Onee-sans > Imoutos. Forever and always

Onee-sans > Imoutos. Forever and always.

Prove me wrong.

You can't.

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why not both?

You are wrong.

What about onee-sans that look like imoutos?

Not true. Imouto are usually lolis or petite and are a target to protect and love/care for as a good Onii-chan should do. That means they're cuter and 200% more fuckable.

>lolis or petite
No thanks.

>Imouto are usually lolis or petite and are a target to protect
>That means they're cuter and 200% more fuckable.
If you want to protect something you shouldn't want to fuck it. You should want to be the Scary father figure when she goes to prom.

Imouto's are good for fucking in the butt.

Onee-sans are good for fucking you in the butt.

The best is yuri between an imouto and her onee-san.

Prove me wrong.

Imoutos are best, now and forever.

This guy knows what's up.

Imoutos are perfect for corruption too. Corruption to incest, that is.

Imouto >>> uncute expired cake

Imoutos are nice for protecting and being cute, not for fucking.

Onee-sans are for falling in love with and getting protected by.


>not for fucking

This user is a gentleman and a scholar.


Forgot my webm.

>You'll never have a cute little brown imouto who teases and tests you to surrender to your temptations
Why even live?

You are going at this wrong from the get to go!

Why not both!

Aida nee-san is love. Aida nee-san is life.

You can't combine matter and anti-matter.

It causes explosions.

Sure is a shame they drowned.

But user, look how inferior the boy-chested Kirino is to say, an actually developed female.


>overly developed imouto and udders
Absolutely haram.

>that fan

An Onee-san won't call you HER Onii-chan. Imouto is clearly superior.

explosion of my dick?

Big sisters are best sisters and are made for big hugs

>top-tier onee-san
>exactly one incest doujin, zero standalone incest pictures

Maybe, if you want to have that hunk of meat turned into a fine puree.

I know, the pain is too much. At least that doujin is god tier.

>Not being the man for your nee-san
How's that no test treating you?


It's pretty nice, really. I'm not a dumb jerk and my skin's super soft. Plus I can understand the appeal of being penetrated by my beloved onee-san while I am in turn penetrating our imouto, all in the name of healthy sibling love.

I'm a lolicon, so I strongly prefer imoutos.

4th and final chapter when?


Male Netorare
Female Yandere

Middle child reporting, I can confirm imouto panties smell sweeter than onee-san, however onee-san pantsu have a stronger more musky scent for maximum olfactory stimulation.

>nee-an thread thread is already dying
Then why the fuck do nee-sans usually win in polls against imoutos?


Imoutofags are devoted

True, but Kanade is better

>you will never have an onee-san to finally confess her true feelings


My heart. Also my dick.

9 times out of 10 onee sans have better bodies, have better personalities, aren't stuck up brats, and are generally more skilled and smarter than imoutos.

Onee sans are competent, mature, and have well developed bodies fit for breeding.

Imoutos aren't fully developed, childish, and generally dependent on their brother for everything.

>imoutos aren't fully developed, childish, and generally dependent on their brother for everything
And that's why imoutos are superior

Tomino will die without bringing us the age of nee-sans. Just end it all already.

>she doesn't feel the same
When does my life end?

It hurts so much being the first child.

I like both nee-sans and imoutos because they fill that void left in me by never having had an actual sister. Praise 2D!


Every time I rewatch this I feel like I'm falling apart that I'll never experience a forbidden love such as this.

Do girls normally push their boobs against each others'?

Why is she wearing the thing on her leg?

I just translated it now, in my head, user. A shame you cannot do the same isn't it?

you're 100% correct but they don't fucking win enough

Dandelion onee-san is damn forgettable. Twincest is fine too.

Gyaru imoutos = best imoutos

I'll just dump the Danchigai prequel from Shimaichigai, with some luck that user who translated the piggyride chapter will appear and save us.




Slut Imoutos are shit just like Oneesans.



women ripen allot faster than men.

I always see men who married older women, end up as shriveled testosterone depleted shells, with dead pans stares. They always look like men who hitched their mom's drunk party friend, and are the type of men who end up ironically buying a Miata.

Onee-sans are only good for scalp massages and baths.





*Busty Onee-sans.
Let's fix that OP.

Onee-sans x Imoutos.


No matter how accurate this is IRL, mixing up 2D and 3D is pure retardation.

Too greedy.

More Mutsuki soon.

Sisters are for tending loving, not mind break.

There is no way near enough of this.

How do imoutofags feel about onee-sans that look like imoutos?

Can you supply pictures?

We can't have nice things.

A pleb as always.