One Piece

what's his endgame?

is he really just obsessed with the north blue?

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>One Piece STILL doesn't have a character that looks better than Nnoitra

Why is this allowed bros? I thought Oda was king?

What will Carrot's epithet be?

My guess is "Hopping" Carrot.

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Puddings true form looks better.


Fuck Reiju, marry Yoni, kill Niji.

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Exactly, he simply dissappeared, this time without even a stand-in.
It'd be a fair bet to say 'Kuro of the 100 plans' still has a shot at returnjng.
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Kuro and Krieg showed up at Buggy's Delivery headquarters before too long.
Also, Crocodile's coming back.


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Fuck Niji, Marry Reijuu, Kill Yonji

literally who?

Holy shit I hope this is bait and you aren't this delusional

The vinsmokes are too proud to be underlings of Big Mom. I think the marriage is a farce and once they get her help in retaking the North blue they will betray her. They are royals and Big Mom is a pirate. Even if she is stronger I don't see them taking orders from her or giving her their tech.

>holy shit delusional baitposter do you really think that's going to happen?
I bet you rage over Monet and Caesarfags too.
All I'm saying is that if Coby anc fucking Helmeppo can show up at fucking MARINEFORD, the biggest conflict in the series, a couple East Blue villains could potentially lump in with Buggy the fucking Clown, a character who's rode the "I knew Shanks!" train all the way through 800 chapters to Warlord status.

"Emergency food supply" Carrot
Bounty: 25 beli

How the hell would those fucks even make it to the grand line. Don tried and lost hard.

My thoughts on chapter 839

Sorry, I’m still a bit stunned by this chapter. I know other people maybe didn’t find it as interesting, but I thought it was a good chapter. It’s just lingering with me a bit… and not in a good way.

When ch 838 ended, Sanji was shivering at the arrival of Ichiji and Niji. I was wondering if we may get Sanji’s backstory in this chapter, but of course that wouldn’t happen yet.

So we open up 839 with the Vinsmoke family reunited and eating what I originally assumed was dinner…

Judge dickhead (I’m sorry, I still think his chin looks like a certain part of the male anatomy) is gloating about the war on Broccoli (or was it Broc-coli?) and how they profited off of the waves caused by the fall of Doffy. Obviously, Sanji isn’t interested in this shit.

>The vinsmokes are too proud to be underlings of Big Mom.
I thought that was the reason for giving her Sanji, they don't give a fuck about him.

Who is ichiji so perfect lads?

And hello Nazi Germany… Germa 66 really does lack style, doesn’t it. Maybe that’s why Sanji left (kidding, kidding). But look at the numbered chairs! Does Judge dickhead really need numbered chairs to tell which kid is which?? Also, when I first looked at this panel (while reading it on my phone) I was wondering where dickhead was. Now that I’m on my laptop, I can see that he’s up on the throne that looks like a giant demon’s skull… Charming. All of that aside, Judge mentions that the Vinsmoke family will soon be stripped of their affiliation with the World Government. I am guessing that the cause of this would be their merging with Big Mom, but don’t quote me on that.

Then we get to see some sibling interaction…

If Ichiji thought he mastered the whole “this is me caring” attitude, Sanji’s got him beat hands down. I have to hand it to Sanji for remaining calm during this. I tend to lose my appetite when I have to be around people I despise. Niji seems to have it out for Sanji for some reason… I’m not really sure why. Yonji and Reiju didn’t seem this desperate to provoke Sanji, but Niji (and his ridiculous hair) has been an ass about his estranged brother every time we see him. Side note, Yonji is such a little shit, but I love his immature reaction here.

But yeah… If Niji thinks he’s getting under Sanji’s skin at all with his stupid remarks, it’s not working.

Sanji is more concerned about the waste of food. さすがサンジ君。(T^T) Niji insults the food and then calls out the cook to punish her because he doesn’t like the meal she prepared. His idea of saying “hey I don’t like this dish” isn’t sending it back. No, it’s throwing a plate at the poor cook’s head… Seriously, someone needs a nap time.

This exact argument was used on Alabasta for Crocodile.

>Vinsmokes betray mom
>Luffy beats Sanji's dad
>Big Mom is undebted to Luffy
>becomes his ally
>the world government shits their pants

So some reason I find it difficult to hate Big Mom, I don't see her as the big bad of this arc. Especially considering its not the usual match up for Luffy to fight against.

But most of Sanji's family really gets on my nerves and I want to see them beaten down.

It also gives Pudding a reason to join the crew, as something of partnership with Big Mom pirates
Also Carrot dies of a cold

Nigga based ichiji hasn't done anything but remind Sanji about his and his families place.

How can this character use rokushiki, a vice admiral tier power?
Its shonen user, feats of the past become trivial once the MCs figure them out.
I'll say it again, if Buggy the Clown can stay relevant, anyone can.

I liked this chapter a lot. Oda dedicated his attention to a single part of the story instead of jumping around everywhere to 50 characters and it felt a lot nicer

Expect it was stated in a Q and A it isn't as fast as soru and he can't see during it.

I’m not really surprised considering that these brats have people form a human wall to protect them, but still… Thank goodness for Sanji… for now.
So, I have a few things to say about this page. The difference between Sanji and his blood family is really evident here… even more so than any other interaction we’ve seen so far. He not only saved poor Cosette from having a plate thrown at her head, but he goes on to explain the health benefits and trouble taken in preparing the meal. Then, to emphasize how important food/cooking is to him, he eats the thrown food from off the floor. I almost cried.

On a side note: Reiju has been really weird in her admiration for Sanji. Don’t forget that she also saved Luffy (Sanji’s captain) from being killed by poison in 826. I know I’ve discussed this with a few people, but I’m really getting Robin (when she was Miss All-Sunday)-type feelings from her. I don’t know if this means that she will eventually end up aiding Sanji and the rescue team, but we’ll see.

Back to the chapter…

Sanji’s so kind. He doesn’t belong in that family… which obviously pisses off Niji.
The thing I kind of get a kick out of (no pun intended) here is that Niji says, “If you insist on calling yourself my brother…” Excuse me, asshole. I don’t remember Sanji saying he wanted anything to do with this family. And he even goes on to say so…

>Don tried and lost hard.
I keep thinking this but I have to keep reminding myself that he was only in it for a few days before Mihawk decided to destroy his whole fleet to kill time

He was just really, really unlucky. Not to say that he could have gotten very far, but still


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makes me cringe every page

Notice Reiju isn’t included in this page? She’s not grouped in with her father and brothers when Sanji is saying how despicable they are…

… because her reaction is shown on the next page, which once again looks like she admires Sanji.

Okay, this is where things start to piss me off in this chapter. This stupid family that has ridiculed and treated Sanji like shit for the first 8 years of his life are suddenly trying to lecture him on “acting like a royal.” What a bunch of dicks. But to add insult to injury…
Judge dickhead feels the need to wave a threat on Zeff in front of Sanji. Like the damn exploding cuffs weren’t enough, let’s threaten the guy who actually raised Sanji just to make sure he goes through with this stupid wedding.
I mean, it’s not really surprising that Judge dickhead would threaten Zeff’s life to make Sanji cooperate (especially after Pekoms mentioned the possibility of Sanji receiving a head in a box if he refused to go to the tea party) but it’s still a dick move.

Pleb spotted.

Luffy isn't this big of a pussy.
Big Mom makes people give her their fucking soul. He's going to beat her ass and free them. Holy shit did you think Luffy and Doffy were gonna ally instead of fight too?

Splitting hairs user. Coby could likely tank Arlong's gang single-handedly as of the current state of the manga.
If that fat faced cabin boy can become pink-haired Sabo (not literally, just look at Coby's new design and tell me you don't see it) pre-timeskip, surely Kuro and Krieg can get their shit together after being ego-checked by Straw Hat Luffy.

Yeah, I really don’t like Judge dickhead Vinsmoke… Another sidenote, I thought the stupid frilly shirts were a Whole Cake Island thing… but looking at the Vinsmoke siblings, maybe it’s a Germa fashion thing?

Sanji then goes through his memories with Zeff…

If you’ve read the whole series, you’ll already know this stuff. I’m still grateful for Oda showing it though because it’s been over 10 years since I’ve read the Baratie Arc. (Oh hey, look, It’s another panel of Sanji without his goatee… up at the top.)

I wanted to mention this since Sanji’s mini-flashback when he fought Judge a few chapters ago, but it seemed a little obvious. Regardless, I’m going to say it now. Knowing a little bit of how the Vinsmoke family treated Sanji, it makes the scene of Sanji thanking Zeff even more significant, doesn’t it.

And this is where I learned that they were probably eating breakfast, not dinner… Not that it really matters. ^^ So lunch with Pudding and Big Mom. I still don’t trust Pudding as far as I can throw her (until she gets an Oda box) but someone mentioned that maybe she’ll use lunch as an opportunity to inform Sanji that Luffy and the others are on Whole Cake Island. Even if that were to happen though, things are still looking pretty grim, especially with the death threat on Zeff.

Alright… The next part made me feel extremely ill. Niji went back and beat the shit out of Cosette seemingly just to spite Sanji.

>Blond former royal and his family wants to go back to ruling their land
>makes an alliance with a Yonko

Coby would have wrecked Arlong by Water 7, when he already knew Soru.

Coby started out at 1/100th of Luffy's strength, but he's grown as a combatant at a faster rate than Luffy and likely still is.

If any of you little mother fucking Sanji critics still want to give me the bullshit excuse that he’s “sexist” or “weak” because he won’t harm women, I want you to fucking take a good, long look at this page. Would you rather he was like that shithead Niji?? Sanji being unable to fight women does NOT mean that he thinks less of them. Yes, he can be a bit pervy at times (this tends to be exaggerated in the anime and movies), but he has proven numerous times throughout the entire series that he does NOT think less of women. He almost died at the hands of Kalifa, for fuck’s sake. So, yes, you are free to not like his character. Everyone has their own favorites in any story. But do NOT give me this fucking bullshit “sexist” excuse again. I am more than willing to listen to other people’s arguments if they make sane and valid points. I have studied gender equality (I’ve even completed a fucking training course through UN Women on the subject) and consider myself a feminist. This “Sanji is sexist” argument is invalid and I refuse to fucking listen to it. Fuck the fuck off and good day, sir.

Ok… *steps off soap box* Yeah, this page pissed me the fuck off, to say the least. What hurt even more is that Sanji is the only one that seemed to care about that poor girl’s life. It really bothered me.

Anyway, Yonji offers to take Sanji to Niji…

actually oda said they're equally fast, kuro's just shittier since he can't control himself

Germany 666 is a kingdom with no lands, Big Mom dream is making an utopian multicultural world, i'm pretty sure Vinsmoke family is exploiting Sanji marriage to stop big mom and purge this "cultural enrichment" madness to preserve the purity of the race and steal her territory. Mark my words.

Yonji is helping Sanji but instead of taking Sanji to Niji, Yonji takes him somewhere else. I find Yonji’s dialogue a bit weird here because when we saw the mini-flashback, the three brothers seemed to only be interested in beating up Sanji. So why would they include him in their attempts to get into that vault-looking thing?

That aside, Yonji opens the door and…

It looks like Germa’s soldiers are manufactured in a lab. I don’t believe the Vinsmoke members are manufactured (why would they be considered “royalty” if they were) but I am pretty certain that they have enhancements… except for Sanji. How else could Yonji get his face dented in and be okay with it getting fixed by something that looks like a metal battering ram?

Overall, things aren’t looking good for Sanji. I know Oda tends to make villains so horrible that I actually cheer when they finally get hit. The Vinsmoke family is definitely interesting and I love to hate them. I’m curious to see how things will continue in this arc. Right now I am getting the same feeling I had when reading Water 7/Enies Lobby: How the hell are they going to get out of this?

>How can this character use rokushiki, a vice admiral tier power?

Tashigi can use CoA which is also 'vice admiral' tier
at some point One Piece needs to stop bringing back characters and advance the plot with the ones already present

>Pudding join the crew
Kill yourself. We want a beautiful girl no some ugly ass mutant

tashigi used soru too

literally who?

Agreed, I keep imagining a Kuro with full Geppo/Soru + CoA capabilities and its fucking AWESOME

The waist is too damn thin.

Vergo's bizarre magnetism may be because he is a Germa clone prototype. I'd hate to see him actually be a clone, but it could explain that little quirk about him -- Oda isn't one to leave things unexplained (most of the time).

Bow bad is Sanji going to destroy Ichiji and Niji and how hard is Reiju gonna fall for her Sanji and betray the family?

This chapter begs the question: how strong is Zeff? He was a Roger crew member but then again so was Buggy. Could he hold his own against a BM officer (not commander) or a Vinsmoke?

>He was a Roger crew member
He was not.

Probably. Chances are they'll attack Zeff anyways and he'll kick their asses and somehow get a message to Sanji telling him to go wild my son.

Dont blame me, blame the one who did the oc


>Reiju is acting like when Robin was miss Sunday.
This is so true. All this speed reading faggots in here probably forgot already though

she beat up cosette though

>my head canon is true
It is not buddy. It was not Reiju.


She's a clone. Clones don't matter.

Coby post-timeskip when?

Oh wow. Yeah you are right. Just went back and checked.
They do the same face expressions. And just the way they carry themselves.
Helping Luffy for no reason and shit.

Is Skypiea the height of One Piece? Will Oda ever be able to top it?

Fingers-crossed for Raftel arc being amazing.

I wonder they'll have sanji's VA voice all of his brothers

Momji must've had good genes to ensure that none of her offspring were Ballchinians like Dadji.

>Brothers want to fuck with me and make me suffer but can't actually attack me personally
>Better white knight this helpless servant right in front of them

Sasuga, Sanji.

Quite dumb on his part if you think about it.

Impel down was the apex of one piece

Fuck Yonji
Marry Ichiji
Kill Niji

>blaming Sanji instead of Oda

He's Jango Fett.

Skypiea won't be topped by anything but the final arc.

>Would you rather he was like that shithead Niji?

Oda had Yonji explain it to Sanji in this chapter.

Hopefully he already has that whole arc planned out.

Fuck off

They're nobles without a home and Big Mom has promised them an actual kingfom

>reading wan piss
why are you doing this do yourselves?

Given Toei's laziness it wouldn't surprise me if he voices Reiju too.

I was thinking exactly the same and I really hope this is the case (plus a cover story of Vergo and Monet after the new random drawings that we will get in the coming chapters)

>vergo and Monet
Is Oda really going to cover Hell in one piece?

Sanji is absolutely RETARDED when it comes to females, it's part of his character.

Who knows? Since he is a DB fan, I don't see why not. Might find Morgan and Kuina there as well.

Never at this rate. Oda seems to give less and less of a shit about the Marines with each passing arc. Fujitora was the single worst Admiral introduction Oda could possibly have done and he seemed not only unimpressive but also innefective

Because you deserve a free (You).

What would you say if the Mom was the source of the eyebrows and strong non-cleft chins whilst Dadji only provided blonde hair

>What would you say if the Mom was the source of the eyebrows
unlikely considering the "66" connection

Jesus fucking christ.

Just link to your tumblr so we can ignore it instead of wasting all this space.

Started well then became some kinda feminist miasma and I tuned out completely

I expect nothing but disappointment when Dadji takes off his mask

>discussing the chapter is a waste of space

What if Dadjis eyebrows are actually like Sanji's? What a twist!

Dadji was a weakling and the runt of his family but he trained hard and married up which financed his conquests. He hates Sanji because he sees the weak version of himself he used to be

Since the eyebrows seem to inspire the 66 name I would guess that as the family head Dadji has them too unless he married into the Vinsmokes.

Mayhaps Dadji has Sanji eyebrows underneath the mask and hates the kid for being such a faggot despite resembling him the most.

Why does everyone in One Piece pick their nose with their pinky?

Where's Sora gonna fit into this since they were given such emphasis in that comic chapter?

>inb4 they're the 493284230th side character to show up on WCI

sora is vegapunk

That's how the japanese do it.

Sora is/was a fictionalised version of younger Garp or Sengoku

Two nukes really weren't enough

>graduating police academy as valedictorian
I haven't felt this excited since I realized Monet threw the note and will be nakama.

I wonder what the timeline for the comic is since Ichiji/Niji/Reiju appear and there's no way they could've met the marine heroes. Does every generation of Vinsmokes look exactly the same?

>Does every generation of Vinsmokes look exactly the same?
More fuel for the "Vinsmokes = clones!" fire.

>white lightning

Hands up don't shoot.
Monet is dead though

Cowgirl Robin >>>>> Reiju. Goddamn Robin was the bomb back then. And when she playfully bullied Luffy by putting the Strawhat on top of her hat just made her that much sexier. Reiju is OK though so far. She did tongue Luffy down to his intestines which is hot in itself.

Two statements equally based on erroneous data, and a bitter denial of reality.

>Nigger lover
Kill yourself you autistic faggot

What? No, I'm saying "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was as much bullshit as saying Monet's dead.

You mad Plebian?

She's dead Jim.

I'm more of a Farscape guy myself.

Things that will most definitely happen in this arc :

- Big Mom will get cured of her insanity
- Sanji will again face his father, but at that point in the story his dad's soldiers will no longer obey him and instead stand on Sanji's side
- Sanji is a defective clone (eyebrows go other way) and all his siblings are clones of his dad
- Vegapunk makes first proper appearance
- Germa 66 joins the strawhat fleet


Anyone have that disgusted reaction of luffy?

>someone other than the soldiers
>thinking there's definitely cloning going on

This thread is fucking cancer,fuck every single last one of you cancerous shippers and landwhales,these threads are becoming worse than aot threads.

I miss the times when we only had to worry about Monetfag's shitposts

>talking about yourself in 3rd person


Or this?

I have a superior one.

You don't know what talking in third person means do you?

> implying

Did Absalom marry Lola? If he did wouldn't that bind him to Big Mom?

>BM insanity is cured for no reason
>muh fodder soldiers break years of loyalty for a disagraced Royal.
>they're clones and momji doesn't exists
>head government scientists on a pirates island
>luffy adds more to his GF, despite him never fulling agreeing with the last group. And oda wanting to add more to already the biggest fleet shown so far
>it will be full of only fodder and have no captain.





Obviously Lola married Lucky Roux

He didn't show up liked the other named Redhair pirates in the cover pages

Fuck and Marry Reijuu, kill the rest except Sanji.

Judge and germa has been one of the most disappointing people introduced since the TS. He constantly contradicts his self,He has such a small goal, ahe can't even achieve that goal without help, he so weak that's he's willing to work under someone else, so even if he does get control of north blue then it really just falls under BM control, and I'm pretty sure the vinsmokes lost control of the north blue once jobji took over. The sons are getting unneeded hype as they're going to be pretty weak. Luffy is already fighting a commander in BM group, I doubt any of them could even scratch cracker. Reiju is a snake hiding behind a smile and can never be trusted, because the moment you think she's taking care of your wounds she will slip explosive cuffs on you.

Okay, I'm saying this right now: I don't think the fact that Sanji's eyebrows go the other way is supposed to be a plot point

It's supposed to be symbolic. The curl represents his family, and Sanji decided to turn away from them and go the other direction

I still believe to this day that Dragon's DF is actually an Asian Dragon Zoan, allowing him to control the weather.

Vegapunk was trying to create dragons to replicate that exact ability, and it's the reason Oda has been forcing the idea that Momo will join, despite him being a shit character

Kill yourself.


>shit talking Sanji's little semen demon sister
drink bleach

>caring for this bitch when it's better girls who has been introduced

Okay here is a more difficult question then.

Which member of Shanks crew prostrated on his knees to the Gorosei in the top panel?

Reiju is the best looking girl since the time skip.
This arc all we have gotten are a landwhales and her dirty ugly daughters.
Kill yourself with your shit taste

That's a marine

Yeah Vergo was a Marine too.

She just needs a good old dicking to grow up.

>the best looking girl shown after the TS so far is sanji with girl eyes.
Top Kek, she's shit user. Oda has already shown a slew of better girls then her personality and looks wise.


>Not hot
Are you gay? No that's not it. I know, You're self steem is so low that you now have low standards. Keep your chin up user. Life will get better.

How small is the goal? North Blue is the strongest blue but is everyone in it basically weaker than people Luffy encountered in 'paradise'? How would pre-time skip Bellamy compare to the North Blue fighters?

>y-youre gay
>no you have low self esteem
user 1) Im guessing you have low self esteem being this serious about a fictional character.
2) no it's kinda gay thinking a character who is designed after a guy looks good.

Get a room faggots.

Landwhale detected. I'm out. Beach yourself.

He will reply with. "user, he started it"
That's how much of a faggot he is. He is a shipperfag I bet with shit taste not liking Reiju

>the idea that Momo will join, despite him being a shit character
>vegapunk said his fruit was a failure
>namis control of the weather will fill that gap for him
fuck i can see it now

I forgot about Nami pretending to be a crossdressing man, probably one of her better gags

>Broc Coli
>Broc coli

>Hey Captain I'm just going to make a short trip to Marejois, but don't read too much into it, nothing traitorous going on

>how is it a small goal
Well he seems to have bent his whole life on conquering a piece of paradise that they once already conquered. It seems more like he's desperately trying to gain back what piece of fame the vinsmokes were known for. Why doesn't he just go take over the east blue the weakest sea first And then aim to take over all four blues instead of one?

>north blue the strongest
Even if east blue is considered the weakest, I don't really agree seeing as at least 4 of the 10 top strongest people come from there. Dragon, garp, luffy, ace, and Rogers. 1 being the PK and the other the future PK.

>how would Bellamy compare
He's jobber and I no longer see him as a real threat. So I guess he will lose to any decent strong pirate from there

>I don't have low self esteem
>l-land whale
Coolstory user

Looks like it

Thanks fambams!

Because Oda believes that Hitler did not want world domination but only to restore the German 'living space' of a bygone empire.

What I mean to ask is how strong was someone like Doflamingo before he left the North Blue? Luffy was relatively weak by the end of his East Blue journey and no one who controlled territory could use haki but that might not hold true for North Blue.

English doesn't seem to be their first language. They try teal hard though SENPAI give em some leeway.

Photos are serious business in One Piece

Ha someone should make a detect the liar logical puzzle professor Layton game with this.


Is it missing in the raw too or as a result of cleaning?

What will happen

>Zoro appears to save Sanji instead of Luffy because he got lost and ended up in the Vinsmoke's place
>he cuts Sanji handcuffs
>you can't order to kill the chef if you are dead
>they fight the family
>they are getting their shit pushed because outnumbered
>Zoro opens his left eye


>you can't stop me
>I've fought you before, Zoro. I even won some of those fights.
>those were for charity, Sanji

Mate these threads are for shitposting only

>but he trained hard

You're joking, the faggot can't even fight. Urouge would probably kick his ass

Actually that thought process makes sense. And i kinda get what you mean but it's safe to say that if judge isn't a jobber with how he seem then it shouldn't be this hard to conquer the north blue. I mean the strongest people from the north pre TS was law, drake, and Hawkins And none could use Haki at that time. So that should give a pretty accurate scale.

I feel like a faggot for laughing as hard as I did at that picture.

Sanji's family keeps threatening him, but when he meets Big Mom, she's going to tempt him into going through with it.

Big Mom knows where All Blue is.

Why would you go this far just to get some (you)s?

He doesn't need much tempting. Just promise him that they'll leave Baratie and the Strawhats alone and Sanji will do it. He's pretty much in Robin's shoes now.

The ONE thing I miss so much from pre-TS One Piece is short stories like Gaimon. It started and ended the very same chapter, a 30 pages one, like a little spin-off that tell us a tale of a specific island and then goes ahead to the main plot.

Sadly, while I do like it, everything now is too political and tied to huge problems, so I don't really see it happening anytime soon now. What a shame.

I really need a Young Garp spin-off as soon as possible

>you will never EVER lick Perona's sweaty dirty sour lolita feet after a hot summer day


He doesn't have the liberty anymore. If he kept adding these short stories on top of his breaks the series' life would extend even further. He already said that he can't draw everything he wanted anymore. So now he is just trying to go for the end game without making it look like he's rushing the story.
And can you believe that originally he thought that the series would be finished by 2005?

>finally get interested in the Vinsmoke plot with this Order 66 shit and test tube baby possibilities
>mfw Oda switches back to the Cracker fight next chapter

Yes, I know, that's why a spin off after the main series is done could be good so that he could draw all these ideas he has but sadly can't do any longer.

Well, who knows what the future has waiting for us? One can dream.

No I do know what the future holds. The spin off will be called two piece. And it follows the adventures of luffy daughter huffy with her crew, which just so happens to consist of the kids from the the SH. Screencap this

>Implying SHs would ever have kids.
They'll keep sailing and adventuring for the rest of their lives as a happy family they already are.

But user, it's obvious Sanji is lying because he's saying he's going to marry Nami.

>Big Mom knows where All Blue is

Wow I completely forgot about that.

Why is Sanjis dream so fucking weak compared to every other strawhats?

Stop, it's a good dream

because he basically abandoned it at Fishman island when swimming with the mermaids

Nami hasnt drawn maps since arlong park

>I wanna catch fish
It's the worst by far. It's so shitty I don't think it's even been mentioned since Sanji joined.

In fact, upon reading one piece wiki, All Blue has only been mentioned 3 times ever. Once when Sanji was first introduced. Once in a filler anime episode, which doesn't even really count. And once during fishman island, and that was only because Sanji says a mermaid cove is in all blue (so he was just thinking with his dick, nothing to do with his original dream).

It's fucking nothing and even Oda knows it. Sanji could accomplish his dream by hiring deliverymen from all 4 seas to bring him fish. This is like if in the real world, somebodies lifetime dream was to find a mcdonalds, burgerking, taco bell and subway all right next to each other because they don't want to drive to different towns to eat at all of them.

> to find a mcdonalds, burgerking, taco bell and subway all right next to each other because they don't want to drive to different towns to eat at all of them.

I wouldn't mind that

Speaking of dreams. I think Luffy, Nami and ranky's dreams are the most adventurous ones. Luffy, Zoro and Robin's dreams are the most daring ones since they're challenging the biggest things in the world. Chopper's is unique but kind of the most impact-full and useful along with Nami's as well. Ussop's pretty meh and don't know where to put Brook here.
Sanji's dream is quite adventurous and useful in a way as well but it doesn't have that impact. What does Cred Forums say on this?

We can assume she does that off screen. It'd get tedious having to show a Nami drawing scene at EVERY new location they visit.

And regardless of if she's still drawing or not, the dream itself is still actually worthwhile. A map of the entire world is extremely useful, and would be a huge deal to accomplish. Sanji just wants fish. Not even rare fish, just a place where you can get any kind without traveling too far. His dream is to fucking save time.

And I doubt even if they find it that he's going to live there. He'll have to leave to go other places, probably pretty often. So he'll still be on the move and wouldn't even cut travel out of his life.

It takes literally one frame to establish she does indeed draw maps per perhaps 50-100 chapters which is never shown.

Considering Oda spends plenty of time having multitudes of new disposable characters mugging for the camera and hogging up panel time I consider it shitty writing if we are to believe these character-defining goals are left "off-screen".

Whatever unrelated crap you want to argue, Sanjis dream is still the worst.

Oh please. Who gives a shit about usefulness? Zoro, Usopp, Franky, Brook, Luffy all have useless dreams. It helps no one but themselves. Sanji can at least cook for people. He can help people. His dream is see an amazing place that every cook dreams off. Imagine someone walking into EoS Sanji's restuarant and asking for fish in a different Blue. Do you really think Sanji wants to say "yea, sorry m8 but we only serve food from one corner of the world"? That's stupid. Sure, it's not as grandiose as Luffy's dream but it is certainly not the worst one.

Instead he draws Nami sitting around doing nothing while Usopp actively works on clima tacts and his pop greens.

>all this shit talking about best girl

You posted the wrong picture. Here, I fixed it for you.

Your comprehension of the English language's roots in Latin are obviously lacking from years of unchallenging media and pornography, so I'll use small words to make sure this gets across:

You're a stupid faggot.

So by your logic somebody who dreams of some day giving 1 penny to a homeless person has a better dream than somebody who wants to discover how the universe was created.

>"yea, sorry m8 but we only serve food from one corner of the world"?
Have you ever been to a mcdonalds before? Or any restaurant doesn't matter if it's fast food or expensive or what. The point is, when you walked into that restaurant, did you happen to see a gigantic field full of every kind of crop, a farm and slaughterhouse with all kinds of different animals, countless acres of fruit bearing trees, or anything like that, right there in the restaurant? No, you didn't. Because there's this incredible thing people have been doing for most of modern human history called "shipping". You can just pay other people to bring you stuff from other places. You don't have to personally produce everything you sell. The Baratie served all kinds of stuff besides fish, where do you think they got the other meat and vegetables and seasonings and literally everything else?
You're a stupid one aren't you.

The wiki does not say that in any way shape or form. You're the dumbass who assumed that. The wiki only mentions those 3 because of what was said in the context.

Probably the former, which means it will be fixed in the volume.

>somebody who dreams of some day giving 1 penny to a homeless person has a better dream than somebody who wants to discover how the universe was created
I have no idea what the fuck you're smoking and I'd like to keep it that way.

And yea, you're right, he could just ship all the things. Zoro could poison Mihawk. Luffy could ask Rayleigh. So could Robin. Nami could collects maps from a library or just get the maps from native Islands. Brook could fuck off. Chopper could stay put and learn. A lot of peoples dreams can be trivialised if you're trying to be a cunt.

I'll repeat what I said to him.

>brings up retarded point that's not true
>someone brings up the truth
>hurr durr its unrelated even though im the guy who brought it up durrrppp
Fuck off.

How would the series change if Urouge was captain of the Straw Hats?

Nigga Urouge tossed Kaidou out the fucking sky, wiped the floor with mama's commander and faked his death without a scratch.

>mcdonalds, burgerking, taco bell and subway all right next to each other because they don't want to drive to different towns to eat at all of them
>Implying that this isnt the deepest desire of 99% of amerifats.

And you said Sanjis dream is good because it benefits other people while the rest only benefit themselves. You think all that matters is some kind of tangible effect helps another person, so by your logic the incredibly mundane act of giving away a penny is a better dream than discovering the secrets of the universe because there's no tangible benefit to that from that.

Oh and don't think just because you try to ignore it and pretend I didn't say it that anyone is going to forget the fact that you think restaurants don't order ingredients and cook exclusively with what they can personally gather from their 1 location. That fact will hold true for the rest of eternity.

Fine, it was mentioned 4 times. Maybe even more, who cares.

It doesn't make it any less boring and dumb of a dream.

Don't be to tsundere euro-kun.

Could Urogue beat Buggy D Clown?

You're the one who brought uo Nami's maos being helpful. All I said was that Sanji's is still helpful. Is it different degress of helpfulness? Maybe. But that's irrelevant.

And I wasn't trying to ignore that point. I was saying that it's dumb as shit in the One Piece World. Sanji will get the ingredients he wants easily. That's also a thing that businesses do. Do it the easy way. Would you rather pay a ton of money to g stuff from 3 Blues + the non fish stuff or just the non fish stuff? Answer is pretty clear.

If you're around in like 6 hours or so, we can discuss this further. I gotta run.

>king of character design

>Would you rather pay a ton of money to g stuff from 3 Blues + the non fish stuff or just the non fish stuff? Answer is pretty clear.
Oh, so you're shifting it to say his grand dream that's he's supposedly wanted his entire life is to save a bit of money on shipping costs. Yeah the other strawhats with their dreams of changing the face of the world with their action are piddle compared to the couple beri Sanji will save by getting to fish in 1 spot.

Oh and you seem to be thinking that shipping anything costs "a ton" which it doesn't, as you should obviously be able to tell by the fact that nearly ever business in human history has been doing it, so clearly it's not a death sentence having to buy supplies. And Sanji sure as hell isn't going to be opening his own restaurant there. You can't open a restaurant in a mythical sea that isn't even entirely confirmed to exist yet in the middle of the most dangerous hard to reach place in the world. Especially while also being part of the fucking pirate kings crew.

And no I don't care to discuss this with you any further.

Sanjis skills are defiantly but useful his dream is not
He's done more for the crew with his Okama "Bridal" Training then he'l ever do with what he finds at the all blue

I'll screencap this just in case.

Well he would but whose ass wouldn't Urouge kick?

What personality does Yonji have anyway?

all other siblings are one dimensional versions for each of Sanji's defining character traits.
Reiju has the kindness that makes her help even enemies, just how Sanji gave Gin food.
Ichiji seems to be the level-headed tactician.
Niji is aggressive and cursing all the time

At first I thought Yonji would be the lecherous gentleman, but with this chapter where he didn't do anything when Niji attacked the chef I don't know anymore.

I think Yonji is the same as Niji.

>Niji is aggressive and cursing all the time

No, Absalom is on the new world while Lola is still in Water 7

he's Sanji minus the gentleman part
he's lecherous but doesn't actually give a shit about treating women right

You are so fucking missing the point of Sanji's dream that I don't know where to start.

See, Sanji's dream is a romantic dream. All Blue is just a place you can only dream of because logic and nature dictates there cannot be such a thing where all the fishes of the world can live in. It's considered a myth at best. No one believes in it as long as they use an ounce of common sense.

And still, Sanji and Zeff believe in it simply because they want to believe in something that is so beautiful for them. This is not only about how worthwhile it is or having free fish at the front of your door to cook at your wish.

His dream's about believing in something unachievable and finding it, however fairy tale-ish it is. It's about the unexpected beauty of the world, because having all the fishes of the world in the same sea has to be a sight to behold. It’s about the awe it brings seeing how closely related Sanji's passion and All Blue are.

It's about romanticism and adventuring and trusting in the impossible, which is something that fits Sanji's character perfectly.

You're thinking too much about it, they aren't supposed to reflect Sanji's traits. Ichiji barely even talked yet.

err sorry wrong picture, i mean this one

And hello Nazi Germany… Germa 66 really does lack style, doesn’t it. Maybe that’s why Sanji left (kidding, kidding). But look at the numbered chairs! Does Judge dickhead really need numbered chairs to tell which kid is which?? Also, when I first looked at this panel (while reading it on my phone) I was wondering where dickhead was. Now that I’m on my laptop, I can see that he’s up on the throne that looks like a giant demon’s skull… Charming. All of that aside, Judge mentions that the Vinsmoke family will soon be stripped of their affiliation with the World Government. I am guessing that the cause of this would be their merging with Big Mom, but don’t quote me on that.

Then we get to see some sibling interaction…

If Ichiji thought he mastered the whole “this is me caring” attitude, Sanji’s got him beat hands down. I have to hand it to Sanji for remaining calm during this. I tend to lose my appetite when I have to be around people I despise. Niji seems to have it out for Sanji for some reason… I’m not really sure why. Yonji and Reiju didn’t seem this desperate to provoke Sanji, but Niji (and his ridiculous hair) has been an ass about his estranged brother every time we see him. Side note, Yonji is such a little shit, but I love his immature reaction here.

But yeah… If Niji thinks he’s getting under Sanji’s skin at all with his stupid remarks, it’s not working.

Sanji is more concerned about the waste of food. さすがサンジ君。(T^T) Niji insults the food and then calls out the cook to punish her because he doesn’t like the meal she prepared. His idea of saying “hey I don’t like this dish” isn’t sending it back. No, it’s throwing a plate at the poor cook’s head… Seriously, someone needs a nap time.

Nobody cares, autismo.

So guys, I'm writing a fanfic but I need help finishing my crew.

I'm trying to stick with canon characters, though I'll take filler if I need to. What character could work as a shipwright who isn't from Galley-La?

>Writing fanfiction

the nigga who build the merry-go

Does it have sky fish though?

A large collection of fish in one place still isn't very impressive after seeing dinosaurs, a sea made of clouds with several floating islands, an island turned into a boat, floating bubbles you can ride, a 10,000 year old elephant and much more
But yes, he is following a Romantic dream after inheriting Zeffs will so good for him. His dream is fine but seems small after seeing so much of the Grandline

>He was a Roger crew membe
trips wasted on a speedreader

oh yeah, he should have let niji just cleve her face open with a fucking plate. That would have been much better, user.

>Germa 66 really does lack style, doesn’t it.
Germa 66 wants to be in a Go Nagai manga, but Oda isn't that type of Manga artist.
Getter Robo is up there in "edgiest shit that just passes by in a single panel" for a light hearted Mecha series.

kek I remember the redraws of this page


Well, if All Blue is known for containing all kind of fish, it should have sky fish too. Ultimately this is up to Oda and how he portrays it. All Blue can be just a simple sea with a bunch of fish or it can be a special kind of sea with all kind of water anomalies, animals and plants. Like a sky sea that connects with the blue sea, underwater volcanoes where special fish can live in, multicolor corals that change with the time of the day, sea kings that are bigger and stranger than anything we’ve seen, every kind of algae, ancient creatures that have never appeared before, etc.
The limit here is Oda's imagination.

>His dream is fine but seems small after seeing so much of the Grandline
You could also say Ussop’s and Brook’s dreams are small in comparison but it doesn’t make them any less of what they are. I don’t know. Personally I find these kind of dreams are special and charming in their own way without having to be groundbreaking or world altering.

You forgot that it was Sanji who agitated Ninji.

Luffy wouldn't join someone who takes people's souls as rent. And Sanji should be the one to beat the crap out of his dad, after he fucks up his brothers.

>People still don't realize that WG is gonna get involved in this tea party business.
Akainu isn't the type to just sit around while Emperors are making big moves. Marines and probably CP will also get involved in a few chapters. Screen cap this.

So how do you think the upcoming dinner is going to play out? We will have the Vinsmoke family and Big Mom eating together and probably a few more people too (Pudding...)

Poorly, it is going to play out poorly.

It's going to be a ticking time bomb

Official thread music

The Snowy Mink Carrot

what was Frankys dream now again?

Who are we expecting at the Tea Party?
>BM crew
>Jinbe & Sun Pirates
>Luffy & co.

Any wild guesses on other expectable guests?
It'd be fun to see Croc, again, he could fit in all of this
Also Bonney seems fitting with all the food and such

oh sure, he should have known that niji how would have reacted on his comment about wasting food. He should have predicted that niji would have called the head chef and tried to hit her with a fucking plate.
Seriously stop acting like it's sanji's fault, it's just niji being a dick.

To travel all the oceans along with his dream ship.

are you fucking retarded?

He was the captain of a small time pirate crew you autist

why the fuck would croc be there?

It's going to go very well without any problems.

he fit with the mafia theme of the arc

Dunno, last we saw of him was packing stuff into a big ship, maybe preps for the Tea Party
Also, his mafioso style fits the BM senpai
It might be a good time to reintroduce him into the story and all signs pointed at him coming back at some point anyway

Maybe Uroge too, as he fought the family before, dunno

>I know my brother is a huge dick so I'll mess with him and we'll see what happens.

Yeah except Sanjis goal was not to anger him, but for him to finish his food, which is of utter importance to him
Also, being a dick is just Niji's problem , not Sanji's responsability
Plus, It was Yonji who beat up Cosette as a revenge for Sanji messing up his face

Before or after luffy and co. break in?

It is gonna be a mess.



My bet is that he will be a big name when the "great war" happens. It is shaping to be huge, they will need everyone that doesnt have "IRREDEEMABLE VILLAIN" written in their foreheads and stuff like Pluton and the other weapons will be used. That is his cue to return the story.

I can even see he staring the crew in a room full of big names with a shit eating smug grim staring at the crew saying "Hey, Nico Robin, will you finally tell me where is pluton?"

to hide his eyebrows

they go in opposite direction like sanji's. sanji's his true heir


inb4 the others are clones and Sanji is the true heir but got replaced because he's a shit pleb; which is why he was bullied.

It's his fetish.

Vinsmokes a shit
Their ideology was done to death already in other characters in the OP universe, their designs are bland, their plan relies on using a bunch of canon fodder and they're weak

Bot gonna lie I'd like to see him and bege interacting

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.

>they will keep selling as a family forever
>Implying oda can resist the generic shonen ending
>strongly implying that oda hasn't already set it up via kaya, Hancock, milky, pudding , money and swords

Fair enough. We'll see whether oda can resist cliche shonen ending or not.

I hate Reiju. Trying to act indifferent now when they laughed at Sanji. Fuck all of them.

Why did she grew an arm on her back?

it's just a joke bro

read the manga

Will we ever see Luffy's fleet being used except for the final fight? The man is a mini-Yonko now, with thousands of subordinates and he's just benching them

>Sanji is so nervous he quit smoking.

it's just a prank, bro...

>The man is a mini-Yonko now, with thousands of subordinates
barely more than what krieg had, and 90% come from jobberlumbus. not that impressive

99% of any Yonko's crews are cannon fodder too
And Luffy has subordinates capable of doing to Krieg what Mihawk did

it's so shit that most of luffy's fleet comes from orlumbus's fleet. Oda went lazy on that and I hope he iwll change it.

The Fleets introduction said each commander would go on to leave their mark on history, or something similar

We barely see the Strawhats as a group anymore let alone their support

This. Luffy grand fleet severely lacks in strength I mean his strongest fighters are barto,Cavendish, and sai. Who aren't even close to sanji or zoro level. And the rest struggle against doffy family. So it's no point in having 5700 fodder worth of soldiers.

I think the simple problem is Sanji's dream is binary.
He either finds AB and completes his dream or doesn't.

Luffy/Zoro/Usopp/Chopper need to spend their time actively training (in one form or another) to complete their dreams.
Robin/Franky/Nami can complete their dreams just by tagging along, though we get great infofumps from Poneglyphs along the way.
Franky gets all kinds of excuses to do cool ship shit too.
Oda really needs to show Nami drawing a map from time to time.

Sanji & Brook's dreams are essentially just "arrive at X location".
There isn't any more to them.
Brook's dream of course is much more touching than Sanji's though.

I think that's why his dream is weak.

He's got a like 10-20 vice admiral tier characters under his command now.

You're gonna need a lot of mid-tier flak if you want to realistically fight something monolithic llike the World Government.

>Luffy subordinate can do what mihawk did to Kriege
I doubt any of them could cross the calm belt on a small boat and then cut a giant ass ship in half with one slash.

Maybe we'll find his dream is associated with his mommy issues in a flashback soon or something.

inb4 his mom taught him to cook

Niji did nothing wrong.

>he got like 10-20 vice admirals tier people under him
Do you know how large that range is? You can go from Maynard to a vergo.
at best most of his people are low tier VA.
>high tier
Cavendish,sanji,sai,zoro, barto,jinbe
>mid tier
Franky,Robin,the leo,maybe the giant
>low tier
The rest of the SH,rest of the GF captains and named crew members,

>jobber tier

oda could have at least added the fighting king Eliza the 3

fuck off niji

Not much. First diversion would be Sabaody Archipelago Arc.
Urouge would have destroyed the Kuma cyborgs and hoospitalized/killed Kizaru. After that he would have saved Ace and Whitebeard while killing/chasing away the admirals and Blackbeard.

During Punk Hazard Monet and Cesar would have joined.
Flamenco would be an ally by now and Jack would be dead.

Do potatos really do all this?

Sanji wouldn't lie

Bitch is so ugly. Is not even funny.

>Reiju is a snake hiding behind a smile and can never be trusted, because the moment you think she's taking care of your wounds she will slip explosive cuffs on you.
perfect description pal

You're ugly.

What sort of ugly fuck did Sweet 'ol Linlin bang to get something like Pudding as daughter?


Maybe she wasn't that ugly when she was younger. Who knows.

She probably fucked a frog with 3 eyes to get pudding. Sad.

Holy shit. Delete this.

that skull on her hat looks full of worry

I want to rub Robins feet

Her very soon.


>You will never marry Pudding
why live

Even if it was Raiju.

Robin attempted to assassinate the shot wig guy who constantly stuck by Vivi in little garden.
Robin blocked the royal warriors at the gate while Cobra was being crucified.

what's with the 3 eye meme

I think, that skull will be some important character later, as he saw some important shit.



p sure potatoes contribute to the world's obesity thus raises blood pressure

I'm pretty sure overeating is what contributes to the world's obesity

>you never will but sanji will
Life isn't that bad I guess

>"I was a man once."

Nice fanfic

I don't think he wasn't to marry her bud. Do you speak English?

Soon she will get BTFO is she doesn't let Sanji know his beloved Nami-san came for him.

So does Cracker work with Big Mam when he creates the biscuit clones or what?

What the fuck does that even mean? Reddit defends Sanji's dream? What the fuck are you saying right now? Are you stupid?

>replying to autistic Sanji haters

I'm almost sure that Franky is stronger than cabbage

Sai is roughly equal to Zoro

I just don't get it. Was he a Sanji hater? Or was he mad that I called others dreams "useless"? Was it because I said Sanji can help people? There is so much shit there and I don't know which part is applicable to reddit. Why is he so knowledgable about reddit anyway?

Because he is trying to fit in.
There's only like 2 Sanji haters here though. One of them is a shipper.
They are retards

most likely he can control the ones close to him on his own but BM gives a soul to the ones who are used as patrols

He's probably stronger than Cavendish but I think he'd lose to Hakuba
But it depends if he can cut a metal man as easily as he cut a fish twink

Pudding is a biscuit clone
cap it

He's a lackey for the ACTUAL leader of the German 88.

>Cracker can create clones
>Bruleé can create clones
>Germa 66 can create clones

This arc is a meme.

Cavs bounty is nearly triple Frankys. Cav would win 8/10 unless Franky uses iron pirate

>using bounties as powerlevels
Isn't most of Cavendish's bounty due to Hakuba being a murdering fucker?


Their designs are boring.

Is the old mermaid from Water 7 related to Big Mom?

At least Brulee and germa have some substance behind their clones. Crackers clones were so fucking forced and all of these other clones make his less impactful and stupider

Fast murdering fucker in the new world
I don't think his slicing potential is his limit, he can probably cut just about anything

Oars clone when

Nice head canon faggit that's zero gimmick

Serious question.
Is pudding an inbred? She does not look okay

yes she's secretly Cracker's daughter
screencap this

>wiki calls Pudding "Purin"
>but also calls Dadji "Judge"

>Oars clones
>Oars tactics 15

Does anyone in OP stand a chance?

That's your problem. If you don't like it you can change it. It's fan made faggot

Yes. Would explain why she looks and acts half retarded

if you change things randomly they'll just get reverted you dumb cunt

"purin" is used for custard pudding

"pudingu" would just be straight up pudding. i have a feeling oda will romanize it as pudding either way though

Not true. I changed something stupid and it lasted 1 month until some faggot change it

>Robin can make clone

Only clone what counts.

names are really noticeable though especially for a character that's in the current arc

No they don't faggot. Unless you change it to something really stupid they won't. Fuck off faggot

interesting, I didn't know there was a difference

why are you getting so needlessly upset?

You should close up that uniform Robin. You might catch a cold!

No u

She can grow another lungs and stuff.

Fuck Ichiji
Marry Reiju
Kill Niji
let sanji return to the straw hats
who cares about yonji

This arc feels so weird.

Luffy's already going all out, every character group is doing their own thing without any organization or specific objetive that ties into the purpose of the arc (rescuing Sanji), and it's been mostly set up, especially on Sanji's part.

I can't see this building up to Luffy fighting Big Mom, so I wonder what he'll do.

almost time for some scrumptious WEDDING CAKE


Don't come back.

How easy is it to find a devil fruit? Was it ever stated?

Don't forget, he also knocked the girl the fuck out with a wound to the head. Casual abuse towards women

very difficult on the blues. easier on the grand line

you can buy them or get them through connections too.

maybe dadji wants to backstab and kill bigmom, then take over her place - which is valid reason why he would not mind losing his position as a royal family member.
since sanji is his only biological son, he wants to get him married so that they join literally by blood, whereas the other siblings don't have the same blood.
bigmom might realize that there would be a betrayal, and end up killing dadji, after which sanji takes over the germa and pulls away from the deal and shit
screenshot this

>you can buy them or get them through connections too.
I assume the power is unknown until you bite them? unless it has a discernible feature like the Mera Mera or Yomi Yomi?

you missed the part where he sank all 50 ships in krieg's fleet.
luffy or zoro could do it, but sanji might have trouble.

there's a book, but not all fruits are known

depends on if it has an illustration in the devil fruit book

his finisher is strong, but other stats seem pretty shit

Nah, he just needs to add some cooking oil to his shows to pull it off.
Yeah, that' what I was thinking. Do you think the price might be higher/lower depending on if the ability is known?

depends on the ability

>to his shoes*

Why are they so cute?

>has no rebuttal
>n-nice head canon
>maybe if I throw insults around he'll be wrong..

>not _1280.jpg
kys my dude.


To not dirty your more important fingers, you pleb

back in the buggy-shanks flashbackk it was stated that devil fruits sell for 100 mllion berry.. the ope ope no mi was worth 5 billion berry, so yeah it depends on the ability

year of sanji has been awful thus far

sanji is fucking awful give us zoro


Jesus... and how much is a loaf of bread (or something similar) for reference?

He hopped on top of Kelly funks rampage fists. That's pretty impressive. Also Oda wrote Sai symbolically surpassing Chinjao which puts Said in the 'very capable' category.

Unf she is so hot

just convert from yen

>Luffy finds One Piece
>One Piece is actually a den den mushi of Roger telling the finder that there's a sea outside the "human traversable" sea that makes up 2/3 the size of the world
>Luffy proceeds to spend another 2 years of training with his crew before traversing to the outside sea
>there are devil fruits that causes nukes there

So Ope Ope no mi is about $50 million? Dam famm



O-oda-chi, what you are trying to say?


That his tired of pulling shit out of his ass. He wants to end the manga already.

He hates us and wants to retire.

Nigga, no! Having one Toriko is enough!

> releases every second week now
> complains
dammit, back in the karōshi days manga artists had some damn work ethic


and HxH, and debatably DBS

One Piece would have been perfect if it ended at Sabaody.


Ah what thoughtful input

I think Luffy, Sabo and Ace signed off one treasure for some food at one time.


that post didn't really deserve any thoughts


So you're retarded and edgy
Disregarding your input, or lack thereof, now

>being this much of a pretentious faggot

>1 minute 1 second apart
user your desperate is showing.

nice buzzword kiddo

yeah a manga about fulfilling your dreams or at least passing on your will if you aren't able to ends with the main characters getting killed by an almost unknown character.

what a great ending this would have been.

>nice buzzwords kiddo
Oh the irony

>Sanji will soon know his beloved Nami-san came for him

No, user, I am the thread.

Have you ever heard of a tragic epic? Some of the greatest stories have some of the worst endings for the main characters. How shocked were you at the SHs defeat back then? I was blindsided and nothing has got me the same since.



I find it ironic that you're the one calling other people edgy

I would really I have loved this, but I still disagree with
due to the simple fact that I enjoyed pretty much all events after Shabaody

>what is ms paint

reiju is GOOD.

reiju will take over germa.

reiju will marry pudding to tie the bloodlines.

Hol up. So u sayin I opened up ms paint n added _(You) to erry post in dat screencap n shiet?
Naaaaaaaaah, faam, u trippin.

Big mom confirmed for Merkel

I find it cute that you've yet to provide any substantive thoughts

>he doesn't know about inspect element

I don't waste time arguing with idiots when I know I won't change their minds

Ayo hol up, nigga. So u finna tell me dat I can just right click dis shit n type in _(You) to erry post on muh screen n shiet instead of usin paint?

Yonji will marry pudding

i wasn't shocked at all, because i knew whatever just happenend it would end well for them, because that's how one piece is, outside of flashbacks and ace it ends well, even the villains don't take lasting damage no how evil they are. So other stories are irrelevant, if one piece doesn't end with all the straw hats fullfilling their dreams after ~30 years of build up i'd be very surprised, i would even say it might possibly have the cheesiest happy end of all the time. And i will like it.

Seeing it called Totto Land is a bit infuriating. Its fucking obviously Totland. "Tot" means death in German.

Kek you couldn't articulate your thoughts well enough to change my mind silly.

That's valid and good in its own right.

even viz changed it


>Hold up you tellin' me by acting sarcastically retarded, people might actually think I'm not? Sheit I'll just have to try that forever now

why did yonji take sanji to the clone chamber?

Reiju told him to for reasons

Reminder that Bonnie is Big Mom's daughter.


Where did this meme come from?
Serious question. I can't recall any foreshadowing that nami is going to end up maimed.

Her concept art maybe?

Because Yonji and Reiju will be the ones to help Sanji.
That's why they were introduced together

to be fair, one piece drawing is a complete piece of shit and its the only positive side of bleach

Speed reading faggots.

>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

Snow Hare Carrot
When are she and Chopper going to eat next?

Yeah, Totto sounds retarded. Totland was perfect.

That's a really good point

Big Mom reminds me of those worst-tier female cosplayers at conventions. The ones that are so dementedly engrossed in their cosplay, they forget all rules of etiquette and social graces. The kind that will run up to someone, molest them, and laugh the entire time.

I wonder if any of Big Mom's husbands willingly went with her. Or were they forced/beaten into submission.

Pudding said there's one of them siblings "who escapes to pursue their own love.

Obviously Bonnie.

>I don't think he wasn't to marry her
>do you speak English
I think you should be asking your self that

>person doesnt remember something from 12 years ago
not all of us have autism

Nah, that was Lola.

I doubt Bonney would want to marry.


Pound is no prize either

Ever heard of Gingerbread men user?

is that pic from the digital colored version?

>Eat all the food on your plate

>Whiteknights a chef

Is Sanji an SJW?

5 plus time "I WON'T GET MARRIED". Learn to read faggot.
>h-he said he would if it was not because of this and this
Sanji would marry any girl you dumb fuck.

Pound looks like the kind of beta neckbeard who would be into that.
After a while Charlotte probably got fed up with him orbiting her so she threw him in the forest

Did she eat any of them?

he can't be because he barely stops himself from groping women
he is a complete white knight though

>using bounties as powerlevels
Stop this fucking meme.
In 95% of cases bounties ARE powerlevels.
Exceptions can exist, like:
- Robin
- Yonkous executives
Cavendish's bounty is powerlevel. It's Hakuba's.

Purin is stupid but Judge is good because his name is a pun between Dadji and Judge. They sound the same with nip pronunciation.

How weird is it that the SH never found one?
Can't wait for snowy Carrot to join them.
Along with Caesar.

Let a man have a dream.

Looks like shitty MSPaint coloring to me.

no, he isn't

Do SJWs cry when they find out they'll never eat the invisibility DF, preventing then from being the ultimate peeper?

So if a devil fruit just needs to have the right kind of fruit nearby to respawn into if the owner dies, what's to stop a crew from going around with a stock of all kinds of fruits and make it rich that way by killing pirates with Devil fruits and then selling them?


Yes and No.
White Knights do not hit on women. They only protect maidens from any form of sexual advance while awaiting the gift of intimacy.

If One Piece was written by someone else, you'd see him try (and fail for comedic effect) to seduce them.

Are you retarded?

Teach pls

It's insane how few devil fruits we've seen in the series. There have been like a hundred devil fruit users and we've seen about nine fruits in the flesh.

just like the digital colored manga

Luffy technically did, he entered the coliseum tournament solely for the Mera Mera.
If you mean actually finding a DF themselves, the SHs don't plunder, which is how most characters come across valuables in OP

Why didn't the marines stockpile whatever the hell kind of fruit the Gura Gura no mi spawns into in case whitebeard dies? Or did Teach have the right type of fruit in his pocket?

Any porn of cosette yet?

you're assuming they know which fruit it is

Technically, SJW's hate themselves for not being this fictional idea of how a "perfect human" operates. The more they are aware of how imperfect they are to this fictional idea, the harder they act to be like it. This causes massive amounts of frustration and self-loathing to brew in their subconscious until they displace the energy through other activities (SJW'ing).

Agreeing with what you wrote. A true SJW would not cry at this; but rather, devote a considerable amount of energy to launch a campaign against the Invisibility Fruit so they can "repent" for their desire for it.

He's a max level white knight, not an SJW.

SJWs would hate a guy like Sanji.

Well Blackbeard might have, he was on his ship for decades.

It's still up in the air how BB pulled that off, even with the knowledge of fruit respawns.

I have heard it said that BB can become darkness itself and steal fruits, but only when in total darkness itself.
Sort of like how water stops Crocs powers.
By doing this he was able to assimilate WB's fruit.

I suppose it would be easier if he just had an apple in his pocket or w/e though.

I want to stick my penis into Reiju.

We all do.

I don't.

Who was famous enough to be known by mihawk

Sanji please
Vinsmokes please

I really want to see this book at some point. I'm curious what a lot of devil fruits look like, like Chopper and Robin's devil fruits.

krieg recognized him instantly too.

also he told luffy that grand line is called a "paradise", which we later find out is what NW pirates call the first half. so it's likely he went to the new world at least.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a younger Zeff was assistant cook on the Oro Jackson at one point.

I really think that was just a newbish writing mistake on Oda's part.

Missing leg or not, nothing about Zeff indicated that he was strong enough to be really noteworthy. There are a whole lot of old dudes and people with missing limbs in OP who are legit monsters, and Zeff couldn't even fuck with Krieg.

Look at her though.

>all strong people in the past have to be on roger's crew

Why are you all so retarded?
The fact alone that he have seen All Blue means he's a man of great caliber.

This arc is already 15 chapters long and nothing really started.
How long do you think this arc will be?

How strong is Enel in new world

Stop posting ugly mutants

Momo is actuallly more than 20 years old so it is true that he knew and met Roger.
He was turned back to a young boy by Bonney, helping his escape from Kaido.

not total fodder but not a big threat either

If I recall Zeff never saw All Blue, just a dream of his and he left the Grand Line with his crew around a year or so into their journey.

I don't doubt he'll probably save his own ass and Den-den back to Sanji to go wild, and I do agree he probably wasn't on Roger's crew.

Once he realizes that anybody can hit him and starts to dodge he'd do just fine.
It would be a tough couple of days to start off with tough.

Around 45 chapters.

Zeff wanted to see how luffy and sanji handled things

At his current state still strong. Oda did say his bounty would be 500 mil, which while not a power level so far we've only seen that from people capable of surviving in the New World.

He's at a disadvantage due to the other types of Haki that he doesn't possess though. His fruit is still pretty damn powerful.

new thread

One guy pontificating on a chapter isn't discussion.

Shit wrong pic.

Basically when they met Brulee a few chapters ago she said she was "overcome with the urge to slice Nami's face up", then some user speculated that it would actually happen, and Nami would get an eyepatch to cover it up. At least that's my understanding of it.




You know, I'm curious about something.

How would things have gone different had Sanji revealed he was a Vinsmoke in Alabasta, rather than going by Mr. Prince?

>beautiful lady


0 changes.
All this shit happened because the marines finally got a real photo on his bounty poster.

if you can't wait until it's on page 3 or so, at least wait until it goes in autosage ffs

she is a beautiful lady and this gigant hog is just a cake armor similar to Cracker's

>Monet is dead though

lol are there still people who believe this. Let me guess: you also thought Obito was dead, right?

Lets be real here, nobody thought Obito was dead, it was stupidly obvious.