Isekai Thread

Whats your favorite type of Isekai, Travel to another world, anime?
>Mecha Isekai?
>Harem Isekai?
>Adventure Isekai?
>Magic Academy Isekai?
>Political Isekai?
>A mixture of them?
How do you like world travel handled?
>2way Portal, accessible from the start
>2way Portal, accessible at the end of the story
>1 way portal character must choose to stay or leave at end
>Dead in old world, Must live in new one
How do you prefer the protag?
>with cheat
>without cheat
>previous life was a lie

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Adventure Isekai
Dead in old world
Second person perspective. We see the story through the reincarnated guy's eyes while he follows along the heroine.

Isekai mecha like Knights and Magic, Geminar, and Maze.
Maze of the Megaburst Space is one of my favorite anime and I love how it combines every single popular theme of the time into a clusterfuck of intrigue.
An amnesiac heroine gets sent to another world dorthy style, has to rescue of a magical princess and pilot her giant robot, turns into a rapey man at night with superior battle instincts and has to deal with all this shit and more as she figures out where she came from and how to get back.

We need more isekais like mismarca and rakuin no monshou with not retarded protags.

Pic related; How to start a world war in 3 volumes.

>edgy shit

No thanks.

edgy things are nice sometimes, I personally dont like any type of isekai adventure though unless powerlevels have an upper limit, shieldbro was nice and edgy, but the powerlevels became untolerable near the the end
summoned slaughterer is also very good and edgy, I also like how there's a cap on powerlevels, the problem here is that MC is so OP that the powerlevels don't mean anything

Battle Harem Adventure Magic Academy Isekai with op male mc.

Zero no tsukaima?

I recently watched GATE and liked it despite some flaws in the writing.

Does anyone else often day dream of swapping places with the MC of your favorite show? I typically do that to most anime now a days. Now a days I find myself day dreaming about being the world of ReZero.

in short 5 second stints between the memories of horribly embarrassing things I've done and said throughout my life, as I lie trying to fall asleep. Yes.

>Does anyone else often day dream of swapping places with the MC of your favorite show?

No. I already have my own waifus.

As long it's full of harem hijinks.
>Tfw work as editor for harem LN
Feels fucking good.

Yes, I've done that many times, isn't that one of the purposes of the self insert MC?
>Now a days I find myself day dreaming about being the world of ReZero.
Why? Are these sweet dreams or nightmares???

Hell when gate was airing I would imagine switching the JDF with my old unit.
I miss the army.

>Watching this
>Realize exactly how pandering and escapist this is purely calculated to be
>Keep watching

>>Tfw work as editor for harem LN
which one?

Is digimon an isekai?


I wish edgy revenge isekais would look to Jojo on how to do their villains.

I'm interested in New Game+ type fantasy series

guy who made it big but has to start all over at age 13 with all his memories on how to break the game

really good memorable villains are what isekai are lacking

user, unless you are in Kararagi, I doubt you'll a single day in Lugnica. I don't know about Gusteko but you might end up starving to death there. Volakia, good luck with that place.

perverted lesbian MC traveling around a fantasy world just to get a yuri harem

I like Isekai where the MC is able to use their modern knowledge and abilities to bring about change to the new world they're in, such as a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court or even Army of Darkness.

Most isekai shows just give the MC a generic magical power, but it would be interesting to have a more technologically focused MC bring modern tools and know-how to a setting and see how it changes things.

I prefer it if there's no capability for the MC to return to their original world. They might look for one, but in the end they have to settle down and accept the fact that they are going to be stuck spending the rest of their life in their new world.

As for the protag, I don't really care if they're male for female. I've seen decent shows with either. Just as long as they're interesting in some way, rather than being a blank "self-insert" character.

It will end up with modern knowledge wank.

>No isekai where MC reincarnated as an NPC, and must deal with the fact that he will live a completely uneventful life

>tfw SAO's isekai arc actually had a memorable villain

>wanting easy modo

Does anyone have any isekai recommendations?
Open to pretty much anything, I don't know what it is but I love the trope

Series where a medieval knight from high fantasy world dies and is reincarnated into a sci-fi setting

he can still use the magic from his world but all technology shocks him and all facts in his world is mere superstition in that one.

Probably, though it might not be bad. I know some people ragged on it, but I honestly enjoyed Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Maybe not quite an isekai show, it still featured the demonlord as having ideas and tools that were out of place in the normal fantasy setting it was set in. Theway the show focused on trying to modify the ways people dealt with crops, or trade, or politics by introducing more "modern" concepts was something I really enjoyed, and didn't think ended up being too much of a wankfest.

So I feel it's possible to do it well, but I doubt there are many light novel authors with a light enough touch to be able to do so.

lots of SoL Isekai series though

Read Re: monster

Escaflowne is one of my favorite isekai shows, and I think it's managed to hold up fairly well over the years.

Utawarurumono (and the sequel which wasn't quite as good though still not bad) are basically isekai shows, though the MC's have limited amnesia.

>Bringing up A Kid in King Arthur's Court

God that movie sucked. The MC makes Subaru look like Kamina. Probably one of the worst western Isekais out there. By any way, has anyone ever watched Black Knight? That's one's so dumb it's interesting.

Twelve Kingdoms.

I tried for awhile. The pacing is terrible and the way it's basically presented as diary with pictures, takes a lot of the tension out of scenes and makes the whole thing rather boring.

some series it worked a bit well on

>read Warlock in Magus world
>MC is a scientist that comes from sci-fi world and had a AI chip in his brain to organize data
>He dies and his AI chip is reincarnated with him
>gets a slight edge over the other mages since he has a computer in his brain
>Only a slight edge though as higher level wizards are so analytical their brains function like a computer anyway

though his chip levels up with him

And they're all boring as fuck. Not a single one at the same tier as Kemono no Souja Erin or the old WMT shows.

My main problem with Maoyuu is that it was just too easy and basic. The show makes it so that it's a great deal but it's just fucking highschool tier economics.

Oh, and the whole thing being a Dragon Quest world also rubs me the wrong way.

Well trolled friend. I had to take that bait.

and you think a series of an NPC doing NPC things would be fun?

The whole MC being a psycho doesn't help.

poor man's MAZE

Of course not.

Agreed. Like I said, I liked the concept but there aren't many light novel authors who can pull something like that off in a decent way (and that author couldn't do it either).

I think for an isekai series to actually be good, you would need a good author to write it. The problem is, it's rare for good authors to write visual novels or light novels (and of course you that's where you get most anime series from). As such, you're rarely going to be find decent isekai anime series.

MC being a psycho is alright if handled well

but they don't do anything with it and make the MC go on hypocritical rants to justify it.

>but they don't do anything with it and make the MC go on hypocritical rants to justify it.

Would be great if the author is actually aware of the hypocrisy.

Maybe. Does the NPC work as a prostitute at a brothel?

I'd rather a series set in the Disgaea or Etrian Odyssey world

Nowdays I'm only reading Chinese Isekai and Otome Reincarnation Isekai

the latter for the likable characters and the former because I have a sadist fetish

> Re:Monster
> I ate a rock
> It was a good rock
> I fucked a dryad today.
> The harem got angry so I ended doing all kinds of plays with them.
> I made an aphrodisiac.
> I ate another random thing.
> I evolved.
> I put alot of elves under my control and I fucked some of them.
Yeah. This is it. Seriously.

Only Isekai with no RPG-like elements with status screens and shit can be good.

just like me when I started getting bored of webnovels, your future is looking up, but now try
chinses otome reincarnation isekai
THAT shit is top fucking tier, my only complaint is that the novel I read didnt flush details out enough


All the girls are charmless, shit tier bitches.

I wish Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari didn't have them as well. I don't find the appeal of that shit. I really like the story even if it is some what generic.

Rou is worse than Tatsuya, Kirito, and Hajime combined

at least Kirito is a good person
at least Hajime suffered in the beginning
at least Tatsuya was forced into the position he is in

Rou is simply the worst

The Hero in old DQ games would literally be half-angels.

Fight me IRL faggot

Or just outright an angel in DQ9

Kemono no Souja Erin has a great female protag but it's not an isekai and it's not an otome.

>chinses otome reincarnation isekai

do they exist besides History’s Strongest Senior Brother and My disciple died yet again

> Charmless
> Shit-tier
> Bitches
Come again?

>What's your favorite type of Isekai
Adventure + Political + Harem

>How do you like world travel?
The old world is merged with the new one.

>How do you prefer the protag

I also like the Mc to bitch slap his friends who are giving into the influence of escapism and try to undo the merging of the two worlds/destroy the fantasy world returning everybody to the original/real world. (Anime when?)

Yeah, she's unfunny as fuck.

Adventure political fantasy series with female protagonist

can be Isekai or not

>History’s Strongest Senior Brother and My disciple died yet again
the first Ive read but isnt really what I was talking about, its just gay
the second is what I was talking about and I know of no others

Risou doesn't it reasonably, introducing Arabic Numerals and co-prime water wheels.

The problem is the amount of knowledge that the person applies in that world, from example in Arifureta the MC easily can build a vehicles, weapons and almost any technology of this world and he only is a student, maybe is possible to replicate some technology if one specialize in that area, but they can obtain result in a short amount of time
Re:monster is the worst, maybe Arifureta is the Max Chuuny, but the self insert of the first vol of remonster is amazing
>Start with a broken skill
>Gain the control of the group in a few days
>Obtaining a innumerable number of skill that never used
>Fuck 6 woman in the same time
>Its wrong to rape elves, but is ok to mind broken them with drugs until they beg for sex

any isekai is fine so long as it actually has good side characters, a creative premise, and an actual plot

the second one Isekai tends to have but the other two almost never does

So What If It's An RPG World?

Why the 99% of the Isekai story contain the "I made/want to make a glorious nippon dish" theme?

Why can't we have an evil protagonist? Like actual evil with an actual goal?

I heard an anime for otherworld dining is coming out.

The silly thing about series like Arifureta is that the MC's ability to recreate modern technology usually relies on some sort of broken "synthesis/item creation/thaumaturgy/projection" cheat skill that lets him craft exceedingly complicated objects with little effort.

Fantasy materials with impossibly convenient physical properties usually come into play as well.

Ultimately it becomes less "modern technology is the strongest!" and more "magic sure is convenient, isn't it?"

Deus ex machina bullshit. Too much of it. Bullshit.

>I also like the Mc to bitch slap his friends who are giving into the influence of escapism and try to undo the merging of the two worlds/destroy the fantasy world returning everybody to the original/real world.

Group Isekai is best Isekai

None of that special snowflake everyone loves me and I'm a genius for knowing foreign stuff either.

Just an MC getting to enjoy an amazing world with his friends

Does Overlord count?

I want to see more modern technology=

Log Horizon was shit though.

Theres a ton of evil protagonists, I just wish they were less edgy.

Give me an evil protag that just wants to loot, pillage, and conquer a magical world. Maybe to get home, maybe so he can live luxuriously, maybe just for shits and giggles because he thinks he's in a coma.

Ainz is not even fucking evil. He's being misunderstood and that removes alot of tension within the narrative where he imposes fear unwillingly. I want a protagonist that wants things for his own benefit. Something that makes him understand he's evil and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals regardless of morals.

Those things are too simple. I want a protagonist that acknowledges they are evil but nonetheless, will do anything to achieve a goal. A goal that would be like status, an ambition to become a ruler, immortal, search for a great treasure.

Despite being a pretty mediocre series otherwise I have to at least respect GunOta for only giving the MC the impossibly convenient magical metal to make his guns out of and still made him go through a decade of trial and error to make an AK-47 that actually worked.

Some of the things Ainz does (and has his people do) to protect his nakama and expand his influence are very morally and ethically questionable. Like torturing a group of captured assholes to death.

He's not a moralfag, at any rate.

He's misunderstood with a lot of stuff but he is undoubtedly evil

First thing he does when he beats sunlight scripture is order them to be interrogated and used as test subjects for magic

He also has Demiurge go out and collect bandits for more of the above because nobody will notice them missing (he doesn't know about the farm but he does send for them to test healing magic)

The entire situation with the empire was based on tricking them into sending workers to test his defenses and the use it as a reason to force diplomacy from a position of power

His idea of a good time is to perform horrifying magical experiments and study the results

The world conquering stuff is just because it's what he thinks the guardians want but he Ainz himself is still extremely evil, he just performs heinous acts without thinking about it instead of seeing himself as evil.

Go read xianxia if you want asshole murderhobo protagonists.

Is there a non-fujoshit isekai with a female mc?

Kumo Desu ga Nani ka
Genderbender series usually end up with the "female" protagonist building a "yuri" harem

Even SAO's villain couldn't remember what he was on about.

Kumo and Plus Alpha.

Anons, I said actual evil with actual goal. Ainz is not exactly evil intentionally when he wants his friends back. What I want is evil with ambition. Ainz's narrative really takes alot out of the story and really removes tension of the evil. I want straight evil and for themselves.

You are an idiot

It's only expensive because it was a prototype and Rudy didn't think about how to industrialize the means of production.

Fridges and vacuums would still be incredibly convenient in MT's world because magicians are actually pretty damn rare.

evil god

girl who ate death isnt isekai but still solid fantasy

Says the guy who doesn't put a period in his sentence.

Are you retarded?

By that logic even fucking Hitler wouldn't be evil enough for you.

which makes you question why they don't build the same OP tech the MC made

like Medieval Europe fell a bit because they had to start their countries from scratch and had very little in population, and even then they kept up with the latest military technology of the time (it was just art and liberal arts that fell).

it takes a lot of processes and industrialization to make a stable, useful rifle which is why it took so long to make, but if magic cuts down that process that one fucker can make it easily it shouldn't take as long in their world.

It's usually justified as the process being expedited by the protagonist having a special snowflake cheat skill that no one else has.

Still love how MT made fun of it
>Rudi spends the series obsessing over wanting to make Japanese food
>by the end finally makes the dish
>shares it with wife and friend
>"meh, it's ok I guess"

it's little things like that

as it should

Should've married Bananahoshi.
As expected, only another Japanese can appreciate a dish like this, huh?

Warlock of Magus World is like that

though my favorite series with a protag like that is Martial Emperor Reborn
>Destroys the soul of his original body
>mind-controls lolis
>casually kills people on the street

>Should've married Bananahoshi.
Im still pissed he didnt fuck the nana
the worst part is the author saved for the next protag and it seems like the sequel is comng NEVER EVER

At least he ended up making a Nanahoshi sexbot.

Another trope that MT dodges
other series the "traditional Japanese beauty folded 1000 times" would be someone the MC would gush over but the MC is all like "yeah she's nostalgic but the white women have big tits round ass and a race of eternal lolis"

he even ignores the beast-kin something NO Isekai protag does, even the littliest slave girl goes to the side character

and even when the character becomes the "child prodigy" the maid thinks he's possessed

Series tries it's best to dodge a lot of those things.

I agree with you, the power levels at the end got out of hand, exponentially at that with gods and shit coming into play.

I find it amusing how despite being the modern template for web novel isekai a lot of series fail to even capture how MT avoided some of the bigger pitfalls typical of isekai by actually world building correctly.

Kind of miffed how it played the whole Adventurer's Guild thing completely straight though.

Nice ad hominem. I want a protagonist who knows what he is doing is wrong and straight with it. Actual evil intentions for the benefit of furthering a goal. Like trying to become a king but acknowledging what they are doing is evil, intending it, and is willing to do so not because they are evil (well they are), but because they have a goal.

Nidome no yuusha would fit that nicely.

The MC gets betrayed, and not just shield hero-kind of betrayal. His whole party and all the people he's ever put a smidge of trust on hunts him down and kills him. Then the first thing he does after waking up back to the start is torturing the princess who started all that shit.

though even that had dodging involved

>Eris suggest goblin hunting and dungeon exploring
>Rudi says that would be a waste of time and shut it down then and there
>Eris decided to go goblin hunting anyway
>not much happens during it

Though they did do the labyrinth arc though


you get the feeling that there might be other things behind the betrayal. There probably isn't since it's a simple revenge fic but they're not establish enough for the torture to justify.

You seem to have a very strange notion of how human morality works.

Most people tend to adjust their moral compasses to justify whatever they're doing at the time.

well some anons said there were a few reasons, i just remember a few but i think you're right on it just being a huge revenge fic.

It took the biggest pitfall by making the harem so irrelevant or just like a background decoration. The narrative became really jarring to read. No matter how many times you say, "because it is a biography" I do not care. It is creepy and eye-rolling when it tries to make eechi-comedy and went into strange fetishes by the end. The protagonist got way too much of a head-start, everything was too much set out for him, the villain was really weak as a character especially how he became relevant too late into the story (kinda fell apart). It's ok but not too praiseworthy.

Adventure isekai with harem.
Anything as long as it's not 2 way portal accessible from the start.
Male or genderbent to female. Doesn't matter with or without cheat. Human.

yeah the harem after the marriage pretty much lost their characters. Though to its credit the harem before the marriage and side characters easily trumps most entries of the genre.

we're dealing with webnovels here so "ok" is pretty much a gold standard in that context.

Marche did everything wrong.

I don't care about morals. Whatever moral compass means truly nothing to make a justification to the weight of actions. It cannot be undone or justified. What I want is self-awareness that this is against morals, but will understand and never justify it as long as their goals are within in check. They know they will be selfish, they know what their words, actions, and the effect it will have, yet go along with it. They are fully aware of their actions and words as well as the effect on others. They will go along with it, no matter the cost. I want an evil protagonist like that.

Now I want to see an isekai where an entire department of a game company gets transported into the world of the game they're making.

I'm fairly certain solo occurrences of this have already been written but not group transportations.

Preferably with a group of cute girls.

please dont speak of any of the epilogue side stories, please.

>I'm fairly certain solo occurrences of this have already been written but not group transportations.
yeah the chinese girl isekai was one like this, but I dont know of one where the ENTIRE department gets transported

Careful not to cut yourself on all that edge.

read chinese novels then, 60% of the protags are like this.

Law of the devil has a protag thats slowly becoming this

>but will understand and never justify it as long as their goals are within in check
Ironically you've already fallen into your own trap by justifying it as morals being meaningless.

The Douga story was pretty good

>get reincarnated as the Aerith of the game
>have to avoid your own inevitable death flags
>Destruction Flag Sophia

Xianxia MC are basically that

hell most Chinese MCs in general

What I mean is that they will never hold as a weight for justification. They know very well of the cost that evil entails. They do it for their goals and desire, and will not use that notion to justify their actions. Which means, they will not be hypocritical to justify their actions just because of their goal.

I never got what's up with the pills on chinese novels, some user said they reduce effort and time necessary for someone to reach apotheosis and stuff.

Not exactly irrelevant since you see how much role it plays in the development of sieg from Jobless Oblige and how it expands on the harem aspect by telling the story from Siegs perspective. Like how the family works, their routines , everyday relationships etc.

But yes I think it was obvious the author was kinda rushing towards the end of the main story and the focus was obviously taken away from the harem aspect and shifted more towards hitogami. He really dropped the ball with that last volume. But the ending was good.

Hitogami was anything but weak though. It's still really not clear if Rudeuses children and grandchildren can actually do something about him. That vision might not come true after all.

Btw hitogami-chan wasn't even a villain and did absolutely nothing wrong.

Xianxia is based on Taoist principles.

The pursuit of immortality in Taoism often involved alchemy and medicine.

Xianxia translates this to powerlevels and pills.

short story: rare candy
long story: takes an assload of time to be an immortal (more than the average lifespan) so you need all the help you can get

if you told someone in that world that it would take 5 whole years for him to reach the next powerlevel he would answer "damn that quick! what's the catch?" So you need medicine that increases powerlevels to shorten the time it takes.

I think it's because Chinks are hippies/on drugs. Pills are like steroids at this point.

How does Ainz not fit this bill to a tee again?

Because one, his thoughts are not even all that evil. It like, "aaahhh... so embarrassing." "I have shy thoughts." And quite a few of his thoughts and words that led to effects that were unintended like messes that Demiurge made, or people overthinking what Ainz is intending which doesn't feel very evil or intended as evil considering you read his thoughts into the matter which loses alot of tension within the evil that occurs under Ainz.

I like magic focus isekai like mushoku tensei and nothing will fill the void it left in me after I finished reading all of it. I even took my time reading it to thoroughly enjoy it. I just can't find any satisfying magic series.

One where the MC actually has a goal.

hate those Isekai where the MC doesn't go anywhere and barely does anything besides a few adventure guild quest and flirting with his harem

>he doesn't have a stereotypically evil internal monologue so he isn't evil enough

Chinese MCs are the complete opposite of hippies.

Not that villain, user.

>good side characters
>not good MC first

ainz isnt trying to be evil, or trying to sacrifice people or his morals to reach his goals. He's trying to make friends with everyone, and make everyone he cares about happy while meeting their expectations.
Anything evil he does is because his overlord class is overwriting his morals or because he did it by accident.
Overlord is more comedy than it is edgefest, and only certain side characters controbute to the edgefest. Its more of a slightly dark comedy than anything

Yeah. Too bad it's just some episodic shit instead of Dungeon Meshi

dungeon defense is getting too edgy as well. to the point I just read it for barbatos.

My main beef with isekai is how the whole world is often treated as a toy for the MC to play with.

Look at Overlord for example. Its fans keep saying "it's to watch papa bones wrecking shit lol".

Compare to shit like Twelve Kingdoms and Brave Story where the MC is just a part of the world.

And hell, in Brave Story, the villain is viewing the world as his toy, doing fucked up shit as a result.

Yeah. Humor was cringeworthy.

It's even worse when they're practically omnipotent and still choose to be a nobody.
>Uwa~ what's with these stats? They're seriously god-like. At this level, isn't it possible that I've already surpassed the hero? Or perhaps even that dreaded demon lord?
>And just when I had resolved to live a quiet, peaceful lifestyle! If people find out about my cheat-like abilities, won't things turn into a mess? Muu, what do I do? At this rate, I won't even be able to join the

It's called Maou no Hajimekata and Re:Monster and they're horrible.

Don't put words into my mouth. It's just comedic having to go on about the evil situation despite being the one either unintentionally or not exactly going about the uniformity. Like this user says

You must hate Dragonball then.

Is that dungeon defense?

>it's just comedic

Not really funny desu

>Give me an evil protag that just wants to loot, pillage, and conquer a magical world. Maybe to get home, maybe so he can live luxuriously, maybe just for shits and giggles because he thinks he's in a coma.
Ore VS Humans? Guy knows he's in a game, accidentally killed an NPC so he went fuck it and started creating undeads to murder and conquer the fuck out of humans.

>You must hate Dragonball then.
Goku keeps actively trying to find stronger opponents and pissing people off though.

I always really liked El Hazard

Wow, how edgy.

You mean like in Konosuba where Aqua's first reincarnator turned fantasy 'straya into the hellhole it is now?

This is probably one of, if not the ultimate novel that you're looking for then. Has MC that is purely revolutionizing the world through engineering and applying scientific theory to magic. MC has no magic and is as strong as an average dude, and everything is pretty "fair" and realistic (ie. industrial revolutions causing peasants to lose jobs and move to overpopulated cities, other people applying his ideas to invent new tech before he does, no harem, etc.) . And he's actually changing the world through economic and scientific means, not from waving a sword around. Just get past the part where they get to a civilization.

Unfortunately, most of the JP/CN/EN webnovels have huge amounts of modern knowledge wankery where everybody else is retarded like said.

I dunno. I don't watch Konosuba.

The villain would burn a village, sacrifice the princess that has a crush on him, and unleashing the sealed demons just to get the dragonballs.


>one regular guy with no past deeds or titles to his name kickstarting an industrial revolution all by his lonesome
It's still modern knowledge wankery.

Harem Isekai
Not really sure. All have their merits and demerits. Been reading a lot of ones where the protagonist died in old world, so kind of feeling like a 2 way portal.
Male with a stupid but fun cheat. Not necessarily overpowered, but one that makes the story fun.


There's this buzzword again.

any translators?

Usually, the people who use the word "fun" are Konosubafags who hate serious isekai like Re: Zero.

Anything where the protagonist isn't a NEET or hiki with his life in shambles that's already on the border of committing suicide before he gets miraculously gets run over by the truck of destiny and ends up in a magical world.
I'm pretty sick of the guy being worthless in his past life, it never leads to anything good or interesting.

Goku always goes around the world looking for trouble

youjo senki stars a successful MC who was pushed onto train tracks by a useless shitter he fired earlier that day

really underrated

I like how the main villain of that and photon were a joke to the MC but really threatening outside of them.

I like how he fully embarrassed his role as the bad guy

World Teacher

two series that make the hikki-NEET plots look god-tier in comparison

Thats what makes his character so entertaining to me and makes the whole story. He's constantly at odds with himself, being the ultimate low self esteem betaminion while in 'reality' being the equivalent of a dark god. Even though he's faking, its interesting to me that its made so that evil things that would bother a human don't bother him. He's a monster from the start of the series, but he's a monster you try to understand.
Thats just a recent thing with many series and its usually for the wish fulfillment bent. Its pretty clear what they are doing in those series, Kanstoppu! was the only one I read where an OP MC keeps getting shit on and that isn't isekai.

Half the point of Re:Zero is shitting on this concept.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Anything with cute spiders :3

>not fujoshi

Janitor-san here got his op power stolen by kid who wants to be a hero so he opted to hole himself up in the mountains.

Most Isekai the MCs are salary-men and high school kids

only hikki-NEET story I can think of off the top of my head is MT and Bocchi Tenseiki

Jesus fuck Kumofags are fucking annoying.

>Adventure/Magic Academy Isekai with RPG elements like levels/guilds/skill stats
>One way/dead in old world portal for sure I feel two way in any shape cheapness the whole point of isekai
>Gender/race doesn't matter, but cheat is preferable or very studious and likes to research/exploit magic system.

I wish there wasn't so much cuckholdry nuances in Atelier Tanaka or it would one of my favorites.
Konjiki is good so far, but I'm only at chapter 42.
Ore to kawazu-san is one of my favorites right now.
Log Horizon my favorite since it was my first, but I haven't read since vol 7.

Only Season 2

I just wish Japan didn't default to Fantasy = Dragon Quest or had this stupid ass need to contextualize stats and levels

I liked Shining Tears X Wind as a guilty pleasure.

It was sort of bad but ya gotta love it when the hero says "Fuck High School, Im gonna stay where Im an awesome hero and fuck the catgirl"

and he did.

Subaru would have gotten over his nothing phase eventually. His parent would notice a little later, talk to him, and he'll go out with a girl similar to Rem. Subaru is in the middle of that little concept kinda. But he would have stood on his own in his life later.

Only Isekai series I'm reading currently are the Chinese ones

Long Live Summons, History's no.1 Founder, and Conquering God and the 1000 beauties are what I'm currently reading and looking forward to.

Kawazu is fucking boring m8

That anime is so shit.

Hilarious how Deltora Quest, a much better fantasy, aired at the same time.

> Konjiki
> Good
user, please.

Subaru isn't really at all a worthless hiki though, he's a bit of a weirdo but generally speaking he is pretty well off. He's good at talking, has some talents, and keeps fit. His NEET tendencies would be straightened out before long. He's nothing like MT's protag who is 40 year old sack of shit that leeched off of his parents until they died and hadn't left his room in years until his siblings forced him outside, that's the standard there.

> Good at talking
user, more than half of the crap Subaru says is by no means sociable. He's considered a loser by perspective here.

If he is supposed to be introverted and awful at communicating they certainly never showed it in the adaption.

MC's autism is over bearing at times, but I enjoy the actual adventuring and exploring of the land and races in the LN over MC being retarded.

I do hear it gets worse after a time skip later though.

What how its so fun.

>What how its so fun.

It's just the MC dicking around.

Isn't that basically every LN?
Even the ones that have a stated goal its usually something like 'get back home' or 'fuck this girl' or 'kill somebody so I can fuck more girls'

That's why you only read the good ones, user.

Thats why I love it and its what makes reading it fun.

The dragon arc was so cool.

>Shouting, announcing alot of crap, pisses off alot of people understandably, trying to bark but no bite.
user, he was a social wreck back in his old world due to more other shit he did and here like what was seen in the adaptation and that what made him a loser. Subaru is a loser by mannerism and by actual meaning.

Basically GATE except no haremshit and no propaganda.

My favorite type is "progressor" Isekai aka MC starting to implement modern technologies, build trade empire etc.

Best world travel is being reborn in the other world as an infant while having adult concious.

Protag like both male and female, though stories with them are usually different.

Some examples of what read right now:
>Classic Isekai
ID The Greatest Fantasy - old Isekai manga in Fushigi Yuugi/Lodoss tradition

>Harem Maou/OP Hero isekai
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - demon lord getting harem on page one.
Sayounara Ryuusei, Konnichiwa Jinsei - Dragon reborn as human
Sekai no Owari no Encore (Hero reborns as himself with amnesia)
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - MC turns to Slime
Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker: Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem - litterally about gathering harem of slaves
Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari - good harem adventure manga
Maken no Daydreamer - raised by Succubus mother
Spirit Migration - MC reincarnates as spirit without body able to possess others

>Adventure/Progressor Isekai/Skilled MC isekai
Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (best Isekai story of all times)
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku - Cool MC
E? Heibon Desu yo?? - femaile heroien progressor
Isekai Tensei Soudouki - good progressor isekai like Mushoku
Maze Age Z - Dungeon Keeper
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu - good progressor Isekai

>Fantasy Saga Isekai
Rain (well not technically Isekai since MC is reborn as himself)
Tsuyokute-New-Saga (see above, but travel back through time)
The New Gate - MMO isekai

Why do isekai MCs always have a running commentary track in their heads where they constantly play one-man boke and tsukkomi?
Why do isekai MCs always grievously overuse tildes and interrobangs in narration?
Why do isekai MCs always have so much useless meta knowledge about isekai cliches crammed in their heads that they never use for anything but making snarky comments like "ah, it's this pattern again" or "what a shamelessly cliched fantasy world this is!"

>Edgy Isekai
Spectral Regalia - army commander executed for genocide of a planet.
Himekishi ga Classmate! - pretty shit near porn manga
Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat - well, its not edgy at all.
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - starts edgy but turns into generic harem

>Fighting Isekai
The Gamer (because Abyss is other world!)
Moonlight Sculptor (because SAO is Isekai too)
Re:Monster (also should be in OP/Maou isekai)
World Customize Creator - cheat character

>Isekai SOL
Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki - old man just trying to have fun
Centaur no Nayami (it has Isekai ark where they travel to other world heh)
From Maid to Mother - female heroine raising mage daugther
Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashi Te" tte Yobarete Imasu - female heroine healer

>Mushoku Tensei
> Best
user, Twelve kingdoms.


Boring as fuck.

>The Gamer

Toppest fucking keks

is technically NOT an isekai.

I wish there are more drawers fanservice in isekai.

For Isekai i preffer russian novels. Imho its lot bigger and more proffesionally written than japanese Isekai market - with difference being its not getting translated since theres no weaboos and most MCs are older than 15yo.

There are probably like thousand russian language Isekai novels of all types, though recently the industry switched to "trapped in MMO" genre.

Is there any halfway decent English written Isekai?
I can't really think of a single one.

Do Amber Chronicles count as Isekai?

>Edgy Isekai
>Himekishi ga Classmate!
Just straight up self-insert slaver with brainwashing sperm who is justified to save the world
>Konjiki no Moji Tsukai
Though there is death, its just more of a Fantasy/OP Hero.

>Btw hitogami-chan wasn't even a villain and did absolutely nothing wrong.
He's fault for messing with the Dragon God

I like how the way mentality is portrayed though.

Alice in Wonderland

He didn't even fuck with Orsted though, the guy was literally cursed to repeat his life over and over until he eventually kills Hitogami by his father over a grudge that's never explained. If it wasn't for the old dragons trying to kill him for inexplicable reasons he would have zero reasons to fuck with anyone.

>all those fantasy sagas
I like you.
I like you a lot.
Please be in london.

Japs love tsukkomi

Actually, Hito fucked with Dragon God senior, the first one i think while Orsted is the third ?

They never said what or why he did though. He gave the Technique (or was it Fighting? Bagi.) God his Magic Armor to put an end Laplace's war, but that should be in favor of what the dragons want as well as far as I remember. Other than that I have no idea

We will release Absolute Duo later this year.

Does Abenobashi count as Isekai? Finally getting around to watching it and it's pretty great.

of course, its of the digimon/inuyasha variety

>Political Isekai
If I weren't a wizard I would have wanted an Adventure or Harem Isekai, but I come to appreciate depth as I get older
>1 way portal character must choose to stay or leave at end
It makes for more interesting character if they actually decide, on their own will, that they stay. Being dead or amnesiac rob them of that decision.
>with cheat
A well-defined cheat, so no hidden power bullshit.

Wasn't it implied that Hitogami was somehow behind the downfall of the other gods and their worlds? Or some of them.

Sequel/prequel NEVER EVER

>appreciate depth
This is how you know that Lord of the Rings was written by an old guy. Details out the ass, appreciation of feelings and complexity, political details for no reason, etc. Didn't help that his real career was being a detail guy.
I think as you get older you gravitate towards books because they always have more detail and can take more risks with the story and characters. It seems like there a limit as to how far anything that takes a lot of money to make can really go.

Tower of God isekai.

>Whats your favorite type of Isekai, Travel to another world, anime?

Adventure action isekai with a bit of harem would be my preference. But anything that has actual world building would be acceptable

>How do you like world travel handled?
I don't have preferences regarding that matter

>How do you prefer the protag?
Male either phisically strong or tactical, whatever as long as it comes through effort not being choosen one or son of someone

>hurr durr we had Isekai since long ago
>12 kingdoms

Old isekai with actual world building should never be put in the same group than nowdays generic game isekai

I used to think stuff like plot and setting mattered but now I think its more how the characters play out. Konosuba was only good because of the characters. When Slayers got bad, it was because it was focused on some dumb plot or setting they wanted to show off instead of Lina blowing stuff up or focusing on terrible one shot side characters.

>Konosuba was only good because of the characters

I think the way they made rpg parody helped too.

Read a few chapters and its actually lighthearted/amusing as hellfor an ORETUEE WN
You know I wouldn't care about the NPCs either when I'm being shown that they are literal NPCs. But the guy doesn't care either way.

Ririn Best zombie.



Pale attendant and dark elf best girls.

>Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki and From Maid to Mother

>From Maid to Mother

It's okay. I'm not hooked at all though based on the released chapters.

What is your favorite isekai?
(any LN, anime, manga)

Dungeon Defense (by far the best dialogue & side characters I've read in any series)
The MC is a person who would fight right in with Cred Forums.

I got up from my bed and with a brush I wrote in large writing on a piece of parchment.
For the next 50 years, this will be the terms that’ll lead me for the remainder of my life.
┌ ┐
1. Do not work.
2. Do not make friends.
3. Do not get married.
└ ┘
I was moved by my own writing.
I wonder if when Pythagoras discovered the law of mathematics, he was as deeply touched as I am now.

>This world is tragic. Even if you’re vexed, what can you do. This is the truth. The carbon dioxide exhaust rate won’t go down, China will grasp capital over the entire world, Justin Bieber will receive the Nobel Prize in literature……, and in 122 years you’ll be dead, I’ll be dead, we’ll all be dead.

>Oh, I’ll also tell you just in case; that adorable pet of yours will get hit by the front wheel of a bicycle and die…… I’m sorry to tell you the news, but what can you do? This is the truth.

>If you’re done being sad then drink a beer.

Twelve Kingdoms

My kind of edgyness

>Dungeon Defense (by far the best dialogue & side characters I've read in any series)

You must have not read much then.

Not sure if naofumi also counts, considering his parents gave up on him but he was still somewhat fit, handsome, had some awesome cooking skills he can develop further and a job was practically waiting for him after college. But then he too gets isekai'd

Right i forgot he was also a greedy jew

you Know I meant among light novels and web trash, Banter like the ones below are rarely written by asians, and even rarer to be translated well.

“When you see a person who is pure, what thought crosses your mind?”

“How they could possibly live life so foolishly, but at the same time, this young lady is also blinded by their pureness and can’t help but admit that they are a race more superior than this young lady.”

“What is love?”

“A suicidal act of ruin disguised as romance.”

“What is friendship?”

“The emotion that this young lady randomly grants people who do not bother her.”

“What is labour?”

“Proof that God does not exist in this world, and that it’d only be appropriate for it to be eradicated.”

Been reading ヒロインな妹、悪役令嬢な私 lately, such a cute WN. MC reincarnates into an otome game and assumes the role of the heroine's evil stepsister. Instead of bullying the heroine, MC dotes on her and turns her yandere. Her being a cutesy siscon airhead helps a lot too.

I'm with you user
fuckin Maze was the shit
modern isekai is mostly just shit

>tfw not nearly enough Mecha Isekai
Why didn't Muv-Luv spark more copycats to emulate its success, like what happened with Mushoku Tensei or SAO?

That sounds clunky as all hell, user.

>Instead of bullying the heroine, MC dotes on her and turns her yandere.


MC is an airhead and she doesn't know what she's doing to an impressionable young kid and caused her to become really possessive.

Sounds really stupid. Bet the author finds it a oh-so-hilarious joke.

So any manga that has as much suffering as muv-luv?

>Proof that God does not exist in this world

T. Atheist

>centaur manga
>illuminati snakes
>jewish goats
>japanese racism
what the fuck kind of manga is this.

Adventure and/or Mecha, harem is expected.

1 way portal, it gives it a more complex feeling to the situation at hand.

Male with some kind of special attribute, but not OVER POWERED.

My african american brothers.
The dub is GOAT.

>Adventure IsekaiMagic Academy IsekaiPolitical Isekaimalefemalegenderbentmonster

there :P

imagine the series genderswapped , girl get pulled into magic world, his "ovner" is a male magician who beats him up every night

how hard would be the femnazis be triggering :D

Anyone else have a hard time continuing Knights and Magic after the translator swap? I was really enjoying the story up to that point but it's not the kind of story that does well with machine translations.

Also what are some of the better translation jobs around?

Political Isekai with under the table (and under the sheets) dealings with fringe militia milfs.

>tfw no War on Geminar AC showing a Dagmeyr/Cordyline win situation.

>Sekai no Owari no Encore (Hero reborns as himself with amnesia)

Wait what? So he is the reincarnation? I really need to catch up.

Depends on what you call halfway decent. If you're talking about having public acclaim, then there was a lot of stuff a couple of decades ago that all had the hero of a fantasy land being summoned from Earth (that's probably where the Japanese lifted the trope from).

As for isekai that resembles the eastern ones? Maybe Daniel Black I guess. It's well written, but it's also somewhat of a power trip.

>you will never get truck san'd into a generic medieval fantasy world
>you will never meet there a beautiful goddess that loves you for no reason
Why even live?

Japanese truck have a homing module to send people to another wolrd

The one you posted is pretty much the only non garbage one in recent memory.
Generally speaking the "I went to fantasy world with magical biological mecha and fucked the hottest girls/boys" tend to be the only passable ones.

so that you can get truck san'd into a generic medieval fantasy world and meet there a beautiful goddess that loves you for no reason

my wife Lashara is so cute

>you realize that the original Mario backstory about him and Luigi being plumbers from Brooklyn and reaching the Mushroom Kingdom was classic isekai


How about an isekai where the MC is from an adventure-magic type world and ends up in the modern world
Or where an MC from the modern world goes to another world, but it ends up being pretty much the same as his original world

Holy shit. That means the movie was spot on.

Reverse isekais depend more on slice of life comedy situations. Like the Maou series or for westerns you could even look at Star vs Forces of evil.

Then aren't all videogames in a sense Isekais, where the player is reborn as a character in a new world?

Not really if the character already has a fleshed out back story. I prefer those kind of games, really.


I was about to post this. I'm pretty sure it's the standard.

>Adventure Issekai
>1 way portal accessible at the end
>Male protagonist without a cheat
>Slice of life Isekai
>2 way portal accessible at the start
>Male protagonist without cheat

magical/political isekai or mecha/political isekai, with harem elements
No academy. Some adventure is ok.

I prefer dead, because I don't want mc to deal with the whole, should I go back or not.

male with cheat, for self insert purposes. Monster works too.
17th century gentleman battles monsters on spooky Dying Earth, basically survival horror. Old-fashioned language and some aspects might seem tacky (for instance, literal power-of-love asspull in the end), so it's not for everyone, but I enjoyed it immensely: thought it has god-tier haunting yet poetic atmosphere.

Anyone reading sevens? We got a new illustration for the sisters.

Neverending story
Princess of Mars
Yankee of King Arthur's court
Wizard Knight

too bad for that Gainax ending though

>tch I missed

The real tragedy of El Hazard was no Sequel to Wanderers

Bad girl Ifurita is best Ifurita

>MC meets Ifurita for about 5 secs
>proceed to ignore best girls for her

>MC tries to do the same shit
>Ifurita disregards him and gets with best guy

>Now and Then Here And There
Are the GOATest.

I'd like an isekai where the Mc wakes up in the body of a shota but later comes to the realization that he is just a spirit possessing his body

am i the only one who liked this?

The cat girl gave so many boners as a kid.

That reminds me
>this entire sequence

No but you were the only one who remembered it
I think this was the last 60+ episode anime I watched and that was like 6 years ago.
Forgot all about it, all I remember is the main characters stupid ball and stick weapon and fuckable fairies

>mc wakes up as a shota
>all the onee-sans try to rape him every day

I'd fap to that.

never watched the anime, i really loved the manga tho, i found the drawings beautiful and it was really fun to read

Fucking Utah. And Mormons.

>implying he's not muslim

>the only thing they got right was pro polygamy

there really isn't enough incestuous twins in one body build a harem to fight against magical nazis in giant robots conjured by a hermaphrodite princess anime anymore.

what was the name of this again? too lazy to turn my pc into moonrunes mode again but i wanna search it on the panda

>people actually use yt to watch videos
>actually has decent quality
What a time to be alive.

is it translated? sounds good

>that pic
That actually happened to me.
It's not rape if I came, right?

It's s show from the 90's I don't even think they come in above 480p unless a remaster gets released.

>Instead of bullying the heroine, MC dotes on her and turns her yandere
This is my fetish.

Sort of remind me of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The NPC part.

R&GAD focus on two minor characters from Shakespear's Hamlet.

Russian truckers have better aim.

That explains why Russian isekai is higher quality. They can pick and choose who to send into alternate worlds besides the weak and lame that can't evade traffic.

Remember when Gate came out and there was a russain novel that ripped off the story? Shit was great.

>check shiebldbro stuff on pixiv
>some of it is the manga artist's sketches and stuff
>some are cute shit
>some of it is also genderbent Naofumi X Motoyasu shit

I'm not sure what to feel about the last one.

Chapter 27 when? I need my Raphtalia fix.
She should have stayed a loli.

Isekai is a shit genre

Somewhere around this weekend or the next week. Considering Comic Flapper releases the 5th of every month the TLers have their hands full with getting the scans and TLing Mushoku Tensei and other stuff

Oh hey you saved my edit

Nice! I can't wait. I was afraid the auther/mangaka was going to give it the Berserk treatment.
It's a good edit. It's one of the few images that survived my hard drive whip.

Naw, those hiatuses seem to come at random.

here's another one, i don't think i did the gradient well but anyway

How far has the manga's story come as compared to the LN? I spoilered myself in some threads awhile back. I'm guessing it's about three books behind?

in english as far as the manga goes, we're somewhere around the latter half of volume 4. So we're about 1 and a half volumes behind. 2 when we get to november, as volume 6 will be released.

in japan it would be about 10 & 1/2 volumes behind. And if i'm not mistaken, volume 15 seems to be somewhere around the houou fight, or it's a fohl/atlas centric volume.

>10 & 1/2 volumes behind
Holy crap, this is going to be a wild ride. I may as well get started on the LN.

Charles Barkley isekai, make it happen

Yeah good luck with that. I;m not sure why is theres a NaofumikoxMotoyasu fanart and no NaofumixL'Arc fanart.

What was the point of Fucking volume 5 then?

Him getting off his horse to wipe down the mud on the witches was awesome

10/10 would swear my loyalty and follow him


>rakuin no monshou

Not an isekai though. More updates please.

Those scenes were the best.

You are the best



Got any with Firo? I remember saving something with her last year.

this, also nice trips

here's one with fitoria

That was it! Thanks.
When I first saw it in the manga, I thought I was getting trolled by the uploader.

the (⌐■_■) definitely happened.

Fitoria made me diamonds.

He got a small army of lolibabas last chapter.

When it is not just wish fulfillment and/or power wank garbage and actually affects the setting in a significant way.

2 chapters by Estelion so far, pray the guy remembers he even picked it up.

I like my Isekais with edgelord MCs unironically.
Though even I thought that Arifureta was too much.

Just imagine how he would have ended up if he didn't meet his vampire loli.

Pretty much this, though I also like the ones with more focus on world building.
Youjo Senki and Tensei Slime are the ones I'm currently reading.

How many other LNs with people who got isekai'd would have been well off in their worlds if they hadn't?

There's youjo, when the MC could have been on his way to PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROMOTIONS

Re:zero where subaro could have sorted his daddy issues and hit it off with a rem lookalike.

And Shieldbro where naofumi had a lot of choices after college including a secured job via one of his former guildmates.

>There's youjo, when the MC could have been on his way to PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROMOTIONS

Wasn't he like, already elite as fuck? The Slime MC was also pretty well off, all things considered.

Saito from ZnT was another high school student, so was Hitomi from Escaflowne. Itami from GATE seemed to be doing okay, if underperforming.

I assume so, but remember he moves and pulls strings whenever something threatens him.

Is the MC by chance a big guy?

Now that i think about it, Hajime from arifureta also had his life planned out, doing stuff somewhere in the entertainment industry like his parents before him.

>you have been transported to some magical realm and realize you are the protang of a isekai
>what will you do?
I would turn it into a hentai.

Throw myself in a pit and hope there is magic water and badass monsters down there.

well shit, translations never ever

Yo I loved the manga.

Are there any steampunk isekai? What about ones with femcs or with multiple people getting transported over?

>wanting to die in some of the most gruesome ways imagineable

I wonder if there are any isekai where the MC actively tries to get back to their world, or any where their family and friends actually miss them?

>not being fit and trained in some sort of martial arts
>not knowing some sort of bush craft and animal prepping for food
>not selling your knowledge for protection and eventually taking over a faction
>not conquering a region under the name of SCIENCE
It's like you're some sort of neckbeard.

Nowadays Mario is peach's osanajimi though, which makes him the only one in history to score with his love interest.

Try to go home, barring that, go to the most peaceful area possible.

so, your happier place?

There are no safe zones in the real world, son. Only shit pushing zones.

Hello Work is great.

But it fucking murders anyone who tries to translate it.

This is the only correct way.

>An actor, a martial artist, a gun-crazy high school student, and their tank are transported from earth to a world of elves and magic. However, the spell to return them home was botched resulting in fragments of the spell being magically imprinted onto their skin. Their solution: run around looking for elves and stripping them wherever they find them
Picked the fuck up. I'm also assuming your pic related is best girl?

What do you mean?

It's a great ride, prepare for unexpected feels.

First guy translates the first volume in a little under two months.

Disappears off the face of the earth and is never heard from again, even a year latter.

New guy picks it up; has a consistent history with other projects and actually fulfills donation incentives. Communicates well with followers, etc.

Hello Work made his close his donations, and he disappears for two months at a time before his captors let him out occasionally to post a chapter.

Promises an explanation. And still hasn't posted in a month.

What the fuck does this LN do to translators?

David Weber does sort of that in his last book of his Empire From the Ashes. Then he decided the concept was cool enough to do a whole series of instead of a third of a book with his Safehold series The MC has to bring an island nation from age of exploration technology to iron clad warships to eventually starships to combat the aliens that destroyed every other vestige of humanity.

It's sci-fi from an English speaking author, but still cool. MC organizes the tech development to have his chosen civilization survive the holy war waged against them, but can't be too over lest she trigger the anti science orbital bombardment system.

I don't usually like any Isekai but I like Shut Hell. The guy that comes from the future is mostly irrelevant and the fact he's from another period is even more so. Also the first time he gets control of the body he initiates hot lesbian sex with one of the main villains.

>anti-science orbital bombardment system
that sounds very ironic

They purposefully reset the colony to agree of exploration tech to hide from the aliens by eliminating emissions, but then the administrators set themselves up as gods with no intention of returning to space, had a civil war and left their machines on autopilot when a dissenter blew up their headquarters with a nuke. 1000 years later a pilotable android awakes with their memories and an AI that used to be the targeting computer for a warship telling her to save humanity from the religious fanatics and get them ready to face the aliens.

She needs low tech humans to seize the enemy capital to disarm the orbital bombardment system.

> Guy gets betrayed
> He was forced to do their dirty work with the Maou
> They never planned on being friends with him.
> A bunch of people hunted him down for a year or so.
> They raped a bunch of demihumans as a sacrifice on their end to summon him there
> Also took everything precious to him in cost of his family, friends and entire school block radius.
user, revenge torture would not be the only thing I'd do for the shit they fucking pulled.

No, a place I could peacefully cry about never going home to my family and anime again.

So... your even more happy place?
Yeah i'd probably do that too

Where's my isekai MC goes fuck being a hero shit, becomes a turbo jew and jews the shit out of everyone ?

Shieldbro was kinda that for a moment.

Savage Divinity
How to avoid death on a daily basis.

both with 100+ chapters, updated every 3 days.

It's not exactly the major focus, but GATE has some considerable jewage by the good guys. The japanese ambassador initially tries to wrangle some thousands of tons of gold in compensation moneys from the villains.
A big part of the underlying politics in the series is about figuring out how best to exploit the natural resources in the new world; the main character's job is eventually to find mineral deposits.

There's Flame Kingdom for that but MC gets jewed in return by the kikes in fantasy world.

>The japanese ambassador initially tries to wrangle some thousands of tons of gold in compensation moneys from the villains.
He only asked for what is standard war reparation rates. The fact that the Empire had an economy a tiny fraction of Japan's, and as such could not physically mine enough gold to pay for the costs of Tokyo's reconstruction, is NOT Japan's problem. They asked for only what they were owed, no more or no less.

Squeeze a country too hard and you end up with post WWI Germany. It's better to try to work with them.


>Squeeze a country too hard and you end up with post WWI Germany. It's better to try to work with them.
They do. They are prepared to have the payment done in instalments rather than all at once. They also insist that they are not interested in overthrowing their government. This was a better deal than what Germany got.

Lastest chapter of kumo has arrived. Now everyone has two options:

1.- Let kuro and the Goddess die to restore the world. If the goddess is left to be waste away by the system she's sustaining, Kuro will take her place and use his own energy to restore the world. Both Kuro and the goddess's souls will not be able to reincarnate.

2.- Destroy the system to restore the world. By destroying the system, the resulting free energy after it's destruction can be used to save the world. The bad thing is that there will be a total recall by the system which will impose a heavy toll on souls that have a considerable amount of skills, titles, etc. People will die, some will be able to reincarnate, and some wont. The goddess is still going to die, but she'll still enter the cycle of death.

I read a few chapters of both. HTADDB is definitely a better read so far.

>I walked out the door with Maurice and the two girls falling in behind me. Ceiling-staring guy got up and shuffled after us. Was this really my party? I had to ditch these losers as soon as possible.


Is Outbreak Company isekai?

If it features the main character cast being transported to another world either by summoning or reincarnation, then yes

Yes. It's one of the better ones. I completely forgot about it.

Yes, and it's one of the few ones where they can travel freely between worlds.



>No Andrew Jackson and/or Teddy Roosevelt isekai with them just kicking ass left and right.

Good night guys, hope the thread survives long enough

Earth better tap that eventually with her sister.

Slow ass translations...

>favorite type of Isekai
Modern Age/Present technology + Medieval/Magical/Fantasy world

What I long for these kind of genre is when the other worlders visits the modern world and will be in awe with modern tech like TV's, escalators, automatic doors etc.


If it's a grimdark world however, I'll just kill all the assholes and remake the world according to my own wishes.

Not precisely, but Brave Story kinda fits the bill.

>What I long for these kind of genre is when the other worlders visits the modern world and will be in awe with modern tech like TV's, escalators, automatic doors etc.

Gotta stroke that modern tech boner.

Step 1: Go join the military.
Step 2: Get good.
Step 3: Marry me a cake/milf-tier girl.
Step 4: Adventure and SoL.
Step 5: Plot happens and suffering.

Thats shity isekai plan.

Step 1: using your coolinary knowledge from real world create a japanese dish that will become in this world so popular you get initial capital for your future business. Omurice would do.
Step 2: Having spare potato that for some reason was in your pocket, you impement potato farming in this world - solving hunger problem and becoming rich.
Step 3: Create Gunpowder, because you totally remember how its done
Step 4: Build Airplane
Step 5: Conquer the World

>That's a shitty isekai plan.
>Those plans.
user I have no fucking idea how to make a Japanese dish, create gunpowder, or build an airplane from scratch.

I was telling you my isekai plan if I got isekai because that's what I know what to do.

is there such thing as groundhogs day isekai

Trying to think of a groundhogs day + isekai story is coming up with blanks over here.

Closest thing I can think of is Re:Zero.

Is there any music isekai? Say, a passionate but unpopular rock band died. All of the members gets sent into a fantasy world, where multiple nations wage war against each others (like in Mount and Blade). For the unique heroic power, they choose to have stage truck and their musical instruments powered by magic that have RPG-like damages or status effects. They then travel all around the world, doing heroic deeds with power of ROCK AND ROLL LOVE AND PEACE. If they go to Celtic-like villages, they fuse with the local 'ancient' songs and play Celtic rock. If it's Mongol-like, it's throat-singing tatar rock. And so on. Overtime they get experience and can absorb new techs from their journeys.

sounds interesting i'd prefer a washed up guy who let the popularity destroy his relationships and he goes back to his youth to relive it blah blah blah. etc etc. fix his relationship problems with family and friends and use his money not necessarily to be a saint but just more wisely.