shows literally no one remembers, GO!

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I can never forget those scremas of 'ITAIIIIII', OP



I remember this because I went in hoping that Japan would have produced something with some realistic screams for a change, but it turned out to be more of the same, ridiculously fake shit.

But if literally no one remembers it, how will we know to post it?

I will always remember that show when I watch my mandrama.



sekai de ichiban tsuyoku naritai

gibbu appu



You'd think Marvel would have given these adaptations more attention. I mean, even if they want to hide the X-Men, you still have the Iron Man anime.

I remember it solely because of Storm.


I have the DVD boxed set of that show.


here's one I haven't seen anyone mention in years

I hate it when a show LOOKS good but is irredeemably stupid. that one was painful to get all the way through.

It's like the slutty version of amanchu!


Dragon Crisis

I haven't watched it and I remember it.

It's been popping up a lot lately because of Keijo!!!!!!!!

What was that one with the flying shoes that aired recently? No one remembers.

>Use Haruhiko Mikimoto´s art and name to promote the show
>He made the character design of ONLY ONE character.

have a vintage vlcsnap


I don't even remember anything that happened in it.

I liked it, especially the character designs. Plus, you can't go wrong with a Yui Horie OP.



Oh shit I remember watching that

I know this one is a show that quite a few people know of, but in truth I can never seem to remember the scenes from fucking forever ago unless I'm in the middle of having a stroke.

S2 never ;_;

Hyakko has the best uniform design. Plus it has Suzu who is best girl.

>Shows literally no one remembers
>Mazinger, Great Mazinger

Shit pisses me off. I had so much fun making Stan Lee coffee edits.


>sole male actually plays a minor role and doesn't get any of the girls

Imagine if they tried that today.

>Hyakko has the best uniform design
Theyve always been my favorite too

There's a lot of old obscure shit, that few remember.

Chouja Reideen
Busou Renkin

Those series have been forgotten for a reason.

Manabi Straight is fondly remembered, if not by many.


Denki Gai no Honya San

fuck, I think I need to re-watch that now

this is for you


Himeno is love. ;_:

Glad I forgot.

If anything, Minabi will always be remembered for setting a benchmark. Fractale might not have the same fate, though.

>Torako fucking that teacher never

>This show
I wanted to like it, it was just hot garbage

This was the one about the manga artists who own a manga and anime shop right?

I have to re-watch it too.

Sounds pretty good actually. Is it shit?

Why did I waste my life watching this?

Holy shit I loved Basilisk

Admittedly this was before my tastes degraded into watching awful moeshit, but as I recall it was very good.

I'm never going to forget the lesbian scenes in this one (even got a lesbian live-action porno) Wew Lad.

Did he ever fulfill his dream of saving anime?

Burst Angel did the cyberpunk aesthetic really well I thought. I seem to remember an excellent high-school arc, some episodes where it was in Osaka so all the dub voices had a Texas accent, and then it went off the rails towards the end and got all emo about the grey-haired girl or something

Uta Kata was the dark, edgy magical girl show before Mai HiME, which was the dark, edgy magical girl show before Madoka.


I remember the manga being utter shit.

Meg was an annoying bitch. Jo was sexy. The OP was awesome.


It had potential to be an awesome ballet racing mecha anime, but no. It went with LOL TERRORISTS instead.

Didn't that show suffer from a gigantic tone shift halfway through?


I liked this, I think it was very 90s

Fuck why were the 90s so great

The director changed halfway through and was militantly anti-fanservice.

I think it was almost as bad as the change between seasons of Minami-Ke.

[Kajiurago intensifies]

beach episode was the only good thing


This anime could have been pretty interesting if it weren't laden with all the softcore porn. I think it did a pretty good job at depicting their developing brother-sister relationship and how the actually reasonable MC puts up with her.


bet almost no one has seen this or remembers this

They tried so hard to be real. Rookie loses various first matches. Repeats itsself over and over just like haruhis 8 episodes that repeats same day over and over with small changes. At the end it just gets annoying

It was meant for

I dunno about Burst Angel, it had a lot of promotion back when it came out.
The reason it's never talked about isn't that it's not remembered, but rather that it was utter shit.

Uta Kata is one of those shows that got a lot of attention when it aired for whatever reason,
but as soon as it ended everyone forgot about.
I still don't know why that was. I blame yurishitters.

It got a brief blip on the radar after that Wiggle AMV came out, but before that, nobody talked about it

>try so hard to be real
>be put under Boston Crab
>give up
>stand up and nosell the pain literally seconds after the match is over and have an internal monologue
the show was only good for playing the ITAI sounds in the background while having a Kirino exhentai doujin open

I enjoyed it until the ending.

I completely forgot about this, only watched one episode and put it down. Should probably finish it eventually.

That fucking image made me watch one of the worst shows I've ever seen.

I do remember. Pretty good.

Chrno Crusade shouldn't be that obscure though ?
Or am I mistaking things ?

That show was some cancerous shit.

Never forgot about it. It's still in my top 10 fav animes

>I don't know why that was
Probably because it was hot garbage.



I hope no one remembers it. It was pure garbage


I only remember and like that one episode where all the girls went insane.


I remember but I wish I didn't.

13 years later and nobody ever talks about it all. Its not even mentioned harem/ecchi top 10s or 20s.

nah plenty of people are still mad about this. Its a Urobutcher show, no one has forgotten it.

HAHAAH this show man

[Spoiler]S2 never [/Spoiler]

Maybe a few know it but I'm not sure who actually has seen the entirety of it.

I remember fapping to it tons of times.

ITT people are deluding themselves that Gonzo wasn't one the most popular studios of the early 00's.

This fucking show. God, I remember it too. Definitely one of the worst show I ever watched.

is it worth watching

Watched all of the first season and loved it.

Clearly the better Female Wrasslin' show compared to OP's IMO. Even had real-deal Joshi as themselves showing up for cameos.

The movies were pretty good actually.

Got anyy webms?

This one

This thing is in my backlog.

really don't know.

That shit was hype as fuck, man.
I don't think it's a forgotten series at all.

My bad, I didn't make my point clear.
I don't know why it got popular (however short-lived that popularity was) in the first place.

Outro was cool though, IIRC

>is it worth watching
maybe for me and maybe not for u

Fuck you I liked it a lot.


Kinkyū Hasshin Saver Kids

Best OP song ever

Is it good?

Don't be stupid, Mahoromatic is meme-tier.
How could it ever be forgotten with that literal Gainax ending.

Doremi is meme-tier, too.


>Doremi is meme-tier, too.
And what does that even mean?

Watch the rest. It's just as good.

that anime was from a time before webms.

It's alright. If you like Hokuto no ken, it has a sort of similar charm to it. But you can see the budget die episode-by-episode until you end up with an army of identical CG soldiers.
Worth a try at least.

Missed potential by never having Wolverine say "Bub" in a Japanese accent. Bahbu.


Only reason I remember this anime is "Sweet Lies".



That is what Japanese babies say.

>neeee, bubuu

It's shit though. While it has some merit (I liked 2 characters), it's one of the worst anime I have ever watched.

I was just listening to this some days ago. I know it wasn't that good, but I still feel like rewatching it.

All the Girls with guns are fairly well known. I think Cazador is the least watched.

All you need to know about Zegapain is that it's great and you should watch it.

CG fights are absolutely horrible though.

I think it's awfulness made it memorable

They weren't great, but you don't watch Zegapain for the action.

I would make some reference to the show, but I literally do not remember anything about it.

Yeah, but unfortunately about a third of it is those CGI action scenes.

If Berserk is the argument against CG anime, then Fireball is the argument for it.

I could probably make a thread for Fireball on /m/ but all of the posts would be waifufags doing their usual waifuposting like it's a New Game thread or something.

I would agree, Cazador is the only one I haven't watched.

Seconded, solid series. Definitely worth watching.

For a show that's so obviously fucking gay, it was pretty fun.

How could I forget my favorite anime rom-com?

It's not that bad.

Besides, the models and shading on the mecha themselves are surprisingly good for a 2007 or so show. The animation itself, probably due to the designs themselves not exactly being made to articulate well, isn't particularly great but at least it has a nice smooth framerate instead of being artificially choppy.

>Busou Renkin
I liked it...

Scar-tan, Bravo and Papi were fantastic. And I consider it than most battle shounen - because it fucking ended without 9000 episodes.

To be fair there's not much to discuss about Fireball except for Drossel herself.

The show that created hanakana

It happens to the best of us.

I'm pretty sure everyone here knowns Seto
For some reason I could never forget the name Katsumi Liqueur so I'll always remember that show although I haven't watched it in a long time. I do remember liking the movie.


I was kind of expecting this show to be more of a straight gag comedy, but it's better that it isn't.

Robin was one of the series that got me back into anime. I remember staying up on Friday nights and watching the Bionix block on YTV.

That may be the case, but I'd rather talk about nothing than have all of the posts be "i want drossel to fart in my face!" while they hot-glue their figmas.

I actually hated the designs of the mechs and the models and the animation were just awful. It was worse than Vandread and that came out in 2000.

Dai guard gets quite a bit of love over on /m/.

God that ending

I remember really liking her as Kaminagi. Years later I looked her VA up to see if she'd done anything else, and then it all hit that she was this mega-popular actress now. I don't follow the voice actors much, so I never put it together until then.

Zegapain is one of my all-time favorites. I should rewatch it some day.

Tfw I remember those threads with only 20 posters.

Fireball just makes me sad because it makes me think of /toy/ when the board was started. It was the best board on Cred Forums for that first year or so. Now it's full of shitposting trolls.

I saw countless swfs referencing it in one way or another. The intro was really popular.
It was big back in the day, aired on daytime TV along with Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne and later Tokyo Mew Mew.

Most people would immediately recognize it.

I can't like this move anymore someone died from it



I thought it was a fun show and I liked how "American" it was. I wasn't a huge fan of the sequel OVA, but it was still a fun little series.

Almost made me want to go into accounting
Found a really old one.


niconico dougo immortalized it, never can be forgotten

Never watched it, but I'll always remember the ads for it that were on a bunch of anime DVDs I used to have.
You will not be forgotten Tsubasa.

WEGs are typically shit but that one is extremely accurate

This is what got me into anime.


>literally no one remembers
>OP remembers that anime
>op is a nobody

I wish I could forget it but those Clamp whores keep promoting it on everything they make

>with only 20 posters.
Nonsense, they were a lot bigger.

Has it caught fire yet?

Hard to forget KKK

To be fair, it was a perfectly serviceable yet forgettable cute girls show. Nothing in particular stood out about it.

Pic related and Nadesico well ok maybe not Nadesico

I own every DVD I've ever found of that series, I fucking love it. It helps that they are never more than like $3. I have like four or five copies of the 4th disc.

>I literally do not remember anything about it.
The Alfee made the soundtrack for it.


You're supposed to be posting forgotten shows, not ones people complain about no muh new season every second day over.

But I just watched that.
it's always that one move kill

>orbs in each hand touch each other
>easy win

How do you even beat that.


I would be amazed if people actually saw this

What he said.

This too hardly is a forgotten show.
I bet you could actually get a thread going right now. It was huge back in the day.

Was it worth watching?

I watched the first episode, does that count?

I am amazed

I saw the first six.

I feel like I see the odd Blood-C thread (mostly for the over the top killing parts), but rarely Blood+. Once in a while people mention the rape scene, but otherwise nothing.

I need to rewatch this show, it's on my external.

My contribution - Scrapped Princess

I watched the whole thing and it was fucking awful. Still has my favorite anime OP though.

What? Blood+ turns into shit so damn fast, so I don't remember that.

The Diva rapes Saya's little brother before killing him and ends up preggo.

I recall watching at least some of that.

What a coincidence, I just realized that the last time i'd watched it was in 2006 or so and I wanted to decide whether it was actually good or if my taste was shit a decade ago.

Oh, that was rape? fucking really?

The only times I see it mentioned is in Rokka no Yuusha threads.

i remember

Well, I guess he could have been into it as unlikely as that would be, but she killed him after, so we'll never know for sure.

>shows literally no one remembers
Pumpkin Scissors. Even I don't remember much other than it going into filler hell and me never bothering to look into the manga.

one of my first shows, i think it had potential for another season i liked the world and where it could go but they didnt flesh it out enough

Best Bridge

i bought the dvd cause at the time i could not find the last 6 episodes online at all back in 2008

I can only remember this series because they talk about Peru.

FLAG i have this on a HDD but still have not watched it, heard it was good anyone see it, i will also put mars the daybreak on this list and maybe blue gender

The fact that it got forgotten just a few months after it was over it makes it exceptionally forgettable.

It's actually terrible user, not as bad as Blood C though.
Blood the last Vampire still the best.

never seen it anywhere in recent time

Watched that a couple months ago, it was one of the best anime I've seen. Shame that it's been so forgotten.

Blue Gender was pretty good. I have no idea how many have watched it though.

Mouse. Watched the first few episodes, but there was a bit too much fanservice.

Something something the moon is the sword or something.

I wanted to fug Tatiana so hard.

FLAG is patrician taste on /m/, it isn't forgotten.

Gets talked about on /m/ a fair bit

I remember, glad someone else does as well. I also remember wishing for the second season that never came

I miss last exile

is that a nipple?

I like it but the manga will never get fast translations and is about 15 volumes behind.


Not really

All I know is
they see me rollin'

It fit so goddamn well too

>Last Exile
Fucking really ?


Think about how long ago it aired. I'm willing to bet at least half of Cred Forums doesn't know what it is.

>implying potato mayonnaise can ever be forgotten
this was one of the trippiest peoce sof shit I ever got my hands on, didnt know if it was just supposed to be cute, or if it was pandering to baby and todlercon fetishists

It wasn't as bad as people say.

It even got that sequel a few years ago.
That was pure brand-milking, suggesting that many still recognize it.

Whatever happened to the manga, anyway?

This fucking piece of shit show can burn in hell.

This one can burn in hell too.


At least they tried something new with just having a continuous story rather than episodic parts.

I don't like that part of the "new" was moving Hei out of the spotlight and trying to shove a generic teenage girl in there. A new lead was a fine idea, it just needed to be a lead that was as interesting as Hei. An adult woman would've been fine even.


It's just no possible to forget about it, Tank-kun was the best


Nah the ending still plays at mogra

Tank-kun was the best bro. What a hero.

Star Driver
Sora No Woto
No Game no Life

>Anyone forgetting ITTAIIII the series.

bubblegum crisis 2040 was pretty gewd

>tfw that lightsaber wielding lesbian was only a side character

I was going to refrain from posting ITT because everyone is just posting unpopular shit even though it was talked about it on Cred Forums while it aired but saying Mahoromatic is forgotten is simply foolish.

>Space Dandy
It may be less talked about, but it's pretty damn well known on Cred Forums. And it deserves it

Hey man watching that with Cred Forums was a fucking blast

I recall the hype and dissapointment we shared with that.
good times.

An underrated masterpiece

you did import the Japanese BDs , right Cred Forums ?

And the ova we got later was great too.


I remember watching this when marathoning kugumin clone shows in a row.


Zuka best girl

I remember her space ship being coin operated and liking it

I feel like Heroic Age should be a bigger deal than it ended up being. Bellcross was fucking broke as hell

It's my backlog, that dragon robot thing looks sick. There was another show with a bunch of girls and a robot dragon but I forgot the name

Fucking love this anime. One of the true greats for sure.

I watched this when I was 10 years old and I really dont know why

wtf is that humongous vulva

Did you forget the "best anime of 2007"?

Lion-tans' anime


Never forget

I've just realized this is a rec thread for people who've completed their backlogs and are desperate for rare recs

I'm not complaining though

Every thread.

You again. I remember you from the last one. I was the one who said we need more Huey.

i used to fap to onegai teacher
the hotel scenes are ingrained into my subconscious

Msyu a qt.

I spent the longest time trying to remember this shows name I still havent ever finished it

Huey and Dalian were the GOAT combo.

>You will never again feel the levels of hype of last seconds of episode 1 and UNTZ with entire Cred Forums for whole week only to receive disappointment from EP2 onward

Will you guys forgive me if I say DnS>Gosick ?

In hindsight it's hilarious how apparently every single wealthy or politically powerful person in the entire country happened to be a BDSM obsessed serial killer/rapist without exception.

Ending was GOAT though

Shit was weird

Samurai were treated as though they were almost a different species and bandits had giant floating fortresses

Dude how the flying fuck could anyone forget the book of Bantorra. I have the whole thing in HD

Also known as (not evangelion donut steal)

I forgot all about this anime


I'm still mad. >:C

I have a few volumes of the anime
they were a gift from a relative and I remember it from that reaction image of the very last page in the manga

Came for the helicopters, stay for the feels.

Gundam SD

Anyone remember Kyouran Kazoku Nikki?

I had to struggle to remember her name.

Do not pursue Lu Bu.

Color Wars 2

I'm sad this isn't a Sekai de Ichiban thread

also if there's ever been webms or gifs that aren't fucking retardedly bloated anyone has, that'd be cool at least

I can't remember a single thing about the plot besides the autistic cousin who pretends to be a alien? I liked the character designs but the entire anime has no pay off whatsoever which left be kinda mad after watching it.

Best family


Maybe it will get a second wind when Tiger Mask airs.
I was reading the manga yesterday and thought of Sakura when Tiger Mask put an opponent into a Boston crab.

This is a series that actually benefited from a time travel/loop plot instead of the other way around

This is right up there with the first season of Minami-ke and Ichigo Mashimaro in terms of enjoyable CGDCT from that era. So underrated.

Noel final scene really got me



The novelty of "seeing what Fist of the North Star's world was like before the nukes" wore out pretty fast

I've seen this, it's shit.

I remember it because of Storm and a certain doujin featuring her

I've got this on backlog ever since I read about it.

This was great and needs a continuation.

What's this one called?

I feel like I'm the only one who enjoyed this.

I found the manga of this in a public library when I was younger and my mother made me promise to never read manga again.

The martial arts in this series were great.

Why in the hell did they have to do Red Data Girl like that? Like just make the second season and finish what you started you shithead ani-gooks

Am I the only one who really enjoyed that alot?

I have no idea how this was received at the time. Just downloaded off ed2k, watched, and moved on.


I want to violate Hime.


Its a pretty interesting series. It quenched my thirst for sexuality and spookyness. Too bad the assholes at Dark Horse stopped translating the series half way through.

The last fight was hype as fuck. It's a shame the rest of the show is mediocre (but hot).

Is the OVA worth a watch? I've wanted to read the manga since I was a kid but I heard there was an OVA.

The OVA is ok, definitely nothing special. It was your basic 2004 anime with 4 episodes for it. You should watch it and jump back on the manga.

Is all the manga translated or just what dark horse did?

This one.


Please Last Exile has no sequel, I have no idea what that show with the same name was but fuck it was bad really really fucking bad, please just forget about it.


I think the manga is translated online fully, although the scans are a bit difficult to find. Dark Horse stopped at vol. 6.

Hinata is an X-men now?

Damn. Well thanks for the help.

I remember


One of my favorites. Underrated as hell

>itt 40 yo garbage shows you remember only because you're 30 yo manchildren who watched chink cartoons instead of playing outside when you were a kid.

>chink cartoons
>being on telly 40 years ago
my family didn't own a television 40 years ago.


Why didn't you listen to your dear mother?

Worse mistake of my life.


>I think the manga is translated online fully

Nope, nobody translated the final volume 10.


For OP, pic
That's the secret to getting into government positions, aside from fucking the heads of dead pigs.



Sniper-chan best girl

The first 4 episodes are pretty good, as they were meant to be an OVA, but then they made a couple more episodes and the quality goes down from there. It's nice to watch at midnight or later like you're a kid catching late night anime again.

I do plan on watching that. But I've been just too fucking lazy.

I saw this on here once, with the characters pissing in respect to Yuri Gagarin.

nigga you know what's up

I really liked that series, still have my old release of it that I downloaded in 2007.
It's really comfy and even the completely nonsensical plot managed to be amusing rather than make me mad.

Thought about posting it, but ultimately didn't because the mechanical design
of the series was really great and memorable to me. Hardly worth watching for that alone, tho.

While recent enough to still be recognized I too think it will be forgotten before long.
There's just too many harem shows around these days. Wasn't terrible though.


Watched 5 episodes. Pretty boring

This shit has been on my HDD for years. Never actually watched it.




I really liked this show

One of my favourite OP's ever
I really enjoyed it too, it has this very weird melancholic feeling to it.

Delet this.
Like four of us here still remember UN-GO
I'll never forget Aki Toyosakis sexy voice.

Now Shinrei Tantei Yakumo NOBODY remembers.
Possibly one of the worst shows I've watched all the way through.

The OVA was neat

I remember it, but only because I wanted to fuck Yakumo.

Strange series. It had a lot of fun characters, but the plot itself was a mess.

Is the manga or novels still ongoing right now

Shit like this deserves a second season

Best girl, wasted potential series

Souten no ken/Fist of the Blu Sky


Never watched.
So, is an anime about...books? Worth to watch?

Son, there are FUCKING MONUMENTS devoted to Mazinger

The live action was pretty good as well. I think they are making a movie for the ending.

It's no masterpiece but it's entertaining. Also that woman, Hamyuts Meseta, is a sex goddess.

>Some people were calling this the dark horse for AOTY
Maximum kek

I hated this and I don't know why



Still gets threads once in a while, and people still use reaction faces from it.

>implying anyone can forget that CGI monster they created and unleashed on our eyes

Did this even have a R1 release ?
Only found a wonky fansub for it recently, I thought it was unknown simply for the fact that nobody translated it.
The show being utter shit probably too has a lot to do with it.

son you must be at least 18 to post here

Wolverine will never be that happy ever again.

Thought of some others:

Candidate for Goddess
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (hilarious in hindsight, should've aired in 2011)
Peace Maker Kurogane
Earth Girl Arjuna

Only time I saw them mentioned here was in a "worst series ever" thread.

Is that actually true for blue boards ?

>>Is that actually true for blue boards ?
Cred Forums is 18+ everywhere boya. The SFW is only to prevent every board from becoming a porndump

The manga was better


as if
I still remember the burger episode really well but damn was it fucking stupid to have a clipshow for the second to last episode and then delay the last episode for a long ass time i think a couple months

>Global Rule 2
Huh, you are indeed correct. Too bad there isn't actually a way to enforce this.

If you see some people their writing I think mods can make an educated guess.

I recently posted, Im twelve and what is this and got banned for it. So I dont have a lot of faith


I swear half of the stuff in this thread is still brought up often on /m/.

Isn't this considered a classic ? It's flawed, but I thought it got a lot of recognition.
There's a fuckton of ruri-doujins too.

the mangaka of Dai guard is famous as manga teacher

this series was fun to watch desu, even though i noticed its' flaws.

Nobody remembers this show.


>Der Anime
kek. Is it any good ?

Never heard anyone mentioning this. It's shit too, so it's understandable.
Youko is literally the only good thing in it.

I'll never forget the ending, plus it was Aoi Yuuki's first role
Haven't checked out the anime

I have a better question. What series are still super popular today that people thought would never see the light of day after their first season?

It's short but good.


I never watched the anime, but got into the manga in my early teens because my library had around 15 volumes of it. I can't remember getting past the magical don't step in shadow tower thing where the evil guy saved the worst sister. Is it gonna be worth finishing?

He wasn't even the MC.

This is Yumeria isn't it? Those 2003-2007 anime tended to have the exact same look and HD coloring.

Still a little mad. I liked it

What the fuck, I forgot about that shit. I can't actually remember if I watched an episode or not, but I feel like I did. How unremarkable.


I remember. The tie ins with Planetes made me check it out.

>3 seasons
>has a cute trap char
>lack of pics, doujins, cosplay, everything
>literally who: the anime

Well, looks like I win.

Pic related is the only reason I still remember that show.

I watched the first season and some of the second. It was alright. Definitely has that "literal fucking who" vibe, though.

Any fags here watched the shitty dub of this as a kid? I loved when all dem niggas powered up into the purple haired dude.

I want to see this.

I must know.

Please be bait

No clue, only ever watched the anime. It's a 2-cour, so I guess the manga continues on from where the show ended.

I do not remember any tower, in fact I remember hardly anything at all about that series.

I remember only that it was underwhelming and ultimately pointless, even back in the day ... watched it in 2006 or 2007 I think.

>I want to see this.

I miss bishoujo comedies

I remember that T H I C C sex goddess

It was AOTS

Planning on watching this; it seems right up my alley.

> Youko
> Not Nadeshiko


Good eyes and good numbers.

I know what you mean, though I think that period was sooner, I'd say mostly 2001-2005.
A lot of uninspired crap was made back then, as shows still had a smaller budget and the industry hadn't figured out the intricacies of digital production yet.

The character is Neneko, I think there was a time when she was really popular.
Saw her on the covers of many Doujin CDs of the time.

I have no idea why she was popular though, maybe the game was really good. The anime as I see it was a cynical cash-grab and people didn't fall for it. I've never heard it mentioned anywhere, even once ...

That's my best guess at least.

Both are very high in my favourite series ranking, so you can count on me to never forget about them.

This isn't an "Anime & Manga everyone wishes they could forget" thread

Opening a best

Nah mate, that was one of my first animes, too. Only bought that alongside Galaxy Angel because they both got Angel int heir names.

pic related just felt slow, but the ending sing was nice.

To be fair, I only just saw it this year, but I've literally never seen it on Cred Forums since 2007 at least.

Deserves to be forgotten. Anime seemed rushed as all hell, but the covers of the songs and the seiyuu picks were great. Wish that last episode was better.

I saw one episode of this, didn't make sense but it was pretty hype.

Definitely one of the most obscure anime I've ever seen.

Does Alice ever get to taste the Oland meat?

Is it really not known around here ? It's like an 8/10 in my book, I mean I can see how it would fly under most people's radar, but to actually be forgotten ...

I haven't seen it, but I remember it being very much talked about at the time. But now that it's brought up, it's true that I haven't really seen it mentioned lately.

I have never even once seen the hakkenden being discussed on Cred Forums, and the ending was evangelion-esque weird.

They like each other and know that they know they like each other but they are officer and solider.
Can't find a video of the ending credits unfortunately.
This was such an awesome show.
Though I never thought of it as being obscure, as it was done by Madhouse.
It's one of the most popular studios around, so people are bound to stumble upon it sooner or later.

/woooo/ had weekly streams with hundreds of people watching at the same time and tons of people in those threads

Watched it with them and it was hilarious

> That flute

Speaking of angels ...


Really? Weak. It makes me hate Dark Horse even more



I love how japan can keep surprising me

But it was AOTS

It was boring as sin.

But sin is not boring at all user, that's the whole point.

That was shit. S2 will be even more shit.

I have never seen anyone mention this, even in these kind of threads it's never been posted. I'm starting to think that I'm the only guy on Cred Forums who has actually seen this.

Legitimately found this one to be funny.

But that's my AOTY.

i liked the op.

Reminder that Nami did nothing wrong.

Oh boy, time for me to shine.



What happened to Masakazu Katsura ? He was really big in the 90s ...


Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge

Honestly pretty underrated.
I watched it for Sugita and the slight horror theme but it gets really weird at certain points, like fighting pirate ghosts and modelling in a haunted house for example.

A lot of ADV films in this thread.

I'm curious to see if someone can recognize this ...

I mean the title is in the fucking filename but I mean, like, for reals.

I'm still thinking about playing the game.

If not for pic related, I probably wouldn't remember Sacred 7.

have a slutty cat

People didn't watch this?
It was great

Haven't played it either but go for it I'd say.
Even if it ends up being crap you can play it for the porn at least.

I have both seasons on dvd and watch it 2-3 times a year.

Personally I enjoy it quite a bit.


Anyone see Starship Operators?

it was pretty alright space ship tactics


The Berenstein Bears

I've seen it like 4 times over the years.

It was more enjoyable when I was younger but still not bad.

This one was confusing for me when I watched it. The war that is happening in the background is only sticking its ass out randomly and always looks weirdly out of place and of no importance. It's completely separated sub-plot that is happening without the main characters and isn't even resolved at the end of the OVA. It had its fun moments, but this thing kind of bothered me.


Saw this in my backlog today so I started it.
I have absolutely no recollection of ever putting it there so it must really be forgotten,

Awesome OP and ED loved it

That's some good shit there.

Fuck, that rocket league update looks fun

Season 2 never

Watching Men get beaten up - The series

>ryona for fujo scum
never considered this


Most of Kokoro Library was mediocre as fuck but I loved the ending, phenomenal soundtrack too

And it was pretty damn good too.




Something urges me to reconsider undropping this series. I don't why.

>forgetting best girl

this is pretty obscure by now i guess

Last time I enjoyed a political anime, fucking 10 years or so now

Someone translate the non-VLC versions of the VN already.


I'd expect that most people here have seen it.
Though it's true that it isn't brought up a lot.

God, Noein was shit.

Was that shit any good ?

I masturbated to it when I was a kid. Those fucking locker room scenes, the hilariously exaggerated titty bouncing, came like a hurricane.

sci-fi opera at its best

Stupid powelevels.


Nobody remembers daimidaler.

i do
does anyone have the link to the official website?

Good budget, nice chara design but typical op mc who never use his powers

pretty boring if i recall correctly

never saw this posted here

>never saw this posted here
there's another post live just now

What the actual fuck

Sauce please?

shit Xabungle was great
what ep is your pic from again?

I love this thread, gave me a lot of things to catch up on!


shogi is life

how can someone forget about the op

I can't fucking believe that the vn this show is based on was made by Ryukishi07, yet 7 years after release there is no translation even in progress. Literally no one gives a fuck about this thing despite it's famous creator. I wanna know if the vn is any better than the anime.

Yeah man the Illiad bothered me for the SAME reason



Watched 1 episode and hated it. More generic than your average harem.

my nigga

>mfw I just found out this has an english dub

denpa teki na kanojo


Never watched it but only remembered it as that one anime that's not Escaflowne but looks like Escaflowne.

this is the most mediocre show i've ever seen

i kinda liked it

I've tried watching this so many times and even though it's well made I can never get through the first episode without getting distracted or falling asleep. It seems good but it's just one of those shows man.