Is Kawaii Joushi o Komasaretai dead

is Kawaii Joushi o Komasaretai dead

I hope so. Fucking whore.

Was enjoying it immensely then translations just fell off the face of the earth.

same here senpai

It better not be, I was enjoying it.

Much better than his previous manga.

why is this guys porn so fucking hard to find, I know it exists but its exceptionally hard to find any of it

ive only found 1 douj

Just look at his pixiv, retard.

theres no full douj there, only random pictures. The only full one is that kancolle

I hope they come back, soon. I really liked this.

Batoto considered it too problematic in that the main character is literally raped in the first chapter.

The cutest.


Did they really delete it before it was revealed that nothing actually happened?

sasuga potato

>31 years old
How is that cake so cute?

I feel nothing but bitterness when reading this.


This cake has stopped smiling and is sad.
How do you fix this problem?

nigga i know about his fuckin pixiv i'm talking about his doujins

Give her tender, loving care. In bed.

>Relying on batoto
No reading service is reliable.
Just grab it from the goddess.

Man, if that site has a better reader, It'd be the literal best.

me too

tell her she is too cute to cry

Those childbirthing hips, man.

Good, OL expired keikis need more love in this world.


I miss Sensei Lock On too.

Truly,Cake (manga) are for abandoning.

Fuck now I'm sad. It's been sitting in the "Scans behind" folder of my HDD for the past half a year.

Fucking retards actually falling for 's bait. How about you check the actual website before making assumptions?

i'll help pick it up if any team here has it on standby lol

can't see shit either way since cause muh members only

they wipe series without warning if it gets licensed too

>those hips

Can you really blame them? They're bound to get DMCA'd if they don't do it. Even the scanlators themselves drop series as soon as they're licensed.


>We'll bring in the next chapter by next week (probably). Sorry for the delay I just moved into a new house D:
>Apr 15 2016 12:35 PM

DId his new house collapse on him?

It was too good for this world.