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Chaika is tired from being on the front page so often. If you really like Chaika you'll let her get to page 10 where she can rest!

How can one girl be so precious? Chaika Trabant is the daughter I didn't know I wanted.


>Chaika thread
>It ain't Mweeee starts playing

Like clockwork


Bumping for my wife, Chaika Trabant

Chaika. New season, soon. Yes?

Chaika, big girl! Chaika, not tired! Chaika wants playing with Tooru! All night!

Chaika not little girl anymore. Chaika strong. Chaika bury enemies!

Uh oh, here comes some Freddie!



Akari is the best girl in chaika
I used to giggle every fucking time she reacted to something i was truly in love

Akari best brocon


I dont even enjoy that kind of incest but for some reason i loved this character in particular, shes my soulmate

>Chaika will never drown you in hugs

Second best to Freddie

What do Chaika kisses taste like?

daily reminder you don't have a waifu

just autism

Ill take as many extra cromossomes i need to love her



i am cum

Why is this Chaika so angry?

>ywn be cum


Ending was rushed Akari best girl tfw season 3 never ever

no eng translation of LNs too

Didn't they adapt all of the LNs anyways? Fun fucking show though. Pretty standard format with the comfy fantasy travels and the chunni sword and sorcery fighting coupled with mcguffin searching. The only failing point was the dip in quality as the thing went on, and the rushed ending.

That's not what causes autism.

Freddy needs you on the front page Chaika!

That's her style. Blue Chaika said that all Chaikas have something that makes other people help them collect the dad-parts. Red Chaika attracts masochists that want to be punched and screamed at.

I'm too late I see

It's NEVER too late for Freddy!

>Thought we would get armored Freddie in anime
>It's just Dominica again

At least we got some good claw-freddy.

Butt bump

Is Chaika a virgin?

What Chaika?

I love you, Umaru.


Well, blue Chaika is a prime slut, white Chaika the purest virgin, red Chaika is questionable. Her constant anger could be the result of not getting the D.

What would they even do

Black Chaikas are best Chaikas

Chaika will always be on the front page of my heart.


Fred is love

But did she job so hart?

She just didn't really care


I can still her her "Toru!" I can't get it out of my head

I LOVE Fred!

>Your favorite character is just a joke jobber character
Fuck this gay earth I wanted a Freddie centric episode

She wasn't a joke jobber, she was just too perfect for the show.

What kind of -dere is she? I can't classify her.

Only bad characters are just 'a kind of -dere'.
I don't even like Akari, but Chaika characters aren't that shitty.

Yeah, sure, but the way how she lusts for her brothers dick confuses me. Most of the time it seems she doesn't care about that, but then she's really frank about it, almost obsessive.

You say what. About Chaika? Chaika, graduated top of class. Chaika Seals. Involved, lots of raids. Secret raids! Hero-fighting! Over 300 exploded breads, confirmed! Chaika, trained in eyebrow warfare. Top wizard. Entire Chaika armed foces! You, nothing but another bread. Chaika, cook you out. Precision, never seen before! Mark Chaika's words. You, get away? Think you can? Say stuff over Internet. Think wrong! Secret saboteur network, contacting! Right now! Your house, being traced. Storm, coming! Brace! Storm, wipe out you! You, little. You, pathetic. You, dead. Kid! Chaika, anywhere! Everywhere! Can drive car, over 700 ways! Just with Chaika hands! Chaika, trained in unarmed cuteness. Also, access to entire coffin! All of Chaika's dad, parts. Chaika, use. Full extent! You, miserable! Wipe bum off face of continent! You, should have known. Unholy retribution! Clever comment, bring down. On you. Held your tongue, should have. But, couldn't. Didn't. Pay price. Baka. Chaika, super angry! All over you! You, drown in hugs! Kid. Smothered

>Countries, forsake.
>Motherlands, leave behind, Earth, become one with. Nation, no. Philosophy, no. Ideology, no. Where needed, Chaika fighting. No government, for Chaika.
>Reason to fight, no. Fight, where Chaika needed.
>No recourse, Chaika deterrent. Chaika soldier, border none. Purpose, era defined.
>Chaika services, sell. Time demand, Chaika revolutionary, Chaika criminal, Chaika terrorist.
>To hell, Chaika head. Best place, for Chaika.
>Chaika's home. Heaven, hell, for Chaika.
>Chaika. Outer Heaven.



Chaika looks like a top tier waifu. I never watched the show and may be interested if she really is. Can Chaikafags pique my interest with something? What's good about the show?


Chaika is cute and all, but the show itself is pretty good. Fun adventurs, good characters, a MC that kinda gets an harem, but isn't an idiot, actually a quite competent guy, well drawn fight scenes.

And yeah, Chaika being Chaika.


I'm convinced.


Did anyone getting high def images of all the runic scene breaks?
I really love Chaika's aesthetic and I would appreciate anything I could get.

Why isn't there a Green Chaika?

Freddie is for _____


Frontpage! MWEE?


Hot anime ass

I still love Chaika.



Bump so Chair can be first page again

Hot damn. I want Freddie to DOMINATE me.

Freddy seems like the kind of girl who would transform back into a dragoon during sex. After she cums but not before you do.

You know... I'm still pissed off at how the fucked up the final battle of the anime.




ATK is a god and I'm glad he worked on Chaika.

Decent show with a shit ending. If your standards are low, go for it, but you can probably find something better to do with your time.

Unless you're a fan of comically bad endings. Then have it.




Chaika is great, too bad her anime had shitty ending.



>you will never wake up covered in Chaikas


OK I only watched the first season but these .gifs are scaring me. Chaika is love but fuck man.

What's the matter?

Chaika Souls is the best

Noooo don't kill her!

Underrated post.




I acknowledge this post

Remember what happened to Vivi? Every girl in the show is a potential Chaika. It's too bad we never got to see Akari try to Chaikafy herself in order to get Tooru's attention and it still wouldn't work

I wonder if the the LNs go into greater detail of what Akari and Tooru were doing in the War.

Aren't they both veterans?

IIRC, they partook in a few operations but didn't get to see some front-line fighting








Wikipedia should change their anime image to this.

that was such a fun thread


I was actually somewhat proud of my Keyman Chaika. I'm glad I got to be a part of something fun, Chaika threads and their anomalously wonderful pure shitposting and fuckery will be sorely missed.

The hairiest fucking pussy.

This is clearly an edit

Still, hot tho. They should be white, tbqhwyf.

What did they do to the body?

Purple > Red = Blue > White > shit > Black > Green = Pink

>watched it for chaika
>stayed for freddy
Why are loli monster girls so great?

In love. Toru with Chaika. But from different dimension. Unknown destiny!

And Chaika confessed that it has not been awarded by the deus ex machina in the boy's phone number. Please do not mind the strange area code, she immediately call him, he is overjoyed to find that you have a you too crazy girlfriend.

When Chaika talked about the day of confession to the boy before, the next day, he is to her, it looks into how you embarrassed each only. After some investigation, the boy she called, she know that she is not the same as the boy fell in love. In fact, he does not fully exist in this universe. Recognition of his conflict, it has had to enable her collision fell in love, of another world, calm self of her AU without him. SHOCKING TRUTH!

They are to be equipped with each other in the arms, it creates the need to conquer their darkest heart of alter ego, has continued to Hijinks to beat the contract that gives the most private secrets to each other. Two, while chasing each human love, they instead, fell in love with each other, began to question the love of the NATURE of KANSHA, then drama followed.


Keit-ai is already a manga. Stop posting it.



Salty grapes?


Long lost cousin Baika!


>more like dykea


Chaika can get plenty of rest in here where she belongs

Chaika on my front page!

last episode was so disappointing

I had a dream that I was walking home and out of nowhere Chaika appeared. I got scared and started to run. She chased me. I ran into my house and slammed and locked the door behind me. Then she appeared inside the house. I ran up the steps. She followed me, not running, but kind of floating. I ran into the bathroom and was trapped, it was a dead end and she was coming. I looked for a weapon, but the only thing I found was a bottle of cough syrup. I threw it at her. And you know what? She was no longer a coffin princess. She was just a princess. Then we started making out and went to my bedroom.

user remember Chaika. Kansha!
Chaika tired. Chaika sleeps now.