Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

36 minute extended episode confirmed

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36 minutes? I won't complain but that's an odd length.

Rem a best. A BEST.

Emilia a shit. A SHIT.

This guy gets it.

how many volumes have been adapted so far and how much source material is left?

As long as everyone feels like they've been emotionally gut-punched in the end, I'll be happy. Or sad. Maybe both. I'll be sorely disappointed if they fail to take this opportunity to leave the largest possible impact they can.

God damnit I'm just a semi-remfag and this makes me feel bad ;_;

All of them and 0.

They should be on volume 9 now, which actually hasn't been released yet. However, the WN is 3 arcs ahead.

My japanese is shitty but I read that as it will air 36 minutes late.

That's great news.

Some user in the last thread said it was 36 minutes, but your interpretation makes more sense sadly.

We got played like a damn fiddle.

What's a "semi-remfag"?

It will be delayed 36 minutes, not be a 36 minute episode.

Somebody who mastered the jap translate that properly. Also source?

Loving Rem and the rest of the waifus

What and say is th ecorrect answer.

I don't like it, too.

Light novel??

all Vols, hell, Vol 9 is not even out. the last 3 eps, but the vol itself release next week.

Web Novel Wise.
Anime cover Arc 3.

Web Novel is at arc 6.

No, it's saying the timeslot got pushed back. It's now starting at 4:41 going until 5:11 (from original 4:05-4:35).


>36 minute extended episode confirmed

I for once welcome
>Who is Rem?

It makes no sense as it only entails TV Aichi.

I don't think one really need to know japanese to interpret this:

Nobody loves
Nobody likes

Ah damn. Don't they know people prefer the tragedy and despair to the heroics and romance?
Plenty of Remfags love other girls too. I honestly like most of the ones I've seen to some degree or another.

O..Okay then...

maybe we can still get that part if they dont drag road kill and skip the whole fire stones.

I mean, the animation already changed
>track the other mitia to know the location of the Fingers in the forest for
>this guy has a map.

post more rems

That is really slothful of them

OP you're so fucking stupid holy shit, your parents feed you in mcdonalds when you were a child


It's kind of a weird change though. Is there anything significant about that timeslot or did some other show end up going on super long?

>36 minutes
Anime ending confirmed.

Nice bad info in the OP. I'm curious how would the passerby react when it airs

What about me and Subaru?


Why do people keep posting blue Ram with bigger tits?

I'm just a little curious, what kind of hour is 26



>look mom I posted it again


Why are you so salty?

I suppose it really doesn't need to be repeated.


Is spbro still here?

I want to ask if Al was confirmed coming from Japan.

From what I remembered is that he was summoned just like Subaru was. However no hints about from where he was.

He recognized a Japanese idiom. It's either bad writing, or he's from Japan. Also, this is a Japanese writer we're talking about, anyhow: of course Al is from Japan.

So, how long do decent quality doujin scans take? Are the next thirty or so Rem doujins going to be released before the first wave has been finished?


;_; she's so perfect it hurts

I don't want this anime to end.

Why do all the anime I like never get a second season.


Will they show it anons? Will they do best girl justice?

>Create extremely sexy design with crazy personality, vampire, huge titties, and DSL
>only see her once
What a waste

I think it was a mistake on their part to push episode 18 instead of the final episode so much will be lost

Satlella reveal and confession never
Betel roadkill will be censored and out offscreen
Rem who? will be rushed and shitty
And of course no gluttony and greed archibishops reveal
Their will be no time to properly mash the emotional impact of the finale of arc 3 in fucking 24 minutes

No, OP's parent is McDonald himself.

Right? I hope we see more of her some day.

Is this the end of meme man guys? ;_;

Its 36 mins user

Nips can't into 24 hours, so they made it into 24+-2 hours

36mins delayed

One day, we will be free from all the galge game bullshit and waifufaggotry, and go full war on sub-humans.

why is Petelguese not doing anything and just standing and watching while the 2 faggots are sucking each other's dick?

The more sloth he sees the stronger he becomes


> Re:Zero - The last king of Lugnica is no more. In order to preserve the realm, a royal election takes place. The ambitious and bold political and military genius Crusch Karsten seeks to rejuvenate the land and to create a strong, centralized government free of vestiges of antiquated ideals, 'the Dragon'.

> The merchant princess Anatasia Hoshin desires a realm built not on serfdom or the subjugation of others, but one built on the unlimited prosperity of the waves.

> Felt, of an unclear lineage, desires nothing more but the destruction of the high nobility, a rage against feudal injustice burning in her heart.

> Priscilla Barielle could best be described as an advocate of "L'etat et moi."

> Amidst all these competing ambitions, the scorned and ridiculed half-elf Emilia, seeks an ideal world where everyone is equal. Meanwhile, an ancient conspiracy seeks to destroy as much as possible for their love of "the Witch".

> Of these five ambitions, in the midst of darkness, who indeed shall prevail in this game of wits and thrones?


Going to vote for Emilia, she is like us.

>Witch damn it why the fuck can this slothful heathen see my UNSEEN Hands!?
>I'm insane but I know they are called UNSEEN for a reason!
>I want to go back to the cave
>I don't even understand what those cone heads say but at least they don't look like faggots
>Why do they always whisper
>My feet hurt
>Why did the witch chose him instead of me?
>Is it the looks?
>It's been only 60 years since I possessed this body, I can't look that bad
>Am I too clingy?
>They are still talking.... this is beyond slothful
>Did his mouth just disappear?
>I miss my fingers already

Subaru smacks her bitch ass down (literally) and finishes her off pretty easily. With some help, of course, but it's Subaru that delivers the finishing blow.

Only one episode left, no more Subaru, only the most beta and edgy MCs from now on.

So more Subaru user?~

I want to kiss subaru !!!

Shush. You're supposed to be sleeping.

God, these doujins make Rem look like a creep when she's just an innocent lovable meido.

No letting it go

(who murders/tortures without any mercy whatsoever if you "smell wrong")

I hope we get 12 minutes of bonus Tekyuu or something afterword

I think the story of that one is that she needs to collect his semen to make medicine for Ram. I don't really get why.

No, she's definitely a creep. She tries to get in on him when he's bathing, is basically always fishing for him to touch her, and tries to roofie him.

Also she watches him in his sleep and knows how he folds his underwear. She needs dick bad.

Nice headcanon, none of this has been shown in the anime. The only thing that might suggest this is when she said "thanks for the meal" after Subaru landed on her cleavage but that's it.

Its not headcannon, the anime isn't the original source. She also says that she should be the only one to smell Subaru. After the second arc the anime flattened her personality somewhat and cut some of her scenes.

And what do you have to back this up, shitposter-kun? Will you just fabricate fake spoilers like many in the past has done?

Fuck off and quit making Rem look bad.
>flattened her personality
Still was the best female character in this series. Guess that says a lot about everyone else.

>not shown in the anime
>only the anime exists

Nice bait, user.

During the whale fight she said "thanks for the treat" and "only I may smell subaru". That's not creepy enough?

Not as creepy as
>this guy followed me around and knows my spirit's name and acts autistic all the time but I'll go on a date with him anyway!

She's not bad. I personally think its funny, she has a bit more color to her personality that way. They cut her down to the essential bits of her personality which are strong and just moved past a lot of fluff scenes.

Those are charming. Rem is very cute!

Shame about the coma.

So when Rem gets erased do we then colour all the Rem pics and fanworks in pink?
Will the golden age of Ram the overly smug maid start?

That's not creepy, just dumb and naive, which Emilia is.

she can't help it, she's too nice a person
she literally thanked a finger for being defeated

That took a long time though, she was always nice to him, mostly because Puck assured her there is ntohing wrong with him but only after long time did she start liking him for real.

Emilia thought babies were made by kissing, and she kissed Julius and Subaru without hesitation.

She's a creep and a slut.

Well she is an elf.

No corpse was discovered though.

They burned down the building Elsa was in but they don't know if she died for real.

Clearly because both of them are semen demons

Cant quite remember but didnt she learn that fact rather afterwards and then kinda was a bit worried.

>Making Rem look bad

It made Rem look better.

Didnt Elsa have that higher regeneration blessing?
Pretty sure she survived.

If she's a vampire, can she use mist form?

>can hold her own against Reinhard
>survives Reinhard's attack
>Reinhard being the strongest person in Re:Zero
>dies to le meme boy because hes the MC
Tappei sure thought this through.

Reinhard used some shitty counterfeit sword though, not his own

If there's no body, or at the very least a death sequence that you get to see her very last moments of life (in case of things like disintegration), assume that she'll return.

Oh no, not generic Edgy McBitch

Only on the lips, and she never kissed Julius.

He is actually funny, knows he wants Tappei's waifu and his suffering and the way of how he fucks everything entertained me .

what power does his own sword possess? seems extremely powerful if it can refuse to be unsheathed



While you two complain I'm just sitting here enjoying this flawed individual. She isn't perfect, that's what makes her perfect, the anime really did flatten her personality a bit.

Reinhard went full kids gloves on her.

A Re:Zero thread and not a single Ram Pic until now, what blasphemy is this?!

>The smell got stronger

Wew lad


damn i meant Rem

as the joke is all pictures are now of Ram
cause Rem not existing any longer

I fail to see where you morons think I'm complaining. They skip over lots of fun stuff she does in the LN and its adorable. Her anime personality is still fine because it retains her core values. She's not as obviously feisty as her sister but she knows what she wants and will work to make it happen.

Babby's first "deep anime" I guess

I'm pretty sure, at that point in time she doesn't know that a date is supposed to be romantic in nature

She does not

Everytime I see this I question why Subaru has not made children with her yet.

Because if they started they wouldn't stop.

Reminder that as soon as they became a couple Rem got pregnant within a year. With Subaru doing most o the initiation surprisingly.


>Ten years married and still going strong

How painfully tragic this might never happen

It's a sample image for the download.

Holy shit. What is this non canon feeling?

I think the words you are looking for is agonizing bliss

Will they ever top episode 23?

Not really, when you are non canon you can also be out of character.

Hopefully episode 25


He lives insider Subaru, that's how memeboy was born

So what i get from that, is that arcs actually cover more than one novel, are the next ones even longer? Because it does feel like this third arc is longer than first and second combined.

Man these threads really are garbage outside episode day

Fourth arc is almost twice as big as arc 3. Arc 5 is just as big, we don't know how big arc 6 will be.

Soon, soon the golden age of Ram will begin.

Serious guys, no one posting Ram are all of her fans asleep?

Just saw the episode. Does everyone agree that it was full of QUALITY?

After watching episode 23 I can finally understand the Ferris meme

I find the father away we are from episode days the better, but the closer we get to them the threads progressively become shittier.

forth is bigger than 3, still full throtle on suffering but is less cringering cause at least Tsubaru tries to fix the shit on every loop, rather than full on autism.

arc 5 is mostly candidates building and full on action, as they fight 3-4 arch bishops

arc 6 so far is like about half and tsubaru has died already 4 times

I can't find a source.

>2 more days and it'll all be over

I mean, you're not wrong


I kind of get the feeling that if we ever got a third season, it'd be Arc 5 and 6 combined.
If you buy it and crack the DRM, you can give us the source yourself. Or you can wait until someone else does it.

saved budget for ep 25?

You can cut down the fourth arc to half a season to be honest, as most of it is literally just speeches and over descriptive scenarios.

>yfw insert song by Rem again

>Wishing on the last episode plays
>This time its a duet with Rem and Subaru

What do you mean out of character? If there's one thing the Rem AU does well is showing the character's other side had they taken this route. Even after all this happiness, Rem subconsciously sunk even lower because she couldn't accept herself to be entitled of such happiness.

>shit fox


>she couldn't accept herself to be deserving of such happiness.

Fixed. Anyway there were deep wounds that they couldn't shake off. Rigel seeing this was ominous. I wonder what the possible last Rem AU next year would cover.

Give me 10 copies

Subaru didn't kill her though. She burned herself when she opened a door connected to a sealed space, basically exploding in her face or whatever that was left of her body.

Before totally burning Elsa down, Subaru had to kind of fight with her or whatever that was left of her body since she had become an empty shell that was described by Subaru as a dark thing that moved like it was a dead corpse with no will. Garfield also admitted she left her in that state because he knew she was already empty(dead) and ironically laughs at himself for indirectly killing someone despite him saying he wouldn't.

He left he in that state*

He left her in that state*
Time to bail out.

Hello spbro
How is Arc 5? Is it better than 4?

I mentioned in the previous thread that because of life reasons I still can't read arc 5, not even finish my Beako translations yet.

Sorry user, I should be relatively free next week, at least.

no, if only tsubaru had used that 1 year to git gud at unseen hand arc 5 would have less loops

I see, thanks anyways. Keep up doing these godlike TLs bro.

If Julius is the greatest knight then what the fuck is Reinhard?

He'd probably be ending his sentences a little differently if he did that.

The Sword Master

The greatest day.

Lolicon Jesus.

the greatest living being


I don't think towels work like that.



How has Re Zero changed your life?
>wake up in the morning
>do victory pose
>during my free time I do some radio calisthenics
>whenever I'm in a rough time, I think of Rem cheering me on

With all those feats it's actually impressive to consider that he died once

that is Regulus told him stay put a let him get hit once or he will kill Emilia.

he accepts, Regular attacks and kill him. and just when he undoes his Authority, Reinhard strikes back and Regulus is baffled on how or why he was alive

How the hell did Regulus' authority bypass the hit immunity though.

Lewd emilia

Regulus just kinda casually waved his hand at him and the timestopped air sliced Reinhardt in two. Maybe if you half-ass it it doesn't count.

maybe cause he let it hit him?

Unfortunately for them, Regulus grabbed Emilia's throat, forcing Reinhard to comply with his request, which was for him to take an attack without protecting himself in exchange for the hostages' freedom. Regulus took advantage of this by killing Reinhard in one strike, subsequently attempting to kill Subaru as well, however to their surprise Reinhard got right back up thanks to his Divine Protection of the Phoenix. Shocked that he was alive, Regulus was unable to do anything to prevent Subaru from rescuing the 184th wife nearby with his whip, Emilia from kicking the ice sword to Reinhard, and Reinhard from attacking him with it.

>we won't ever get to see this adapted

I give it four years before we see the next season. See you in 2020.

>wake up in the morning
>do victory pose
>remember that Subaru doesn't exist
>will never have cute autistic husbando
>go back to sleep

I started from zero. Life's been good so far.

in like 2 years, this is Web Novel Material, on fcuking arc 5.

Light novel Material adapting the web novel, is on vol 9 next week. and only cover till the end of arc 3
no friend. you 1st will have to endure the ride that is arc 4

which was seeing the continuation of his 13th death, the time he killed himself after seeing that Rem's name and memories were eaten. Wilhelm and Ferris tried to save him, however the thing inside of Subaru tried to attack them, causing Pack to freeze the entire area. At that moment, Subaru returned to the grave, but soon after he was pulled back to the trial, this time to view his 12th death, the time Ferris and Julius had killed him along with Petelgeuse. He watched as everyone there grieved for him, with Julius stating that he had wanted to be friends with him. He was forced back to reality with his words, and after realizing that the voice that started the second trial was his own voice, he was forced to watch the continuation of another death, this time his 7th death where he had jumped off of a cliff in front of Ram and Beatrice. Standing next to his dead body, an angry Ram tried to lash out at Beatrice but stopped when she saw that she was crying while kneeling next to his body. Following that scene, he was forced to view the continuation of his 9th death, the time when Pack had frozen him at the Roswaal Mansion after escaping from Petelgeuse's cave. Reinhard had confronted Pack after Subaru's death and killed him, but not before Pack mentioned that Reinhard could only become a hero. Once he had killed him, Reinhard commented that Felt would be sad.

The trial moved on to Subaru's 5th death, which was the time he was killed by Rem as he tried to make his way to Emilia's room. After hearing that Rem had killed Subaru, Emilia cut ties with Roswaal, slapping him when he called her actions a tantrum. She then had Rem guide her to his dead body as she had decided to bury him in Elior Forest.

T-That's not how towels work! but I approve.

Damn, this artist ain't that great, but because they're overall level is high enough, it actually looks okay.

Ya'll seen this yet?

So I am wondering who the fuck is Sirius?
Help, anyone?

Also, Absolute Madman here!

oh you gotta be fucking kidding me

character I'm interested in is the only warlock Hector, has there been any description of him in the WN?

someone with really low standards

Re zero reminds me of Fifty shades of grey but instead of targeting horny moms its for horny loser otaku. Perfect anime for this pathetic crowd of anime fans.



Both me.

Still not getting the answer.

Doesn't that contradict Reinhard's First Attack Immunity and Proceeding Attack Immunity? Seems like Tappei isn't even paying attention to his own shit.

because ZA WARUDO

maybe blessings can be turned off on will??

if blessing were 24/7 active, Felt should be dashing around every time she moves.

but, you mean who as under the wrap, or literally asking who is Sirius? cause you can just read the wiki

But I am too slothful to read the wiki.
Explain shit to me.


Sirius's head is covered in disorderly wrapped bandages except for her eyes. She covers the rest of her thin body with a black coat and has long, distorted chains around both of her arms with ends that drag along the floor.


As shown by her position, Sirius can be scary when she becomes angry, though normally she gives off a disgusting aura. She is also Petelgeuse's stalker and is his self proclaimed wife.

So since the anime has covered all the LNs I guessing we won't get a S2 till two years top,cause despite there being plenty of material to adapt from the WN I doubt they'd waste potential LN sales but adapting things in the anime that haven't been adapted in the LNs.

Nice. And thank you.

>Blessing of the Phoenix
has this ever been activated?

>Sodium Knowledge

>>Blessing of the Phoenix
>has this ever been activated?
Yes, during his fight against Regulus

If the world gets stopped, it can't help Reinhard.


>Re:Zero Arc 11

everyone getting a Hitler vibe from Crusch, I the only one who thought she was more like Stalin? maybe that's because she seems like a competent administrator, and not a methhead that just gives speeches and watches movies all day.

I am a #Cruschmissile now

She is so inexperienced I doubt she can even squelch the infighting nobles.

Look at dem thighs

>showing cleavage
Why so lewd

You really are stupid

Nou ga.

>everyone getting a Hitler vibe from Crusch

Because they both did nothing wrong

Consider ZA WARUDO. Regulus's attacks don't hit when TOKI YO TOMARE, they hit when time has resumed. Thus, that alone cannot explain it.

Why don't you waifufags just get along and fuse the two girls?

Like, come on, guys! You know what's gonna happen!

And I keep making the same joke every time I get the chance.

Is this shit anime over yet? I'm regretting my policy of not dropping a show once I start watching it


I hope we get emotional Ferri in the next ep.

Because taking Rem and adding Emilia is like taking Dark Souls and adding Lords of the Fallen. It's just contamination of something better with a shit.

There will be 2 episodes of Saiki I assume

is preview delay again?

PV tomorrow, right?

For the last two episodes it's been Saturday

What did Tappei mean by this?

Reinhard is gonna milk Felt


Ferris scenes will be cut


Why live?

Is that the last episode? I guess I'm gonna marathon it now.

How does his Phoenix blessing work? Does it get used up once forever or once as in once every fight/days?

>all the anger and bitterness of the Remfags in this thread

They feel it coming, they are cornered animals lashing out.

They could just hang out at Japanese convenience stores and randomly abduct NEETs. You know, just a thought.

If anyone's interested :

Pic is too big for Cred Forums so I'm forced to link over there.

Nah, she's a pretty big pervert, and it's great. The anime skips quite a lot of it though, unfortunately.

Thanks, gonna save it

This is for Tv Aichi which regularly airs on Thursday ( the 22nd of September here ) so it doesn't change anything for Sunday which airs on Tv Tokyo.
It will air as scheduled

That would mean that Crusch scenes are also cut.

Rem scenes will be cut

Oh shit I was gonna miss the livestream with Cred Forums

Subaru scenes will be cut

>It's gonna be 23 minutes of Petra telling Emilia she's not useless.

That sounds nice.


Ram is everywhere, I only see Ram.
Where is [ ]

Wait was Ram the one who fought those demon dogs to save Subaru before.

Did we actually praise Ram as the best girl all the time in the thread?

Damn so excited for next episode but the waiting time is to long, there needs to be some suffering for Subaru as soon as possible.



No, that was Roswaal.
It was all Roswaal and Subaru.
Roswaal is girl too, sometimes. Easy mistake.



What is this?




THE FUCK?!?!?!?

Light Novel 9 illustrations

Subaru Hontoni Kakkoi

Sir, I'm with the Department of Image Scaling. I'm here to place you under arrest.


Why is this medieval isekai suddently turning into a Feudal Japan isekai?

Anyone have the apk files for the alarm apps?


Kararagi is japan




Wut, why?

What is Subaru carrying?

Is there any pic of Betelgeuse's death?

I wanna get off this ride

Fire stone thing?

>Forgetting the blank letter

Remfags are delusional.

huh huh huh huh huh




I'm not, which is why I want me some damn context.

More like "LN9 including non-canon Rem end in an appendix" confirmed.

It's the Rem If chapter you retards

Rem's village is pretty much a micro feudal Japan in an european medieval world.

>Volume where Rem comas
>Includes Rem IF chapter
Yeah, sounds like something Tappei would do.

Do you have more?

Look, I like Rem as much as the next guy but the moment you guys start being delusional and call for a Rem End
>>〜全巻購入特典『Re: I F から始める異世界生活』あらすじ〜. 原作6巻でスバルとレムがカララギへと逃げ出してしまったあとのIFの物語。スバルとレムが結ばれ、. 家族となって生きていくナツキ・レムを描いた長編。

Well ok


Better pic




You're welcome. Well of course I was sharing the pic but I was also wondering if anyone felt like making a nice wallpaper out of this.

Like that for example. Someone did this already : .

can anyone translate this?

Chapter list
He included the Natsuki Rem chapter before Itadakimasu and To Each, Oath like how it is in the WN.

It's not the Rem ending you were looking for.


so guys tell me where should I start reading the manga?

Except that theres gonna be a Rem IF Volume all for itself

>Rem IF
>Ha, just kidding, Rem Coma'd
>Rem confirmed Coma'd
Why you gotta do this mang?

Are you fucking kidding me.

Tappei has a bigger hard-on for Emilia than Subaru does. This is exactly how it was always going to be.

Man, what is up with that last BD?

Its got really nothing to warrant being the same price as the others.

Is this the LN9 chapter list?

What do you think

An average episode is 24 minutes, so that's 1.5 episodes plus 3 minutes since they usually cut out the OP. Pretty significant considering they are probably making it right now compared to episode 1

The episode is not 36 minutes

I somehow feel like they won't show Itadakimasu on EP 25

But instead in an OVA or in between season 1 or 2

Apparently this is it

Prologue - [Re: Start]
Ch 1 - [Gospel of Warmth]
Ch 2 - [Setting up the Backstage]
Ch 3 - [Self-Proclaimed Knight & Most Valuable Knight]
Ch 4 - [Sloth's Demise]
Ch 5 - [---- A Story That's Just That]
Interlude - [Moments in the Dragon Car]
Alternate Story - [Natsuki - Rem]
Interlude - [Itadakimasu]
Ch 6 - [The vow of each]

>We get a chapter about how happy they could have been only to get butt fucked completely by watching Ley Act super happy about all the eating

In theory based on the episode title it should stop at Ch 5. Though they might be doing that to troll the audience with stuff from Ch 6.

Where the fuck is the PV

Tomorrow you retard

I've been searching through twitter for Re:Zero fanart for a while
Theres a lot of Subaru lewds



Wait what? What or who is Rigel holding?

Also, I prefer the fanarts Rem AU design over the official one.

better then nothing

Crack crack crack goes Subaru's spine

The episode is not 36 minutes you retard

Disregard OP, it's 25 minutes and *delayed* by 36 minutes.

The ep is not delayed.


Its something, it appears in the backgrounds once in a while and also appeared in one illustration of the LN


The most embarrassing reset.

"Hey Emilia, see anything you like?"


>A typical light novel has about 250 pages per book, but the author (Nagatsuki Tappei) wrote over 1000 pages for the first book… I had to edit heaps of content and rearrange parts of the story so they would appear in the later volumes of the series. He wanted to elaborate more on the world and the lore of the setting, but it wasn’t necessary at that point in the first few volumes. Thus, we pushed that back till Arc 3 of the series. We focused our attention on getting the audience attached to the characters themselves before we explored upon the world and backdrop. This is why upon entering Arc 3 the cast of characters the audience will encounter in the anime suddenly increases three-fold from the current cast."


He's throwing away the fire stones in that picture.

Notice the fire around the bag and the sparks everywhere else.


They're beautiful

I am so fucking jealous right now


Dude it's an If chapter check the translated chapters for volume 9.

To be honest I'm less freaked out over who Toyota chose but the fact that he fugged a girl so much they had 3 kids.

Jesus man, pull out sometimes

Just two. The thing Rigel has is some weird dog thing. They apparently just fucked like rabbits even though they had better things to be doing.

I like the fanarts better. Subaru actually needs more dad bulk.

You think when Toyota cums he screams out "BETELGEUSE!!" now?

Kid born with terminal 7 anime protagonist's hair, I feel bad

(Also make sure Rem doesn't get the Mom ponytail)

Who the fuck are these Willhelm and Thereisa look alikes?

I this the one that's going to be available only for the ticket?

I wish they'd release it separately.

I think it's in Vol 9. Not sure though.

Rigel looks like a copy pasta for good.

What the fuck?

Whatever this is I love it.

Aren't they making a third child as we speak though?

They did plan on a third one when Rigel got older.

WHAT THE FUCK please be real

Why does my heart hurt so much? This is something that's never meant to happen, fucking brutal chapter list though..happiness before despair

>Pony Tail Subaru


Man, the wait for 25 was supposed to be hype and exciting. I was even going to buy some snacks and watch it with a couple friends, but now I'm just worried WF will fuck up...



What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? Are they ignoring the WN at this point?

Al is Subaru's lost twin brother.


Oh probably.

HD versions of those images, from some guy on >>>/reddit/


Al is Subaru from the future?

Get this guys. Al also has black hair because he is also a dude from Japan




He looks great with that ponytail


>Everyone flipping the fuck out over Al and IF chapter

Faggots, Al has been in there for 18 years, and black hair isn't uncommon for Japanese folk.

They're not going with a different route, the chapter for IF in volume 9 is most likely just the initial chapters.

>Rem with long hair literally is Emilia
Nice sameface

Tappei's master plan.

And he's the exact same height and weight as him.


What if Al is Rigel that was summoned in the past, pick one of the name of the star that Subaru tells him and have a curse like Subaru that cant tell him about his past?, Maybe the another timeline Ram fucked his family and by that he have a grudge to her

Whoah. So if Rem AU does actually happens Subaru goes Al route?

Al had no problems with Rem being Ram, what tipped him off was knowing that she had a sister and that Ram was still alive while Rem existed.

>having kids with an half elf

Unsure to be angry or disgusted. Maybe both.

>Q: What kind of face do you make when you are writing about Natsuki Rem?

>A: I have the face of a joyful man who is witnessing a blissful family, the best in the world.

Damn you Tappei

This is a R.E.M. thread now

Are you implying Rigel dyed his hair black just to fit the japanese persona even more?

That's Rem. It an side story about how him and her ran away together if Rem had accepted his proposal.


Kek, holy shit what a mother fucker


This guy is a troll


Tappei "The Butcher" Nagatsuki everyone

Guys is Echidna AU in the WN?

What chapter is it? Someone I know who just finished the WN doesn't seem to have read it or remember it.

If this doesn't have Season 2 it's gonna be the most blueballing anime ending ever

This is worst my bro, the half elf it's at least half human, this abomination is not even human.


After arc 4 user

The real Tappeibutcher

To be honest I think the ending of Index Season 2 was more blueballing. They pretty much stopped when they were preparing for World War 3 and Battle Royal.

Fairly sure it's near the end of arc 4.


Index was an anomaliy even by anime industry standards, it was a combination of Kamachi hating the anime adaption and Miki acting like a fucking retard.

What is this creature?


>Al says he's married

Holy fucking SHIT

Their shopping dog

Blue Subaru

I hate him so much.

A doggo


Seems more intelligent than the average dog.

Is that really the order that the chapters were released? How the hell can he say he didn't expect Rem to get as popular as she did? There's no way that kind of emotional fuckery wouldn't leave an impression on readers. It's pretty clear Rem is where he goes to when he wants to hurt his readers.
When was that said?

It is, its basically their mini-manservant.


I got you

i would wager a spirit as they are setting based to be attracted to protagonists via anime rule 001 Special powers-n-sheet.

Why did Tapei ruin the story with that shit?
Cause Tapei is the biggest troll the world has seen! He will bathe in our tears and laugh his ass of with his coworkers. FUCKING TAPEIII!!!!

Who's gonna narrate 25 preview?


That's not right is it?

I love him, not only he is the greatest Emiliafag ever but also delivers.

Subaru gets taller as he ages, he's still growing. He'll be taller than Al if they're the same height now. Al weighs the same because he's more muscular but missing an arm.


Tfw it's regulus and Ley

I cant all those butthurt when blue-hair slut is erased of the universe.

No, they don't even have official LN designs yet

>Q: You seem to enjoy silver-haired heroines, what is your state of mind when writing Emilia's death scene.

>A: I enjoy it. Are you satisfied with this?

God dammit Tappei

Is it part of that untranslated bio stuff? I can't read it well enough.

Tappei prolly trolling co-workers as well.

During Madoka production, the director and others begged Urobuchi not to kill off a certain character. He did it anyway. Co-worker salt also delicious.

Too bad Elsa is Roswaal with shapeshifter magic

This is a Kubo tier plot twist

Tappei... What kind of monster are you?!

>Q: 銀髪ヒロインがお好きのようですが、エミリアが死ぬシーンを執筆するときの心境をお聞かせください。

>A: 楽しんでます。これで満足か?

I was just checking his ask fm jesus chirst

It's fake.

Because this term is used to describe most animes air at 12:00-1:00 am, they invented the 25-26 hour for make this commercially viable

Are those heights and weights given actually accurate? What's the source?
Did Aldebaran ever sound like a Japanese name to you? It's not really a common name anywhere. The only kind of Japanese man I can see using that name is someone who was really fucking into stars. It just seems like the sort of thing that would be an alias.

Nah, Rosewaal is only just a body-snatcher that's trying to get Ram pregnant to create a perfect body to posses. Else IS a vampire-like being though.


That's even worse

At least tell me he treats Ram with tender love and shit

She feels pretty Germanic.

I'd say more of a Wilhelm than a Hitler, though.

I love this fucking man

Oh user...

I want to embrace Crusch

>At least tell me he treats Ram with tender love and shit

Y-yeah he sure does

He's an off screen wife beater

Literally a wifebeater

I believe the school AU portrays him as an alcoholic writer, and he almost killed Ram when she burned his gospel.

The Fuck?

Is that you Narika?

I should stop trusting characters voiced by Koyasu

The whole thread is in a hiatus. I am loving this so far!

Finally caught up at the final stretch.

Can someone explain the dark lord subaru theory?

He treats her with his clown cock, then beats the shit out of her

>At least tell me he treats Ram with tender love and shit

He sure does

What's the chapter title for that?

No time for that shit! Subaru is getting Emilia's kids!

After killing the Archibishops, they don't really "die" but they become part of Subaru.

Betelgeuse often speaks in Subaru's head. The theory is that after all the Archibishops are killed Subaru will be corrupted by their collective evil.


That only happened once in arc 6, and it was more like visions.

Stop increasing stuff more than it really is. Still no proper confirmation on it.

Subaru inherits powers from the defeated Archbishops through a process not really mentioned in the anime (They could maybe cover it later). So he gains Betel's Unseen Hand to a very limited degree. He can enhance the powers by sacrificing things precious to him. This combined with Satella giving him favoritism and some of the other shit he goes through leaves people theorizing that he basically goes full dark lord/satella's husbando eventually

Remember, we'll get official art of these cuties in a few weeks

リゼロEX 『ゼロカラカサネルイセカイセイカツ』

That's Rem though

The dark lord Subaru theory is hard to explain

Does Pete whisper good nothing into Subaru's ears?

There is also the fact that Regulus and Betelgeuse also "talks" to him on occasions.

He keeps telling him he's a slothful cunt.

Don't you mean like a month, when Volume 10 comes out?

Wait.... WHAT?!?!?

Who is that girl and why was this image made user?

Oh, that's pretty simple. Firstly, Subaru has a connection to Satella and a different persona whenever he meets her in her afterdeath dreamworld. Secondly, Subaru absorbs the Sins of any Archbishop killed in his vicinity, and it's rather clearly stated that he loses something important whenever he uses them and that the powers are known to lead to madness.
It's not often. Yet. It's more like once, and only in the afterdeath dreamworld. However, Sirius supposedly did say their souls are slowly merging and Betelgeuse will eventually resurface again.

>Dark Lord Subaru theory
I think it's mainly that he had to have had a reason to be summoned by or for the "evil" witch, his behavior, and his affinity for yin (shadow) magic. Look at how Booker DeWitt's Subaru-like outbursts manifested in the eventual reveal in Bioshock Infinite, for example.
One thing I'd also point out is he seems a little too compatible with absorbing witch genes / authorities thus far.

Didn't you know?

>This Sunday it will all be over
>No more Subaru
>No more Felix
>No more Emilia
>No more Rem for a long time
>All we have is the LN
>If Season 2 should happen it will take atleat 2 Years

This is not a moment for war this is a moment for peace and acceptance.

>mfw Toyota is about to empty his Unseen Nuts in Emilia and then he hears:



How does Betel keep his gums and teeth so healthy in such a backwards time?

I wonder if Pete has the full collage


Narika was the worst girl though


>>No more Rem for a long time

More like no animated Rem. This anime will get other two seasons if we're extremely lucky, and Rem will be comatose in both of them.

She grew her hair, also, artist kinda drew it same facey.



this is just fan art right?

Well. I don't know what's worse. Tappei throwing Subaru in a potential RBD and back to the appa stand or letting his check point change but rips Subaru's happy family apart.

God dammit. This is killing me.

Fucking hell... I need a sig...

Lust and Pride are cute

>"Hey Rem have you thought about dying your hair grey? It might look good on you! Also where these joke pointed ears please!"

>There twins are doomed to a life of suffering

Fuck you Tappei
Fuck you and everything you stand for

Are you the user with the entire gallery of images dedicated to Betel? I must commend you then if so

Literally never said




I'm sort of confused how her bangs don't still cover her eye. Her hair doesn't look that much shorter in the front. Seems kind of like a lazy Emilia recycled design.

This only makes it look like Rem is just a replacement for Emillia for Subaru by looking like her.

Would show lust what LUST really is

I am indeed that Absolute Madman.

I think the art is not so great, but clearly he doesn't feel that way.

Forever because there will never be on with Crusch and Felix.

Well in the AU she does feel like just a replacement for Emilia, and has organized her looks by that accordingly. Even if Subaru keeps denying it and getting angry about it.

I want to worship with that Betel

There will at some point. I'm sure of it.

What about this one?

Yeah, Rem's inferiority complex is hard to get rid of. Especially when they basically just ran away and abandoned everything to do it.

WN Rem end where she gains confidence and wins over Subaru in a way that doesn't just make her feel like Emilia's replacement when?

I want her to make me her finger

>thread finally active


Al would have had to physically travel back in time to be Subaru, which could be possible depending on the limits of his powers. However, that wouldn't explain why he didn't recognize Rem, unless memory loss was a side-effect. Still, "Aldebaran" does sound like an alias Subaru would use if he wanted to hide his identity, because I doubt it's a very common name in Japan.
She's incredibly insecure because that timeline developed from her accepting his lameass proposal to give up on everything and run away, so she worries she's just a compromise/consolation prize.

Haven't been in these threads in a while due to work. How are my cute Ferrilovers and the Priscillafag doing?


brown haired betelgirl best girl

Thank you Cred Forums. Now I know Subaru is going to be with Rem. I am genuinely happy.

You do realize that's a side story right?

>The day he lost against fate. The day he threw away everything, the day he ran away from everything. The day when he intended to give up everything, but just couldn’t give up one person. The decision from that day, and that girl’s love it was because of those that right now Subaru is able to live like this.
>[Subarukun, do you...]
>That familiar way of calling him, which she intentionally stopped using after the two escaped to Kararagi. In order to prove the bond of husband and wife to themselves and those around them... and also to try to build something distinct from the past they had escaped from.
>Until today, Subaru had not asked for the reason, nor did Rem ever tell him.
>Among the many things they left behind was this way of calling him. With a troubled face and a mix of emotions, she asks him,
>[Do you feel regret?]
>[Yes. About running away. About giving up. About throwing away everything. About choos-]
>[If you say anything about choosing you, I’m going to get angry. I’ll take Rigel and Spica home straightaway. Actually, nevermind about Rigel. He can stay here.]

Damn Rem, you know you're more than that.

14 kilos of mayonnaise. Drink up.

I guess its a little better than the mayonnaise bath that almost killed him and made him think they were being attacked.

>I’m going to get angry. I’ll take Rigel and Spica home straightaway. Actually, nevermind about Rigel. He can stay here

Stop Rigel bullying

I'm fine.

I'm just sad that unless they adapt the EX novel, we may never see Ferri animated again. He would be only like 5 minutes in S2 I think...

But Suba x Pete would still top that.
I don't give a single fuck. Suba x Rem always will be the better choice. But still sad it is just a side story.

Why is Rem blushing?

Its one of her primary personality flaws. She always feels like a replacement. I hope when she wakes up she can learn to stand as herself. Obviously Subaru was sort of helping with this, and Ram is waiting for it as well, but then itadakimasu.

I want Betelguese to teach me yoga
Something I listen on a loop while on there threads.

Yeah, that really sucks. But since financially there are no roadblocks, an OVA or movie of EX novels may very well happen one day.

If its like the side story, she probably thinks he appreciates it and is expecting head pats or other praise.

>“ it really okay, for Rem-”


>“For Rem to be this blessed, is it really okay?”

>Hearing her trembling voice, Rigel shifts about, his weary eyes now looking towards them. His parents are in the neighboring room, but Rigel can see them through the half-open sliding door. Subaru and Rem face each other, with Rem’s eyes fixated on the red gemstone in her hands.

>“Rem’s birthday…. she completely forgot about it. Because…. Rem always believed she had no right to celebrate it.”

Hold me please

So it does fit then.

>But still sad it is just a side story.
Its also a sad side story. Their entire life is built around having sacrificed everything else, it cast sort of a cloud over their actions and feelings as seen here

Somebody here paste the story about Al and Ram

New thread

Dammit. So is Tappei going to rip them apart once again?

Can Rem ever find peace from this madness? Will she ever get a happy ending?

True, but even then. The fact that they still have such deep rooted scars and still manages to find genuine happiness really does tell you how enduring that pairing really is.

If anything this just pushed Subaru x Rem even further.

>As he does so, Rem buries her face into his breast, and says with a small voice,

>“Today, Rigel told Rem.”


>“He said that Rem is…. the greatest mother in the world.”

>“Yeah. You didn’t know?”

>“....Yes, Rem did not know.”

>Rem carefully repeats Rigel’s words, but Subaru swiftly answers back, as if they were the most obvious words in the world.

Subaru kills Al. Absorbs Authority/soul, only this time it's way more compatible than any of the previous. He''s instantly flooded with all sorts of memories. You can decide where it goes from there.

Naturally, I'm interested in where the story will end up, but I really want a good end for these two.

I'm never getting one am I? ;_;

>If anything this just pushed Subaru x Rem even further.

Only dense neutron stars would think that Tappei doesn't actually ship Subaru and Rem.

Stop doing this to me.

How would that scenario even happen though?

Yes, but he ships them with sadism.
You really think Subaru isn't going to have to fight Al at some point?

>[If you say anything about choosing you, I’m going to get angry. I’ll take Rigel and Spica home straightaway. Actually, nevermind about Rigel. He can stay here.]
Subaru confirmed a shit.

Just a joke bro.

Eclipse was prank, Gatts.

Pure japery

You should see Rem's comments towards Rigel, she retains her verbal abuse no matter what the scenario, even to Subaru.

>[Now if only we could deal with those eyes that make him look like he could kill someone.]
>[We can’t do that. Those scary eyes are also a part of Rigel. No matter how much fun he’s having or how happy he is, strangers will always see his eyes and think he’s in a bad mood or that he’s some kind of delinquent. That’s just who Rigel is.]
>[I can hear you. Also, why does mom’s retort hurt even more than dad’s!?]

Subaru just started unconciously picking up on Rem's bantz and habits.

Isn't Subaru kind of like that in the MU now as well?

>Yes, but he ships them with sadism.

Not Tappei's words but

>The greater the fall, the greater the catharsis on victory.

>Do you know why many people hate gary stus and mary sues? No catharsis. No struggle. It's better for the despair to build. the greater the despair the greater the reward when something good happens.

>A starving man appreciates stale bread and water. A rich man would just throw it out.

Overall it doesn't matter if Rem suffered more but its her fans that suffered the most.

Subaru like what? Scary face? He's always had one, Felt even comments on it in episode 1.

Not batnz master tier but somewhat.

I believe he's talking about him unconsciously picking up parts of Rem's personality and adopting it as his own.

Oh, maybe a bit. Its hard to tell since Rem has a kind of subdued personality.

You cannot break the rules of ice oni user. Or you'll get tickled.

Great pictures for EOP shitposting. Glad next episode will be last

That's also how Rem spoke when "comforting" Subaru about his cooking skills. The Petits have more of the same kind of thing.
>“It’s okay. Subaru-kun should use the methods Subaru-kun believes in. Even if Rem views Subaru-kun’s technique as irrational, and it seems illogical next to basic cooking theory, and honestly Rem does think Subaru-kun’s cooking is inexcusable to the eggs. That’s just how Subaru-kun lives his life.”
Rem's bantz just changed from deadpan insults to sweetly spoken deadpan insults.

>You really think Subaru isn't going to have to fight Al at some point?

I mean, they would need to fight but I doubt anyone will kill Subaru other than Reinhardt, it has been prophesied after all.

>I feel sorry for the farmers that grew those vegatables
She's not as banter-y as her sister, but not without her own charms.

>Overall it doesn't matter if Rem suffered more but its her fans that suffered the most.

Fucking this. 3 years and counting.

And everyone else that's killed Subaru? A good chunk of the cast has a kill on him at some point or another.

I mean a permanent cut down. Which I am assuming your post is implying.

What? I said Subaru would kill Al.

>Kamachi hating the anime adaption
There is no official source for this. Stop spreading misinformation. The main problem with Index's lack of anime is Miki and Dengeki in general.

Can we appreciate the illustrations for the IF chapters without people like you ruining the moment?

Oh, my bad ignore everything I said then, I mixed up when reading your post.


Character that killed Subaru so far in the anime
Elsa x2, Thugs, Ram, Rem, the girl who control the dogs, puck x3, Julius,
Index is pretty faithful adaptation, the only cut scenes in the anime are the fake alchemist in vol2, the first suspect in vol4 and the edginess of accelerator in vol13

Do you really think that something as wonderful and blissful as this can ever exist in the world?

Pete doesn't even get a kill, what a nice guy.

The most tragic thing is that the story is going to probably end up with either Subaru forced to kill Rem or Rem forced to kill Subaru.

Possible, though the story can really go any number of directions from here. A lot of the big mysteries are completely unanswered.

>the only cut scenes in the anime
There are a lot more than those. I'm not gonna post my long, exhaustive list for S2, but S1 also cut out the circumstances behind Kazakiri's birth, Level 6 Shift having been planned to fail from the start, and (for S2's first episode) Touma's adventures with Ouma. It was faithful for its time, but only a few chapters were really well adapted.

Anyway, Kamachi doesn't really care or has a say on about whether the anime continues or not. That's Miki and Dengeki's decision to make.

I question just how much sustained dicking did Subaru give to Rem to get her pregnant within a year. Inter-species breeding isn't easy.

>Character that killed Subaru so far in the anime
So basically it's all Roswaal. Elsa: hired assassin. Ram/Rem: under direct orders or knowingly permitted to act. Meilli: hired assassin. Puck x3, Julius: direct result of knowingly and intentionally being negligent about defense of domain to expose Subaru to risk.

When you put it that way, yeah kind of.

Rem seemed to think it wasn't that hard. Also, everyday.


>[I’d always use the names of stars. With things like usernames on the Internet, I’d always use stars as nicknames. In a sense, aren’t these names SHINING!?]

>[Rem doesn’t know what Subaru-kun is talking about, but using the names of stars sounds beautiful. When the third one comes, we’ll do just that.]

Yes they are

He out-stamina'd the stamina of an oni, that says something about Subaru.

How much do you think she used her horn to keep up?

Or did Subaru cheat and do lewd things with her horn?

Not enough appearently

Subaru does lewd things to Rem's horn infront of Rigel so I'm not surprised if he did it in bed either.

>fucking an ogre
>making kids with an ogre
Get out you disgusting degenerates. This thread needs to be purged.



>Subaru extends his hand toward Rem’s horn, gently rolling his fingers about the white protrusion. While the structure of the horn was quite rigid, its surface was surprisingly lukewarm and smooth to the touch. And above all else, apparently the horn was a sensitive spot of sorts. As Subaru’s fingers play with Rem’s horn,

>“Ahn, mngh…. wa-, wait, Subaru-kun…. the children, they’re still, they’re watching…. uu~”

She is a literal semen demon

Why'd she even have it out to begin with?

Also, do their kids have horns?

Crunchyroll sub QUALITY.

She was understandable upset that Subaru was celebrating a bean tossing festival in the house considering that 3/4 of the family are onis and yes their kids have horns

Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!

>mfw Subaru told her

Many keks were had

The balls on this guy.