Wake up from your sleep, my idles

Wake up from your sleep, my idles
Your childhood years are gone
Wake from your sleep, Fated Idles
Your slumber is over


Come to /ai/ idle activities

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I want to kiss Non on the lips!


That's a cute Bell.

You are unworthy of (Ju)Non.

All Bells are cute.

Nice, because the only one I want is (Ka)Non.

She's dead, ainon.

What ARE these threads, exactly?

the guide

Run user, run while you still can.

I want to pet her, its so wide and cute.

I see. Thanks user!




Not in my heart. And Non herself didn't die.

Non's already mine, you get Ajimi instead.


I want to fuck Lala.

I want to kiss Lala on the lips!

Who are you two?

10 of Chiri guards vs 10 of Hibiki guards, battleground is Bagel & Coffee

Who wins?

Lalafucker and Nonkisser, obviously.


I want to pshuu.

I want a wide Ran.

I want to disappear.


Spades sidle is my wife.




>wake up
>see this
What do you do?

Run outside in a track suit and do some AIKATSU!

Wake up again.

Ichigo was really stunningly beautiful.



Wonder why I'm stuck with Ichigo and not my favorite idle.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Can I trade Ichigo for someone else?

Okay, here you go.

You can trade her for ___me.

She can make me go sproing any time she wants.

Take a picture and check the status of my idles folder.

Those are weird, I don't want weirdos.

Things would be different around here if Kii were real.

That's a rude thing to say about Nina.

New event next tuesday.

Ask her to marry me.

Probably cry.

What does it mean

I might be weird, but I would love you forever.

>tfw whenever I try to load the game it gets stuck with 0%

I'm still stuck at 0% too.

You got Google Play games installed? I found it messed with my game.

Yeah, we wouldn't even mention her at all. We don't even talk about 3D Japanese idols here, much less their supporting staff. Heck, who talks about idol's supporting staff at all on the internet?
Also, she wouldn't be your wife if she were real, and you wouldn't even know that she exists.

Kii is better off as 2D cutie, as that gets her into our threads at all, retardus maximus.

This is a boy.

Not interested.

But I want Kii to be real so I can cuddle and love on her.

You are a boy.

And this is a girl.

japan pls

Really? Might try to disable it to see if it works then.

And my wife.

So much water, and probably not very polluted. To think Falulu has an army of these.

Hands off from my husband.

I'm sorry, but me and my wife are already very much in love.

I say the same about my husband, keep your hands off from him, you damn thieve.

There's only one thief here, and it's not me.


Those are the list of rewards. Seems to be a ranking event.

I wish I was as cute as Reona. There's no point in living if you aren't cute.

It is you, theaving cat, or should I say dog?

wow, kill yourself, my man

Same seiyuu?

____ yes _______

Perhaps Lala is a boy?

Nah, it's you.

Someone wanted me to write a PriPara fapfic but I don't remember about what.

write a Lala x Shion but make it cute like a date in town

Do Lala x Lalafucker

I can try.

What kind of fetishes does Lalafucker have?

Fucking Lala, mostly. He probably enjoys licking eyeballs as well.

I can't believe Lily just saved Stars.

Licking eyeballs would probably be an unpalatable experience.

I don't think Lala qualifies to be in a John K. Pe-ta h-manga

>Rola goes "OMOSHIROI JYANAI" right after Yume says they should come up with catchphrases

Fuck off.

Would fuck no homo.

Lily truly is Takane + Yurika, like a chuuni with Takane's dignity, mysteriousness and demeanor.

Noelle pls

and she's dating Yuzu who's Kii 2.0

>Kii 2.0
Except Yuzu is not shit.

That's what the 2.0 upgrade fixed

That's amazing.

>her fandom is all girls
Truly the new Yurika.

What? Yurika had a ton of male fans too, Don't you remember the Dracula cosplayers?

Those mono headset really bugs me.

It's been so long and I'm still stuck at 0% on Pripuz.



It's a neuroimaging device.


Ok this was silly.


Yeah looks like the event is a simple "GET ALL THE LIKES!"
Spam everything to get as many iine points during levels as possible, and in doing so become the very best.
After so many iine's you level up to the next rank, and your rank determines your reward. I was wondering what that はじめて級 in the top left of the home screen was about, I guess this is it.

Aim for Kami Idol! Spam those points!

Why does nobody want (pi)Non? she is a pretty cute Non

Is there a Non that isn't cute? In other words, a non-cute Non?

2 days left in the Pripuz Solami Smile event and I'm swearing at a kids mobile game.
Just give me the GOD DAMN gallery pieces already!
I must've played the easy level about 50 times now and it refuses to give me the last two pieces.
What the hell man!?

It's just three diamonds for that picture.

The real shame is tha we aren't getting the Mirei PPR drop.

Man don't talk to me about diamonds.
Saved up 200 for a roll hoping to get a Sophie but looking forward to anything good...
10 Rs and the pity SR Ajimi.

Not Fun.

Rolls in this game are retarded. I advise you to save your diamonds for now, maybe they'll buff them a bit and add some guarantees.

Game is way too hard right now.

Kill it before it's too late.

One of the big problems with the gacha is that there's so few N/R cards, so having the percentages skewed towards them means ridiculous bullshit dupe bonanza.
According to the list, there's literally 6 Rs, and I think there's only about 6 Ns as well.

It's got similar percentages to Photokatsu, but Photokatsu only has 4 rarities instead of 5, and has many many cards to work with. They started off with like 40 Ns simply due to sidles.

There's the hilarious situation where you can get N training and upgrade mats for Natural cards, but I think the only Natural idol in the game currently is Fuwari at PR so she doesn't use N mats.

Pripuz need to bulk out it's cardlist ASAP.

I probably watched the Pinon show about 100 times.
Pinon is bestnon.

If I'm still secure in my masculinity, should I still watch pripara/aikatsu?

Manly men watch little girls shows without thought for what others may think.
Because they're MEN! MANLY MEN!

Odds I watch an episode of PP before bed
Evens I watch the latest Stars


Not sure if was announced now or old news but There's a Fairuru 3DS game bu Furyu releasing on november 10

PriPara is literally the second manliest anime on the planet.

I'm missing one final piece for the advance level bromide.

They give more gems for completing the Solami Smile event bromides, about 20 gems each if I remember right.
I have gotten like 6 Mirei PPR so far on advance. They do drop at the lower levels but you must have a team with high lucky point.

What's the first?

Aikatsu, obviously.


What makes Bell so cute anyways?

You can make a doctorate thesis on it if you want

Smile back.

because "-[penis]" sentence ender



This cracked me up. Well played, Naisho (rip).

Yeah the very simple way they 'downgrade' the subs to show the past was great. Makes me want to dig out a VHS and start dubbing copies.

I always like how much effort the show puts into making the past in Pripara actually seem like the past. Handheld barcode scanners scanning paper tickets and tape spools running the system.

But that is cute and show the innocence of Non

Non lost her innocence before she learned to walk.

I remember this being more funny than the episode's jokes themselves, nice thing I didn't watch that episode raw, subs were out as I was behind a couple of episodes.

Would you a Yurano?

I'd ravage that sexy little creature all night long.

No, she's a bitch and wears diapers.


ez do slosh

Isn't it a bit early for slosh?

My last.fm recommendations always make me laugh.
Also, Metal Dolls episode when? Rola gushing about them made me hope for cooler coords and heavier songs but it was nothing.


I hope we get the cia file soon enough.



Why is she brushing her hair when she's already perfect?

maybe because girls like to fix themselves up in the morning
who knows

I want to fuck Akari's armpits.

Because she's also modest and also does her best to look as good as possible.

I want you to fuck off.



If is in the ass then doesn't count.


It counts double.

Lala and Non having physical contact.

I bought the Tsubaki manga and it's super super cute and in full color. I'll scan it sometime next week.

>full color

>full color
That makes it even more cute.

>I'll scan it sometime next week.
Thanks user!

Best pucchigumi gift.

Cute Yuzu


Miyabi a cute.


Miyabi a handsome. Kokone a squirrel.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this looks kinda gay

I hope you haven't watched RL

>you'll never enjoy S4 and Roller in different outfits

please put S4 uniform on Yume


It doesn't quite suit her.

Why this is allowed?

What are you going to do about it, Thought Police?


I started watching PP 10 days ago and Dorothy is my favorite girl of them, second comes Shion and then MIREI.

I absolutly hate Fuwari though, and Hibiki seems intersting but I know she's a girl because I was spoiled here. I still have 7 subbed episodes to watch and then I pshuuu~

I like Kii!

What do you like about Kii?

Creamy Mami looks AESTHETIC as fuck, reminds me a bit of Urusei Yatsura, you can tell Kitty Films worked on this.

Too bad that's the only thing going for it. There's a good reason why it's so widespread in fairy kei.

I hate Kii.

What do you hate about Kii?

Her enthusiasm while not being annoying at the same time.

Also when she says ok-ok-okay and pro-pro-produce!

I hate that that other user loves her.

Are you jealous that that /ai/non loves Kii instead of you?

So what if I am?


Not gay, just friendly skinship.

This truly is totally different from all other little girl idol shows I've seen from the era. Hell, it's different from most idol shows I've seen in general. It's much closer to the melodramatic, "let's fucking bully MC 24/7" type of Glass Mask/Candy Candy type of shoujo manga.

Did this ever get scanned?

>average episode of Idol Densetsu Eriko

Well it was adapted from an actual shoujo manga...

It makes me sad that all the people who have yet to git gud can't experience the best unit.


Why is that boy so stacked?

No. I have it but most of the art is pretty average.

Ito is cute!

Never mind, I was thinking of something else. Here you go.

cutest boy for sure.

Boys can't be cute.

Then how do you explain how cute you are?

I'm a little girl.

Thank you, user. RL mothers are lovely.

Why won't Mezashite or Bitmap translate PP for us? I'm not saying to sub, hey at least throw us a bone here. Just the translations please

that's not Dressing Pafe!

They're both busy with their other projects. Bitmap isn't even caught up on Fairilu yet.

Gaarmageddon is the best, this isn't an opinion, but a fact.

The Mezadevs are always subbing they're just too full.

I love Mezadevs and bitmap. They are the cutest and just the best.

Why won't you learn japanese and translate PP for us?

I want to do lewd things to Garuru.

Please don't lewd the Garuru, she's too innocent.

I want to do lewd things to you.

I want to be Garuru.

I just want to dance with you.


I want to headpat a wide ainon.








I want to marry file.png user.


Chili is making my heart forgive Hibiki. Should I kill myself now?

I'm sloshed.

Don't get too sloshed, you don't want to miss fairilu!
Like I did last week

I'm like 10 episodes behind, so I can drink myself to death.



Little Ookanda was so adorable. She'd probably still be super cute like Lala's mom if she didn't internalize two decades of hate.

I'd like it if you didn't drink yourself to death user. Feel free to get completely sloshed though.

I think she's still super cute.

I think so as well.

Me too, dude.

Coloring project user. I finished my square. I didn't quite color on point because my paint tubes are limited colors so I really didn't know how to get the excat color of Aroma's skirt. And I had no idea which coord was Galulu using so I colored a little bit off scale too.

This is the scanned version. It's night right now and I can't get a good photo of it with my phone in the light so I might post another one tomorrow and you can choose which looks better.

I know my coloring is a mess sorry but I spent a lot of time on it I honestly don't feel like redoing it again.

>Better than Gaarmageddon
Git gud user, then you'll realize how wrong you are.

by the time i will have learned any decent Japanese I will have lost interest in PP so shucks to youu

I'm biased since two of my favorite girls are in Pafe but I do like the melody of Alomageddon's song

>someone has to forge these

I guess Lip basically keeps them in business.

>losing interest in PP
Shame on you.

>shucks to youu
More like shucks to you because I can already understand the show, let's hope you catch up with the next generation because subs are more than 50 episodes behind.

Fuck off.

Fuck on!

Lip is such a good and thoughtful fairilu.

Fuck low.

Fuck high.

I'm sure every generation there's a bad little Fairilu girl or two like Lip to keep Det busy.


What are you talking about? That looks amazing! Great job, user.

We'll be at the three week mark this Sunday. Anons who have reserved a square and haven't finished yet please let me know if you still want to do your squares. You don't have to rush and finish them right away, I just want to make sure you still want to color. Otherwise I'll release unclaimed squares in a few days to give others a chance to color.


A2 here, I'm gonna do mine tomorrow. I didn't upload my first effort because I wasn't happy with it. not that the second will be much better

I just mean that it will take me years probably that's why

then won't you translate for us you hypocrite

What does pshuu mean?

Shion's solo live was amazing. S2 is amazing.
Next episode is Ajimi's introduction, now I'll see why /ai/ hates her so much.

It wasn't cool of Hibiki to proxyfag the show of Laalatachi and lower their ratings. I still don't hate her though.

Don't say that, I'm sure it will be super cute.

I wasn't even the user that asked you the question, I wanted to motivate you to gid gud.

/ai/ loves Ajimi though.

Source: /ai/ am I.

but I hate Ajimi, and I am /ai/ too

I don't love her, but I must admit that the show became the best it has been when Ajimi was introduced.

Ajimi is my wife.

I am /ai/ as you are /ai/ as you are me
And we are all together

Can i fuck your wife?

Okay, but I'll watch.


Thanks, I'll work hard so as to not disappoint you.

Kii is not my wife but I still love Kii.

Can I film it?

As long as you give me a copy.

Sure then.

How hard is it to ez do dance?

Not ez at all.

What is the best Stars song and why is it Popcorn Dreaming? Or Summer Tears Diary

They're all the best. Seriously, there's like eight songs that are all tied for best song for me.

I've really been impressed with the quality of Stars music, there hasn't been a song I don't like yet. And all the photokatsu songs have been great too. This is a fantastic time for Aikatsu music.


I really liked Mitsubachi no Kiss for a while, but I think Hachigatsu no Marina is my favorite now.

Dreaming bird and Popcorn Dreaming are both great in completely different ways.

Completed at last. With that i have gotten all the rewards from the event. Now to farm for more ppr mirei

dammit, I just kissed my screen

dump her on Hibiki or something, just get Hibiki away from Falulu, dammit

>literally oil paints
What next, pastel painting?

Hibiki did her fair share of dealing with Ajimi and it broke her, it's someone elses turn now.

You are way too late user, they're already together with Fuwari.

Me too. Does this count as an indirect kiss?

Is not a normal thing?

nearly time for fairilu

Kono ato sugu-rilu!

This is so cool, nice work user.


Twincest incoming.

Oh Rose, you can't just walk away.

Naisu pun.

Rose a cute. A CUTE. SO DARN CUTE.

Cute fairilu waitresses


I want to drink Tomato and Carrot's sweet juices.

I want to die-rilu.

Don't do that here.

Yay, more Sumire and her Humanlu next week!

And fashion show!

Then where?

It's been a while
Remainder that Mia is the best and the best /ai/ character there is and ever will.




Those first four text bubbles sound a lot lewder out of context

iis this one of you guys

facebook or something
suicide isn't /ai/ or Cred Forumsnime/manga

next time it will be if it isn't this time

dumb animal

Someone edit it to "Fuck Me"


Dandiva best unit

It's Otome, not Lala.

Tchout Tchout ~

Is this the real train-kun?


Train-kun, you're back! You're so cuuuuute!

Yes it's me I was held captive


Someone draw Aoi torturing trainkun while he pleads tchout tchoo


kill yourself

I know you're still on my property, there aren't any other people or town for another 1000 miles from here. I don't know how you escaped Trainkun, but I will find you Train-kun and the punishment will be severe. That is, unless the traps don't kill you first. Good luck.


I haven't seen this reaction image in years

Sadist people exist and I discovered the hard way that I am one

I fap to you.

I bet this is why train-kun stops her rides on to /ai/

I fap to you.

But I did and am.

I'm getting sloshed with Yuri-chan-senpai!

I'm getting sloshed with no one

You're not me. Don't reply to my replies.

On the other hand, which episode are you working on?

Whoops meant to quote

I love Yuri-chan-senpai!

Apologies for the any unintentional misleading.

Episode 102.

I will do anything you want for you to sub previous episodes of pripara

I wish I could sub PriPara. I want anons to shower me with love.

Fairilu subs when? I remember bitmap being here a week ago.

I've contemplated it, but I wouldn't have the motivation to keep going. We'll see what happens when I get up to date soon™.
That's the thing: you need no special skills at all. Just intermediate-to-conversational level Japanese, the ability and patience to Google things you don't know, good English writing skills and a rudimentary knowledge of Aegisub. And with PriPara, the closed captions are uploaded on kitsunekko.net/, so you can probably make up for the first with patience and critical thinking.



Kokone looks like a squirrel.

>My face when Seira and Yurika will sing together

Fuck Rin PR, I'm gonna harvest golden stars for my rocking girl ⋆ dream girl.

>new Yurika

Wonderful isn't it.

What if Kii was dating Yurika this entire time?

That would be ok-ok-okay!


>All those gets.

>Kii and Yurika had one night stand after Seira/Ran picked another girl
Not cool.

Do I get to choose which body part she sucks the blood from?

Read the filename

Always makes me think she's holding up a bunch of bananas.

Who's cuter, Ichigo's mom or Lala's mom?

>Miya's voice

Akari's mom.

Mirei's mom

Bell's mom



Yurika and Kii drinking from the same brain thunder cup

E2 complete!

But she has bad taste on coords.

If µ's wants to become a single light
777 Sisters wants to become the blue sky
Then what does Yume, Koharu and Rola want?

What do they want to become?

Kokone is annoying.

You're annoying.

Great job, user! We now have a fully colored Aroma.


Yume says it in the beginning of every episode: 一番星になる

Not at all, Mirei haven't used her pink coord once.

Is it really so wrong to want to fuck Lala?

Yes, fuck off.

That is awesome user.


Damn, anons are super artistic here.

I just realized why Unicorn's voice is so familiar. It's literally Pikachu.

Great song from DD. Now I wish there's a live performance for this one.

I wanna lick Nanase's belly

She's also Candy.



Please don't bring /pc/scum in /ai/.

>looks like my screentime will finally start to disappear for good...
Chili should kill herself stealing Iroha's archetype
I'm mad as hell

I probably shouldn't check it, but checked, nice image to go with it.

No, fuck on.


She just looks unconscious and like she's having a naughty dream.

ded as well

You could do some interesting things to an idle in that situation.


Like princess carrying her to bed?

My hypothetical future wife.

What does Yuzu look like with her hair down?

She can't put her hair down.

Like a mess.

I want to make a mess inside Yuzu!

How does she sleep?



In a sort of upright harness that her pet sidles strap her into every night.


She doesn't. Good idles never sleep.

only in your retarded headcanon

But sleepless idles are the best thing in Aikatsu.

You could have said something clever that would continue the conversation and make everyone have a good laugh, but instead you decided to be defensive and mean. Watch:

It's not the sleep that's important, it's luring unsuspecting idols out to your starlit gazebo and sucking their blood. Mizuki knows what's up.

Everyone loves Yurika.

nah, kill yourself

Even Otome doesn't love you.

Otome loves all of the aikatsus and especially her master, Yurika.

Ah, this must be one of the times Otome says to suck her blood I couldn't find some weeks ago when someone asked.

I regret killed that bat in my backyard 2 weeks ago.

>otome picks up a vampire.jpg



Yume has a butt.

post lewds

She probably poops from it.

Girls don't poop.

Yume is a boy. Only boys have butts as nice as that.

It's not lewd and licit if it's same sex hand holding.

Rose and Lip are the cutest friends.


Sex with fairilus!

Fuck off.


Only with Rose.

Flying onaholes

Sex with ainons!


Fuck off.

/ai/non meets /ai/non


Fuck off.






I need that pshu.

Bell is super cute.




Looks like Mikimiki.




Only not shit.


Who's the last one in right?

Fake idol.


Fuck you.

I would say this is a cute image of the current generation idols, but Honoka is there.


Your new goddess.

My goddess is a real idol though.

I can't worship a goddess who name don't know.

Honker isn't there though
Unless this is some sort of meta joke on sunshine being the same thing as the original

>creamy mami
Why though?

Are you, by chance, color blind?

Non is the sexiest

I want to fuck Yume's armpits.

I want you to fuck off.

Sounds cute.

On a scale of 0 to Utagumi how ded are we?

How make /ai/ great again? more qt boys?

More shows that generate more discussion, that or anons getting good and watching shows without subs, I'm pretty sure they are 5 Aikatsu-only fans over here for each 1 fan of all the /ai/ shows.

less memeposters

/ai/ is always great.



I agree, memes are killing us, specially when they're memes with more than one people doing it.


less of this guy posting too.

you get it

Stop making me want to watch more idol themed shows. I can't for reasons.

You undestand the point user, also less roleplaying about wanting to fuck /ai/nons and shit, heck, just make an e-mail and do this stuff outside of the thread if you're so interested in doing that kind of kinky shit.

Memes are good. More would be better.

Memes about the show are fine, but memes about something not from the show itself are bad.

I want to fuck you most of all

But more idols is more love.

>girls only drop exp when they feel like it

I bet Non is going to level up in her next live.

I'm just bored of reading through the thread and seeing the same hundred posts every time.

>girls only drop exp when the plot needs it

Now let's hope an /ai/non actually gives enough of a shit about it to exchange a mail or something.

Ep 102 was really cool. Thanks subber /ai/non!

Now watch all the other episodes.

Happy birthday to Mikuru's husband.

But she's the wife.

Remove Mizuki


Bring her to my bed.

Hopefully we can start releasing episodes again over the next week or so.

My hypothetical future wife.




C1 here, circumstances are keeping me from my PC so I don't think I will be able to complete my square. If I can't find an alternative by the final call you can release it.

I'm already sick of Lily.

I'll try to do B1 tomorrow.

Triangle fandom is the more lively of this season


>another "kids, eat your veggies" episode
Come on.


gettin' Ikuto Tsukiyomi vibes here

what ep was that plz



Love you-rilu~

shoo, go away

Cutest Mush sister.

Is an elegant lady.

Cute Rippu.

This episode was probably one of the weaker ones, but next episode looks great.


I want to see an uncute Lip.