>who is the straight man

they're all girls? is this some kind of "haha >she has a penis" meme?

Yoshiko is childish and likes fun so that would be Dia.

Riko and Ruby

Geez Cred Forums fags don't know how to give an answer.

You're looking for the so called "RAWs". You could Google them... Or you could just go get them through torrents on nyaa torrent

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

I may not be the original poster of this meme, but I do like it, so I try to keep it going. I can't believe plebbit stole it though

So how long until they explicitly reveal Ruby is actually a lot smarter than she lets on? Even though its anime, I can't buy someone being this retarded/cute and that being the end of it or it not being at least partly an act.

>Be Ruby
>Her ship got stolen by Yoshiko
>Doesn't have interesting moment so far
>Her catchphrase overshadowed by Zura
>Constantly useless (except when she's using laptop)
>Her popularity drop constantly every week
I fell bad for her.

its an imaginary anime with imaginary girls and imaginary personalities

sorry to ruin your immersion

>Doesn't have an interesting moment
>Her gimmick overshadowed by every other one
>Constantly useless (except when she's using laptop)
>Her popularity drop constantly every week

Literally Hanayo

what if she goes full AiAi in s2? would that help her?

Sonoda Umi is a huge slut!

>Purest idol is a slut


Well, I don't really have a problem if there really is no catch. It's just that I'm being pandered to so hard I'm having trouble believing it.

>but I do like it

I didn't at first, but it's grown on me.

>Talking shit about someone that can snipe you with a bow

I want to jog with Kanan.


I'm happy that they decided to make the girls more even for Sunshine compared to the original (with the exception of Kanan). Umi was just so much better than the rest of µ's that it was rather unfair.

>Yoshiko can lock the kurosawa sisters
>has less stamina

>Kurosawa sisters are weak
>both can keep up on kanan atleast

this anime confused me.

Me too. I can keep up with her for 10 mile jog but she will kill me on swimming

I want to lose myself in her used laundry after she's finished jogging.

What dont you understand?

>Using 'mini skato' every day (including in official competiton)
>Ashamed when she need to use Rin's mini skato
She just dumb like any other.

Riko's faces when Yandere You becomes the Love Live killer

ill fap to this umi and sleep

>Yoshiko can lock the kurosawa sisters
>has less stamina
Yoshiko must enter her Chuuni mode: Fallen Dragon Phoenix Hold!

>Kurosawa sisters are weak
>both can keep up on kanan atleast
GanbaRuby motherfucker!


This has to be bait right?


Post more lewd Kanans. Lewd hagus are fine too.

Pikari that's not Teko!

Who is the smartest Aqours?

In academic?
1st year - Hanamaru
2nd year - You
3rd year - Mari


You just says she is not good in studying but she tries her best, though. That should be Riko.


Oh, I don't expect that.
Since, she's good at everything. She's almost perfect.

What does Chika taste like?

Not all people are perfect, not even You user.

Chika taste like girl.

That pose is not possible

We're not doing this shit again

Chika taste like mikans! she is for pure loving and eating!

Kurosawa Dia is also a giant baby!

>Cred Forums stealing Reddit memes
Why am I not surprised

Sorry, only Joke now.

How do you know about reddit memes?

>yurishitter is OP

we should have ignored this one desu


Tastes like rat!

Your mather x my dick

but seriously lets not pretend half of Cred Forums doesn't go on leddit

I want give Kanan a tongue bath.

>but seriously lets not pretend half of Cred Forums doesn't go on leddit

Well I don't go to plebbit, but apparently you and 50% does...

I don't.
The site layout sucks ass and is a mess.

Glad to be of the other half.

While we're at it let's not pretend that a decent amount of Love Live fags on Cred Forums don't go on tumblr

I go to Leddit just for MotoGP since /Ass Piss/ only like Borefest 1.
Nothing more.

Same again, I don't go there. I will confess only to have taken some of those super shitty low quality gifs.

But You is a yurishitter too. She just lost is all. The Tamao of our generation. She will push Chika to Riko when they first meet again.

Reddit has a stupid upvote system that incentivizes dumb funny/popular comments that don't really add to the discussion. Main reason why I stopped going there besides sports because Cred Forums has more shit posting.

>avataring samefag
Youfags everyone

Sit down.

>posting my favorite raibu in robu raibu thread

You might as well go back to plebbit if it bothers you so much, you can't downvote here.


There is? How did you know that, Youfag?

>Doesn't deny samefagging
And if you want to talk to yourself just go stand in front of a mirror.

If you're talking about
He's not.


I want Ruby to tell me to do my Rubiest.

>minutes later

Why are you faggots so cancerous?

>he suddenly just posted this

I don't get it.

I think they're funny how they switch between english and some gibberish shit.

How can nips hate the pizza girl?

Sunshine just can't compare to the original, can it?

because de lima and trillanes.

Nope. It's worse in every way.

Baka gaijin hit the glorious nippon samurai lady.

Flipfag's first day on Cred Forums I think

They hate Kanan just as much. The only remotely popular third year would be Dia

Pretty much this

I can't decide if I like loli Kanan or loli Mari more.

They actually hate her? I just thought that they ignored her because she barely had any screentime.
Didn't she get way more popular in recent polls too?
They're both pretty adorable.

Nope, from the recent poll Dia is 8th and Mari is 9th. kanan is 3rd

Sunshine is better than OG in every way except for no Umi.

>Better plot
>Better characters
>Better character designs
>Better singers
>Better seiyuu personalities
>Better art
>Better music
>Better voice acting
>Better yuri
>Better group interaction

Only Musefags will disagree.

> I just thought that they ignored her
That's what I thought what you meant by "hate". Few people actually hate the new girls so far but the third years always have been the least popular characters. Store polls aren't reliable so we'll get an official poll after the anime ends.

>kanan is 3rd
This is what Kananfags believe.

Kanan was 5th in the last Nip poll

I agree, I miss how much of a slut she is.

>Sunshine is better than OG in every way
>except for no Umi.
This is what Umishitter believe.

The only thing muse has on Aqours is Nozomi.

>muh understanding
>better plot

Explain how it's so much better when not even the nips give a fuck about it.
Fun fact: the BD that has the lottery for tickets to their first live is selling considerably worse than the one that doesn't has first live tickets meaning that the japs don't give a fuck about your nobody VA's with the supposed "better seiyuu personalities" and better "singers"
Meanwhile, muse sold out a dome of 55,000 seats. So no, Sunshine is trash and will never reach the level of popularity muse had.

I don't like her either, because she stole my waifu. The only thing left to do is self insert as her.

Aqours are supposed to be different, actually.

>a collection of muse PV's that everybody has already seen sold better than aqours BD
that's pretty sad

nostalgia sells.

>selling considerably worse
>sold better than aqours BD
It's not even released yet.

>One has the newer arcade game that can only be played there
>One has SIF which can be played anytime on your phone
>Comparing Muse in their 3rd year versus Aqours in their 1st year
>Believing that Muse would be more popular than Aqours if Aqours came first despite "quality"

>Musefags are actually this dumb

All idols are built for sex but which idol is the MOST built for sex?

You're comparing a new idol group to one that had 5 years of popularity built up. Even if Aqours has a head start in publicity it's not a fair comparison. In objective terms, Aqours first live is in a much bigger venue than muse first live. It's not unrealistic to expect Aqours to surpass muse before long.

>So no, Sunshine is trash and will never reach the level of popularity muse had.
They'll never be as popular that's for sure but don't delude yourselves that they aren't better than muse in terms of music and characters.

The only good aqour is ruby

thats literally it

mole is good eye candy

the one with the jav.

Moles are fuckin GROSS

They are not.

Stop bullying her.

Literally people are arbitrarily saying that Aquors is better than muse without any convincing argument

What shitty claim is that? The composers are the same and there hasn't been a notable change of quality in the songs so far.

>Never be as popular
I honestly doubt they will reach peak Muse, but don't make it sound like it is impossible. Sunrise, Lantis, and ASCII Media Works could pull off some aggressive advertising or do something bold to increase popularity.


>that they aren't better than muse in terms of music and characters.
>Literally people are arbitrarily saying that Aquors is better than muse without any convincing argument
you lack reading comprehension.

Report yourself.

Everytime I see someone argue in favor of Aqours, Musefags always give some dumb biased answer without any objective counterpoints. So many Musefags simply do not know how to be objective, it's ridiculous.

I didn't break any rules and Dia needs to visit a plastic surgeon.

I'm not saying muse is better, you imbecile, I'm saying there is no reason to believe music has improved when there hasn't been any change that would make that happen. It's more or less the same shit with some differences here and there.

You are going to need a visit to the plastic surgeon after I'm done with your face.


Are you lost?


>they're not being objective since they don't agree with me.

Yuna a best

Wrong thread buddy.

>It's more or less the same shit with some differences here and there.
You're literally retarded if you think the music quality has not changed. You act like the producers that the producers and composers can't improve. You act like Lantis hasn't put more money into the mixing and editing. Give me an argument for the music quality not improving, because
>Same composers
is weak as fuck. That's like saying fucking Zeppelin IV is the same quality as Zeppelin I because they were made by the same person.

How can one girl be so cute?
She doesn't give a fuck about handing pamphlets and using short skirts.
She just want to have fun with her friends.

>I have no real counterpoints so I am just going to point fingers

forgot pic

I want Kanan to offer me her used panties just like that.

I got Mugi K-on vibes from her.
I believe she's second most wealthy member after Maki in Muse.

>no argument to support your opinions other than assumptions of what may have happened behind the scenes
You don't have to act as if your biased opinions were objective when in the end it's all up to taste and yours is clearly showing. I wasn't the one that talked about the music quality improving or not and no one actually presented a concrete argument on how they would have done so. And no saying Lantis has put more money into it is not proving how it is better.

> It's not unrealistic to expect Aqours to surpass muse before long.
It honestly is, Aqours has much much much more attention on them than Muse did while S1 was airing, but by the looks of it Aqours first BD will only sell around the same as muse S1 did, which is pretty bad. And the backlash Klab got for changing the app icon to Chika when it was Honoka was pretty amazing, the game isn't even in the top 10 of JP Itunes anymore after that happened.

>mugi vibes

same thing for hanamaru to me 2bh

>same thing for hanamaru to me 2bh
A-are we the same person?

>didn't had a point in the beginning so I'm going to pretend that others points are invalid.

Legendary maid Minalinsky a shit!

>That image
I've seen enough bias shit to know something is behind it. Being selective is shitty.

There is evidence but you're dismissing it as biased without any real counterargument.

Love Live S1 sold 35k average, S2 sold 60k average and Sunshine is expected to sell 45k average. Those are not bad numbers at all for a group that has been around for only a year. Muse barely disbanded only a few months before the icon was changed and a bunch of butthurt Musefags were mad. Sales will go back up.

You are a shit. You too ▶147276011

We're not the only ones.

>is just talking out his ass now

Ryan Higa a best.

Yeah Musefags are spinning this in their favor like always. The game on the right (Aqours) is SIF which can be played anytime on your phone. The game on the right is the newer Arcade version which can only be played on those types of machines. Obviously that booth is going to attract more people.

>You too ▶147276011
Dumb Kotoritards

I'm more of a Robbaz man myself. He's a pretty cool guy without any drama. Not including his depression vids as drama.

>sales will go back up
>it's been around 2 months since that happened and the game is deader than ever
No, I don't think they will.

>Giving a literal OOT shitposter free (you)
No chance.

>And the backlash Klab got for changing the app icon to Chika when it was Honoka
people getting pissed about this was the most autistic thing that happened on facebook.

A bunch of angry japs also left 1 star reviews on the game aswell.

Love both groups.
Ignore the hate.
Hope for the best for Aqours.

>2 months
They will go back up retard, it's going to take more than 2 months though.

It was funny that they would let you juggle the interface but not the icon itself.

same here, friend

a cute. CUTE.

If the sales plummeted after they did a huge update that improved the game by a fuckton then no, I doubt it. Just face that japs don't give a shit about Aqours.

It's pretty stupid. You'd think most Muse fans would become Aqours fans, some Muse fans would be uninterested in Aqours, and some new people to the Franchise would become Aqours fans. Instead we have Muse fans actively hating Aqours for "replacing" their idols, as if it were responsible for Muse ending, and it's only been 6 months. Can't wait in a few years when this shit blows over and all of the old die hard Musefags cave and join the Aqours bandwagon.

I am in love with every girl of muse and aqours. Fuck all you haters.

Sorry Kotorifriend, I thought you meant someone else.
Please forgive me.

In a few years they'll have been trashed too. Such is the way of the school idol.

>few years
Aqours will be dead by then.

>improved the game by a fuckton
Quit acting like 4.0 was some amazing fucking update. They added mostly useless shit and cosmetic changes. The Japs will cave eventually, trust me. They will get over their butthurt bitch fits.

They should have just made a new game with better gameplay. The game was already boring before Aqours came.

Nostalgia. They will do the same when Sunshine ends.

>every girl

Even that dogfucking slut Riko?

>They added mostly useless shit
Like Aqours?

2 years. In their 3rd year we will see their peak worth and then we can start comparing them to Muse. Until then, anything can happen. Maybe we will even get a 3rd group and we will go the way of the Gundam.

>every girl of muse
Even Nico?

Pretty sure the interest for this series will die down alot by the time a third series comes. It's already died down alot with Aqours coming.

and when a 3rd group is announced we are going to have the exact same shitstorm about how Love Live "should just end" and how they "miss Aqours." Then people will trash the new group and after two years they will cave again and the 3rd group will be popular. Rinse and repeat every 5 years.

>That Ruby plummet
holy shit

>oldhagfags and newhagfags united

But you like Umi the most, right?

From a wota mentality, does it make a difference to know that Aqours is destined to disband after a few years no matter if they succeed enough to fill a dome or not?

I don't think they will repeat after Sunshine. This is not Gundam.

>That Chika line

Consistency is a great quality for a leader to have.

What's this last poll? I know it isn't bullshit since Chika is sixth.

Aqours was the best thing they add though. µ's was getting old.


Female fans don't like Ruby.

Apparently not since the game went down in sales and popularity once Aqours was added.

>Incredibly popular series
>Unique media structure
>Good merch sales
>Even a new spinoff is making insane amounts of money

As long as their are cute girls and music you faggots will stay. It's all their for it to go the way of Gundam.

HWat?The game got to top the charts when Aqours were added. We even got 50 gems as celebratory prize

>>Even a new spinoff is making insane amounts of money
It was ranked #5 for franchise media sales this month. Pre Aqours would always be around 1-2. So really the sales have gone down alot.

That's how consistent my dick will be when it enters her.
Doesn't even top the "free" list and is #25 on the grossing list. Getting beat by Starlight Stage.

You make it sound like it fucking fell off the face of the planet and makes no money. 5th will still make a shit ton of money.

Also, you guys seriously need to stop looking at this with such a nearsightedness. There is a chance these figures stay the same or go down, but there's also a real chance that they go back up and stabilize. I am sure Sunrise/Lantis/ASCII Media Works are brainstorming right now as we speak on ideas that can improve Aqour's sales and popularity. Whether they actually come up with something good is yet to be seen. I have hope, though. They obviously have some geniuses working for them if they managed to make Love Live so popular in the first place.

>Yoshitko not getting a figurine

That's not it. Repeating same formula over and over in a idol anime is risky since there are other competitions coming out every year. Gundam has gunpla while Love Live merchandise are not unique like that.

>Getting beat by Starlight Stage
that's not an issue at well when you consider that Starlight Stage is a far better game than SIF. Then daily discount paid gacha in SS means that it's far easier to to justify spending on SS. SIF's discounts only happen on the beginning of the month so its place on the grossing list peaks at the start of the month and then slowly falls down.

Why don't they pick up after themselves?

You just needs to grow a beard and Chika needs to get abducted and brainwashed by Saint Snow for a two-parter at the end of season 3

>same formula
It's been working for Idolmaster for the past 11 years, hasn't it? and it was only slightly less popular than peak Love Live. I think they should try to milk the series as much as they can and try some new things here and there.

The basketball is actually Honoka

What's written at those checkpoints?

It's fucking ridiculous how much money Grand Order makes.

Riko-chan sugoi

>dat chuunizura closeness

>Love Live!
>Love Live! Sunshine
>Love Live! Zeta
>Love Live! ZZ
>Love Live! UTX Counterattack
>Love Live! SD
>Love Live! Victory
>Love Live! Gee
>Love Live! Tsubasa
>Love Live! Tsubasa no Mirai
>Love Live! Turn A
>Love Live! Bloom
>Love Live! 00
>Love Live! Unicorn
>Love Live! Iron Blooded Idols

what is OG? I'm newfug, so tell me, plz

>they literally cross over

You're really mad at that good girl, huh?

>Love Live! SG

Oh wow.

Love Live Gunpla fucking when

Love Live fans are mostly seasonal animefags and normalfag young people unlike hardcore idolfags of Imus or UtaPri. They will move over to next big thing when they will get bored.


So why did Love Live become more popular than Idolmaster? Is it because school idols > pro idols? Better music? Funner?

It isn't. CG is destroying Aqours currently.

im@s had a male self-insert


SIF, probably.

More popular might be an overstatement since IM@S has a more loyal following and is selling better nowadays.

where can I check this?


Love Live is family friendly.

>You getting #1 again
How do we stop this?

Will you masturbate to these two?

I'm just wondering why Maru is still so goddamn popular

ask /vg/

What kind of figurine anyway?

I meant what company?


Cool, I'm going to get that Hanamaru then

i cry now

I'm on my working place currently, you know...


sex with Nico


It's not like voting is over

She's getting popular.

Mah nigga

>I'm just wondering why Maru is still so goddamn popular
Because King & ship.

>Meanwhile, muse sold out a dome of 55,000 seats.
Feels good to be tangibly related to that figure thanks to my country holding a live viewing for Final Live. Showings on both days were sold out so they had to open another theater, it was crazy.

I hope Maru would win, the little angel deserves it.


You mean only one?

>tfw Riko will beat You

That would be epic

LL feels more grass roots - it's literally cute girls doing cute things and how anyone can be a school idol

Give me more youkan.

This makes me happy due to the recent things going on with You in the anime but she's always been fairly popular. I have this irrational worry that she'll win every poll but I know it isn't the case because others have won before.



The only pair that heals my heart.

Accessibility. LL is pretty similar to a kids show like Precure and is friendly for all ages like Garupan. LL is mainstream while Imas is niche.

It was never alive in the first place

K-on is a good example too, zura

Role reversal

Precure is more popular with the guys than girls, though.

Fuck, I forgot K-On was on Japan's Disney Channel too.

IIRC there were 3 anime that aired on Disney, one is K-On, two is LL and I never know what's the third one.

>I never know what's the third one.
Yosuga no Sora , I believe.


That's because Precure still stuck with flatties while LL have varying sizes of boobs. Believe it or not, LL is pretty popular among mainstream girls because they have "good body style".

Glad to help.

Thank goodness for Nozomi and Maru for providing different body styles

Seikon no Qwaser

Guys we need more non-yuri doujins.

My dick demands it

>hey have "good body style"
Definitely not trio perflat Umi, Rin, & Nico.

Are these the final results? Is You officially getting an Alter scale?

>Are these the final results?
No. You have to wait until end of the month.

I hope Riko will get it instead.

Chika, please.

Do you think we will get a male self-insert if Im@s continues to outsell LL?

That would alienate half of the fanbase, so no.

Never. Nor real yuri, the jews aren't dumb.


Fucking god. I know that the voting doesnt end till the 30th but I'm dead eitherway since these are my top 3


My princess wonder how many times she votes on that 711xAlter poll. I bet she does it daily

Literally a train of feels.

Same, you sir have good tastes. I can't choose between You or Riko though.

Holy shit that train is clean.

They are all getting one eventually.

>their trains are not clean
are you from a 3rd world country or new york?

I like how she's actually a huge dork.

That gap moe.

It will take years most likely

desu wa

Has there been word if the 7-11 figure would be released regularly or will it be like releaded only through 7-11 stores?

>what she says when you pull out

ugugu desu wa

My wife You-chan is the best!

I just hope it doesn't come out right after a few months when the Eli figure comes out since I'm targeting the SolGe trio for Alter line.

I also do wonder if Alter will continue the µ's bikini line that started with Maki and Eli respectively.

Are we really going to have to wait like a year for season 2

S2 hasn't even been announced yet, has it?

I hope 2 years after, they need more pvs and songs

Spring next year.

No, but we already know that it's going to have a seasons 2.
Now, will they announce it at the end of season 1 or at the end of their first concert.



Where will each Acqours be in five years time?

>smug kanan

She always gets the best expression just like the nesoberi.


what was her expression in the nesoberi? and wasnt their expressions just recycled from the muse line?

That's nice





Why do u want the Sunshine hype to die down fast? Are you trying to kill the anime industry?



Mari has the best pillows

So there's this nips survey where they're asked which anime series are they are afraid to be seen enjoying.

Love Live! comes at first, do you guys agree? I'd also agree. Although this franchise made me do stuffs that I wouldn't imagine doing like watching the µ's movie and final live stream on public theaters and going to convention just beside a mall for a meet and greet session with Pile. I actually wouldn't want my non-otaku friends to see me while attending those stuffs lmao.

>From about 1,500 votes
Into the trash it goes.



I feel this way about all shows because I only watch cute girl anime really

That's a survey of mostly people who don't watch anime and old people. They just don't want to be associated with otaku, and those are the most popular otaku shows. I'd suspect that the results would be different if you restricted it to a younger population.

I love this franchise but the love liver in japan scare the shit out of me.

The most exciting day of the week is finally here again

Tomorrow when?!

Ruby will stay wherever she is now for 7 episodes.
Off screen.

15 minutes



I want to kiss her lips

yoshiko please

Ruby pls

Don't worry ladies, one of you will be You's partner someday so no need to be greedy towards Maru.

>one of them will be the partner of a controlling and jealous beta

You-chan is beautiful both inside and out.

Yoshiko doesn't deserve this fate

Why does she like to lick?

For some reason I want You x Riko to happen.

I really want them to bond too, just so I can ship all the second years together and not worry about one of them being alone

Why is Mari looking at Kanan like that?

She's thinking about their friendship

Romantic festival night spent with her lover and no panties under her yukata, why do you think?

Quickie before the fireworks. Which one has to wear the vib for the whole festival?

Mari initiated the hand holding with Kanan and is wondering if Kanan likes it.

How many of you have relistened to the Saint Snow song? It's really fucking good

>Riko is closer to Chika

>dat fuckin scissor hand

How do we fix Ruby?

I don't like that at all.
It feels like their panties are getting pulled by the chains.

Give her some scenes with Hanamaru

I can't make this gesture well at all. My ring finger won't stay up that straight with my middle and pinky fingers bent

You can't. Her sister overshadows hers for idol fangirl and her meme isnt as good as Mari, Kanan, Zura and Yohane

or You.

>I got away it and made Japan hate Mari and Dia in the process

We just have to accept it's too late for her.
Mostly thanks to the staff giving her the Hanayo treatment.

user, you're imagining things. Unless Maru's panties are, indeed, yellowish unlike others'.

i can't do it either, fuck that shitty hard mode hand sign.

>And made Japan hate Mari and Dia in the process
Kanan a shit

I must be a natural idol then

I want that Mari.

Seeing her interact with You beyond that short beach scene sounds interesting.

Why is Riko so shit? She ruined the whole anime.

We know You. Riko is the new skirt from the city

I love Riko-chan

So can we agree that


The best kind of ChikaRiko is Chika pinning Riko against the wall and giving her a chin in hand kiss.

oh dear

I like to imagine them cuddling in bed and Chika just grabs onto her like a teddy bear and Riko doesn't dislike it but is embarrassed by the feelings of their bodies pressing together

What will ruby do in the car?

Her best.

This made me smile


Soon, we'll know who's going abroad.

They'll have some special training in the jungle or something, since mountain and beach were already taken

What the heck is Hanamaru's character symbol supposed to be? Bread? Fish cake?

Hana + Maru = flower + circle? I guess that's more of a spiral though

I think it's a flower.


Whats chikas?

>Dia's is a literal mole

a high wheel

It's a mikan. What's Dia's? It's a sakura, right?


Also as for the original ones, why is Maki's a star and not a piano?

Chika - Orange - An orange, or something.
Riko - Light pink - Piano
Kanan - Teal - Dolphin
Dia - Red - Some sort of flower
You - Blue - Boat
Yoshiko - Grey - Little demon
Hanamaru - Yellow - Spiral inside a flower
Mari - Purple - Star
Ruby - Pink - A pinwheel or something

>A pinwheel or something

Isn't it a lollipop since she's a giant baby


No wonder Hanamaru is perfect.

Deepest lore.

You can't just say deepest lore at everything!

great way to hide powerlevel

>Ruby symbol
>Isn't it a lollipop since she's a giant baby


>still bullying Ruby

It's okay, I am a giant baby too.

Okay, Dia.


Sunrise fuck this shit again.
▶Dia symbol should be Diamond.
▶Ruby symbol should be Red Diamond.
Those symbols are more simple and easier to understand.