Scanlation Thread

What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What do you need help with?

Other urls found in this thread: [LOST RARITIES (Takapiko)] JAN (Shingeki no Kyojin) fix.txt?dl=0

Cleaners - to denoise or not to denoise?

>What do you wish got picked up?
Yotsuya 13-shiki Shin Sekai Sounan Jikken, new scifi manga comic garden, you can find the first chapter raw at marumaru



Yes if shitty magazine raws and you know how to not use it like a retard, no otherwise.

Who wants to pick up translation of Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte?

Some people bothered me about it, and I don't really have the time or energy, but it looked decent enough.

Why? Did previous group drop it?

They asked me too. No idea why, didn't look remotely similar to anything else I do so I can't imagine why they thought I'd enjoy it.

It's an automated message, it's some group of chinks scrolling through random uploaders and their associated group(s) and sending out a message about that series.

They've been bugging pretty much every big group about it.

Do you have guides or learning materials like DJT?

Is there a way to rip from BOOKWALER?


They asked me in two separate occasions. I follow the manga, but the recent chapters are going in a bad way so I'm waiting it out

And there I was thinking I could be special. ;_;
You sure it's chinks? Their secondary translation is Spanish...

No idea if they actually are Chinese, I merely assumed from the quality of the English in their message.
Doesn't seem like they're only going for big groups either, we got like 2k followers total on Batoto, even less if you consider the overlap between two of our similarly themed series.

Anyone willing to work on Arai Hideki here?
He's the author of The world is mine and Kiichi.

Habanero scans did one volume of his work SCATTER of which has seven volumes already out. Its really good. They've asked for help for doing the rest.

Do you plan to beg in these threads until someone finally agrees, or what?

To the user here , I was already asleep when you posted that, so if there's something you want me to change, please say so here. Doesn't matter if I see it or not, I'll check this thread in the archive later either way. And you're the TL, so of course, I will change whatever you want.

What would a good leading look like? This shit is killing me, it varies too much from font to font.

Another team should put the manga of Kagerou Days into scanlation again.

Roselia Scanlation website says it's on the upcomming releases, but it's been like this for more than a year now.

I was really big fan of this project.

>searching for Japanese TL's via your English releases

Literally why?

My friend wants me to edit: Gommensai's latest tank.

I haven't editted in a while, I wanted to do this, even though I honestly hate cleaning.

3 pages in, my wrist injury is getting in the way of me finishing this. I'm a disappointment to lolicons.

How else would you do it? JP TLs don't just read raws, but a few translated series too. No one's in the mood to translate 24/7.

>group dropped new kumeta yasu manga
>they picked up some harem loveshit instead
fuck you

What? Just reading a raw isn't translating, how is it any fucking different to reading in English unless you're some machine translating scrub who shouldn't be translating shit?

I only read translated series when I'm picking up where someone left off. The only reason to go back to scanlations after attaining some level of Japanese fluency is if you're lying to yourself about how fluent you really are.

Working on trying to find a 2nd typesetter, a cleaner/redrawer and potentially another translator because our 2 1/2 man op is stretching itself thin

Wishing we could pick up any of the aforementioned

Need help with finding people who would like to do these jobs

#[email protected] or join[at]

Autism recommended

What projects?

If you aren't at the least N2, you can't just read them like english literature, because there will always be words/terms/phrases you need to look up and that's bothersome in the long run, so reading translated mango isn't that bad at all. Nowadays even N5tards translate manga.

What series you fucktard

Bakuon, Car Grafitti JK, Kanojo no Carrera - we're not called Te/a/m M/o/e without a reason

If you aren't at least N2 you shouldn't be translating in the first place.

>Nakuru Nee-san has 500 followers
>Hatsukoi Zombie has 5500 followers
Underdog brainwashed them into translating trash for attention.

N3 is more than good enough to translate shounenshit etc.

N5 is good enough to Duwang

>as a N2 you can't read some expressions so if you're at that level reading something badly translated by a N5 isn't so bad
Not sure you realize how retarded your post is.

N3 even.

>everything is translated by N5tards
Never implied that. You should be able to tell if the translation makes any sense in the first place.

fucking Underdog haremshitters

Just because it makes sense it doesn't mean it's accurate. Translators make shit up when they don't understand.

Take the first chapter a group translated from a series. Recheck the TL with the raw once. If it's good, trust them and read their scanlations, so that you can focus you're own time on translating other media for yourself. It's not that hard and saves you a lot of time.

>you can focus you're own time on translating other media for yourself
>you have to translate in order to understand
You're missing the point. See If you're so bad at it that you can't understand a single page without parsing every character then you're no better translator than google.

No thread theme? Let's fix that:

>If you're so bad at it that you can't understand a single page without parsing every character
No one has to do that, but it's completely normal to encounter bubbles you don't understand right away, so you write them out, mark all phrases, check the grammar and then look up the word you didn't understand. You can't tell me no one does that and everyone would be able to just read whatever they consume always without ever having troubles. Sometimes you have to translate a phrase for yourself to find something that equals the concept before you can replace it with japanese one.

Still disappointed only the first chapter of Nanaka 6\17 is translated. Hard enough to find the raw's, though after a bit of digging, I did. It might be too old now, but if someone translated it, I'd be eternally grateful.

Of course everyone does that but it doesn't mean you should translate if you're still at that stage. Reading with a dictionary and a grammar book doesn't make you a translator.

>Sometimes you have to translate a phrase for yourself
No. You understand the phrase, period.

Well beggars can't be choosers

>Of course everyone does that but it doesn't mean you should translate if you're still at that stage. Reading with a dictionary and a grammar book doesn't make you a translator.
Pretty sure it's good enough to translate children's comics.

>No. You understand the phrase, period.
Let's say you are a complete beginner and encounter:
Of course you look up what 便所, トイレ, 手洗い mean in the first place or rather why it's written differently when the intention is clearly the same, are you drunk? As a beginner you'd obviously try to find an english source explaining it and there's no fault in that. You don't look at a Kanji and then you know what it means, that's not how it works.

If you reach a stage that's comparable to N1 you'll probably be able to look shit up in japanese no matter what it is, but before that it's not always the case, especially if it's context bound shit where the jap definiton fucks yo up even more.

>you'd obviously try to find an english source explaining it
It's called a dictionary. You're changing goalposts and talking about words now but you wrote phrases in the previous post and that's what I replied to.

If you can't even look things up in Japanese then you shouldn't be translating. That's the whole point. If you're a beginner you should be spending your time reading instead.

>There are N5 - N4/s tl'ing shit RIGHT NOW

>What do you wish got picked up?

just one volume left... why god, why?

Yo, here's a better version: [LOST RARITIES (Takapiko)] JAN (Shingeki no Kyojin) fix.txt?dl=0

The most glaring error was "didn't thought", I was even called out for that a few times before but it just slips out.
Other lines I just rearranged to make it less wonky (in my engrish-y opinion, that is).
And of course, if you see something off and can correct/improve it, please do.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

It's because you didn't think about it. You didn't put much thought in it.

So I was doing this recently, thinking how amazing the Patch tool is, and wondering how the people in the past did before it existed.
I can only imagine it was much, much harder to get a simple pattern like this without it, especially when it's odd.

I actually did, it's just that "didn't thought" equivalent is normal in my native language so it slips often.

Really depends on paper quality. Poor-quality paper (not limited to magazines, even TPBs can be printed on crappy paper) needs denoising, better-quality paper usually doesn't.

In cases like this one
everyone will tell you not to denoise. You can follow their advice and not denoise, but when you level, it'll look like this:
Zoom to 100% and look at the black areas. If you're fine with them looking dirty, then leave it at that. Otherwise you still have to denoise.

Now I went and denoised the images before levelling:
Zoom to 100% and notice how the black areas are uniform now. Also notice how the screentone patterns are much cleaner now.

So yeah, try both and then decide.

Learn Japanese first before worrying about cleaning.

It was a joke cara

You forgot to say that when you denoised you killed the detail in the clothes. In the raw and undenoised you can see there's some kind of belt and the clothes look sharp but in yours everything is black and blurry.

So yeah, don't denoise.

Eu sei, mas eu queria chocar o fio de alguma forma.

>you killed the detail in the clothes
Which is, in my opinion, neglectable. Now I'm the kind of autist who likes a clean, smooth image. If the user who asked is the kind of autist who jerks off to the smallest bit of detail preserved, he can simply disregard my post.

Of course I could have just spend more than 5 seconds time, playing with the settings a bit, but I'm lazy.

It's not clean, it's blurry. Every single thing in that page that isn't a pattern dot is blurry. You're not an autist who likes a clean image, you're just blind.

>drop something due to getting bored of it and wanting more free time
>feel like picking something up a week later because of all this free time

>finally finish something I've been working on for months
>burst into uncontrollable tears

I'm not the only one, right?

typesetting Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai ch 25, alia's probably doing ch. 24

Blurry? Of course. Every denoiser applies some kind of static blur. That's why you either keep it to the minimum by finding denoise settings that work for you or you try to combat blur by sharpening the image.

Not clean? Now I'M questioning YOUR eyesight.

What's your job and how long does it take you every chapter?
How many hours a week?
Do you listen to anything while doing it?

>redrawing sound effects
>looks like shit and sounds like shit
What a waste of time.

It's even worse in Drifters

Why "rustling" and not just "rustle"?
Also that font doesn't look right at all.

Look at this shit


Get a job you neet

My job, as in real job? NEET

I do the translation and editing myself, including redraws and whatever else.
When I was motivated doing this I used to finish a 25ish chapter in about 6~12h, depending on the amount of redraws (the most time consuming thing to me) and yells, moans, bubble sfx (second most time consuming to me).

Music recently is always some Love Live playlist, recent anime songs or some jpop.
Some of the ones I've been listening to the most recently:


>SFX: depressed
>SFX: remember
>SFX: motivated
Fucking norway

Elaborate, please.

>fellow jap translator fucked off
>english translations delyaed for 3 weeks
This is some grade A bullshit.

Work for a living instead of being a leech

Nobody cares anyway

I do.

Why the fuck do you think I would give up being a NEET and my NEETbux?

Why is the text erased

>being a faggot
I'm a laffin' ,8

And that's just you

Because it's the page where only the text is missing

How else would you type new text in?

>buttmad wagecuck
Don't be hatin' just because you couldn't game the system m8.

And yet you probably live in your parents house

And eventually it'll be mine with zero effort. Stay mad wagecuck.

If you live such an uneventful life that even makes you question other people's personalities and tastes, I truly, truly feel sorry for you.

But that's no excuse for being an ass, and I feel disgusted by you and I wouldn't sit near even if it's the last available seat in the train/bus.
I would ask to change seats in the restaurant if you're nearby.
I would wait the next elevator when you're in.

Nice buzzword. Have fun being in your 30's living with your parents.

>On a mongrel moon rune board
Wee lad

Anyone want to help me typeset this?

Have fun selling your time doing soul-crushing work, paying for my NEETbux, wageuck. :3

Why did this guy use so much fucking text? Shouldn't a doujin artist know that people want the porn and not a LN?

cos it gets my wiener hard

Hard for you maybe, enjoy being a leech on society

Thanks! I reuploaded it.

Ignore the 3D crossboarder poster

Is it just me that gets super anxious when you can't see the progress of stuff that's being done?

I check my batoto convo with my typesetter every 2 hours, I hope that doesn't creep him out.

>Is it just me that gets super anxious when you can't see the progress of stuff that's being done?

>I check my batoto convo with my typesetter every 2 hours, I hope that doesn't creep him out.
Stop doing that. It won't magically make him work harder even if he notices it. He'll provide when he's done.

No, I'm only anxious when I'm the one that has to do something.

Also he'll be fine, just cut out one of your eyes and send it to him in the mail to prove that you love him.

Oh, we yandere stalkers now.


I just like autistic progress bars

Nothing wrong with that, someone might get interested in doing it and Arai Hideki deserves his shit to be scanlated all around.

>current projects are not harem
butthurt much?

romance SoL whatever

Thank you.

This, Also, Kiichi vol 4 releasing soon.

Best group? For me its

Godtier groups

Meme groups
-Fallen Angels

Attentionwhore groups
-One time
-Sick mother-I mean Kirei Cake
-Let it go

Forgot some but meh

Really? That's great. Kiichi was seemed the best I've read of the very little scanlated manga by that artist.

I get super anxious when I don't finish everything right away which makes me less productive and therefore has an impact in how long I take to do something because I spend more time trying to calm myself down than doing whatever the fuck I was supposed to be doing. I hate it.

>Kumeta series
>SoL shit
No wonder they dropped it

Say whatever you might want to against yomanga but they did do
Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! so

>implying yomanga 'did' anything with anything except rape it
Calling what they do 'translation' is a stretch m8

>Ecchi shit with barely any plot
How is that a good point?

Seeking typesetter, redrawer for nacuN(have hq raws, 3 volumes translated), Kokkoku(6 volumes translated).

I like that artist strictly for the fact that the art gets me off.

>That list
Bitch please

>-Sick mother-I mean Kirei Cake
Hueheueheue. But seriously ALL THOSE YEARS, DONATE NOW

Are you implying that fucking Hatsukoi Zombie is better than a Kumeta series

Someone last thread they needed an editor for Night on the Galactic Railroad, are they still looking for one?

Yeah, email Habanero Scans.

New Thundershit fantasy chapter will be out later on today for those who care

Kek. If she really wants to save her mom, fucking do a home-based job. Don't do scanlation and ask something in return.

No thanks, they dropped a shitton of series after the first few chapters
Urami koi is generic shit

Anyone in the mood to TL any of this?

Jag picks and drops what he wants. Why you ask? Cause he fucking can.

Get /h/ to do it.

fuck off fagman

No. But comparing it to some shonen romcom is kinda unfair.

>Referring to yourself in the the third person.


But urami koi has great art. I honestly don't care about anything else about it.

Let it go is literally Japanzai.
It's like they never fucking closed.

What about kewl?

Why not?
Anime girls do it all the time.


>Attention whore
Wee lad.

I wish someone would pic up The kobocha Wine series for retro short guy x giantess adorableness.

Unfortunately the manga and the anime only had a few episodes and chapters translated before the groups fizzled out.

I wonder if it'll ever get translated in english. It's strange that it's not when it has a complete french, german and italian translation and dub of the anime.

Hi xPearse!

Just read Lovely Complex and that other giant girlxsmall boy series

Do you guys have any long, mostly or completely untranslated series that you want TL'd? I was thinking of just doing a volume of longer series for exposure.

i understand the pain. read up to volume 9 and said fuck me.

DKThias because they do Yumekui Merry.

Even if they're dead most of the time.

People like that racist Drumpfette?

Fuck you

Only underage do, see .


Already read that. Need more Giantess series. Unfortunately it's kind of rare because japan is afraid of tall girls.

Forgot your (You)

Email to 147290087


I like the tl quality and the memes too deal with it, Trump 2016.


Grappler Baki has like half of it left to go with 20+ volumes untranslated. Could always use some help.

Stop posting, Rapeman.

Rapeman BTFO


Try harder, Cred Forums isn't as left-cucked as you think.

Anyone need typesetter or redrawer?

Nice Paint skills desu

Can you do the last panel for me here? And maybe a panel or two more.

Looks like a shit manga

Why not just typeset over it and patch it

For you.

The part on the left is troublesome.

>been cleaning, redrawing for years
>just this thread find out what the patch tool does
so when can I expect my complementary glass of wine, revolver, and single bullet


Content-aware fill is a scam anyway it never really works outside of plain patterns.

Well okay, this is good enough. Thanks.

I could use a redrawer for Go Da Gun if a weird battle manga would interest you.

it's better than using a fucking pencil and/or clone stamp

I wish for nothing more than death


Could anyone help with the translation of the box on the top left?
I just need this one part translated to finish off the chapter.

It works if you know how to work with it. I set action with it on F5 and I can say it saved me hours upon hours I could waste working with clone or even patch. I still use them too of course, but way less than in the past.

Mine was better

Don't bully me sempai, I still have a lot to learn. ;_;

Anyone feel like redrawing this whole thing too? Would complete the redraws for this chapter.


Is it possible to rip amazon kindle manga?

Tall girls and giantesses are two fundamentally different things, retard. There's shitload of tall female characters out there.

Yes, just use Calibre like you would for any other Kindle book. You'll need a VPN to buy from there though, they can and will ban your account if you buy too many ebooks from outside Japan.

How does that work? Btw I want to do the new fafner manga.

ask these guys


God's work user, thank you very much.

Requestin The Black Parade translation.
Just 2 volumes. Feels refreshing.
Please, check it out.


Would anyone care to proofread this? Twelve short pages. I'm almost certain I've made an error on page 2, likely elsewhere as well.
Trying to decide whether or not to seek a translator I can edit and typeset for instead. That would also speed things up by a lot.

maybe you could ask danceguy if hed do another chapter

He translates? Thought he only does typesetting/redrawing.

Danceguy was always known as TL. I remember when he translated ballroom youkoso. I think that's why he has that name in the first place.

Oh, I had the impression he was the one who tsed it, using the scripts someone dumped on Cred Forums.

Who the fuck is Helvetica?

The other group besides MangaStream that does Tokyo Ghoul. I wish I could download Zakki from their site but it gives me a 500 server error every fucking time.

Some fags shilling trash manga on Cred Forums.

so it isn't a meme group, but a shit group?

More like a "I just don't like this group" group.

So all groups then?

Fuck off Helvetica.

Except mine.

Figured I'd bump this while bumping the thread anyways

The only scanlator I actually follow is Hox.
I notice sometimes that, "oh, Village Idiot is translating this", etc., but I don't pay them any attention outside of that.

Am I supposed to?

>Am I supposed to?
If you see that one group does a lot of series you like, it might be worth following them since you probably have similar tastes and might enjoy new stuff they do. Otherwise, there's no point. It is worth knowing what groups to avoid, though.

Is there anyway to typeset English sentences vertically so that they aren't rendered illegible?

I'll post the page that seems to require it once I'm home

For a full sentence, you'd probably have to use a narrow font and try to fit each word on one line. You could lower the width for each individual word to make them smaller without affecting the rest, if that helps. Or if nothing else will work, just rotate the text 90 degrees.

I do the same too, check messages from everyone every 30 minutes or something like that. It's not like I have anything better to do.

Dope, seems like the releases are really slow so I'm a put that on hold and let it age like a fine wine until I can read it all, but really Arai is such a phenomenal mangaka, really unconventional.

Kotonoha (RIP)

Which is?



Haven't heard of you before

>some fag is reposting manga from haruka on their blog as if it was their own scans and is telling scanlators not to use these
>they're actually listening to him
Should I confront them or something? Or maybe report the blog? It bothers me because these retarded scanlators who don't know better are refraining from working on these.

>reposting manga from haruka

Also post the blog

I'm trying to learn how to clean, pic related is my lastest try how am I doing?

Is that a bad thing?

Of course. These manga have scanlators that are willing to work on them, and they aren't doing it because some faggot who owns nothing is telling them not to.

If he's doing it with digital raws there's no way he can prove they're his, besides digital raws are easily obtainable trash anyway

Why are they even listening to him?

When a scanner says no it means no and most people won't disrespect that. He already threw a fit about some scanlators asking for permission too.

It's both. Problem is I can't really prove they aren't his either.

Ayo, is there a native speaker willing to proofread and edit this shit for me? I was deluded enough to think I'd be able to do the whole thing myself, but after two weeks of racking my brain, I'm coming to realize I'm woefully unequipped to deal with the editing process.

I'll be done type-setting it by tomorrow.

Ask him to provide a proof that he owns the physical volumes, a picture of the book or a 600dpi scan with a sheet of paper with his name placed on the page

I'll try that, but he's probably just going to tell me to fuck off.

Btw, if his physical scans have different resolutions, leveling and overall amount of detail etc. between them it's fucking obvious he steals that shit unless he owns several scanners and edits each book randomly after scanning

Just link the scanlators to haruka. If it's the same scans then it won't make a difference.

Anyone interested in translating Cambrian?

Ah, thanks.

Here's the page in question, not really a complete sentence but yeah.

To be fair I really like the raw grain. Gives it a more tactile feel in some way. Sure the denoised one looks neater, but it's too clean for my tastes.
Depends on the type of manga and atmosphere, but in this example I much prefer the first one, honestly.

Is this also the hentai manga translation thread? I wish more Tsubaki Jushiro stuff would be translated.

You shouldn't have that in a digital image, though. The author doesn't draw with the intention that there will be grain added, it's a shortcoming of being printed and not something you should want if it's avoidable.

No, this is the "do it yourself" thread.
You either help or ask for help.

I finished translating a doujin, and now I'm typesetting it.
For handwritten parts, does this look okay (I did it with a tablet) or it would be better to use a handwritten font?

I think it looks pretty good.

So, uh, mind telling me the title so I can keep an eye out for when it's done?

>Ancient 80's/90's shit
This won't get anyone e-peen so why bother?

It's one of the few Grimgar doujin, I wish there were more.

Are you the same 3d crossboarding wagecuck troll ass who does nothing but complain about other's tastes and posting your useless opinion no one here gives a shit from way earlier in this thread?

If you aren't, don't mind me. If you are, damn kid, here's your (You), you really need it.

Nah I'm the NEET.

This is how I'd do it, but with better adjustments.
I stopped trying to fit everything in tiny bubbles and when it just doesn't fit, I stroke it and bleed out the bubble without a care.

I think it reads better than those

Translate Kasane, faggots.

not your personal tranlators

>those amazing expressions, goddamn
My boner is conflicted.

Kasane seemed pretty damn mediocre, I wouldn't work on that if I were a TL.

Ah, I see. Yeah, it might be best to just keep the Japanese rather than try to redraw all of that

>I stopped trying to fit everything in tiny bubbles
I haven't been doing that thus far, so I'd have to change all the previous pages to keep it consistent, but that might also be best.

I was actually wondering about this. The title translates it as "Caretaker", so I've kept it as that so far, but it seems less natural than "Manager".

>but it seems less natural than "Manager".
Not really.

Wait, what, you mean the big letters in the first panel? That's hardly "all of that", I didn't redraw because it'd take longer than a quick erase/type, but please don't do that.

Ah, right, of course. mostly just getting impatient with how I'm still typesetting chapter 1

Dirty job, 16min, but for the resolution doesn't need to be much detailed anyway.
Dunno how the wings are supposed to be so I bleargh'ed it.

What's the font you use for the bottom right panel? Need more nervous fonts that don't look weird.

Another Regular

I'm also looking for some more fonts for nervous/shaken dialogue, I think I don't have many good of these besides Another that looks readable for regular dialogue, not screams.

To Forgive is another that looks nice, but it's a lot more bolder.

This is an image I made sometime ago when I was trying to remember which fonts I had and what was good for what, might be useful for someone too.

>wasting time on SFX just for it to look worse in the end
truly suffering

Could someone help me with the translation of this ReZero Doujin?

Well, that was a lot easier than I thought still needs lots of polishing of course, and the wings are just embarrassing but still. Maybe I should have stopped being a lazy fuck and just gotten it done with.

I think I'd best not do this remove-text-from-every-page,-redraw-every-page,-put-words-in-every-page method in the future, it's making it feel a lot more monotonous.

>following the whims of that crazy girl
>his character design
What is this, Biscuit Hammer?

if its like then you should, becuase its harder to read and looks worse then shit otherwise

read some series where the typesetter did this and the moon text just melted into the english text

if the time and effort is worth it then make it good



No, the 3d crossposting is the one asking. Though I might do it myself