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One and a half weeks until Martyrs is released! Hype!

Rather, a month and one and a half weeks. Kouki needed to burn all their cash on new cars.

A kind user translated Strike Frontiers intro:

Another nice user linked us chink spoilers for BiS:

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>yfw you have to side with Schmidt against Beatrix and Irisdina in Lise's route

Stop trying to force this fucking meme.

I would not be happy at all with a Schmidt route, but there are hints at it from the ending of Emblem of Blood. Anyways, it's not like âge hasn't trolled the fanbase in the past, and this would be some real Cookie level âssholery.

I want the pick both of them and watch them make me their meat filling.

The first VN with said scene of Lise speaking on the phone to an unnamed caller came out before even the anime started airing, why are you suddenly so jumpy about it now? You know its incredibly unlikely compared to either Beatrix loyal or 666th loyal directions, it'd be a bigger change than anything in the anime, out of character, nonsensical, and would have no "trolling" purpose for age or kouki to latch onto and make those changes. It doesn't make any sense to believe in it, quit your worrying you're blowing that "hint" out of proportion because its not even that.

Quote from last thread, but:

>Remember that one of the reasons she never joined Theo in the rebellion was because of the stasi's power, and who reigns supreme over the stasi? Schmidt could very easily give Lise everything and anything she ever wanted much more easily then Beatrix or Axmann could.
>So no, it's not outlandish to think that Lise could decide to work with Schmidt if he approached her right.

If she thinks Schmidt will provide a better chance of getting Theo and herself out of East Germany alive, she'll take it.

This is why constant threads are a mistake.

Except its just not going to happen. If you say you wouldn't be happy with it then why the mental gymnastics to justify it? Why keep bringing it up?

Beatrix is who Lise is loyal to, not the stasi. They're not gonna suddenly make her cozy with Schmidt in the VN for no reason. Its time to stop dumbass. No amount of technical rationalizations or fanfiction level scenarios is gonna change that.


>They're not gonna suddenly make her cozy with Schmidt in the VN for no reason. Its time to stop dumbass. No amount of technical rationalizations or fanfiction level scenarios is gonna change that.
They did in the ending (unless she's talking to Ketchup, but that makes even less sense). Lise did warn Schmidt that Beatrix may be up to something, and Schmidt warned her that Iris is quite dangerous too. So they probably have a working relationship. Who's to say how far it goes?

What the fuck is wrong with you, that was the most uncozy phone call I've heard in my life. She told him not to underestimate Beatrix, he told her who Iris is and what kind of person she's dealing with. The contempt for who Lise is speaking to is dripping from her voice.

Its time to stop, you baiting retard.

Is there any word what Kiirke's sidestory thing will be about?

She's not cozy with him. Schmidt is her boss, you doofus. Also, we know Lise can play around with the best of them. She's a Beatrix girl, through and through, we already know that. She's making a reference to the factionalism in the Stasi.

Stop trying to push this dumb theory. It's "possible" in the sense that "Kouki could just decide to write 'rocks fall everyone dies' " as SM's ending, but the probability of that is nonsensically low.

I'm not baiting, I'm going off of what was said in the last thread. In the end, Lise did betray Beatrix and Beatrix was expecting the betrayal, so that speaks to their relationship not being that great. Perhaps she may not have liked Schmidt, but she may have seen Schmidt as the better option then either Beatrix or Axmann.

Yes you are you little scamp don't lie to me. If she didn't like Beatrix, she'd like Schmidt even less. And if her route is loyalist, it'll be loyal to Beatrix, end of story. You're stretching the limits of probability into unreasonable levels.

>In the end, Lise did betray Beatrix and Beatrix was expecting the betrayal, so that speaks to their relationship not being that great. Perhaps she may not have liked Schmidt, but she may have seen Schmidt as the better option then either Beatrix or Axmann.
She literally betrays Beatrix in her last moments. That wasn't a woman who was intending on being disloyal, that was a women who finally began to accept the man she loves will not love her back. Her betraying Beatrix is the last thing she was able to do for her brother.

Beatrix was expecting a potential betrayal because Lise was starting to go insane.

Why are Beatrix's pupils so small compared to everyone else in both the anime and VN? Even Irisdina's pupils extend from the bottom to the top of her eyes.

Might just be an angle


I guess her pupils shrank when she turned evil.



I'm not taking into consideration the VN. Yes, I heard that Beatrix is may not be totally evil, but this is Cred Forums, not Cred Forums or /jp/, and Beatrix is hated bc of her portrayal in the anime. So how about you guys stop applying VN logic to everything?

Yeah, this is not how it works.

Strong argument. Truly convinced me to put the anime on a pedestal.

how about you go back to wherever you came from? Your use of bc to abbreviate "because" demonstrates that you aren't from around here.

Beatrix is a sweetie.

It would be both a very funny and very depressing/painful experiance, like getting raped by a clown midget.

Who /NVA/ here?

Do these two have fuck scenes in the VN?

Age VN's haven't had sex scenes since like 2007. Or whenever Altered Fable came out.

Is there any way they can try to complete the missing routes from TE? Ever since you guys told me TE was supposed to have routes, I've wanted desperately to see the end.

Cui doesn't deserve this misery.


When will this ever end?

All the more to ara ara with?

Marui doujin arrived today. Scans by tomorrow.

Is pouting one of Beatrix's favorite emotions? Even in her happy phase of life, she seems to do it.


Will it be on the pandas as well?


Never uploaded to panda before but it'd be useful and convenient if it was, so I'll give it a shot.

Also meant to say I've seen that page posted but it was missing from this book. Must be from a different work.

Thank you very much.

I have to work an early shift tomorrow, and it would be horrid if I missed it somehow.

One thing I have to ask, is it really R-18? I've heard conflicting answers on this one.

No. No actual porn. And its very text heavy. I like it its nice and fun but not R18.

Well, a translator user's gonna need to step up for this one then.

>spanish street sign captcha


I want to eat cake off their bodies.

I want to lick cake off of that ass.

Even if she is a secondary, Gretel will always be the main heroine of my heart

I want to send Irisdina to funhaus

Why was she the only one who made it out with her true love?

Will of the party protects.

What did the stasi do to Martin anyways?

Arrest and schedule for execution. Guess who let him go.

Which girl would make the best ojou-sama?

You're not talking about Beatrix, are you?

Why would she care? He's just another state traitor in her mind. She's not going to put her neck out for him.

Probably put him in a prison or labor camp. Remember, just because you may not be guilty doesn't mean that you won't be spared punitive action for the crimes you're friends and family commit.

>You're not talking about Beatrix, are you?
Indeed I am.

I want to tell Inia that no one actually likes her and everyone is laughing behind her back when they're being nice to her!

Posting best girls!


Truly, this is why Beatrix is a villain. She didn't have Martin purged.

>cockroach infestation

There's so many.

Why do they never win? ;____;

Back from the military, what translated VNs have been released since 2014?


It's the truth. It's hinted at the post credit scene of the VN

Hey user, don't even try to talk or respond to them. They seriously have no clue what's going on. In fact it is indeed explicitly shown in the post credit scene of the VN, no one can deny that.

>doing anything, ever

I admire your faith.

What military?


I feel you Theo.

I can't even tell what's baiting anymore and what's not.

For you trying to push this meme, I assume you speak Japanese or Chinese or Korean and can give actual proof? The picture in question, even?

Irisdina and Lise are filthy whores who deserve to be beaten and raped (in Lise's case, it should happen to her even after Axmann's treatment)

Does anyone have the link to the stream that will be aired later?

Wrong thread?

So heard there are some fan arts of Ace Combat orginal aircraft turned into TSF.

Pic related is only one I manged to find so far. Anyone have more of those?

Irisdina is the worst girl

delet this

Is this a bad time to admit I never really latched onto Ace Combat's stories and found them sorta lacking at times?

The music is dope though.

Stories are cliche as fuck, but they work


>inb4 shitty res





>When will this ever end?

This should be the last one that I have.

Sincerely, /m/


Why Stonehenge didn't BTFO the BETA when they where entering atmosphere?

Remember all those craters around in USEA?

Yeah those are probably hives now.

This meme needs to crash and burn.

Beato needs to be bullied, but not like this.

Does anyone have the link to the muv luv podcast stream that will be aired later?

It'll be posted in 20-30 minutes.

I want to shatter Irisdina's favourite teacup just because.

Alright thanks for the response.

Post them

I wish the game would come out already

Are there any German anons here in this board? I would like to hear response from them about how they feel about Schwarzesmarken as a whole.

There's probably one or two lurking but from what I remember the German is actually okay. If you mean in general, I wouldn't know.

Today's Stream is up!

Like always, remember to post screenshots for our less fortunate Anons who can't follow it live.

Thanks for your concerns. Will do.

Now showing usual prologue scenes of SF.

I'm still hoping to see SM Martyrs' trailer!

>Now showing usual prologue scenes of SF.
it's shit

Footage on SF Mobage. BGM is decent for a mobage.

How many of us Anons are watching?


Around 3.50

about tree fiddy

If only one knew what they were talking about

They showed a picture of gretel also but missed it


Age's been lazy, they have been showing that for a couple of weeks. This is from last week.

>those tabs
>those programs

Are you mocking him?


Tfw there is nothing new on Martyrs


Kimashi Night Fever when?

Something about what food and drink we want, I guess? Where is yakisoba?

ML food that you would like to taste the most. Ayamines Yakisoba Pan, Yui's Nikayuga, etc.

Absolutely. He's got bloatware up the ass, browses what looks like /mbgg/, and has a 3DPD background.

You did not notice he was german and seems to be working?

You install steam and vlc on your work computers?


Or he wanted to order something.

Yui's Nikayuga won.

So its over?


Fuck, can't believe I missed the stream.

The problem with Paradox games is you tend to forget time.

Not yet.

>browsing at work

Naughty naughty

nothing on martyrs

Are people just writing with one and other and age also writing?


Is this your first stream?

You missed literally nothing. Just some mobage gameplay and a poll on whose food you'd eat.

Sadly yes.

I decided to make an account and watch the stream since there is not that much anyways to do on these threads.

Today was a slow one

Sometimes worth sticking around, Kouki sometimes likes to stream after the show.

If anyone goes to Tokyo Game Show, get the age booklet from the dmm booth.

>7. (ベア様アイ リス絶賛) 紅茶とケ一キ

Beato would be a good tea partner.

No words, just enjoying the scenery with a nice warm drink.

Isn't it Iris who started Bea on tea? Iris is supposed to be the huge tea nerd. That said, she seems to have taken to it, for sure.

She would be a good, comfy tea buddy.

I want to smash her favourite teacup too

until she starts to troll out of boredom with the goal of seeing you dropping spaghetti.

>Iris is supposed to be the huge tea nerd
Proven in the VN when she invited Theo and Katia for tea session

Why is Walther the best boy/man in SM?

I wanna drink some of her freshly nurtured breast milk.

>you will never whisper "tea is for pretentious plebeians with no taste" in her ear just to see what would happen

>you will never make Anette fall in love with you just to break her heart for fun

go away axmann

Lise is sad. How do you cheer her up?

Headpats and pancakes. Tell her you love her and you'd do anything for her to smile.

>tfw no Yugoslavia front VN




Ugly sluts.


Leave him, he's an /r9k/ shitposter. I wish he'd pick up a trip already.

>The picture in question, even?

>Sudden change of attitude after phone conversation with her superior.
Freaks the hell out of me

>sanpaku eyes
This Schmidt fanfiction is cuhrazy

It's to signify you're evil. Beatrix has them pretty much all the time.

Anons, give me your best reasons on why must I choose Lise as best waifu?


Can't find evil there.

You should probably look up the term before you take one interpretation and pretend it's the only one. Beatrix has them all the time because she's in a conservative traditionally male environment surrounded by depraved men who want to see her in tears after rough sex with her. Add the fact she hates her job, her life, and her country and you just get one big recipe for sanpaku eyes.

That path is one you must walk on your own.

[Picture Related]
It seems that roles have been reversed.

Irisdina is only good for rape.

She is too stronk which make average males difficult to rape her.

What did ESL-kun mean by this?


>You're no savior. Your talents lie elsewhere.

Not when you can chloroform her.

bad end

i want to be suffocated in between those thighs

A man can dream

For those interested in the results of today's Poll.

1. None/Undecided (?)
2. Yui's Meat Stew
3. Sumika's Cabage Rolls
4. Marimo's Juice
5.Cui's Mapo doufu
6. Ayamine's Yakisoba Pan.
7. Iris' favorite Cake and Tea made by Beatrix
8.Vivi's American made Chocolate
9.Meiya's (?) (Probably burnt rice)

Bear in mind its a machine translation of a machine reading so I can only vouch for its accuracy on which girl it is.

>I'm going to save Onii-chan
This was always what she was about in every version, cozying it up with "nuke all Germany and thus also Theo" Schmidt isn't how she plans on going about it.

The roles were always reversed. From the very beginning. Theo didn't save shit.

I want to cover Vivi in chocolate and lick it off her.

If you understood the gravity of what happened to her you'd be freaked out that she still functions as well as she does.

>Iris' favorite Cake and Tea made by Beatrix
Oh my, that meme was right? Does Kouki browse Cred Forums or something?

Why is anime Beatrix so ugly?

This Also tell her she's a good girl, and buy her ribbons since that always seems to work.

Does Lise cook tho?

It depends on the scene. Sometimes she looks decent, sometimes she doesn't. I guess it's the combo of small pupils, bad lips, scraggly pube hair, and QUALITY that make her look gross in the anime.

Its not mentioned as far as I know. And someone who can actually read Nip should go over that translation just to be sure.

*Sumika's Tonkatsu

Yui confirmed most popular by nips beating sumika and meiya.

*Meiya's Burnt? Onigiri


>8.Vivi's American made Chocolate

If is not made with blood from his organs then im not eating it

>shitty english
checks out

Beatrix is probably the most skilled cook of all those options, but Yui's dish would taste the best. Yui may not know how to make much, but what she does make, she makes very well.


I want to have a boxing match with Gretel

Guys if I could understand what's going on for Schwarzesmarken's VN, is it possible for me to start read TE's VN?

>Marimo's Juice
I'd drink Marimo's juice, if you catch my drift.

I bet those two things are better than be a vivifag

Reminder that Katia is a strawberry blonde.

I'll take that over being a Brazilian.

Sure, its not that much harder.

>vivifags are triggered by bad english

Adopting Vivi and protecting her from bullies.

all blondes are sluts including katia who is strawberry blonde.

Katia is most innocent girl.

according to BR she is a slut and need to die.

Proves BR have shit taste.

Katia may not have been the right choice, but she definitely was the least wrong choice.

Really funny user, you can stop kidding around now.

doesn't change the fact that she is a stupid blonde.

I want to beat Lead Belly until she's amnesiac, take her with me and pretend to be her husband.

That cute smile along with the sweet voice of hers is more than enough for me.

>pretend to be her husband.
>not pretending to be her Fiancée and marrying her for real.

>abusing yuuya reaction images

nice job falling for the bait moe sheep.

What makes Vivi the best daughter other than cuteness, spunky personality, freckles, drills, purple eyes and petite body?

she is not katia thats what.

She is at least relevant in the VN.In fact, she deserves more love than that of the anime.

Best girl never gets the love she deserves. Instead, it's the two worst girls getting most of the affection.

No one gives a fuck about Gretel and Suzy, though.

>waaah everyone should love my waifu the most
What are you even trying to say here?

This is why everyone hates katiafags. You just can't help but talk shit and then spin around and play the victim card. Eat shit.

Would Irisdina notice the taste change if you cum in her tea?

>Instead, it's the two worst girls getting most of the affection.
And the Katiafags wonder why they are loathed.

Gretel is noisy and stern as heck in VN. She is sometimes too overbearing to get along with. Definitely my most hated character in SM VN but the problem is she is ironically pleasant in the anime and not as bad as what the VN portrays of her.

seems to me that Lisefags are complaining about their girl not getting enough love.

By all means point out where.

Beatrix was probably the one who I disliked the most (as a person, not a character) after Axmann just because of how much of a flippant bitch she is.

>starved to death in a refugee camp in Britain

th-thanks saint ursula

No one escapes the fun of bullying

> just because of how much of a flippant bitch she is.
I thought any man would literally fall for Beatix's sexy voice and looks?

Now I wish this TFS was canon.

Her personality nearly cancels out her looks.

6 more weeks until Katia fags are BTFO.

All girls should be abused, mistreated and bullied.

Tried to update it.

Which one would you choose?

>just because of how much of a flippant bitch she is.
And I loved her exactly because of that, while Katia reeks so much of do-gooderism to me, that it cancels out everything else for me. Seems this is one of those cases where we should simply agree to disagree.

You forgot the Tonkatsu, .

Teatime with Beato

I would give Meiya a chance since the effort and dedication she puts into cooking is really worth praising although she still fails.

Alright, how does this look then?

Chocolate, assuming I get to cover Vivi in it.

Correct as far as I know. Someone who knows correct Japanese Grammar should check 1. and 7. but the rest should be accurate.

You sure about that?

Beatrix got second place. That isn't too shabby, isn't it?

Yes I am

We can assume that that 15% is the sum of die hard Iris-fags, due to it being her favourite food, and die hard Bea-fags, due to it being made by her. Its like Marimo's innuendo laden option, whether its Marimo's juice or Marimo's juices, its up to how you want to interpret it.

So Beatrix's cake and tea recipe is Irisdina's favorite. There's just a tinge of irony there. How many cakes do you suppose Beatrix has baked for Iris? Do you think that she baked the cake we saw in episode 08?

>新鮮 産地直送
Oh my.

>How many cakes do you suppose Beatrix has baked for Iris
If they celebrated each others birthdays as teens, we could guess six to seven, maybe eight even eight if the one Bea made when she captured Iris is counted as well.
>Do you think that she baked the cake we saw in episode 08?
I remember the Stream mentioning Himbeertorte, so its most likely that.

>Do you think that she baked the cake we saw in episode 08?
She spends her time killing people. I doubt she actually had the time to actually bake one for Iris.

>Beatrix is probably the most skilled cook of all those options

So does that mean that she'd bake the best babies in her oven?

she doesn't have an oven anymore. t-thanks theo

Should we try to translate the polls from the past too weeks as well or not Cred Forums?

Eating Yui's food for dinner before I have her for dessert.

If Jurgen left a bun in that oven she'd probably escape to the west and raise it

She certainly couldn't stay with Axmann around. The guy has a massive hateboner for Jurgen.

And an actual boner for Beatrix.

Why Beatrix decides to follow Axeman? Is it because Axeman was once Jurgen's associate?

She's a TSF commander, and he's her direct superior in charge of Stasi TSF operations. It's not really a choice.

Beatrix was no saint, so it's not like Theo wasn't justified putting her down.

They don't seem to really hate one another. Remember all the Axmann x Beatrix jokes back when the anime was running?

so we should kill everyone who isn't a saint? is that why it's called "operation saint ursula"?

No, it's because she was trying to kill Theo.

kill. yourself. why do you keep being so dumb? what are you trying to achieve? no one here is believing your shit anymore. and here is your (You) i heard you are a collector

It just goes to show how alpha Axmann was. Beatrix, like any woman, can't resist him, even if he was the one who murdered Jurgen.

There is a reason why Ketchup is the most popular stasi in the non-Cred Forums Western fandom.

Snap this slut's neck, Theo.

i guess its the weekend and it shows.

Just when summer finishes rearing its head the kids come home.

The reason being retardation and yaoi bitches. You've sunk to a new low of shitposting.

I was kind of being sarcastic there user.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Especially when its identical to the rest of the thread's shitposts. You should know its best to ignore it, not literally imitate it. "community that makes its fun by acting like fools will soon be joined by fools who think they're in good company" and what not.

Stella not having a route is a fucking travesty

>lactation play

Beatrix not having a route and being the final boss is a fucking travesty.

>pregnancy play

That's it? We've had that for literally months. She's literally doing that face talking about the 666th/Iris, not because she's going along with Schmidt you dumb motherfucker.

Ah, but it's not just Yui's Nikuja, now is it?

Also, wait I thought Vivi's favorite American chocolate is already made? So why does she have to make it again? Or is it referring to homemade style chocolate?

Actually she's doing that face talking about how she's gonna save the shit out of Onii-chan. Slight, but key, difference.

Yui, Cryska and Inia are my waifus.

>So why does she have to make it again? Or is it referring to homemade style chocolate?
I assume that in Vivi's case, its the only case where the girl isn't doing the cooking and they show the food most associated with her instead. Though in Marimo's case its debatable if there is any cooking involved at all.

Do you understand? I mean sure blatant events and stuff are understandable, but ML is often context and word heavy. If you don't know moonrunes you'll be missing a lot. Still is nice though.



>Beatrix literally took the time to bake Iris's favorite cake and brew her favorite tea when she was imprisoned

What a nice girl.

Likely, yes.

What's the runes saying?

>She's literally doing that face talking about the 666th/Iris, not because she's going along with Schmidt you dumb motherfucker.

But she warns Schmidt that Beatrix is planning something. She's also conducting her meeting with him behind everyone's back. That shows that she's not really all that loyal to anyone but herself and Theo.

Probably. I want to see what other movies Monica and VG could have watched. Supposedly, she went to a porno flick.

Motherfucking agreed.

How the hell would she be the final boss in her own route fucknuts?

She's reporting to an unnamed stasi official on her mission as a stasi spy. She's doing it at night alone because she's in the 666th barracks and thats when she got the call. She tells him not to underestimate Beatrix because she's taking a jab at him for being a smug prick and we already know if there is anyone in the stasi she's really loyal to its Beatrix. Stop twisting it around and shut up you dumb fucker.

Yes, and in neither of them is she talking about how great Schmidt is.

That's literally just bantz. The factions in the Stasi aren't exactly a secret to anyone in the force.

As for conducting her meeting, that's called a secret phone call, and in case you didn't notice, HE IS HER CO. This operation is HIS plan, not Bea's. So of course she's going to answer to him while she's undercover. She may be a Werewolf, but for this operation, Schmidt is running it. He was just looking for 'someone', not Lise in particular. Bea didn't even want her going on the mission in the first place.

Trying to cite their snark and bantz as evidence of friendliness is like trying to say Axmann and Beatrix are friends because they trade sly barbs a lot (like the whole making fun of her faction name).

Why is Stella so wonderful?

>How the hell would she be the final boss in her own route fucknuts?
Not him but I believe there are two different concepts in his post.

>tfw no Mira's Carolinas BBQ and Rice

A heinous crime against humanity.

I won't forgive you, âge.


Not in the right places


What a girlish looking cake.

I want to lick it off Beato's abs.

i want her to step on it and then i would lick it of her foot.

I want to feed it to Iris mouth-to-mouth

i want to smear it on my dick and let Beato lick it off

fuckin lewd

I want Lise to teach Beato how to do it on me and wrap it up with a threesome

I want to cuddle and nurse Irisdina whenever she gets sick.

I want to love her tenderly at night and wake up in the morning to her straddling me.

Irisdina is the angel in my heart and dreams.

Strike Frontiers plz

Heroines are the only ones who will get full routes, everyone else just gets a few interactions at most and an H-Card.


>ever falling for the mobage ponzi scheme

I'd never actually bother playing a mobage.
It's like I was just window shopping and still disappointed by a product I was never going to buy.

I don't think most people (except /m/) are happy with the new characters.

all heroines are little girls. this trend needs to die.

>they want the Katia audience

they all have the same faces and same bodystyle

are you supposed to differentiate from how much of a pain in the ass each one is?

You mean the audience that's smaller than Gretel's?

>they all have the same faces and same bodystyle

They don't actually. Look at the eye shapes, breasts, and hip sizes. They do all look pretty boring though.

Gretel actually is the fourth most popular SM character.

It's not really a ponzi scheme - they don't pay you back any real money.


What is this? is there an ero VN of muv luv heroines and goddess blonde gets her own?!

I dunno, I'm pretty partial to the semi-hikkimori girl. Doesn't at all look like a hikki though.

What the hell do you even do in a mobage anyways?

>liking catbag

Are we still going to be getting this doujin?


Doing God's work user.

The wait is killing me.

Lord bless you!

I know it looks goofy, but I like the idea of an idol who is half assing it.









Doing gods work, user.











Nice rapeface, Sylwia.


>grabbing her own ass
Lise a whore. A WHORE!!


This guy knows how to draw fortified suits.


You should upload it to Exhentai after you're done dumping it here.

I want to tease Vivi lightly.








Why can't Sylwia stop looking creepy for one second?






Those glorious Irisdina titties.

Pham is looking great there.

There needs to be more fanart of Irisdina and Pham together.




Okay now really done.

Dat Katiablock.

Thank you for the dump.

>not porn
What is the point?

Beatrix and Axmann must be like the bosses from hell.

The hentai bits are censured, just look at the pixelated mess on page 01.

They're pretty much two stasi peas in a pod.

>Willkommen BETA

>Starting a relationship with Lise.
>Expecting that she would submit to his control.
>Plan backfired as Lise outsmarts him and backstabs 666th while hijacking the whole base.
How naive can Theo be.

haha Wather is fuck huge

He couldn't believe that his own sister would have done that to him.

>this dump
Why is Sylwia so perfect?

Clearly he underestimated what the stasi are capable of doing to a person.

I don't think he was prepared to believe what Axmann, Schmidt, and Beatrix had done to his sister in the 3 years they were separated.

Funny thing is he never really found out. Not even in the anime did he hear the whole story, or even the worst of it.


It a Ace Combat fictional aircraft. Someone made TSF fan art of it.

For me it look like coss of Su design with Eurofighter. Witch kinda fits its jet fighter apperance in Ace Combat games.

How many more delays?

Knowing Theo, he would have run away from her had he found out.

>That Laser-kun


What is the new date of release again?

Someone finally remembers Inghild exists!


Nah you got him wrong. If she was capable of telling him and explaining in a clear and lucid manner what happened and why when she entered the 666th, he would have taken care of her, horrified as he would be he'd understand it wasn't her fault. Unfortunately by nature of her circumstances it was pretty much impossible for this to happen at that point. If she talked about the torture/gangrape/rock baby/ect. in episode 9 he would have probably thrown up and been a lot more off his rocker for the rest of the show, who knows how that would have changed the following events in the anime though.

I've got a feeling the cats gonna have to come out of the bag to some extent in her route. Not confronting those demons would feel too incomplete.

Last Friday of October.

Is this suppose to be Theo's love confession scene?

Why are you watching this on KissAnime?

Gosh, the delays are killing me

Because I'm watching it using my phone.

I think he figured that.

Raises a good point though. How would VtM work in Muv Luv? Some of those powers would come in handy!

Also, the Bloodlines girls would look fantastic in fortified suits!


I want a Lise. Please.

I want to protect that smile!

I also want a Lise. Preferably one like this

Fanfic well written! Sasuga!

Irisdina is pure evil.

>Irisdina is pure evil.
You mean pure sex.

Age must really get off from their laziness and start revealing something before this ML/SM thread actually dies.

If we found translators for the TE Manga and all the untranslated stories and LNs it would be better than more content that is only roughly understood.

That Pham!

Those Phamalams! My heart is going now.

Bless you, battle brother.

Jealous Lise is hilarious Lise.

Is it true that the anime fanbase for SM is much lesser compared to TE? I've been trying to check out the reviews of SM first before watching it and the feedback I got wasn't as good as what fans expected.

Still love you for this, Healinganon.

Girls who deserve headpats
>teen Iris and Beatrix
Did I miss anyone?

I must give you commendations, you went above and beyond the call of duty for your waifu, Healinganon.

So do I, friend. With hope, in a month or so.

Well that's mighty cruel of you.

Also, adult Iris and Beatrix definitely need headpats.

I assume you believe Pham would refuse to be headpatted because she would insist she needs to headpat everyone else first.


Lise does not deserve one since she is schizophrenic.

I want to be bullied by Pham and adult Beatrix, rather than headpat them.
Kirke is for kissing.

A cute!

Slav(e)s can't be cute.

>Slav(e)s can't be cute.
Shit taste, user, and poor show.

-guten aben all of you eishis
-I'm 2nd lieutenant lise hohenstein, I'm 18 years old
-the name of my big brother is theodor eberbach
-he's an orphan my dad brought when I was 8. since then he has been my aspiration because he is kind and handsome
-I mean, we lived together for about 7 years so I understood. I love onii-chan!! sexually!!
-but you know, one day, all the family tried to flee in west deutsch but it was a failure, the family got scattered
-in the hq of the stasi, I have been ra*ed and (??? can't read) it was awful!
-in the end, in order to protect onii-chan, stasi's axeman made me a hentai dog. really the worst!!
-from there, during three years, I mounted tsfs, I mounted fat bald old men, I have been mounted, I did my super best, okay!?

Tthen a bunch of kanas I don't understand (goisu na paiotsu kaide?) my brain is already melting after one page and I'm probably wrong in what I wrote anyways. I'll never be able to read the vn by myself at this rate ;_;
Last rectangle of page 2, I think she says she's so happy to know she'll see her brother again that she feels like she got her hymen back? Story seems like fun.

>-guten aben all of you eishis
>-I'm 2nd lieutenant lise hohenstein, I'm 18 years old
>-the name of my big brother is theodor eberbach
>-he's an orphan my dad brought when I was 8.
>since then he has been my aspiration because he is kind and handsome
>-I mean, we lived together for about 7 years so I understood. I love onii-chan!! sexually!!
>-but you know, one day, all the family tried to flee in west deutsch but it was a failure, the family got scattered
>-in the hq of the stasi, I have been ra*ed and (??? can't read) it was awful!
>-in the end, in order to protect onii-chan, stasi's axeman made me a hentai dog. really the worst!!
>-from there, during three years, I mounted tsfs, I mounted fat bald old men, I have been mounted, I did my super best, okay!?

>Tthen a bunch of kanas I don't understand (goisu na paiotsu kaide?) my brain is already melting after one page and I'm probably wrong in what I wrote anyways. I'll never be able to read the vn by myself at this rate ;_;
>Last rectangle of page 2, I think she says she's so happy to know she'll see her brother again that she feels like she got her hymen back? Story seems like fun.

Continuing the translation of the Polls. The results of the "VG and Monica go to a cinema. Which kind of film would they watch?" Poll is as follows:

2.Panic? (Which I presume to stand in for Thriller)
7.Social Satire
8.Nature Documentary
9. Porn

Keep practicing user, you'll make it some day. And thank you for the few lines you translated.

user, do you learn Japanese by yourself? Do you have any advice to me since I'm green in the Japanese language?

Its a machine translation, backed up with a table of hiragana and katakana I have on hand, I can't actually read Japanese. For advice you should go the Daily Japanese Thread instead.



Where are the frodos?

They were replaced by anime-onlies.

Thats pretty bad. Atleast the frodos put some effort into their posts then the anime-onlies.


What no Belkans?


But user
how can you adopt the dead?

Interdimensional bullshit travel like in the original muv luv games but in 1983.

>wanting to go back to the 80's

Japs cannot into english
sadly no

Remember when you thought the 80s were lame? That's because you haven't lived through this decade yet

Thanks for the dump user. Not even a Lise fag but this doujin is amazingly well drawn and pretty funny.

Neither am I, but the Iris and Beato nipples were great. Lise is maybe my third favorite.

Belka stronk



But that just means she deserves two.

shouldn't the blindfolds be soaking up a lot of her tears?

Too bad I have to give mine away to my based buddy who let me borrow 500$ so I could back the Kickstarter. He was a true hero.

there are no blindfolds in existence that could soak up oni-chan tears.

Why didn't you borrow a little extra and just get another Destroyer class plushy?

On what did you spend, user?

Can someone who is an expert in video editing please make a compilation of scenes with Lise saying 'onii-chan' in both the VN and anime?

That would take months if not years.

I think the japs already made one and posted it on NicoNico. It was posted on a thread a couple of months ago. It might be remembering incorrectly though, its been a while, but it was most certainly a compilation of Lise scenes from both the anime and VN.

>ALL of them VN included
Jesus Christ. I mean I could but it'd take time. Is there a particular reason you want that?

Are you thinking of the one where VN Lise reacts to anime Lise or this because thats the closest I can think of to an "onii-chan" compilation although its only scenes from the anime.

It definitely wasn't that video, it could be the VN Lise reacts to anime Lise though.

>Is there a particular reason you want that?
I dunno how to put it in words, all I know is when Lise mentions the word 'Onii-chan' it just turns me up. The best part about her is she says it with her eyes ogling.

Btw, I really couldn't think of a word to describe Lise's attitude in regards to this scene as shown from [Picture Related], can someone help me clarify that?

Did you read the other posts quoting it? They describe the situation and the context.



If you cut off the arm to even it out with her body, it looks better, like her boob is the only thing that's hanging over.

Can you help direct those posts for me? Sorry for the trouble.

These two do it best IIRC

That nipples are real! Its not shown at all in the anime though.

A travesty of biblical proportions. These mammaries are for nothing but tender love and gentle milking.

>those nips were rockhard while she was fighting
>Theo got to see it all through the communications feed before, during, and after penetration

>despair but also an erection.jpg

>bad end in a lise route
>theo is captured
>gets tortured hard
>then sexually tortured by beatrix

I could never take Beatrix super seriously as the main villain. She's certainly evil enough, but her suit is practically fetish/bondage wear, complete with hard nipples, lipstick, and thick eyelashes/mascera. Her flirty mannerism doesn't help either. It's a problem with a lot of female villains when their sexiness traits outstrip their villain traits. It makes them less intimidating and makes scenes where the heroes are freaking out at how terrifying they are look silly.

Because she isn't the main villain. She's an antagonist.
>She's certainly evil enough

>all I know is when Lise mentions the word 'Onii-chan' it just turns me up. The best part about her is she says it with her eyes ogling.
You're not the only one.
Her attitude for the whole scene? Bitter resentment for the rude wake up call, followed by solemn compliance, disgust for the person on the other end of the line, takes his verbal abuse and jeering quietly, letting him bait her about her brother while he laughs at her uncomfortable position because she is for all intents and purposes his hostage, gets snappy to end their conversation quickly, sighs in defeat at the morbid turn her life has taken and the work she has engaged in, wrapping it up with a moment of reaffirmation that if there is one light at the end of the tunnel of all this its that she believes there is a chance she can still keep her brother safe.

The uncomfortable or uncertain feeling you may have felt at the end there is not only due to well used BGM but the unstable cocktail of conflicting emotions, beliefs, and convictions she's going through resulting in what appears to be erratic shifts in behaivor and temperament as she tries to linchpin her sanity together using Theo as her rock. Naturally the results are interesting to say the least.

>but her suit is practically fetish/bondage wear, complete with hard nipples, lipstick, and thick eyelashes/mascera.
That only applies for the VN. I don't find Beatrix's sexiness traits to be that stimulating in the anime.

>tfw watching /m/ discuss SM

She's not really sexy at all in the anime. She lacks all the suave and silkiness that VN Beatrix has and just sounds like bloodthirsty bully.

It can't be helped that annoying Lise hater is there.

>I don't get Katia hate though.

We should get that third box translated. I know it's a doujin, but it may provide insight into what Beatrix is seen as by the Japs. If it states that Beatrix treated her like a bitch, then that would be a strike against her, and if it says that Beatrix was OK, then that's a positive.

It looks like she's talking to Schmidt since the caller is fishing to see if Beatrix and Iris are still connected (which is one of the things he became paranoid about in the LN).

For some reason I felt that Lise is a character with conflicted personalities due to how she was brought up in the worst manner possible. Moreover, Her eyes screams desperation, in need of her brother's comfort. In the end, things didn't turn out her way, driven by jealousy due to Irisdina's presence hence tries to take back her brother through extreme methods. Correct me if i'm wrong.

IIRC during the conversation with her superior, she said something about being unable to forgive Theo because he for forsaken her father?

The third panel doesn't mention Beatrix directly, that's for sure.

Well she took the collar off. Thats a plus.

I think the third box is just mentioning that she had to do bad shit while in the Werewolves. It doesn't mention Beatrix's treatment of her.

>driven by jealousy due to Irisdina's presence
Yes, but that was more the straw that broke the camel's back. In the LN she confronts Theo when she learns Iris is in with the rebels and that'd it'd be safer for him to surrender to the Stasi, and as a matter of fact it really would have been due to Beatrix's promise to keep him safe. Just look at Martin.

She confronted him not just out of her concern for him but also because she'd rather he didn't come into direct conflict with both Beatrix and her comrades in arms in the Werewolves who mean as much if not more to her than the 666th do to Theo(again, LN. We've seen how the Werewolves treat each other and Lise in particular in the anime and its a different situation entirely). After he doesn't she obviously tells Beatrix anyway and the rest is history. Getting her heart broken when she believed Theo was falling for Iris was just like rubbing salt in the wound.

As for the phone call in the VN, she has to tell him she doesn't trust/doesn't like/has no love or loyalty for her brother who is now guilty by association with the rebels because that would put her loyalty to the stasi into question(which it is). Whatever she has to say to convince him there is no conflict about whose side she's on just because a rather notably important family member is very much involved in the messy situation, she'll say it.


Does anyone else think that Beatrix looked most beautiful in episode 12?

I want her to bake a cake, put so much effort and passion into it, then having said cake promptly ruined. Just so she makes those facial expressions.

It was the only time her expression changed from sadistic smugness, and even with her butchered design she does look absolutely adorable when surprised .

They made her irises too small though.

its to make her look eeeeeeevil. and that shadow around eyes thats for making her look evil too. i mean she looks evil enough to hold the world ransom for 1 million dollors little finger on the corner of the lip and all

She is evil.

It depends on the scene, its passable in some.

don't reply to my posts with you dumbness its insulting makes me look like i'm on your level. reply only when you have something not stupid to say.

Don't worry, I know that feel of desperately trying to get the money together in time.

You're not alone.

Ara ara?




Beatrix, Cui, and Marimo would be the most fun to hang out with. Not sure which dish would be the best though.

Out of those three Beatrix would be the best cook. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the best cook in Muvluv, excluding Meiya's chefs.


>beatrix touching other men
suspension of disbelief broken

Vita release soon, please.


I guess her nickname officially being Bea is confirmed beyond a doubt now.

I don't even know why but I love these two for some reason.

I like to think them and Theo and their other friends used to get into adventures together. Until they started dying one by one.

Does anyone have a higher res of this?

I wasn't even aware casual Theo existed. Thanks for it user.

Is it gay if I want to lick Theo's abs and face?


But I also want to fuck the girls.

When will they just admit it?

are you by chance gender fluid?

No, I want to fuck Theo because he looks kinda girlish. I don't want to fuck any of the other boys.


its oktoberfest

I'll admit he's pretty good looking, but the girls are just so much better.

Hey thats right. Maybe more SM dirndls soon.

They already have

Is Katia the best match for Theodor?



Lise or Iris are.

yes they deserve each other for being dumb.

>cockroach princess and her big, dumb knight
I like it.

There's only one cockroach, and she certainly isn't a princess.

go back to /m/ and stay there tard.

It's like you virgins have never seen sex hair before

If you guys get to call Katia a cockroach for her twin ahoges, then I get to call Beatrix one too. Her hair antenna look much more like a mature roach's anyways, and she's hard to kill, much like a roach.

but they are the same. Katia-fag sperg out in 3. 2. 1.

But Katia doesn't have sex hair. That automatically makes her a 3/10 at best. I'd have to put a paper bag on her head and pretend I'm fucking someone better if it's going to work out between us.

I'm pretty sure Katia would be a real semen demon when she gets older.

>I'm pretty sure
>would be
Alright, well you stick with your fanfiction and I'll be over here in the real world.

>have established moeblob character and shill her as the cute main heroine
>turn her into a semen demon
i'll take things that never happened for $200, alex

Well, we all know she's going to be dead before being allowed to flower into a great beauty.

most of a girls growing is done by 15 dude, especially in a stressful environment that struggles to feed its civilian populace

katia turning into a semen demon is an unwise business move as there are already way hotter girls who fulfill that role

in short, enjoy your plain double ahoge woe is me waifu and stop trying to turn her into something she's not to make yourself feel less insecure when measuring her against more adequate waifus

>most of a girls growing is done by 15 dude

very true.

Here's a comparison of all the grils at 15.



thats' not even katia you fucking dumbass.

here have the original. notice the eyes.

>editing lopsided pictures

It's not like age hasn't turned a moeblob into a semen demon in the past, and it wouldn't surprise me too much if they did it with Katia considering every other knockout gorgeous waifu is dead.

just stop. you are just getting more and more pathetic.

I'm not even him, nor do I really like Katia. I'm just saying that their is a precedent for his theory.

Except in Kiminozo there aren't 2 dozen girls who are already busty vixens. There's like 2, and one of them is not the person you want to enter a relationship with.

Mitsuki is a good girl who sacrificed a ton for Bakayuki. Don't let Watanabe ruin her for you.

I'm referring to the nurse.

its just new art direction.

Oh, yeah, the nurse is pretty fucked up.

Manami was the original fucked up evil sadist before Beatrix usurped her spot.

Beatrix didn't usurp anything. And she wouldn't be into depraved sexual acts to begin with.

If anything, Axmann is the undisputed king of sadism in Muv Luv.

What would she be into?



Handholding and missionary sex. No I'm not being ironic.

Good question actually, I don't know really

Pilot jacket tier, I have the Yukon Base jacket from before but the Yokohama Base jacket is god tier I would never forgive myself if I didn't get hold of that one.

The days eating only instant noodles were harsh, but so worth it. At least my paycheck arrived as planned and I repaid my based friend.