RIP jun's butthole

Fuck, I was about to make a thread because I didn't see one yet.

So Tomo is going to save him and get injured and that will be the moment he starts his training?

>tfw you were the quiet smart kid in school who played games during recess and never got bullied for it.

Maybe I was one of the lucky ones?

I just had the worst idea


Why is the Punisher bullying Jun? He hasn't committed any crimes yet.

>Title: Still too early for the wild side

>Box: 3 months have elapsed since I met Tomo…
>You haven't been screaming anymore!
>Small letters: You aren't crying either!
>Climbing trees is too easy now!

>Nahaha! I haven't been calling you game boy anymore!
>Don't ever call me that!
>Box: I eventually came to keep up very much with Tomo's crazy games.

>Box: And I felt like I've gotten stronger simply by being besides Tomo.

>Box: But that was…
>You've got some nice stuff.
>Box: nothing more than a simple misunderstanding.

talk about a crisis of confidence.

Title: Not ready to walk on the wild side
Panel 1:
Jun: [Around three months after I met Tomo...]
Tomo: You've stopped complaining about everything lately! You haven't even been crying!
Jun: Ha! Climbing trees ain't that hard anymore, you know!
Panel 2:
Tomo: Na-ha-ha! I can't call you "game boy" anymore, huh!
Jun: Yeah! Don't call me that again!
Jun: [I had mostly gotten used to keeping up with Tomo's crazy type of playing.]
Panel 3:
Jun: [Just by being by Tomo's side, I felt like I had become strong myself.]
Bully: Oi.
Panel 4:
Jun: [But that was...]
Bully 1: That's a nice thing you've got there.
Bully 2: Heh heh.
Jun: [...just a misconception.]

Why is Jun such a big target for bullies?

He's a gameboy.

>"haven't been calling"
Actually "can't call". Sorry.

> Oi

Brits are just the worst.

i don't like translating it that way because it sounds retarded but it's what LLS does so fuck it


it's a slang term for muslim




and for the first time in a while I'm interested in what happens next. Whenever the story revolves around Jun it's at its best.

This arc has pretty much revitalized the series

But おい is oi. This is the most accurate transcription Manga-Man-san can provide us.


>No more game boy for me!
>playing games in the next panel
Went a little far with the TL this time I think

>he gets beat
>tomo goes to fight them
>they hurt tomo
>he unlocks white knight status
something like that right?

Isn't the guy on the right from those rape doujins?


I'm not so sure. Earlier, Jun said that he was always chasing after Tomo's back, that he's always wanted to be legitimately stronger than Tomo.

I'd wager that Tomo just kicks their asses after they hurt Jun.

So this is why Jun went so hard on those guys that were planning to fuck with Tomo, I'm guessing.

You can't stop the [SPRAYED] MEME user

>Whenever the story revolves around Jun it's at its best.
People actually don't believe this, despite the fact the threads are alive just by having Jun around.

What? Fuck no. Jun is about to get emasculated like crazy.

I don't think so, more like:
>Tomo saves him and comes out unscathed.
>Jun realizes he's too weak and starts his training.

>that he's always wanted to be legitimately stronger than Tomo.
I disagree with this notion. Physical strength has nothing to do with it. He wants to best her in strength of character. That's what he wants to catch up to.

>Loli tomo beatdown incoming

Oh me oh my!

I think you mean shota.

But that's a DS.

This is what will happen. Deal with it. I don't like it either desu.

I like it just fine. Jun is a little nerd right now, and Tomo fights adults every day.

I could climb trees too, that didn't make me badass.

I know.

In either case, it'll be shōli.

Man, this kind of makes Jun's behavior understandable. Tomo was the man he admired and modeled himself after. Tomo shaped his life in his most formative years and even saved it from bullies, if the next comic plays out like it seems it's going to. Then he grows up and it turns out that man he wanted nothing else but to be as good is a woman and wants to ride his dick. That's a lot to process. Even though they're exactly the same person, to him it's probably sort of like the Tomo he admired is dead and never coming back. He even basically said as much when he was using twins as a metaphor when talking to senpai. I'm guessing he feels hurt, sad, maybe angry, probably very stupid, and also confused because he knows that he's romantically and sexually attracted to his best friend that he held up as untouchable for so long.

Jun gets SPRAYED next strip

I think that's the key word here, huh.

>your tomboy loli protects you from bullies because she's the only one allowed to abuse you

Poor thing.

we already came to this conclusion back in the back chapter (396)

at very least as a theory.

Is Jun going to get sprayed?

What you don't realise is that Tomo too has a problem. She doesn't see herself as a girl and is also trying too hard to be someone worthy of Jun.

Everyone in this series has some kind of fucked-up emotional problem that makes them incapable of connecting with other human beings properly. Except Carol. She just has brain problems.

No, Carol has her problem too. She doesn't know how to talk to people due to her isolation ever since a young age. In fact, Carol suffers from many autism-like symptoms. She doesn't know how to interact like a normal human being, she's intelligent, and she's got an overbearing mother.

The only normal person in the series seems to be Akemi. She's been an alpha since she was Tomo's age. Too bad Tomo inherited the Goro spaghetti genes.

You're forgetting several someones.

Many of the side characters are pretty normal. Tanabe, Harambe, the gyarus to an extent, and Misaki-senpai are all more or less normal. Fuck, even the delinquent 3rd year is more or less normal.

That's mostly due to a lack of character development, I think. That said, I also think that this is all just regular stupid teenager shit.


It's been a long time since a Carol chapter.

Tfw she really really grew on me

Nah, I figure they're supposed to seem normal-ish given how the other characters are somewhat strange. And they've all gotten some decent character development. Except Tanabe, but he doesn't need it.


I don't understand how her eyes work.

Plot twist: They don't, she's blind.

>Misuzu was the brain behind it

It's both you nigger, read the chapter before the flashback arc.

He specifically says that physical strength doesn't matter. Are you retarded or something?

Yes because he's already got physical strength now you retard he didn't when he was a boy, now he wants everything else too beside the strength.

When he was a boy he's already decently physically strong due to simply being around Tomo. Despite this, he lacks the mental strength that he desires. Thus, even though he is strong, the bullies still menace him. This page exists entirely to illustrate that fact. Are you fucking daft?

So, is it Tomom or Tomomom?


I'm not denying that but I'm simply saying he wanted physical strength too otherwise he wouldn't have bothered joining the dojo and all that. He got buttfucked by bullies, presumably got saved by Tomo or Tomo just beat them up later which fucked him up mentally and made him want to literally be Tomo in all aspects, then later he learned the person he so admired wasn't who he thought he was and was able to give him a boner which fucked him up further. And now this is where we are.


I'm saying that the physical strength is really not an important at all. It never was. It was Tomo's character. He didn't want to be physically fit, he wanted to be like Tomo. The process of chasing Tomo made him physically fit, but that wasn't why he did it.

Jun wants to become the cute tomboy?

I think either he'll actually do something via brute strength or tomo gets in over her head trying to help jun and he's powerless to help until adults(jun's parents?) arrive, que his motive to train or tomo just saves him.
What if she takes a surprise diplomatic approach? Imagine juns boner while watching his friend destroy the bullies.



Now that's a plot twist.




Tomom Servo.

so if in the next chapter Tomo saves Jun does that mean these two bullies will come back in the present to give Jun a chance to repay her?

>character clearly says "oi"
>lets translate it as "hey"

These are little children we are talking about. No way would they hold such a petty grudge till high school.


I doubt you'd want to see YO every time someone says oi in Japanese user.

Fucking disgusting british cucks that you are would like it actually.

kids beat up boy and steal his ds, parents call cops, kids go to juvie, ds is returned, their family is eternally shamed and have to move out of the neighborhood, father turns into an abusive drunk in his shame and eventually commits murder sudoku with wife, kids grow up in juvie and bounce between foster homes and eventually end up dead at 27 as petty criminials on the streets. all because jun was a pussy.

>not conceal carrying a deagle brand deagle at this age already to deal with thugs


Jun and Tomo,
Sittin' in a tree,

Tomo says "Will you marry me?",
Jun says " Ehhh, nani? ".



>She doesn't see herself as a girl
She definitely does and always has, considering how surprised she was when she finds out Jun didn't know. The problem is that until her teens, when she finally fell in love, she never considered feminity as an important trait she lacked as she was just being true to herself up to that point.
In short, even though she wants a romantic relationship with Jun, the dynamic she enjoys the most with with Jun is being bros, as seen in their "date" and later in their fight against Harambe.
But I guess the japanese expectation of a couple is really the thing that is stopping them for enjoying herself truthfully, while Jun has a very confused dick.

>always has
Then why does she refer to herself in the masculine tense? She only changed that when she was a teenager and more aware of her boner for Jun.

Well she is not going to get Jun to love her by faking it on the other hand. She is somewhat masculine.
She has to mix that fact that her "sportiness" attracts Jun and add a little bit of romance to it.

>add a little bit of romance to it


>Go do the same activities they've been doing now, but call them dates and add sex at the end

Go climbing to the mountains
Then sleep together in a tent with both of you all sweaty
then get all clingy...

I meant that she doesn't see herself attractive enough. Thinks she's not feminine or hot enough and have insecurities which you see clearly when she compares herself to other girls. And thus ends up trying to seduce Jun in very stupid ways, because she doesn't understand her effect on him and that she's enough as she is. He's similarly stupid and can't imagine her liking him back for the same reason.

I used to have a girl as childhood friend as well
Used to watch old imported anime together and play dolls.
Insert 12 year gap
She grew up to be tall, social and sophisticated.
She did not recognize me.
I never approached her again.


Being around her dad and students, probably

will he ever tell her that? How awesome he thinks she is?

If there was ever a romantic comedy strip that needed a conclusive ending its this.

>every conversation you tried to start at the time was you talking to other people
sometimes i think i was the bully

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