My Hero Acadamia

so what do you suppose Toga's quirk is?

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Being a qt 3.14 that I want to hug

I'm thinking possession. It'd also fit into her vampire aesthetic,with hypnosis.

Being a semen demon

Being cute.

Too bad she's on a bad guy side and did some heinous shit. No hope for redemption.

We know already
She was that girl with the sexy lips in the recent chapters

Except we don't KNOW, some of us just assume.

Retarded faggots say this. She gone, for now. All of them edgy faggots are gone. They had 2 arcs. Trainng, and Rescue. It is time for new cast of side characters. Country tournie arc.

blood vampire andoccasional vore

>tfw Chinese Todoroki in disguise could lift Kirishima, who's atleast a good 65 kilos, with one hand
Just how strong is this nigga

what in the actual fuck are you talking about?

Being shit in shit series

Shhh. He is a junky.

I'm talking about this

what in the hell

doesn't someone else draw her hair. i rem reading something about it

He can manipulateany human flesh he's touching, including his own. That's how he makes his fingers fly around. Think of him holding that lump of flesh as a form of tactile telekinesis, not strength.

He said he had trouble drawing her, but that his assistant was really good at it. I don't think he said that she was always drawn by the assistant though.

>He said he had trouble drawing her, but that his assistant was really good at it. I don't think he said that she was always drawn by the assistant though.
Now this explains why the manga is coming out on time. There are two people drawing it.

boom, I found the page.
Not sure how much work his assistants do, but they're pretty good. I remember one of them went on to make their own manga.

Why, google? Why? There are some perverted ancient greek memes I don't understand.

the power of suction

She can transform into other people, pretty obvious,

Toga is actually one of the villains who's actually killed people?

Also, how does one go about fucking her without dying?

That Toga is perfect, Horikoshi sometimes draws her too chubby and rectangular.

Majority of villains are murderers.

By making her bleed more than he would bleed you.

I like her chubby.

What does Momo's face here convey?


Cheating is bad mkay?

she knows she'll get some kind of payment from todoroki for that, if you know what i mean...

but she's already rich, I wonder what kind of payment would she want to get?

i meant sex

Why is Momo the best?

So what's the prevailing opinion on who the traitor is? Excluding the Kaminari meme.

I sure hope it's not my favorite class B dude. He's too hilarious to be a traitor.

Good Quirk, smart, rich background but not conceited, just needs some self confidence and she'll be a fantastic hero

shit taste detected

horikoshi's toga is far better than that one

>girl who literally poops from her body

I wonder in wich point of the time line will be the Illegals series, it could be cool that the first Noumu appeared in his original form, maybe like a thug and gang leader, giving some trouble to the vigilantes, but losing at the end and then we see him getting abducted by AFO´s people.

OVA of the triumvirate hanging out when?

Never. They prefer to milk icyhot to attract fujos.

as if these three weren't fujobait

Please. That'd be hilarious.

shes a big girl

No this is

So the evidence for Toga being the slime girl is

>She was able to use Ochako's appearance during the first exam which makes sense because she'd have her blood from the Camp arc

>Everyone predicted beforehand her quirk was to copy appearances due to her name

>She has a new look because her old one was mendokusai for Hori to draw every time

>She intentionally drew blood on Deku

She's literally Toga, anyone who denies this is blind.

We'll see.

You are retarded.

toga wasn't acrobatic

You realize "my theories are facts" is not how speculation works right?

So she murdered a student to infiltrate the test, and made a beeline for Deku?

Thinking about it, this is very possible. Especially given the Deku obsession slime girl seemed to have.

Alternatively, slime girl could be her original form and she just uses Himiko Toga's face for dealings with the villain alliance.

This is also true.

Although I think she mentioned she needs alot of blood to active her quirk? So unless she has alot of that person's blood handy at all times, it would be hard to maintain a cover semi-permanently.

Or she has that girl strapped to a table somewhere, being kept on the verge of death but not being allowed to die, draining the blood slowly ensuring a near perminant supply.

probably not in a kids manga though

Rape obviously. Rape solves all problems.

I think that Toga's quirk might have something to do with blood flow and body possession. I might be interpreting it incorrectly, but I read her name, 渡我被身子, as "Child who sets one's self to flow and wears the body." Maybe she's able to transfer or replicate her own consciousness into her blood and allow it to flow into her victim in order to hijack their bodies, at the price of causing them to bleed out to make room for her own blood.

That last part about causing them to bleed out to make that happen might be a stretch, but I'm honestly wondering if that might be the case. I remember the manga saying how she was linked to a string of "blood-letting murders" or something like that, and I remember how she said giving her victims a "kiss kiss” to get their blood flowing was cumbersome compared to using that machine she had. Perhaps her main quirk is body possession with a side-effect of causing her victims to bleed out, but seeing how she's so hooked on blood, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't get a hoot about body possession as long as she could scratch her bloodlust itch.

However, this is all just speculation, and I have no idea what I’m talking about, in all honesty.

Post more cute Himko’s.

Like, sexually?


I think her quirk more implies mimicry that outright possession

Thanks for that stunning contribution there faggot

for you to marry

>all 3 foreign students have Japanese names
damn it Hori

Japan can't into foreign names. If you want properly named foreigners you can watch Harry Potter.

I must be speedreading. Where did we see foreign students?


It's better then naming your foreigners 'Bobbu-san' Or 'Joe'

Yuuga is from France
Pony is from America
Scales kid is from China

It's particularly weird considering Hori uses so much English in his manga.

It may be editor influence. Maybe wants to keep the theme of character name = similar to quirk.

It's not like he couldn't do that with foreign names.
Hell, Pony is already an English thing, she just needs a good last name.

>The yank is a character inspired by MLP
Please god no more foreign characters

She reminds me of Kongou

I thought Yuuga was just a Francophile.

No wonder he speaks French.

>Aoyama could have been called Lucien Nombril

Dude has free control over his meat flesh, including being able to levitate it and have it fly around the place.

Once they've been meatballed it's probably the same with other people. So it doesn't matter how heavy Kirishima is.


>implying you don't want to cum inside her
Is it just me or is this dub actually pretty fucking good. From what I've heard at least AM's and Deku's voices are pretty damn good.

You're always so cool Sero Hanta.

It was pretty good a around. Still plenty of localized garbage that ruins it a little at key emotional moments.

Isnt that a lipsync problem and not a translation problem?

More like Izuku's mother saying to him that she is proud of him, and not telling him he was cool.

So should we add to the Kaminari traitor image the fact that when his two classmates were gone Kaminari started acting much more serious, badass and had a dark personality twist but started acting lke the stupid lovable idiot when those 2 came back?

Thread is dead so post combined teamwork you would like to see.
Combining powers, not shippingshit

I love this big guy

>Alex Louis Armstrong vs Edward Elric

"Ribbit Ribbit"

More like Armstrong vs. Kimblee

>"so you were made to fight me, big guy."

You have 10 seconds to reasonably upgrade a quirk from class A or B.

Team animal spirits and the animal whisperer. Pony, Mantis, Lion, Lizard, Blackbird, Frog and Sadrock

Sero with gear to resist shocks + Kaminari would clean house.

Horikoshi has 5 assistants last i checked

This may seem off-topic but in the last thread I saw a punch of people shitting on the powerlisting wiki. Why is that? What's so bad about it?

Wow, you know nothing about the industry huh?

It's probably not well regulated and the gimmick topic has probably been beaten to death.

It counts as rolling and it is against the rules. Also its just stupid given how there's about 12 thousand overpowered abilities that just leads to a dick measuring contest until someone gets power to win everything ever.

It might be harder for him but his Toga is so damn good, I can't see exactly why but it's much better than this one


Can bend light around objects, giving them near invisibility. She must be in close proximity though, she can only make something invisible for a limited time, and if a person looks closely or has a perception quirk, they might see through it

More like
>Toga is one of the villains we've seen killing people
I mean the rest of them have probably killed people at some point or another too but we haven't seen that

Are you kidding? It completely derails the threads. We literally get a new chapter and people just want to try that shit.

Interesting thing is that both frog onomatopoeia and exist but ribbit is something bullfrogs say more often. What's more interesting is that no language seems to have made screaming their frog onomatopoeia of choice.

On that note

Something to do with the above.

It's almost like animal screeching isn't a useful thing to have in a language

Tell that to /r9k/

I mean Pony is technically a English name already.

Sadrock reveals that his power makes no distinction between humans and animals and that he just refused to use that kind of terrible commanding power on another person

I'm imagining Tsuru getting uncharacteristically emotional, getting all pounced and shit and set up against a villain and just letting out a hypersonic scream, akin to Live Mic.

Huh. It's not obviously awful. I guess I might even-

>Asui literally says "ribbit ribbit"
>Mineta has a lisp

Oh, you soured my expectations right at the damn finish line.

>gets serious when friends are in danger
>relaxes when they are safe
Yeah, how absolutely villainous.

The Hero Academia anime looks and sounds really good.

Should I watch it? All I follow is the manga



Sero can change the properties of what Tape he shoots, making some tape that is more elastic.

>derails the threads

I'm not that user but I'll have to ask you to explain how a thread is "derailed" by people replying to a single post? You can reply and continue your conversation with anyone else in here, there's no need for it to even bother you.

>Princes Mononoke
>dubs are 100 better than the original

Possession or body swap, we already have a girl that shapeshifted into Ochako so Toga couldn't be a copy of that and it also bypasses the issue of easily being found out from not being able to use Ochako's quirk.

You're kidding, right?

It's already a common theory that the shapeshifter is Toga in disguise. Her scratch on Deku fueled this even more.

I think that might just be yet another flirtatious girl, she also referenced the training she received in Shinketsu and showed more hand to hand prowess than Toga has.

Grape's grapes can now explode like a squished grape whenever he chooses, leaving strands of super sticky whatever back to the point of the explosion.

It might be easier to tear, cut, or rip than an unexploded grape but it gives an option to just immobilize people in a relatively small area for a few moments

No, answer the question.

I'm wondering why she scratched him. Is that so she can shapeshift as him later? Didn't need to do that for Ochako it seems. It was a weird way to attack someone in this kind of exam.

>Is that so she can shapeshift as him later?
I think she needs a bigger blood sample, which is why she used a syringe to extract blood from Ochako.

She was going right for his face. She probably knows she can't just punch him and knock him out. Better to just try and fuck up his eyes or something and tag him while he's incapacitated temporarily.

>Kaminari did something cool before being revealed as the traitor

color me surprised

>Rule of force pose

God damn it Hori why are you so fucking loveable.

>Asui literally says "ribbit ribbit"
She does the same in the jap version though kero kero is just japanese for ribbit ribbit.

I think at first his speech bubbles seemed a little shaky, in that he wasn't totally sure it would work. He was only completely confident when he actually had immobilised him.

I do think he's the traitor honestly, but it's not like he's never acted cool when he thinks he's in control of a situation before.

He looks so cool in that panel

you know what else is hard

Easy, just overpower her as you fuck her so she can't kill you.

Or be a regenerator and just keep stabbing her cunny while she keeps stabbing your chest.

Are the Shiketsu kids just terrible people or something?


>only male frogs croak in nature

my willy

She's a futa. And she wants your butt.

She learned from watching her dad.

>Her dad thinks she's in a weird tomboy phase because of it

kaminari can build structures on himself with his hardening. making shields, spears and increasing his body mass

I'm debating making some smut, Cred Forums. Who should I make it of?

No NTR, you fucking faggots

ochako, of course

Miss Joke

Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods pls

Mei molesting Deku while trying to measure him for some costume improves. Her enthusiasm and his spaghetti snowball into lewd.

Please this


I haven't sen any of them and I have a Need.

>Kamui Woods
While giant tentacle tree sex sounds fun, I don't think Mt. Lady's vagina would appreciate bark.

I'm thinking one of these two. Ochako is a bit over-saturated right now, and I don't really wanna do lewds with her and Deku right now.

Sadrock using his quirk to dominate Pony and Tsuyu


Kaminari could actually make a decent team with meatman now that I think of it

So what's your favorite song from the anime OST Cred Forums?

So, Mei/Deku, Ms. Joke/???, or Mt. Lady/Kamui Woods?

Tsuyu is not just a frog girl, but is rather more specifically a Cane Toad girl.
she is now a hulking 8 foot muscle girl, and she has intensely toxic poisons rather then just mildly irritating fluid.

You Say Run. Fucking easy. Sorry, but it's just too good. The moment that song hits and we get to the U.S.S, I'm gonna cream my pants.

is that even a question?

I keep thinking slime girl is Toga because of her weird obsession with Deku, her seemingly pointless scratch to draw blood on him, and her mention of Ochako.

Having her take the blood of some shiketsu students to get at Deku makes sense.

That's literally the equivalent of saying "gero", which she does in Japanese. It's just an onomatopoeia.

Like yeah most dubs are shit but if you're gonna localize, localize. It's fine for fan translations since they're for fuckin nerds anyway, but leaving in honorifics for example is retarded for professional localizations.

Elevens have such weird onomatopeia, like "pero pero" is lick lick. I guess its another case of L>R except in kero kero R stays R so they just fucking love R.


Toga could barely even hold a conversation. The idea that she'd be able to infiltrate and blend in at a hero school is absurd.

So she's like most of the females in the school.
If you haven't noticed a lot of them are wierdos.

Why didn't All Might protect her smile?

They might be normal by their universes standards desu.

Toga as Toga is insane and barely functional. Toga in blood-transformation mode is likely almost exactly like the person she's imitating likely- given her obsession with "becoming" people.

Personally I think it'd be stupid to burn her up here, because I was hoping for some dorm-room infiltration and aggressive dick-grabbing-to-knife-drawing action, but I can't really explain slime girl's weird actions any other way.

We barely know the characters from this other school so it's just a matter of time for her and her classmates to be more fleshed out.

she had to go so he could protect the weak and

Porn when

>mfw she shows him a pic if her in her in a bikini instead of the answers

That's a whole lot of headcanon. Bottom line is we just don't know what Toga's quirk does beyond succ, but based on her character up to this point she would never be able to do a mission like this.

Also, slime girl's actions do make make some sense. She turns into people so she needs information on them to be convincing. She clearly wants to turn into deku at some point especially since he looks like a ringleader to outsiders


I'm not sure how convincing you can be after revealing that you have the ability to turn into other people. Like, they know. It should be common sense to be a bit careful about anyone who has left your LOS for a bit after a shapeshifter shows up.

I'm totally calling "Deku" arriving somewhere in the nick of time then fucking over Iida/Ochako/Supporting Character with the chapter ending on him sporting an out of character rape face and the next chapter starting with the real Deku still on his way and not realizing that an impostor beat him there for dramatic irony points. Alternatively they figure it but the chapter still ends on a impostor Deku's rape face.

Because she died to protect his.

Doing Mt. Lady/Kamui Woods. Y'all feeling post-debut Mt. Lady or post-All for One fight Mt. Lady?

>14 guys
>6 girls

Class 1-A is too much of a dude fest.

If you had to convert 4 of the boys into girls, who would you pick?

Kaminari, Deku, sadrock just to see what the fuck female sadrock would look like

Bakumom just enforces my belief that half of all shounen rivals should have been girls like Naruto chasing an edgy girl down instead. Can you imagine the porn and fap material if Bakugou were a grill?

post debut

Sero, Kirishima, Bakugou, Kaminari.

My dick, man. My dick.

Because she pissed off the wrong hero who did nothing wrong


I think it's a plausible theory, but many theories have been plausible so far in MHA, yet Hori never follows through with them, and it always ends up as red herrings. So while it could work, it's unlikely based on the track record so far.

Post AfO

>implying anyone who watches dubs is any less nerdy

That is some next level denial.


Kirishima, Tokoyami, Shouji and Sugar.

The difference is just that Debut = Aggressive Woods, AfO = Nice Woods

What's #1?



Tooru knows, she's the Principals agent in class A

>she also referenced the training she received in Shinketsu and showed more hand to hand prowess than Toga has.

Not him, but as far as all 3 translations are concerned, she never confirmed the training came specifically from Shiketsu, only that it was a skill and she trained it. In fact it's very possible she was just misleading Deku as per common cliche/trope of answering a question with a half baked response, her character certainly talks like someone who would leave out information intentionally or unintentionally to begin with.

I too don't think she's Toga, but unless some moon reader confirms the raws says she strictly learned it from Shiketsu, it's still open for a possible 'twist'. Hell she could be not Toga yet still simply have trained individually or under someone else, like how Todoroki and Deku have a mentor in Endeavor and All Might that no one else would have. You wouldn't know.

Right now we can assume she's a 2nd year like potato cause she stood next to him during their debut scene, but given how windfag was with them it's no guarantee. She might be a 1st year as well. Who can say?

Think about it, it's obvious. Hint, that room wasn't shown.

>There's more than meets the eye
>With me
>Sero Hanta


Hero A comes close, but You Say Run is the winner. It's practically a rehash of the GBF Try OST track though.

Why did Deku still think of Bakugou as a friend after being constantly bullied and beat up by him?

No real kid would put up with that shit, and Bakugou hasn't even said sorry.

not having any friends ever kinda fucks you up

also Japanese shit where for some reason you basically are almost forced to be friends with the kids that live near you and no one gets failed out of school in nipland so you're stuck with the same crew K-12.

He doesn't think of him as a real friend, but a friend as in someone he hung out with for a long time. No matter how you look at it, he's always referred to Bakugou as Kacchan, and not in a negative derogatory manner either. So on some level, he chooses to associate with him even if he can't stand him.

It probably helps that as far as we know, Deku never had any real friends until high school. Period.

It speaks to Bakugou's character a bit that even if it seems to annoy him he never actually tells Midoriya to stop calling him Kacchan.

Sero can retract his tape and become spiderman

>Mustard makes sleeping gas
>which is literally Midnight's quirk
why couldn't they give him the ability to make mustard gas?
or literally any other gas?

Mustard's gas seemed to be poisonous given it put the kids in the hospital.

Midnight's gas is sleep pheromones.

Todorozu ship is best ship.

>It's practically a rehash of the GBF Try OST track though.

Which track specifically?

Why is it so popular? They've only had one-on-one interactions in like one arc

He was pretty embarrassed during the pussy cat camp arc though getting called out by that name, but that's about it.

Making me temporarily turn into a masochist and not mind dying apparently, because fuck I'd risk dying if it meant being with her.

I'm not too crazy about this ship but it's easily explained with quality over quantity. I'm pretty surprised these threads like fujo shitposting, so I'm not complaining about straight ships too much. One Piece threads still give me flashbacks.

It's probably among the first few I'd tell you the exact number but I wiped my HDD with it and I haven't gotten around to grabbing it back again. Anyone who watched GBF Try more than a few episodes should know though, it's like how you can easily recognize Sawano tracks.

Maybe controlling someone's blood flow. Imagine how it would feel to have your circulation bust from the inside.

How do you poop?

her name implies that it's taking someones identity.

Why does Stain look like a Ninja Turtle?

Would you fug this bug?

Grade A quality children making. Both rich and both have strong quirks.

because his nose was burnt off

>turn her into a fucking Queen Bee.

If Toga killed and copied slime girl, someone in her class would have figured it out.

As much as I would like to see toga again, it's just more believable that slime girl is her own character that wants the deku dick.

>>If Toga killed and copied slime girl, someone in her class would have figured it out.

How? Chink eyes can't see shit.

I haven't wrote smut in a while, so sorry if it sucks. This is what I got so far. Been doing it off and on so I don't get burnt out.

Deku probably.

I'd tolerate his room if that meant having him as a bf.

What if slime girl is toga and toga is just her disguise. Toga drew blood from gravity tits, then turned into her in this new arc. Maybe she needs blood to transform. Why else did she scratch deku?

Or she needs alot at once to learn a form, then can just do it at will.


>I'd grow extra dicks just to do it proper

That's gay


nah, it would be like tomo-chan but with superpowers and a less blockhead jun

he's spider-man, spider-man doesn't betray shit

The Principal is.... THE MOLE

I'm a grill so it's okay.

Why Kirishima?

No wonder you don't appreciate his room.

>principal having inner monologue about catching the traitor
>he's the traitor

at this point i don't think think it's anyone in class A or the teachers. there's been no good hints we can see.

if there is a traitor i'm prepared for a bullshit reveal.

And back to your shithole forum with ya.

Because he's passionate about the things he likes and is super cute.

Well it's super tasteless. But also kinda cute.

How he's grown.

Watch it be monoma, the most obvious guy who is openly an asshole to 1-A.

It better be a fuckin student in 1-A. Make it painful, and open a slot for Shinsou.

I almost guarantee it's a teacher or 1-B student though because if Shinsou makes it into heroics I just got this feeling they won't put him into 1-A because then you have to write combat for him and that just doesn't work well.

So, why have we never seen Deku's fire breathing father?

I was making a pun...

Mole.. aka infiltrator
Mole.. aka small furry mammal

I get the feeling it's going to be Ochako, although I doubt she'd be doing it remorselessly, willingly, or even knowingly

The way the slime girl commented on Ochako being so trusted seemed off to me, plus it would make maximum drama

Tsuyu can now inhale and spit blasts of water capable of breaking bones at short distance and knocking you ass-over-teakettle at longer.

Absentee anime father. His name gag is that read in Kanji it comes out to something like, "I haven't seen you for a while."


He's overseas.

>Hero Santa

He's actually Endeavor.

On the other hand less flashy powers can make great and unique fights because they require a lot of clever Batman-ing.

I miss Endeavor posting. I fall for that shit everytime.


subtle way for her to say she wouldn't like to get fucked in that kind room.

>imb4 she never actually killed anyone and it's part of how her quirk works
can't have actually bad bad guys ya know?

>tfw I'm only as tall as Kaminari

Wait, so "Toxic Chainsaw" is the villain that permanently injured All Might?

Are we ever going to learn more about them? Do they have any significance, or are they just some random villain?

Has invitits had a monologue so far? Or Tokoyami?

Nah, it was All for One who injured him permanently. Toxic Chainsaw was just a random villain like All Might said.

Tokoyami has inner monologues all the time.

Now I'm picturing Deku trying to bang a girl in his room.

>all those pictures of All Might staring into your soul


Who likes cowtits anyway?

Ah shit, I do.

Translation fuckup.

Izuku says, "Oh, was it Toxic Chainsaw?"

All Might compliments him on his nerd knowledge but says something to the effect of "Nah, a punk like that couldn't do this to me."

Shinshou's power is not really good for a battle shonen unless he's a jobber villain.
It's kinda ironic.

I wish it was Chainsaw who took out All Might's side, honestly. It would've been cooler if it had been a thing unrelated to AfO since that would show that there are, in fact, events unrelated to AfO.

I'm surprised they haven't been hanging out with each other after that.

The thing that bums me out is that with Hori pacing this manga so fast that outside of the school rivalry thing and Stain there likely isn't going to be any more non-VA affiliated badguy groups.

It's basically going to be Shiggy/AFO and their toadies forever which is kinda...ehhh. You'd think there'd be more organized crime even in All Might's era.

It'd be nice to break up all of the serious combat arcs being VA shit by having an unaffiliated group be the foils of the class. My fanfiction jerk-off fantasy was a previous holder of One For All (with some sort of quirk that allows them to defy their obvious age a bit since we'd have to be at least 3 holders back from Izuku) showing up with a squad to take the quirk back because he thinks Izuku is unworthy.

save it for the movies user

They actually have something in the BDs according to an user. They go to a summer festival or something.

>ribbit ribbit

At least her other lines are good.

I don't think that has anything to do with pacing.

That would be a good non-canon filler movie plot I guess.

I imagine at least one holder had to be a vigilante type and not a hero. So some old vigilante guy whose original quirk is regeneration or a heteromorphic form that allows them to be alive and kicking at 70+ years old despite giving up OFA, still with some embers of OFA left, placing him where he's not even post-transfer All Might level but certainly more powerful than Full Cowl Deku and more than capable of mopping the fucking floor with anyone from 1-A/1-B and the UA Faculty.

He shows up with a squad of vigilantes to reclaim OFA because he finds Deku wanting, with his mook-squad on his side because he says he'll give OFA to whomever of them proves themselves by taking out members of 1-A/1-B and whatever faculty are there.

There you go, 1 pre-canned filler movie. And keeping with anime filler movie tradition have everyone in alternate hero costumes for a completely unexplained reason and make them /fa/ as fuck.

If the 20% over at ~80 chapters thing is true, that's not gonna leave a lot of time for non-VA, non-school stuff to go on.

>Minetas lisp


What site has the best scans? Gonna start rereading

Batoto for quality

Mangastream for speed

I actually like it.

>streaming manga

wew nice

Momo and Kondou handing out more often when?

So let me get this straight... she has to run around naked because she can't turn her clothes invisible?

And she has large breasts, giving her major bounce whiplash when she runs without a bra?

And none of the other kids ever bump into her like this?

>deku and ochako being crammed whenever there's a panel
>todoroki and momo relationship happening off panel


>Monica Rial

Fine by me


Male Deku was a mistake.

The whole thing was cooler here than the manga desu.

kirsihima you baka

smugness in response to learning that Todoroki needs to cheat like a scrub

>Crowbro squished between girls
>Momo squished between boys

Kinda weird how Nana Shimura was an OfA user considering in terms of holding strength a male would be more ideal since men are stronger than women. Maybe the requirements were less.

Also, I got to thinking. I bet All Mights eyes belonged to a previous AfO user since quirks are passed on with afo technically.

quirks aren't passed on with AfO, only physical strength is.

>mfw the closure will be pic related + this ost

>tfw too tall to have a same height hero friend

Feels bad man, why do nips have to so small?


Its too short to see anything, but it seemed fine for now, Continue plox
yagonna upload it to AO3 when it finished?

>Sero copying Iida's hand gesture and going choo-choo on the line
Yeah, he's alright.

I think she may have invisible underwear and clothings.. like, Grapes hand movement here kinda implies he is holding something lewd and invisible

Is Deku being played by Morti?


Probably wont see this animated till later next year or in 2 years

No, the original users quirk was to pass quirks onto others. Not just the stockpile quirk.

also, consider that we've never seen Nanas eyes and all mights is blue and black despite being quirkless

>capture the most dangerous villain of all time, who has murdered 100s of people (including the old symbol of peace) and robbed countless others of their quirks (making him stronger and stronger each time)
>just stick him in some prison somewhere

>can't execute him (saving 100s more lives when he eventually escapes) because "heroes don't kill"

When will this trope end?

They didn't fucking kill him because it's against the law, dumbass. The entire heroics system is built in a way so that it doesn't go against or somehow weakens the way the law itself as well as the law enforcement work.

Also, hundreds? more like thousands. Probably responsible for ten thousands. The dude took over the entire fucking country. There's probably too many dead men behind him to count.

Doesn't Japan have the death penalty? Or did all the Phoenix Wright games lie to me?

> The dude took over the entire fucking country


desu PW is in a alternate timeline where Japan and America join together and share a legal system so its not actually japan law taking place in america.

>They didn't fucking kill him because it's against the law, dumbass.

That's his point. Why not kill someone that is an actual international threat?

They just might do that, but realistically. The International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since 1991 (Yes, that's literally it's full name.). Is still going. Some people's trials are still ongoing to this very day for warcrimes (ethnic cleansing) in a collapsed state from well over a decade ago.


Villain wubs. Imagining this song playing when AfO makes his appearance is giving me chills


Wet, sloppy, face-sucking kisses with Toga!

You don't seem to understand how the law works. You can't make exceptions of this magnitude against people. Everyone has the same basic human rights and if a country doesn't have the death penalty, then it's unlawful to incite capital punishmet on someone (not to mention immoral and unethical). Honestly, if they'd want to kill him, they'd first have to make capital punishment legal, and for that they'd probably have to change the constitution and that can take some fucking time. Not to mention that the dude probably still has a lot of friends or underlings in the government. Besides, they already made an exception in that he's being kept under lock and key in a ultra-super max for super powered people until his official court hearing, where he'll be swiftly returned to afterwards.

I want to commit acts of villainy.

This conversation about how the law deals with guys like AfO make me think a good third of villains are people who go vigilante because they were wronged by a villain or feel certain people need to die and such. Would be interesting if we encounter a criminal like that instead of another mentally ill one desu.

Still a best.

>female Kacchan is the same except titties

Earlobjob a best

i know what you mean, user

Femtodoroki the absolute perfection.

Superman as fuck.

man don´t talk like that you are gonna trigger somebody

>we will never see prime All Might fighting the worst villains of the age... with a smile

it's not all right

As much as I would love to see more powered up All Might I'm more interested in seeing the chaos the world was thrown into when quirks first appeared and those first few that decided they should be just like the heroes in those old comic books. It's a relatively unique aspect of the setting.

I hope Hori expands on class B soon.
I at the very least would like to know what each of their quirks do, like Manga's.

No worries Hori will outsource it to capeshit artists in the west, like how he's basically outsourcing illegals to some nip fag.

So now that All Might is permanently in his weak state, do we still think he's going to die?

It'd be pretty sad for him to be killed when he can't defend himself anymore.

All might

That's probably the point

Rather than dying in a climactic last stand against All for One, he's going to get taken out by an ordinary thug in his powerless decline

Which girl would you give the as109 treatment?

most underrated track imo

>Also, how does one go about fucking her without dying?
gag and rape obviously

It´s weird because Moon Fish was in the death row, so death penalty must be a thing in hero academia.

I think it's less that they wouldn't give him the death penalty and more that they literally just caught the guy and he needs to have his trial and due process shit done as a formality before putting him down

Did you miss the ward's words about how this prison is a fate worse than death? It's the guantanamo bay of quirk japan.

Iida should have been a girl.

thye do said that they were already skipping due process and putting him straight on high security facility.

normal law involves you going to a low level prison till your veredict is dictated.

AfO would likely get the chain in due time if he dont escapes


The ward's remind me of a school we know with some Best Jeanist elements.

He's even got fast charge.

Kaminari upping the bass for Jirou when?

>Implying they got the balls to try.
Better question is how this monster hasn't broken out by force give how many quirks he has. My best guess is this is a quiet way to recover assuming the heroes weren't his only enemy.

If nothing else either they got a pretty impressive prison or this guy is politely surrendering.

>fate worse than death
>he's obviously going to escape anyway

if half the characters realise they live in a literal comic book world, why would they think any prison would be secure vs a quirk society?

literally any security measure they use could potentially be beaten by some undiscovered quirk

And until that happens the government will torture him in this prison, to get the Noumu creation method out of him.

Government controlled Noumus are coming and they will replace the heroes.

This track is tits.

>as109'ing any of them

I want to play perpetual leap frog with Froppy.


She seems like a yandere done right.

>Which girl would you give the as109 treatment?
Toga the Himiko

Alternatively, pic related

That was Decoy Octopus Snake!

God damn Hori.

Quirks have been a part of society for several generations at this point and just about everyone has them as opposed to your typical cape world where only a lucky few get powers and are in a world that isn't supposed (in-universe) to have them. I think he definitely will escape and that the variety of quirks out there makes things difficult. But given that everyone, including the guards, has them and all the time that has passed they have a good amount of firepower, resources, and experience with super villains and all kinds of quirks. I'd say it's good enough for most people.

Ive seen people ship with far less and what little they had together was damn good

It's like the genderflip of those anons who avatarfag as their waifu and (e)rp.

desu in AfO case it's quite difficult to execute him in some sort of express trial, and there're several good reasons for it, just for example:

>Legal issues
If they apply it on him, then you will have a fucking tsunami of appeals from both sides, like say also do a "me too" for stain and any other future villain considered a harm to humanity...but shit, how and who decide it?, what in the case of nuomus?, it take account only by the user will or the nature of his quirk itself affect the judgement? that's a lot of law bullshit that take a tons of time and money, hence meanwhile they do need to put him in custody.

>Political and propaganda reasons:
Basically if you do it wrong you could potentially turn him into some sort of martyr, and even without that you could create a social problem as i'm sure someone would use some shitty SJW logic or argue that executing him would make you the same type of person as he is (i know it's stupid, but those shithead exist)

>Quirk nature
This is the most simple, they don't know shit about his quirk and consequences, what if he has one like "nuclear safe" where if his die he explote like an A-bomb? if he has a "respawn" one that just revive him in another location after a set time fully healed?, you could be royally fucking it up by executing him and triggering some unknown quirk.

>mysterious ikemen with a tortured past and a broken quirk
>extremely smart sex symbol from a wealthy family
Imagine the cash machine it would be for the tabloids.

Sounds almost like the OST that plays during Mumen Rider speach in OPM

Who is best?

Tsuyu a cute. A CUTE!

>Bakugou cooking
>explosive flavor

of all the popular pairings it's the only one with deku x ochako that has anything resembling a basis in canon

definitely makes more sense than shit like tails x invisitits

>that Tsuyu and Tokoyami pic

Momo will never deepthroat you.


forgive me

I can and will not, you fucking heretic.

Midoriya or Bakugou (but not both)
If Midoriya is swapped: Kirishima
If Bakugou is swapped: Iida

Mina is best girl.

Friendly reminder that Bakugo is great at cooking.

Momo is getting fat!

Wouldn't that just melt your dick off? You would need a resistant quirk to do it.

We're assuming here that she's just swapped mid-term and not just been like that from the start. Toga's curly hair form might even just be a form she likes and so does her villain stuff in, so her naked form can be her "hero" side.

> Cake Boss looking like he's about to join in

>Tsuyu is the shortest girl
Guess that explains why my dick gets so hard for her, short girls are the best.

>that subtle string instrument in the background during the chanting vocals

god damn the music in this anime is so fucking good.

Seiji a jobber.

No, she's thick.

> ability that requires her to be constantly thick

She is a gift this world does not deserve

It's a good fat though.
Thicc is just a bad meme.

Why does she have a laptop on her butt?

I completely forgot about her quirk.
If she makes too much stuff she'll lose her THICC and she'll turn /fit/

No, it would be entirely platonic sex.

So, basically just her mother.


Actually thats pretty good.


She has full control over how acidic she is or isnt.

If she didnt want to melt your dick, she wouldnt.

Based on this picture alone, I'd say

You say run is probably the greatest song in terms of pure excitement and hype.

But I believe Hero Academia fits a lot more as the main overall theme of the story and its just fucking awesome, I wish I knew what instrument plays at the end so I could talk about it, is it a violin or something? cause that shit gets me rockhard.

I want to commit a crime.

The first chapter is out?


Mt Lady's clothes can stretch when her size changes, but All Might's still stuck wearing an oversized shirt whenever he powers down?



What if she's quirkless?

At least she'll never be fat.

>but All Might's still stuck wearing an oversized shirt whenever he powers down?
Did he ever have to power down though before his injury? Or could he just stay in All Might form forever.

How long do you think would it take for Momo to regain her thickness after making a bunch of stuff?

Wouldn't the time needed for recovery make her a useless hero?

I think Hori's being a bit inconsistent on it. She makes stuff that appears to have a lot of mass to them but she lacks the size to justify it.

The only explanation I can think of is if she can recycle anything she makes back into her body.

>Wouldn't the time needed for recovery make her a useless hero?
Maybe she can convert food into fats faster than normal?

I like to think her room is filled to the brim with food and snacks.

Literally has Semen manipulation powers, the blood and cutting thing is just a weird thing she does.

>Also, how does one go about fucking her without dying?

Okay so if Yoyorozu fucks her, any time she tried to stab her yoyorozu could use her quirk to produce enough corkboard out of whereever she stabs her to absorb the snife knife blade and make it stick, then produce bumpy matrioska dolls out of her fist after she inserts it into her cooch, tearing her vagina a little and releasing enough blood to make her cum.

What if she doesn't poop because her body absorbs 100% of all material she eats?

Being so chock full of FREEDOM she doesn't care.


Conservation of matter should still apply. Even if that was true she'd still be limited by what body mass she can afford to transform. At most I'd say she has a 1-3 dozen pounds that she can use in any one engagement.

What if she has to make a whole bunch of stuff during an intense battle, and afterwards her boobs are gone?

>Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

I will marry her!

Fuck if I know.

>kanji refers changing self
>wants to become some she obsesses over
>starts obsessing over mc
>introduce new shapeshifter who obsessively wants to "learn" about the mc

Come the fuck on, user.

Best Lady is mine!

Actually guys, she...

Speculations=!facts of life

They are basically married with children already

It's a shelf, it's got high powered magnets in it that holds a big ass text book (magnets in the covers) for referencing various material compositions on the fly.

Got to thinking. What if the reason inasa got better recommendations than todoroki is because todo never used his flames even before highschool?

"No one hero stands on the top of the world. Not you, not me, not even gods. But the unbearable vacancy of the top hero in the heavens is over. From now on...I will stand above the heavens."

I wonder if he'll be saying the same thing if he has to eliminate one of his classmates.

You're gonna feel really dumb in a couple of months.

Prone position sex gets me aroused so hard.

Something like power/memory/etc mimicry of those whose blood she has acquired, probably.

what a slut

A slut, indeed.

I don't care either way as long as it's interesting. I just don't think it's good to present speculations as absolute 100% certainty. Also, mainly because it's kind of a meme at this point

Whoraraka doujin translation never

It's a shitty doujin

Are you ready to be spoilered ILLEGALLY?

Already posted

Basically next chapter

It's literally the best one yet, you have shit taste senpai

Why does gentleman always walk on all fours? Is it part of his quirk?

Gotta go FAST

best one is this one

I want to lick Jirou's thighs

So when is Todoroki going to get a hero name?

Actually my favorite is Lifeline. It looks just like the manga's art

That's shit tho

Had we've been conversing IRL, I will literally punch you in the face the fucking second you said that

I mean Iida went out of his way to team up with Todoroki instead. I'm thinking they both learned to not assume the other, and the rest of theirs friends for that matter, are their crutch.

my favorite is probably the one with deku and toga, but that's not saying much

there's no really great bnha doujin yet

Jirou isn't even healthy.
Mina has the superior thighs.

Actual best track


She does but that doesn't mean I don't still want to lick Jirou's thighs

Class Pres can use Engine on every/any body part and has six different gears + Reverse Gear, Still sticks to Gear 2/3 due to it being the easiest to conserve for long, drawn out battles.

Fastest thing alive + Rider Kicks for days

Would you rather eat from a dumpster, or from a restaurant?
I would choose the superior option, but you go ahead and enjoy your dumpster.

Don't talk shit about my waifu

She's a Cred Forums shitposter 100% guaranteed.

You say run cant be beat, but hero academia is great too

What could be Mineta main fetish?

Anything involving women.


Now that Deku trained with his legs so much He can do Hulk Jumps and just fly like All Might did

Yeah? He'll break his spine.

He could bunnyhop, maybe.

(The game devs didn't intend for you to move this fast)

I'm really hoping we get to learn a bit more about the OFA ghosts soon. Its been about 70 chapters since we've heard mention of them. As it stands, it feels like the concept has just been dropped from the story. Even just a bit more foreshadowing would be nice.

His blood will rush to his feet and he'll be unconscious after taking off.

>Deku just bunny hops from point to point like a spaz but is able to beat out Iida

Would be pretty entertaining.

To this day, watching Half Life bunny hop speed runs are one of the funniest things there are.

Im fucking bored.. did any of you niggas saved the imgur link with a bunch of other versions of this edits on them?

>Bakugou is a charismatic asshole like Eddy
>Kirishima is a idiot bro like Ed
>Kaminari is the justified beta whiner like Edd

It's like im seeing double.

Fuck off Barneyfag

>Bakugou is the mistunderstood genius that wants to achieve his dream
>Kirishima is the blind idiot that follows everything bakugou does
>Kaminari is the most intelligent and worryful of the bunch.

Holy shit.

I love that that guy was set up to be some kind of serious antagonist/rival in his first few appearances and ended up actually just being the personification of low self esteem.

I've no idea who the traitor could be at this point. Narrative logic would point to one of the class A students or one of the teachers we were introduced to more towards the beginning. nothing seems definitive though.

Mineta is the perfect height to stand and blow you

>>Kaminari is the most intelligent and worryful of the bunch.

He's one of the dumbest if not the dumbest in the class.

I still think back to the first bus scene where he uses a lot of fancy words to make bakugou mad.

When he's not retard mode he's pretty smart, but then I remembered that he's last in the class alongside mina. Its kind of conflicting actually.

great body type

I know I know 3dpd meme and all

But I wanna fuck this girl till the end of time.

Her first appearance has her beside a bloodied up body.

That 3DP is 25% professional photography and 75% Photoshop.
Do Not Want



Who else thinks those skirts are kinda short?

ok bud

He is not that smart, he got more experience with all of this, he tended not to use his brain in battles. Hori gave him 1/5 in INT.

Look how blurry it's torso is, compared to the wall behind it.
That 3DP has been shopped to death.

So basically we just confirmed post-quirk government as fascist as fuck.

lol, no trial for a dude who just blew up a block? Timothy McVeigh got a fucking trial.

Remand/pre-trial detention is a thing.

When will UA students fight each others? Todo vs Baku would be hype.

Why does that girl have such sharp teeth?
Is she a campfire?

>that Tsuyu x Aizawa bit
>Kaminari throwing his jacket at Jirou

Autocorrect is being stupid.
i meant campfire.


Why again? I meant to say campfire.

i want to type v a m p i r e
but autocorrect keeps changing it to campfire.

Fucking turn off autocorrect you dumb phone poster. Everyone has a smartphone now. No excuses.

she made a catapault, several feet of that metal scarf capturing doohickey, a torso sized mannequin and a cloth sheet that covered all that stuff from view all at once

When will she make a dispenser, teleporter, and sentry gun?

Right after she constructs additional pylons.

all of them
if it moves he will try to fuck it and if it doesn't he will give it momentum

I'm pretty sure that Bakugo is smarter than Kaminari

Its already happened. As much as I'd like to see a Bakugou/Deku faceoff this arc, it'll probably just be 1vs1 with shinketsu.

Stop with this fanfic speedreader

Moar cute frog and femDeku

You overthink things. Their quircs are just based on reality but they are not real. If they were Deku's arm would've exploded the moment he hit that firs big robot. Physics are a bitch and inertia and material compression are too.

And for an even funnier effect lets for a second assume that Deku's arm was incompressible and so was the robot. Even then Newton's Third law will make him fly the opposite direction like a missile while the robot stays in place.
>For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Just enjoy the manga and don't overthink it.

Japan has the death penalty but it's not often used.

Japan's legal system is still pretty fucked up- there's a jury system now but Phoenix Wright was literally something of a parody of Japan's actual legal system.

Confessions have infinite weight- if you confess to anything, even if there's endless proof you didn't do it the law in Japan takes your confession as sacrosanct.

Japanese prosecutors have like a 99% conviction rate on average because of this- basically the police will catch you, and beat the shit out of you or hold you almost indefinitely until you confess depending on the crime.

>when you want to give Toga what she wants but don't want to die

Moonfish should've been a girl.

also why was he called moonfish

Why him out of everyone else?

I dont know why, but god damn, there's just something about that name that sounds badass you know?

It just flows so well, its got that strong M consonant start and then it passes through a low uu sound before jumping up with the f and wizzing down with the ish sound.

There's just something about that name that's just appealing. Am I crazy in thinking this?

Well, I imagine that he went around cities at night, moving with those creepy teeths between the buildings like spiderman, then because of his outfit he kinda moves like a fish and someone saw him flying with the moon on the background (like E.T. and the bicycle, but with a weird cannibal instead)

Where's the drawfags when you need them?

I finished that Kamui Woods/Mt. Lady smut. Where should I drop it? Pastebin?

Pastebin is the standard, yeah.

Aight. Here y'all go:

Sorry if it sucks dick. Haven't made smut in a while, and that was mostly greentext.

Alright I gotta re-read everything an mangahere/mangafox are shit.
Do you guys have any sites to read in a better quality? Or anything like that?, though you need an account. Seemed alright.

Kissmanga is my go to for reading stuff but half of their chapters have a shitty watermark.

Not that user, but I'm pretty sure he's talking about "Clear & Serene".

Read the thread and you'll find the viz pastebin.